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  1. Hysterical. Where there is smoke there is fire often enough for me to think the cheating rumor could be true. As to who spread it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Kathryn, but it could one of the guys blurting it out accidentally. The only people I'm remotely interested in on the show are Craig, Whitney, and Patricia. Having said that, a show with just Shep, Craig, and Austen would be more entertaining than Southern Charm has been for a long time.
  2. So, is Kristin out for next season?
  3. I really like Sutton too. She's a different breed from the others and it mixes things up a bit which I like. Garcelle too. I think Dorit, Teddy, and Erica are snooze fests. I hadn't been watching BH for a while but with the two new women, I'm tuning in from time to time.
  4. I've only watched bits and pieces so I shouldn't even say anything, but it seems Denise won't kiss Kyle's ring the way the others do...which I quite like.
  5. Thank you! Unhinged is right. I've never been a big fan of Sandy (or of Captain Lee).
  6. I looked at her IG but don't see anything. Can you share the essence of what she's been trying to say? She must really dislike Hannah. She has pix of her and other crew but none with Hannah.
  7. Shortly after a friend of mine got her MBA, she landed a plum job with a great company and a large salary. I asked her if it was the MBA that did it, and she said "The MBA got me in the door, but I got the job." I think that sentiment applies to college pedigrees as well. Elite colleges open more doors, I'm sure, but they don't always get you in, and if they do, they don't help you stay. IMO, it's all about the person and what they do with what they have. And, for some who are born with special talents/attributes, (e.g. sales people, artists, business owners, etc.) a degree isn't needed at all. These types are not the majority, but there are MANY.
  8. I really like BDSY and the entire cast. I hope it comes back. I'd like to see Captain Glenn, Bryron, Jenna, Paget/Ciara, and Georgia return making the newbies one deck hand and one interior. Chef Adam was kinda gross to Jenna which was kind of disappointing. For me, I don't think I'd want to see him back - at least not in a relationship. It might be a non-issue though. On a recent episode of WWHL, he said he and Jenna split. She had to return to Canada and he might be ready to settle into a single location to focus on what he wants to do (which he said was "cooking organic food over a campfire"). He said he something like he didn't think he could do what he wanted to do in the yachint/sailing world and is pretty much over it as a result. I
  9. Is anyone counting quickfire and elimination round stats? I'm not but it feels as if Kevin and Gregory have the strongest records of success thus far. If that's the case, I'd be fine with either of them as the winner. Although, if it's really true that the chefs are only as good as their last meals, I guess past performance doesn't matter.
  10. As much as I love RHNYC (it's always been my favorite of the RH franchise), I don't think I'd like any of the women in real life based on how they treat staff and others. Sonja and Luanne seem to leave a trail of disgruntled employees.
  11. It looks like Karen to me. I think Melissa, Nene and Karen are the strongest of the females and I'd be happy if any of them make it to the end, but I think Melissa seems to be more consistent than the others. Although, based on judges' comments, all 3 produce really good food. I'd be surprised if Leanne gets much farther. I don't think she has the temperment for this kind of competition. It stresses her out and that seems to bite her in the rear quite often.
  12. I'd be happy with a Tony win only because he does seem to have played the best game. As he said, he's been on the right side of the vote every time. I couldn't have been more wrong about Nick. I thought for sure he was going to pull out all the stops and go all the way, but he just couldn't get it together! And, I am flabbergasted that Michelle, Denise, Nick and Ben didn't band together to get Tony ouy. The EOE retrunee names we've heard the most are Sophie, Danni, Natalie, and Tyson. With all her advantages, it would be really hard to imagine Natalie not making it back.
  13. I have been wrong about everything thus far. I'm a bit disappointed in Nick not playing this last round more strategically. I'm baffled that everyone let Tony through rather than Nick.
  14. Something needed to happen with Tamra and Vicki, but I'm not sure that giving them the ax was the right solution. I just have no interest in OC if its just these four.
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