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  1. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    @druzy, as usual, thank you for doing the Lord’s work. @ShaNaeNae, thank you for sharing Splendor’s art work. LOVE that site. I NEED a t-shirt that says ro-model on it. It’s probably only a matter of time before it’s available via Splendor in the Trash. For my fellow 90DF peeps, anyone else read that article as one of the two ways? 1. Father & Mother verbiage reminded us of Pole, yet HE is the one who would have been arrested OR.... 2. Article was supposed to be written as: “Father James...Mother James...” I’m surprised Amber didn’t send love to Bubby in her letter from gel. I also noticed that she forgot to include “damn” when writing “good mother.” 🤣 Anyone else catch Amber pronounce nail as “nell” before she went to the nell salon and had the audacity to attempt to rip Kristina a new one? May I suggest that we add the word “nell” to the TM language we employ when composing or responding to a post? I really wish we had a list or other way to keep track for our favorite TM words and phrases. I know a commemorative coffee table book can’t be published until the show is over because these loquacious losers continue to dazzle us with their new and improved catch phrases!
  2. Bridget

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I can’t stand her either and I think she is a terrible actress, but these are the times when my People magazine subscription pays off! Jennifer Love Hewitt turned 40 in February. She was on “Kids, Inc.” when she was a kid, but other than lip syncing and moving her feet to a “step touch, step touch, step touch” pattern, she didn’t do much performing on the show. She also released albums as a young adult in Japan, as did nearly every other teen “idol” in the 80s and 90s. In fact, I just learned that Carrie-Ann did that too. I was floored when CAI mentioned that because I wonder how she managed to sing and cry at the same tone. 🤣 I definitely wouldn’t call JLH a musician/singer/dancer or place her in any other category other than “actress.” Her resume includes projects like Hallmark Channel movies to Party of Five to two seasons on Criminal Minds. I’ve never seen her dance at all, so I don’t know how much of a ringer she would be. I had to Google Katelyn Ohashi (never heard of her) and after learning she’s a gymnast, I’d think she’d be considered as the ringer over an actress who probably wants to do the show to insert generic line about proving something to herself/doing something to show her kids XYZ/rediscovering her “passion for performing” here.
  3. Bridget

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    Haven’t seen the episode yet (west coast here), but this is further proof that supports my theory that Amber doesn’t have anxiety or panic attacks herself. Amber doesn’t know enough about the basics of an attack or episode in general to even think to ask Leah any single one of those questions. Amber has a “can’t function like an adult and knows it” disorder that SHE calls panic/anxiety.
  4. Colt wiped the tears from Debbie’s eyes with a tissue!!! God bless you, Matt Sharp and TLC! Also, I am officially terrorized that Andrrrrrei only referred to Eleanor as “my daughter.” Anyone else catch that? God help him if I hear him say “When I was in labor for 24 hours...” I just can’t with Pao. Not enough Xanax in the world to even waste my energy typing about her. Everything from “I want to try something new...like going back to modeling” (does she know the definition of the word “new”?) to her saying “boob” every four seconds. Boob is also her favorite word on Instagram. (I don’t care when or where she nurses, but she has a really strange obsession with that word.) These grade A shit sippers might be TV gold, but they’re so plain stupid that it’s scary.
  5. Bridget

