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  1. I just discovered it too, and it is great. Definately binge-worthy. I agree that it is ahead of its time. It could run today as a brand-new show and work just as well. The cast is impeccable.
  2. It will be interesting to see this explained next week. I think Malea said on WWHL that valium is not illegal but that there was some boat rule that made it an offense. Hannah is no dummy. I find it hard to think she'd a) smuggle illegal drugs and b) leave them for the world to see. I'd wager that in her mind, she didn't do anything wrong. I really like Hannah and feel for her because she seems a little directionless in life. But, I think it was her time to leave the show. She clearly isn't interested in the job enough to do super well and that's an issue for both her the captain. I hope she figures out a way to deal with the anxiety attacks that don't involve drugs - especially with a baby on board.
  3. You were right all along, Paigow! I was hoping for a more creative ending, but I was actually satisfied. Things were sewed up sufficiently for me, and I do like how they showed us where everyone was at and where they were going after the trial.
  4. I really want to like Leah, but she's making it hard.
  5. Ennis passed the ransom back to the church then?
  6. Thank you. So what money did they divy up in tonight's episode? If it's not the ransom money, then Ennis must still have it. Is that correct?
  7. Thank you for explaining! I would never have suspected Perry paying off a juror - Pete yes, Perry no. I'm still confused about the scene with Holcomb, Ennis, and the big casino guy and the ransom. Was this pre-planned the whole time - these 3 running the show and taking the ransom? I was actually satisfied with the ending. It wasn't super clean but someone posted on another board that in the original Perry Mason, cases weren't always clean. That person suggested that might be the case here as a professional learning curve for the new lawyer. Makes sense. Also, it answered many questions and laid the groundwork for what's to come. Count me in as one who b the original theme music at the end. That was an important touch to plan for the future I think. I also liked how Della's story ended. I was starting to become disappointed in how she was portrayed - "behind every successful man is a good woman" kind of thing. She's way better than that and she will be a great attorney (no modifier!). I think the challenge with this show is that it tried to do in 8 hours what the old TV show did in 1 (or was it 30 minutes?). That's a lot of time to fill for a single case. They'll figuire it out, I'm sure. The cast is amazing across the board, and I'll be in just to see them again.
  8. Brandi's such a whack job. She is so anti-affair and feels victimized by Denise, but she's an adult and in control of her own destiny. If Denise did come on to her, it was up to Brandi to say no.
  9. Good theory, and perhaps true, but I'm open to the idea that other theories have credibility as well. Seidel/Ennis seems so simplistic. Then again, someone brought up a really good point elsewhere. Perry Mason is good at uncovering the truth - which may not always get his client off. Or something like that. This person also speculated that we may not see an ending that answers every question as sort of a live-and-learn moment for Perry. My feelings are that minimally, he'll clear Emily of murder but maybe not kidnapping. He may not be able to prove in court how Charlie died or who killed him even though he has a general idea at this point. Ennis could walk scott free. I still think there could be a mastermind above Seidel. Someone threatening him to raise the money or they'll turn him in to the cops. This person would have to know that Baggerly is Mathew's father. Baggerly said he kept this knowledge from the elders/church, so who could that be? Barnes managed to figure it out rather easily, so I suppose others could as well. I also think the thread will come into play this final episode and tie (no pun intended) a bunch of pieces together. Someone said they would like the ending to circle back to the very beginning where Perry decides to pursue the case and says "So...you like turtles". If this happens, it seems we should then learn about the origin of the thread. Charlie's baby blanket in the crib had turtles embroidered on it so maybe it's an embroidery thread. Alternatively, it could be a taxidermy thread picked up at the Los Angeleas Alligator Museum perhaps. I dunno. This could go in lots of different directions, that's for sure. I just hope the ending is interesting :). Oh, and two other lingering questions that I hope are answered are 1) why Birdy and Alice drove all the way from Saskatoon to the states. Did they start in Missouri where the Baggerly's originated and move west to California? 2) the nature of their relationship and "adoption". This show started of so poorly for me for lots of reasons, but the characters, cast (perfect cast across the board, IMO), and period pieces kept me going. As things went on, I've appreciated the story telling a lot more than I did early on. It's actually grown to be pretty entertaining for me and I'll need something to replace it!
  10. On another board, others are saying either this or that Ennis still has it and will funnel it to the Elks's Club. I could actually see that happening. I hope we get an ending that is more interesting than Ennis or Baggerly Sr. I'd like to see Alice by the mastermind who roped Emily in to helping her.
  11. All this, but .... I lean toward the idea that Brandi and Denise did hook up. Perhaps not in a pre-planned sort of way, though. There is a screen shot of a text where Denise says she's order a cot "it's a big room". That is the opposite of sending a message that she wants to sleep with Brandi. The thing about Denise is that she has to be open and honest. She's not manipulative enough to successfully manage a web of lies (unlike Lisa Vanderpump who spread them like butter). She should own her actions and move on. Without transparency, she will never be in the driver's seat of her own life - either on the show or off the show.
  12. I feel Ennis is just a hired-hand goon. I don't think he's in on this (or anything) very deep. Does anyone know what happened to the ransom money after Ennis killed the 3 guys?
  13. 👆 All day long. Great point! Great point here, too. There is a lot to like about Ramona and at the top of the list for me is that she does seem to own who she is without apology. And I agree that it makes her one of the most genuine of the bunch (and possibly the entire franchise). My only issues are how poorly she speaks to the "help" and the fact that she doesn't always understand how what she says and doesn't say can sometimes be hurtful to others. I think she's worked on the latter over the years and has gained some self-awareness, though, so I give her points for that, but she has a long way to go where the "help" is concerned.
  14. I was poking around other sites and there are some really good theories out there. Someone pointed out something super obvious .... how did Birdie know to prearrange another baby after the non-resurrection of baby Charlie? This must mean she knew the casket would be empty. Another theory says that Baby Charlie is still alive and yet another states that Sister Alice is of some sort of mixed ethnicity and was perhaps adopted - or the love child of Elder Baggerly. There are some oddball questions I'm wondering about regarding Alice and Birdie: How did Birdie manage to squirrel away so much money unnoticed given that the church was in such financial dire straights and that someone else did the bookkeeping? Sister Alice's health/seizures - is there more to it? It seemed so random. It seemed that when the mother sent Alice to the man who gave them gas to say thank you, she went as if she knew what to do and that this wasn't the first time. I'm confused about the ransom money. Who provided it - was it the church or Baggerly senior on is own? Did the provider get it back? I wonder if the ransom money is the same money in Birdie's suitcases. I stink at sleuthing these kinds of shows but I am leaning toward the idea that Birdie is not Alice's biological mother and that Birdie arranged to care for Alice at a young age as a means of extorting money from Alice's biological parent(s), and then quickly started using her in other ways to make a buck. Alice is and always has been Birdie's meal ticket. The only reason to go to the great length of moving to the US would be to further exploit Alice.
  15. I think alcohol was at the core for many years but I think it's possible she's bumped up to harder substances in recent years. The nature of her behavior while under the influence seems different. She seems to get higher faster and weirder. I also think Dorinda and John were mostly coke and sex buddies. If I recall correctly, its been said Luann does - or did - coke.
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