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  1. Lizzing

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I really hoped that, in the Tinsley segment, Bethenny would have been taken to task for her shitty Miami comment about Tinsley's lack of a child in the same way Ramona was called on the carpet for her transgressions. Hell, at least Ramona had the sense to call Bethenny after her Dennis comment aired and apologized. Bethenny lacks the self-awareness of Ramona.
  2. Lizzing

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I've often wondered about how much power a creator/EP has. For a long time, Scott Dunlop got EP status on OC (maybe still does there) and several of the other franchises. He's been credited simply as "creator" of the OC on all the other HW franchises now for a while. But from what anyone's ever said, Dunlop really only had any kind of control in the OC, and only in early seasons at that. I do think Whitney potentially has a lot more control on this iteration of SC than the others, but I don't think he's "in charge". After all, when he pitched the sizzle reel years ago, there were no women in the show and it was all his drunk dude friends. And we know what kind of shitty docs and political ads he produces, so I'm thinking there are much better tv production minds at work on this show. That said, even if he had no production control, he's in charge of what comes out of his mouth with regard to his actions with Kathryn. The whole situation is just weird: it's an odd choice to deny they hooked up over the summer while both in LA. Isn't it kind of like the crew hookups on Below Deck? Like, they work together, both in the same place at the same time, both horny & willing participants... Denying it and giving the story more "legs" than just saying 'yeah, it happened, so what?' is an odd narrative choice. It's only interesting in trying to figure out why they thought the storyline would be interesting, and that is far too meta for this type of fare. That's another head scratcher. First, I don't think he practices, though he probably keeps his license current. But second, it's not like the SC Bar runs around and randomly drug tests lawyers. He'd have to do something *in his practice* that would give them cause to investigate. And doing weed where it is legal is hardly going to get the Bar after him. Truth be told, if he were practicing, pot in CO on vacation wouldn't be the potential issue, it'd be all the excessive drinking in SC. FFS, my law school chancellor was busted with pot in the Atlanta airport and still kept his license and his job (albeit demoted). I blame Kathryn's pleather black pants obsession on Thomas: all those years of his wearing skin-tight white jeans, she picked up the habit. LOL!
  3. I did enjoy the chyron "Rachel, Everybody's Friend". And I wondered why Susan wasn't at the party. It is striking how much more compassion this cast has in contrast with the Charleston crew. Even as much as Reagan is a self-absorbed twit 24/7, I doubt she'd openly laugh in anyone's face for being heartbroken. (The only one the jury's still out on is Reece...he might, but he's not main cast yet.) RIP top layer of cake...you looked delicious.
  4. Lizzing

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Andy said that Dennis had been to the three prior reunions with Bethenny. So why wasn't he adult enough to get on camera in S8 and talk about his marital status, rather than have Bethenny rope his daughter into a clearly staged phone conversation? I'm guessing Lu had those texts with Dorinda about John's attendance at her show screenshotted or bookmarked or something, because it would take me forever to scroll back through 1.5 years of texts on my phone, and I'm hardly a prolific texter. That just seemed verrry convenient. And then they didn't prove anything she thought they did. I do think Ramona's teeth look way better than either LVP's or Kyle's chompers. Those still look like wind-up joke teeth to me.
  5. Lizzing

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I think you might have missed a chyron? After the commercial break, we get "Six months later" and the women arriving at Kyle's house. After they sit down and start talking about LVP's Vegas opening, there was a "Six weeks earlier" chyron and footage of the Vegas event. So, the lunch was 6 months after The Agency's party (early December), and 6 weeks after the 3/30 opening of Vanderpump Vegas....in other words, it was shot in mid-May, somewhere around the airing of episode 14. I'm glad I wasn't the only one going all WTF? when Camille hugged Rinna goodbye at the end of the Agency party. It totally undercut the whole "let's see who the real mean girl is" rant. Speaking of that party, it was so damn tacky! The women with the circle tables around their bodies...that was done on Four Weddings a long while ago and it was dumb then, and it's now dumb and old. I'm kinda amazed they didn't have a naked sushi girl.
  6. Lizzing

