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  1. When she called the guest co-host “Mr. Dyson” today, I noticed it immediately and had the same train of thought. While she does refer to politicians as “Senator” or “congressman”, I’ve noticed the deference much more with male co-hosts and/or guests. Based on her continual self-professed admiration for Tulsi Gabbard, I suspect MM will vote for her in November. Whoopi being pissed at MSNBC makes no sense. At the very beginning of the debate, Lester Holt specifically told the candidates to engage one another. Had she (or anyone else who works on the show) watched during the first 10 mins, maybe that would’ve been remembered and/or made it into the talking points? It goes back to the whole “this is why they need to read, research and prep for their jobs” issue.
  2. Chris for President. That is all. (She and her chair are the only reasons that I can handle Ashley’s scenes. I’d LOVE to know what she thought of her sister’s ridiculous behavior at the reunion. I tell myself that Chris ripped her a new one because it’s the only thing that makes sense.)
  3. Am I the only one who is kind of curious to see what MM has to say about Lt. Col. Vindman and his twin brother being fired? Also, as someone who lives on the west coast, the show was pre-empted during the last two weeks and I have not missed it at all. It was honestly the best way to force myself to stop watching. I admit that I was somewhat curious about what dumb thing MM said or did each day. I was worried that I might have missed a second “Girl, please stop talking!” moment. However, when I caught the Pete Buttigieg interview and was instantly reminded of how terrible MM is, I deleted the show from my DVR. She is beyond ridiculous and delusional.
  4. https://youtu.be/7HMRjYl1p8Q Per MM on Watch What Happens Live, Whoopi was the apologetic one post “Girl, please stop talking!” Suuuuuure. 🙄
  5. The very best part of the article is found in the last paragraph! ”In the earliest episodes of “The View,” Ms. Walters would sign off with a line that remains a part of the brand to this day: “Have a great day, everyone, and take a little time to enjoy the view.” At the time, the show set the standard for a new era of women’s variety programming, one that embraced public debate, but still operated with the veneer of civility. Post-2016, we are presented with a platform that is devoid of the varnish of the genteel, yet is still asking us to take a little time to enjoy the view. The problem is, with Ms. McCain still on the show, there’s not much to enjoy.”
  6. So, do we think MM is going to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween next year? Where should I place my bet?
  7. Fixed it for you! 😉 Just to clarify, he’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s, right? (I’m so mean, I know.) He’s a decent singer, but the endless attention seeking antics are enough to cancel any talent I may have thought he has. He’s fishing for a girlfriend and it’s not only super obvious, but I find it to be pretty cringe worthy. I just hope he doesn’t refer to any potential dates as “Man” like he did to Kelly last Monday. I thought Katie had a great blind audition, but after that initial performance, I have continued to fast forward through 98% of her stage time.
  8. Try searching your OnDemand options to watch the missed episodes due to the impeachment hearings being aired. TV shows are still being taped and aired as scheduled. I’m on the west coast and “The Talk” doesn’t air here until 2pm PST.
  9. When Spicer was called as being safe, did anyone else notice the reactions among the rest of the dancers? James’ face. Lauren and Gleb’s faces. Hannah’s face. Kel AND Witney’s faces. As shitty as the outcome was, thank God the remaining contestants are reacting like the majority of the DWTS viewers.
  10. As someone who is close in age to Kel, can we all agree that he’s not middle aged? 😉
  11. I agree with you, and I say that as someone who lives in California. There is a certain contestant whose campaign explicitly states “Don’t wait for me to dance, just vote now!” The same contestant also instructs his “supporters” on how to vote via text message and on abc.com. This is the same person who shared during his intro package last week that his wife texts everyone on Monday nights to remind them to vote. I almost wish there was some sort of audition or tryout process for potential contestants. It would rely only on the basics, like rhythm, musicality and ability to clap on the beat. I’m not even even joking! If one has no rhythm, they will never be able to dance. No one wants to watch contestants awkwardly stomp around on the dance floor. I’m fine with bad dancers who are actually trying, but I will never be fine with people who stand in one place or only walk/march on the floor and have the nerve to call it “dancing.” Spicer would never have been cast after someone asked him to try to clap on the beat. Watching Lamar Odom was painful because he was awful. So was Sharna’s partner last season. Master P sucked as well. If there’s a realistic and alternate voting system idea floating around, I’d love to hear it. The overnight voting system was nixed because of fake and/or duplicate accounts that produced an onslaught of votes for one or more contestants. The 28293949556 votes for certain contestants (ahem, ahem) does need to end because it’s just insane. In my opinion, that’s not what the spirit of the show is about. It would be great if viewers had an individual ID number, specific code or some other method to guarantee they were actual fans, but it’s just not feasible. Fans of the show should be the ones voting, not a wave of voters who don’t know Len from Bruno. However, I live in California and I don’t have satellite TV. I vote every Monday at 5:10pm PST for Kel and then tune in later that night to watch the show. It might sound crazy, but as a longtime viewer, fan and dancer myself, I am invested in the show. Like the saying goes, If I don’t vote, I can’t complain.
  12. “Her name came from a show that I used to watch, and there was girl whose name was Paisley," Rachel stated, while adding that her great-great-grandmother's name Ivilee was also incorporated to create a new name. Yup. I would undoubtedly come up with “Hazelee” as a moniker using those two names. The stupid runs deep with these morons.
  13. That was the first question asked by Abby (I know, right?!). Sunny jumped in a few minutes later and reminded everyone that it’s illegal to identify a whistleblower. DJTJ kept insisting he’s a private citizen and used every excuse in his pea brain. It’s not illegal/first amendment/my poor family/both sides. 🙄 The evidence he chose to use to support him using Twitter to ID the whistleblower was “The Drudge Report had already published the name.” Sunny came at him with “My law degree says it’s illegal” and the moron still continued to shout and yell. He really did yell and talk over every single person at the table. I wasn’t shocked by it, but the stupidity runs deep in that family. When talking about the 2016 election, DJTJ referred “...countries that hate our guts!” What adult speaks like that? Who says “hates our guts” to describe or characterize adversaries? Also, at 43 mins into the show, Whoopi rang the bell (right after the Hunter Biden/DC hotels part) and MM looked at her and said very softly, “Please stop with the bell.” WG responded and put her on blast! “Listen, don’t do that!. Don’t do that!” No one at the table saw it because they were too busy yelling at each other.
  14. Paging Jesse from 90 Day Fiancé! Can you even imagine that guaranteed shit show if those two were ever in the same room?! 🍿🍿🍿🍿 Also, you continue to do the Lord’s work. 💚 Your summary was so freakin’ hysterical that I snorted when I laughed. Twice.
  15. I like the way you think! If anyone wants the results released, ABC can inform people that the studio is being audited. 😉 I don’t work for ABC, but I will gladly volunteer to compose a letter that will assure everyone that the results were perfect. If I don’t laugh my ass off about this shit, I will cry. Admittedly, I did laugh really hard tonight, especially during the dance off. Did anyone else hear Bruno mistakenly refer to “religion” during the first critique of the night?! God bless you, Bruno. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that he was trolling the trashiest troll to have ever tangoed on TV.
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