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  1. Andy has ALWAYS supported Erika. He's doing is sordid job of making sure there is dirty laundry hanging out to dry. Or, maybe he really likes her as a person. Seems many do like her. Even Sutton said she liked her months ago on WWHL (that may have changed, though).
  2. There's a lot to dislike about Ramona, but also much to admire. Can't recall where but it wasn't long ago...I think WWHL or something where Andy mentioned that all the RHONY women are supportive and compassionate. I believe that. I especially like how Ramona and Luanne have stood by Leah and at least Ramona with Eboni. They know they are literally the OG's and they seem to want the younger ones to succeed.
  3. Drinking wine and posting at the same time is a dangerous thing for me. I'm not even sure what I meant : (
  4. Seriously. PK and PK's Instagram are far mor entertaining than anything Dorit has done on her own.
  5. My daughter worked at a Buca di Beppo in Minneapolis during high school. She liked it, and for me as a patron, the food was great...and I love family style and big portions with certain types of foods to take home. But, designing one room for a single location doesn't mean much, IMO. A job redecorating the chain is a whole 'nuther story. It seemed so random that I feel Dorit did it as a way to give the owner some exposure (perhaps for an unpaid PK debt...or one of her own lawsuits or in exchange for advertising money or something).
  6. Now *that* would be an awesome show. Sutton is the only HW I follow on IG - and it's for this reason. The only word I can think of to describe Sutton as far as HW's go is "fresh". The cat was a pleasant surprise.
  7. Me too. It takes a good 2 or more seasons to learn enought about these women to get a handle on their true colors. After 2 seasons, Sutton has yet to disappoint. I hope it continues; I need someone to root for :) This was hysterical. I see your point, but I can get past it with Sutton. I love that Sutton loves art and views fashion as art. I also love that she takes risks when wearing art - in the same way artists take risks when making interesting and compelling art. I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well, but I think Sutton's enthusiasm for the art of fashion is fresh a
  8. Just a theory, but .... I'm starting to think Erika doesn't care if she's caught in lies. I don't think she's as smart as some people say, but I also don't think she's dumb. Maybe it's her who has Alzheimers :) At the end of the day, in the court of public opinon, I feel that all Erika needs is to not be shown to have known that the money she received was siphoned off "widows and orphans". I think there is a good possibility the paper trail of the case won't prove that she knew. She probably knows this, and doesn't worry too much about inconsistencies. We may never know the tru
  9. I think a similar concept applies to Erika. She's a BravoHo for goodness sake. It's better than what I got goin' on by miles, but to have an ego about it is funny and sad at the same time.
  10. Same goes for substance abuse. People stop developing emotionally and socially at the age they "check out" via substance abuse. Similar concepts. Ditto regarding Kim's family.
  11. I've read that Kim and Kathy get along better than Kyle does with either of them. I think Kathy may have a more objective vantage point of Kim vs. Kyle because of the age difference and might be more sympathetic about Kim's experiences than Kyle is. Just speculation.
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