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  1. Bridget


    I agree - Christian is worse than an used car salesperson. Slimy arsehole who comes off as so much of a jerk on screen that it’s palpable. I am with you about Danny Ric’s journey. Would love to see him win every weekend but only seeing him get two podiums per season (on average) is heartbreaking. I root for DR, Carlos, Seb and Pierre Gasly. I like to think that we all cried when Pierre won in Monza, especially with his immediate: “What did we do?” on the radio. What brought me around to not totally hating Max was the series of videos on YouTube from Red Bull’s marketing departme
  2. Bridget


    I love Sebastian and Carlos, so I can only imagine your pain.
  3. Bridget


    This is my second season as an F1 fan (thank you, DtS) and I was already sick of Lewis winning before I watched a single race! I live in California, so the races are always on at Early O'Clock here. No way I'm getting up to watch Lewis win. Again. (God bless him though - he's super talented and his dog is so freakin cute, but come on......) I say this as someone who likes Max, but any combo of HAM-VER-BOT every weekend is so freakin' boring.
  4. The costumes and set designs alone are enough to make me love that show, plot aside!! If you're one who enjoys Australian dramas, I cannot recommend The Doctor Blake Mysteries enough.
  5. I laughed SO HARD at this comment! Thank you for the wee bit of extra snark about something that never ceases to annoy me. I will gladly think of you when I happen to stumble upon her cawwing something a code shoder item.
  6. I don't know whether to laugh or groan at both her and her absolute stupidity. "Is Joshua Tree a real place or did you just use that name because of the U2 album?" I live in SoCal (San Diego area) so maybe it's not widely known that Joshua Tree is a real location, but I like to think that it is and Skunky's stupidity is on display. Again. Side note: Even though I find CCB's line overpriced, I am thrilled to see 100 percent cotton items being shown. I like to think it's a reminder to the rest of the "designers" that poly fabric blends suck for 2038346 reasons and that many people
  7. He asked if they were searching for CP!!!! Oh. My. God. And “I’d rather not answer” about how he got the images!! Fuck off, Smuggar.
  8. Fun fact: the plastic surgeon who Angela is shamelessly flirting with is the same doctor who helped the woman who had Gorilla Glue stuck on her scalp. Signed, Most Useful Pub Trivia Team Member If You Need One
  9. Why don’t they stop buying ugly jackets and Nikes and buy an actual stroller? The car seat-on-umbrella-stroller death trap device makes me anxious. Idiots.
  10. I know who stayed together after Googling "MAFS Australia Season Six" - if anyone else wants to know what happened after filming ended.
  11. Have you met Britney Spears? Have you met Celine Dion? Is there any other celeb you haven't dressed yet that you want to? SHUT UP, SHAWN! She just called him Jase. YUCK.
  12. I am LIVING for Jason Wu shooting her death stares. He is so over the shit show, as we all are! I also love that he sincerely complimented the redhaired model (I'm a redhead too, so I'm quite biased!) and doesn't worship Shawn the way Isaac does. Shawn is doing her worst imitation of a D List Entertainment Show "reporter" during her time with Jason and it's so embarrassing.
  13. Craig's is considered to be one of "The" places to be seen in Los Angeles. Loads of photographers are regularly parked outside to catch a glimpse of folks like Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston who are regulars at the spot. I'd pay good money to watch RFP recognize "Monica" and "Rachel" and attempt to speak to them. GOOD. MONEY.
  14. If it's still available On Demand in your area, you have to check it out. TRUST ME. :) I freely admit that I bawled my eyes out (AGAIN!) when they showed her "Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life" speech at the very end. Happy viewing!
  15. How long until Jill starts dressing like the doll? Imagine her on Easter Sunday decked out in all that lace and her hair in tight curls!
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