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  1. I love this observation so much. She is getting there. Recovery is hard, and requires Grace and inner Fortitude. Also , when is Thomas Ravenel going to check into Rehab?
  2. I do not get the Kathryn hate. She has clearly cleaned up her life and is on a positive track. Good for her. She made mistakes. She is contrite and poised. Her self proclaimed motivation? Her children!. All good, y'all
  3. Thank you. By the way, Kathryn is Winning.
  4. From where I stand , Everyone gets a second chance. Christ gives us a second chance. If he forgives us..who among us does not deserve forgiveness? Kathryn this season has showed tremendous grace and vulnerability. Huge strides. Yes she was a mess in the past, but who among us has not made mistakes?
  5. The best part is she is smarter than you and me vcombined plus she is woke. We will see. Its a brand new day.
  6. Um...?There is this thing called#Me Too ? Which has brought down men MUCH more powerful than Thomas Fucking Ravenel. and he has a prior felony.
  7. She passed all her random tests. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how stunning and statuesque Kathryn was in that black dress? Sheesh!
  8. They all love being on tv. The majority of them except for Cam , Naomi, and Chelsea do not have it together . KD will distance herself from Thomas once he goes to prison where he belongs.
  9. I understand and share the feelings of what Kathryn has been through, which is why I choose not to Judge her and cheer her successful growth.
  10. It is a court recorded well known highly documented scientific fact that She passed all of her random drug tests.The courts have been hovering over her like a pigeon from hell and she has made no missteps.
  11. Empathy means everyone gets a second chance from their past behavior when trying and succeeding marvelously, despite the petty haters.
  12. That's so shocking Because everyone else was Stone Cold Sober and on their Best Behavior. * clutches pearls* She was high on Zen and Adulting. What was Thomas high on?
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