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  1. Jeremy and Audrey WANT the farm. It's the whole reason they moved back to the area (nevermind that Audrey's parents are next door neighbors to the farm too). J&A have even taken a social media hiatus with the show premiering again, they must've had a heads up that the new plot on the show is about Zach and Tori moving to the farm. J&A must be ticked. How much of Amy's things are actually things that might be from the kids childhood? Jacob would be in no place to take his things. Maybe Jeremy, Zach and Molly have left their things too and she feels like she can't get rid of the
  2. I wore braces on my legs for a foot turnout when I was a toddler (foot still turns out btw). I’m surprised there wasn’t a brace or maybe a cast he could’ve worn for a few months earlier that could’ve helped his bone development?
  3. Well, from watching one episode of this season I can see why Jer and Auj are on a social break. The storyline is that Zach and Tori will be buying into the farm and living in the big house. I bet Jer and Auj are ticked.
  4. So, Chris has never been married before…he doesn’t want to move into 4 bedroom house with a basement until the garage can fit 2 cars, bike and an empty office? Why not take one of the bedrooms for an office? Weird
  5. Adam and Stephanie have always been an odd pairing. She seems about 10 years older than him especially when you see the new girl he fell for. They need to break up and he should go on another mission and not return, he does seem to be Sam's only male friend though. Sam and the Administrator are not going to get along, the egos are too big there. The sand mystery is dumb, I'm guessing it's going to lead the Merriwick women to some kind of family tree and they'll realize they are related to even more people in town! I miss Bell, Book and Candle where Cassie was always giving stuff a
  6. In Auj’s latest insta story she says she works 1.5 days a week on average. I’m guessing Jer may work less than that? How again would they manage “property”?
  7. I agree. I find the hate ridiculous. The show runner even explained they ran the storyline past the author of the books and she was fine with it. They didn’t want to repeat the teacher/Mountie storyline. Liz and Nathan never had a date! I do think they pushed it too far with Liz being the only one invited to Ally’s adoption. At that point, Liz should’ve said she didn’t have feelings for Nathan to both he and Ally. I can see why people are upset, we were told their was a triangle when she was really just dating Lucas. But it’s just a tv show and not a great one at that. The actors rea
  8. They aren’t willing to film because they don’t want to be second banana to Zach and his family. I don’t know why Jer and Auj want property, half the time they don’t mow their suburban yard. They are on vacation the other half of the time. Property requires upkeep as Jer would know. Matt has had people working the farm for him because it would be impossible all on his own.
  9. I think it was the second or third most watched scripted series on Sunday nights this season? More and more people are moving away from cable series to streaming (I'm not a streaming fan, but my husband is, so we have both). I think WCTH is Hallmark's most successful series or at least second to Good Witch. I can't see Chesapeake Shores last beyond this next season since the leading male is leaving. I also don't think 18-49 is the key demo for WCTH. I'm in that demo but I suspect most watchers are 55+.
  10. So, I'm pretty sure Paul Greene is off the show, right? Normally the town doesn't come out with a standing ovation send off. His contract was probably up, I feel like they never took him where his character was supposed to go and then he was pushed to the side with Nathan and Lucas showed up. I'm kind of sad that Faith is staying though, she is truly a boring character. She also panics in times of stress, so with no Carson to steady the Dr.'s office, how will she do? Molly is just the receptionist, right? I thought Nathan took the news of Elizabeth's feelings, like he's taken eve
  11. I haven't watched the finale yet, but I did watch the "bridge" scene. I can't believe the writers actually put Lucas and Liz together! I'm thrilled! But in disbelief. Lucas really has been her only suitor but looking back, it's hella awkward that Nathan declared his love, told her he wasn't giving up, and even had Ally involved in trying to set them up. Why couldn't she speak her mind before now? Just tell Nathan you aren't interested. Ugh. Also, why be so hesitant with Lucas? He built her a library, got her book published, took her on dates. He even lets her go because she's alwa
  12. I don’t see how Abigail comes back. Lori was in prison while the season was shot. They re -shot the season (which was totally filmed at that point) when she was accused of her crime, which would’ve been really expensive but that shows how much they didn’t want her associated with the show. She may still be an executive producer, I don’t know?
  13. The triangle finishes this Sunday!! If only it had been an actual triangle...instead we got one actual suitor, Elizabeth, and a socially awkward guy moping in the corner with his niece wondering why Liz won’t choose him after no dates or alone time together. If she chooses anyone but Lucas she’s a fool.
  14. I think they must be making tons of money from the young living oil business in addition to whatever money Jer was entitled to from being on the show as a child. Auj’s family seems to be quite wealthy so maybe she has some kind of inheritance as well. I wonder if she thought the “story of us” journal counted as the third book but the company rejected it so they self published?
  15. I'd like to see Elizabeth and Lucas together, they are sweet together. I 'd like to see Liz give Nathan a piece of her mind. How dare he keep that secret, how could he possibly love her when they've never been alone for more than a few minutes and most of their conversations revolve around Ally. How dare he constantly lecture her and then go sulk in the corner. He's never pursued her, just waited for her to end up with him. I'd like her to tell him that his connection (however distant) to Jack's death doesn't play a role in her decision and in fact, she doesn't love him (or really ev
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