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  1. Chaos Theory

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I am really looking forward to an episode of Snapped. It explains why Janelle keeps taking him back. She is planning a brilliant murder which the police will arrest her for the very next day.
  2. Chaos Theory

    S06.E05: The Other Thing 

    The Sarge/May stuff was made of so much win. Too bad the outer space stuff has gotten increasingly boring. I just don’t care about the Fitz/Simmons plot which makes me sad. I am really looking forward to what Daisy does when she sees Sarge.
  3. Chaos Theory

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    Not even a little. My best example of this is a tv show called Bladed based off the movies. It was on a channel that at the time was being directed toward middle aged men. However this particular show did well with female audiences. Of course the show was cancelled. There is also the infamous Firefly. A show that should have been Joss Whedons next big hit after Buffy/Angel but the network execs moved it to every time slot imaginable so they canceled it after a season. TKAA was a great show but it had a horrible time slot. I often forgot to watch it and picked it up later on Hulu. I have no idea why i didn’t just put it on my DVR.
  4. Chaos Theory

    S04.E04: Tank

    I find Dichrn Lachman very good looking. But again that is just me. I am always glad to see her on my shows. I tend to believe what characters say on this show mainly because we get no real evidence otherwise. Baz was J’s father. The conspiracy theories otherwise always seemed silly to me. Smurf’s story sounds true enough plus we did see another early flashback with very young her swimming in a motel pool so I am guessing she didn’t have a very stable upbringing.
  5. Chaos Theory

    S04.E04: Tank

    I don’t know. Frankie may not be screwing over Craig but just showing him another way to do business like she says. The insular “trust no one” way the Cody’s have been doing jobs versus the “find the best crew for the job” way Frankie does business. It will be interesting if the Cody’s get paranoid about getting paid and jump to soo. Only to find out Frankie had every intention of paying them. During Adrian’s scene with Smurf I was thinking that he was wishing for the good old days when Deran was deeply in the closet and snuck in for sex in the middle of the night. The good old days. Right? That scene was creepy. Welcome to the family Adrian. I am still loving crack head Bones.
  6. Chaos Theory


    This latest episode could have been called “Well, isn’t this awkward”. Not quite the happy reunion everyone was hoping for between Noah and Anna. And Isaak is going full on mobster but still is clear headed enough not to put his father. Poor Augustus the fake boyfriend who thinks he is a real boyfriend. Yeah that got real awkward real fast. Even Detective Zoie Palmer has a really bad couple of days and probably lost custody of her kid.
  7. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    You just named the only two I don’t like. They drag down the show for me. They are both just so boring. I absolutely adore the other women. Madeline just lacks self awareness and it is honestly fun to watch. Celeste has some of the best scenes of the show with her shrink and her sons. Reneta is that person who worked hard to get where she is but married badly and has her husband both need and resent her success.
  8. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Plus isn’t the whole Celeste and Perry “love story” her being older then him and having trouble conceiving. So I can also buy her being older. And we are talking about upper middle class white women and they tend to not even start to have children until they hit their thirties.
  9. Chaos Theory

    S11.E03: Oklahoma City Qualifiers 2019.06.17

    Why would they make a big deal about a father completing the course? It probably happened the first season. As more and more women of all ages compete the show focuses on different groups finishing. It is fun to watch women do well. As much as I like people like Daniel Gil him coming in first was almost a given but watching Maggie Thorne come thisclose to the warped wall is why I watch this show.
  10. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    But it is debatable. Mary Louise debated it. She made a very real comment about Perry dying on the day Celeste was planning to leave him, As an audience we all saw what happened but a bunch of ladies push a man down some stairs could be read as premeditated by the right person.
  11. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    What I find weird is that instead of commenting on how wonderful it is to have a highly praised story with well respected actresses we are all commenting on silly things like their looks. Honestly I would never have known Nichole Kidman had work done except people keep bringing it up. I honestly thing Celeste is the best character on the show and NK acting is incredible. I loved the scene where her shrink told her to picture Madeline in one of the abusive situations with Perry. I also really loved her scene with her kids when one of them lashed out at her and she violently pushed him away. My other favorite character is Reneta. I loved her reaction to finding out her husband was probably going to cost them all their money. The scene at the prison and the one in the car was some high caliber acting.
  12. Chaos Theory

    S03.E02: Muscle & Flow

    I just caught up on Hulu so excuse me if I missed anything. Polly has got to be my favorite character. I love her brand of crazy. She is so much fun to watch. Desna and Roller as a pairing are hit and miss for me. Sometimes I really like them other times I wonder why Desna puts up with him. Then I really like him again. I love all their nicknames to normalize Virginia losing an eye. Uncle Daddy is always fun to watch. Dean Norris must have so much fun playing the bisexual Dixi Mafia member. I really enjoy Quiet Anne’s storyline with the cop last season and I got where both were coming from. I am wondering now since everyone has crimed up if the storyline will continue as well. Anne dating the increasingly conflicted cop that wants to arrest her friends.
  13. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    It was hardly privileged rage though. It wasn’t like she stole the money herself. She worked hard for it. I would be pissed too if my husband told me he emptied our joint funds without my consent. I wouldn’t give a shit about the federal offense. He stole from me. I think this episode was in large part about how much you tell your kids vs how much they actually know. Do you need to tell a young child that he is a product of rape? What do you tell him when he finds out? How much of the truth about their father does Celeste tell her own sons? How much do they know? Their go to emotion is anger so it might actually be a good idea for Celeste to be more open with her kids but does that mean telling them the whole truth? Madeline’s younger daughter eves dropping caused a lot of trouble for everyone and even Bonnie’s daughter knows “something” is wrong with her mother. I find Nichole Kidman crush worthy good looking but that is just me.
  14. Chaos Theory

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    And things start to unravel for the ladies. i am still really enjoying the scenes with Celeste and her shrink. They are always so beautifully intense. Reneta’s husband getting arrested right on the heels of her good news and then to find out that he essentially spent their (her) life savings. I thought it was interesting that he kept bringing up their daughters trust fund and saying he couldn’t touch it like he actually tried to. Having Madeline’s secrets come out the way they did to her husband was all very well done.
  15. Chaos Theory

    S04.E03: Man vs Rock

    I love this show and wouldn’t mind if it went on for a few more years. I love the Cody boys and find their relationship with Smurf fascinating. I don’t care if characters are redeemable or not. Actually with this type of show I prefer it when they aren’t. I am also ok if none of them get caught. I love how dark and devious Smurf is. She isn’t breaking bad she is someone who broke bad years ago and the ramifications have effected how she raised her children. i am still not sure how I feel about J. Sometimes I want him to shut up about his crappy childhood. He blames everyone for his issues and for some reason doesn’t see his mother as anything but a victim. That is the only thing that annoys me about the show. I am supposed to identify with J but he is the only one I don’t identify with.