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  1. Thank you. I don’t get that.
  2. Where are you watching this?
  3. The villa was gorgeous, but they had no help. NY always has a cook.
  4. I’m just catching up. My only comment...Tanya is annoying and adds nothing.
  5. I’m way behind, cannot read every post, so forgive anything I repeat. I went back to episode 2 where Dorinda mentions her boobs being bigger now. Boob job or weight gain? They looked pretty perky. Dorinda is a witch. She needs to leave the show. I’m sick of her. Poor Tinsley. I wish she would throw a drink in her face. Go away. I’m loving Lu this season, and I love her floral dresses. I wonder where she buys them. I can’t hate Sonja, she’s not all there and she does have some thoughtful comments. I cannot stand Ramona. She had nerve complaining about the mess given her past antics. Is she hurting for money she couldn’t hire help. I love Tinsley this season and Leah is a great addition. Again, Dorinda go away. So happy John is free. He deserves better. If Lu is an alcoholic, so are the other women. I think her crumbled marriage sent her over the edge. I just lost my husband, and I am glad I do not drink. It’s been 2 weeks and I would stay drunk. I don’t miss Bethenny one bit. Leah was a great choice. I loved seeing Jacques.
  6. Am I the only one whose words don’t match the talking issue with these ladies? Damn cable.
  7. Thank you. He was a medical doctor set to retire 12/19. He was diagnosed 10/19 and died on 4/29/20. All our dreams down the drain. Cancer is just horrible. I’m so happy for this board to talk to friends about something other than life. I hope the current virus doesn’t ruin all of our fun television shows. It worries me. I like Leah so far and haven’t missed Bethennny one bit. I still miss Heather and Carole.
  8. I’m seriously behind, but did Dorinda get a boob job? My wonderful husband passed away two weeks ago after a 7 mos battle with cancer. He was only 68. I want you all to know that reading your posts has kept me sane during the long dark nights. I love you all.
  9. I think Mika is copying Rachel Maddow with her wardrobe.
  10. If it was my house, I would have had two share the twins or I would have stayed in the basement. I like all my guests to be comfortable.
  11. I’m with Lu. She was stuck in a cold basement. She was separated from the other ladies. Getting ready with all the girls is always fun.
  12. I wish the show was hosted only by Joe. I love his rants, his insults, his off topic talk with Willie, and his hearty laugh.
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