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  1. I might be the only person who doesn’t care it Otis and Maeve get together. They are both interesting as independent character but make a boring trite couple.
  2. Ensley better soak up all the love (Fake or not) now. In another decade or so Janelle is going to consider her a sexual rival. (assuming booze and drugs don’t kill her first). Although it may help that Janelle isn’t 16 anymore and looks 40. So not much of a rivalry but still gonna suck to be Ensley when mom finally does turn on her “favorite”.
  3. Ok I think I am out. My HBO record is still in tact. The story I care about (Terry’s family) is hardly touched and the boring ass crap (doppelgängers really and the weird investigator) is the main focus. The sad thing is this could have been an interesting mystery even without the supernatural element. A man accused of a heinous crime. His family forced to live in the town afterward. Weeks, months, even years go by. Maybe even one of the daughters grow up to be a cop and have a murder similar to the one that put her father in prison. See wrote it for you. I will more then likely keep on my DVR but won’t be in any hurry to watch.
  4. If anything else I chuckled at Jack Harkness’s reaction to finding out The Doctor was a woman now. “This I’ve got to see.” This show has always been at its best when it has overarching stories which was missing last year. I like the idea of a version of The Doctor that may or may not be in out Doctor’s past. The promise of the cyber men and more Captain Jack Harkness. Things are finally starting to shape up.
  5. I am actually 100% on Tammi’s side on this. Lip does love his screwed up famiky more then he loves her and probably even Fred. He is never going to leave the neighborhood so it ends up being Tammi who has to give up on everything else just do Lip isn’t miserable and doesn’t drink. That is all very Frank of him. The Ian/Mickey wedding cake was just so them. I am glad they finally got their wedding and yeah Terry’s reaction is about what I expected from him. Not sure what to think about Debbie and the sudden statutory charge. I mean the girl was sleeping with a woman AND her daughter which is a kinda Frankish thing to do. Not to mention mom thought Debbie was a prostitute. Daughter thinks Debbie is a scam artist. And is now sleeping with Carl. This could get messy. The show gets fun when it gets messy.
  6. I really liked this. The overall premise works for me. Picard retired in protest after TBG and DS9! After the devastating wars and the Federation mourning it dead began to change to something he didn’t recognize and started to make choices he didnt agree with. That is a good a place as any to start. It puts Picard on the outside while acknowledging the passage of real time and time must have moved in with the Federation for better and worse. I thought the scenes between Picard and Data were really well done and so was the scene in Picard’s bank vault with all his most treasured memories. As for replicators; there was this whole thing on Voyager about conservation of resources so Captain Janeway limited the use of the replicator. I doubt it would matter on Earth but any newer settled planet may go either way and in space a Smaller ship may divert replicator power to other parts of the ship.
  7. I don’t care about sports in general but a lot of my family does so When I am in a situation when sports are the “social” thing going on i usually as “what team are we rooting for” and then I root for that team. Football, baseball and soccer aren’t really that hard to understand and for me it’s just picking a color jersey and yay go team go.
  8. FYI this is actually called Direct Supervision and it is believed by many of the “new guard” of prison reform to actually be safer and more secure because it is based on continuous observation and not just the occasional walkthrough. It also entails prison guards to spend their days in the pods with the inmates which means getting to know the inmates and there are some who believe leads to a sense of familiarity. Of course you will always have bad apples like the lady who at best is having a bad day and taking it out on the female pod even though she should know better.
  9. This season is really weird. It’s like no one has ever watched this show EXCEPT the inmates. I get that some people have dietary restrictions but the lady who has been crying over it from day one must have had one hell of a sheltered life. Then we have Ashley enjoying the fight a little too much which is all well and good you need to fit in but flexing for the camera was just stupid. And Dennis is being waaaay too gangster to not be an actual gangster. As for the mean CO lady she probably has people protecting her and the chief needs evidence to suspend her which he will use this “experiment” as. I mean come on what she is doing is petty at best. It might even border on criminal but firing her at this juncture might not be safe for the program.
  10. Did I miss something? What was the point of Ms. Wardwell shooting Zelda if the show isn't dealing with it? Or is that next season? The fight with the pagans was all kinds of epic with everyone getting their just revenge. However I really hated the Blackwell part. I mean he is a character that should have been dealt with a long time ago. But now he apparently tricked Sabrina into giving him godly powers just to keep her from claiming the thrown of Hell. Which was a far more interesting story by the way. The rest of the season was all kinds of awesome and I liked most of the finale. Just HATED the last few minutes.
  11. Ok the show has outright said almost everyone who matters on the show is a virgin. Not sure how much I like the idea. I mean I am all for Sabrina having a little carnal fun with Caliban (purely for political sake of course) now that she has broken up with Nick Scratch. Is it just me or does Zelda have a little crush on Marie?. I could buy Ms. Wardwell shooting Zelda as a part 3 finale it was such a shocking moment.
  12. Cannibalizing a witch. Freeing a rabbit. Makes perfect sense to me. And the weird crap that is happening to Ms. Wardwell keeps coming. And Zelda and Hilda find out Sabrina is the queen of hell because she predictably failed to tell them. I loved the way Zelda describes Sabrina. It’s comes from a dark but loving place. She accepted the Queen of Hell job not because she had to but because she likes the power and up to a point that’s not a bad thing but Sabrina also has a savior complex, I absolutely love that both Hilda and Ambrose are concerned about what they are going to wear when they go to hell With Sabrina. .
  13. I really like that Harvey and Theo can have a conversation about relationships and sex and it not seem weird. Wait a sec. You’re on an Arthurian quest for the unholy regalia? Hilda as a writer of trashy bodice ripper stories seems right to me. What’s it like being with both Sabrina and her daddy? I really like the fact that getting the dark lord out of Nick doesn’t magically make Nick ok. He has to heal emotionally. Ms Wardwell’s search for answers is going to be interesting. I like that the show isn’t just dropping her blind smiley and happy wholesale back into the show. She is as haunted as everyone else desperate for answers on what happened to Adam and herself during those three months....or as we call it Part 1 and 2. Sabrina loses the battle but wins followers in the war.
  14. Magically aged kids are hit or miss with me. On this show it makes sense though. It is a complete asshole thing to do so of course Faustus would do it just to hid them from Prudence. Big storylines use having magically adult kids with minds of children is an interesting way to go. You have older actors playing them so you can actually have real stories but you can play them with the wonder of children. i wasn’t sure which way the show would go with the Sabrina needs to drag souls to hell. The old chess guy clearly just made a horrible mistake out of vanity but the other guy was outright evil. So I think it is an interesting take to have Sabrina deciding on a case by case based which of Lucifers contracts she will uphold. Clearly putting Lucifer in Faustus’s body is going to backfire. Vainglorious Demigod. Are we describing Lucifer or Faustus. Putting both minds in the same body is asking for trouble.
  15. The scene where Zelda’s coven prayed to Lilith was surprisingly touching. Thr gang actually traveling through Hell to get Nick back was really well done. I really like the show just jumping into yeah Sabrina is the direct decedent of Lucifer himself so she may be the only one to stop the denizens of Hell from taking over The mortal realm. Of course Dorian Gray doesn’t care about his soul he just wants the ingredients he needs for his zit cream. Never change Dorian Gray. Of course Ms. Wardwell is suddenly drawn to Dante’s Inferno. I would be worried about her if she wasn’t. I mean those last three months that she cannot account for but she was clearly doing....something .
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