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  1. Vicki is from Chicago, so she should have had to read at least The Old Man & The Sea in 9th grade. My theory is she did know who Hemingway was at one point, but too many tumbles and super-dirty martinis knocked the knowledge out of her brain. Emily's hair is full of extension, so I must amend my prior comment that they all are obsessed with cheap extensions to all the blondes are cheap extension obsessed. Emily has discussed several times this season that she has stress-induced alopecia, multiple bald spots, and uses extensions and/or filler pieces in her hair. So I don't know exactly how healthy it is, but it certainly looks more natural and better maintained than Gina's, Shannon's & Braunwyn's yellow messes.
  2. Gina needs to keep her hair that shorter length. It improved her looks greatly. Yeah, color correction is still necessary, but the cut was a step in the right direction. I know it won't last because these women are obsessed with cheap extensions. Never will understand why they won't put in the effort and cash to get actually well-done extensions. I did kinda chuckle at Gina & Emily sharing a little hotel bathroom; juxtapose that with the RHONY ladies' fully staffed white marble house last season, which was even kind of a down grade for NY. OC is soooo low rent.
  3. Maybe when Sasha's dad acquired the shirt, he didn't know what it meant, decided not to use any internet translation sites, and just rolled with it. But I have a hard time that he didn't know the meaning of shirt's text at the time of filming. Sasha's English is pretty good and it's come out that Emily's portrayed lack of Russian proficiency is another Matt Sharp fiction. One of them probably did say something and he was fully aware and ok with the shirt for filming. I kinda figure Sasha's parents are weird, given that they produced Sasha.
  4. About a decade ago, before national marriage equality, some very good friends of mine got married in CT (which had marriage equality) in Greenwich. The wedding had about 100 people, a lovely venue, a great reception, and a full dinner at a restaurant they bought out for the night. During the show I was texting them about the cost--it was, all told, under $15,000 for everything. Even given inflation, that wedding planner was taking Michael & Juliana for a ride for a backyard wedding. Her fee alone should cover the cost of 40 people, a tent, and even the finest catered food and top shelf alcohols. As with anything, sure, you could spend $1M on a wedding with 10 guests if you go all out and are stupid or insanely wealthy, but the wedding planners acted like there was no way it was even possible to get a wedding below $50K in the area, and that's just bullshit. As for the other Michael, that lunch meeting with the ex-pats in Legos 100% had to be all production plants, like that "interested" family with Caesar last season in Mexico. Big ole fakey fake. And speaking of fake, the Jasmin/Blake story has zero plausibility. First, she says she likes to be alone and sleep alone. Then, she is bummed that he's got to stay at his brother's house and she has to sleep alone? And her sister lives 10 minutes away, so why is she not just staying there? Or both Blake & Jasmin stay at the sister's house? Or both Blake & Jasmin stay at his brother's house? Or, ya know, a 29 year old dude have enough money to rent an apartment if he also has enough money to sponsor a K-1 visa? Or maybe one of the dozen pool-going friends may have a spare room? There are too many easy outs to fix the problem that the whole situation has to be contrived. Y'all, I spent 10 minutes looking for the Fart Ninjas t-shirt on the internet, only to find it sold out everywhere. LOL! Not that I wanted one, but it was truly the highlight of the show. Nothing undercuts a moment of real emotional gravitas like a fart joke. ITA that, even if Anna's story line with Mursel is just made for TV, she's a shit human for subjecting her kids to this nonsense.
  5. The long & short of this part is Vicki started a "charity" called "Kill All Cancer" and if you signed up to donate/buy a bracelet, your info was kicked over to Vicki's insurance company generate leads to sell illness/disability insurance. In my estimation, even if I bought she had no clue about Brooks' fakery (and I didn't), this was a reprehensible attempt to profit off the storyline. As for this episode, I am 95% on board with Emily's assessment that no one should pick on Vicki for her appearance when her personality is so wretched. The 5% is reserved for things she's done to her self--the plastic surgery is beyond--and what she chooses to wear. She's over-worked her face, and she usually buys clothes two sizes too small. If she had a good plastic surgeon/derm (say, like Ramona), and bought clothes in her size, she could look good. Hell, last night when she was on the bed scheming with Tamra, I thought she looked the best she has in years. I still want her gone, but I can recognize when she looks well put-together. Plus, given all the Adderall this cast is rumored to ingest to keep slim, I'd hazard to guess than an extra 15 pounds on a few of them would be far heart-healthier than the drugs. And I never like age-shaming, not with this cast, not with Bethenny who is a prolific age-shamer, and not on any show. My response is always this: what is the alternative to getting older? It's dead. Inasmuch as I do not like a lot of these women, and I want them off the shows, I'm not interested in seeing them dead. I reserve that for the true monsters of our time. Even Tamra hasn't achieved genocide (yet). I REALLY REALLY want a deep-dive on this from someone. Last season's Dallas had half of OC's ratings and they went to Copenhagen. WWC floated the idea that the Florida film credits are at play for vacations in FL for RH franchises, and I can buy that to an extent. But I also kind of wonder if OC didn't get an overseas trip due to Gina's legal troubles, much like NY seemingly didn't go out of country last year because of LuAnn's legal situation as well.
  6. Kevin's bitchy little comment about Courtney having a better palate because her mommy & daddy take her out to dinner in between pony rides was just unnecessary. I mean, it may be factually true, but she hasn't given him any grief that we've seen, so it is just pointlessly catty. And, BTW, where was the parm part of the chicken parm? A bit in the crust doesn't cut it--I want gooey strings of melted cheese, damn it! All I saw was red sauce and breaded chicken tenderloins...something that can be made with exactly 2 items purchased at Costco. And you'd think I'd have learned not to eat dinner while watching this show. More goddamned puking caught on audio. These editors are some sick mofos.
