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  1. I really liked the ending. It was a simple, logical and uncomplicated ending that made sense and not a “gotcha” ending that came out of nowhere. Yes it would have been cool if Lily Rabe had a more important roll but she really is only important in Ryan Murphy’s world and this was a good showing of her talents. I liked that she played a roll in the finale but again this was mainly about Grace and her family and the well....undoing of her family. Johnathin really was a peice of work. Outright trying to blame Henry for the murder and then making excuses for it. I liked that Grace finally turned the tables on him. Johnathin was a desperate sociopath who lost the faith of his family so he kidnapped his son and tried to kill himself. He thought for a split second he had them both in his thrall and realizing he didn’t really pissed him off. I thought it was a good ending. His legacy was undone.
  2. Penny was also never afraid of Sheldon like the others were. Missy has that as well. She will go straight at him if she has to. In retrospect that is the only reason Sheldon was able to be friends with someone like Penny.
  3. I am really digging this. I watched the first two episodes last night and the third today. I actually do find Cassie endearing and the kind of person you might want to help because you see her falling apart. I think this is the kind of show where you have to like Cassie even a little or the show won’t work for you. Of course she is being stupid. These thrillers always have the protagonists doing shady and incredibly ill advised things to move the plot along. Your lawyer tells you to stay the fuck away from the family of guy you might have murdered so of course you attend his memorial because you think you might find a clue there. And you kinda do but make yourself look even more shady in the process.
  4. Took me a second to place her but the actress who plays Miranda played Mary Wardwell/Madam Satan on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina And Cassie continues to act super shady at the exact wrong moment. Real talk: “I like you but you fit the FBI’s male, pale and Yale culture to a T”. Why does Cassie have more then one passport? I was thinking she travels so much they get used up quickly. But still it seems needlessly suspicious And I am thinking that book Cassie is carrying around is important. And I want to talk about the rabbits.
  5. Plus Cassie has this thing about rescuing animals and her father taking her hunting might explain that especially if she hated it but didn’t want to disappoint her father. Add having a couple beers and you most definitely have a possible alcoholic even if dad isn’t one. I am really enjoying this. KC is mostly known as a comedy actress. I know her from BBT (of course) and her earlier works “Ten Simple Rules For Dating My Teenager Daughter.” Where she played opposite John Ritter until his untimely death. I believe she was also on the final season of the OG Charmed and she did VO for Harley Quinn. One of the good things about having so much money from BBT is that you can pick and chose what you are in. This is a perfect representation of her talents.....the hot blonde party girl who gets In over her head after a night of drunken debauchery. Plus I really do like these kinds of shows. “I didn’t kill you. I am not that kind of drunk.” Its going to be fun watching Cassie talk to/try to ignore dead Alex.
  6. I don’t think Gibbs ever mentioned the name just that he had a GF and technically he had broken up with her at the time over the phone half way through the episode. Ducky’s advice to GIbbs was that the girl deserved to at least be told why. So for all Ducky knew GIbbs had broken up with her so no real continuity error. Ducky’s advice hit home with GIbbs and instead of breaking up with Shannon for good he asked for a second chance which Ducky never knew about,
  7. Not a teacher myself but I come from a family of them and with all the at home learning a lot of teachers are trying to get families more involved so “ask mom and dad to tell you about your family history” is something I believe might actually happen. It gets parents involved and maybe even has kids like Mark get more involved looking deeper into the history because of the stories. And it might not be politically correct but my guess is if one of the kids is an immigrant the assignment would be changed mildly to where they might have been during that particular period of time.
  8. I liked the fight because both Becky and Darlene had valid points. Darlene would probably not even have the job if it wasn’t for Becky and regardless you backup family even when they are wrong. Darlene on The other hand was right that Becky shouldn’t have been goofing off even to see her daughter and that she could have gotten far worse then docked pay. Mark at the end was funny. Did all the ancestors pictures look like Dan?
  9. Criminal Minds did a hacker takes down an airplane story as well. I actually like this story better because you get to see what makes the guy the crew is chasing tick more then the BAU did. And of course the hacking took ALOT of liberties but it’s an hour show and an adventure show where the bad guy isn’t even the main character so it kinda had to. I would be a little more pissed if this was a computer show or a show about doctors that suddenly forgot how operating procedures. And yeah the team probably does have someone they answer to but unless they want to hire a new character then the show is going to more and more seem like they work on their own. Maybe a line or two here or there and LaCroix commenting about talking to the bosses but I doubt much in the way of actual oversight. As for the hacker himself maybe because I also kind of understood him. In my case though my parents tried to support by computer skills without understanding them. Their issue with me was my lack of follow through which which was other issues they didn’t understand at the time. So I can see a genius kid getting bullied by everyone in his life finally snapping. I don’t condone his actions at all. But I can see how it could happen. still so much better the og FBI
  10. I don’t know maybe I have gotten alot less picky about shows during Covid or maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for season long mysteries like this one (probably a little of both) but I really have been enjoying this. Is it the top of the heap of the genre? God no. But it has kept my interest throughout. I really like Nichole Kidman and always have. I think she is on my top list of favorite actresses so I don’t give a crap about work done. “The Others” is one of my favorite movies ever. I think I still have it on my DVR. I hate Tom Cruise but I will watch the movies they were in together like Far And Away. Anyway these mystery thrillers type movies are right up my ally so I always enjoy them. add a few decent actors and I always enjoy them. So I am pretty sure I would have liked this even without Covid.
  11. I continue to really enjoy this show. I am kinda sorry it will be over next week. The defense lawyer lady was really good tearing apart the prosecution’s case. I thought her scenes with the Detectuve were really well done. I am not surprised at all that the show is going to throw shade on Henry. If anyone has reason to kill Elena it might be him. He might have realized his father loved Elena and just wanted his family back. I will be very disappointed if Lily Rabe doesn’t have more to do. She did have a great line describing Johnathin “in essence his own mother identified him as a sociopath.”
  12. Directors have been casting big names for “shocking opening act death scenes” all the way back to the Psycho movie. You post a big name actor and show them off on all the coming attractions and then knock them off by the opening credits. Honestly I love Ryan Philippe (I have since he was on OLTL). but he was never my reason for watching the show.
  13. I thought Bonnie and Adam were an annoying distraction for the first season they were a relationship. I think maybe because it takes some time to even out and figure out if you want to keep something or toss it. Once the show decided to keep Adam I think they worked more on his personality and shaped him as an individual which they never actually did with Alvin. All Alvin ever was was Christy’s father and the guy who abandoned Bonnie. By the time the character started to even get interesting he well....died. It’s not that Alvin and Bonnie lacked chemistry it’s that their chemistry got cut short way too soon while Adam and Bonnie’s have been allowed to develop over several seasons.
  14. When Elizabeth said the words that if Red killed Katarina that her and Red were done I kinda hoped Red actually did kill her because I wanted to see what that looked like. I wasn’t sure the show would go through with it and I am pretty sure it will eventually back track on it because neither of them can actually kill the other but it will be fun to watch for a couple episodes.
  15. Tang vodka and gym class....it does sound lovely. It is nice to see Tammy and Adam bonding. When Rod asked if Bonnie was acting so weird with him because they had a daughter who needed money for college My first thought was the old Bonnie would soooooo take advantage of that and it would only partly be a lie. But her conversation with him was mostly well done.
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