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  1. No character can face “appropriate consequences” on a genre show. In real life that usually means long term incarceration but that is impossible in fiction unless you throw them in a virtual prison and move time around them or kill the character. Bad guys either die or get redeemed. They don’t face any real consequences at least not long term. Whatever consequence Wanda faces for the creation of fake Westview will more then likely be personal, emotional and short term. More likely still the show will switch up due to the Agatha and Hayward reveals and push Wanda back into hero....even if that means vengeful hero.
  2. I can go either way on Wanda. On one hand I really love the idea of Wanda and Vision having their own show and battling the forces of evil together with their twins as a family. That would be awesome and so very Disney. On the otherhand....... One of my favorite kinds of story is a downward spiral especially for a strong female character and Wanda Maximoff has all the makings to be a very compelling villain story.
  3. Wanda didn't mean to kill those people during one of the Avenger movies but Hayward keeps using it as a reason that Wanda needs to be locked up in The Raft. If anything Wanda needs mandatory psychiatric evaluation. Heck half of the Avengers who were supposed to be her friends even then turned on her on a dime. It was only when they needed her did they even care where she was. I mean yes lets recap. Dead parents. Dead brother. Dead Vision. And no one to pull her back from the abyss.
  4. I think that’s the point. Hayward is the guy left after The Snap. Everyone else is either dead, missing, or early retired. He basically rose to Director because he was the only one left in a universe of untold dangers and in his paranoid mind you can’t even trust The Avengers because Wanda has powers and let’s face it a shady as hell history. Hayward would see her as a threat regardless and would want to control, imprison on kill her outright. Having her run around free must be unthinkable for him. So he needs a weapon and there is no way he would consider Vision a person especially if it meant getting to or at Wanda.
  5. Well we got another end credits scene....and anyone else not surprised that Director Hayward is a big fat liar? This was mostly just one big recap....but in a good way. You know like Agatha says. "So to recap Parents dead. Brother dead. Vision dead. What happened when he wasn't there to pull you back from the darkness, Wanda?" I really did like that she didn't actually steal Vision's body and this was all just a wish she made out of despair. And that it might have actually been unintentional at first. Chaos magic. "This is chaos magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch.” It is almost a guarantee that the season will end with “to be continued with “whatever movie comes next only in movie theaters which I haven’t gone to see in years. Stupid Disney.”
  6. Ok finished the season out. And I actually like shows where no one is a good person. I know people tend to complain about them but I find them fascinating. Which of the three main characters was the biggest monster. Mary who has every reason to grieve over the disappearance of her daughter but is incapable of acknowledging anyone elses pain. She goes as far as to blackmail a "reformed" rapist into hunting down the girlfriend of the serial killer who is believed to have killed her daughter. In all honesty if the show had stuck with just that I would have had glowing reviews of the show. but there were far too many other strings. and with the the show needs a second season or everything is kinda sorta wasted. This would have worked alot better for me as a one and done. Nothing else to see here. Even if that means 13 episodes story.
  7. Well it didn’t take douche bag Chad long to align himself with supervillain Hiram (even if just a little) and put his marriage with Veronica on borrowed time. Sorry BArchie fans but it’s not gonna be long before Veronica is going to run to Archie for comfort and Betty to Jughead for help finding her sister. Cain and Abel?
  8. I am three episodes in and this isn’t a bad. I would likely like it since it was made by the sane people who did the Undoing and had the same feel to it. And likely why Lily Rabe had a roll on that as well. She has a stronger lead roll in this and is the meat in this. I am intrigued so far in how much she knew about her serial killer boy friends activities and what is happening In the town now. Also the mom’s story who is fanatically looking for her and burning down everyone and everything else doing it. The “reformed” rapist I am not sure about but then I don’t really find him as interesting and I don’t particularly like the WITSEC guy either. Anyway I really do think this show would generate a lot more buzz on HBO or Netflix. Amazon video just doesn’t have the buzz yet which is weirdly funny.
  9. This show still has its problems but it continues to improve with each episode. I really like that it didn’t draw out the meeting between McCall and Dante. I like their flirty “catch you later” vibe. If anything about the show will bring me back at least for the short run it’s the “I don’t like what you do but I kinda like why you do it” thing going on between them.
  10. I rewatched all 7 episodes again because why not, and it struck me that Agnes has been trying to get her hands on the twins from the start. She was lurking around when they were being born and it was only Geraldine/Monica being there that probably stopped her from birthing the babies herself. Then there was that really weird scene where she tried to hold them when they were babies but Vision broke scene and wouldn’t let her. She was there at least once when the twins aged up and the intent of killing Sparky could have been to have them age up again. Then this episode where Wanda just hands the twins right over to her and suddenly they vanish. This could be as much about their powers as Wandas.
  11. Although Wanda created the town and definitely expanded the borders last episode I think the point of the the Agatha’s theme song was to show she has in fact been messing with Westview as well. There have in fact been times where things have happened that were out of Wanda’s control and that was Agatha messing with her. Agatha was the one who recast Pietro but he is still Pietro (I assume) so his loyalty might actually be with Wanda. I also do think it is Agatha keeping Vision away. Wanda was genuinely surprised confused and saddened that Vision wasn’t there and I think this was Agatha jerking him away because she knew he reached the edge of town and was going to confront Wanda so was biding her time for her own big “It was me....” reveal.
  12. This is also around the time "Comedies" become "dramedies" and morph into one hour which is perfect for the last two episodes of a season. Not saying that is what is going to happen but it would make sense.
  13. Even for someone who knows next to nothing about The Marvel Universe and had to look up Agatha Harkness the Agnes reveal still makes sense. The character has been lurking around since the first episode and I think was the first “townsperson” to stop by. She’s been hanging around since day one being conveniently helpful to Wanda at all the right moments. Plus she was a witch during the Halloween episode which was clever as heck in retrospect. Love that she gets her own theme song. “It was Agatha all along.” Poor Sparky. And where are the twins?????
  14. During the family dinner sequence Martin said about Ainsley (mind you about being a doctor but it could be about Malcolm’s fears of her becoming a serial killer) when Jessica says that Ainsley and Martin are two of the best Surgeons in New York. “Ainsley is the talented one. I am the distant second.”
  15. I am curious about Jessica’s sister because that is going to be interesting enough. My guess is sister comes to visit playing the perfect sister married to the perfect guy who isn’t a serial killer. Jessica finds out he is cheating on her or something like that and does the sisterly thing and threatens him “I was married to one of the most notorious serial killers of the 21st century. You think I don’t what do with a dead body.” And then let’s her sister leave thinking she still has a perfect marriage because her sister doesn’t want to know the truth and the Whitney’s are essentially liars.
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