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  1. I'll have to wait until my anger subsides before commenting on all the posts and the specifics of the epIsode. For now all I can say is that I hated it!
  2. I don't recall anything being said about Monica teaching summer classes and she spent a lot of time up at John's summer camp. I do remember Monica and Kaycee showing up with a group to look for the missing girl but I don't know who they were. If they were identified as her students, I missed hearing that.
  3. So far the build up over Angela working with Beth turned out to be a dud. Actually, the build up over Roarke was pretty lame too. As it turned out all he did was hire Wade to cause trouble.
  4. Upthread someone mentioned that Monica hasn't been teaching much. It's been summer! They're just now talking about getting "back to school." I'm not a fan of home schooling so hopefully, Tate does go back. I really disliked Teeter when she was introduced but I've warmed up to her and was glad to see her and Colby were alive. Their kiss was cute and a tender scene after the horrific attack they endured. My hopes of a Rip/Beth wedding this season have been dashed. With only one episode left there's just no time. Whatever happens next week, I hope they destroy Roarke. He hired Wade and deserves some serious payback. The preview showed what looks like an explosion in town. We have to assume that was Beth's office and hopefully Willa and Roarke were in it.
  5. Too often I have to rewatch a scene several times to hear what was said because one of the characters mumbled their lines. I watched last night's episode 3 times and still do not know what Jamie's assistant said to him when she walked in handing him a stack of documents. The only thing I was able to decipher was "power of attorney for the Dutton ranch." That worries me because Jamie can't be trusted. Did anyone hear what she said?
  6. Wow! I just can't get enough of this show! I'm watching the encore and then I'll probably watch it on my DVR when I go to bed. ETA:. No Monica tonight made the episode even better.
  7. So did Rip and Kayce and I still love both of them anyway.
  8. I never watched Better Call Saul so that comparison is lost on me. However, I do like Lloyd but I don't remember him being a major factor in the buffalo scene. I did think he was adorable watching the barrel racers practice 😍
  9. I question the hysterectomy storyline too. It would have happened about 20 years ago and hospital stays were much longer back then. Even in 2020, a hysterectomy is far from an outpatient procedure. I thought the buffalo scene was a waste of valuable story time and I'm not interested in a new Monica storyline at all. I don't like her and the less I see of her the better. I expect them to pick up the pace since we're more than halfway through the season. I am looking forward to seeing Beth and Angela face off with Willa. The episode ended 8 minutes early. That's 8 minutes of Rip and Beth time we could have had [sigh]
  10. The episode ended at 9:52pm! 9:52 pm? WTF?
  11. Jamie also handed over cash. I'm sure that bought them services. I never heard of it either.
  12. I don't speak or read Spanish. What ex? The girl he knocked up who worked on his campaign? And who would be his ex's boss? Yes there is history between those two. He's the one Jamie had words with after the two guys died in the horse trailer. I don't know his title. Is he the county attorney?
  13. Are barrel racers really buckle bunnies? I thought buckle bunnies were more like groupies. Barrel racers have a skill and actually compete. I hope they're not part of some devious plot. They could be harmless and just out to have fun. ...."girls just wanna have fun" 😜 When did Jamie call his ex? I watched this episode 3x and didn't see that.
  14. It sounds like Beth and Angela are going to team up to fight Roarke. If Angela is as much of a badass as they made her out to be, this should be fun to watch 😜
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