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  1. Thank you, just added it to my book list! Which one of the Jackson brothers is it that lives in a far off state from the rest (I want to say Georgia), has a normal job and minds his own business and stays out of all the family craziness? I'm thinking it's Marlon.
  2. I love her! She's one that I'd love to have been able to have tea with and hear all her stories.
  3. I live in a Florida beach town and the city has been begged by residents to follow in Miami's footsteps and shut our beaches this weekend. Didn't happen because tourist $$$$ talks in this town. My employer (huge souvenir shop) profits big time from the crowds. However, they have made it store policy as of today that all customers must wear masks. We'll see how that flies because they got a lot of blow-back on Facebook ("I'll never shop there again!") when they announced it.
  4. Publicity really is a cute little kid. Jing doesn't look very pregnant here.
  5. They were also illegal in our state unless you signed a paper that said you were using them to scare away birds from your property (winky, winky). But our governor, who obviously has nothing better to think about during these troubled times, has decreed that they are now legal on New Years Day, July 4th and New Year's Eve. All the local "real" fireworks have been called off.
  6. Some woman is on Facebook saying her son will be on next week's episode. He was 17 when this was filmed, she did not give permission for it to be aired and she wants it stopped. Supposedly he slept with Brittani.
  7. I saw an interview with June about a year ago. Don't remember the why or the interviewer but I was startled at how intelligent and articulate she was. That Georgia hick routine was nowhere in sight.
  8. The only thing I don't like about Accused is that every so often they write a fact about the case on the screen. If you aren't watching it with rapt attention (I'm usually doing puzzles while watching tv) then you miss it.
  9. Mr. Angeltoes wandered through the room while I was watching this. Let's just say he didn't think much of it. I believe he said,"What's this country coming to that this kind of shit makes it onto TV?" This from a man that watches one of those reality fishing shows where every other word is bleeped out because none of them can make a complete sentence without throwing in a swear word. Drives me nuts to hear it because it's a constant beep, beep, beep.
  10. I adore that movie (I watch it every time it comes on) but can't stand Cage in it or his cousin, Sofia Coppola. Cage overdid it and Sofia was a dull monotone. Love Keanu but not for his acting. He does seem to be a genuine person. I always think of that video of him giving up his seat on the crowded subway to a female passenger. He's always reminded me of my nephew (as far as looks) but my nephew was horrified at this comparison because he can't stand Keanu. I said,"What the hell's wrong with you? That's like saying you don't like puppies or rainbows."
  11. Is he gay? That was the rumor.
  12. This is so me. I have earplugs stashed everywhere. I wish I knew a good brand because mine are the cheap foamy ones that only block out about 25%.
  13. Not to mention what a jerk he was when Erin Moran died.
  14. Aww, those kids adore their daddy! You can tell they are used to roughhousing with him and he's a hands-on Dad. I imagine when he comes home from a day of Prince-ing that Catherine greets him with,"Thank God, you're home! Can you entertain them while I make dinner?" Charles looks a little feeble in that picture but still one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen of him showing some personality. Happy Father's Day to them both! Although, I thought it was an American holiday? And happy birthday, William!
  15. In that picture of Publicity in front of the fridge, I think she looks a lot like Josie.
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