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  1. Really? There’s been much better dancers. The pros haven’t even danced on Broadway.
  2. Honestly, Derek should’ve won. He had the two best dances of the season. At least ABC knows what they have with him. Tyra was literally wearing at first my bedspread from elementary school. It has a matching canopy too. Please let this be her only season. I didn’t care who won. I wondered if Justina was let down in her freestyle because of Sasha’s injury where he couldn’t lift her. To me, Nev and Kaitlyn were on the same level so it came down to bachelor nation. Kaitlyn also made it seem like this was her life’s dream. That and being proposed to again. Jenna admitting that she was tired of dancing was a shocker. I’ve wondered if she’s been jealous of Lindsay and Whitney having babies.
  3. A year later James on his Instagram is still trying to process not making the finals or winning DWTS. When his family moved to Texas recently he listed his loss on DWTS (according to him heavily favored to win) as a reason to leave L.A. I think he could use some therapy. It’s just a game show. Was he banking on tour money? Was his pride heavily wounded? I get that it was upsetting the way he left and they literally lost a pregnancy at the same time (wasn’t his wife still in the hospital the night of the semis?) But if he’s still this hurt by it a year later, it’s probably time to talk to someone vs just moving to the country. Surely he had lost out on other roles before?
  4. I think Cheryl must be really injured and has been powering through it since she bonked her head and hurt her shoulder. She has seemed over it and also relieved. I also wondered if she misses Tom and is not a fan of the new dynamic. Johnny has finally found his feet just in time! Any other season though, all of these dancers would’ve been eliminated well before now. They are all pretty average. I was stunned some got 10’s. I truly don’t understand Tyras wardrobe choices. We know she was a super model, we know she’s hosted before. Why is she constantly in costume? I did love that Carrie Ann did not play along with the dress up tonight and just wore something she’d wear anyway.
  5. Is Tyra really choosing her outfits? Fluorescent green looks good on no one. Is she self conscious and just choosing huge outfits? Does wardrobe hate her? What is Carrie Ann’s deal with Kaitlyn? Is she jealous of her being Bachelorette 100 years ago? Wanting to purposely mark her down for an imagined lift was ridiculous. She’s already torn her down mentally. Derek has to come in with a 9 because it looked like Carrie Ann was going to throw her a 7. Nelly is not improving but his partner hides it better than Glen did with Chrishell. Skai needs to go next, she doesn’t dance. Alan just throws in crazy lifts everywhere because she’s tiny. Johnny has actually improved which is nice to see. Tyra’s reaction to Jeannie was crazy for live tv. It was life threatening which they didn’t mention but the surgery was successful.
  6. I think Jeannie's character actually worked against her in the voting. I really liked the dance and she shouldn't have been in the bottom two, but I wonder how many were turned off by Hannibal. It was probably a poor choice to start the evening off with, it's a family show after all. I think the right person went home. Monica was never terribly likeable but Val is also a hard coach, she may have tempered her personality based on that. Chrishell should probably go home next, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Johnny. He still has his skater feet so he stomps around the floor while having lovely arms. Cheryl seems to be in pain, that was a hard fall, I hope she's ok. Skai should also be sent home, with it being a double elimination next week. I don't get the impression she's having any fun and she always looks scared dancing. All Alan did was spin her around in lifts this week. Kaitlyn is a good dancer, it's a shame that she's paired with Artem who's not used to a "star" that can dance. I suspect she's also high maintenance...
  7. Hayley was a coach though for Dancing w/the Stars Juniors. She was also a troupe member for several years until she was dumped just before production began last fall. She's an amazing dancer, I don't think Derek would dance with her if she wasn't. I wouldn't be surprised to have Julianne come in for a dance at some point. I think Derek is afraid to get married, they've dated for 5 years but she's only 26 to his 35. He regularly remarks about their age difference. It does seem like quarantine has been good for them, they've actually had to live together vs. one always being on tour etc. Julianne's last season on the show she and Derek did a dance about how badly they were affected by their parent's divorce, I think it's had lasting effects on them. With Julianne's own marriage demise I would guess Derek's even more jittery. I think Johnny is only here for the costumes. He seems to be spending all the time on the outfits and little of it practicing the dance. I wonder if he'd had a pro like Cheryl if his experience would've been different. Having Brit as a first time pro she may not be able to stand up to his personality. Skai is way overscored and she constantly looks scared, who is voting for her?
  8. How was Tayshia already quarantined for the show? Did they delay production 14 days to get her there? How did they get a few more "new" guys in for her unless they were quarantined? Is there always a backup lead? I tend to think that Clare knew about Tayshia and that she was already onsite. Clare's reaction to meeting Dale for the first time literally makes no sense ("I knew it! I knew it would be him!") if they hadn't met before. As a 39 year old woman falling in love at first sight makes no sense since presumably you'd know there are more to relationships than just physical attraction. It also makes no sense they'd be engaged less than 2 weeks after meeting, that first kiss that had totally caught him by surprise and was awkward.
  9. Dale was not prepared to kiss Clare either. It was literally the first few minutes they met each other and she immediately wanted to make out with him. He must've been shocked. It was totally awkward.
  10. Also thinking about the time they had to take off from work during a pandemic when jobs are on the line anyway. It would be annoying to be sent home night one. I’m not convinced Clare wants to find love. Dale said “like” every third word in their convo. He could’ve just been nervous but I couldn’t see what she saw as a 40 year old woman. I was disappointed in the ages of the guys no 27 or 30 year old is going to be that interested in her for that long. If she wants kids it needs to happen yesterday. Unfair but true.
  11. I've wondered if they've severely limited practice time? Usually the "stars" are much better dancers by this point. For the most part other than Kaitlyn and Dev they look like week one dancers. I can't figure out why Skai was scored so high because they whiffed some of their lifts. Monica was overscored to keep her on the show one more week after last week's debacle. It was clear to me they were intent on keeping her with the high scores and calling her safe first. Johnny did great with the contemporary but everyone should do well with contemporary. I still think he dances like he has skates on. I wish they would bring Tom back, things seem off because they ARE off. Tyra's fashion show with a side of dancing is not helping. Is she really choosing her outfits or does the costume department hate her?
  12. Derek was supposed to dance tonight, right? She teased it like 3 times and at the end of the show she added next week. Wha? Did they really go over that much? Had they not time out the show? It’s also clear wardrobe hates Tyra.
  13. Johnny should be one of the best, but he's dancing like he's wearing skates. The dance moves are things he uses in skating. He's focusing too much on costumes, I know he loves his "looks" and not enough on dancing.
  14. Johnny is dancing like he's wearing ice skates. Much like his skating, he is all about his "look." Have you noticed how detailed and tailored his costumes are compared to the rest of the men? I get the impression he's having a blast designing his costumes but perhaps not putting in the dancing work. Several of their moves tonight were moves that he does in skating but don't translate to the ballroom. Brit was literally spinning him around on the floor which doesn't quite work. I don't know if it's Britt's coaching or Johnny wanting to bring his skating to the floor. Carrie Ann was right when she said it looks like he hasn't found the floor yet and it's because he's still on the ice.
  15. It’s like Tyra thought, they don’t like me? Well, I’ll wear armor this week! Ugh, it’s not about you Tyra. The costumes are not great this year.
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