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  1. Reminds me of the basketball player from Duke, Jason Williams. When he went to the NBA he asked to be called Jay Williams to avoid confusion with two other players of the same sounding name (one named Jason and one named Jayson). Supposedly he was especially concerned with differentiating himself from Jayson who was involved with a shooting death shortly before the draft in which Jay entered the NBA. If poor proto-vet has been heads down trying to complete a degree in the middle of a pandemic, he may not even realize that his name has some serious bad connotations for some people.
  2. If there is anyone else out there like me who goes through notebooks like crazy, just wanted to let you know that Staples is having their back to school supplies sale at the moment. Single subject spiral bound notebooks can be had in store for 25 cents (or you can order online for 50 cents each). Since I'm mostly using them for notes that only need to stick around for a few days I don't need all the fancy vinyl covers and stuff, so these are perfect for me.
  3. File these last two weeks under "If I don't laugh I'm gonna start crying" Possible trigger warning: not all wild animals in this story survive. We begin with peppersis's very active beagle suddenly whimpering in pain and not wanting to move. It was near the end of the work day so the normal vet understandably couldn't fit her in. No worries we'll call the local specialty/emergency 24 hour vet. Only they tell us they are not taking new patients (um then what good are they as an emergency vet?!?) We finally find another emergency vet on the other side of the county that is taking emerg
  4. Someone seems to have parked Noah's Demented Ark in central NC and opened the doors. I don't even want to speculate on what is next!
  5. Ah yes the scam facebook ad. I only got caught once, when I ordered an item and they shipped the wrong thing, and then it was months of back and forth about them claiming the right item would be sent "soon" and then missing the promised date. Once they refused in writing to issue a refund for the item they failed to ship, I was able to supply that to Amex and get the refund that way. Some of my less tech savvy friends still tag me in different ads thinking I would like the product. But I've gotten very good at figuring out which ones are scams now that I can recognize the most likely t
  6. Not to mention, a recruit usually has to have a real High School diploma or a GED. Tim may have that from his time away at school, but I doubt the others would qualify on paper, and even he would likely struggle on the rest of the academic requirements. I know the Air Force expects a minimum score of 36 on the AFQT(part of the ASVAB) for high school graduates and 50 for GED holders with 15 hours of (accredited) college credit and 65 for GED holders without the college credit. Other branches will accept lower scores, but they still expect a basic level of education and/or knowledge that th
  7. The day tours are a great option. I've done this for multiple trips to the UK, Paris, Australia and New Zealand. I'm in the early planning stages for one to Iceland (want to go during solar maximum in 3-4 years). The trick is to find one or two good tour companies in your destination and book multiple single day tours through them. That cuts down on the logistics wrangling which can be daunting if you aren't used to it (ask me about the time I arrived in London only to find my hotel had walked all their pre-booked guests in favor of expensive walk up fares for a festival and I ended up on
  8. I agree with the selling their soul part. But I get the feeling that the defense angle here is not to dispute the content of the downloads, but to dispute the details that can more easily confuse a jury by burying them in tech speak: when it was downloaded, by whom it was downloaded, was it ever watched/accessed and if so when, what other electronic devices were in the area, that kind of thing. So the expert likely isn't needing to watch the actual video, other than a few seconds to verify it is the right file. Instead they will be looking for details on the file system itself to try to di
  9. I'm guessing that is shorthand for the "I'm listening to" thing you can add to posts. It may be picking it up from the metadata on her phone, and it is spelled wrong there. I have a typo in one of my tracks that I've left in because it amuses me: somehow Queen's "Princes of the Universe" ended up as "Princess of the Universe" and if that ended up tagged in one of my SM posts, I'd probably get a lot of side eye for it. Jill, on the other hand probably doesn't notice things like that. It could even be one of her own creations. She's narcissistic enough to think everyone wants to listen
  10. If your area is generally safe after dark, there are great reflective (and even light up) harnesses for dogs and vests for humans to keep you safer in traffic. The vest I got is really a set of elastic suspenders attached to an elastic belt. It is totally adjustable in size so I can wear it over a winter coat easily and still not have it too loose if I'm in just a t-shirt and pants. They also make lamps that can attach to your head if you need to better see where you are going and still have your hands free for poop retrieval. If it is more of a general don't feel safe after dark thing, th
  11. It probably comes from wanting to know if a patient has any religious restrictions on treatment like the JWs that prohibit blood products. My county health department was a little more circumspect about it when I called to make my vaccine appointment. They just asked "do you have any religious requirements?" That was open ended enough that people who couldn't go a specific day of the week, or who objected to one of the vaccine types, or required a private setting, or whatever to express their requirements without leading to the "why are you asking me my religion in order to make an app
  12. Duggar Wedding: Yet Another Not-So-Special Episode in the Making
  13. The thing about the septic tank capacity is that they actually have to be home enough of the year to overflow the capacity. Every other week grifting trips keep the volume of physical crap down (no comment on their metaphorical crap volume). Also if you don't feed your kids so much, they don't poop so much. In all seriousness, it's going to be an issue eventually, I was just struck by how the poor parenting could actually delay the issue in this case.
  14. Yeah ransomware hacks are insidious. It won't help anything that the pipeline operators allegedly paid the hackers $5M ransom either. Rumor has it that Colonial Pipeline's IT infrastructure and security was poorly maintained, but even if they did have robust security, a thoughtless employee clicking on a link in an email can still cause issues. It's all about having effective recovery plans. You can bet that strapped public utilities are slacking on the IT as well. My county got ransomed about 16 months ago. Fortunately they had a good backup plan. Someone hit the virtual "Big
  15. Sure can. Just sign up here: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action and then you can sign in and view the last 7 days of mail in one place. If you are in the process of moving they may have some difficulty confirming your identity for the original sign up, but it's worth a shot, especially if the USPS and credit agencies don't know you are moving yet. They have to do the identity confirmation so that Joe Blow Stalker dude can't sign up to see all your mail.
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