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  1. Honestly if one of the 19 year olds won (Especially The Kid who I hope falls every tie I see him....don’t judge me. Something about him really annoys me) I might have given up on this show for good.
  2. I honestly didn’t mind One Love Two Angels. Yes it went against the basic premise of the show but it also was at least an interesting murder mystery. I just watched season 5 Angel On The Line and although an interesting mystery about who is stalking Kelly it turns out to be one of those offensive episodes where a crazy cross dresser going crazy cross dressing. That always bothered me more then two friends temporarily fighting over a cute guy neither of them end up with in the end.
  3. To be fair in Barbara’s case some of it probably went to keep custody of Jace. To be unfair she has always had a passive aggressive relationship with Janelle which at least to some extent is on her. But again to be fair Janelle does have her over a barrel. She can hold her remaining children hostage if Barbara doesn’t give her money when she wants it so my guess a lot of her money went to Janelle.
  4. Barbara isn’t completely wrong though. She did lose a good paying job because her daughter and her son-in-law are assholes. That being said Barbara could have worded it better.
  5. Although he has never been my favorite, I am not particularly surprised Drew Dreschel was the one to complete the course. My thought at the end was that the Real Life Ninja finally earned his name.
  6. The Kardashians are at least smart about both their fame and infamy. Say what you want to about Kim she is using her fame for a good cause these days. The Easton’s on the other hand are completely blind to how they are perceived by 4/5s of the population. They honestly don’t understand why no one wants to buy something with Janelle’s name on it. It must be us. It is certainly not them.
  7. I am a big fan of darker shows. There is only so much bright and shiny I can take. I liked the Framework season because it looked into how a single decision can change who we are as people and a simple twist of fate can change the world. I wasn’t a huge fan of this seasons space story but I did like Sarge and The Shrike. Even if you didn’t like this season there is one season left and if you’ve watched this far I don’t see the point of not watching the final season. But then again I have enjoyed most seasons and I think the final season has potential to be really good.
  8. How many times has Coulson died? Between the first movie and the pilot episode he was dead. You can make a point about the Framework version of him. Then there is Sarge. Now he is an Ai.
  9. Everyone is going to prison! Honestly this might be for the best for Mama June since she refused treatment. MJ was never perfect but she at least cared about her kids. Now I don’t think she could care less and I think that is her obsession with Geno. You take him out of the picture and she might revert back to the less interesting but more functional version of herself.
  10. A district near me had a similar issue on a larger scale about a decade ago. Its big long story and only partly relevant but when it comes to lower schools and high schools it involves property taxes some of which are quite high. If you send your kid to a school illegally it means my property taxes go up. I am essentially paying for your kid to go to school. Should this woman have gotten five years? Probably not. Is Huffman responsible at all or would her getting a similar sentence fix anything? Not even a little. In a weird way her being rich and privileged actually worked against her in this. And it will definitely work against LL.
  11. Season 1 and 2 have been replaying (I forget which network) and They are some of the best cases because these are pre edge of crazy Goren. Yes Eames could have been used more but she had some good stuff as well. I really loved her in Jones and her quiet stoicism is Homo Homini Lupus. Whatever channel I am watching has just started season two... hi Nichole Wallace, But from what I remember season 2 has some of the best episodes.
  12. My understanding is that she realized that this singing even was a big deal for April and if Rob didn’t show up she could finally convince April that he was bad for her. It’s the whole conversation she had with Shiela about the dress. What if a stranger told you the dress was ugly? What if a good friend kindly told you that dress might not be your best color? i don’t think Beth Ann thought Rob would skip the World Series to see April regardless of the situation. I mean sports.
  13. People have short attention spans. Of course there will be the group ten years from now who still bring up the scandal every time her name is mentioned but then there is hardly a day when there isn’t some sort of protest about something. Most don’t last a news cycle. If Huffman plays this smart and so far she has.....this whole thing will be relegated to a bad joke and a funny story within a year.
  14. Huffman's daughters really can’t go to college now can they? Regardless of how much either of them actually could have gotten into any college no college would take either of them at this point. Ironically once Huffman gets out of jail I don’t think she will have much trouble finding work. She might not be able to leave the country or the state for awhile but Hollywood loves notoriety so I doubt this will effect her career too badly. I doubt community service for famous people is the same as regular folk. And I am not even being Facetious. She could simple walk into a drug clinic and a thousand people would take notice. Spend an hour talking about how the clinic needs donations......
  15. Jail is jail and Huffman isn’t just spending the night in lockup. She will be subject to strip searches, pat downs and everything else even the most uptick jail has. It is still jail.
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