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  1. Sucks the show is ending. The downside of Netflix is that they hate to keep anything going for more then three or four seasons regardless of quality. I am glad though that Netflix is giving the show a proper ending.
  2. One of the big reasons I don’t really like the early seasons of MASH is that what is supposed to be funny doesn’t come off that way a lot of times. In Yankee Doodle Doctor Hawkeye and Trapper intentionally mess up a film about the 4077 that would make them and Henry look good because they are offended by its message. Even if you hate war and disliked the movie the film itself more then likely would have given Henry And the unite some much needed collateral to ask for supplies they actually needed but instead it comes off like a joke that everyone laughs at. The same with the very next episode where Hawkeye pretends to lose his mind because Henry denies him leave. I know It’s a comedy especially during the early years but Hawkeye really was an ass even to the people he liked like Henry.
  3. One of the best long form stories was the rise and fall of Cardassia and Bajor and their relationship to each other.
  4. I am really enjoying this show. Probably more then I thought I would considering I hated the movie. I thought the battle scene was really well done and all the moments leading up to it. Ruth and Melanie’s scene was especially well done. I also really liked the confrontation with the Brakeman in third class when they were finally told that there was no Mr. Wilford. So everyone knows now and it’s a battle between first who has all the guns and third and the tail who have the numbers. I am just glad Till survived the battle.
  5. It’s funny the characters I wanted to get a happy ending (Ulrich, Katerina and Charlotte) were the ones affected by the time loop. I never particularly cared what happened to Jonas which was a major problem for me.
  6. I was just watching Night Court at the Opera and it occurred to me how much I liked Margaret and wished the show had kept her around longer. Harry and Margaret has pretty good chemistry and it’s a pity the pairing was ultimately shut down for the will they/won’t they Harry/Christine pairing that ultimately went nowhere.
  7. Since I am working from home right now I have been watching episodes of. DS9 and I forgot just how well written the Nog story arc actually is. He starts out as supporting character with very little going for him but slowly works his way to the first Ferengi in Star Fleet. One of the stories I like best in the Ferengi arc is when Quark gets tricked into marrying the Klingon woman and has to help her keep her House or stay married to her. I love how two different systems and ways of thinking intertwined so I found it fascinating when Nog had to figure out how to gain respect from the much bigger and stronger Klingons who were now stationed on DS9. If anything I wish he had some more scenes with Worf or if he asked for some fighting lessons. I really like the idea of Nog in Star Fleet and would have likely watched a show centered around him as he moved on to bigger and better things. I was sad when I heard the actor who played him died.
  8. Sheldon would go crazy and drive everyone else crazy as well. This is the guy who couldn’t handle not going into work for a week when he was forced to take a vacation. He would definitely go crazy having his routine disrupted.
  9. A little bit of one a little bit of the other. With Miles Melanie thinks she can manipulate the tail into compliance but her on prejudices are getting in the way. Josie all but activated him and she misjudged how loyal most of them are to each other. As for how young he is she has plenty of time to teach him just how to run the train and focus on everything he needs to know about engineering and use a child’s mind to fix problems she might have missed.
  10. Josie died a badass death. it looks like both Bess and Ruth are choosing their sides in the upcoming revolution. It seems Mr. Wilford existed at one point but doesn’t exist any more. As for how long he’s been dead it’s hard to tell but it is safe to say that Melanie has been running the train for a long time but is also running out of rope to hang herself. Between The issues with the Folgers, the rumblings in third class and the general problems with the tailies she is losing control fast.
  11. I don’t doubt for a second even if Betty had accepted a large settlement and the got the kids Dan would have eventually divorced Linda and been on wife three or four by now. He would have gotten increasingly distant with his kids from his first marriage in favor of whatever newer kids and newer family he was building.
  12. I’ve noticed this too. When people like shows they tend to be far less vocal about it but bad shows there are pages and pages of people complaining about how baaaad it is. I think people just like to snark about shows but there comes a point where snarking gets out of hand and sometimes it is nice to have places where you want to talk with other people about shows you genuinely like and I genuinely like this show.
  13. I am really looking forward to this show being back. NOT looking forward to having to wait for it to be on Netflix but oh well. Don’t even mind Fergusson being back even though I thought her death was done perfectly and the show doesn’t really need her at this point but I am going to hold my judgment until I see the new season.
  14. To be honest I came to the show for Alison Wright who plays Ruth and I really enjoyed her speech as the Alt-Voice. I half expected Ruth to be killed off my now and I will be super disappointed if she doesn’t survive the finale. I love her true believer faith in Mr. Wilford. I also thought that this was a super thrilling episode even though almost all the outcomes were set in stone. Of course the train was going to get fixed. Of course all/most of the cast was going to survive. That was never really the point. I was kinda worried about the little girl in the tail though. And I am super worried about Miles. Melenie almost literally said she was Wilford this episode and people are still insisting it can’t be her. I think that is the entire point. Would anyone follow a young woman onto a lifesaving train? But a rich dude even one you never actually saw? Buy a ticket sight unseen.
  15. Season 1 Balance of Terror is still among my favorite season 1 episodes. It was a well paced episode that not only had good storytelling but a good deal of paranoia. Plus it introduced the Romulans. Season 2 of course it is Mirror, Mirror which was just plain fun to watch everyone play an evil version of themselves. Season 3 I think my favorite episode would have to be The Enterprise Incident. Maybe because I love TOS version of the Romulans or maybe the idea of Spock in a romance was intriguing to me . It was a well plotted espionage story.
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