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  1. Touché :) Good point, too, about her selling stuff like it is a department store. I'd never thought of that, but it makes tons of sense.
  2. I read somewhere, probably one of the many links above, that the California bar is considering making some of the victim payouts to avoid lawsuits. As it should. There are 3 criminals here, Tom, Erika, and the CA bar.
  3. Heather's house looks like a huge department store. There is no warmth or character. It seems their motivation was big for the sake of big. I feel the RHOB women, despite having wealth, strive for at least a little bit of "home".
  4. So, did Tom and Erika actually get divorced or did everything explode before they could get there?
  5. Thanks to both. I really appreciate the legal insight to all this. I'm wondering if you have a sense for what would have happened had Erika and Tom had a prenup in terms of clients coming after Erika?
  6. I haven't cared for RHOC since when Brooks came on the scene. That storyline was too gross for me and it was followed by Kelly and then Braunwyn. I can't stand either of these two, but I will say this....I appreciate Kelly's transparency. She may stick her foot in her mouth, but in a free country, she's entitled. I'd rather have honesty and transparency than phony storylines. Heather doesn't interest me. I don't like or dislike her, but the home she's building is ridiculous and offensive. I think I'm done with OC. I'm down to RHONY and RHBH but they may be going soon too.
  7. I never cared for Erika. I think she's boring and not very smart, and her Erika Jayne stuff is uncreative and silly. I'm no legal eagle, but if I'm not mistaken, her attorneys dropped her because lack of trust. She's hiding things. That's not what an innocent person does.
  8. I like Shota, but his food has not interested me at all. I'd LOVE to try Gabe's, Dawn's, and Sara's food the most. I'd like to see Dawn and Gabe F1 and F2. I don't care which of them wins, but I think it might be Dawn.
  9. I'm about Luanne's age, and I'm white. In a million years, I would never have known that "angry" was a trigger word for black women. Probably because I don't know many black women or read about racial issues as much as I should. I have to give Luanne a pass only because how in the world would one know they committed a crime if they didn't know the act was criminal in the first place? I also give Eboni a pass for getting upset. If it's a trigger word based on experience and stereotypes, she has every right. In the end, what we had, IMO, was Luanne not knowing that what she was saying
  10. Not gonna lie. I miss the drunk wives of NYC. They were much more fun. Although...I can't wait for the Harlem visit!
  11. Dillon = So true, but I can't blame him. I'd have done the same :) Vishal's mom = I feel there is something we aren't seeing about Vishal's life that might explain his lack of direction. The mother, the father, the brother, or some experience external to the family or maybe just not knowing what career path he wanted to take when acting didn't work out. He seems to struggle a bit. I don't want to weigh in on Vishal's sexuality. I'm taking him at face value. I see gentle and kind and "soft" for lack of a better word, and these are different from effeminity. I know men like Vishal w
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