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  1. I can’t help it, I love this show. I enjoyed the episode a lot. Jackie has always been my fave and now to have Jackie and Louise……squee!!!
  2. I deleted it without watching. I can’t take it. But I love reading here.
  3. By the looks of her outfits and that ugly breakfast bucket hat…inside…she should claim blind.
  4. Still cannot stand her. She and Leah have ruined this show. Not a huge fan of the coat either. 😂😂😂
  5. Most boring Christmas episode in years, IMO. I cannot stand Leah.
  6. Thank you. I binged the show the last few weeks.
  7. O/T Anyone watch the People Magazine Investigates shows? I love them. Is there a thread for that show?
  8. Wendy is completely nuts. I’m rather bored.
  9. Juan, and Carter’s teacher……Robyn isn’t the only parent in the house. Juan can wake the kids up.
  10. In the first 15 minutes I said shut up Eboni and Leah and deleted it. It’s awful.
  11. Carole, Heather, Dorinda, Bethenny, LuAnne, Kristen, Sonja
  12. Enjoyed all the comments. I deleted the episode without watching it. I think I’m done.
  13. I’m so sad what has happened to this show. It’s all about Leah throwing tantrums and Eboni getting offended at every turn. I thought it was rude of Eboni to tell Ramona that she wasn’t going to eat her dinner, but she was ordering out, in her words, comfort food. Then she went off to her room. I don’t think she really wants to gel with the cast. She mentioned in her first episode that she had never hung out with so many white women. She knew that coming in, but still acts like it’s a surprise. Why even say that? She also misrepresented what Luanne said...she did not call her an angry
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