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  1. I do agree the second episode was better but it also seemed very similar to this :
  2. Yea once I read this I was like did they learn anything?
  3. Adds fellow co-creator Elizabeth Berger, “One of the things that’s really cool about this device is that there will be these little, unexpected moments and exchanges with our guys, where all of a sudden you’ve been watching one guy, and then suddenly there’s a conversation and someone else comes into focus in a really surprising, exciting way.” Of course, there’s always the off chance that the dad isn’t one of the core four. “In our pilot she makes clear that she met the father that night, which leaves a little bit of wiggle room as to who our father is,” Berger points out. “We’re go
  4. I noticed frank is completely off the promo images and stuff now. In the Verizon Fios promos it shows Mike's brother now with him instead.
  5. This group just doesn't seem very gelled as a whole. It wasn't a terrible pair of episodes and I will keep watching to see if it gets any better, but i dunno this group just seems very pieced together and I agree Valentina who is I guess supposed to be a mix of Marshall (Friend and roommate) and Barney? just seems like the weakest character on the show. Josh Peck is in a lot of this season according to IMDB so we will see what he adds to the show. Ian is also credited with 9 episodes so I assume he still will be a storyline of some sort. It did feel that one of the four guys from
  6. I mean it's also just a preview and we need to see the context.
  7. This guy has a boot list with like 8 wrong spots plus if Erika and heather were final 3 together they would have showed them aligning way sooner. the original spoiler was brad Ricard heather
  8. Yea I think people are underestimating Xander's chances. We are seeing nothing that spoiler said so I think they are just trying to hide Xander's win. Erika looks like she is going to fall short. Keep Ricard around was not the best move for her, because she has no power so she could easily get taken out if 3 people are immune next TC. I don't buy pretty much anything from that last post of the spoilers. Xander with 0 votes makes no sense right now and he a really good speech at TC tonight that Danny even gave him a compliment on.
  9. FWIW Tiffany backtracked on her comments yesterday and said during an IG live that Xander is playing one of the best games along with Shan and Erika.
  10. Has to be updated, but Naseer said Confused and Evvie Possum
  11. While I get what you are saying and Erika could sell that sure, but as far as Heather calling someone a Dead Possum and a Demon aren't exactly words of people that would vote for her on a jury. I just don't see it.
  12. While there maybe could be a small shot for Danny or Erika but i highly doubt it cause of the editing I can guarentee Heather doesn't win based on exit interviews and edit. Heather has been called strange confused demonic and today was compared to a dead possum. You do not describe winners that way.
  13. To be fair they edited this show before this season of BB aired and since BB is live they would have no way of knowing it happens by then.
  14. Exactly. Like they are cutting off content to the point of Erika and Heather where they are about to speak and they cut away from the camera. However now that we are in the end game it looks like Erika and Heather started to get that push last episode, because these three probably work together to get to the end. Problem is Xander didn't have the greatest game moments for most of the game so they had to subdue the other 2 edits like they did for Gavin and Julie in EOE. I do think theres a slight chance Deshawn could be there and Erika could be 4th, because his flip flopping could make him lose
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