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  1. Money never made Jill happy. If anything it was the source of her unhappiness. She had all the money in the world and still had a deep hole inside her that shopping couldn’t fill. As a matter of fact giving her clothes away and that time she was a foster mom was probably the happiest she ever was. And most of her rich friends had long since dumped her. The only reason for a splashy wedding or reception would be for friends that she no longer cared about.
  2. I think Mallory is exactly who she appears to be. Someone who gets dumped by her best friend Janette in her climb to popularity who discovers she actually has more in common with the traumatized Kate. Mallory is bitter so she clings to other bitter people which is why she looks shady but I think she actually does care about Kate and has been a genuine friend to her.
  3. This kinda does remind me of the BBT finale. Yeah a few big things might have happened but tomorrow is essentially a Friday and they are going to do what they do on Fridays. No one is moving to Hawaii or getting a job on Mars and never going to see the group again. There isn’t a death bed confessional. I think the big thing is that Bonnie is finally at the point where she can handle stress and isn’t going to jump into booze or drugs or just plain run because Adam has cancer. No she is never going to be perfect and is always going to be Bonnie but she is still at a point in her life w
  4. I kinda liked it and it worked as a series finale. Life really does go on. We have the Pseudo-Bonnie/Christy pairing on their first days of sobriety and we have a funny little recap of who the group is as they sit and drink coffee with the newcomer. I am not exactly sure what everyone was expecting. Bonnie to decide she wasn’t an alcoholic anymore? This make more sense. Life goes on. She knows whatever she has to face she has her friends to face it with her.
  5. So is this where Mary and George start to implode? Brenda coming in and alone herself is the perfect excuse for George to have an affair. I did like all the pool metaphors. Sheldon trying to be a good brother to Missy was interesting. Missy being upset about the breakup and those dramatic songs. I remember those days. George trying to help and then Mary coming in and railroading him. I understand why he was upset. I don't think Mary and George have been on the same page in a long time. And I think Mary always does take Sheldon's side. That is kinda the problem.
  6. My father tried to own a business that failed in a couple of years. A few years after that he was brought in to manage a friends business which he was actually really good at. There is a huge difference with being owner and being the guy who runs the joint. Dan is a pretty friendly guy and a decent mechanic and salesman. He just has no head for business. You take away the paperwork and the stress of the day to day profit and loss numbers and Dan is your guy.
  7. I do get what Ben’s mom was saying and she isn’t completely wrong especially with the Connor history of spending but I really dislike Ben and I think he fails to see how much Darlene is actually struggling. She was willing to meet him more then half way and plan a much cheaper vacation but he wouldn’t do it. He wanted what he wanted. And I get it....but I really dislike Ben. Maybe Darlene can date Ben’s mom. I kinda dig her.
  8. Plus this entire story takes place in a three years span. And an exceptionally traumatic one for almost everyone involved. Most of the characters are still teenagers even in the “dark grunge era”.. so I can see them all being deeply confused hurt and traumatized. So i willing to give all of them the benefit of the doubt at least for now.
  9. I think this is what is going to end up happenings. Martin is the only real villain in the story. The rest we are all going to see through the filter of adulthood in different degrees. We want to give Kate a pass so she can get away with things and it might be interesting if the show lets her in coming episodes where Jeannette gets called out on everything. Yeah she is being creepy but she is an awkward teenager and that is hard and you often make mistakes you later regret. And she probably did burn a lot of bridges to become popular and when that fell through she literally has no one n
  10. Normally I’d be the first one to gush over this episode but what’s the point anymore? Cancelling the show has really depressed me. I love it warts an all. It was among my favorites so of course Fox canceled it. Stupid Fox Malcolm losing his mind being right about Martin and Vivian but no one believing him or caring that Martin was in trouble. Was kinda sad. Jessica getting that phone call. And was that a Rotary phone and not telling Ainsley and Gil That she had spoken to Vivian. Loved Malcolm and Ainsley (I am going to miss Ainsley) working together. But my favorite lin
  11. It’s the nature of their jobs as well. Bobby knows he has a bunch of people backing him up every day so if he walks into a dangerous situation he has someone watching his back. Athena has gone out of her way to not have a partner. She rides alone. She may call for backup but she will still be walking into a dangerous situation essentially alone and that is how she likes it. I think that worries Bobby on both a professional and personal level.
  12. If anything the concept of the Code and the multigenerational aspect of The Union is probably the most interesting thing about the show. Why is Sheldon hanging on to the code so strongly that he would let his own son die? Plus the possible civil war being gaslit by Walt is kinda fascinating. I am definitely down for a second season.
  13. I am guessing no one here has ever watched Leverage then? The doing something drastic because following the letter of the law just doesn’t work. If that isn’t you cuppa this show probably won’t work for you. Rebel is exactly the kind of person who will go on a tear if you break her moral code and damn the consequences which is the major issue and sticking point with Angela and why she is working for Stonewall. Angela can pretend all she wants that she has a moral code but she would take up the side of the Mortuary because legally they were in the right and they had no legal obligation
  14. Needing something to watch while I worked from home i rewatched this again and even though I enjoyed it the first time I really liked it on second viewing. If anything the romance between Mildred Ratched and Gwendolyn Briggs is worth the price of admission alone. I would watch a show about the two of them. The rest of it is the best kind of Ryan Murphy if you like Ryan Murphy which I do. He is one of my favorite showrunners. So bumping this up from page 4 which was a sin.
  15. To be honest I come to this show for Ainsley so the last couple episodes were kinda washes for me. I get she is not the main draw for most people but I just love the idea of everyone (especially Malcolm) having such a blind spot when it comes to Ainsley that a bunch of seasoned detectives and profilers might just let her get away with murder. Plus scenes with Halston Sage are just so much fun to watch.
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