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  1. Ah, okay. I didn’t realize you were quoting my comment in your initial post.
  2. I wasn't referring to the social media posts or Kate's speech. I was speaking specifically about the 5 Big Questions Survey that was released in January. That was what I thought was flawed. That said, it is significant that it is just one research tool they used for the larger study. I did not know that. And so the final result may very well be more specific and targeted. As I said, it was simply something that immediately stood out to me when I saw the 5 Questions Survey in January. Because I didn't understand how a survey with no identifying markers could tell anyone anything other than general observations.
  3. It's new. It was in response to all the hateful comments they were receiving in the last two weeks or so, since The Crown's most recent season aired. I saw the survey back in January when it was launched. Now admittedly, I was a Communications major, which means I did Communication Research Methods both as an undergrad and for Grad school. It's not my favorite, since there's a lot of Math in there, which I hate. All this to say I wouldn't call myself a research method expert but the thing that immediately stood out to me from the survey was one, there were no targeted/demographic questions and two, a lot of the questions were open ended, which is rarely a good thing for surveys. Sometimes they work but for the most part, it's better to avoid them. But the lack of demographic/identifying questions was what stood out to me the most. The reality is, various factors affect how all of us think about any number of issues - gender, income, race, location, etc. Without those things to say, "oh, okay, most women in London viewed it this way versus women in Bristol or something", it's hard to really then target the issue. They also can't truly identify how much of the U.K. did respond. Maybe all these responses came from London or hell people in the U.S. who just stan for royals. The topic is a very important one and kudos to her and her team. Again, just from a research methods perspective, I find the study a bit flawed.
  4. Uh why was Gizelle snapping at the producer for her very valid question, like it’s the producer’s fault Jamal ain’t shit.
  5. And as I recall in that situation, Monique said, standing a number of feet away from Robyn, "you better not come in my face and say that", at which point Robyn proceeded to do just that and come stand right up to her face, saying "and what". Similar to how when Robyn and Ashley had their drama seasons past, when Ashley told Robyn to get her finger out of her face, Robyn proceeded to shove it further in Ashley's face and make clear she'd put her hand wherever the fuck she wanted. And I believe Robyn was the one who made clear at one of their reunions that were it not for cameras present, she'd have had no problems giving Ashley a beat down. No, none of them crossed the line to full on hitting another person and yes, for that Monique is the complete worse to many and should be dragged, tarred and feathered. Fine, cool. But imo, the constant, "Monique has always been violent because of x and y and z argument" is faulty when many of these women have been combative as hell towards and about each other. As for the being jealous of each other - no, none of these women should be jealous of the other because all of their lives are messy in some way. But the straight up truth is many of them have had their petty jealousies toward each other at various points. As much as I like Gizelle's messiness, anyone that does not recognize Gizelle for the "petty, bitter, hateful mean girl who resents anyone prettier, younger and richer because once upon a time she was that person" woman that she is, is being naïve. A lot of people have tried to say Monique was boasting about her four houses and so she was being obnoxious and Gizelle was right to be annoyed by her. But I have watched that clip of Gizelle and Monique meeting for the first time and straight facts, Gizelle's entire body language and face was straight haterade before Monique said a word. Her mean girl shield went up immediately. She just needed any excuse to justify her petty hatred.
  6. Without context of the conversation, I only saw this quote and knew immediately you were talking about Eric Clapton.
  7. Yes, you are right. To be honest, again because I was so young when all of this went down and so most of my memories are of when things went all the way left with them, I think its skewed my perception of how long they were actually married. I mean seriously, I wasn't even born when those two got married.
