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  1. I don’t know where Melora’s fans are coming from but she seems to be beating the middle aged woman curse on the show and I’m here for it. In any other season Cody would’ve been eliminated when they testede positive. They should’ve been eliminated the first week back in the ballroom. He has no posture, I don’t know why they aren’t calling him out on it. I just feel sorry for Amanda. She seems like she’s just barely keeping it together. I do think Alan is a great coach for her. I wish she could connect with the audience but it’s like she’s just going through the steps to get to the nex
  2. Kenya has to go it’s the third time! Thank God, no Len decides tonight.
  3. Amanda’s tango should’ve been great, it was fine. I think it suffered from bad lighting?
  4. 9’s for Cody? Really? I thought 8’s at best.
  5. Cody’s posture is weird? Like he’s hunching his shoulders? There’s really no “connection” with Cheryle.
  6. Kenya’s dance was awkward? Maybe because it looks like she’s leading Brandon?
  7. I thought the Miz’s Paso was kinda slow. Ha! Derek actually said he was impressed no ones eye got poked out.
  8. Olivia should’ve been booted based on not being a celebrity. Sporty Spice goes home over her? What in the world Len? And this “Len gets to choose”nonsense, they better not be tied next week. 3 weeks of Len choosing means voting doesn’t matter. Also, sorry Mel that you got stuck with Gleb, you couldn’t win anyway.
  9. I'm sure he thought the show was beneath him, but, good grief, it's a paycheck and it's one for her too. I think he's a mess and I wish Sharna would see that. His previous love interests have not turned out well. I don't want to see her go down the same road. Derek sort of addressed the voting controversy on his insta. He doesn't say if he knew Len would get two votes but he seemed like he was doubting his decision to have Kenya stay. He said her quality of dancing was better but Matt's performance was better. He did a poll and over 80% thought the wrong person went home. I think sh
  10. I’m surprised they kept Kendra since it was her second time in the bottom 2/3. I’m guessing Matt wasn’t in the bottom 2 but had the lower score than her. Len’s made no secret of not liking him though. It’s bizarre that the others even vote if Len can decide. Should there have even been a vote? Just eliminate both bottom two this week?
  11. So the 3 judges have to be unanimous or Len chooses?
  12. What just happened? It was 2-1 Matt and Lindsay? But Len sent them home? WTF?
  13. I feel like Amanda has just been sad these past couple of weeks. A little something missing, like a spark. It was a great dance though.
  14. I thought Olivias dance was not good, but it got 9’s?
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