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  1. AnnA


    He was talking to his ex-wife about his own kids - not the kids on the bus.
  2. I can't think of a single thing I liked about this episode. That said, I'm not surprised a decision on the show's renewal hasn't been made yet. I used to look forward to watching the show but not anymore. How sad! 😟
  3. Congratulations Chicago Med! You managed to air another absolutely ridiculous episode. I'm running out of patience with this show.
  4. I hate Kate so I'm thrilled that she won't be on Below Deck next season. IMHO Kate doesn't belong on RHONY and I hope that doesn't happen. I have to admit that the mean girl in me wouldn't mind watching Dorinda and Ramona destroy her (evil grin).
  5. OK......I don't pay attention to the credits or know how they work. I just hope she's gone next season. She's a useless addition to the cast. She contributes nothing and is boring to watch.
  6. I haven't seen any announcement about Chavez moving from a recurring to a regular character. The last blurb in Deadline is posted above. I watch Chicago PD regularly and don't recall "stories" revolving around her. This is the only one I remember seeing.
  7. Ugh! I can't stand Rojas so I didn't like this episode at all. She's a "recurring" character and not a regular so I'm hoping she's gone next season. I agree with with everyone who likes Atwater but I hate the way he talks. When he was on patrol with Burgess he spoke clearly. Now that he's moved upstairs he mumbles his lines and most of the time I have no idea what he said.
  8. I hated this episode. Like Rove4, I watch to be entertained. There was nothing entertaining about this "graveyard" episode.
  9. I hated this episode. Aside from the fact that a Bronx gang related plot is another NOT FBI Most Wanted situation, I didn't care about any of the characters so it didn't matter to me what happened. So far I only liked the first episode.
  10. I had no idea it was renewed for three more seasons. Thanks for the info. That makes me happy.
  11. Thank you! I couldn't agree more.
  12. How long are they going to keep Rojas on this show? She's useless!
  13. I liked last week's episode but was disappointed this week. I didn't think Denise's crimes qualified her for the "most wanted" status.
  14. I forgot about this show and had to watch on demand. I'm glad I did because I liked it.
  15. Even though it's unlikely to ever happen, I believe we should enter into a pact that in the event we find ourselves sick and/or injured while in Chicago that we look out for one another and not allow anyone to take us to Chicago Med.
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