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  1. We Robert Finke’d it! I also loved the waterfall/rings lighting effect.
  2. I appreciate that the Subway commercial just leans into Tom Brady being a dick. As heart-warming as the Jessica Long commercial is (and also technically interesting), I feel like I see it every commercial break. As much Olympics as I’ve watched, I haven’t seen many of the ads mentioned above!
  3. Carl Lewis has some thoughts about the relay debacle.
  4. Apparently the U.S. is good at throwing heavy things. Not so good at handing each other something.
  5. I’m so sad swimming is over. It’s my absolute favorite event in the Summer Olympics. Along with Dressel and Ledecky being Dressel and Ledecky, Bobby Finke’s insane final 50s were my biggest delights. May have been even more impressive than “HERE COMES LEZACK!!”— which is perhaps my most indelible and beloved Olympics moment. A top-notch and 😲 combination of Finke love with Andrew schadenfreude:
  6. Was it Latvia and Lichtenstein Luxembourg who looked like they went in together to buy Mylar in bulk for their outfits?
  7. That’s my read on her laughing, too. It strikes me as a nerves thing. I tend to be a bit prone to that myself. I was honestly surprised that they eliminated Byron and didn’t have him go back into the competition, thus making LCK essentially pointless. I didn’t think they would want/allow that. Though maybe Jamie’s dish was just so much better, they couldn’t even fudge it.
  8. I was less thinking that Esther was lying and more thinking that the writers didn’t put enough thought into explaining how the safe house came to be, or enough energy into conveying it to viewers. I like the ideas others have had, about a sympathetic Martha and guard, that makes sense, but viewers shouldn’t have to devise our own explanations.
  9. I really don't understand how that farm/Handmaid Halfway House got set up. So the husband is senile, but Eyes, Guardians and other Commanders have been repeatedly coming around to rape Little Emma (McKenna Grace gets a ton of work -- she was also the daughter on "Designated Survivor") -- so how did it become this safe resistance spot? How did she get this cadre of resistance-friendly guards? The wife is so young, the husband couldn't have been senile enough not to notice the goings-on for that long. I couldn't wrap my head around its existence. Surely Gilead loyalists would periodically come a
  10. As Hearst’s apparently “open secret” illegitimate daughter, she didn’t have many society options. Rich society guys would want a wife with “pure” society pedigree, so she was out of luck there. John needed her money (provided by Hearst as her “godfather”). She needed his society name. A classic marriage of convenience, in much the same way so many rich U.S. industrial heiresses went to England and wed cash-strapped Lords. Hearst was correct that it’s a transactional match.
  11. I just realized, we never found out why Libby was taking the medicine that poisoned the babies, did we? Or did I miss the explanation?
  12. That finale was a corker. So many heartbreaking aspects. I cried multiple times. While I didn’t like how everything ended, obviously, I thought it was an excellent season. Big props to the actress playing Libby. She really gave it her all. Learning Libby’s history was wrenching. WHY did Sara and Laszlo not call the brothers?? Like, I know they were in the middle of a bloodbath, but they had to know that’s where Libby and GooGoo were headed. Damn it, poor Marcus. I feel like the Moore baby is going to end up another one with a loving father and a crappy mother. I trust John will
  13. John: “Bitsy, please! Will you have a little decency and not pound on my door like some persistent woodpecker!”
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