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  1. I liked last week's episode but was disappointed this week. I didn't think Denise's crimes qualified her for the "most wanted" status.
  2. I forgot about this show and had to watch on demand. I'm glad I did because I liked it.
  3. Even though it's unlikely to ever happen, I believe we should enter into a pact that in the event we find ourselves sick and/or injured while in Chicago that we look out for one another and not allow anyone to take us to Chicago Med.
  4. Thanks! Considering my aim, that's good to know.
  5. Oops! I meant to hit the laughing emoji but missed and hit the crying one. Sorry!
  6. I don't agree. She could have been if the circumstances were different. I thought they made her look foolish since everyone knew the truth and kept it from her. Also because Frank Reagan is known for backing his men.
  7. I really liked this episode and watched it a few times.
  8. AnnA


    I'm so glad you brought this up. It's not just this show; they're all doing it and it drives me crazy. The call out is always premature and leads to a chase.
  9. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    Well said.......Thank you. Yes. Kate is a bad boss.
  10. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    No one said she deserves "abuse" but she does deserve to be called out for being the bitch she is and put in her place. While she may out rank other crew members, she is not "superior" to them or to anyone else.
  11. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    I'm glad Kate finally acknowledged that the crew hates her. She can pretend to be superior to everyone else but in reality she's just a bitch.
  12. What the hell is Hollywood Columbus?
  13. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    Yes to the producer driven Yes to the fake walkout Yes Aston apologized Yes Kate is a bitch and that is her storyline
  14. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    I love matzo ball soup! ETA: and so did the guests. 😍
  15. AnnA

    S07.E13: Exodus

    Damn! Kate came back! I'm sick of her bitchy attitude and overly filled lips.
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