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  1. I was just watching S11 and I liked when they had America vote on additional food for the have nots. Like squid and squash or churros and chittlins
  2. S11 - I kept wondering if Julie would make it to the end or the season, or give birth first. I do wonder if Kevin would have won against Jordan, he wanted to take her instead of Natalie who it sure seemed he’d beat, but he thought otherwise. Jordan was smart to take Natalie. She relied on Jeff for most of the game, but she came through at the end when it counted. Of course women who lie are reviled, but Jordan was a nicer person. i get how upset Chima was but wow she ruined her jury chance, and of course any possible comeback. Of course it was the smart move for Jeff. I so lol’d when Kevin was snarking on the 3 crying over Jessie. and it was Lydia who gave him the mr pectacular name.
  3. I thought it was mother who gave them names, which is why 5 doesn’t have one.
  4. See the Steve Martin movie Leap of Faith, it gives a pretty good explanation about “faith healing” at these sort of things. how sad the baby died because they used a drug addicted wet nurse. I don’t think the defense has as much obligation to turn over discovery as the prosecution, at least back in the 1930s. so was the baby never buried? great showing of motive by the church to be behind the kidnapping
  5. I wonder if Hargreaves had some control over when the girls got insta pregnant/birth and delayed it so he’d get some different kids. But Ben was the same. assuming boy Harlan still lives, he’d be 66-68? Wonder if we get to see him? I guess we assume Lila ported to a briefcase to leave 1963.
  6. It would be nice if he would also recognize that some blame, maybe a lot, should fall on the food industry that pumps our food full of hormones, chemicals, and sugar. And employers who keep wages low so people have to work multiple jobs and/or long hours and have less time to cook and can’t afford more expensive healthy food. plus some people gain weight where others don’t. Two siblings , eat the same food, exercise the same. One stays slim the other is chubby.
  7. Great show by John, necessary spotlight on how bad American history is taught in school. I’m going to insist my kids take the African American history course in high school. It’s a core class as far as I’m concerned. I know my knowledge has been limited when I have to learn of such important events from a tv comedy (Blackish) and a fantasy miniseries (the watchmen).
  8. He did? I guess I remembered it wrong. I thought he had taken the shot, then made a portal to go home. It’s not any specific episode this season, just how Diego especially keeps talking about saving Kennedy from Oswald, and 5 doesn’t say anything.
  9. I love that 5 still hasn’t admitted to anyone that he killed Kennedy
  10. I’m almost surprised it took Allison so long to rumor someone. ah timey wimey travel. Handler must have sent her daughter back further to get into the hospital. How’d she manage that considering her demotion. How did the Time travel bureau get more cases? diego remember that “dad” doesn’t know you yet.
  11. I too was surprised they didn’t turn into children like then of S1 suggested. I wonder why they showed up at different times. I guess that’s one way to reset Vanya.
  12. Intern camps. Worker camps. We’ve seen this before. But I guess no one will do anything since China isn’t invading other countries. I thought we’d get more Portland coverage too.
  13. So finally back to my BB catch up. Just started S11, the Jeff and Jordan season. I don’t know who won, I just know them from the year they showed up on the Amazing Race. high school cliques, just what everyone loves. i laugh at the veto comp, the two girls trying these super big words and shotgun wins. and this is where “have not” originated. How did the brains lose that?
  14. I watched The Spy Who Dumped Me a few weeks ago with Sam. He was good there.
  15. Just finished. I agree it was disappointing. Very soap opera when I had hoped for some history. I too kept trying to figure out how Potemkin was handsome. But dame Helen was wonderful.
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