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  1. So after not being able to vote for multiple tribal councils, the game has now basically given Liana an advantage to literally just take Xander's idol. Yeah I don't know how I'm feeling about all these "twists". Seem less gameplay and just random shit being thrown in.
  2. Yup, continuing to control that game I see Ricard...as you make yet ANOTHER trip to tribal council.
  3. Controlling the game? Dude you're on a tribe of 3 people because ya'll asses keep losing immunity challenges. I will be shocked if Shan and Ricard make it far if they make it to merge because I feel like they're the type to overplay because they're so in love with their "cleverness". And that's the kind of mindset that makes someone make dumb moves that backfire.
  4. Also, one, this is hardly the first time Angelina has brought her kids to a movie premiere. The first time was for the first Maleficent premiere when she and Brad were still together. Since I know the cynical view by some is that she's playing up the "perfect Mom" act to keep trying to make him look bad (not that some of his own actions haven't done that. But those keep being ignored and swept under the rug. But I digress...). And two, the flipside of course is that when some famous women aren't seen with their children, sometimes even just for a week or two, the mommy shaming begins, e
  5. This reminds of one of my other favorite moments of the episode - Gizelle, rather than being mad at Mia's messiness, laughing about it and almost appreciating Mia for her messiness. Because Gizelle is one who definitely understands the assignment for these shows. So rather than be mad at Mia for spinning tales and saying shit that wasn't actually said how she repeats it, Gizelle just appreciates the messiness and chaos she creates.
  6. Or it's probably just a dig at Gizelle's always eating. And the producers made sure to pull out the clips of her always being first to head to the food spread. And to be honest, it's one of the things I actually like about Gizelle. We've seen too many of these women once they're on television, practically starve themselves. So I love that Gizelle loves food and loves to eat and makes no secret about that fact. Or maybe for all her flaws, she knows how to apologize like an adult, which is a good thing. Goodness knows I've made my criticisms of Candiace known but I'll give due wh
  7. Just completed the season. Honestly, I have no really deep thoughts because the show is merely light and fun fare for me that brings back some nostalgia of 13 year old me reading those books. So overall, I enjoyed it all, though I enjoyed some episodes more than others. When Stacy's teacher in Stacy's Emergency asked if it was weird that she, a grown woman, had fashion envy over a 13 year old's wardrobe, I felt seen in that moment. Seriously, that was one of the weirdest parts of last season for me and it continued this season. Stacy wore so many things that I found myself going, "hmm, I
  8. Oh great, Shan and her tuneless humming. JD, for such a fan of this game, you're really falling for some obvious plays. Apparently you missed the epic "Eric gives up his immunity to prove he's trustworthy" and quickly got eliminated. And no really, can someone please tell Shan that she's really tuneless.
  9. Man, that was the funniest challenge ever. Why these fools didn't count on over eager, always at 100 Nasar to give his all in that challenge, is beyond me. Watching Deshawn fighting so hard to throw the challenge and there's Naser giving his everything for the opposite, was hilarious. As hilarious as the yellow tribe still sucking in the water even as a tribe is trying to throw the challenge. I about fell over when Evie started swimming off into the light for whatever reason. As for who's going home - eh. Honestly at this point, I'm not really that enamored by anyone in that tribe.
  10. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    Surprised Medvedev had that kind of sloppy performance against Grigor. Granted I didn't see how he let the match get away from him as I turned it off to do some work, assuming it was over when he was up a set and 4-1. But once I checked back in and saw the match still going on, I figured Grigor'd won the second but didn't expect the score to be what it was in the third. From the bit I saw of the last games, it looked like Med's serve was falling apart and the same thing I noticed during the Australian Open Finals was happening. When his serve is failing him, all other parts of his g
  11. Man the judges are not feeling BAG and Sharna at all. Hell even Iman is starting to pull 9s (well except from Len. I loved that Iman just cracked up when true to form, Len pulled out that 7) and Brian's still there in the struggle land of 7s and well from Len, even a 6. BAG and Sharna's lackluster pairing proves my point that he would have likely done a lot better and it would have been far more interesting, had they paired him with another Pro, like Witney or Lindsay. For one thing, I think he'd be more professional in terms of listening to his Pro and doing what's expected as there wou
  12. And all it's going to do is ensure Iman's supporters come hard for him, if social media is anything to go by. I constantly read after every episode how unfair the judges are to Iman, how much he's being underscored, how likable he is, etc. Yeah don't be surprised if Daniella has another Nelly on her hands and he makes it really far. Perception is an interesting thing because during both Kaitlyn and Hannah's seasons, if you went to where Bachelor Nation gathered, there were many points during the season where they insisted either woman was being underscored. And man did they hat
  13. I wanted to add that my previous post was purely just about the Mia/Candiace salad flying incident. Regarding the mess in the restaurant, Ashley was a hundred percent being her usual messy self and looking to instigate. However, it does bring up what many have noted about Candiace and her seeming inability to self-regulate. Yes, she throws some good shade and hits a few zingers but her battle mode is less shade and zingers, a la Karen for example and more bottom basement dwelling, the uglier the better. I mean really, referring to Michael as Ashley's overseer - a slave/slave master insul
  14. I see Chris' crush on Gizelle continues. Meanwhile, Karen continues to make this show for me - from her reaction to G's creepy perv tongue mess, to not understanding sexual euphemisms like tossing salad and her general running commentary, I live for the Grand Dame. I know Gizelle isn't all offended about her lack of bathroom when she implicitly stated to Wendy at her Shady party that she had every intention of not letting her and Karen use her bathroom. As for Candiace - honestly, I'm over it. I'm starting to think Candiace is either on something, just plain delusionally batshit cr
  15. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    I liked her attitude in the post-match press conference and her thought process about the whole thing. As for the backlash and vitriol, I'm sure she'll be okay because she got a good dose of it from some of the ever hateful British press after her fourth round meltdown at Wimbledon. That she was able to brush that off and turn around and do what she did at US Open, I'm sure she'll be okay from some of the naysayers and haters on social media.
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