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  1. Just to put all this who-passed-what-bar business in clear form: Emily Simpson graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, was admitted in CA on 12/1/05 and UT on 10/31/11, and is "active" (i.e., able to practice, current on dues, CLE, etc.) in both jurisdictions. Shane Simpson graduated from Whittier College School of Law, was admitted in UT on 10/31/11, and is active in UT. He is not listed as a CA attorney, so he did not pass the February, 2019 exam, as those results are out. If he took the July, 2019 exam, those results are pending and will be released sometime after October (I can't say for certain when, as I'm not, nor ever was, a CA attorney). Shireen Burgan, Shane's sister and Emily's party planner partner, graduated from Whittier College School of Law, was admitted in CA on 12/2/08, and is active in CA. I have no idea how Shane was Emily's boss in Utah, since she had six more years of practice and they were licensed in UT at the same time. I also don't know why Shane didn't take the CA bar after graduating (maybe he did, failed, and just moved on to UT?) since he went to law school in CA. And this is waaaay too much bar talk for me, as I'm having flashback dreams about studying for it, and it was better than 2 decades ago that I took the damn test. 😆 But I have to laugh at @SimonSeymour's comment about seeing a movie during studying. Back in bar prep (which was live and in person as this was the nascent days of the Internet and I don't live in a multi-jurisdiction test state), the guy teaching the last subject had been teaching and bar exam grading for longer than I've been alive today. He said to knock off early on the night before the exam, go see a movie, and don't crack a book until you sit down to take the test. Worked like a charm for me! On a completely different topic, it strikes me that Emily and Vicki both dress in the same wrong manner. They go for tight clothes and tops with extra crap on them that makes their shoulders look super-wide, which in turn, strikes a silhouette much larger than they actually are. We saw that especially with Emily last year when she was in her swimsuit on vacation--when she was down to that suit, she was actually quite lovely in proportion She needs a stylist more than anything, because, unlike Vicki who will NEVER learn not to buy her clothes two sizes too small and always have an affinity for dead muppet vests, I think there's hope for Emily. Someone needs to get her some of the Joan Holloway-Harris style wiggle dresses and steer her the hell away from ruffles and weird cut-outs.
  2. Lizzing

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    I really, really, really want Shep's family to be the real life version of the Rose family on Schitt's Creek. But they won't be as funny and deep-down endearing as the fictional one.
  3. Lizzing

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    That flashback to four years ago with Shep trying to chat up Madison just really drove home how bad Shep looks now. He's aged 15 years in 4. There's got to be something harder than booze and no sleep at work there. On the other side of the spectrum, Hunter looked barely 18. I just do not get the use of the contortionist in the giant champagne glass and the woman on stilts outside greeting people. It was like they took leftover scraps from bad Real Housewives parties to set dress this absurdly contrived wrap party. Really, the only story arc that was satisfying was Eliza realizing, by the end of the season, those ratty extensions from the first Patricia party needed to be replaced.
  4. Kelly was right about Shane being a little bitch. He could have attended his parents' birthday dinner if he wanted to. (I took the LA bar eons ago and had time for dinner every night. It wasn't a huge time suck to eat a meal or a slice of cake.) Of course, he didn't either to avoid the cameras (which makes him look more like a little bitch with his 'harrassment' charge) or to avoid Emily & the kids. He shouldn't avoid his parents, because they're probably the ones who keep paying the exam fees to start with. At least their dog didn't get kicked this week. It just feels like they really don't have anything this season. A dinner with Tams & Eddie, where he brings shoes to the dinner table? Only for the cameras. The housewarming party was clearly a set up for the Vicki/Kelly fight--hell, Steve & Eddie were watching from the side laughing at the confrontation. Tiffs over who posted what or who follows whom on social media. We're already seeing flashbacks to Braunwyn & Gina meeting, because that scene was clearly a snooze. It feels very Beverly Hills and makes me even more angry that we got a short NY season.
  5. Lizzing

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I too was SHOCKED Travis is only 26. I would have thought he was at least a decade older, likely more. He needs to look into sunscreen & laying off the hootch. Joao's behavior at dinner was appalling. And by behavior, I mean the way he held his fork with his fist and shoveled the food in his mouth. He's not arthritic, lest he could not do his job as he does & we'd have heard about it by now. He's on a luxury yacht and around people who know how to hold utensils properly, so he could pick up a damn clue. He is not in a stage production of Oliver!. He has no excuse. There seems to be some production shenanigans going on in the galley. If Anastasia is correct, and one of the burners is on the fritz, why didn't anyone call in a repair person while the crew was on their day off? Surely the South of France has stove repair shops that can go out to yachts in port. And why aren't there cloches? Hell, the one crazy momma Debbie on 90 Day Fiance had them in her dumpy house. I hope it is a big ole fake out that Colin leaves next week; he's the one person I actually like on the show.
  6. Lizzing

