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  1. I don't know - I suspect Wendell was just as much of an ass during his own season but the show edited out his worst behavior knowing he was going to win. No reason to do so now. I don’t see why they would care to go through that trouble. It’s not like the “villain” has never won Survivor. After all, it’s a show that’s largely built around manipulating and backstabbing people. I just think what we’re seeing now from Wendell is a combination of his win going to his head, and also that some fans/viewers felt Dom played the more aggressive and in your face game between the two. Meaning they felt he was more deserving of the win. And so I think this time Wendell is choosing to play a more openly aggressive, in your face game. As I said, we did see signs of his show-boating and arrogance during his original season. But I think back then he wisely chose to play the low-key game, where he tried to get along with everyone and keep most of his thoughts to himself, especially at tribal council.
  2. Meghan is not a Canadian citizen to my knowledge. She lived there on a work visa because that's where Suits was filmed. This.
  3. Forgot to add in my original comment that while I liked Bill well enough, though found him kind of bland, I was totally with Shooby on his "whatever, Bill" response to Bill's exit message. Dude was full of shit with all that he was about real connections but clearly everyone was there to be fake. What real connections did Bill even come close to making. Dude was bland as fuck and had little personality and that's why he was eliminated because he never really connected with anyone.
  4. I've said it before. He's playing the same game he did in his original season - blunder after blunder but somehow he stumbles his way to the end because as the numbers dwindle, bigger threats emerged to the other players. And of course at the end he had the dying mother story.
  5. I wonder how things would have gone had they made this season an Old School vs. New School season and so had an even number between the two. Old School could have been anyone from the first 15 seasons for example and New School from the latter seasons. I wonder if that would have played out significantly differently. So you would have Sandra and Parv, Rob, Yul, etc. all on the same tribe from the start. I don't know, maybe for Michelle but I get nothing but plain dismissive and irritation from Wendell's end towards Michelle.
  6. I said it, one of the newer players are going to win this and I feel almost confident it'll be one I care not a lick about. Only one left there I genuinely like is Jeremy. The only thing that will make that not happen, is an old school player pulling a Chris from the original EoE and getting back in the game and still somehow winning.
  7. Really overplayed that one. And Yul had been so silent, just observing this whole time. No idea what shifted with that vote. He also overplayed at tribal too in talking about the tokens and their importance.
  8. Wow, clever pun there Wendell (insert eyeroll)
  9. Keep shit simple people. Wendell dug his grave. Just say you'll vote for him and let that be that.
  10. It's very interesting having Wendell and Yul on the same tribe because those two could not be more different as players and personalities.
  11. Wendell I think this may be the time for Extinction for you. This arrogant and obnoxious game he's playing makes no sense against these types of players.
  12. Wendell you may be frustrating me this season but bless you for finally saying it. Jeff is always exaggerating shit.
  13. Just did a binge and it was kind of fitting that Joey won since he completely grew on me throughout the season. I spent the first two episodes rolling my eyes so hard at Joey being every possible cliche and somehow by the end, I kind of liked the old doofus. I also liked that the Final 3 was him, Shubab and Sammie, who were all completely real from day one, which to me kind of proved that all the catfishing stuff was bogus and pointless. I was personally rooting for Shooby though but I knew it would come down to him and Joey. And I think by the end, much like with me, Joey slowly grew on a lot of the other players. I think Ed being there at the end also helped pushed Joey further ahead. Since I suspect Shubab was low on his list and Joey was of course first.
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