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  1. And many will never get it because as you noted, it's not their lived experience. So for some it'll always be viewed through the lens of "why is she still so hung up on him if she's so happy, why is she still talking about him when everyone's moved on." Except just last year, when the Hannah saga happened with her use of the n-word and Rachel commented on it, that conversation quickly devolved into "I don't like Rachel either for how she mistreated Peter at the ATFR and was so cruel to him and robbed him of his chance to be the Bachelor." Again, the conversation was about Hannah Brow
  2. No, she sent someone home on Aaron's word and funny enough, the last rose came down to Aaron.
  3. But seriously, what was Karl's play here? I guess he might have figured that if he made himself the big, bad villain there was no way the producers would let him be eliminated early because at the end of the day everyone knows this is an entertainment show. And the producers do love their villains. But he totally overplayed his hand on this one and I guess producers decided that at the end of the day he wasn't that interesting.
  4. This. Definitely Team No One in that situation. And from jump, when he came out with his story, I immediately remembered how particularly messy and plenty problematic Costello himself had been in the past.
  5. I wouldn't call myself a huge sports fan but I follow enough to yes, know how intense people get for their favorite teams and players. And while I'm not a huge overall sports fan, I am a longtime tennis fan and one name - Novak Djokovic. So yes, I am aware of the vitriolic, borderline unhealthy levels sports stanning can reach and in turn hating one's favorite player/team's biggest rival. But one, as this is the Miscellaneous Celebrity Thread, my comment was more so regarding the world of entertainment. And it is just my observation, others may disagree that the most intense vitriolic tr
  6. I feel like even with the Jay Leno thing that was in relation to one particular event - i.e. the Conan saga and people jumping on being Team this or that. So you had the Team Coco people who yes, really did not like Jay Leno. But even then, I still didn't feel like I saw the kind of truly nasty and hateful things I've read about some female celebrities, said about Leno. And more importantly, it wasn't this groundswell of "I don't know why, I just really hate him" that you find with some female celebrities. Where there isn't an actual incident or thing but just a trigger that suddenly
  7. Blame social media. As I often say, social media is a breeding ground for stan culture and trolls. People become more emboldened by the anonymity of it and become detached from the reality of these are real people. This. And no surprise, you'll find that the majority of that vitriol is directed at women. I can't think of one male celebrity who has an almost cult like level of hatred and vitriol aimed at him. But I can sure as hell list you a whole lot of women. God bless the patriarchy and all the misogynistic women doing the misogynistic man's job for them.
  8. One of my favorite Dolly Parton related moments is this old clip I saw some years ago, when she and the cast of Steel Magnolias were interviewed. A very young Julia Roberts gave the story of how they were filming an outdoor scene one day and were all wearing these huge parkas. The movie was filmed in the South and that day was particularly hot. So Julia said they were all sweating and basically all kind of complaining in one way or the other about the heat, except Dolly. So finally she said to Dolly like, "come on, it's hot. You can say it." And Dolly just quietly said to her that when s
  9. Right? That comment didn't age well. Dude just totally manipulatively threw pretty much all the guys under the bus with his bullshit, "I know multiple others aren't here for the right reasons but won't say names because you've already been through so much". Except it's really that he has no names but just wants her to doubt everyone so he's the last one standing. Dude's giving total creep vibes.
  10. This so much. Cody definitely didn't do himself any favors with how seemingly disinterested he seemed when insisting he had no clue what Aaron was talking about. And he further confirmed some shadiness in the talk with Aaron where he didn't basically go, "dude, what the fuck is your problem and what are you talking about." His whole reaction was basically just "well no one would know we knew each other if you didn't say anything." That said I feel Aaron himself is playing a part and found a way to get rid of a "competition". I just think for such bold accusations as manipulative, maliciou
  11. Wow, we got a shot of her spanx. Is that a first for this show?
  12. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    YMMV but that third set was riddled with errors from Rafa, many of which was all his own doing and nothing to do with Djokovic. Many of the commentators were stating how they'd never seen him miss that many easy down the line forehands. By the fourth set for sure, the fight from the first three sets had taken everything out of him. But there was a lot of unforced, sloppy errors from Rafa's end in that match. This was asked before, perhaps by you but I think it was someone else. And I'll give the same answer that I did back then. As a longtime Rafa fan, I think it's honest
  13. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    I have been a fan of Rafa's long enough to know when he's not at his best. And he was never at his best this French Open. There were flashes and moments, like when he went balls out against Schwartzman in that fourth set. but throughout all his rounds, there were a lot of uncharacteristic errors and his form just dropping during the match. He needed to be his best to beat Djokovic, which I'm sure he knew and he simply wasn't. He started well but his form dipped and he never ever really got it back together. Sports is funny though because I am curious how things would have gone had he won
  14. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    Oddly, I feel very calm. As I said, outside of some very amazing points by Djokovic at some key moments, which I will concede, Rafa is losing this match for himself. He either needs to get it together and clean up a lot of these errors (my goodness I don't know the last time I saw this many awful forehand errors from him) or he is going to lose.
  15. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    This is not to take anything away from Djokovic, despite my general disinterest in him but the fact that this set got as tight as it did and Rafa even managed to have a set point at one point, is a strong indication that a lot of this match has been dictated off Rafa's play. Which for the record, has not been great. This man had something like 20+ unforced errors and he still came very close to winning the set. Djokovic will probably end up winning but I can't say Rafa was exactly at his best here.
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