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  1. scenicbyway

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Who cares if Naomi goes to Colorado? Seriously, she joined the show as Craig’s girlfriend and is now on the show as his ex. Colorado is not a make it or break it trip. Also if Metal doesn’t want her on a filmed trip with 8 friends and an ex there are issues in that relationship.
  2. scenicbyway

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    Did Sandy really try some of Mila's food before hiring her? I found it odd that she said she'd normally have a chef make her a meal before hiring them. She couldn't possibly have tried Mila's food. She was a total producer plant. Anastasia has some nice skills but it was bizarre how her new ego took over once she got the job where the options were, cook or go back to clean toilets? I can't figure out why she gets an assistant either, other chefs don't have a deckhand cooking for the crew. It also sounded like he didn't get a choice in the matter. The season was going too well with competent stewardess' so they had to throw a wrench in it somewhere.
  3. scenicbyway

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I just wanted to say that Ember looks really sleepy in those photos. Up way past her bedtime or just waking up from a nap!
  4. scenicbyway

    Good Witch

    Y’all I have tried to watch this season 3 times and can’t make it through the first episode. It is sooo boring. What happened to the magic? Sam and Cassie have no chemistry. Grace is put in storylines beyond her age, I’m glad she’s going off to college. And all these random in dwellers just grate. The show used to be a little mysterious and fun, no it’s just sanitized. And the four years it took Cassie and Sam to get married was ridiculous.
  5. scenicbyway

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Let's see, last week their marriage was in trouble, this week they announce they're 3 months pregnant?! Seriously? The only thing I can take away from this is that Jeremy and Zach are seriously competitive and it didn't take as long this time for Auj and Jer to get pregnant.
  6. scenicbyway

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    I've never understood Dani's devotion to Kathryn, but maybe she likes a "project" and thinks she can help her. Freezing eggs sounded crazy expensive, but the reality is that she should probably do it if she wants kids. She wasn't in a current relationship so in theory if she waited to get married it could be a couple of years before she'd have kids. Patricia's treatment of Kathryn is fascinating. Is it because Kathryn really is the star of the show? He drama with Thomas has been the backbone of the show from the beginning, Perhaps Patricia is seeing that and now that Thomas is gone she and Whitney are boosting Kathryn up to keep a storyline going? I can't see why else Kathryn would be treated as the favorite when Cam has been Pat's favorite off the show. Does anyone actually care about the Austen/Madison drama? Even Austen and Madison don't care about it. Make it stop. Where was Eliza at the lady dinner? She must've burnt a huge bridge during that first night to not be invited to anything after. Also, why didn't we see more of the lady dinner? Was it really that boring? Shep is Shep, Austen is a younger, poorer version of Shep and gets jealous of that and Shep is jealous of Austen's youth. I thought Cam's analysis of Shep was pretty spot on. He's got some simmering anger in there. He must've been rejected hard at some point and that's led to the person he now. Whether that was academic, romantic or familial is yet to be seen. Craig also aspired to Thomas' and Sheps' lifestyles. And to give him credit, he is slowly working his way there. His law degree is truly a fallback degree to his life on tv. I think he's been smart with his money in buying rental property to eventually supply himself with "mailbox" money. Whitney's just there because he's the creator of the show and without Thomas these guys need someone older on the scene otherwise it's just out at bars with them everynight.
  7. scenicbyway

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Perhaps Auj has finally realized she does ALL the work? She raises Ember, writes the book, pushes the book on her gram, runs the oil business and books all the vacations where they meet up with other couples they look up to every other week. She must be exhausted! Meanwhile Jer is annoyed his table bowed because they were gone to Hawaii for two weeks. Guess what kids? Most people work 8 hours a day then commute home where they have to cook dinner, feed family, homework and after kids go to bed pickup their work again before starting all over again the next day. Most people also don’t take a 2 week Hawaiian vacation to recover from a month long book tour.
  8. scenicbyway

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    What I find interesting about all the book promotion, journal, lifestyle, etc. is that they don’t actually “go to church.” They even blackout Sunday on social media as their sabbath but aren’t attending services, just resting. They had a house church in Bend but have admitted they don’t where they are now. How does their Christian publisher reconcile that?
  9. All the ladies warned her, heck, he basically did too by never taking an interest in anything she did including IVF for Aspen. I wondered last summer when he shipped her off to Idaho with newborn twins, a 2 year old and her mother what was up. Now we know. I guess love is blind, but didn't he cheat on his other wives too?
  10. scenicbyway

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    Dannii was over the top in scolding Katherine. She was gone for 5 days on what sounds like a partially planned trip. Big deal. She doesn’t work, Thomas must now be paying her off plus a new Bravo contract could be bringing in the money. Craig doesn’t work either, went and hid out in the Bahamas for months and no one is on his case. Why are we supposed to care about Austen and Madison cheating on each other? It just makes Shep and Craig look ridiculous when they rattle on about it. No one cares but those two...get another storyline! Its interesting that Eliza wasn’t invited to the tree houses despite being a cast member...
  11. scenicbyway

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    It’s just hair. Hasn’t Jill dyed part of her hair blue at times? I think Jinger looks great and she’s also had a trim. New city, new Jing.
  12. scenicbyway

    When Calls The Heart

    They aren’t talking about the war because the only men left in town would be Bill, the grocer and Henry. All of the other men would be gone, who wants to watch a show with just women (mostly widows who are now losing there kids) and 3 older men? Also, Jack isn’t coming back, they killed him off a year ago (more in Hope Valley time). Elizabeth has moved on and in that time she’d have too.
  13. scenicbyway

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Matt gave her no choice, he and Caryn want her off the farm. Who knows why. It seemed as though if she didn’t go for the buyout he would force her to buy him out (which is dumb, he loves that farm). I think the whole scenario is pretty cruel, she’s lived there for 30 years and now her ex and his girlfriend are forcing her to move so they can go live in Arizona?
  14. scenicbyway

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    I remember being a teenager and that’s what Rinna’s daughters were being at that dinner. While they are both working, one of them is only 17. I can’t remember all the times I told my parents I wasn’t hungry after they’d prepared a big meal. They may have food issues but it’s also pretty typical behavior.
  15. scenicbyway

    When Calls The Heart

    I did the same thing last year, watched 4 seasons over the course of a week. I still haven't watched the season 5 finale I don't watch this show for tragedy, so there was no way I was going to watch everyone mourn Jack. I also didn't watch the end of the episode before because I knew it was coming. Also skipped the 2018 Christmas special just in case they talked more about it, I didn't love that they made Elizabeth pregnant either considering they'd been married all of 2 weeks before they were separated. Skipping those episodes has made it a lot easier to watch this season, however cobbled together it was by having to take Lori out (I think they should've left her in, the season was already shot by the time the news broke). I think the real issue is, they wanted to keep the show going beyond season 6 and they couldn't drag out the will they/won't they with their main characters any longer. They needed Elizabeth to be single again because people are tuning in for romance and romance on tv, especially Hallmark means, dating, engagement and wedding, not married life. None of the Hallmark movies have sequels where we see the couple married with kids. Viewers want a fantasy, and now its Elizabeth gets to start over and here are two potential new guys to date!