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  1. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    He was my safe pick as well, until for the exact reason you mentioned. He's coming from the high of winning his first slam and he didn't exactly have a physically easy run to win it. And because of having to recover physically, he's coming into the French with no real match play on the clay at all. Honestly, because of the circumstances of this year and things being all torpsy turvy, who the hell knows how this thing will shape up.
  2. Yeah they kind of revealed it in the episode. After the guy tells Kim Cattrall's character the one child's test was contaminated, they showed him in a hospital room taking a swab from someone who looks like they've been in a really bad crash. By the way he gently kissed the older woman by the guy's bed, I kind of assumed he's probably his brother.
  3. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    Yeah when it comes to Djokovic, I wouldn't celebrate a potential upset until it actually happens. In any case, this result was never in doubt for me. I was happy for Schwartzman getting his big win over Rafa and making the Finals, but I knew it'd all be for nothing against Novak. I was highly amused at the tennis media trying to make this story of Schwartzman beating Rafa because "omg, Rafa lost to someone he was 9-0 against on clay". Yeah, like this man hasn't not played since February and it's not like he's never lost on clay before. I knew Rafa wouldn't be 100% after all that time without match play. Problem is he doesn't have the three masters tournaments to get his momentum back before the French. Honestly, I'm keeping my expectations very low for this French Open. My only hope is that if he is going to lose, it happen before the Finals because then his perfect FO final record will still stand. As for Djokovic, we know he's coming to that FO with a fucking vengeance. Because his little mea culpa about the US Open mess was probably bullshit and he was likely stewing about their denying him his rightful US Open win. So he's coming to that FO even more motivated than he already was. I think at this point, most can agree that the FO officials are just a disaster all around.
  4. I never checked it out because I don't have kids and have no interest in having them. But if everything you're saying is accurate, then yeah, this is already a fail because number one rule of business success is know your brand. You have to be able to accurately define what your brand is, it's vision and ultimate goal, because that then identifies your target audience and how to successfully target them.
  5. To be fair, I don't feel like that was her intent in inviting Candiace on. Because she was also inviting Karen and Ray. The theme seemed to be a discussion from two perspectives on marriage - a couple that's been together 20 years and one that just got married. Yes she joked about the honeymoon phase without even going on a honeymoon but I really felt like she was joking in the meeting when she said it. Now when she mentioned it in the conversation with Chris, it was definitely meant to be snide and shady because she was pissed that Candiace backed out. But I didn't get the impression that her sole reason for inviting Candiace on the podcast was to shade and mock her and Chris about not having had a honeymoon. And speaking of Monique's Chris, I know he's shown some very dickish tendencies in recent episodes but I thought he was being very reasonable in the advice he was giving Monique about the event and she was just being stubborn in straight up saying she just didn't want to do what he said. That's ridiculous. With that mindset, she's heading straight to a financial hole and nonexistent company as Chris warned her. He won my heart during the scene when he and Wendy were watching Karen's ridiculous party invite and Eddie goes, "why she let that man in her house". I fell down laughing. It's the way he said it - seemingly so genuinely confused at this weirdly dressed man in Karen's house, singing some ridiculous song.
  6. You win the night. It's obvious there was more going on with Monique (obviously, as we saw last week) and it escalated to this situation with Candiace that did not need to get to where it did. And it's unfortunate because I like her. But maybe stepping back from the show and dealing with her shit is best. Candiace is still annoying though but I've accepted that's just who she is. No comment about Ashley and Michael because what is even the point anymore. Shade of the night goes to Karen saying Gizelle's hosting skills suck and she could have just skyped her if all she wanted to do was talk about her literary award, because it would have saved her the gas.
  7. I swear it's gotten to the point where the minute Regina King is nominated for something, she's going to win. Girlfriend hasn't lost an award she's been nominated for in years.
  8. There's always a whole thing about sound mixing and editing, which is why people for years have been saying they need to just make it one category, which I do think they are doing starting next year. Because they tended to award the same film both mixing and editing even though it is two different things. And so yeah some felt that Bohemian Rhapsody had good sound mixing but not necessarily sound editing. But again, the voters tend to give one film both. Although this year they did split it - Ford v. Ferrari won Sound Editing and 1917 won Sound Mixing. But people were more outraged by the Film Editing win than the sound awards. Be glad if all of them even watch it, versus just picking the one they "heard" was the best.
  9. Yeah that sucks. It's how I felt when Rami Malek lost the Golden Globe again this year for Mr. Robot, which was his last chance to win for it, as the show ended. I know he won an Emmy for it and he does have a little award called an Oscar but still, I thought his performance on the show was stellar and it just really bugs me that Christian Slater won two Golden Globes for the same show and Rami didn't. When really, Rami carried that show. Was very happy for Eddie Murphy though, winning Best Guest Actor and well-deserved. I didn't even bother watching that mess. Because I'm sorry, how do you have a red carpet when there's no one at the damn show and so no one on the red carpet.