    S08.E06: Momcation

    This!!!! Pls tweet that to her! The fact that Amber doesn’t have (or choose to use) one single coping strategy speaks volumes about how serious she is about learning how to manage her mental health. She should have immediately removed herself from the situation if she really was feeling anxious. I’m pretty sure the three other people would have gladly finished the grocery shopping had Amber said: “I’m feeling _____________ and I need to step outside in order to ____________.” Then again, had she done that, what would she have to bitch about in the car? 😉 I personally think she doesn’t have anxiety at all. I don’t want to speak for every one of us who have clinically been diagnosed with anxiety, but I really don’t think she has anxiety. She suffers from “not being able to hack it in the real world and is aware of it” syndrome. My anxiety is usually caused by a trigger and my body goes into fight or flight mode. I need to take a Xanax and be left alone. I don’t sleep all day, go around hitting people or curse all over social media as a result of anxiety. I think she was simply extra irritable as a result of not taking her meds and was possibly having some type of withdrawal symptoms. *Because the word “like” can’t be used to describe how she’s feeling, she has labeled everything she experiences as anxiety. She definitely has severe mental health issues, but there’s something else going on that is preventing her from even being able to cope with the little things, which is scary. When CATE has to give someone a pep talk about getting out bed, that’s some serious Opposite Day shit. The same moron who can’t manage to figure out when or how to speak to her own daughter about going on a Momcation can encourage Amber to get out of bed?! What is happening? *I noticed she almost exclusively says “like” for every other word when she speaks. It seemed extra awful in Boca because she dominated the conversations. Every like thing like she like said like is like about like her like bipolar like issues like and like how like Andrew like is like such like a like good like guy.
  6. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    That was my first thought too, but if that’s what did happen, I find it odd that a locked garage door wasn’t mentioned in the affidavit. Had Andrew tried to gain access to the house via a door in the garage, only to find it locked by the defendant, that should have gone in the police report. “Andrew said after driving around for about an hour, he went back to the house with J.G.. Andrew returned home with J.G. and the front door was locked. Andrew said they neither have keys to that door so he rang the doorbell.” I find it way too easy to believe that they would lose both garage door clickers as well as the keys to the front door and not bother to replace them. They never leave the house, so they probably didn’t even bother to call a locksmith because it would require getting out of bed or off of the couch to answer the door!
  7. Bridget

