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  1. Jamie explained it at the end. There was a fake NYPD officer gaining access and stealing guns from the locker rooms. That fake cop was caught because he obviously didn't know about the "salute" rule. I'm guessing that they didn't disclose that when he met with his CO because they didn't want us to know and wanted the men to complain. If Jamie had told his CO then our reaction would have been different.
  2. AnnA


    Me too! I don't like Maggie and I'm tired of the OA/Maggie team working every case. I love Scola and think adding Tiffany as his partner was a smart move. I really enjoy them and hope to see more of them and less of OA/Maggie. ETA: I wasn't the least bit sorry to see Rina go. She was an unnecessary and unlikeable character.
  3. I didn't miss Erin at all LOL
  4. My guess is a marriage certificate like you would get from the church.
  5. The Governor is term limited and she's coming to the end of her last term in office.
  6. There's a good chance the AG's term is up the same time as the Governor's. Since Jamie wasa appointed AG, he would have to run for the position when that appointed term is complete.
  7. They have to offer similar plans. Those commercials are geared to make seniors think they're government sponsored. They're insurance company sponsored. They're making so much money off naive seniors that they can run commercials on TV 9 billion times a day. It's disgraceful!
  8. It's all a sales pitch! The "real insurance companies" you mention have licensed brokers answer those calls. They're pitching their products and they're not doing it for free. I'm on Medicare and have AARP supplemental plans for doctor/hospital and Rx.
  9. I think Jamie's father was responsible for the attacks on the Duttons and I predict that Jamie will eventually be the one to shoot him. I honestly don't care about Jimmy so his moving to Texas isn't a big deal. I'm not sure he'll ever come back to the Yellowstone. I don't understand why the barrel racers are still at the Yellowstone. Rip should have thrown them out a long time ago.
  10. I disagree with the posters who believe Beth hides behind John but they are entitled to their opinion just as I am entitled to mine. Some people dislike Beth and won't give her credit for anything. Personally, I don't understand why anyone who dislikes Beth would watch Yellowstone
  11. Most of her business deals were in Salt Lake City. When she came back to Montana to help her father, she bought land using Bob's money - not her father's. I don't know why you think she hid behind John because it's just not true. If anything, John's influence had been weakened and she helped bolster it with her land deals.
  12. I disagree. Beth doesn't use fear of her father to intimidate anyone. When those two thugs came into her office and nearly killed her, she wasn't hiding behind Daddy. She fought them with every ounce of strength she had. I can't think of a single time Beth hid behind John
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