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  1. LVP is the only thing that makes Beverly Hills watchable. It's the same for me with Bethenny and New York.
  2. I'm not watching tonight but I am recording it. I'll check in tomorrow and see what everyone thought of the episode. If I do wind up watching at least I can FF through the BS and commercials on the DVR
  3. Rachael was pro-Bernie in 2016. So was Chris Hayes. I don't think they're going to repeat that this election. They both got beat up on social media for it. I agree that she was hard on Seth last night. I don't know why. Maybe because she knows he's just doing it for name recognition. There's another candidate, a woman (I forgot her name) who just released a book and I saw her on New Day this morning. That's another reason some of them run......promote your book! That aspect really pisses me off. This election is serious business and I hate seeing anyone exploit it. When Joe Biden announces this week, there will be 20 democrats running for the nomination. 😝
  4. You're right. That home visit was a setup for the show. Bethenny is many things but stupid isn't one of them. She would not film a real therapy session for the show but she would pretend to do it. This one was as fake as the last one.
  5. Thank you. I'm using an iPad 2 and the Photon browser. Like every Apple user, I have Safari but don't care for it so I don't use it.
  6. So what? I really don't care. I can't get all worked up about this nonsense. They're all full of shit. I don't follow them on Twitter or Instagram and only care about what they say or do in an episode on my TV.
  7. I don't think she is making stuff up either. Their relationship was intense but complicated. We can't possibly know exactly what their feelings or intentions were. If we dismiss Bethenny's narrative about her relationship with Dennis on the grounds that she has misrepresented the truth and/or lied in the past, we've done so based on unreliable sources. All the HWs lie. What they say on TV or to the media is intended to entertain and promote themselves, their brand or both. The show is a combination infomercial, bullshit and fantasy with a dash of reality. From time to time a real life situation requires they react. That's the dash of reality and a HW's response is unpredictable because they only live in the real world part-time.
  8. Production probably told the sales clerk to roll her eyes. Then again, maybe she was a Bravo PA and not really a sales clerk at all.
  9. Thank you. It was 9pm Thursday night here in New York and Friday was a normal working day. I'm not sure how many people know you're in the UK. I certainly did not. Happy Easter!
  10. I reported this issue Thursday. It's now Sunday and no one has responded or even acknowledged it.
  11. And she was granted a restraining order against him.
  12. Jason wasn't paid for the toll that any alleged "abuse" took on him. Jason was paid because of the divorce laws in the state of New York regarding marital assets.
  13. You're absolutely right and I agree with you. My issue was with a previous post.