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  1. Chaos Theory

    S04.E08: Ambo

    Mia didn't think J had it in him to do the real dirty work so she played her last card and offered to be his Pope. The one he calls on when a murder needs to be done. She also brought up the fact that Smurf is hella shady and that J can't trust her or any of the boys who will ultimately take up with her over him. I am actually thinking that J is telling all of Smurf's people that she is dying so he can get his in and show that maybe loyalty to him is a better option so when he goes up against Smurf he at least has a play.
  2. Chaos Theory

    S11.E07: Los Angeles City Finals 2019.07.15

    I am honestly holding my judgment until I see the Safety Pass in action. Plus I am still at least hoping we get to see one of the ladies get to run the tower. Probs not going to happen but I always have high hopes for Jessie Graff.
  3. Chaos Theory

    Russian Doll

    No wonder it took me so long to find this group. Comedy huh? Would guess this as a comedy at all. Been a huge fan of Natasha Lyonne from way back to her “But I’m a Cheerleader” days. You would hardly recognize her. Anyway I am still only about a third of the way through this. Mostly because other shiny things come up to watch. But I really like this I think that alone is hilarious. Drugs and casual sex are perfectly fine but have a cigarette and some people lose their shit. Both me and my sister use to smoke. My sister quit when she decided to start a family. The only reason i quit is because I am cheap.....and my mother offered me money. Its funny thx one thing I find weird is people who don’t smoke on tv who probably should. I laugh at nitpicking but THAT pisses me off.
  4. Chaos Theory


    I am the reverse. I loved loved loved the old series and hate this with a passion. Couldn’t get through the second episode before I deleted it from my dvr. I am disappointed. I loved the two main female characters on the original but this dies t have a single character that I care about. Maybe that might have changed if I cared enough to watch past the second episode but the first series grabbed me from the beginning.
  5. Chaos Theory

    S11.E07: Los Angeles City Finals 2019.07.15

    The safety pass is going to make things interesting especially for someone like Flip who tends to make silly errors at Vegas. A do over would be nice. Other then that not to much to say about LA. People were trying to call this a sport in the last few years my guess is that the big wigs at ANW have edged it back to “game show”.
  6. Chaos Theory

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Things never really end. Does Renata stay with a husband she doesn’t trust? Does a husband who doesn’t trust her stay with Madeline? Does Celeste lose her kids or does she finally find the strength to leave Perry and his ghost? Does Jane come to terms with her rape? Does Bonnie come to terms with being the one who pushed Perry to his death? Those are the only questions that need to be answered.
  7. Chaos Theory

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I think people a missing a huge point that people who aren’t hate watching or finding the show ridiculous have been saying about the show from the start. We don’t believe women unless we see it with our own eyes. If we hadn’t seen Perry beat Celeste or knew for a fact that he raped Jane there there would most defently be an entire faction of people who would be saying “I bet one or both of them are lying.” We also see Celeste being questioned on things a man would never get questioned on. What man would get questioned on his sex life? Look at Renata. Her husband CHEATED ON HER. And she is still being played up as a strident bitch. I think this episode pass or fail tried to explain what some people where saying about Perry’s death. . Who would believe the ladies if they told the truth? Hey Celeste weren’t you going to leave him? Jane did you ever report being raped? Wouldn’t it be more an affair if we were being honest? This was more a fight that got out of hand and one of you ladies....pushed him. The only thing I found silly was that the judge didn’t question Mary Louise from the start. But then we need a final episode don’t we?
  8. Chaos Theory

    S10.E06: Archer: 1999 -- Road Trip

    Was there a cloned Mallory? I forget. It could simply be the lack of Mallory herself could make Archer nicer and therefore everyone else get along.
  9. Chaos Theory

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I’m from Long Island a twenty minute train ride to New York City and I have liked other New York Based shows. This one was just stupid.
  10. Chaos Theory

    "Oh HELL No!": TV Moments That Make You Irate

    While I agree about Rumple the entire series was about the redemption of Regina. I am not going to get into it because I like a good redemption story just as much as I like a good downward spiral. I find them fascinating. Regina tried to change hit and miss. Rumple kept making the same mistakes even knowing the cost.
  11. Chaos Theory

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I thought I was the only one who found Seinfeld painfully unfunny. I understand. My issue and this is especially true on streaming services is the lack of a finale. The vast majority of tv shows you do eventually forget about and the lack of an ending does fade with time but with a streaming service that show with two seasons and no ending flashes in your face every time you open the site. It would actually be in the streaming services interest to give most of their shows a quick finale. Even if it is just a two hour movie like Sense8 did.
  12. Chaos Theory

    AHS In The Media

    See this might be fun or go with her strength as Queen bitch and have her be the mask wearing knife wielding bad guy. I was really disappointed With Appocolpse so I am hoping that this season is ALOT better. I haven’t actually hated a season like I hated that one since Freak Show. I found something to enjoy about every other season . Hotel is just plain fun to watch. Roanoke is actually a good home invasion story once you get past the wobbly camera and it’s kinda fun. I found Coven boring at the time but it grew on me. And Murder House and Asylum are just good stories.
  13. Chaos Theory

    S10.E06: Archer: 1999 -- Road Trip

    Everyone does realize that these one and done plot lines were the kind of plots the whole original Archer the alcoholic spy with oedipus issues did? It was only in later seasons that the show added season long plots. This is as close to OG Archer as the show has ever been.
  14. Chaos Theory

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I am bored with Stranger Things. I watched five minutes of the latest season then stopped to look for something else. Will probably eventually watch it....but 😑
  15. I have been watching one of my favorite Night Court on Laff tv if anyone is interested i have been curious if Picket Fences Aires anywhere?