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  1. Summer Romance with Erin Krakow had beautiful scenery. I also thought she and Ryan has great chemistry but there were at least 3 instances where the characters should’ve naturally kissed and didn’t. It was really awkward. And then the actual kiss at the end was awkward. Dear Hallmark, we’re adults watching a romance, it’s ok for characters to kiss more than once in your movies without being engaged first.
  2. scenicbyway

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    I remember that Derek did not want kids because he knew he'd end up with the responsibility. Fred reassured him many times over that wouldn't be the case, but the kids are what, 1.5 now? And Derek is alone with them in LA. I think Derek's probably the one who wanted to make the move though, I would guess they have several nannies as well. I would think that Fred would miss them terribly though. I can't see him living full time in LA, his business is in NYC and his heart is in Sweden. Ryan will do anything for a deal, I would like to see him get to retire early though to spend time with his kid. It's really interesting that Emilia was so superstitious about her pregnancy that she didn't post on social media at all about it and you could tell she really didn't want to be on camera either. As for Luis having a kid, by now the baby should've been born if he knew the gender back in the winter.
  3. scenicbyway

    Million Dollar Listing NY

    He had a bad breakup that sent him into a spiral. He does seem quite broken and now expecting a baby. I think Frederick especially has tried to be there for him. I was surprised that he kept his company and was getting commissions still. He probably doesn’t have to work but needs to. Really Ryan, Fred and Luis could all retire at this point and live comfortably. I don’t get Derek and the kids moving to LA with Fred commuting because he so desperately wanted the kids and a family, why live on the other side of the country? He is still based in NYC.
  4. scenicbyway

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Craig has no one to bring because he’s still not over Naomi. Also, I’d like to give all of the women on the show a sandwich.
  5. scenicbyway

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    I wonder if Jason only agreed to be on camera because Metul was going to be there and they have the same job? Its interesting that Patricia has said nothing about Kat’s outfit. I’m glad Shep brought the girls, truth came out that nothing happened which means there was no real drama. They could’ve had the real feud of Kat and Eliza but they needed the Limehouse Plantation for group events l.
  6. scenicbyway

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I don’t think it’s the temperature that’s the problem, all the other chefs have taken forever to plate as well, someone is slowing up the plates. She’s even sending up 2 at a time to keep things hot. Also, why is Sandy in every scene? Why is precious Colin going to quit? He must be homesick. Everyone is nice to him but no one is his friend?
  7. scenicbyway

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    Ana’s food was fine but the Americans were looking for big hot piles of food. They wanted a buffet at every meal and she never understood that. I had to laugh at her serving the baseball player 2 tiny eggplant roll ups, ha! I bet he was starving! They probably ordered pizza after dinner. I think her food is beautiful but it’s like she’s cooking for herself with the portion sizes especially instead of the guests. I can only imagine what this group would’ve thought of the Russian’s food. June is just zoned out, that’s why she’s not hearing her radio.
  8. scenicbyway

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    Why on earth would Shep tell Austen he gave Danni an STD?! That’s not something to brag about dumbass. Shep is right, there is something very wrong with the Madison/Austen relationship. His parents must be cringing. Austen is desperate for her and she seems like she’s just playing with him. Austen is basically an uneducated Craig. I also think Cam and Whitney always planned to leave when they did. Jason probably had to take time off work to watch P and needed to get back. We already know he’s the only person other than Cam that can take P anywhere. I don’t get why Whitney and Katherine slept together, he’s been vocal about his dislike of her through the years. I hope it wasn’t a casting couch scenario. It’s bizarre that he’s denying it, even his mother knows.
  9. scenicbyway

    S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

    Totally agree that he’s just being polite. She’s not ready for another relationship yet. Everything about choosing Jed over Tyler should have caused her to question her judgment.
  10. scenicbyway

    S15.E12: Week 11: Finale Part 1

    Dear Hannah, Your dad is working 17 hour days to support your lifestyle, don’t choose the musician! Also 17. Hour. Days.!!!
  11. scenicbyway

    S06.E11: Rocky Mountain High Part II

    I had to laugh that they were so excited to go to Colorado! When the Real housewives go to Dubai and Provence. I’m guessing Colorado! is the furthest Cameran will go without P. Cam’s right Craig’s outbursts are scary and unpredictable. Shep must’ve been dumped and or cheated on by someone who reminds him of Madison because no other reason makes sense that he despises her so much. Would Austen have known about Katherine’s previous rehab for weed? I think Whitney had a hand in that dinner. It was ridiculous that she had to site through it.
  12. scenicbyway

    S04.E08: What Eze the Problem?

    Hannah was on duty for 17 hours and as we know Sandy doesn’t like Hannah to leave the boat. So Hannah gets a pass on the mountain picnic. Forgetting silverware turned out to be no big deal, they had borrowed cutlery within minutes.
  13. scenicbyway

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Who cares if Naomi goes to Colorado? Seriously, she joined the show as Craig’s girlfriend and is now on the show as his ex. Colorado is not a make it or break it trip. Also if Metal doesn’t want her on a filmed trip with 8 friends and an ex there are issues in that relationship.
  14. scenicbyway

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    Did Sandy really try some of Mila's food before hiring her? I found it odd that she said she'd normally have a chef make her a meal before hiring them. She couldn't possibly have tried Mila's food. She was a total producer plant. Anastasia has some nice skills but it was bizarre how her new ego took over once she got the job where the options were, cook or go back to clean toilets? I can't figure out why she gets an assistant either, other chefs don't have a deckhand cooking for the crew. It also sounded like he didn't get a choice in the matter. The season was going too well with competent stewardess' so they had to throw a wrench in it somewhere.
  15. scenicbyway

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I just wanted to say that Ember looks really sleepy in those photos. Up way past her bedtime or just waking up from a nap!