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  1. There also seemed to a limited amount of time to ask Karishma about events that did directly involve her.
  2. She said it in her interview on the show with the producer, her "talking head," during the "Dan" episode where yes, Missy and Elizabeth decided to put game strategy ahead of truthfulness about harassment because it suited their game. And yes, Kelley, fearing the backlash, was willing to use Dan as an ally because her other allies wanted to use him. but she jumped on board the 'vote dan out' boat when Missy and Elizabeth lied to Janet and got Janet to want to vote Dan out because Janet was fine with putting harassment before game strategy.
  3. So I recently finished Educated by Tara Westover. I read it because others on this forum mentioned it and it sounded interesting. Well, I found it disturbing that there are people living like that, who completely believe that the government is evil, that medicine is evil, that education is evil. yet they find a way to tap into enough people with similar mindset that they end up making millions off of "essential oils" and telling people to ignore conventional medicine, "they'll be fine." I did have to wonder how Tara actually got the bulk of her education. Sure at first she's struggling to make money to go to BYU, and gets a $4,000 grant and half tuition, and still finds a way to somehow make enough money for the rest with jobs, but can study enough to earn A's and totally blow her professors away with apparently her genius. But somehow she manages enough money for all her traveling, graduate and phd school (did she get full scholarships, huge grants?) And is her "genius" simply because she grew up with a completely different outlook on life given her lack of formal education and her professors were enamoured with her different point of view on various subjects? Idk, I guess I'm just a little skeptical that someone with no real education is somehow able to so "wow" her college professors that she gets essentially a free education all the way up through phd from Cambridge.
  4. I don't think anyone makes a decision on the island without some consideration as to whether there will be some backlash against them, whether it helps them, whether it hurts them. Its totally clear that Kelley was thinking that, during her conversation with the producer, as stated by @ProfCrash. I have no doubt Kelley thought Missy was the bigger threat gamewise. but she was happy enough to vote Dan out, even though he was her ally, when she learned that others wanted to vote him out too because he was making others uncomfortable with his touching as well. She didn't want to be the only one making that decision, because she didn't want her other allies to blame her for taking away their ally. but sure, when her allies are interested in voting him out, she was totally on board. She didn't think she needed to use her idol because she thought everyone was voting Dan out. should she have played it to 'be safe' and because she had a spare? Of course. But again, if that had happened, she would have been the deciding factor, as opposed to 'one of the group' and that was what she wanted, thought was best for her game at the time.
  5. No, its not a simulation of being stranded on an island and creating a society. Its a game for $1 million dollars. and that fact alone colors the entirety of their decision to keep Dan. Kelley only chose not to ask TPTB to boot Dan because she was afraid of how it would backlash against her and her trying to win. She was afraid that the rest of the tribe would go against her, either afraid that with her story of being a victim to Dan she'd appear more sympathetic and 'win votes', or because she'd be seen as a hero for standing up to Dan and 'win votes', or because they wanted to take Dan themselves to the end and easily beat him. That why everyone is "ok" with keeping Dan. Not because they want to work with him, but because they all think they will be able to beat him for that million because everyone else thinks/knows he's a harrasser. Dan is only "ok" to keep because he's a goat that no one will vote for because he's a terrible person.
  6. We also have to remember that the people who go on survivor have to be able to leave their lives, jobs, family for close to 2 months. Not all that many can do it.
  7. I would not be surprised that he holds out some faint hope of taking over for Probst.
  8. Aaron...if you wanted to lay low and not be a threat, don’t win the first 2 individual immunity. Im glad Karishma played with her heart and her head. She didn’t get along with Missy and clearly Missy was only using Karishma. There’s no reason to think Missy would Jeep her linger than Tommy. If she’s a goat, at least it can be with nicer people. Gee so sorry Elizabeth that you lost 2 allies. Go cry to Dan. i thought Janet would go idol hunting at old Lairo. Maybe she did but didn’t find anything. Lol that Karishma found an idol. Rob reads tribal very well.
  9. Sounds like TPTB gave a “hey everyone, respect personal boundaries, ok?”kind of talk. Very vague and general.
  10. but presuming Karishma did exactly what Jamal did, take the note, read partly, go to the island, because that is completely reasonable, then she would have been hosed and that would have been totally unfair. I don't think its any different because Jamal grabbed the note first.
  11. Certainly hope Kelley, Jamal and Janet get a chance to play again.
  12. Its a shame that Kelley thought Lauren was her ally and she totally betrayed Kelley and let her to believe she was safe.
  13. I'm glad Chris pointed out that the initial aid to Ukraine was only released afterthe whistleblower complained! and there's still some aid that hasn't been released. thus, the GOP excuses keep being shot down one by one.
  14. I'm glad not having to watch richard hatch again. much prefer ethan.
  15. I'd sure like to know exactly what they did and said during these meetings in group and individually. Some people are speculating, based on the episode and subsequent statements, that Missy and Elizabeth believed that Kelley was lying or at least exaggerating her complaints as game strategy in order to mislead them from the plan to vote out Missy. so they decided to turn the strategy back on them and play up their own complaints (which they knew were not true) and get people to instead vote for Dan. Yet they always intended to vote for Kelly because they still believed she was lying and would vote out Missy. But....Kelley and Co. did vote out Dan, not Missy. So Missy and Elizabeth should have realized that maybe what Kelley said was true, that she was being harassed by Dan and was on board with getting him out, with everyone's vote. So not only did Missy and Elizabeth knowingly lie about the harassment (even if they believed Kelley was lying, that doesn't make their own lie a good thing to do)., and then when they saw how the vote went, they still gaslit Janet and threw her under the bus for standing up for their lie. So sure, even if Missy and Elizabeth didn't believe Kelly and thought she was using harassment as game strategy, that does not give them a pass to knowingly use harrassment as game strategy. and when they learned it wasn't just 'game strategy' for Kelley, they still kept using it as their own game strategy. so two wrongs by them.
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