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  1. The term “influencer” may be literal in this case. The guy might be trying to influence Sheryl to get her to be more pliable to Leland’s needs especially now that he knows her moral compass is flexible. I am glad there is some forward momentum on the fertility clinic. Yeah the place is shady but taking someones’s egg is scary. Kristen could have that son her daughters were joking about. And it would be a great story to find out there was a child out there with her DNA especially since we know how morally flexible Sheryl is and how prone to violence Kristen is. What if those attri
  2. This actually looks like the kind of show I enjoy but I am not sure I want to sign up for yet another pay service. Although I can do what I usually do and just cancel one for a couple months.
  3. I think Nichole Kidman is a brilliant actress and people are way too critical of plastic surgery. You have to remember it is still very recently a female actress hit 40 and was told she was only suitable to play the aging grandmother guest roll while a 40 year old man was cast as a suave secret agent cast with a 23 year old female costar. Of course actress will do almost anything to attempt to look younger and sometimes it backfires. But I don’t think you can blame Kidman for the mess this show is. The writing is problematic. I actually like The Undoing because it was simple
  4. I kinda knew Doris was doomed but it was heartbreaking to watch her husband outright turn on her. I am not the type to overthink this show. Some shows you can think about every piece of the show for weeks at a time and have discussions about the pros and cons of characters morality but AHS has never really been that kind of show. If you think too hard about it it falls apart but that is ok. The show works for me as a Visceral morality tale. Harry is one of those husbands who expect their wives to devote their entire life to them. Alma is either going to die a truly horrible death
  5. People didn’t like this episode? It hit every mark for me. I love Sandra kinda offering to take the gang out for drinks and having it snowball because Sandra is a normal and when she says drinks she means a couple of beers and the gang is a bunch of Barely functioning alcoholics. I also loved the group of would be kidnappers or whatever on the outside doing a commentary on what was happening “they have a monster truck now.” Might be paraphrasing. Watching Archer try to bond with Cyril was fun too especially since the stuff Cyril does isn’t as lame as expected. Pam and he
  6. This isn’t an incredibly deep show. It’s funny the previous episode had three of the actors from Melrose Place and that is about as deep and meaningful as this show gets. Fun and glitzy with a little bit of a lesson if you don’t dig to deep or think to much. The girl gets a storybook happy ending which is what she secretly wants and the guy who spent his entire adult life trying to prove he was a “man” gets confronted by his inner child about all the things he lost and at the end goes home to try to win back the woman he always loved. Not too incredibly deep but effective.
  7. I want to like this show more then I do. Yes the girl goes back to fall in love with a girl in the past was sweet but ultimately felt flat to me. I actually kinda enjoyed the guy talks to the boy he once was before a really traumatic event in his past that changed him for good alot more. I really liked the whole "I turned into such a douchebag" "I got the girl of my dreams and I lost her" motif that was going on between them. It was a good story about rediscovering who you really are.
  8. They are being vague on purpose but are also showing that Sheryl has some darkness to her. The doll she is sacrifing to has appeared on a few episodes this season and is named “Eddie” bit to what the doll actually means has not been explained. the same with the Goat Therapist. I think it can go either way depending on how you are interpreting the show in general. If you watch it because it dispels all supernatural evil then Leland is just evil and crazy. But if you see bits and pieces of actual supernatural peeking through then the Goat Therapist can be part of that. There
  9. I think the huge problem is that Axe’s only real enjoyment is screwing people over. He is not happy unless he has an enemy to destroy. I do think it was kind of clever to have it be Axe responsible for saving Chuck’s father’s life. It plants someone solely on his side now that Chuck, Taylor and Prince are teaming against him. I understand why Taylor his pissed. They had to swallow a lot of pride already but to realize that Axe had no intention of taking them seriously or caring if they lost money or face is something that Taylor can’t abide by. Taylor doesn’t care about battles
  10. Well the episode is about UFO and government conspiracy so I blame that for the title of the episode being wrong. It looks like Leland and Sheryl are back together again. And yeah Leland just beheading the goat demon shrink was crazy. Now I am curious who the manager is. And yeah goat curry….. It’s nice that Kristen and David are at least talking even if it is on half truths and riddles. I can see Kristen’s world view of “I hate people” making her bitter and angry but at the same time sad and her job isn’t exactly helping when they just outright pay off people to
  11. I actually liked the stateside story more then the African story. Of course it was Krieger invents and artificial intelligence that he can't control that tries to kill them and of course Cheryl hires an intern who ends up saving the day but she still fires her.
  12. This season continues to be one of the best AHS has done in awhile. Maybe its the shorter (but also not a single episode that the other AHS did) seasons or maybe because the story is actually entertaining and tight. I really loved the back stories of The Chemist and Belle Noir. The Chemist isn't exactly evil evil but instead she is just doing outright human research and doesn't care if people get hurt. Loved watching Belle Noir become......I was kinda hoping she would kill her asshole husband and was glad when she did. Evan Peters in drag was fun to watch as well. I do find it
  13. Andy said it himself: climbing is a luxury business. It was probably profitable before Covid (even if Covid only sorta exists in the Evil Universe the idea that “times have changed” certainly has) but like alot of other luxuries it was probably among the first things everyone but the exceptionally rich dropped. Then Kristen gets this super steady job working for the Catholic Church that seems like the answer to all their problems. They can still keep their dream company open while Kristen keeps things running at home. The problem is every time Andy comes home their is a
  14. I love when Evil gets especially weird. Slightly disappointed that it wasn’t actually David’s vision of Kristen killing LeRoux but it still worked as a vision inside a vision and a marker of where Kristen’s mind is at. She definitely is in a weird place and it is more then just picking between David and Andy. Loved Leland and Sister Andrea confronting each other. Did anyone else notice Sister Andrea order the priest out of the room and he took a beat and followed her order? I think there is something more to the nun. And yeah Sheryl communicating with the weird doll
  15. I was never a huge fan of the original CSi but I didn't hate it either. I am in the minority who liked the show the best when Ted Danson was on it. But that is just me. It did have its moments and even though I was never a regular live watcher I tend to watch it on Hulu because it is there and easy to drown out while I am working from home and there is only so many times you can watch Criminal Minds. Now my point (and I do have one). The idea of revamping it with current laws and having at least some of the old crew return is a good way to compare and contrast the old way of doing
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