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  1. Souris

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    List of James Beard Award semifinalists is here. I spotted Kwame, Nick, Tiffani and Isaac on a quick scan. I'm sure I missed some alums because I don't remember most cheftestants' last names.
  2. Souris

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    I grew up poor in a rural town in N.C. and never had formal swimming lessons. I happened to have a more well-off friend whose family had a pool, and she taught me swimming basics in elementary school. If not for her, I probably wouldn't have learned until college (IIRC our high-school water-safety section in middle-school health class only really involved learning how to tread water, plus textbook boating stuff about port, starboard and buoys). I can freestyle and backstroke enough to pass the swim test I needed to graduate UNC, and can get back and forth on laps, but my form is utterly terrible. Everybody SHOULD know how to swim, but not everybody does. It sounded like Keith had at least tried to learn before coming on the show. Yes, it is quite different! I went snorkeling in the Florida Keys and probably would have drowned if not for my life-vest. I still swallowed a heck of a lot of ocean water thanks to all the waves. Calm pool water is a lot different than ocean water! I'm sure that affected Keith a lot, too. Keith seems sweet but not long for the game. And there is that Duke factor for this UNC girl.... 😉 I'd have been hella pissed if somebody had moved my clothes without asking. Reem really did herself no favors, especially at tribal council. I love Aubrey and I don't like that guy targeting her. He may be technically right about not wanting a veteran to go far, but he put me off with his manner about it and the automatic targeting of the woman instead of the guy (even if the guy is a challenge monster in Joe).
  3. Today marks the one-year anniversary of Once’s cancellation. It was quite the birthday present. 🙃
  4. Souris

    Figure Skating

    ESPN article: 'Nothing about it is easy': Skater's suicide leaves more questions than answers
  5. Souris

    Figure Skating

    They said on the broadcast that he hadn't wanted the pressure of ending his career at the Olympics, so he'd said Europeans -- which felt like "home" to him -- would be his final performance. Damn, Nathan! His quads look so freaking CASUAL. How frustrating must it be for the other men, though, to work so hard and put your all into the sport -- and Nathan Chen is out there winning by 60 FREAKING POINTS. I mean, he's clearly the top of the U.S. crop given the current scoring system, but that's a LOT. Apart from the top four or so, it was a cringey splat-fest. Jason is great, but you can't pop two jumping passes and not have a quad. I was really hoping he'd nail the quad.
  6. Souris

    Figure Skating

    Catching up on some of the early ladies free skates I missed last night. Hanna Harrell was intriguing. But I’m totally over skaters throwing their arms over their head on every jump. I know it’s harder, yadda yadda, but I’m over it.
  7. Souris

    Figure Skating

    I never really associated “fun” with Chock/Bates, but that routine was FUN! And that lift was awesome. H/D seem a bit mature to be doing Romeo and Juliet. At least the subject matter forced them to tone down the sex sneers. They’re always so overwrought though. That first bit, yeesh.
  8. Souris

    Figure Skating

    Manta/Johnson aren’t as smooth as the top teams, but that routine sure was fun. A bit late of a comment, but I squee’d at Denney/Frazier using David Cook’s version of “Billie Jean” for the short dance. I’m going to be sorely tested for the foreseeable future at the Hubbell/Donahue tongue baths. ETA: Yikes, HartofDixie, that death glare from Madison!
  9. Souris

    Figure Skating

    I hate H&D. Haaaaaate! That over-the-top sex sneering is not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, that seems to be the chosen presentation in ice dance. Blech. That's part of why I loved the ShibSibs so much -- they COULDN'T do that, so they were like a breath of fresh air to me. U.S. figure skating has had so many Next Big Things that didn't pan out, so we'll see about Alysa. I hope she's able to capitalize on the promise and grow artistically, but I'm not holding my breath. (Nathan Chen is one of the few who actually DID pan out, regardless of how he fared at the Olympics -- I remember the excitement about him at Nationals when he was 10.) I think Mariah Bell is such a lovely skater. Darn that one jump! I think she'd have won if not for that.
  10. Souris

    The Chefs/Cheftestants of Top Chef

    It was obvious that this day was coming, but it's still heart-breaking. So young and so talented.
  11. I thought Leave Me AlURN with included lower-back spikes was hysterical. And yet also sadly too true.
  12. Souris

    Lifetime Original Movies

    The Nellie Bly movie tonight was disappointing -- they ended up
  13. Souris

    Figure Skating

    Indeed. I was shocked to see the report of his suspension from the sport, and then shocked to see the news of his suicide. I know nothing about what did or didn't happen in regard to whatever charges were made against him, but what a terrible situation all around. It's definitely going to hang over Nationals. I wonder if they will talk about it on the air or try to avoid the subject?
  14. Souris

    S16.E07: Carne!

    The second Brandon said he used xanthan gum, I knew he was a goner. Good point about the amount of meat they were given vs. the number of people they had to feed. But still, so many of the dishes just sounded and looked underwhelming. I found it kind of odd the amount of people who used berries with their beef. I don't think of those things as going together at all.
  15. Souris

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I have no idea how they didn't just yank the model off the runway and auf him IMMEDIATELY. That was truly, truly awful. In fact, I think that was one of the most hideous things I've ever seen sent down the PR runway. Ever. EV-ER. Seriously, how was that monstrosity not in the bottom? Evan's was my favorite.