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  1. It was actually worse than that. He locked him out literally a day after Patrice went missing, when there was no proof yet that she was dead and definitely never coming back. What man that supposedly loved a woman so much, changes the locks literally a day after she goes missing, as if he's certain she's never coming back. Like shouldn't his focus had been on finding his wife? If I remember correctly it was the first one. He was the one who put up the $1000 for information right after Rey went missing and it was some of the co-workers I believe that found the hole because the company did organize search parties. But after his body was found and especially after the police start inquiring about the call to Rey that clearly came from the company, Porter clammed up and the gag order went on everyone working at the company.
  2. Admittedly I did only watch four episodes, so it's possible I missed something significant. But of the episodes I did watch, I didn't get the sense that Clay felt guilty for Monty's being killed, so much as guilt for their framing him for Bryce's murder. But more than that, I think the real problem with Clay is one, he already had a history of mental illness and two, the million secrets and lies he was keeping caught up with him and caused him to have a mental breakdown. Because it wasn't just framing Monty for Bryce's murder, he was also keeping the secret of Tyler's almost shooting up their school and their helping to cover it up. And mixed in with that was all the other shit that had happened that he was still dealing with and coming to terms with - Jeff's death, Hannah's suicide, learning all the ways Bryce was a horrible piece of shit and all the girls he assaulted, etc. Not to mention that although he got off, Clay came very close to being officially arrested for murder and having to face a trial. And as we saw, he still had flashes and nightmares of being in a jail cell. That's why I liked the scene of his therapist telling him he was holding in a lot and it was time to let it out. As Clay noted in his graduation speech, in two years he lost three people he loved. Then his path crossed with a rapist douche-bag whose murder he later got accused of and a violent psycho who tried to kill him once. And that's not even counting the failed relationship with Skye, conflicting emotions of going from being an only child to having a step-brother of sorts. It was just a lot and he wasn't really dealing with or talking about any of it. Of course the kid snapped.
  3. Let the choir say amen. They're just re-purposing shit now. Corona and all you know - content a little slow. The funniest part about this ridiculous story when they tried peddling it last year was all the "Meghan that witch stole Eugenie's shine on her day". Oh please, no offense to Eugenie but she didn't have any shine then like she doesn't now.
  4. Sad but unfortunately not surprising based on the updates his wife gave about his health. I hadn't heard of him before so curious, did he have any pre-existing conditions or previous health issues? Because if not, it's crazy how hard the virus hit him if he was a healthy 40 year old.
  5. I just completed The Price of Salt (aka Carol) by Patricia Highsmith. I'd already seen the film when it came out a few years ago and absolutely loved it (of course Cate Blanchett is a goddess that can do no wrong as an actress, in my opinion) but never got around to reading the book. This is a rare case of the movie was better than the book for me. In fact, I didn't really like the book at all.
  6. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    I love how John Isner continues to ignore the old saying of better to be thought a fool than speak and confirm it. It comforts me that I never liked that idiot and he just continues to confirm for me that my gut reaction was right.
  7. Hell, Xavier probably got the idea from the List case. Aside from the obvious similarities, of murdering his whole family and disappearing, the family pictures were missing from the frames, similar to how List had cut himself out of every family picture, he made sure to leave the message to return mail to sender. And then the ridiculous letter to friends and family about being a spy for the DEA to explain their absence.
  8. And dating in your teens, even late teens is simply significantly different than dating in your 30s - whether a couple wants kids or not. People in their 30s have careers, better understanding of who they are, what they want, what they don't want, etc.
  9. He made the comment about that being a normal thing when he was discussing being called to the Principal's office when they found his mom's remains. So I got the impression that started after his mom disappeared, which I mean, I think teenage kid acting out after his mother vanishes and likely was murdered, makes sense.
  10. I know he had his air-tight alibi (well not so air-tight, since the detective made clear he wasn't entirely ruled out, they just couldn't find anything solid linking him to it. And that convinced me the detective probably suspects Rob too), but dude had red flags glaring all over the place that made me positive he's guilty as sin. First, his smugly dropping how he studied criminology, which fit right in with his conveniently detailed timeline of getting gas and ensuring it was 45 minutes away and time-stapped. But what made me side-eye Rob the most was his whole scenario of how Patrice may have been killed that almost sounded as if he was inadvertently telling how he did it. As they say, criminals often return to the scene of the crime, one to know what the police know but two, sometimes they're so impressed with in their minds, their cleverness, they almost want people to know what they did. Rob gave me arrogant and smug douchebag vibes. He'd very much be the type to want people to know he did it and got away with it and there was nothing they could do about it. But his saying how Patrice wasn't necessarily killed that same day raised huge flags for me and perfectly explained how he could have done it. I think some people assume whatever happened to Pratrice happened in the shop or near the shop. But she could have just as easily been lured somewhere and killed later. I wonder if they ever did a thorough search of the house. Because that changing of locks the day after screamed someone with something to hide, who didn't want anyone but him getting in. And even if Rob didn't kill Patrice, I don't know how dude expects anyone to not look at him sideways and believe he actually loved this woman, with how he treated her kid. Even if he and Pistol didn't get along, to change locks on a teenager the day after his mother, who you say you loved, who loved her son, goes missing, is some cold ass, hateful shit.
