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  1. By that time it was too late. She needed to align back with Kaysar at least. But everyone it seemed wanted to work with Nicole and Cody and so got booted out one by one.
  2. Well imo, Memphis is such an asshole to the jury members they probably figure he’s easier to beat.
  3. That doesn’t actually work in real life. The jury will hate you and find against you anyway. I’ve seen it.
  4. Who cares what Frankie did? He lost! Did he win an extra $10,000? If he got anything out of his BB appearance, it was due to his family relationship, not because he “fought to stay” in BB.
  5. Christmas has done nothing on this season either
  6. Thank you. I’d love to watch other countries.
  7. I really wish we’d get a season with mostly non-white players. These seasons just seam so cookie-cutter.
  8. Well it ended better than it begun. I’d love to have seen the story of how Daniel got both fists (back), and learned how to transfer them to guns, plus Colleen extending her fist to the katana. I cheered when I thought we were done with Joy, though looks like and interesting team up with Mary and her multiples.
  9. Well, finally got around to start S2. I just don't get Joy. She's mad because the father she thought was dead, was actually alive, but now he's dead again, and for some reason this has ruined her life, she can't "return" to her old job, and she thinks its all Danny's fault. Hokay. and Davos is an asshole. Then there's split personality woman, I think? And something with chinese gangs and Colleen's family crest.
  10. Lol, here us lawyers complain about juries expecting CSI and apparently that lawyer tried to use it. as a lawyer I was shocked to get on 2 juries, and we got guilty verdicts each time. I’m a civil attorney so my knowledge of criminal law is minor, but know evidence rules. but yeah some lawyers like dumb juries, some like smart. They usually get it right, but if a witness/party is an asshole, the jury will punish them.
  11. Ok S12 up. Time to see the original Brenchel. I know who wins this season since he showed up on Survivor. First time seeing Enzo now. Will try and watch these episodes mostly in the morning while the live hamsters are sleeping.
  12. I was just watching S11 and I liked when they had America vote on additional food for the have nots. Like squid and squash or churros and chittlins
  13. S11 - I kept wondering if Julie would make it to the end or the season, or give birth first. I do wonder if Kevin would have won against Jordan, he wanted to take her instead of Natalie who it sure seemed he’d beat, but he thought otherwise. Jordan was smart to take Natalie. She relied on Jeff for most of the game, but she came through at the end when it counted. Of course women who lie are reviled, but Jordan was a nicer person. i get how upset Chima was but wow she ruined her jury chance, and of course any possible comeback. Of course it was the smart move for Jeff. I so lol’d when Kevin was snarking on the 3 crying over Jessie. and it was Lydia who gave him the mr pectacular name.
  14. I thought it was mother who gave them names, which is why 5 doesn’t have one.
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