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  1. Angeltoes

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Never mind.
  2. Angeltoes

    S09.E07: A Bachelor No More

    Gotta love the brother who said,"Geez, get a hotel room already." I felt sorry for Abbie when she said she thought she'd never get married because "nobody was coming around." Now granted she's not Miss America but she's not bag-over-the-head either. She seems very sweet with a sense of humor. Certainly somebody besides JD must have noticed her.
  3. Angeltoes

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    We bought the Ninja for our daughter for Christmas. She has five small kids and LOVES it. Cooks something in it practically every night. She would be thrilled to share with you how many chicken recipes she has concocted in it. And she will rave about how fast she can whip up a good meal. Best money we ever spent. There's a FB page dedicated to it where members post all kinds of yummy dishes.
  4. Angeltoes

    S01.E17 Low Expectations

    Danny Bonaduce is a few months older than I am. I cheerfully go through life convincing myself that I am still 16. Then I see a peer like Danny, who is obviously middle-aged, and the teenager in me screams,"Nooooooo!" Peggy: Let's go, Frank, your brother's going to teach you how to apologize to girls. It's a skill you're going to need.
  5. Angeltoes


    Diane's brother has a FB page called "Free Diane Downs" because he thinks she's been set up.
  6. Angeltoes

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    If the sketch of Lori in court is accurate, she isn't one bit sorry and comes off as being annoyed. Judge Judy would have screamed at her,"Uncross your arms!"
  7. Angeltoes

    S12.E17: The Conference Valuation

    I can't get over how much time these adults spend with their friends. I have friends but we don't live in each other's pockets.
  8. Angeltoes

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    Did she dress them alike as kids?
  9. Angeltoes

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    #3 on that list, Eva Fay, is the daughter of Harry Anderson (Night Court).
  10. Angeltoes


    A local studio has cat yoga. The animal shelter sends over a couple of adoptable cats who schmooze with the participants. Instant love matches are made and kitty gets a furever home.
  11. Angeltoes

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I'm 59 and watched it religiously when it was on (as did many of my friends). My step-daughter was in high school during the show's heyday and we once had a thirty minute conversation based on the current plot line that week. We were so passionate about it that Mr. Angeltoes was confused and thought we were talking about real people that went to her school.
  12. Angeltoes

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    Mr. Angeltoes watched an episode with me. He thought the whole bunch of them were loons but especially Kody. He said,"Look at that crazy bastard! He looks like a cult leader. Wait, reverse it for a second, go back, go back, freeze it right there....see how nuts he looks? It's all in his eyes. He looks like Jim Jones!" He also asked,"What the hell is wrong with his hair?". Needless to say, I'll be watching alone from now on.
  13. Angeltoes

    S01.E15: Nine Birthdays

    If that happened, why was there a cemetery plot? I'm surprised they'd even have known that happened. My aunt is as Catholic as they come and had two miscarriages in the early 60's but there's no headstone for them.
  14. Angeltoes

    S01.E14: Happy Cecil

    Mike's line was my favorite..."He used to be Father Dunne. Now he's just a randy old goat named Cecil." I grew up Catholic. In 1972, if our priest had quit and started shacking up with a parishioner it would not have been shrugged off. There was a rumor about our priest and one of the nuns, who took a walk together around the parking lot every night, which was enough of an eyebrow raiser. When that priest transferred churches, he made sure the nun got transferred, too, so the rumor mill may have been right.