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    Yeah, the CC said "rap" but last week I paused to read the preference sheet and it said "wrap" party for the video shoot. Given the errors in CC, I'm going with the preference sheet spelling. Amongst the chefs that have been on Below Deck, I don't think Anastasia is any worse than all of them, except Ben. He's kind of the gold standard. Leo could only cook beef cheeks, Matt made 3 million chicken salads, thought spaghetti (or some other easy pasta dish) paired well with tequila & couldn't plan a menu for shit, and Adam either made mediocre to bad food (his first season) or did good food while forgetting to feed the crew (his second season). Mila was an unmitigated disaster on all fronts. In the real world, I wouldn't have any of them (except, again, Ben) on my hypothetical million dollar yacht. But, judging on the Below Deck curve, so far I'd put Anastasia behind only Ben and tied with 2nd season Adam. Of course, that ranking is subject to change as we get through the season. The other pluses she has in her favor are that she's not a relentless drunkard, super awkward flirt, old box saver, and/or love triangle participant.
  7. Lizzing

    S02.E05: The Runway Runaway

    I was wondering how far he was supposed to have run. The bar looked like it was down on Canal (the Quarter* end). Is it an easy distance? *I just figured out how to turn on CC on my new cable box, and they are sometimes weirdly misleading. While outside the Justin/Kelsey party, the CC had Jeff say he was going to the "corner" (also Ben on WWCrappens said it), but clearly he said he was going to the Quarter. I rewound it a couple of times, and the CC was just wrong. I feel that way about a good 90% of Bravo couples, and 99% of couples on 90 Day Fiance. LOL!
  8. Lizzing

    S02.E05: The Runway Runaway

    The use of the eggplant emoji on Moody's crotch just killed me dead. Best way to obscure too-naughty-for-tv bits ever! It's a dead horse already, but Jeff needs serious professional help.
  9. I found it amusing that in the 7/7 episode of Pillow Talk, they didn't even cover anything to do with Pao/Russ/Russ's mom's visit. They were completely left out of PT. If only we could convince TLC to leave them out of the regular show....
  10. I wondered if Debbie had a drinking problem when I saw that their liquor cabinet was high above the refrigerator. It's not like they have kids that would get into the booze, and Larissa is fairly tall (and/or has tall shoes). The only person who couldn't easily get to the JD was Debbie. Ashley is as bad as Jonathan importing a 17 year old for a spouse. It is so, so gross. Jay & Fernanda are old enough to have some agency of their own, but the power imbalance is so great in favor of the US citizen...age, money, holding immigration status over the young spouse. It is just beyond creepy. Russ and Pao annoy me in equal parts. I kind of like them together, though, so they don't inflict themselves on other, unsuspecting people.
  11. Are the Hell's Kitchen editors running the cut of this episode? I haven't seen this much risotto drama outside a Gordon Ramsay show! For any of you BtVS/Angel fans, the primary could have been Holland Manner's younger brother.
  12. Lizzing