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    Uggghhhh...his mispronunciation drove me insane! So much for his erudite facade. And you know Shep would be the first one to rag on Kathryn for mispronouncing foie gras.
  7. Let's see....Lauri's criminal son, Shane (Jeana's son), Steve Lodge, Simon, Lou (Tammy's dead ex)...LOL, I think it'd be easier to name the non-douchebags. After Kelly's "pharoh" cat gaffe, I totally get why she and Ramona hit it off (aside from their obvious mutual love of booze). Imagine the two of them conversing and trying to figure out what the hell they actual mean. Could be fun, could be terrifying! Kelly's creepy plastic surgeon doc reminded me a lot of that creepy plastic surgeon husband on RHoMiami (the one whose wife had fertility issues). Kelly's dude didn't necessarily make me think of Dirty John, but that "Babe" dude Shannon was sucking face with sure did. Did Shane decide to cram for the bar exam the week before he was set to take it? Because if he's more than two months out, he shouldn't have to be studying from sun up to late nights. First, it isn't effective to study that long daily. Second, he should know a good amount if he's sat for the exam before. Third, he works in a law office and even if he's not practicing in CA, he should have a good working knowledge of most things and should only be focusing on new developments and the sections he flunked before. Emily should know the score and realize he's just avoiding her and the kids. Personally, I'd avoid those kids too, but they aren't mine. It is true that opinions can change on a dime with Bravo shows. I was so fed up with Luann's haughty cavalier attitude post-arrest, but I'd take that every day, all day, over Gina's constant neediness for assurance her parents and friends still like her. This shit is just depressing.
  8. Lizzing

    S02.E09: A Date with Destin-y

    I know Rachel is a "friend of" everyone on this cast, but I want her to be a "frend of" EVERYONE on Bravo--all the shows! Most importantly Bravo need to give her some big bucks to join RHONY when they go on vacation, because the way she handled the room assignments was a thing of freakin' beauty. The chyron writer for this show needs an Emmy STAT. Those were great. "Barry STILL Hot" and so on. And I get the snark the chyron writer/editors were dropping on the cast when they posted the temperature (i.e., the ladies saying it was sooo cold at 39-45 degrees), but that IS cold for this far south in early December. LOL! I'm bummed that next week is the finale. I hope they get another season, with at least a dozen regular episodes and a reunion.
  9. Lizzing

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    Yeah, Shep and Craig both do the foot bouncing thing all the time. I even commented on it back in an earlier episode when they were at a lunch, sitting at a bar two-top, planning the pillow party and RV trip. I don't get the idea that Madison is some kind of ball-busting, take no bullshit kind of gal. If she is, why is she even with Austen? He's a walking wall of bullshit. She can only be dating him for a spot on the show and/or she has some kind of weird Muppet kink.
  10. Lizzing

    S09.E24: Reunion Part 3

    I watched the first two installments on a regular HD TV and then watched this last one at home in 4K. My big takeaway was (beyond how much bullshit was unnecessary and filler to make a 3rd hour) was that Kyle really needs to rethink how much highlighter she puts on her temples because that shit got seriously crease-y and was glaringly aging her in 4K. For all the Botox she uses, she sure missed a spot. Erika, OTOH, didn't have any of her lines show, so at least Tom got his $$ worth out of that defaulted loan.
  11. Lizzing

    S02.E08: The Big Picture

    I hope Rachel gets bumped up to full cast member too. Since she's "everybody's" friend, it made sense for her to introduce the idea of a cast trip. However, I really want the travel budget to be bumped up in S3 (fingers crossed there is one), because Destin in December has got to be about the cheapest place they could go without going wilderness survival mode on some back bayou. This show is just so much better than original recipe for many reasons, but one that I really appreciate is far fewer people chew with their mouths hanging open. I can actually eat dinner while I watch this show. I'd suggest a drinking game to take a shot every time Reagan whines, "That's not fair!", but I don't want to send people to the ER for alcohol poisoning. LOL
  12. Lizzing

