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  1. Joy's post mentioned that prior to starting her training, she "couldn't swim forward." Let me see if I understand this. Had the swimming portion only involved the backstroke, she would have skipped training in a pool? Her moronic language skills never cease to amaze me.
  2. I'm late to the party and the IG video isn't showing up as an option to view, but with regard to Carson's speech issues: Per a federal mandate, ALL kiddos who are at least three years of age are eligible for educational services via their local school district, even if they're home schooled or attend a private school. Going to school isn't even a pre-requisite as support services are also available for three year olds who don't go to preschool. Private schools don't have to acknowledge or honor IEPs or 504s, but if a student needs speech therapy or additional support, it's up to the
  3. Hahahahahahahaha! I have never seen her perform and only know who she is via magazines, but your description is spot on!!!!!
  4. The same guy (Jake aka Poodle) who made fun of their baby has also continued to say other problematic things like: "...stuttering like Joe Biden." I love snarking as much as anyone, but in my opinion, that particular podcaster crosses the line. A lot. I don't find him funny or entertaining at all. I just discovered a new podcast, titled "90 Day FIance Crazy in Love", and it's good! The podcast hosts are married, but one is American (John) and Tereza is from Czech Republic. She was working in NYC as an au pair when they met on Tinder. They didn't do the K1 visa process, but it's int
  5. Because it can’t be said enough, all hail Queen Garcelle. Garcelle’s line about Erika choosing the “No Apologies” drink was brilliant. Also, Kyle has Sutton’s name misspelled in her phone and it drives me nuts. (It’s the teacher in me!) This is the second time I’ve noticed that Kyle spells it “Sutton Strakke” and not “Stracke.” We know Kyle can’t be arsed to read an entire LA Times article, so maybe she also can’t spell surnames? Kathy’s dog Muffy is really stinkin’ cute!
  6. (I cut and pasted the following text from the website, so the omission of a period at the end of the first sentence is authentic.) There are two programs for doctoral studies. The Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching is a modular program designed to refine the faithful pastor’s ability to teach and preach the Word of God 36 credits 4 modular sessions & dissertation 3 years For those called to professorship and theological writing, the Doctor of Philosophy program equips Pastor-Scholars for faithful scholarship in biblical and theological s
  7. Since I'm a redhead, I will be in charge of bringing the sunblock for our upcoming RV trip. I've got more than enough for all of us, so rest assured.
  8. Am I the only one who was repeatedly shouting "Queen Garcelle" at the TV tonight while grinning like a proper fan girl and clapping when she spoke? To clarify, I was fan girling more than I usually do each week. And, yes, she walks on water in my world.
  9. NEVER!!! Please don't ever stop. I absolutely love them AND their hysterical impressions of so many Bravolebrities. Ronnie's "Dorit" is one of my most favorite things on the face of the Earth. Other jewels include "Be a hostess!!!!" (Kary B) and Reza/Bitch lost 40 pounds/Baby Shams jokes.
  10. For as awful as their core beliefs are, a wee part of me is so sad that Jill and Derelict likely have zero knowledge of "The Goonies" as evidenced by their lack of references to being so close to Astoria. The photo of them on the beach with the foggy background simply SCREAMS a shout out to "Hey, You Guyyyyyyyyys" or "I smell ice cream."
  11. I skimmed through some of the comments and loved that RFP was appropriately told off about how stupid he is. Lots of "I don't understand why it's so hard to explain" and "My five year old understands. It's not that difficult to grasp." Also, he apparently does know who Ted Lasso is, which really did shock me. @revaustintduncan I thought it went well. I would consider it a tie. @jeremy_vuolo well done, sir, well done. Ted Lasso has done you much good
  12. I've had this problem before at Target, so I asked several people in managerial positions at the store why this happens (once I cooled down about being quite livid about being let down!). It was explained to me as following: the total number of specific items sold in one day is only updated at nighttime during the closing protocols (i.e. counting the register totals). For example, if the website/app says there are three pink size medium nightgowns available but they're all gone once you arrive, it's because the website/app isn't updated as things are sold during the day. The inventor
  13. Please give your sweet doggo a big: "GOOD POTTY!!!!!" from me. And a big hug. And a wee treat. Thank you. On topic: I like that Erika took Tiago with her to the desert, but that will be the only nice thing I have to say about her. Ever. I didn't see it in tonight's "Still to come on RHOBH this season" preview, but am I the only one who remembers the previews from the season premiere that showed Erika threatening Sutton at a dinner table and then Sutton challenged her with: "....or what?" Those two definitely got into more than one verbal sparring match this season. BRING. IT. ON.
  14. If I had to guess, the sweet doggie probably had some type of veterinary issue with their paws. My wee boy, Hamish, had one of his paws bandaged identically last fall after he had a run-in with a damn foxtail. I didn't spot the damage until it was too late, despite our post-walk daily ritual that involves a baby wipe from head to toe. The damn foxtail had worked itself into his skin and had to be surgically removed. His recovery included a drain, bandages that were changed every two days and a cone of shame to keep him from tearing off the bandage for a second time.
  15. Bridget


    I'm not a fan of Alicia's (it's the vocal fry - you're onto something), but since you like her, I figured I'd pass along some info. Apologies if you already know this, but Alicia anchors her own program on Saturdays and Sundays. It's called "American Voices with Alicia Mendez" and she's on from 3-5pm PST.
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