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  1. In the world of business, it seems BF is a one-hit-wonder. How in the world did she end up on Shark Tank when, at the end of the day, her only really successful product has been Skinny Girl margaritas? I must be missing something.
  2. Probably true, but I can't blame him. I'd move to be on the show too. I like the guy....so far. It takes a few seasons to really see a few more sides of the people on these kinds of shows, but for now, I like what I see.
  3. I rewatched S1-S3 recently. I'm midway through S4 but got a little bored. I liked Betheny until the end of Season 3. It all went to her head after that. I adore Ramona - especially S1-S3 Ramona. She is wonderfully entertaining for my tastes, and there is a lot about her I actually respect - which I won't drone on about here. Ramona is the primary reason I watch the show. I don't think I'd watch it without her. I also still find the Sonja, Luann, and Ramona trio to be very entertaining.
  4. Do you know why Nene uses "RT" instead of just retweeting?
  5. The episode the family came to retrieve David from the Amish farm is one of my absolute most favorite tv scenes of all time. It was sooo hysterical.
  6. The voice and power of rich celebrities, athletes, broadcasters, tv personalities is staggering. They work hard to get what they have (many/most of them, anyway) and I give them that, but to then turn around and proselytize to the public about how we should live our lives, etc. is offensive. What is worse, though, is how the public gives them that power by hanging on to every word and movement they make. I listened to a podcast of one of Sonja's former interns. If I remember correctly, she had a double major with one something to do with marketing and/or communications. She wrote a paper about social media and celebrity in which she talked about how when we respond favorably to a person or thing via social media with likes, subscriptions, etc., we are essentially given those people or things free advertising. I don't follow any celebrities on social media - not even Bravocelebrities. I don't want to give them more power and influence than they already have. They get enough from me by my viewing habits and forums like this. That's plenty. I don't care to give them any more. We are overly influenced by celebrities via the media, and it is a little frightening at times, but that's on us, "the fans".
  7. Not only is this the best retort to a BF post I've ever read, it is the most relatable summary of 2020 I've ever read. (It just struck me how valuable these kinds of forums are. Being able to snark on someone without repercussion takes the edge of daily life off a little bit. BF makes it easy, so in a wierd way, she has done me some good.) Ditto - especially the bold stuff.
  8. I haven't been watching this season because of Kelly, Shannon, and Braunwyn, but I tuned in last night. I'm in a place with shitty internet connection so it was a bit sporadic, but from what I was able to see, I still dislike Kelly, Shannon, and Braunwyn! Kelly is still an idiot without a single interesting or compelling thing to say. Shannon still drains the happy out of everyone around her. I couldn't believe she told her girls she was surprised they didn't display more concern for her than they did. It's as if she wanted the girls to be dramatic like she is. Kinda twisted, really. Vicki was right about Braunwyn. She tries WAY too hard. I feel really bad for her husband and kids. She's a mess all the way around. It's hard to tell what's real and what she's doing for the camera. From what I saw, I'd say her story is 55-60% for the camera and 40-45% real. I like Gina, I always have. I'm a little on the fence with Emily, but I find her relationship with Shane oddly interesting. And, I like Elizabeth ... and I didn't think I would.
  9. I'm out for BDM. Can't do it with Sandy and Malia. I'm in for BDSY though. I hope Captain Glen doesn't turn out to be a loon like Sandy. I am one of the few who likes Jenna. Sandy is so f'g weird.
  10. I don't think I'll watch without Monique. Gizelle and Robin are phonies and boring, and the only reason they went after Monique is because she called them out. Candiace is too twisted, and the new wife is sort of boring. I like Ashley and Kareyn despite their messed up husbands.
  11. She's going to claim she didn't know where the funds came from and is therefore innocent. True or not, that is the yarn she'll spin which makes it ok in her mind to still play the Erika Jayne character. She has to if she has a shot in hell of coming out the other side of this with a semblance of a "career".
  12. I just started dabbling in social media this year. It doesn't generally interest me, but I need to know a bit for work. I do just a little bit of Twitter and Instagram. I'm actually dreading having to contend with Facebook, but that time will come. Social media is a total time suck, and people can be pretty vile. I learned quickly that I just need to engage in very limited ways and in just a handful of interest areas. The good news is that every once in awhile it pays off as it did with me landing on RHONY the Musical 🙂
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