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  1. Enjoyed all the comments. I deleted the episode without watching it. I think I’m done.
  2. I’m so sad what has happened to this show. It’s all about Leah throwing tantrums and Eboni getting offended at every turn. I thought it was rude of Eboni to tell Ramona that she wasn’t going to eat her dinner, but she was ordering out, in her words, comfort food. Then she went off to her room. I don’t think she really wants to gel with the cast. She mentioned in her first episode that she had never hung out with so many white women. She knew that coming in, but still acts like it’s a surprise. Why even say that? She also misrepresented what Luanne said...she did not call her an angry
  3. Sigh.......what a disappointing show. ☹️
  4. Being Leah, she could not bring herself to participate. Not only was her bathrobe ugly, her hair was down....and her hair looks horrible. I had to laugh at Heather’s quick “updo”. She just exudes self confidence. I thought she handled Leah really well at dinner. Seems Lu was happy at the end anyway. These women should have refused to film with Leah. I miss Dorinda at this point.
  5. I was disappointed that Eboni brought her stylists. I’ve always loved NY because they have no problem showing us the real them sans makeup. Someone needs to chat with Ramona and Sonja about removing makeup before bed. Holy crap, their eyes were a crusty mess.
  6. Leah’s pink TH outfit with matching gloves is just so cheap looking. I hated her running around in what amounted to underwear at Ramona’s. She is vile.
  7. I’m so happy to see Heather...❤️ STFU LEAH...🤬
  8. I love all the YouTube videos of Lisa/Phoebe laughing. I think of him every time I watch Dateline. Keith Morrison is his stepdad. I love both of them.
  9. I enjoyed the show. Glad it’s renewed.
  10. I hated it. My spouse was diagnosed with a tumor on his lung, never smoked, and passed away 6 mos later. It’s barely been a year. I hated the whole thing.
  11. The past year has brought Covid and the unexpected passing of my beloved DH. Television has been hard since I can’t watch the shows we watched together and got dammit, they ruined my fave show and Leah ran Heather off. I’d rather have B or Dorinda than Leah. The cast is too small. Ugh. I’m so disappointed.
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