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  1. The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family by Ron and Clint Howard about their childhood growing up as Hollywood actors. I'm 100 pages in and so far have really enjoyed it because they both have a good sense of humor. I have an admiration for their parents and how they parented the boys.
  2. Nobody in Second Victim's age group is named Peggy anymore. Yesterday, I was at a souvenir shop looking for a keychain with that name. Peggy wasn't even on their list of several hundred possibilities.
  3. Kelli might want to try toning down her own eye makeup. And someone needs to gently tell her that the Pebbles Flintstone hairdo on her isn't working either. She looks like a prom chaperone. When she was getting lectured in the office, she put her hands up to the sides of her nose as if she were trying to hold back tears. It was quite obvious that she was peeking to see how Kelli and Judy were reacting to her sign of remorse.
  4. BJs moves things around and their aisle signage is terrible. One time I got so frustrated that I called the service desk from inside the store and asked them where something was. She didn't even know and had to put me on hold to find out. I filled out one of their online "how are we doing" surveys and told them that I realized that they move things around so you'll have to hunt for them and that they're hopeful that during your trek you'll see something to impulse buy. I said that Mr. Angeltoes and I were both over 60 years old and if we couldn't find what we were looking for in a re
  5. An anonymous donor has paid for twenty funerals for the people who were killed in the Tennessee flooding last week. People are guessing it's Garth. My guess is Brad Paisley.
  6. Hall was the one that asked that, not Dylan. https://fox8.com/news/country-singer-songwriter-tom-t-hall-dies-at-85/
  7. I live in Florida. The beach is a two minute walk from our house. We don't live on the beach but If the ocean is having an angry day, you can hear the waves crashing from our driveway. That said, I have been to the beach once this summer and that was to see how many people were there and then I turned around and walked home. I also work infor a beach souvenir shop so the sand/sun allure is definitely lost to me by the time I get home at the end of a workday. On my bucket list is a week long stay at a B&B anywhere in snowy New England. There's a big used book store in Connecticut
  8. At first glance I thought you meant Prince Charles and Lady Di. I wondered how the hell he knew them.
  9. I think they're going to kill off Big since I read yesterday that there's going to be a "big" funeral. That's a good reason to bring in all these characters like Natasha and Aiden. Natasha would be there as the ex-wife and Aiden as the concerned friend showing his support like he did when Miranda's mom died. It was really a jolt to see how old the cast looks now. I know they're all middle-aged (heck, I'm older than all of them except for Big) but it seems kind of sad. It's like time is a speeding train and you don't realize you've gotten from Point A to Point B until you look out the
  10. Maybe Felicity is the one hiding her face while she thinks,"Please don't let my face show. I don't want people to know I'm the offspring of these two loons."
  11. I always had a suspicion that Frank and Mike weren't the great childhood buddies that they claimed to be. I think Frank is actually chummy with Robbie and that Mike is more of a friend-in-law. Frank has mentioned that he is godfather to Robbie's kids.
  12. Hopefully he'll change his last name to Jones while he's at it.
  13. On Facebook, my childhood best friend's younger sister posted a picture of herself holding her newborn 8th grandchild. I was stunned thinking,"How did this happen? Am I that old?"
  14. We had an obituary in our local paper recently where his dog was the FIRST survivor listed, even before his kids! I wondered if he pre-wrote it and thought to himself,"There you go, you ungrateful little bastards."
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