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  1. If they get a swimming challenge, NuVokai is so screwed.
  2. I don't understand why he has to resign from being a volunteer at the prison. Is Caputo no longer allowed to have any job involving the prison because of the accusation? And I thought he didn't fire her, so wtf? Sure, Caputo wasn't great,he was an asshole many times. but i'm getting the vibe that the writers want us to think of all the "good men" who are getting "unfairly swept up" in the MeToo movement and how we have to feel sorry for them, when really there are so many realy awful men out there who are still getting away with such behavior. Well, Piper hasn't cheated, yet at least. So who was the baby that Larry and Polly were caring for? I thought that was already their baby. I agree that Piper isn't perfect, but her life isn't all that great. She can't get a real good job because no one outside of family would hire her due to prison. Even with her dad, she's probably not getting paid much more than minimum wage, maybe $15 an hour. And with her prior job, she wasn't just running off whenever she wanted, she asked her boss for one day off and agreed to pick up another co-worker's shift in exchange, and yes in addition to the afternoon off for the PO (which she can't miss). As pointed out above, she does have some significant expenses with her PO, she's not allowed to do many things, like stay out past 10:00 p.m. or be around/drink alcohol. She now has to go to NA meetings. The lunch montage shows that she doesn't have a lot of extra money (has to brown bag lunch all the time), and she is not living 'rent free', her sister in law is charging her rent because the room could be rented out on air B&B. and her sister in law has other fairly strict rules Piper has to follow to continue living there. True, her actions in taking the tequila and cookie from her co-workers was bad and entitled. and she apologized. I noticed Piper's dad had surveillance in the kitchen. I thought he might also have surveillance in the offices, so he knows all too well that sometimes his employees knock off early when he has to leave in the afternoons.
  3. Recently finished Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline. Definitely not one of her better books. The premise is set up with one sort-of sympathetic main charcter, 2 definitely unsympathetic characters and 2 dead characters, one recent, one 20 years prior. Then it goes back 20 years to how 1 person died. Needless to say, already knowing out who is the recent death, it made me much less interested to read about events 20 years ago, especially with the 2 unsympathetic characters and not even that interested in the kid who died back then. So I skimmed a lot of the book until it finally got back to present day, and then it was very formulaic. and there's one sort-of 'big' twist, but really, did it matter that much 20 years later?
  4. I thought that Daya was getting the drugs from her mom and Hopper, but mom decided to cut daya out. So who is giving daya drugs now? Also Caesar? Or some other new source?
  5. Fantastic episode! I always love seeing Bailey because that’s my teenage daughter to a T. Grouch, truly sublime. Harbour was great.
  6. Loved Seth’s Closer Look about the very top of them all general telling trump the army is out of ammo. Like what? Seriously? We’re they shooting sunflower seeds?
  7. Oh, wanted to add, I loved the reference to Cypress National Bank as part of WR's conspiracy. I love how Esmail weaves in references to real life corruption.
  8. So the guys with Price, saving Elliot, were the same ones that just overdosed him? It was hard to tell for sure. If so, does this mean that Price is going 'off script' on WR? Or did WR (or her associate really) intend to revive Elliot as the lesson? I didn't think it was the dark army because they usually kill people with masked goons, so it seemed a bit more trouble than usual with the heroine. Though the DA is making more of an effort with Dom, but then, she's a fibby, so can't just threaten to kill her. When Elliot was ODing, we saw him hallucinate Mr. Robot, a young boy and a woman. I gathered the two males were manifestations of Elliot's split personality (as his father and Elliot as a boy), who was the woman? Another manifestation of someone we know? Again, couldn't see that well. was it supposed to be a flashback family scene with his mother?
  9. I don't understand why Simmons can't know where/when Fitz is. The Chromochons only have a scan of their minds at the time they did the scan, so the only info they have is what Simmons and Fitz had at that moment. It would seem that any new information they learn, the Chrome's won't know about, like Deke's new tech area. So how would the Chroms find out "when" Fitz is if Simmons knows now?
  10. So i started with a rewatch of Episode 12 from S9 to refresh my memory of the houseguests, and moved on from there through Ryan's HoH and James' eviction and comeback. I really felt for Sheila that Ryan took away the 10K. Its hard to blame him, everyone can use 10K, but after Adam gave it to Sheila (wow, that was incredible), it really cast a pall over Ryan's taking it away. That may come back to haunt him and it sure lit a fire under Sheila. And yes Chelsia, Sheila can play the single mother card and until you are a single mother, stfu. I was hoping for Jen or Parker to comeback and when it was Alex, I hoped they take James back, as Matty really annoys me and I didn't want him to get an ally back. I was so sure Alex was going to come back for a bit, because BB always tends to disappoint me in that way. Glad it was James after all. Natalie is a bit coocoo for cocoa puffs. An early Sam. but no one should trust her with plans against Matty (though he sure seems to be willfully alienating an ally). Now that its no longer couples, the game is improving. Other than Matty, I don't really dislike anyone, yet at least. that probably means Matty wins. [don't tell me - this is one season I have no idea].
  11. I noticed a Sam Goody's in the mall, that was a good throwback. But I also saw "Claire's", and I certainly don't recall seeing Claires in a mall back in the 80s.
  12. The show is suggesting, based on what information we know, that the vast majority of detainees do not have lawyers and are not allowed lawyers. As shown in the court room scene, unless the woman knew enough to ask for additional time to get a lawyer, the judge would order immediate deportation that day. So its in our current administration's interest, along with ICE's, to prevent the detainees from getting lawyers by any means possible, which is why the phones need a card that costs a lot of money (which the women don't have in detention) and the card machine is broken anyway. So when ICE finds out the women have a free number to call that doesn't require a card, they shut if down. And yes, the show is also suggesting that ICE will facilitate an immediate deportation (likew ith a rubber stamping judge who may not even see or hear from the detainee) of an 'undesirable' detainee, such as one passing out the free lawyer hotline. Is anyone surprised by this suggestion? I don't think she's dead. I think its just what the show suggests, these women just disappear into central and south america after deportation and no one hears from them again. Do some die? Yeah, probably. But some likely survive.
  13. So when they were showing the montage of Piper throwing away the pens, I figured that her dad must not pay for daily trashcan emptying. But yeah, why on earth would he keep pens that don't work (or ran out of ink)? What's the point of that? No wonder it set Piper off.
  14. I wanted to punch Cliff in the face when he told the group and Dr. Will that the it a bad choice/mistake by him and Nicole in voting out Tommy. It wasn't Nicole's choice, it was only Cliff's, he just bullied her into going along with him. Definitely glad Nicole won AFP While I liked Jackson getting called out on his behavior, as well as Christie, neither one apparently knew what they did wrong (other than Jackson's camp counselor selections). They needed to be shown exactly why Kemi and others were so pissed at them, along with the rest of america. and lets not forget it wasn't just the initial selections of David, Kemi and Jessica by Jackson, but the next two evictees after David, Ovi and Kemi that added to the issues. Given how clueless Analysis was, I really have to wonder how little they interviewed her in the first place to give her a spot. And Nick really better hope none of his clients (or employer) know anyone who watches BB. He's a terrible role model for kids.
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