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  1. At my bank the virtual number is only good for a month. It comes in handy if you're ordering a subscription for something (like a magazine) and the company tells you that they will automatically rebill you when the subscription is up. Most people forget this until the fee shows up a year later on their credit card bill for renewing the subscription. If you pay for the original subscription with a virtual card, it will no longer be valid by the time the subscription runs out and they can't renew you for nuttin'. In fact, you will get sad emails that say you need to give them a different cr
  2. I read that Pumpkin wants to go to school to be a nurse. I could totally see her working with the elderly. She seems to have a lot of patience. Josh was so tickled that they're getting a son. I think he was afraid to hope for a boy.
  3. I have, too, although it can be a rabbit hole. I have been on a friend's page, then looked at one of THEIR friends pages because they look familiar, then something there catches my eye and leads me to someone else's page and before you know it I'm thinking,"Oh, they went to Ireland on vacation. That looks like a nice hotel. Wait a minute, who the hell are these people?"
  4. Pumpkin says Alana has a boyfriend who is very nice and respectful. With that said, I'd still be trotting her down for birth control.
  5. Angeltoes


    I can still sing from memory, "Oh, I come from six feet under with a dead guy on my knee..." But my favorite one is where Roseanne is dressed like a man. The look on her face always makes me laugh when she realizes that Crystal doesn't recognize her and thinks she's really a man. The bingo episode is classic with a bewildered Dan saying,"Was it tequila night down at St. Benny's?"
  6. We had a coworker who got arrested over two years ago (he was about 29) for ten counts of child porn. His mother called our office that day and instead of saying that he'd no longer be coming to work and leaving it at that, she said he'd been arrested and why. He's been cooling his heels in the clink ever since (nobody ponied up his bail) and got sentenced last week. He had previously pled not guilty but he changed it to guilty on all ten counts so there was no jury trial. He had a public defender which was interesting because he came from a well-off family. We're guessing that Mommy and
  7. What a cheap bastard presenting her with something out of the yard. You can go to most grocery stores and get a colorful bouquet of carnations for less than what he's spending on that hamburger.
  8. Anybody that still thinks that Charles isn't Harry's biological dad should look at that picture. It's pretty obvious that Philip and Harry are related.
  9. I so wanted to reach through the screen and smack Sondra London. I wonder where she wound up in life.
  10. He wasn't very good at it. They almost had to mop her up off the floor.
  11. This episode was directed by Katey Sagal's sister, Jean. I had just been wondering whatever happened to her.
  12. I live in the same county as Melbourne. I, too, laughed at them being surprised about the gators. You usually don't see them but they're not rare. I used to work at the space center which had several bodies of water. One of my coworkers came out to his truck to go home and noticed one was laying under it. My coworker sprinted back into the building and called Fish & Game who came to relocate it. Another time, in the same area, another one turned up. I watched the removal process and it took several grown men to get a rope around the alligator to get it immobile so they could move it
  13. This is the case that happened where I grew up. Crosley Green is being let out of jail (finally). Hopefully for good. I'm sure our sheriff will be taking all the credit for this since he loves to toot his own horn.
  14. Maybe not. Her mother is still popping out babies like a Pez dispenser. Lauren was part of the text messages group that was monitoring Kendra's labor. I thought the hat decorating was adorable. I'm dying to know what Michelle did in her youth that was so sinful. I know that she was considered the devil's daughter for mowing the lawn in her bikini in front of the neighbor. But she was acting like she'd done some real naughties. Gasp, could this mean that JB was the only virgin on their wedding night? And never mind about the Easter story, I already know that one. But I
  15. If she does it again your husband should sweetly tell her that he can have her car towed in just a minute. I have been on medical leave since January and thank God that I'm going back to work in two weeks. Mr. Angeltoes is retired and the TV is his best friend from the minute he gets up until he goes to bed. The remote never leaves his hand like it's a security blanket. Myself, I'm a big fan of peace and quiet. I can go all day without touching a remote. There are earplugs stashed all over the house so I can put them in to avoid strangling him and ending up on an episode of Dateli
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