  8. This. Trust, many don't use the "firm" reference as something positive. The implication is typically that this is less some loving family and more an organization where much like the mob, when you're in, you don't get out unless they push you out. And firm over everything else. Just gives you the warm fuzzies doesn't it. All of this. Like you said, I get completely why there's all the frothing anger going on about the season. I mean I coudn't escape this shit last week on social media. It was trending everywhere. And yeah, the general consensus was "fuck Charles" and some not so nice and rather offensive words about Camilla that the feminist in me will not repeat. So yeah, I get why they're mad. But like you noted, making a whole thing about it is actually having the opposite effect. As I said above, I really think if they'd just ignored it, most would have moved on by now. At the end of the day, as salacious as this all may be, there's still a freaking pandemic and a lot of personal and horrible shit many are dealing with this year. In other words, there's real shit to worry about. But all of this overreaction is just irritating and annoying people even more and making them seem even more entitled. And as someone said on another board I was reading, these people truly live in a bubble if Charles really believed that everyone had just forgotten and embraced him and Camilla. Granted I may not be the best judge on account of my being indifferent in general about the Royal Family for most of my life, but from my perspective, most of those who were old enough to remember all that shit had mostly just gotten to a place of whatever about Charles and Camilla. I mean they've been married now for years, longer than he and Diana ever were and it's like, "whatever, all that stuff was years ago, no sense harping on it". That's not exactly being beloved. In other words, it's more like they're tolerated. And for those too young to have even been alive back then, my guess is they probably don't even know or give any fucks about Charles and Camilla and likely still don't.
  9. The bottom line here is this - as I noted in a previous post, this show has been on for four seasons. They've shown the Queen supposedly at one time kicking Philip's ass for being a dickwad, Philip's being a cheater, the Queen in many instances coming across cold and dismissive as fuck of her very own "subjects". Not to mention that the first two seasons brought back to the forefront all the "poor Margaret was denied her true love and it's why her life was ruined and the Queen is the awful bitch who caused it" narrative. And in all of these cases, people watched and there was some conversation for a week or two right after the season dropped, when everyone was bingeing it and people quickly moved on to the next thing. No one cared that much. As I said, the only thing this faux outrage and overreaction has done is ensure people will watch. Including those who may not have had any interest before. To no one's surprise, early reports are saying it's the show's most watched season and Netflix announced that they're upping the budget for the last seasons. Proof positive of how little fucks they give about any outrage coming from the BRF. Yes, there are silly people in this world who believe every single thing they see on a dramatized show is real. Just like the people who believe every salacious headline The Sun and Daily Mail and the other trash tabloids write. But I've been led to believe that those things should just be stiff upper-lipped and to fight back and stand up for yourself is to be seen as weak and whining. So stiff upper lip it Charles.
  10. Definitely very controversial. You could tell people were pissed that night. The 1999 Oscar Awards are considered one of the most WTF years because that's also when Roberto Benigni beat Tom Hanks for Best Actor. Incidentally, Life is Beautiful U.S. distribution came from - you guessed it, Miramax. I remember Elton John a week after the ceremony, while on The David Letterman Show flat out calling that win a joke. Weinstein and company pushed Benigni as the adorably lovable goof that Hollywood just loved and embraced. It was all "isn't he so endearing". And many lapped it up. It's comforting though that Cate eventually and rightfully got hers, and now in fact has two Oscars - Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. Meanwhile the only thing Paltrow's been in that's made any real money is Iron Man and she's never ever sniffed another Oscar nomination since. Because her parents may have been in the industry but they weren't exactly huge power players. Her mother was mostly a stage/television actress and same with her dad, who was mostly successful with television. We need to remember that when the "world" first came to know Gwyneth, it wasn't for being Bruce and Blythe's daughter, it was being Brad Pitt's girlfriend. In other words, she actually didn't have as much sway and power as you would think. And this of course goes back to the fucked-up history and messiness of Hollywood. Not to mention its sexism. Nicole Kidman has flat out said she believed she was protected in some ways from all that harassment and awful behavior because she met and married Tom Cruise very soon after she settled in LA from Australia. And Tom we know at that time was most definitely a power player. I mean Angelina's father was an actor and Harvey still tried to come onto her like he did Gwyneth. Of course in that case Angelina essentially threatened to stab him in his sleep (this is conjecture. The official story is that she told him to back off but considering how nutty Angelina was back then, I doubt she was so nice about it) and refused to ever work with Miramax again. But he still felt bold enough to do it. The bottom line is Harvey wielded a lot of power in that industry for years and he destroyed, harassed and abused a lot of people to do it. And it's why he eventually got his. Yeah I was going to mention this. Believe it or not, that horrible dress was personally made for her by Ralph Lauren. It wasn't part of a collection.
