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  1. Or endlessly begging their followers to VOOOTEEEE!!!! LOL! I've stopped following most of them just for that reason.
  2. Week 2 here we go! 1-Nev + Jenna: That was a short dance! But he did a very good job. Why was Tyra's little chat about her smize? Jenna was a little OTT over the scores. Agree with the scores. 2-Skai + Alan: She seemed to do all the hand and foot moves that Alan taught her (except for the missed lift) but it had no feeling of a samba. (Derek, don't call her "honey". Was it Bruno + Tyra who called her "baby"? She's a full-on contestant deserving of respect and those terms are belittling.) Agree with the scores, not for the lift but for missing the feel of a samba. 3-Johnny
  3. Week 1: Well, what DWTS wants to show us first is Tyra? That's quite a red dress. Let's hope she changes clothes for the hosting (ok, she did). AJ + Cheryl: AJ had some issues spacing himself in relation to Cheryl and I think he lost his way for a moment near the end but otherwise good start. Fair scores. Chrishell + Gleb: Messy and seemed to be off balance for most of it. Gleb didn't seem to be helping her much. But she sure has the hairography down. Agree with the scores. Vernon & Peta: Posture Posture Posture! And his bum was sticking out. Yes, CAI, I saw
  4. Hello All! I skipped most of last season and missed talking with all of you. I saw DWTS news on my IG feed this morning. I see Derek's back on the turf that made him famous (I guess the movie/Broadway star thing didn't work out, eh?). Reading comments above from those keeping closer track of events, it appears he'll be taking Len's seat, though I wonder if he'll be treated as "head judge" (my guess is it's in his contract demands) and how CAI (is she returning?) will take getting stepped over? Hmmm! I've seen a little of World of Dance and it appears Derek has become a master of reac
  5. I really didn't think they'd do it, but they did! Now cue all the "I'll never watch this show again" on SM. I do wish they would have given us the 2nd, 3rd, 4th placements.
  6. After reading every post on all 4 pages, Wow! Quite a campaign going on here. First, about Juan Pablo. Yes, he's a very good dancer. Yes, he's learned very well from Cheryl. Yes, they appeared to have a very good partnership. But it seems to me there's been questions about his fan base from the very beginning, questions about whether he was he getting the votes. Were his scores a little too high as if the judges are trying to help keep him in the competition. I've seen many here mention they "forgot" him or his dance. There was nothing particularly striking to remember. No drama.
  7. Week 8, Semi-Finals, and STILL 6 couples remain! I'm guessing there will be a double elimination tonight - at least I hope so! Hey! We've actually got to the semi-finals with no guest "judges". Excellent! Dedicated Dances: Bobby/Sharna: Oh I sooo don't like the cluster of audience/troupe around the raised stage usually to hide feet. He may not have missed any steps, I'm just not sure how many of those steps were salsa. Nice to mention those who are "really hurting" from the CA fires. (He's had this on his IG story a few times, so I wouldn't consider it a ploy for votes). A
  8. Well, tomorrow night is the last time for voting. Maybe they'll have a twitter "vote" after the freestyles next week, IF there are freestyles next week.
  9. But there will be no voting on the final Monday night. The last vote will be Monday 11/12 after the semi-finals dances. Presumably the freestyles will be on the last night but only the judges will get to score them. Then they'll announce the winner and that will be that. Speaking of freestyles, I hope Keo is working with someone to develop some unique choreography. His choreography in the past has been somewhat dull and I'd like to see Evanna at least have a fighting chance. Then again, I haven't heard any of the pros mention freestyles yet. I believe the pros normally start wor
  10. That's interesting. But I'm sure they'll still find a way to override a bad viewer choice for winner. I doubt they would risk the whole "stature" (or being viewed as a joke) of the show for Joe and Bachelor Nation. They could also dust off the 2 and 3 paddles for next week.
  11. Don't worry. The judges always make the choice from the 3 finalists. The viewers select the finalists and then on Tuesday, the final show, there's one more dance where the judges can adjust the scores to get the "winner" they want. Remember Bristol? She was knocking people out left and right with her Mom's fans and the Vote For The Worst group. They just adjust the scores on the last dance. If they like how the scores and votes played out, only then do they give everyone 10s. The show would "jump the shark" if it ever let Joe "win".
  12. I noticed in the credits on the trailer that Natasha Bure is in the film. She's Candace Bure's daughter. So there's another connection, I guess for both Maks and Peta. On Natasha's IMDB, the film is show in "post-production" which is normal after filming is done. I had to laugh that the premise is Peta teaching someone to dance. Sooo original!
  13. Country Week Ohhhh boy, the dreaded double elimination! Can they PLEASE stop saying YeeHaw! John/Emma: Emma does a good job coming up with cute routines that her partners can handle (Jenna! Heads up!). The only reason I don't mind all the extra dancers on the floor is that John is so tall, he's easy to spot in the crowd. This whole lead-up seems overly emotional. Is he feeling the danger of low scores last week? A desperation move? I don't know but I did enjoy the dance. Not sure what to make of the scores. Evanna/Keo: Ouch! 2nd to dance. They really really don't like
  14. Interesting. I had the opposite opinion of them on SYTYCD. Lindsay, to me, was the better technician while Witney was better at flirting and cheesing for the camera. It left me with the impression that Witney, being knockout gorgeous, got used to getting away with more and Lindsay, being beautiful but not on Witney's level of gorgeous had to work at it more. Now on DWTS we see that Lindsay having always had to work a little harder, seems to be better at coaching, at least to me, and Witney either does well or checks out. All just my opinion of course. I do agree completely about DeMa
  15. Halloween Week Milo/Witney: Creepy. I wonder if she choreographed it. (Did she choreo the I'll Be Watching You dance with Frankie?) Unfortunately with Witney, I think there's always the question because she's generally not forthcoming about when she gets help. Oh well. That's her choice. As for the perfect score? A little surprised Len liked it. I guess it was technically good for what passes for contemporary on this show. John/Emma: John's moves seemed too small and too soft, especially when in hold. Numerous small goofs but the 6s seemed a bit low. DeMarcus/Lindsay:
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