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  1. Oh my. Most are at least a size 12. Not that it matters, but I’d guess size 16. Cynthia’s face is much heavier as is her rear. I hate all the braids.
  2. Marc obviously is done with Kenya. He sees her making him such a bad guy on television. He called her out on her shit. He’s discovered who Kenya is and he got his chance to reveal it. Good for him. She always thinks she’s the queen in life. She is pretty, but with her bad skin and bad attitude, no way is she more beautiful than Porsha.....and Porsha is fun to watch and doesn’t plan out ways to hurt others. I kinda enjoyed Marc giving us the scoop. Where is Kenya getting all her money? And she does not need a Bentley. I caught a side of Kenya that turned me off. When she was talking to Kandi, twice Kandi tried to hug her and Kenya balked....eventually walking out of the room and leaving Kandi to sit alone. Kenya called Kandi over and she dropped everything to go. She is a player. That’s it.
  3. I don’t like Kenya, but she had lots of tears running down her face when talking with Kandi.
  4. I just watched the reunion. LeeAnn looks just horrible. Her lips. 🤮
  5. In VA, we can renew our license and sign up for organ donation online.
  6. I have 2 Himalayan kitties....they are the best. I still love this show and I have really learned to love Tammy. Bonnie telling her that Adam was sleeping and Tammy screaming toward his room just cracked me up. I love her little honest crush. I’m in the minority here, but I don’t care about Wendy getting a bigger story. I like her character as she is. Kathleen Turner is 65 years old. I think she looks great.
  7. I skipped this season after the first two episodes. I like Vicki.
  8. I love this show so much. So glad the kids are gone and forgotten. Don’t care about wasting a storyline talking about them.
  9. We still like Chris. He tells it like it is. Spit and all.
  10. Chris and Monique both disagreed with Michael when he said he and Monique’s cousin always squeezed butts. They repeated it several times. Michael is just dirt on their shoes. They are a good, solid family.
  11. I don’t believe for one minute that Danielle didn’t help pick out the dog.
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