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  1. Season 2 continues to get better and better. Esme and Ryan make an interesting team. The NFFA is sufficiently messed up. In which it acts like a reality program where the more people who want you purged the more popular you are. The opening scene with the news broadcast was very well done. I thought the young more liberal woman was significantly freaked out that she had been all bit threatened on the air only to have it brushed off as nothing bu her colleagues. “in America you are nobody unless someone wants to purge you” That is the theme of the episode second only to “We can all live together or we can die together” by Marcus. And yeah what did he do to puss off his neighbors? Is it going to turn out to be like the original purge movie type thing where the answer is basically nothing. That his biggest sin is that he doesn’t purge. Oh Ben Ben Ben. You really should have gotten rid of the God mask.
  2. What I really enjoy about the show is that Roseanne might be gone but her ghost is still haunting everyone. The fight between Jackie and Darlene has been brewing for a long time now and it is actually about a lot more then Bev’s money. It’s about pain and loss. I also really liked how Harris reacted when Jackie slapped Darlene.
  3. Father outranks aunt and even grandparents. Unless Tammy family can show neglect or abuse which Franny’s daddy’s family at one time tried to prove with Debbie but only ended up kidnapping the kid. If Tammy wakes up and decides to play hardball with Lip then it’s a whole new ball game. That being said....If Lip wanted some sleepy time he could have made arrangements with the in-laws.
  4. I thought this episode was definitely better then last week. I can see where it is heading. With Fiona gone the men in the Gallagher household see it as an opportunity to make their own rules so they put Frank in charge instead of Debbie. This is not going to end well. i can see why they did it though. They all had money concerns and paying off quick debts must seem better then the far off ones that Fiona probably paid off the large part of in the past. Debbie is by no means perfect and has her own scam going but she at least is trying to stretch the money out and keep the majority of it out of Frank’s hands. How much does a welder, even a non union one make? I mean with Lip expecting her to drop everything to watch his kid and the family not doing anything around the house I wouldn’t blame her if she found her own place to live. She does have a kid of her own to raise.
  5. How is she robbing Frank though? She made him pay for a couch he did ruin. That’s not unreasonable. He and his friend are about to rob her in a minute out of spite. And yes Fiona gave her the money because all the others are going to use the money for scams instead of necessities and not pay the bills. How much does Debbie make at her welding job? Because everyone is treating her like a maid and I would seriously consider using her share to put money down on a place for her and Frannie to stay because no one is helping her take care of Frannie and yet Lip wants Debbie to drop everything so he can take a nap.
  6. I just finished watching Running On Empty. I had it on my DVR mostly because of River Phoenix and he is really really good in it. It’s the movie that definitely makes you wonder what kind of actor he would have become if he hadn’t died young.
  7. I think it’s all about rigidity though. Both Chidi and Simone are so utterly rigid in their belief that it made Chidi unable to make a simple decision and (in my opinion) it made Simone so unlikable. I think is also an issue with the point system as well and Gen’s interpretation of them. It’s so rigid that at a certain point every human is going to fail (that we have long since reached) and that it is far easier to just zap earth an start from scratch. It may just me a matter of moving the line further up the road and yes have a middle place for actual middle people to either improve or get worse Keep Michael’s neighborhood going forever for all the truly middle people to either get better or get worse. Which is how I actually do think the show is going to end.
  8. Of course things need to be discussed more fully but I think it says something he might enjoy doing for Jill. And I know plenty of people who gave up drinking for one reason or another and don’t miss it at all. My sister in laws brother is a cop who used to drink before he got married but once they had kids he stopped. He still gets promotions and even hangs out with his friends. People’s priorities change.
  9. I like Hotel. But that is the Lady Gaga season and her presence tends to annoy a lot of people. But I think it is the most fun the show has ever been.
  10. I think it makes sense for Jill to not be able to handle a partner who drinks. It took her three attempts to get sober and is still probably a daily struggle for her. It must be a shock that someone can just say they can just not drink and be perfectly fine with it.
  11. See that’s the thing. It depends on your definition of “bad”. Brent is an entitled rich white guy who probably had his family pay his way into college. He’s probably never had to actually “work” for anything in his life. Even his friends were bought and paid for but at the same time never actually getting any of that Outside positive reinforcement that Michael was talking about. So it must have been one bad place of a shock to be cast in with a group of people who werent impressed with his privileged upbringing. I think he was genuinely shocked and hurt that no one liked his book or that he wasn’t just sent to the Best Place. All this doesn’t make him a bad guy.
  12. I think several long standing storylines have been leading to this exact moment. 1. Bad Janet to the rescue. It happened at the exact right time. "Oh no its not just me." And all the Janets show up to stimey The Judges plan to just end Earth because it is easier then fixing the point system. 2. Chidi the most indecisive man in the world has 45 minutes and 800 lives in his head to build a better and more humane point system.
  13. But it’s not just indecisiveness. Just like Simone is not just a Condescending bench. They are both so unyielding I. It that Chidi made other people’s lives miserable and I am guessing Simone did as well. They didn’t actually do anything bad bad but Chidi couldn’t even tell a friend his ugly boots looked nice to make him feel better because Chidi can’t lie. And that itself is kinda selfish.
  14. This is definitely going in my top five list. Maybe even my top three list (not sure). I know I am not going to get anyone to like this who doesn’t and you all aren’t going to make me think this is anything but the best season of AHS since the very fun Hotel which yes I also really liked. I don’t see Ramirez as a plot hole at all. But ok if you do. Even if it is...it one day a year when he can leave and even then in another cursed location so not really. I really appreciate that the focus of the finale was on Ben and his family. That maybe what the whole story actually was. That even Brooke and her plight was a secondary story. That being said I would have liked more of Brooke because she was my favorite character. I know there was alot of people missing some of the bigger actors but honestly I didn’t. I thought this was a fun and exciting season and it was far better then the deeply disappointing Appocolpse and it will probably age better then the overly political Cult (even though I liked Cult). Freak Show and Coven we’re both ultimately disappointments and Roanoke had its moments but might have been a little too confusing. So yeah 1984 is definitely in my top 3. Asylum Hotel 1984 Murder House
  15. Not really. Ramirez sold his soul to Satan a long time ago. He is essentially a soulless killing monster. It’s not hard to write around the plot if you don’t take it literally.
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