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  1. Javier may have had an American education but he is acting like he is still in Mexico. Even working for the cartel the rules are different on this side of the border. You don’t just shoot a sheriff because he is inconvenient and loyal to your competitors. But Javier is playing like he is still in Mexico.
  2. I don't want to get into it but the conflict makes sense to me. I mean season 3 we had Helen in the middle of a contentious divorce already and had her husband beat up just for the hell of it. So I can see him sending a PI to her looking for a signature so that the divorce could FINALLY be finalized so he could get remarried. This isn't just a "hey lets add yet more shit to the pile" it is a story that has already been in the works. And Jonah has been said to not have many friends so he latches on to the people in the house like Buddy and Ben. He called Buddy "the best friend he
  3. But I think that is ultimately the point. Marty can be as careful and as prepared as he wants but there will always be “something” that goes against plan. The PI who is obsessed about getting a signature for his client. The FBI agent who is actually honest about her job. The wife who is actively campaigning against you. The son who is pissed off enough to be a real problem. I don’t know if I said it elsewhere but Marty may be Walter White but Wendy is Heisenbergz
  4. A lot of this is season 3 stuff but after Ruth through Frank Jr off the boat Marty made a deal with Frank that was supposed to make sure Ruth was untouchable. So when Frank Jr beat the crap out of her Ruth expected Marty to go after Frank Jr but he didn’t which is why she eventually went in with Darlene who did. After Darlene took her along and(for Darlene anyway) calmly explained to Frank that Ruth was in her rights to kill Frank Jr but that maybe shooting off his Dick was a bridge too far so she was willing to make him a deal and give him a better percentage then she had to. Th
  5. It’s either a flash forward or vague symbolism. It could be other but I think it is more then likely an event in the future where the family is driving and get into a random crash where even they can’t control. Because even the great Marty and Helen have events that are just plain old random.
  6. Heh the FBI dicks everyone over because of course they do. it’s a simple story but the PI pulling the “where is Helen and Ben” strings ends up causing a shitload of trouble. i love the scenes where it is just Charlotte and Jonah. There big scene was really well done. “me not being there is the least weird thing about this wedding.” Damn Javi has really got to go. Killing Darlene and Wyatt on their wedding day. Three better watch his back because the show really is banging through the Langmore family. I think The Byrds have finally made an enemy out of
  7. If anyone is Walter White on Ozark it’s Wendy. Marty is a Genius at what he does but he is not the danger. He is not the one who knocks. Wendy is the danger. When I am watching this show I keep hearing “A Devil Came Down To The Ozarks” and it does kinda fit. I mean Marty and Wendy are hella good at making deals and once you make them you realize you have compromised your eithics and have made a deal with the devil and your life goes to shit.
  8. Well Wendy sitting their watching Darlene (possibly) die from a heart attack was all kinds of messes up.
  9. Like her or hate her Wendy does one hell of of monologue. Launderer needed. Police need not apply. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” ”So do steal ten grand and buy a shitty van.” “Well, you got to live a little.” I know Charlotte gets alot of hate but she has grown since the first and even second season. I really liked her scene with Erin. I am enjoying her playing the family loyalist. She is so much like Wendy while Jonah is like Marty Darlene and Ruth a match made…..somewhere.
  10. I love how in the talk about percentages it’s not the money cut between Darlene, Ruth and Wyatt that is the issue with Darlene but who gets custody of Wyatt. I mean it does make sense because the two of them split 75% of the business. But it was still fun to watch. And I actually do kind of like the relationship between Darleen and Wyatt. “You don’t think attempted murder is cause for grounding?” What I love about this show is that such a minor event like a guy looking for a signature could end up being a huge problem for the Byrdes. They can’t exactly tell him that Helen g
  11. You can do a lot of armchair coulda shoulda woulda about what these girls should have done but they are suburban girls without much (if any) woodland training. I think they did make attempts to escape on their own. The airplane….plus the episode with the compass. But they also have only one gun and one knife and one person who knows what plants are safe to eat….and that person is Misty. So either they would all have to travel together which means the injured like the coach or split the only two weapons of survival which cuts the survival of both in half. I think it eventually just
  12. I think this show actually does have a "plan". Chapter 1 was out with the old (Jackie) in with the new (Lottie). This is a weird coming of age story. And yes Jackie was one of the leaders of the team. But her skills unlike Tai's were limited. Tai is able to transition to fit the wilderness which was symbolized in part by the cutting of her hair. Jackie is still wearing her school jacket. Which could be seen as both practical but also symbolic. She refuses to let go of the status quo of the way things were. How dare Shauna have more power and influence in this new environment.
  13. I think Shauna was essentially right about Jackie. She was always destined to be one of those girls who viewed high school as the best time of their life even if the crash never happened. The crash changed the trajectory of a lot of the girl's destinys but it also showed which ones were actually useful and even helpful and Jackie was neither. Even Misty who everyone viewed as crazy had medical skills. And Lottie’s mental illness was being seen increasingly as mystical leadership. Shauna had hunting skills. Everyone was beginning to transition into mountain survivors but Jackie was
  14. I like this show for what it is. Paper thin plots with charismatic actors (for the most part). I hate the firehouse on the brink of shutting down plot and the TK is on the brink of death plot. But the rest of it does kinda work for me. Paul was probably the star of the episode for me. I loved his scenes with the girl as they were trapped together. I am also kinda hoping the Julie Benz stuff mean something and she just wasn’t there just to be there.
  15. I think that’s a lie. Milo wanted Mike to find the bodies because the police find the bodies. We don’t know if Milo is the killer yet or someone else and that is a huge mystery but it is what brought Mike’s brother to the prison to investigate. Did Milo know the riot was coming and he situated himself in the right place at the right time or was he just using the murders in the bus to put the police on the defensive. We still don’t know. But in a town that plays checkers Milo plays chess. But the so does Mike.
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