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  1. I caught that too, but my takeaway was that Michelle almost said "partner", which is a term that many same sex couples use when they are in a serious relationship with another unmarried person. Can you imagine the HORROR among their community if the word "parter" had been used?!
  2. Teddi's response to Denise leaving the show (from an online US Magazine article I just found this evening): The accountability coach wrote on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, September 10, that she was “not surprised” about Denise’s departure. “I don’t know when and why the decision was made but anytime one person wants to be the ‘star’ of a show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well,” she wrote. Fuck off, Teddi. She doesn't even know how fucking stupid she sounds. Looks like they're all quite jealous - not that we didn't know that already.
  3. The part when Vanessa's family traveled back east on July 30 - JFC. I wonder if he thought she was a loser, a sucker or both? Also: "I was watching one of the shows..." Of course he watched it on TV. HE DOES NOT READ.
  4. I’m catching up and just watched the episode about Emma & her speech issues. I’m a teacher (credentialed K-12 and I’ve got my Special Ed credential too) and from what I saw, I’d agree that Emma is probably shy, but that’s not the reason for her struggles. Without going into boring detail, simply put: there is a delay in Emma’s speech because it takes longer for her brain to process speech. When her brain receives incoming speech, as well as what the brain comes up with as output, it takes a wee bit longer than “normal”, but isn’t something that is make or break. Speech therapy (to work on fluency and pronunciation) is an amazing resource and should be coupled with reading. People who regularly read have a larger vocabulary and don’t usually struggle when it comes to verbal communication. I noticed that Emma said she “couldn’t think of the right words” when it’s her turn to say something. To me, that indicates she understands why she goes to speech therapy. However, Emma also said she was shy and used that as the reason she is so quiet. I’ve taught middle & high school for 10 years and I know when kiddos are self conscious and try to deflect, especially when they’re worried what their peers might think. Middle schoolers are a lot more empathetic than people would think (trust me!), so I can’t help but wonder if Emma feels more pressure at school or at home when it comes to speech. It’s possible to be both shy and have a speech delay, but being shy doesn’t cause a deficit in processing speech. Speaking of speech, listening to Jonah slaughter the English language while concocting some BS story about his math classes was straight up painful. He doesn’t know a noun from an adverb nor is he able to clearly articulate an explanation for his academic suspension. Either give us the real scoop without any exaggerations and half ass answers or don’t engage in the storyline! Based on my own struggles with math, taking a full course load in college and working at a community college, failing two classes in two semesters doesn’t translate into academic suspension, especially if he allegedly passed every other course he took. There is no rule that says students must pass every math class they take! The only scenarios that make sense to me: 1. He was on a specific academic track that required a certain level of math proficiency and he couldn’t keep up. However, if that was the case, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t go back to school. 2. See #1
  5. The redhead is their cousin (her mom & Amber are sisters), but I’m blanking on her name right now. Rachel? Michelle? Mallory? It will come to me at some point. She’s been on the show a few times, interacting and spending time with her cousins. She’s most likely close in age to Liz and/or Anna. I have no idea who the Jeremy Roloff looking guy is.
  6. Good point! My TV listing indicates that the new-to-viewers-in-the-States season starts next Friday, 4/3, but there is also an encore performance of the same episode (9x01) on Saturday, 4/4
  7. A little bit of good news during these crazy Coronavirus times: An all new season of “Death in Paradise” (the ninth one) kicks off on PBS next Friday, April 3.
  8. I only watched the first segment today because I wanted to see if Meghan was going to show up or not. Her yellow wall with a framed flag hanging on it is...um...an interesting decorative touch. She was already moaning about her pregnancy not being a straight line from A to B today. She was also nodding her head in agreement when Sara was talking about the importance of quality time she is spending at home with her kids. I wish we knew her due date so we could create some sort of a countdown calendar to give us an idea of how much longer we have to put up with her until maternity leave. I am sincerely curious about how she didn’t know she was pregnant, presumably for at least the first two months. Maybe she’ll name the baby MyFather? Or, if she opts for John, they’ll call him Jack? His middle name was Sidney, so maybe that will be an option?
  9. I need to know if Cate ever finished the scrapbook for Carly! (Said no sane person. Ever.)
  10. As much as I love Laurens, I have to say that as being a dog mama myself, watching Mike and Moses together has been everything. It’s my understanding that Mike and Laurens are launching a podcast, but I wonder if they were approached about their own spin-off TV show? Laurens will never be accused of being an extrovert, but I’d much rather watch her than listen to Ronnie drone on (and on and on and on) about how everything he does is for his daughter. I would much rather watch Moses sleep than listen to Snooki shriek and whine and holler like a small child instead of using her words. Pauly and Deena can move in with the Sorrentinos and film, but everyone else needs to step away from the limelight.
  11. Rachel and her inability to deal with physical discomfort (other than the time she was in labor and delivered a baby!) is crazy to me. Does she not remember the time Hazelee popped out of her body? “Is it going to hurt?” Jesus, Mary and Joseph. You’re not going to a picnic! A few mins of pain for an IUD > labor & delivery. I teach high school, so I’m immune to the “I’m a snowflake” shit, but what parts of common sense and logic does Rachel not understand? (I know, I know!) The fact that she is so terrified of “pain” that she refuses life changing medical assistance, like getting an IUD, while she is conscious is not normal. Can you imagine the hysterics when the nurse prepped her for an IV? I really hope the doctor did everyone a favor and tied her tubes instead of inserting an IUD. I’m NOT one to play the “What if?” game nor do I believe that cycles cannot be broken (with hard work and determination), but the fact that she’s SO averse to dealing with normal and very common episodes of physical pain and/or discomfort + a genetic predisposition for addiction = potential propensity for a future painkiller addiction?
  12. 😮 What did Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy ever do to you? 😉
  13. Between Whoopi reading the stage directions on the prompter out loud (“toss to clip”) during the Simone Biles segment to her saying, “....until you go into the ballot box...”, I know how I’ll be trying to improve my life during Lent. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How does she still have a job? I’ve never seen such an experienced performer screw up as much as she does. The second hand embarrassment is real. While it was a total free-for-all during the debate last night, MM criticizing Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King for not having a better grip as moderators last night was rich. Pot, meet the kettle. Her suggestion that a male newscaster (who was in the wings over at CBS) would have been a better moderator is evidence that she didn’t watch the whole debate because the panel did consist of two men at some point and it was still just as chaotic. As discussed last week, I think it’s also a subconscious nod to her possible propensity to defer and/or respect men more than women. Lastly, more proof that the wardrobe dept. hates MM: the buttons on MM’s jacket today were not flattering at all.
  14. When she called the guest co-host “Mr. Dyson” today, I noticed it immediately and had the same train of thought. While she does refer to politicians as “Senator” or “congressman”, I’ve noticed the deference much more with male co-hosts and/or guests. Based on her continual self-professed admiration for Tulsi Gabbard, I suspect MM will vote for her in November. Whoopi being pissed at MSNBC makes no sense. At the very beginning of the debate, Lester Holt specifically told the candidates to engage one another. Had she (or anyone else who works on the show) watched during the first 10 mins, maybe that would’ve been remembered and/or made it into the talking points? It goes back to the whole “this is why they need to read, research and prep for their jobs” issue.
  15. Chris for President. That is all. (She and her chair are the only reasons that I can handle Ashley’s scenes. I’d LOVE to know what she thought of her sister’s ridiculous behavior at the reunion. I tell myself that Chris ripped her a new one because it’s the only thing that makes sense.)
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