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  1. Am I the only one who “heard” those words as if Joy had said them? 💚 Your avatar definitely influenced me, but it’s still 100% something that Joy would think to say! Kudos to you!
  2. Dear MM, Priyanka has sisters-in-law because she has more than one sister through marriage, not sister-in-laws. Signed, The Grammar 101 Police
  3. I’m a Pisces; please scoot over and make room for me at your table! 😉
  4. I feel like Len for asking this (and I can handle the booing!), but... Am I the only one who doesn’t care about Disney Night and wish they skipped it? I know why they have it as a theme week, but I have a hard time believing every single dancer LOVES and is OBSESSED with Disney. It reminds me of when they meet their partners and are SO EXCITED because both people really wanted to be matched with each other. I live about an hour south of Disneyland and haven’t been since I was a teenager, so maybe I’m missing out on the cool new stuff? Even as a little girl, I preferred Scooby Doo cartoons and Knott’s Berry Farm was my preferred theme park. I have nephews, so I’ve seen most of the Marvel Universe films (Hello, Captain America!), but I know they aren’t originally a Disney staple. I really love the Toy Story films and I even have my own copy of “Brave” at home, but I just can’t seem to get fired up over Disney Night. Maybe I’d be on board if someone danced to something from “Guardians of the Galaxy” or waltzed to a slow air from the “Brave” soundtrack?
  5. Thank you! The minute she started with her first (of 10) “you’re not a dancer...” comment of the night, I knew she’d be over scoring people. I can’t believe she actually said “this is to balance it out” when she gave a 7 to Lamar. (I think it was Lamar - will edit if I need to.) Jenna and her snarky comment to Carrie Ann about the starting position was inappropriate and immature. Val skated on a technicality loophole last week, so she probably thought she’d be able to do the same. What an arrogant idiot. Kel, Kate and James are my picks for the top three. Kel is definitely a dark horse and his dance tonight showcased his ability. Kate couldn’t get into character tonight, which was a bummer, but other than that, she is doing really well! I’m cold hearted because I cannot feel sorry for Lamar Odom. He couldn’t even celebrate high scores for other people or act like he’s part of a group at all. Not a team player. Everyone else cheered for him when he needed a pep talk, but he can’t be happy when someone does better than he does? Maybe it’s his ego or symptoms of other stuff he’s dealing with - either way, I’m glad he’s gone. Next stop: Spicer. Long Live Len!!
  6. No matter how I word the following, it sounds like I’m plugging an advertiser on a podcast! Apologies in advance! I try to avoid leather as well, especially when I’m adding to my never ending purse collection. However, I found Brentano vegan leather purses on Amazon. They have a variety of styles, but their crossbody bag ($18-$20) is my favorite. I’ve owned mine for two years and the tassels, zippers and pockets still look brand new. I’m honestly surprised at the quality of these purses. I have the dark green and the dove grey ones and I get compliments on them all of the time! I’m 5’7”, and the crossbody bags are both long and big enough to serve as an every day bag.
  7. If you can access it, I highly recommend that you watch HRC & CC on Stephen Colbert from Tues, 10/1. The audience’s response to them was so amazing that it made me teary eyed! My mistake - you did watch Colbert. Wasn’t it one of the greatest things you’ve seen on TV in the last few weeks? Also, did anyone else hear Whoopi pronounce “Rodham” as “Roddin”? I rewound it five times and I swear Whoopi said “Hillary Roddin Clinton.” Lastly, Whoopi telling everyone to see a doctor the minute they don’t feel well was rich. Maybe she meant doctors should only be seen for heart issues? If you’ve got pneumonia or bronchial issues, keep on smoking and count your pennies!
  8. I have a twin brother who is the male version of Amber, minus the kids and gel parts. I don’t tolerate his BS on any level, but my mom is definitely a MimiJen when it comes to making him be a damn adult. Sadly, I understand firsthand what it’s like to live life on pins and needles because some asshole is mad at the world on days of the week that end in the letter “y.” I wouldn’t wish that on anyone except the Teen Mom assholes we all hate. I don’t even want to imagine the rage fueled meltdown Amber would have had over missing James’ first haircut. A damn haircut. Should Andrew have waited another month for Amber to clear her calendar and let the kiddo run around with hair in his eyes and/or looking unkempt? I don’t mean to dismiss the milestone, but I’d imagine it’s not like missing a child’s first steps, first words or the first day of kindergarten.
