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  1. Episode 8: mildred and Edmond and we are one month later. Louise the former motel care taker is now a candy striper and torturing at least one patient. So we are getting closer to Book Territory. And yay Mildred and Gwen are in full relationship territory. I am kinda sad thT Mildred is in danger of losing both her brother and her lover. Ha. I think I might be in love with Charlotte. And of course just as things start to go really well for Mildred Ratched.....well ya know.....
  2. Episode 6: Got No Strings Puppet show from hell. Fun. Otherwise kind of a slow episode. I think this might have been the first episode that didn’t work for me. Not sure why. Episode 7: The Bucket Lost is much more fun. Nurse Ratched and Nurse Bucket join forces against Doctor Hanover. And again Charlotte was awesome. Poor Hanover. He was in waaay over his head when it came to Mildred Ratched. it’s good to know Lenora got what she wanted....ie Hanover’s head in a box. That’s our Lenora for ya know having a creepy psychopath for a son who murders you even though he doesn’t have arms or feet. But Lenora does get the last laugh. Henry you get nothing.,,,.The monkey get half of everything. Gotta love that monkey. I really liked that Trevor turns out to be an upstanding guy and ends it with Gwen on good terms. And I do love the Mildred/Gwen pairing. Do we have any doctors? Honestly, who needs them? (This would have been a good place to end the season but we have one more episode)
  3. Episoded 5: The Dance I was impressed by the actres who played Charlotte during her big scene in Hanover’s office so I looked her up. And I just watched Criminal UK too. Of course you don’t take your monkey to business meeting. Everyone knows that. You also don’t have a show with Sarah Paulson and Sharon Stone and don’t have them have at least one scene together. Also loved having Amanda Plumber drawn more into the plot. Loved her and Judy Davis together. You do feel kinda sad for Nurse Bucket at her level of delusion about Hanover. And the webs of lies Mildred weaves Is impressive. Unfortunately Edmund has to ruin everything.
  4. Episode 4: Mercy part 2. Are we saying that Mildred and )her brother) Edmund had a sexual relationship? Well that actually explains a lot. I know it’s a fake relationship but I kinda felt bad for him when Gwendolyn left him. Awww Mildred pimping out one of the other nurses for her brother. But then goes and heps Mrs Wainwright escape the hospital so she could be with another woman. Ratched is a very confusing person. Mildred telling Lenora that the hit man she hired was dead was all kinds of badass. I am still not sure what to make of Gwen and Mildred. I love the pairing but I feel something horrible coming down the pike. I am starting to really worry about Huck.
  5. Episode 3 Mercy Enter Sharon Stone and her son who was probably a patient of Hanover (if that’s his real name) and now wants revenge, “I want to give his head to my son as a gift on his 21st birthday.” Nurse Bucket is really starting to lose favor with Hanover and she knows it. No amount of ass kissing is getting her back in his good graces. Is anyone else getting AHS Asylum flashbacks? the hydrotherapy scene alone..... Now I am curious how much of Hanover’s LSD excuse is actually true.
  6. Episode 2 Titled "Ice Pick": Melancholy, forgetfulness and daydreaming. Lobotomies, it will fix what ails ya. Ok its confirmed that Edmund and Mildred are siblings. Boy the scenes between Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Paulson was all kinds of awkwardly awesome. Also awesome was the Hanover and Edmund scene. Hanover is no fool and clocked that Edmund was faking his mental illness straight off. But his response was interesting. And Mildred lobotomizing the surviving priest was all kinds of messed up
  7. Darn. I was hoping to do an episode by episode review of this. Five minutes in and I can already tell this is gonna be in my wheelhouse. Then again Ryan Murphy usually is. He just gets me. So anyway I just can’t help start with a bad joke: Gas station attendant (with Dirty nails): “You’re not a reporter are you?” Mildred Ratched; “Do I look like Lana Winters?” ok I got the Lana Winters thing out of my system. So we can talk about why an insane asylum is located in a place I would want to live. I mean dude I might kill a bunch of people if I could land....well bad shit is bound to happen so we’ll call that plan B. Lucia: population 985 Yeah....Nurse Buckett and Nurse Ratched are gonna have a problem. is Edmund Tolleson the brother Nurse Ratched talked about?
  8. Conway Stern losing a limb every time he runs into the gang is a good gag. Of course Archer gets jealous of not being team leader (or getting the choice parking spot) and acts like a child which causes the plan to go to hell and both Cyril and Pam to get seriously injured. Oh and no more New Better Cheryl. Archer is just plain chaos. Also love the idea of a new Not Woodhouse every episode.
  9. I like the idea that everyone might have actually been happier when Archer was in a coma and the Agency actually became competent. But then Archer comes back and within minutes everyone reverts back to the old version of themselves.
  10. Oh yeah I forgot about Ashley making it up in the third try. That is always awesome. I k ow it’s weird but the one thing I find sad is people who fall in the first obstacle. it is kinda sad that finishing doesn’t guarantee moving on especially for the guy who got past the mega wall. That should be an automatic qualification. But I think these are the things no one thinks about (like both people making it up the Mt Midoriyama) until it happens and then the rules need to be clarified and tweaked.
  11. Why did the power tower start this week and not last week? Anyway Flex Labreck was awesome as usual. Was kinda disappointed she didn’t try the mega wall. Awesome that at least one person got up the mega wall already.
  12. On shows like this people tend to only come on when they have something to bitch about. Since the sob stories were kept to a minimum and most of the stories tended to be Covid related I think most people just let them be. And the “First Mom Up the warped wall” isn’t going away any time soon. The show likes it “firsts”. Plus yeah being a mom is different then being a dad simply due to the effects pregnancy has on a female body so having a bunch of kids and still being able to succeed in a (let’s face it) male dominated sport is kinda a big deal.
  13. NCIS has always been that show I watch if nothing else happens to be in the same time slot. I usually don’t bother DVRing it unless the episode synopsis looks interesting. So if I miss it I will eventually catch it on syndication. Maria Bello never really fit with the shows. Honestly as psychologist go I always liked Laura San Giacomo better anyway. I liked the personality of Doctor Grace and if the actress is on good terms with everyone I would love to see her as a semi recurring roll.
  14. Finished out the series and yes the final season is the weakest but the finale still makes cry. And say what you will about the Astrid name thing but the scene where Walter says "Astrid is a beautiful name" gets me choked up. Walter and Astrid have a beautiful friendship through the series and I am sorry if if the actress felt like she wasn't respected. I also really liked the scene where Widmark tells Broyles that all the other Observers got infected with human emotions and he will never admit to being infected as well but the emotion he feels is hate. Broyles response is "The feeling is mutual." Walter sacrificing himself at the end always worked for me considering this all started because of a selfish act by him. So a selfless act from him just works as an ending,
  15. I like the Ring Chaser. It’s fun to watch and I like the idea of catching the good ring or having to use the much smaller one. I am a glad both Zimmerman and Allysa Beird did so well and made it to the next round. If the mega wall was easy everyone would try it.
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