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  1. Thankfully Heather McGhee was having absolutely none of it. I wish she had gone into more details to show just how wrong he was.
  2. Great show, teaching people about how the national debt got so big in the first place, and how the GQP has manipulated the viewpoints. I've always said, no problem paying taxes when it goes to good things, like the social safety net, infrastructure, public services, but not so much when its giving money back to rich people to buy another boat. Very timely with the episode given Biden's proposal for a significant infrastructure bill (because we're decades behind) and wanting to raise corporate taxes to do so. And I certainly hope the workers and union prevail in that Alabama vote. Obvio
  3. the shear number of berets. really?
  4. I don't think they explained it beyond calling it aubergine, which is the french word for eggplant. I've not heard of anyone being allergic to eggplant before. another attempt to show that Emily doesn't know anything about french culture, not knowing that college is closer to high school.
  5. did i miss that this was only once a week? I would think she would find classes that were at least 3 times a week. I agree that she needs more french work, but not everyone grasps a new language quickly. I don't know how much she makes, but agree that maybe she needs to invest an extra 50 Euros a week or more for some private lessons.
  6. some people are able to do long-distance relationships, especially when its for a finite period of time. obviously her boyfriend wasn't willing to make the effort. so she's supposed to turn down a fantastic opportunity with a guaranteed promotion at the end just because her boyfriend doesn't like the idea? yeah, no. women uplift their work all the time for men, and she wasn't even asking him to do that, just do visits back and forth for a year. oh, boo hoo, its too hard that he would have to spend a few hours alone during the day for a week. heck, he could take a nap. or read a boo
  7. Yeah, late to the party here. Having some personal experience with French people and Paris, the show isn't wrong that many Parisians can be rude to those that don't speak French. given Emily got this opportunity at literally the last minute, its not that surprising that she doesn't know the language, she never knew she'd need it. not everyone can learn a new language in a month. And the French have a different culture, particularly where sex is involved, that wouldn't be considered bullying or harassment to a French person. And oh, Emily got the floors confused after her run,
  8. Yeah I bet Scotland will get a lot of tourism once people are traveling again. Great timing for the show
  9. https://www.npr.org/2021/03/29/982364793/george-r-r-martin-signs-new-five-year-deal-with-hbo-and-hbo-max?utm_term=nprnews&utm_campaign=npr&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR1IyItnzlkGd4UIcxwPWVlo_G7x1g-9dusy_k4sVNwkMI7ZNtS3fN6hq44 Martin signs a new deal with HBO. Yeah, we're never getting a written ending to the story. time for acceptance.
  10. well, another celebrity i follow on various social media who lives in CA (LA area) reported it took nearly 3 years to complete some remodeling/construction at her house. I have the feeling that the LA area just has a lot of building/code regulations and it takes time.
  11. But really, aren’t we all just glad Bill FINALLY GOT SOLAR!!! that’s it.
  12. Just like it’s easy to take whatever land you want to build your high speed lines and not worry about paying people fair market value. China is ahead because it is able to control its citizens and the government can do what it wants without opposition.
  13. Perhaps they aren't spending it right now, because of various restrictions still on the economy, but that doesn't mean they won't spend it once they are able to travel, or feel comfortable eating out in restaurants again. maybe you'll barely notice it in your account, but that doesn't mean others won't notice it. I know a lot of people who are now just over that threshold that could have used a portion of the stimulus, and certainly would have spent it this year. so that's less money they have to help the economy.
  14. This meatpacking episode just highlights another reason to be a vegetarian.
  15. I didn’t get Kelly saying Maddow was embarrassed by Russia? What was that? does she mean over an incomplete investigation and report that was wrongly blocked by the perpetrator? and yeah anyone who goes to old south parties in this decade should be shamed and canceled. It’s called accountability how come bill doesn’t bring up the right’s canceling at cpac?
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