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    O/T, but Southern has had a night school program for a long time too. It's how Gov. Foster got his JD while in office. I went to LSU because it was cheap as shit back in my day, but I've done a lot of CLE at Loyola over the years, and always had a good impression of the school. That being said, I do agree with @LibertarianSlut that Jeff appears to need intensive therapy and substance abuse treatment. He should not be drinking to black-out stage in the Quarter, not knowing who he met at this age and especially if he believes he is a candidate for CTE. He comes off in worse shape than any other drunken Bravo character that I watch, save for that one Below Deck deckhand who lasted about 3 episodes on the Rocky season. As as drunk as any of the Howives get, most of them are dangers primarily to themselves; Jeff could do a lot of damage to others with his size and rage. And frankly I hope he has a car service or a hotel room on standby in the city, because I don't want his drunk ass driving back over the Causeway nightly. I'm still not sure where Rachel was exactly going with that dozen eggs metaphor, but she deserves some kind of hazard pay for listening to Reagan yammer on for three hours. A bit of wine, a cheese plate, and the Bravo day player rate is just not enough for that kind of torture. LOL!
  13. Sunday night, Bravo re-aired the first episode from this season with added facts & comments from the crew and production. On the topic of Mila's provisioning, she spent somewhere around $25,000 (USD) for the provisions for the first charter. She ordered something like 30-40 cans of RediWhip for that charter. It was noted that it could have been a conversion error, similar to the one where she didn't order enough milk (that caused Anastasia & Jack to wander around looking for a grocery store). In any event, they had so much food provisions delivered, it took all day to figure out where to store them. Maybe some of it was a "conversion" error--though I'd think that chef trained in either Russia or France would be on the same metric system. And even the shittiest of culinary schools (because we all know her ass didn't graduate from Cordon Bleu any more than the fry cook at a roller rink concession stand did) teaches something about supply management. So I firmly believe she faked all of her credentials. (Whether or not she's a producer plant, I could go either way.) Also knowing the money dropped on the provisions for the first charter makes the OEP tacos and chips even more galling. And while Anastasia's spaghetti & meatballs was far from imaginative, at least it was plated nicely and was edible. Her carpaccio looked a little thickly cut, and it kind of looked like a pile of deli meat on the plate, but at least it didn't come from a can or a microwave. Loooooved hearing Colin's mom! Don't get the Sandy/Jaoa relationship at all. Jack is always saying something like, "I love a woman who isn't afraid to embarrass herself" and "I love a woman who tells me what to do"....hell, even "I'd fuck hot Hitler"....he's such a horndog but I kinda want to know what kind of woman he'll profess to love next week. Maybe, "I love a woman with a beard and a milky eye!"
  14. I was just relieved this 80s event didn't devolve into a shouting match. I think even on my deathbed, I will be haunted by the image of Vicki Gunvalson shrieking and pointing her finger in teased up hair and neon. I don't get why Dorinda is counting Tinsley's money. I've always thought she was pretty well off from her father. Those shoes being named Bambi aside, they were pretty hideous. But at least they weren't made by Topper's new wife's shoe company.
  15. Ramona amused me too, while in bed with Sonja and Bethenny, showing off her skin product. However, it was a bit much for Andy to call her out on WWHL about "product placement", when he enabled, "SkinnyGirl Presents: RHONY" for seasons 7 to 10. (SG hasn't been that prominent this year.) We're all in agreement that the blonde woman who took Lu's pic in front of her theater poster was a PA, like Rej, right? I didn't see any passersby along that street. Alls I know (TM The Countess) is that Bryn better never, ever cross Bethenny. If Beth goes this loco over Lu's admittedly irritating haughty attitude of non-gratitude for the intervention stuff, imagine what she'd do to Bryn for the years of custody/court/etc fights she's done if Bryn somehow "wrongs" her. I'm not saying Beth shouldn't have fought Jason on custody issues, but she sure seems like the kind of person who will weaponize that fact if it suits her down the road. But with this Lu stuff, sure, she's as annoying as fuck with the entitlement, but she's been like that since B met her, she's never been a good friend to anyone, and she was never about being empathetic even to her own kids. Anyone expecting anything else is just being willfully obtuse. It still makes Lu an asshole, but nothing to get hyperventilatingly worked up over. Just call her an asshole, tell her to shut up about the goddamned cabaret, and be done with her. It's like being mad a the sun for shining. It's bumming me out that there are only 2 more episodes left. They've used a lot of flashbacks to scenes that we never were shown (that charity thing where Ramona ditched Dorinda, Babs' clay party are 2 examples but there were others), so I don't know why they couldn't have put together at least a couple more eps. And hopefully at least one with the full story on the running through the fields in a negligee and the ride in the cop car. I need them to mention it ALL!