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  1. We've either come a long way or the wrong way because these days people don't hesitate to get online and share with everyone they know, and total strangers who happen to be surfing by, every intimate detail about their life, body and relationships. No discretion or secrets anymore. That little girl in the dog case needed to be taught to say,"Yes, ma'am" instead of a robotic "un-huh." Plus, no kid says "picked him up like he was a chew toy" unless she heard grown-ups say it or she was coached. She was an adorable little girl. I told Mr. Angeltoes there was no way that she came from that guy (her dad). He said he was sure they were parent/child because they had the same eyes.
  2. I always had my doubts that the daughter was the one that wrote the text. The wording that was used gave me a suspicion that it was the adoptive mother who wrote it (possibly never telling the daughter about any of it) and was trying to put a stop to anything happening because of jealousy.
  3. Or a passport. I just renewed mine because my drivers license has no star and also doesn't expire until 2025.
  4. Amy has said that her father abused her as a child. My hat is off to Mary Jo's son for leaving the circus and forging his own way. Jessica needs to follow in his footsteps and stop using her dad's behavior as an excuse for still living with Mommy in her thirties. I didn't know, until reading a recent news article, that Mary Jo divorced her second husband and he died a few years later.
  5. Supportive = $$$ in their pockets. I'd be surprised if the cousins ever even met him. You do not stand alone. I always thought he overacted. Natalie Wood was much better than he was.
  6. I did laugh at JJ finding out the husband was home while the nanny was nannying and then asking why the husband couldn't have washed the knives. I bet the last time JJ's husband washed a knife in their house was when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
  7. That was not a true four-generation picture they took. Generation photos are supposed to show a chain of life - each person created the next person in the chain. Grandma Dugger (R.I.P.) didn't give birth to Michelle. For it to be a true four-generation picture, JB should have been in it instead of Michelle. I hope they actually took a picture like that before Grandma died.
  8. Howard's mother needed to take it down a notch (and I say this as a birthmother myself). She immediately started yapping all about her and how this affected her, etc. The first meeting should have been about him and she should have been asking a million questions about his life. If he directly asked her something about herself that would be okay but don't bombard him with all that. Also, I read some speculation elsewhere that she wasn't really his mother, that her dead sister really was (as Lisa originally thought) but she seized the moment to get in on the action and get some attention by pretending she was the one that gave birth. I hope Long Lost does DNA in these cases to be sure.
  9. Steve Guttenberg was Adam's teacher with the glasses. I can't get over how old he looked. Pictures from the episode: http://www.ksitetv.com/the-goldbergs/tonight-on-the-goldbergs-a-100-true-ghost-story/198927/
  10. The man one was my favorite. This episode was a huge disappointment as far as Halloween goes. I guess we can just assume that it's too hard for still-grieving Dan to go all out since it was Roseanne's favorite holiday, and the limited decorations were for the sake of the kids. I'll bet the real Roseanne jeered at this episode and said how lame it was. I find it hard to believe that Becky wouldn't know her grandmother's first name.
  11. The chilliest comment to me was when the one girl casually asked where the body was. Not asking if her friend was okay but almost as if she was enjoying picturing the body still out there carved up in the woods.
  12. Supposedly the daughters have final say when it comes to the courting/marrying. JB can suggest strongly but the girls can veto. This must be true or Jana would have been auctioned off married a long time ago.
  13. That article lead to another one where I learned that she was the one that cheated in her marriage to Billy Joel. For some reason I had always thought it was the other way around. My apologies, Billy, you aren't a pig. But I still think you're nuts for having a kid at 68.
  14. I'm still not sure that guy is the twins' dad. I hope they DNA tested to be sure.
  15. That was a sad read. She doesn't mention having friends or slumber parties or going roller skating on Saturday afternoons. I would love to know what her dad thinks about all this.
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