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  1. Tuned in for the first time this season to see if Dorinda is still a bitch. LOL. Yup. Queen of 'em. Holla!
  2. https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/28/american-housewife-return-the-conners-february/
  3. The change in her face while pregnant was remarkable. I'd never seen anything like it before.
  4. Moe's outfit is equally fug. He and Kyle look like they're attending different functions. His shoes are a fail.
  5. Maybe Mary Steenburgen could be Dan's new love interest. I wish they wouldn't have named her Marcy, though. Any time I hear the name 'Marcy', I think of Laurie Metcalf's character in Uncle Buck grinding on John Candy's leg.
  6. Exactly. For me, SHE was the mvp last night.
  7. Darlene has a daughter? J/K Last season she was a non-entity to me, and she still feels that way. It's possible she can morph into a more 'fleshed out' Darlene 2.0 but for now, she's invisible. I agree with you. I could almost see the epi where Archie was on the porch having a serious talk with his granddaughter/niece/whatever, Stephanie, right after Meathead and Gloria moved to California. Which is right when the show jumped the shark for me. Mostly gone was the comedy and in came the heavy-handed, badly acted social issues. Don't want 'em in my comedy shows. Got 'em all d
  8. Shitshow. Because a dead mom always makes for a good comedy. The acting was creepy. There's a reason the actor who plays Becky quit the business after the original Roseanne folded. She's terrible, she can't act. I was embarrassed for Laurie Metcalf. I wish them all well but I think the big break that Roseanne (the show AND the person) afforded them all, is over. Except for John and Laurie. But man, even THEY stunk up the joint last night.
  9. Andy seemed thrilled with how well Luann looked and said she was doing on WWHL. To be honest, I would rather watch Lu deal with whatever personal stuff she's got going on then watch Bethenny's at this point. Hers just seem way heavier to me. Also, where did you see Beth announced she was coming back? I can't find any confirmation other than Radar Online's source. LOL. The Bushwacker made me nervous. But y'all are absolutely correct. The blind may not even be about a RHONY! I don't watch any of the other franchises so whaddaIknow?
  10. Lu's problems seem mostly behind her now. Bethenny is still a red hot mess. Grieving, raising a child, the custody drama which is going to take a new turn in March, ( are they still filming in March?) And she herself says that she has too many plates in the air. Bethenny can afford to walk away, monetary-wise. Now if her ego can stand being away from a camera, that's a whole nother story. Andy likes Lu, and probably wouldn't want to take the paycheck away from her when he knows that she probably needs it. We'll see! I don't think she'll quit living her life. But even she said sh
  11. Geez, KFB, that gif and the pic of the scissor sisters that @film noire posted the other day remind me not to peruse this forum while I'm having lunch. ;-p Happy Camper, I think that blind could be about either Beth or Luann. My money's on Beth. Luann needs the money and in my opinion, her life is less of a mess than Bethany's is.
  12. Pictures, or it didn't happen. ;-) Exactly. I'd still eat his food, though.
  13. My friend from high school was married for 22 years, raised two children and once they were out of the house, divorced her spouse and remarried a woman who worked in her office. I've never known her to be happier. Switching teams happens. AFAICS, it happened to Cassandra Grey. Carole wouldn't surprise me a bit.
  14. I don't think Bethenny is coming back. My prediction is that she's out or she'll rejoin mid season. Or make some cameo appearances. If she does come back, so soon after Dennis's death, there is something subhuman about her. And not in a good way, in my opinion.
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