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  1. Well he sure wasn’t a pre-merge boot as indicated previously.
  2. Oh man, you mean I’ll have to wait a week after I finish these 7? I’ve gotten used to binging. 😁
  3. Finally finished season 4 and am about ready to begin season 5. Are there really only 7 episodes?
  4. Nice interview with Joe Biden last night. No edits, every word broadcasted. He had some good answers to tough questions. Had to chuckle that’s he still managed to include a criticism of Sanders with the compliment.
  5. so nice tie up to the Brakebills' peeping ghost story. and young Dean Fogg was a hoot. I got lost on the Alice/Kady story, seems like they really skip story parts to fit it all in. and back to the Chatwins again. I guess that's why Plum will be a part of that resolution, I presume. again, the exposition goes so fast, its easy to lose info.
  6. I thought we saw that in one of the first episodes in S1. I could be wrong, but I thought there was a family tree with Roger at the bottom and Colum at the top that the reverend showed Claire and Frank.
  7. Yes, I got that. But he was given to another MacKenzie family, and I wondered what happened to Hammish’s descendants and why Roger was shown as descended directly from Colum.
  8. Just finished S2 of my Netflix watching. So a bit of a summary of the season, its so frustrating how stupid BPC was. Jamie was a near military genius and everything he said came true and/or would have worked, but BPC kept listening to that fool general John. Claire was right, they made a hero out an absolute idiot. Instead of saving Scotland, he destroyed it. I guess you can't change big things. So if Roger is the MacKenzie "heir" (wasn't that what the family tree showed, that he was supposedly direct descendant of Colum), what happened to Hammish and his descendants? since the MacKenzie's never formally took part of the rebellion, wouldn't Castle Leoch and that clan have been spared? I know there was a gravestone for MacKenzie, but they had, what, 3-4 guys tops? or was there more? Oh and who raised Hammish? Ah, so close to Geillis, but couldn't 'change' history too much, or she would have recognized Claire back in 1743. How did Geillis know she'd get sent back to the "right time" to do anything to help BPC? Since Claire, who 20 years previously landed in 1743 and Geillis obviously landed some years earlier. I loved how they showed 1968 a bit dull and muted with browns around Claire, but the moment she learns Jamie survived Culloden, the color suddenly brightens up. Great way of showing that Claire just listed through life without Jamie, in another world indeed. Looking forward to starting S3. Hope we get to see Murtagh and Fergus again too. Guess locations will have to change again (eventually), since Red Jamie is pretty noticeable. he won't get a pardon this time. Sad seeing Lallybrook in ruins. I know so many manor houses went into disrepair as owners couldn't keep up the repairs without sufficient income, but it looks like it was abandoned a good long time previously. fire maybe?
  9. It doesn’t help that there are certain food additives that increase the calories in food like high fructose corn syrup. people used to make their own pasta sauce with tomatoes. Now they buy the jar that lists sugar or high fructose corn syrup in the first 3-5 ingredients. You had “science” that demonized fat (which is actually essential for your body) but then added sugar to foods to make up for the lack of taste. Or that people rely on too many quick to fix meals because parents work longer and more jobs to make ends meet.
  10. How did Sophie know where Luke was going with Beth? And same with Father Mouse? It’s bullshit that both ended up at the same right place before Luke even got there.
  11. I know young kids are contradictory, but one moment Beth is afraid August will ker her dad, the next she's saying her dad will kill August. The whole bit with Beth being too afraid to tell Kate she was behind the door will always be a bit hard to accept. I didn't get why Mouse didn't try to pretend he made the cat sounds. But yeah, who does Mary think "Beth" is, if there isn't a multi-verse? a weird doppleganger?
  12. But I thought Jane reset the timeline whenever Quentin died. So there are no live Quentins in any timeline. But I suppose there could be other live versions of the other characters. So now we know for sure the dark king is bad.
  13. So this is a criticism more of Survivor's casting than anything else, but seriously, but for Sandra, Denise and Natalie, I could not tell the rest of the women winners apart. If you lined them up, I could not pick out who was Kim, Sophie, Parvati, Danni, Amber, Michelle, Sarah. Of course, part of that is because the winning men always seemed to be asked back to play other 'returning players' seasons much more often than the winning women, so you get to know them more (close, but non-winning women seemed to get asked back more). I probably could pick out Parvati and Sarah, because they have played more than once. It didn't help that I'm fairly certain 75% of the talking heads/flashbacks were men. Did we even get a talking head with Natalie before she was voted out? Nice that they give EoE players a bit more to do this time, at least. I know Sandra and Rob knew each other was coming back. They knew while filiming Island of the Idols. They have something planned, if they get that far. Maybe that's why Sandra was ok with voting out Amber, so he'd rely on her more.
  14. Saw thi via Netflix last night. Wow, We women owe so much to RBG and those that came before her and worked with her. We need to be reminded of what life was really like for women in the 50s and 60s and not let what they fought for be forgotten. And its not over, women are still fighting for true equality. I'm so glad we have RBG to help us. It was also a great reminder that there are truely decent men in this world as well. Martin Ginsberg was a real treasure. Radical social change indeed!
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