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  1. Honestly, she literally just happened to stumble on him heading out with Darlene and wanted to know where he was going, since one, Darlene was a high priority witness and two, Dom hadn't gotten any word Darlene was being moved somewhere else. Santiago tried to bullshit some reason but Dom saw through it and got suspicious. And that's when he knocked her out and kidnapped her too. He probably assumed Dark Army would just kill her too and so the FBI would still be none the wiser about his being a Dark Army mole. But of course Irving killed him instead and made Dom their new mole, obviously without her having a choice.
  2. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    Yeah when he blew his service game so badly, while serving for the match and then quickly went down the break in the tiebreak, I thought for sure this would be routine for Djokovic. So huge credit to Dominic to dig deep on that one.
  3. truthaboutluv

    Tennis Thread

    Well, well...this is a surprising turn of events. The Big 3 all potentially in trouble of getting knocked out in the Round Robin round. Federer and Djokovic are in a do or die match that either has to win or they’re out. Go Thiem. Kicking ass and taking names. Rafa has to win tomorrow against Medvedev or he’s out and I gotta say, not feeling so optimistic after that performance on Monday night. Especially because Medvedev is such a tricky player.
  4. Dom was not onto Santiago being a double agent then. Dom caught Darlene trying to steal her FBI Access badge and brought her in and admitted to having sex with Darlene to Santiago. At that point, based on the thumb drive the murdered F-Society members had sent to Elliot, Darlene and Elliot knew someone in the FBI was a Dark Army mole but they didn't know who. So much so that Darlene TOLD Santiago about their suspicion that someone in the FBI was a Dark Army mole. That's when Santiago called Irving in a panic, who then told him to bring Darlene and of course they had Elliot as well. Dom didn't know anything about this. As I noted, Dom only got caught in the cross fire when she caught Santiago trying to sneak Darlene out of the FBI headquarters.
  5. This is why Dom's insistence of Darlene ruining her life and it's all Darlene's fault, does not ring true to me. Dom is in this situation because she is a damn good FBI agent who unfortunately for her, got too close to the truth. My recollection of how all this went down is that when we first meet Dom in Season 2, it's clear she knows about Dark Army and Whiterose, as well as F-Society. She just couldn't prove it about Whiterose in particular but they had all the evidence they needed on Elliot and company, regarding the 5/9 hack. Santiago kept trying to steer her away from the Whiterose theory (obviously because The Dark Army had him under their thumb), even calling Whiterose an urban legend and not real. Dom was insistent that she was right. She also suspected strongly, I felt, after meeting the Chinese Minister when the FBI agents were in China, that he is Whiterose. Then Darlene and Tyrell were in FBI custody and Dom was essentially out of the situation. But then she caught Santiago about to escape with Darlene, because the Dark Army wanted her and Elliot. Dom confronted him, he knocked her out and took her and that's how Dom ended up in the whole showdown last season where Irvin murdered Santiago and basically told her they now owned her. So I don't understand why she's so determined that it's all Darlene's fault she's in her current predicament.
  6. Agreed. However now it makes me wonder what's going to happen with her scores next week. Will the judges suddenly become nitpicky and score her accordingly? Because they've sort of built her up to this ridiculous pedestal now.
  7. Considering how grumpy he is, he probably hates her for the same reason she annoys the hell out of me; that damn never-ending pageant grin. Also, why do the producers keep treating Hannah and Alan's rehearsal packages like this is still Hannah's season of The Bachelorette? What with the never-ending tears, last week is the hometown visit because she's oh so lonely and sad in LA, blah, blah.
  8. Well I'm sure many are thrilled. And Carrie Ann and Bruno were so full of it with these long winded speeches before picking Lauren. Lauren didn't even look the least bit concerned once she realized she was in the Bottom 2 with Spicer. On another note, they are over-scoring the hell out of Ali because she's obviously not getting the viewer votes. And it's not even the least bit subtle. It's actually painfully obvious. Neither of those dances tonight were 40 worthy, just like her Paso last week was not perfect score worthy.
  9. This was almost a year ago so I'd be hard pressed to find the actual tweets I read. And much as I loathe posting anything Daily Mail related, unfortunately this was the only clip posted in this thread.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was Edward who did this and not Andrew.
