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  1. AnnA


    I thought this was a good episode and was glad to see Scola and Tiffany get the bulk of screentime. I enjoy them much more than I do OA and Maggie.
  2. Yes please! I've been liking her less and less and after lasat night's episode, I really don't like her at all.
  3. This is great news! I don't usually read this thread but now I'm so very glad I did. I won't miss either of them!
  4. So do I. They crack me up!
  5. I don't think Danny and Anthony dislike each other. I believe it's an expression of familiarity and how they communicate with one another. It's also not just Danny. Anthony talks to Danny the same way.
  6. I agree and never had a problem with Danny and Anthony trading insults. They're very comfortable ranking on each other. Some people may not get it but I think most of them do. I'm from Long Island so maybe that explains it. LOL
  7. Eww! Were these people raised by wolves?
  8. AnnA

    S03.E10 Radical

    I agree! I don't want or need to be force fed the social issues of the day. I'm well aware of them.
  9. It is gross and unsanitary. I can't imagine anyone doing that. It's like drinking straight from the container of milk or juice. It's disgusting.
  10. I tried watching this show but quit after only 3 episodes. I'll stop in here from time to time to see if the show has improved but I'm not expecting it.
  11. I don't have a high opinion of Annie but I do think Deacon is smart enough to realize that retiring doesn't eliminate the danger he might face. In fact, staying on the job surrounded by SWAT is probably a lot safer.
  12. I agree with you about the lighting. It happens all too frequently on Blue Bloods. That said, I think there is a need to pile on about the ridiculous writing. I'd much rather sing their praises for a well written script. Hopefully, that will happen again.
  13. Thank you! Your post made me laugh. I'm not a Stella fan either and this is going to sound really petty and extremely mean girlish but why do they insist on pulling her hair back behind her ears? Her ears stick out so much and really need to be covered. They could pull hair over her ears and then braid it. Sorry...........I'll shut up now.
  14. I agree with everyone who thought this episode was horrible. The really sad part is that there's been bad writing on so many other shows as well, e.g., the entire Chicago series. What happened to the TV writers? I know home delivery of everything and anything is booming since the pandemic but I have a hard time believing TV script writers quit their jobs to become delivery men/women. Once upon a time I really liked Eddie but not anymore. She's been insufferable this season. The idea of Anthony being mistaken for a mobster could have been a good storyline but they blew it
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