  7. I really like Courtney now. I kinda want her to speed up her training and take over as chief stew on BDM. I don't get Tanner calling every woman on the boat a cougar, even Simone. She said she is 29 and my cursory internet search turns up an age of 26 for Tanner. Three years older does hardly a cougar make. And even though Courtney may comport herself as someone older, she's his same damn age. And for the record, Tanner looks old for 26--could be all that chain smoking with his grandmother. Too bad the filming dates & locations didn't line up, because with that dust-up at the restaurant, I really needed Kam from Dallas to come over, tell Kevin & Rhylee they were breaking the Thai rule of no public altercations, and call them trash. LOL.
  8. If this show is going to insist on including any scenes with Vicki in it, the least they could do is have her harass the topless bartenders and strippers about getting a good education and a real job, like she did with that poor naked sushi girl. I like my Vicki consistent! LOL
  9. I freakin' loved that Ms. Everything Needs To Be Perfect, Tania, couldn't be bothered to spell "sugar" correctly on her banner. If Michael really wants to convince me that he has hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow on Juliana, he's gonna have to buy some new Old Navy button-downs that actually fit. Not a single one has so far.
  10. Six (since the start of S5), but the point stands, as the first five were at Jay's company and the last at the merged company ended in a large security breach of clients' information. Luke quitting the for-profit community college really didn't bother me. (At least, they painted it as for-profit when Luke spoke with the dean about getting in.) How much education could he be getting at a place where Phil can just breeze in and get a job the same day, like it was some Learning Annex program?
  11. I've been to a wide variety of weddings in my day, and all have had more food than LeeAnn's, even the one where the bride was just 18 and the reception was held in a sad VFW hall. Granted, that food wasn't fancy, but at least their deli trays had little rolls and condiments to make sandwiches and there were other pot-luck style things like potato salad. (That one was weird---all this down home stuff, and in the middle of the table was a rented ornate silver champagne fountain flowing with rose' Franzia.) The thing with LeeAnn's reception is that the charcuterie board should have been BH-level (that's one thing Kyle definitely got right) if that's what she was going to have as primary snacks. Or she should have had a dinner that topped D'Andra's weird fourth anniversary party last season. Considering how she's competitive with D'Andra, you would think she would have wanted to out do Ms. $200 In Checking's shindig. Failing that, the gift bags should have included a meal voucher for a fine Dallas establishment, but I bet it didn't even include a Sonic coupon, despite product placement.
  12. That's what pissed me off about Bruin throwing the rice on the floor. The child was clearly done eating whatever he was going to, and was just playing with the rest. Brian rightfully wanted to move the food away from him and Brandi didn't because she didn't want the child to get mad. Surely she had some kind of toy, game, or plushy for him to play with that could occupy the time. And amazingly, when Brian took the rice away, Bruin didn't melt down. Brandi just needs to stop trying to be her kids' BFF and be a parent. And I 100% believe that Travis' dad is going to those regions of Asia for sexual tourism. I'll be waiting for him to apply to 90 Day Fiance soon.
  13. Against my better judgment, I ended up watching this show out of morbid curiosity. It's terribly fake and it led me down a couple of Reddit rabbit holes, but the most astute thing I saw over there was that Ethan was Kenneth from 30 Rock. Damn if that isn't the truth--and this family is media savvy enough that I think he watched the show to build his character.
  14. I want to talk about that scene with Shannon and her kids (whose names I can't keep straight, so bear with me). So she first says that she has the kids every other week, and David's week is coming up so they'll be at his place. Then Eldest says that she doesn't have to do that, just the Twins. Eldest isn't yet 18 at this point, so why doesn't she have to go? Then Shannon says she'll get a sitter for Eldest...who is 17 years old, not a known troublemaker (Shannon says it'll be the Sporty Twin that would throw a rager). How can she have so little trust in her oldest daughter to not stay at home by herself (presumably over night) while Shannon goes to see "Babe"? I could see if Eldest said she was anxious about staying alone in the house, but she did not. And I get what Shannon was saying about giving her kids an easy out for declining offers of drugs vis a vis the random drug tests, but unless her kids are known dabblers in drugs, isn't she just telling them again that she doesn't trust them at all? If her kids are offered drugs, they could make up any excuse or learn that "no" is a complete sentence. Frankly, I found that entire discussion very, very odd. And I hope one of her kids busts out that breathalyzer on Shannon's ass one day. Oh, as for Gina driving, she said on WWHL that she thought at the beginning of the season she couldn't drive due to her DUI. Her lawyer then told her that her license was still OK until she went to court. She's subsequently been to court and had her license revoked for a year. I cannot attest to the accuracy of that legal conclusion, but it explains why she was driving in this episode. It is incredibly hard for me to suspend my disbelief that these women are just realizing what Tamra does after 12 years of her doing the same damn thing to stir up shit on this show. They have to know, and willfully ignore it for their own interests. And I think they're trolling the audience at this point, what with Gina proclaiming on WWHL that Tams is a "good girl". Yeah, sure. Maybe Gina is interested in a bridge I have for sale....
  15. I will say this for ole Mr. Dobson: his taco looked a far sight better than Mila's. If they hadn't shown a picture of Abbi's boyfriend, I'd have thought he was Shane from RHoOC, with that text proposal (now that GChat is a thing of the past). Courtney & Josiah would have made a great team together on this show; they could out-wry one another.
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