  9. Did you guys see Lamar in the Star Lounge after Kel danced and he & Witney were getting their scores? Lamar was trying to unwrap a piece of hard candy, but Peta smacked him on the leg, so he stopped and pretended to act like he was a part of the group. Maybe 20 seconds later, he was staring at that piece of candy and trying to unwrap it. Again. You know he was in the damn front row of the Lounge as well. It’s so disrespectful to the others. He doesn’t want to be there, but he needs the money. Not my problem that he blew his money on “not drugs.” I also can’t get on board with the Bachelor/ette people as some of you have already stated. Hannah hasn’t had a tough life or a rough year. She was Miss Alabama USA, competed on The Bachelor and then traveled the world while “dating” a bunch of good looking guys as The Bachelorette. I don’t want to drone on about my own problems, but I think everyone here has probably had a tougher year than Hannah Brown. Kate was great!!! Also, Pasha is really good looking.
  10. I gathered a few of the gems from today’s “Meghan and Abby continue to butcher the English language” show. I am so embarrassed for them when they continue to speak like disciples of 45. MM on Hunter Biden’s alleged drug use: “I think it is just the lowest form of common denominator.” Abby: “That’s why, in my opinion, I think Nancy Pelosi has waited so much to finally push the button on impeachment...” “...he went the right route...” (about the whistleblower) “I feel like the media has been calling wolf. US Democrats have been calling wolf since before he was in office.”
  11. I have to respectfully disagree with your claim because I teach high school and I can guarantee that my students are much more well behaved than MM! 😁
  12. Oh my gosh - me too!!!! Between John Oliver’s “exposé” and then having to choose either one day or 10 day delivery, I am really struggling with both Amazon and my conscience at the moment. Thank you for articulating so eloquently what I have been bothered by for the last few months!
  13. I agree that it’s hard to have a good conversation when the segments are so short. Sometimes it feels like more time is spent on the expository part of the topic! Two people provide their brief opinion and it’s off to another commercial break. Not a fan. It would also help if they didn’t interrupt and talk over each other every 20 seconds, but that will never change. While I wish “The Talk” would delve into more political issues and global events (and stop with the terrible animal abuse stories!), I do appreciate that those women (except for Sharon and sometimes Carrie Ann) are mindful of making sure everyone has a chance to speak. Lastly, I am sincerely curious about what it is that you mean when you describe Joy as being “twitchy.” My question stems from a genuine place. For example, I always know what Whoopi has said on the show to elicit comments that label her as being incoherent, but I honestly don’t understand or know what “twitchy” is.
  14. Tariq made the “We Are The World” quip, but I only remember that because I have no life. My love for Dean scares me sometimes! 🤣 Dean about Zied: “Oh look, he’s the frenching his sister type dude!” Dean about Ben: “Yeah, because King T’Chalka stands in the middle of your relationship, fool!” Tariq talking about Tom in Albania: “Yeah, you’re tired from putting all that mousse in your hair! Trying to get that Superman curl just right...” (paraphrasing on my part)
  15. “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon is a great song in general, but is it wrong that I hope Lindsay was throwing shade at her partner with the song choice? It also didn’t get mentioned in the intro package, which was smart on someone’s end. Can you imagine the crap that would have ended up on Twitter had she mentioned the title on camera? She told him to shut up! For no reason! It’s because he goes to Church! I am no fan of anyone or anything Kardashian, but I did see Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban (ugh! Why do I know this stuff?) at one of the tables tonight. He wasn’t there to cheer on Lamar, but he gave Jenna a run for her money while playing “Who can be on screen the most?” Lamar: “...after my accident...” Send him home. Now. I don’t appreciate people lying or revising history because they don’t have the ability to be honest. Also, he looks absolutely miserable. Who wants to watch anyone that unhappy or irritable on TV? Not me. Go Kate Flannery!!!!
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