  11. Shake things up how? By working for her patronages and helping charities make money? In the time Meghan was a working Royal, she initiated and saw to completion a project that helped a community still recovering from a devastating tragedy raise significant funds to help others. And her thanks for that was to not so subtly be linked to terrorism. Example one of where something should and very well could have been said and it wasn't. Because that's dangerous rhetoric to put out there. And there was nothing but silence. She edited a fashion magazine, no different than other Royals had done. Hers just happened to be one of the biggest fashion magazines and she dared to focus on diversity and women's empowerment. And that was apparently a problem because there were only five white women on the cover. Because certainly the most under-represented population in fashion magazines are white cis-gender women. And then she did royal tours like every other working royal and had a baby. That was it, really. Such a rebel. And yet with all these years to "prepare" the Palace still asked for her to be granted grace and time to get her feet wet in her her new Royal role, after they were married, when said British tabloid media, started to go in on her for not working enough. I believe William went to Charles and the Queen for support in that. The American tabloid media may have been kinder but they were also regurgitating a lot of the b.s. stories that were coming out of the British tabloids. And they weren't the only ones. Legitimate media sources, such as GMA, The Today Show, etc. were repeating it because it's clear these shows don't consider Royal stuff "real news", see it as akin to pop culture and so they likely do little independent research to verify anything. They just allowed idiots with a British accent, calling themselves "a Royal expert" onto their morning shows, to regurgitate the same bullshit Daily Mail and company were peddling. They just softened their language a little bit in how they spoke about Meghan, but it was the same narrative. So no, the negative coverage wasn't isolated to British shores. And so why would Meghan's friends, trying to show support and give her side of things, go the same publications and media that was excoriating and attacking her on the daily for sport. I also just want to add that for all this never complain and never explain and they don't respond to silliness, while there was complete silence from Kensington Palace about all negative coverage regarding Meghan, they sure found time to deny a story of Kate's getting botox and wearing hair extensions. Because certainly botox and hair extensions are so scandalous and offensive.
  12. He was shown. The camera pans to him among the other graduates, during Clay's speech. I can't remember if he was shown during Jessica's, but he was definitely shown during Clay's. Sherri just disappeared. And the show did some bullshit thing that I'm sure they thought was cute, where when people emailed the address Clay gave the one girl, a "message from Clay" revealed that she'd moved to some other state or something. I believe Skye moved to some other town with relatives to better help her recovery. That one was explained on camera, after she left the treatment hospital and she and Clay essentially broke up.
  13. I found as I got older, my least favorite ships always seemed to be those that were really popular. Probably one of my most unpopular opinions is Pacey/Joey. No, it's not because I wanted Joey with Dawson because in truth, I just didn't like Joey at all. No, the core of my bitterness was always how the writers had to completely crap on Pacey/Andie, which they spent an entire season beautifully building up, to facilitate the Pacey/Joey pairing. And for the rest of my years, I've had to read and hear about the so-called awesomeness and perfection that supposedly was Pacey/Joey. Whatever. Other least favorites that were popular - Damon/Elena and Chuck/Blair. The "love story" of two douchebag rapists/attempted rapists and the pathetic twats who kept staying with them. Girl power! Oh but they were "so hot". Yeah, whatever.
  14. This Vogue issue still winning. A whole year later. Not bad for a little project that was supposedly "so inappropriate and a misstep".
  15. This. I'm catching up on the season right now and I guess I have the unpopular opinion of being fine with Jan's not winning the Madonna challenge and his being eliminated this episode. And it's for exactly what you stated. As for this episode in particular, I think his inability to truly shine and win the Madonna challenge got him to the point of desperation. And desperation is never a good look for anyone. And so he tried so hard that he ended up making the infomercial a try-hard disappointment. And the thing is Bob tried to steer him right. He kept telling Jan to breathe, that he was going at 100 right from the start and it was off-putting. It also meant he was rushing so much that there was no chance for the jokes to even really land. Gigi's performance was meh (and I honestly wonder if something was up with him that week because it was uncharacteristically basic and lacking any energy) and I even wondered at one point if he was still channeling his robot snatch game character. But he still had a few, not many but a few funny moments. Jan's infomercial was just five minutes of desperate manic-ness. And when it came to the lip sync, Widow destroyed him. It was Latrice vs. Dida again, where one queen truly got the song and spirit of it, versus the other who didn't and so figured they'd just throw every kick, flick, jump and trick they know. I was the complete opposite. I thought Chaka was sweet but added very little in the way of critics and feedback. Bob gave the queens a lot of helpful feedback while they were filming and I loved his amusement and reactions to some of the more crazy moments.
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