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  1. Mr. Angeltoes and I want to learn it and perform it for the grandkids just to see the looks of horror on their faces.
  2. I think they miss a lot of others, too. When they walked into the new living room, there were comments about the "fourth wall." On the original set that wall was not there and Susan said (with a catch in her voice) that she used to be able to look in that direction and see her mother sitting there on the soundstage.
  3. Tarek bought his new girlfriend a car for her birthday. This isn't going to end well.
  4. In elementary school it was "it's about time, it's about space, it's about time I slapped your face..." This is probably accurate. She did an interview where she said she never wanted to do the Brady Brides but they kept throwing money at her to change her mind so she finally figured why the hell not. Mr Angeltoes (who is about a year older than Barry) says he doesn't understand why this renovation is a big deal or why it's even being done. His exact words were,"America must be hard up for entertainment if they put this crap on TV." I, on the other hand, fall in age between Eve and Mike Lookinland, and I would love to spend the night in this house.
  5. In Barry's book (well worth reading!) Chris Knight said that after the show was cancelled he called Eve and invited her to the movies. Instead of going to the movies he drove them straight to some spot to make out in the back of his pickup (which he now admits was pretty dickish of him since he knew she'd had a crush on him for years). The cops showed up in the middle of whatever they were doing, shined their flashlights on them and Eve was beyond mortified. She wasn't too thrilled to see Chris tell that story in the book but she seems to have moved on from it. I think she's just a private person and doesn't want her past to be part of gossip. Can't say as I blame her.
  6. You've kind of gotten your wish. https://thewaltonhamnerhouse.com/john-olivias-bnb-inn/ It looks like Maureen and Eve are cordial with each other, but I've noticed that they never stand or sit next to each other.
  7. High school kids here can take college classes and then graduate with their high school diploma and AA at the same time. We went to our friends' daughter's graduation and about five or six kids out of about 200 did just that (our friends' daughter being one of them). It's an impressive feat but I never would have had the discipline to do it myself.
  8. Tori does a lot of things that make people say WTH.
  9. She just got reelected.
  10. Carol Lynley dies at 77. I just rewatched the Poseiden Adventure a few weeks ago. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/carol-lynley-dead-dies-the-poseidon-adventure-1203325524/
  11. I live near the beach in Florida and he showed up here this week. Ended up that we got almost nothing as far as rain and wind and didn't even lose power. He isn't always the sign of the devil.
  12. I am on several Abaco Facebook pages because we vacationed on the island the last two summers. Officials appreciate that we all are concerned and want to help but they have asked that people stay the hell away unless specifically asked to come down. There's no place to tie up boats and the airports are a mess. It is chaos as it is.
  13. That hairdo of Kelli's that's all poofed up in the back is a no. It looks like her alarm didn't go off on time and she raced to The Star with bedhead.
  14. And these days the retail world tries to make us believe that the Christmas season starts the day after Labor Day. So now by mid-December we're all burned out and nobody gives a damn about your tree and we will not be window peeking.
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