  10. I didn't feel that way at all, which I guess is maybe why I've never been outraged by his snub. I do think a nomination would have been nice but I never thought he had a chance in hell of actually winning. Politics aside, the reason I don't get up in arms about snubs and wins/losses is because these things are so subjective. And the reality is most of these people are freaking talented as hell in their own right. So you can make a case for any of them. I love Rami, but I wouldn't have been outraged if Christian Bale had won instead or Bradley Cooper. Because while I firmly believe A Star is Born was vastly overrated and I still don't know how anyone thought Gaga was deserving of Best Actress, Bradley Cooper did the damn thing in that film. But I think Bradley and his team made the critical error of focusing a lot of his campaigning on getting a Director nod, which made no sense to me, seeing as he had no shot in hell of winning. Alfonso Cuaron had that shit on lock. And all the time he spent campaigning for a nomination that he didn't even get, Rami and his team were quietly shoring up his Best Actor chances. And as for this year, aside from the fact that I knew Joaquin had this thing in the bag as soon as I saw Joker, other factors, as they always do, come into play with these things. He'd been nominated many times before, he'd been one of the most respected actors without a win, River's legacy was really being pushed this past year, so there was that. And again, just personally I loved his performance. Was it over the top and Oscar baity...sure. And in less capable hands, it very easily could have been very hokey. But I didn't find it to be that. I found that film very, very uncomfortable to watch but in the best way. And as for Adam Driver, I thought that was one of the most brilliantly subtle performances I'd seen in a long time.
  11. No, the biggest complaint was it winning Best Film Editing. There was a whole 20 minute video on YouTube someone put together showing how poor, in their opinion, the editing for the film was. So a lot of people were baffled it was even nominated, much less won that category. That said, there was a very simple reason why the film won Best Editing. I found out that for the editing category, most times the voters are voting off a submitted clip. And I remember a movie critic in her prediction saying that guaranteed, they likely submitted the Live Aid sequence and if a voter went off just that clip, especially side by side to the real Live Aid performance, she could see how they would be swayed to vote for Bohemian Rhapsody. Btw, what was funniest about that whole reaction about Bohemian Rhapsody winning the Oscar for Best Film Editing is that while all these so-called experts on social media and YouTube were insisting how awful the editing was and it was the worse edited film ever and their even being nominated was a travesty, the American Cinema Editors, as in essentially the Guild for film editors, also awarded Bohemian Rhapsody the win. Guess they don't know anything about film editing either.
  12. I'm not speaking literally. However, 90 percent of the time when I read comments of some disappointed at Taron's not being nominated, it's tied to Rami's win and Bohemian Rhapsody. Like you will read people say, "I was bummed Adam Driver didn't win for Marriage Story because I thought he was better than Joaquin Phoenix in Joker." Fair enough, because they were competing against each other. No one says, "I thought Taron was better than Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time and enjoyed Rocketman more than Once Upon a Time or Joker or The Two Popes" or whatever. No, it's always Rocketman was a better film than Bohemian Rhapsody and Taron did his own singing and was better than Rami, so why does Rami have an Oscar and Taron wasn't even nominated. It's never about the films and performances Rocketman and Taron were actually up against. It's all about a film and performance that was in a whole other year of contention.
  13. Just completed An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. This is the second book by them I've read - the first of course, was The Wife Between Us. My conclusion is that I'm not very impressed. The books are okay - light and easy reads. But that's it - they're just okay. And so I don't get the hype. After two books, I now realize that they seem to follow a similar pattern, in that there's a lot of unnecessary padding in the story that keeps hinting at these big, twisty, WOW moments that are coming. And these moments never actually do. None of the so-called twists were even remotely surprising and the big dramatic end was the most anti-climatic ever. Also, Jessica was pretty meh as a main character.
  14. And crazy...don't forget crazy. Because um, yeah. This is sad. Because he's always been full of shit about this. And Lex, to those who were paying attention and didn't drink the "Rob is the worse who betrayed Lex" koolaid, yeah we knew the decision was Kathy's because they showed it IN THE DAMN EPISODE. That's why I've always said that no, Amber was no great Survivor mastermind, but it wasn't fair when some said she did nothing to save herself because they actually showed Amber and Kathy talking where Amber made the pitch to Kathy that if they saved her, she and Rob had Tom firmly with them back at Chapera. And so the three of them - Rob, Amber and Tom, could pair up with Lex, Kathy and Shii Ann and be a strong six. Because even with taking out Amber, Lex and company were down a number against the old Chapera. That was what swayed Kathy, who then took that offer to Lex. Not to mention Amber and Ethan's brief relationship was already ancient history to both of them by that point, two, Amber and Rob's feelings were already pretty strong and three, Rob and Amber have both stated their relationship truly developed after they got back from filming.
  15. Someone said the same thing about A Star is Born. Maybe that's just a common thing for musical-inspired films. Bohemian Rhapsody was not a perfect film by any means. But I feel like it's success was a combination of nostalgia, excellent campaigning by Rami and his team, with regard to his win (I saw a lot of "he's just so likeable" in all the Awards talk) and anti-backlash sentiment. In other words, all the hate and negativity towards the film, some even before it came out, did the opposite and made some rally harder behind it. The Singer stuff was a big misstep. I read pieces where people felt even more protective of Rami when that stuff started, some saying that they felt like there was a witch-hunt against the cast and crew and it was unfair. All of this created a perfect storm to where the film ended up exceeding anything people could imagine. Including that billion dollar box office ticket sales. The way things played out was also kind of very in line with Queen. That's been the story of their success - critics crap on them and yet the people love it. See the song Bohemian Rhapsody's success. Today critics try and rewrite history and call it one of the greatest songs of all time. But back when it first came out, it was crapped on and mocked mercilessly. But then it became a smash hit. The stage play about their career was trashed by critics and that too was a huge success. On the flipside, A Star is Born had the opposite happen where all the hype and praise turned some people off and Gaga's pretension that escalated to new heights, really annoyed people. And by the end, many were just kind of over it. I have to say I'm kind of really over the whole Bohemian Rhapsody vs. Rocketman discussion and many fans of Taron acting like his not being nominated for an Oscar was somehow Rami's fault.
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