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  1. Honestly this was the first time I thought Penny was out of line especially with Elena. Yes Elena messes up but her reaction was way out of proportion. It was like it was a catastrophe that would make them all broke and homeless. I get she has issues with money but Elena made a mistake she she didn’t kill someone. plus she acted cheap the first time she met her sons girlfriend. That set up things badly right from the start.
  2. Honestly the biggest mystery for me isn’t if Carol Baskin killed her second husband. The biggest mystery is if John. Finlay even owns a shirt. Also if you want an anti drug PSA. Show this. The meth mouth was on point.
  3. Kinda. If you are against zoos then you probably won’t like this regardless. But the story gets interesting when it starts talking about how each of these zoos are actually run and how even the conservationist lady is a bit shady and might have murdered her second husband. There is a whole bunch of Hatfield and McCoy stuff that goes on. And that is even before Joe runs for President in the 2016 election and even got roasted by John Oliver. I found the whole thing extremely twisted and trainwrecky. But in a good way.
  4. I didn’t intend to watch this except that my sister recommended it and well quarantine, but this is super fun. I mean I am by no means an animal person and by that I mean if any of these people were treating these big cats even remotely well I wouldn’t have a problem with them owning them. But even the supposed Conservationist is super shady. What i found even more interesting was the virtual cults all the different people had working for them (Carol wasn’t even paying her employees at all). While supposedly making millions. However this actually plays out best when it focuses on the Hatfield and McCoy feud between Joe and Carol. Do I think Carol is as bad as Joe.... no but I think she is definitely using her employees as virtual slave labor and getting away with it by calling them volunteers. Do I think she killed her husband? I don’t know. I just don’t think she is a pure soul of everlasting light and a savior to animals either.
  5. Caught this on Hulu while looking for something to watch. While not the least bit original it actually has its moments. I like the parents and they’re reaction to having genius kids they can’t relate to but also the fact that their kids just don’t know how to relate to them. And yeah I kinda tapped the daughter as being a genius too from the pilot just by the way mom called her “their star”. She likes being their favorite and unlike the others has been able to fake “normalcy” because she spends so much time with her parents while the other have been isolated from them because of their intelligence. .
  6. Jeri Ryan an evil arch villian in sexy glasses. Do you really need to know more? Ok her character is related to Macgyver so she is bound to be around for at least a few episodes.
  7. But my point is the father if his sperm was used would still have rights. Even if Mia retained custody. Every time Pearl asks about her father Mia changes the subject and says he doesn’t matter. Pearl has a father. Heck she would have had a step mother if Mia hadn’t up and ran. Mia is being selfish by keeping all of this from Pearl. Pearl by all rights could have had a lot of people in her life but instead she has Mia who gets upset when she goes to anyone else.
  8. Maybe the Quarantine Is getting to me but I found this uneven but funny. It suffers from pilotitous and reminds me a lot of a cleaner version of Two Broke Girls which I found very unfunny while this is......actually cute and has its moments. It took me forever to recognize Pauley Perrette. Honestly it’s a comedy and I usually drop comedies real fast but this was......ok.
  9. It’s hard to play the straight man in a comedy which is essentially what Christy has become. They are often the least interesting to write for mainly because the fun things happen around them and not to them. I always enjoy scenes where we are reminded that Majorie had a life before she got sober. Maybe even deeper then Bonnie’s. Marjorie robbed banks, forged checks, and the occasional bomb threat. But a decade of being sober and the kind cat lady has left her an outsider in the world. And yeah I liked how the plot with the shrink “god let this be bottom” came together with Majorie.
  10. One of the first things on the pilot episode was Christy seeing Bonnie at a meeting and then finding out that Violet has been in touch with her. I am not sure how long but Violet would only “forgive” Christy if Christy “forgave” Bonnie. The first season Violet was always quicker to go to Bonnie and take her advice then Christy.
  11. Surrogacy is more complicated then outright adoption. The egg from the mother is often used and almost always the sperm from the father. So even if Mia wanted to keep Pearl. The other parents would have legal rights to her as well. Especially the father. Which is probably why the nomadic lifestyle and the helping of Bebe she probably got that legal advice that she couldn’t just have Pearl because she cane out of her body. She up and ran with her. As for Elena she is the case of the person who got exactly what she wanted and is still not happy with it. She planned for the perfect life but is unsatisfied with the mundane nature of it so regresses back to when things were young and new but you really can’t go back again.
  12. Getting kidnapped by armed gunman is no excuse for not working a case in GIbbs world.
  13. I really like Palmer episodes. My favorite part was when he went from nice to as Kassie put it “that’s you not being polite?”
  14. The show makes less sense if Martin killed Sophie. There is something about that night that really freaks him out so there is something he isn’t telling Malcolm and Eve but I am almost positive that the sister is still alive. The story makes more sense that way. Plus it adds to Malcolm’s trauma if that night tipped her over the edge to full fledged psychopath herself and the innocent victim of The Surgeon is anything but. Plus the show has been hinting that there are worse things out there then Martin. And that Martin has his share of “allies” it would be interesting if Sophie was that.
  15. Jessica sure does have a type doesn’t she? i knew the girl in the box was probably not dead but it’s going to be interesting to find out where she has been all this time because Martin is right they’ve all been searching for someone who doesn’t want to be found i liked how the murder coincided with Malcolm’s trauma. Also I can see Jessica making him take ballet and Malcolm actually being good at it.
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