    S08.E06: Momcation

    1. When I read your first sentence, I heard it in my head as a combo of Janice and Chandler’s voices. I kid you not! 2. I really wish there was a GIF of Ross explaining the difference between adjectives and nouns! I can’t handle “... my postpartum” or “...my bipolar” either, so you are not alone. To me, it’s evidence that they either have severe memory issues or haven’t been professionally diagnosed with anything they claim to have. If Cate fancies herself a mental health advocate (🙄), one would think she’d learn the correct verbiage. Peace, Love and Pivoting to you. 💚
  8. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Thanks @druzy for posting the affidavit! It was quite the read! At the end of the day, Amber was in the wrong, plain and simple. There’s no arguing against it. After reading the affidavit, I have some questions that I’d love to know the answers to. Amber had a machete to keep her safe because she had heard gunshots in her neighborhood. (Insert “bring knife to a gunfight” joke here.) THIS is the level of stupidity the state of Indiana has to deal with. No offense to the logical and intelligent Hoosiers! Additionally, neither one of them has a key to the front door? I know there are many places where lots of people don’t lock their doors, but just stay with me for a minute. Every bit of footage from the house has always shown that both cars are parked in the driveway. If there was a garage door opener in the car, Andrew could have opened the garage and gone into the house that way. Instead, he stood outside and knocked on the front door. Which leads me to ask the following question: Every single time they left their house, the front door was unlocked? The house where Amber resides. In a neighborhood where “gun shots had been heard” and Amber “decided she needed a machete for protection.” They leave the front door unlocked when they’re not home? Who does that?!?! Sure. Because that makes total sense. I bet Gary and Kristina were thrilled to have learned about that fun fact! As awful as it might be, I’m going to say it: When Andrew drove around for three hours, Amber didn’t answer her phone at all. Am I the only one who thinks he was hoping she killed herself? If you loved someone and knew they had threatened to take their life before and they weren’t picking up a phone over a three hour period, why wouldn’t you call the police to request a welfare check OR go home and see that they were still alive? I don’t believe the possibility that she could have fallen asleep, gave herself a three hour sponge bath or any other normal scenario where one wouldn’t hear their phone ring. Every parent I know, especially those who co-parent, leaves their ringer on 24 hours a day, just in case. Amber’s phone battery could have died, which is why Andrew didn’t know it was in the car. I’m not victim blaming, but it’s becoming much more clear to me how truly odd he is. My first glimpse into his awful decision making was the fact that he fell for Amber during MBC. For those of you who watched, you know exactly what I mean. It just don’t make no damn sense.
  9. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Does this mean that Andrew isn't listed on James' birth certificate as his father? Indiana.gov states: "Simply put, paternity means fatherhood. Establishing paternity gives a child a legal father. It also gives the father both rights and obligations related to helping take care of his child. It is important for the child to know who they are. By knowing both parents, a child gains a sense of identity and belonging. Both parents have the right to establish a healthy relationship with their child(ren) and a responsibility to care for their child(ren). Making the relationship legal from the beginning provides a greater opportunity for a healthy relationship and insures the father's rights to a relationship with his child. Legal fathers have all of the same parental rights and responsibilities as the mother, including the right to seek custody or parenting time. With legal paternity established, the child will have access to: Social Security dependent or survivor benefits Inheritance rights Veteran's benefits Life and health insurance benefits How is Paternity Established? A man is presumed to be a child's legal father if; He and his wife are married when the child is born, or If the child is born no later than 300 days after the marriage ends In all other cases, legal paternity must be established in one of two ways; Paternity Affidavit, or Court Order A paternity affidavit is a legal document that permits a man and a woman to declare, under penalty of perjury, that the man is the biological father of a child. A properly executed paternity affidavit establishes legal paternity (fatherhood) and parental rights and responsibilities, without the necessity of obtaining a court order. A paternity affidavit may be completed at the hospital within 72 hours of the child's birth or at your local health department any time before the child is emancipated. If paternity is established by paternity affidavit, the Department of Health will add the father's name to the child's birth certificate. "
  10. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Thank you for the information - you are so good to me! 💚 I couldn’t agree with you more about violence imprinting on souls. You worded that so eloquently and tastefully that I had to say something. It’s spot on and quite accurate, even if it’s a subconscious impression on a person. I’ve had tons of students who make poor behavior choices, but I know many times that it’s all they know. Their responses to anyone who even blinks the wrong way wouldn’t be perceived as “they disrespected me!” nor as aggressive if they didn’t have some sort of “it’s OK to act inappropriately” automatic reflex. I thought James must be old enough to sleep through the night and was probably startled awake, but my motto is: you never know unless you ask! I agree that Amber would startle anyone from their sleep with her megaphone mouth. She reminds me so much of my (loser) twin brother that it’s scary. The way she loudly loses her shit, only to start screeching and then starts to pontificate while going on tangent after tangent. Ugh! I can’t even hate watch or snark on her IG videos because they are an actual trigger for me. I feel my whole body tightly clench and I’m sent into instant fight or flight mode. If she has that effect on me via the internet, I don’t even want to know what that bitch is like behind closed doors! Side note: Have we ever heard any of these shit sippers describe their alleged anxiety or *PTSS by even referring to things like fight or flight or how they physically feel during an alleged anxiety or panic episode? Hell no. *I was told it’s a syndrome, not a disorder, by my therapist.
  11. I know she’s a fame whore, but Loren announcing last night’s drink as “watered down sparkling seltzer water” seemed to be another “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” moment to the viewers and I found it so weird and obnoxious. Maybe I’m biased because I can’t stand her, but she clearly didn’t get the memo that the show isn’t about her. Can you imagine her sitting and commenting along with the Dumbass Darcy twins? Three way tie for dumb, dumber and dumbest!
  12. Bridget