  11. That wasn't Leon. It was another actor. Although the two actors did look a bit alike. Me either. I actually was worried about the show losing its luster with the long period between Season 3 and Season 4. And not just the time but all that happened. Esmail developed and released another highly acclaimed show - Homecoming, Rami for a year and a half was immersed in all things Queen and Freddie Mercury. I wondered if they'd be able to get the magic back or if it would just feel different. And YMMV but I think they absolutely have. I guess I can understand if some have simply lost interest because of the long wait, which perhaps has created a general disinterest in the show. And that naturally makes it easier to nitpick and be more critical. But as someone who has watched this show since Season 1, this season is really no different to me than other seasons, save for maybe Season 2, which to me WAS the season that was flawed in many ways. But even Season 2, after a very slow and yes frustrating first half, I felt like when it all came together in the second half, it was brilliant. And talk about filler episode - um hello, that 90's sitcom homage episode? Although by the end I actually thought it was kind of brilliant. Season 2 spent like four or five episodes showing repetitive scenes of Elliot waking up, hanging out at a basketball court, etc, being super vague about everything, all to set up the big reveal that he was really in jail the whole time and not at his mother's. Yes, there have been slow moments in the episodes this season but that has always been true of this show in my opinion. We're talking about a show that's in the mind of a schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder and social anxiety and who uses the viewers as his sounding board. So of course there will always be a lot of quiet and silence because Elliot has never exactly liked talking to people. A lot of the show's tension has always been its dark and moody direction, drawn out silences, etc. Which is why while some found the silent episode last week gimmicky, I thought it worked perfectly and blended seamlessly for what this show has always been.
  12. Go re-watch the Season 1 episode when they went to hack Steel Mountain and Elliot had to distract the security guard. He went right for the jugular, hitting on every insecurity and embarrassing fact he knew about the guy. Of course we now know there are two personalities in Elliot so one can always make an argument about whether he's really the one doing this or not. I do think it is. Because it's the classic tale of the hero starting off wanting to do good and becoming the villain when justifying the means of their end cause. I think there are also a few things factoring in here. I truly don't believe Elliot expects to survive this. I think he's made his peace with the reality that the Dark Army likely will kill him. But as he said in the first episode of the season, Whiterose's plan will die with him. That I think is his ultimate goal at this point. That even if he dies, at least he'll do so destroying Whiterose's big congo project and screwing all these men of their precious money. So he probably figures it doesn't matter if he's become the villain because in the end, it's not like he'll still be around after it's all said and done. He didn't cancel it. He just needed the person she was talking to, to log in so he could access the password. The plan was to have Olivia say the boss needed a large transfer made tonight, the person logs into the email to confirm that request was made, which it obviously wasn't but it would allow Elliot to get the password.
  13. Vera and his crazy ass is so going to inadvertently foil Whiterose's plan to capture Elliot, which will only piss Whiterose off. Hey maybe Vera and his gang and the Dark Army can go at it. That was an amazing episode. Though no offense to Christian Slater but his narration just doesn't work for me like Rami Malek's. They're really hammering the "time" theme as we're nearing the end, which I know will only further convince most that Whiterose's big congo project is some time machine. Dom harped on running out of time, Elliot used not having time to excuse his horrible actions towards Olivia. Speaking of Olivia, can't believe she survived. That moment was awful though. I actually just assumed she'd gone into the bathroom to call the police. Yes, obviously I know Elliot had her phone outside but I figured maybe she had another or something. I completely forgot about the razor blade and her promise to herself. It was nice seeing Leon, even though it was way too brief. I was loving the digs though.
  14. Now this I wasn't expecting. Not so much that he's been engaging in these activities well before he met Epstein (because let's face it, it's probably why they became such a good friends. As they say, like attracts like) but that as you noted, seems whispers about it have been around for that long. I'll never forget all the hilarious comments on Twitter, when someone posted the clip of the family leaving Eugenie's wedding and Meghan gently pulling Charles to the side because the car Andrew was riding in was heading up. 90 percent of the comments were people saying that Andrew probably told the driver to floor it when he noticed it was Charles up ahead.
  15. The minute they announced the category some months back, I knew she would win because her little stans mobilized and were determined to get her the win because in case you didn't know, Hannah has suffered SO much, she deserves this. Just like she apparently "deserves" to win DWTS as well. Never have I seen someone so basic be so exulted by some people. Then again, as the saying goes, basic stans for basic. It also didn't help that Tyler was also nominated who they loathed for hooking up with Gigi Hadid and not running back to Hannah. So it was simultaneously a vote for Hannah and a way to stick it to Tyler.
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