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  1. Personally I think this season sucks. Centered around the most unlikeable person from season 2, a boring criminal, so-called heroes acting incredibly stupid, and some mystery that just drrrraaaaggsss.
  2. we are getting the ANW Family Show sometime this year, so um yippee. Nice that someone got to stage 4 at least.
  3. I'm almost surprised that Martin is essentially giving up on the series and allowing that ending to be the ending. maybe he had a similar ending in mind, in which case, its a good thing he's giving up on the series. i think i'd be even more disappointed if i read through another couple of huge books to have it all end like it did in the show. i don't really have much interest in any of the spinoffs, it mostly left a sour taste in my mouth. so much potential wasted.
  4. I think how women were treated by doctors is something schools need to teach. Health class, history, something. Maybe they will have more interest in current treatment, where women are still treated less.
  5. Well when you get to F6-8 and tgg he e winner iszz a a foregone conclusion, yeah it’s boring
  6. Another F2 sausage fest, probably F3 too.
  7. Please, pumpkin spice cannot make bud light worse. Belarus is a cautionary tale of when an election process freshly does become completely rigged.
  8. Bill, because people cannot lose enough weight overnight or even over a week or month, or two. But they can immediately get a vaccine and wear a mask.
  9. Loved Amber’s moment of fury. I want a federally funded pedicure too
  10. Oh, I see Hank/Hawk (from Titans) is playing Jack Reacher. I think he'll do a good job and certain fits the physical ideal of Reacher aheckuvalot better than Cruise.
  11. So far, this season has been awful. Stupid plots, stupid characters, no explanation for why characters do their stupid stuff. And seriously, miss Rachel.
  12. I don't know why Dr. A keeps saying and apparently believing that his wife isn't contagious. Doug contracted the sickness from someone and she was the only one that was shown in their area that had the sickness. I know he's a kid and all, but Gus seems so much less mature than most 9 year olds I've experienced. given his upbringing, you'd think he'd be a little more mature, not less, than his age. Wendy even seems more mature than him, and she is at least a year younger than him. Hard to believe the military (or whoever) just left a 6 year old girl to fend for herself, and it seem
  13. Honestly I’m surprised that the Theranos’ insurance would pay for a high priced legal team, insurance companies usually pay crap for legal fees. Huge mistake by the prosecution on that password, but prosecutors are usually very overworked. They don’t get paid much either.
  14. Hanahope

    S03.E05: Lazarus

    Really I’m supposed to feel sympathy for Jason? A lot of people have fucked up lives but they don’t seek out or become criminals
  15. So it appears the Last Men are getting hybrids in order to have a dr perform medical experiments on them to find a cure. I’m surprised there’s not a less ethical dr they could find to do that. I bet the purple poppies are the solution too.
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