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  1. Me too. Too bad it's the exact dress J Lo wore a few years ago at the Oscars.
  2. Did any of Rachel's guys ended up bachelor? I forget who was Bachelor after her. Arie was made the Bachelor after Rachel's season because talks with Peter fell through. There was a lot of rumor and conjecture for awhile and Reality Steve was adamant that Peter was going to be The Bachelor and they had gotten as close as making the announcement and negotiations fell through. I do remember a whole clusterfuck of GMA tweeting that the new Bachelor would be announced and a few hours later the tweet being removed and it was another week before they finally announced Arie. But more importantly, Peter himself did an interview with Lauren Zima a few months after Arie was announced and all but admitted he was going to do it but then he let the criticisms he got online about his being a hypocrite if he became The Bachelor get to him enough to make him sabotage it.
  3. And who would have been those three guys from her season, because apparently she had SO many to choose from? Demario who turned out to be a liar, Will who made little effort with her and then admitted he’d actually never dated black women and Josiah who could never stop being on, long enough to ever seem completely genuine. I guess she should have brought Ivy League educated Anthony to the end despite the obvious lack of chemistry between them. And then she would have been accused of only bringing black guys to the end to make some statement and so that would be read as disingenuous too. Rachel brought a black guy she genuinely liked to the end, whether or not it was just friendship. And he was a nice guy and some did suggest him as a potential lead. But the reaction to him by some viewers was to criticize how he spoke and decide he just didn’t look right. And well we all know the producers decided Peter was going to be their next lead, until he wasn’t. And seems to me people are caring an awful lot what Rachel thinks. I personally don’t care that Mike is not the Bachelor because one, I don’t care that much about this franchise and it was clear the producers were set on Peter months ago. The only thing that caused a potential snag was the insane popularity of Tyler that they clearly didn’t expect. But lucky for Peter, Tyler wasn’t interested. So all that to say I have no issues with Peter’s being the lead but I understand Rachel’s feelings and opinion on the issue. An opinion she is certainly entitled to and the intense reactions to said opinion is certainly interesting.
  4. Rachel only had long term relationships with black men, pre-Bryan. So I’m pretty sure she’s never forgotten that she’s black. And while Bryan may be viewed as a white Latino to some, I think it’s a little disingenuous for some to act like, especially in the current social climate, that people like him don’t face their own discriminations. Also, I may be wrong but I’m not sure that Bryan has ever said he identifies as white.
  5. Here's video of what Rachel said. I always find that sometimes, seeing what someone says versus just reading a quote, gives greater context. And I think the video clip further shows that Rachel wasn't trying to be hateful or mean to Peter and I once again, wholeheartedly understand and agree with what she was saying.
  6. Personally I'm not sure Demi is a good idea for Mike, famewhore franchise or not and yes because of these demons and her many issues. Frankly I think the last thing Demi needs is to be dating anyone. So yeah I'm not exactly cheering this pairing on. To be fair to Tyler, thus far, he's very much living a regular life. He just happens to be dating someone famous. But other than the VMA afterparty, which there weren't even pics of, most of what's been seen of Tyler and Gigi has been relatively normal and low key. Going bowling with friends, eating tacos, hanging out at her mother's farm, etc.
  7. I saw this a few days ago. One of my favorite parts is when she says don't mention MeToo and the image of Andrew pops on the screen. And I liked how she called out a number of the assholes by name. Also, the don't be happy part really stuck with me because I actually think this may be true. After observing the British tabloid press for these past two years or so since Meghan got involved with Harry, it really does seem like they just hate happiness and want people miserable and unhappy. If one seems too happy, successful, unbothered, then it is their mission to make them as unhappy, miserable and insane as possible. The whole thing is so bizarrely toxic. And again, this is not the first time I've read this about the British tabloid press. Again, don't get some British celebrities started about them.
  8. Some may not like to hear it or agree but she's not wrong in my opinion. And as she made very clear, it's not an attack on Peter's character but yeah is Peter really any different than Ben, Sean, etc.? And I remember some had many "I can't stand Rachel" feelings when she dared to say she wasn't too impressed with Hannah's being The Bachelorette, only because of how young Hannah was and she didn't think she was mature enough for making that kind of big decision. And considering the shit show Hannah's season turned out to be, she wasn't wrong, IMO.
  9. Just finished this book and I have to say I agree with this assessment. Halfway through the book I almost forgot that there was a murder to solve because I was so caught up in the dynamics of Lucy and Diana's relationship. That said, a little past the half-way point I did figure out the mystery because it was pretty obvious. I have to say that while I could understand why Diana would seem unlikable and some stuff she did was pretty dickish (turning off the baby monitor was just out of line), as a somewhat distant person myself, who has often been misread as unfriendly, I found myself kind of liking and really getting her. And to be honest, I found those two children annoying as fuck (well Ollie wasn't that bad, though the business decision was like really dude, you didn't see how that would go) and Lucy was kind of annoyingly needy at times. And yes I know she lost her mother very young and so that played a part but yeah, in the first chapters of the book I found myself rolling my eyes at her a lot.
  10. You know what, I haven't even seen him dance and for some reason I got the same feeling. I think it's in part to do with his personality. He's hilarious.
  11. The voting has been the same more or less since the beginning and yet we've only had a "Bobby Bones" winner once in over 10 years and 20+ seasons. We will only have another Bobby Bones winner if there is another person cast with an insanely devoted fanbase. who can't dance for shit. And there's no way to predict or combat against that. Unless of course they eliminate public voting completely and that will spur on its own issues with fans crying conspiracy and judges' bias and rigged, etc. They did the judges' save thing one season many years ago. And it didn't really make that much of a difference because again it only works if an obviously very week dancer is actually in the Bottom 2, so the judges can save the stronger one. But when you have a situation like Bobby and even Joe for weeks last season where they're not even in the Bottom, the judges still then end up having to choose between two decent dancers and sending one home.
  12. I assume they will when he turns 1. Isn't that how it's commonly done? Because correct me if I'm wrong, William and Kate did not release full head shots of any of their children before they turned 1. Unless I somehow missed it. Archie is only 4 months old.
  13. For those who don't want to go to Yahoo, here's the post.
  14. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    But I could have sworn she does commentary for one of the European sports networks and that she had started competing on the Legends circuit. Admittedly obviously she would not be making the same kind of money as the Pro tour but I'd be surprised if this is a money situation. Kim never struck me as the flashy type, so I cannot imagine she blew through money so much that coming back to compete is the only solution. And she definitely had some European/Belgian endorsements that I think she still makes money off even if she's retired, just off her name and legacy in the sport. I really think this just may be the desire to compete again, for whatever reason.
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