  11. Nah, I'm pretty sure Monique dropped some punches on Candiace's head. That's why Chris asked her if she wanted to see a doctor to make sure she didn't have a concussion. As soon as things went all the way left, Monique punched her on the head a few times. It was pretty quick and by the time the producers and everyone was trying to get her off, she was mostly just holding on tightly to Candiace's hair.
  12. So the better option was a broke guy with two baby mamas who wasn't even really that close to and taking care of his oldest child until recently and with who Candiace's mother still needed to help foot the bill for their home? Wow, such a prize. Monique may have been the decade long groupie girlfriend but she did eventually get the ring and the three kids (guaranteed child support until they're all 18 if they break up. Not that I'm saying that's why she had her kids). But this is kind of what I'm referring to. This whole fight is being dragged into all other things. I'm sorry, but if we start playing the calling out these women and their love life game, they are ALL a hot mess except for maybe Karen. Yeah her and Ray are in that common situation right now where he's older and over it and they're in different places in their life. But by all accounts, they had a good marriage and relationship. And well Wendy's husband seems awesome as well. But Gizelle is back with Pastor Community Dick who she doesn't even know how many baby mamas he has, Ashley isn't worth mentioning, Robyn's in some continued saga with Juan and Candiace was the one who talked about Chris saying things to her like "you ain't shit, so stop acting like you think you're shit" while she throws his troubled relationship with his father in his face. Oh relationship goals those two are.
  13. I remember Taylor Swift saying some years ago that contrary to belief, there are decent people in the world not all out to make a quick buck on someone's head. She said this in response to the press never finding out about her and Harry Styles' snowmobile accident. This was back eons ago when they dated. They were at some ritzy ski resort and were riding a snowmobile that crashed into a tree. Harry needed minor stiches on his chin and I think Taylor's arm had a slight sprain. They had to go to the emergency room and yet, it never made the press. Oprah asked Beyonce the same thing when Beyonce revealed her miscarriage in an interview with the former - how were they able to keep it so private. But for as many vultures as there are in the world, there are some decent people who are just interested in doing their job and not running to tabloids. I'm guessing being out of England and cut off entirely from their tabloid press probably helped.
  14. Not to speak for anyone else but I honestly think most people are like me where despite acknowledging Monique was dead wrong in her actions, just still can't stand Candiace and so frankly are just indifferent about the situation. It's not a not wanting Monique to not have consequences because hell, I didn't even realize both suits had been dropped. It's just plain indifference. And it seems to me that much like the women and Karen, some feel posters can't have that reaction. That there needs to be some outrage about Monique's actions and any mentioning of Candiace's being unpleasant means taking Monique's side or blaming Candiace. Truthfully, at this point for me, I just don't care about the situation. Monique was wrong and if she's gone from the show, she's gone. But frankly they can take Candiace too because yeah, sorry not sorry, that chick is a pain in the ass and not an entertaining one. I honestly cannot think of one time I genuinely laughed at something silly Candiace said or did or enjoyed some shade she threw like I do constantly with Karen and Gizelle and even Ashley. It's just always a snarl, twisted up mouth and some damn square tissues.
  15. lol, nice shade. I'm sorry for Harry and Meghan. I've never wanted children but I have had people very close to me suffer miscarriages and understand how devastating that loss can be. I agree with a CNN anchor who said that the piece was about more than her miscarriage and really a statement on empathy. Because god knows in this social media driven toxic world, many people could stand to gain some.
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