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  1. DancingD

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    Both Alejandro and Jeremiah have performed their originals twice now. A's is kind of growing on me, J's makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Kind of how I feel about the two of them right now. Also hated Walker's performance and I was so pleased to see ginger men in the finals! So Demetrius and Uche are my guys. Wanting them both to cut loose. Of the girls, Madison and Laci can stay a while. Was getting a little worried that the top 7 would be all guys except for Madison. So now, we have 3 women left.
  2. DancingD

    S17.E12: Top 14

    I found my Uche love in Hawaii. Last week wasn't as good, but he was back on form last night. Have we ever seen a dance break on Idol? For singing, my favorite last night was probably Laci. She's looking a little more human, too, hope the stylists keep at her.
  3. DancingD

    DWTS: Juniors Spoilers and Speculations

    Jenna's "star" is Tripp Palin. Anyone remember watching his Mom dance? I don't think he's going to win. Maddie Ziegler's younger sister is a "star" is well. Which is odd, because she should be a pro. Her partner is actually a professional dancer, Sage Rosen. It's kind of ridiculous (going against a spelling bee winner), but so is the casting every season.
  4. DancingD

    Somebody Feed Phil

    For a brief time a few years ago, considered moving to Portugal as a retired ex-pat. The language seems so difficult to learn, so sort of forgot about it. Now I wish we had, nothing to do with this episode. But absolutely to do with this episode, Lisbon looks amazing. Except maybe for the seven hills! Was a little disappointed that they didn't cover the Portuguese wine industry, but I realize that Phil isn't much of a drinker. Even though wine is always at dinner, that's not what this show is about. This show is really good for travel advertising, no wonder the famous chefs and food writers drop everything to spend time with Phil.
  5. DancingD

    S25.E11: Week 10: Season Finale Part 1

    Robert Roldan was an incredibly beautiful man. Some time after SYTYCD, he had a terrible accident that involved his face. A fall, or car accident, not sure. His gorgeous smile is gone, he looks very different now. Did no one else hear Erin call them "Drew and Enema"? It was during the elimination I think, had to rewind to make sure I heard it right.
  6. DancingD

    In The Media: DWTS

    Go a little further. The first photo of Drew & Emma after his announcement has 93.5k likes, Emma's video just before that has 245k! And Mark's video has 188k likes.
  7. DancingD

    In The Media: DWTS

    I thought Heather's rhumba was Alan's choreography?
  8. DancingD

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Just looked up Season 10 on SYTYCD, a lot of the cast is from that season! Jenna, Hayley, Alan, Brittany, Paul (wouldn't mind seeing more of Paul). Do you have to grow up dancing ballroom to be considered a "trained ballroom dancer"? Asking for a friend who started at 26 and was a bit of a natural at it, ha. Hayley has said she is not "trained" but I remember her on SYTCD dancing ballroom several times and she was darned good at it then. And she may have had some excellent training for the last 3 years. I find myself watching for her.
  9. DancingD

    S21.E05: Week 5: New Orleans

    I wonder if Nick realized during filming that he had been demoted to guest star status? That was awful. After I got done fast forwarding through all the Corinne stuff there wasn't much left. If they're going to display the doll that belonged to the little girl in the haunted house, they shouldn't use a vinyl doll from the 1950s. May was obviously wearing Victorian clothing in her painting. Whitney is the tall girl with great cheekbones standing next to Josephine in the photo. She's very pretty but seems quiet. Who is the one in the back flipping the bird? Looks like they got out of the house for a little while!
  10. DancingD

    S23.E10: Week 7

    I loved Laurie's dance, the whole thing. Grinned like an idiot the whole time. Watched it again to see if there was any hint that she was rushing, or bouncing per Len. Their top line was great, she was right in sync. Guess they need to score her down a bit to make it a contest. Same reaction to James' dance, and Calvin's. They are a joy. And no, they should not mention Calvin's feet. That would be dumb and mean, kind of like telling Terra she needs to stride out more. Gleb is here for eye candy, no? People on this board are probably not his target audience. Speaking of which, Artem needs to grow and darken his hair, and always wear guy liner. Wowza. Team past was my favorite dance too, but I'm an Outlander fan. Pretty sure the camera angles helped to hide some of it (Ryan and Maureen) but it looked very nice. Cameras didn't help Team Future at all.
  11. DancingD

    S23.E08: Week 5

    Did anyone else think Julianne was dancing with Derek in the opening number? Of course later I saw Lindsey's short 'do and realized it was her. Loved it, watched it twice.
  12. DancingD

    S23.E08: Week 5

    Not an Amber fan, but now even less of a Maks fan. He WAS the one that stopped dancing when she made a mistake, and then kept telling her she can't stop. What? He's one of the THOSE guys, it's never his fault. Got a bad taste last time he judged, and now it's continuing. I really, really hope he doesn't get Len's job. And why doesn't he have her practicing in heels? Val made the puppy cry. Bad, bad Val. Maybe a little manipulation there. Speaking of which, Marilu had so much more confidence in her dance tonight. Like, a lot more. Like, almost like she's been holding back more. Hmmm. James is Superman apparently. And I love him with Sharna, darn gorgeous girlfriend. Sharna keeps dating buff, bad boy dancers, she needs a grown up.
  13. DancingD

    S27: Witney Carson

    She had a chunk taken out of one of her feet due to skin cancer. That may be what's bothering her. She started dancing again after that pretty quickly. I think she's maturing, she's been fine with VI, hardly even reacted when he said he was relieved to be voted off.
  14. DancingD

    S23.E06: Week 4

    The thing that struck me about Allison and Babyface's mess of a dance was that she just kept yelling "you got this"! Other pros would have been counting or telling him what movement he needed to be doing. He didn't need a cheerleader in those moments, he needed help.