    S09.E23: Reunion Part 2

    After hanging in watching the death throes of this season, my takeaways are this: 1) Production had footage of the Dorit chase-down in the Bahamas and chose not to air it. This is not the same as the rest of the cast choosing not to discuss her Beverly Beach lawsuit. Why did production choose to protect Dorit? The could have aired it, and then aired a bunch of "no comment" talking head interviews from the cast if they were asked about it by producers during their sit-downs. (Similar to how the Southern Charmers "no commented" things about TRav early this season.) What's up with that? 2) I've never liked Camille, never bought her redemption arc, and always bristled at the "St. Camille" moniker people slapped on her after her PR makeover. However, she's just like her ex: despicable human beings, but excellent television. I admit that I enjoy some seasons of Frasier on TV Land. She at least brought something interesting to the back third of the season and made airing of at least some of the reunion worth watching. Sure, she's not a reliable narrator about everything. But I think she thought she had an opening to be more integral on the show and not be the absolute villain (because that was LVP by the time of her birthday party) and realized a bit too late that she'd be LVP's replacement villain. And maybe it's just my life experience as a bridesmaid, but brides often chose people for the bridal party that they can get something out of, rather than to honor some kind of meaningful friendship, so her Kyle choice wasn't weird to me. 3) The debate over whether or not Denise said she yelled at her kids or cussed/cursed them out is patently absurd. Half the commentariat has complained about her liberal use of "fuck" in her language. Do we really think she can refrain from peppering her language to her kids when she's heated? She uses "fuck" when she's in a good fuckin' mood, as well as a bad fuckin' mood. (Pass the tequila.) Denise is no more a saint than Camille. Actually, they're very similar. 4) If Dorit didn't dump the dog at a kill shelter (either directly, by proxy, or by handing the pup off to an alleged good home), she'd have provided receipts by now, by way of this friend/employee/whatever person. She's not protecting anyone but herself in the matter. And no way, no how, no makeup explains those boobs. Tamra's implants in the Clubhouse looks more natural. 5) For a couple of seasons, around 2-3, I actually had sympathy for Kyle dealing with Kim. Now I have sympathy for Kim dealing with Kyle. That's fucked up, but Kyle is so insufferable, coasting on her relatability with viewers by being such a 'good mom'. I don't give a fuck if she's a good mother. If, as she says, the scope of discussion of this show is about the friendships, then she's a shit friend. She buddied up with Hi, I'm Teddy because Kyle was the least cool junior, and Teddy was the least cool sophomore transfer student who couldn't figure out how to relate to the cool senior, Erika, in the high school scenario they live out in perpetuity. Even if her friend is on her side, she won't reciprocate at the same level. And I want a one-off special on how Bethenny "mention it all" Frankle can still be friends with Kyle "don't ask me about my business" Richards. 6) Rinna is waiting for her chance to take down Kyle next season. She doesn't know if it is through Dorit, Denise, or Camille, so she's hedging her bets. 7) Erika is dull, even costume-wise this season, but she hasn't overtly betrayed anyone and enjoys food. She is flat-out lying that she likes hanging out with this group, aside from the needed paycheck. But by default, she's the least objectionable one of the lot. Faint praise, that. Finally, this arm of the franchise needs to end now or completely recast.
  13. Lizzing

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I really hoped that, in the Tinsley segment, Bethenny would have been taken to task for her shitty Miami comment about Tinsley's lack of a child in the same way Ramona was called on the carpet for her transgressions. Hell, at least Ramona had the sense to call Bethenny after her Dennis comment aired and apologized. Bethenny lacks the self-awareness of Ramona.
  14. Lizzing

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I've often wondered about how much power a creator/EP has. For a long time, Scott Dunlop got EP status on OC (maybe still does there) and several of the other franchises. He's been credited simply as "creator" of the OC on all the other HW franchises now for a while. But from what anyone's ever said, Dunlop really only had any kind of control in the OC, and only in early seasons at that. I do think Whitney potentially has a lot more control on this iteration of SC than the others, but I don't think he's "in charge". After all, when he pitched the sizzle reel years ago, there were no women in the show and it was all his drunk dude friends. And we know what kind of shitty docs and political ads he produces, so I'm thinking there are much better tv production minds at work on this show. That said, even if he had no production control, he's in charge of what comes out of his mouth with regard to his actions with Kathryn. The whole situation is just weird: it's an odd choice to deny they hooked up over the summer while both in LA. Isn't it kind of like the crew hookups on Below Deck? Like, they work together, both in the same place at the same time, both horny & willing participants... Denying it and giving the story more "legs" than just saying 'yeah, it happened, so what?' is an odd narrative choice. It's only interesting in trying to figure out why they thought the storyline would be interesting, and that is far too meta for this type of fare. That's another head scratcher. First, I don't think he practices, though he probably keeps his license current. But second, it's not like the SC Bar runs around and randomly drug tests lawyers. He'd have to do something *in his practice* that would give them cause to investigate. And doing weed where it is legal is hardly going to get the Bar after him. Truth be told, if he were practicing, pot in CO on vacation wouldn't be the potential issue, it'd be all the excessive drinking in SC. FFS, my law school chancellor was busted with pot in the Atlanta airport and still kept his license and his job (albeit demoted). I blame Kathryn's pleather black pants obsession on Thomas: all those years of his wearing skin-tight white jeans, she picked up the habit. LOL!
  15. I did enjoy the chyron "Rachel, Everybody's Friend". And I wondered why Susan wasn't at the party. It is striking how much more compassion this cast has in contrast with the Charleston crew. Even as much as Reagan is a self-absorbed twit 24/7, I doubt she'd openly laugh in anyone's face for being heartbroken. (The only one the jury's still out on is Reece...he might, but he's not main cast yet.) RIP top layer of cake...you looked delicious.