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Forgive my ignorance about little ones and their sleep schedules, but is it normal for an almost 14 month old to be awake at 2am? I wonder if James woke up when Amber was having a meltdown at 2am? Her voice is naturally loud, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like in person when she’s ranting and raving! That’s what stuck out the most to me when I read the article, along with Amber hitting Andrew on the right side of his body when he was holding James on his right side! WTF?!?! Do damn good moms think it’s ok to hit their partners on the R shoulder when they’re holding their baby in their R hand? Shoulder or neck, it doesn’t matter where she hit Andrew. If he was holding the baby and she still struck him, that’s WAY too close to James, period. (She shouldn’t hit Andrew either, but you ladies and gents know what I mean.) In all seriousness, she must go into some type of serious beast mode/blind rage if she was able to somehow reach Andrew’s neck. I’m trying to imagine her being able to reach his shoulder or neck with their height disparities. It’s the details like those that I wonder about. I know an audio recording is easier to be covert about, but I wish Andrew would have video recorded Amber for his own legal purposes. I can’t handle her Instagram rants, so I wouldn’t even want to watch it, but it would be an ace in his pocket. Even if the visual quality had turned out like “The Blair Witch Project”, any type of visual evidence is better than nothing in a court of law.
  13. Bridget

    Small Talk: Grab A Bottle

    My BFF from grade 6 (currently living in NYC) has had uterine fibroid and cyst issues since she was 12. She ultimately had to go for weekly blood transfusions because her health was deteriorating. She was losing so much blood that she almost passed out on the subway. The only way to “fix” her health issues (no pun intended) was to have a hysterectomy. Docs suggested other options, but those procedures were more of a “Band-Aid” type of a situation. She’d have to go back every 3 years for the rest of her menstruating days and have the procedure done again because it was only a temporary fix. She’s never wanted kids nor has she any desire to get married. She was 32 at the time and there wasn’t a single doctor in NY, NJ or PA who would perform the surgery for fear of her “possibly changing her mind.” This was less than eight years ago! She offered to get a psych exam, sign her name in blood and jump through whatever hoops she had to just so a surgeon would help her. No doctor was willing to accept that a 32 year old female, who didn’t have kids, had zero desire to ever have children. Desperate for a solution, her mom ended up making an appt with a doctor out here (San Diego) and served as a proxy for her daughter. During the appt, my friend Skyped in and had a consult with the doctor. Doc agreed to surgery. I was beyond relieved that she would finally get some relief, but having to buy a plane ticket and fly across the country in order to get the necessary medical care all because of her age? I have no words.
  14. Bridget


    Per iTunes, most people who have ears and also watch the show are in agreement with those of us who preferred “Same Blood.” It’s been at #12 on the iTunes Charts since early Wed morning compared to “I’m Just Getting Started”, which has remained at #21. While I prefer “Same Blood”, I can see how the anthemic hook of “I’m Just Getting Started” would tie into a summer movie that will probably have its own series of films.
  15. Dean is everything. When he paused the TV and said: “In this house, we are Team Chantal”, I laughed so hard that my dog woke up. Because I have no life (and I know what spiked seltzer looks like), I paused the TV and zoomed in on Loren’s wine glass. My verdict: she was drinking ice water, not spiked seltzer. The condensation on the glass and lack of carbonation in the drink itself gives it away. Also, the fact that she “broke the fourth wall” by specifically announcing what was in her glass was weird. We know she is active on social media, so she was probably trying to tell everyone “I am drinking alcohol, but it’s just not wine. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!” Whatever her reasons are for abstaining from alcohol, she should simply stop drinking out of a wine glass, especially when it’s not wine! Despite not watching her/their season, I do realize this is not who she is at all, so there’s that. She strikes me as someone who is milking her 15 minutes and really enjoys the “fame” from appearing on the show. The Darcy Twins have got to go. They are beyond ignorant and don’t add anything at all. They aren’t funny, smart or make witty comments. They only ask rhetorical questions or make superficial comments because they are too stupid to follow what is happening. “Who’s that? What did they do? What just happened? You go, girl! That’s right! Tell him what to do! Take your stuff and go! She needs to come to Connecticut!” Make. It. Stop. David and Annie are trying too hard. David is like Darcy because he tries to make situations about himself. “I’d never do XYZ” or “That’s not what you do to family.” I suspect he’s trying to do some major damage control while attempting to endear himself to the viewers. It’s almost like he hired a media consultant to overhaul his image. He clearly binge watched past seasons and joined snark forums to figure out what things he should say. No way did he know the significance of “55%” prior to filming “Pillow Talk.”