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  1. I agree with this. I also think Andy likes her. Thank you both!
  2. I don't follow social media. Do you mind me asking if her castmates are showing support and if so, which ones?
  3. I LOVE June Diane Raphael. I think she's hysterical both in person and as an actress. I also love her up and down relationshwip with Vicki Gunvalson.
  4. Midway into the show I was wondering how Rhylee would work with a female boss. I guess tonight kind of shows she's an equal opportunity whiner. She really needs to watch both her seasons in the presence of a therapist who can walk her through her issues. The boys are hot on the sex and fooling around trail this season, and its definately not a good look. Thanks to Rhylee last season, and Kate this season, we see it's not just a guy thing - which for me, is the second most encouraging thing about the the show. I just don't see mysogeny from any of them (i.e. dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women). What I do see is dislike of Kate and Rhylee as people - not as women. And I don't blame them. I actually like Rhylee and feels she needs help more than anything. I'd like Kate far more if she limited her insulting sarcasm to arrogant and demanding charter guests rather than her own staff and peers. The vibe is too negative for my tastes thanks to Kate (and even more so when Rhylee is on).
  5. Jextella

    S40: Nick Wilson

    Season 37 was the MOST entertaining season for me ever! The entire cast was great - not a single dud in the entire lineup. And, they all seemed to get along really well. It was just super FUN to watch. Next would be Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty (Tony's season). That was a good cast too and super entertaining. I love the Nick/Davie relationship. They are both really good human beings.
  6. So...2 out of 3 are on a similar path with Jeremy. I like Jeremy, but I would much rather have Nick win. I bowed out of Survivor for several seasons . I don't recognize many of the females and a handful of the men!
  7. Makes it easier, for sure. But it doesn't negate the point.
  8. I dunno. She's alive. She's not living under a bridge or in a tent in the mountains. Two big plusses in the the world of addiction. ...and I speak from experience. I have addicts and homeless people in my family. I also have a "Kim and Kyle" sister relationship in my family that closely mirrors the Kim and Kyle sister relationship I see on tv. I also don't see Kim as narcissistic at all. Not by a mile. When she interacts with Kyle, what I see is an attempt at expressing her feelings (which Kyle perpetually dismisses) in hopes of Kyle actually listening and trying to understand her for once. Genetics, addiction and lack of healthy rearing and socializaiton with a dash of Hollywood and fame sprinkled on top are responsible for most of the rest. Not that any of it should be used as an excuse for anything, but it does qualify as an explanation. Everything is a certain way for a reason. And where addiction and rearing are concerned, barking orders a la Kyle, "Get clean!", "Get a job!" make none of that baggage go away. It just pushes it in deeper. IMO, I see Kim trying to live by the rules set by her domineering mother followed by those of her domineering sister. She has unwittingly given all her power to those two and kept none for herself since early childhood. She only knows this one way of living, and it's living for others - not for herself. I feel she needs to flip this around and learn that she has choice and power in how she lives her life. Which, oddly enough, is likely all Kyle ever wanted for her. Kyle's just coming at it the wrong way And, it's easier said than done. From experience, the process of learning that one has power of choice is the hardest step - and she may never get there. Many don't. Neither addiction nor psychological issues related to unhealthy rearing are easy to overcome. They last a lifetime and rarely ever fully go away. The best one can do is learn the root causes and manage them. Kim has made it this far, and I'd say that is something. I also think genetics are at play quite a bit with things like this, and not just physically ( e.g. physical predisposition to alcohol) - but socially and psychologically as well. Where rearing is concerned...even if Kim and Kyle were raised and treated by their mother in exactly the same way (which I don't think is possible in any family), it still doesn't mean they'd respond in the same way. We are genetically wired differently which means we interpret the same data from the same world differently. And in response, the world interprets us differently...and right out of the womb. The moment we're born, we form a relationship with our parents that will be different from the relationship that parent has with ALL other siblings. Through no fault of anyone.
  9. Kristin is, and has always been a mess, but I can't help but root for her. I walked away for a bit, but the way things are going this season, I'm back in. I'm hoping she is able to see herself the way others do and learn from it. Co-dependent is the right word, I feel. She needs to find happiness on her own. Meanwhile, she always seems so confident on WWHL which is so odd given how she is on the show. Andy once said that the VR gang are all pretty good sports on WWHL but Kristen is especially so.
  10. Maybe that's how producers test the wives for entertainment value before signing them on?
  11. Can it be the case that they are filming without contracts? Seems risky on both sides if so. These two tidbits seem at odds....as if one or the other, Andy or Braunwyn...aren't telling the full story.
  12. I'm surprised to hear myself say this, but I'm not very invested in either of these 2 women and don't really care for them one way or another. I'll have to see how the rest of the casting goes, but if Kelly and Braunwyn are the new top dogs in town, I don't think I'll be too engaged.
  13. The shows with David at the Amish farm are some of the funniest shows I've ever seen - or can recall, anyway.
  14. I amended an earlier post. It is correct that Kate hasn't fired any of her stews but she has gone to Captain Lee with ultimatums about it's either "them or me". That might make her even worse of a manager to some. Even Captain Lee says he doesn't like to babysit. I'm not sure how Kate giving him ultimatums is any better.
  15. It's fascinating how quiet the OC Housewives are right now. Clrealy a mandate from Bravo.
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