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  1. I ended up hating most of the Rodman doc. There was an interesting story to tell there, but I didn't need to have them pad out the 2 hours with things like renditions Oh What A Beautiful Morning from Oklahoma to showcase that he was an outsider. They could easily have cut the existing material down to 60-90 minutes or used the extra time to explore some of the issues they glossed over. This is definitely one I won't bother to watch again.
  2. So am I the only one who's initial knee jerk reaction to the Tankfarm name assumed they sold mostly tank tops before the episode aired?
  3. For anyone looking forward to the next installment this week, "The Last Days of Knight," ESPN has decided that it will be available only through their paid streaming service ESPN+. Personally, as interested as I was in seeing it, I'm not even considering playing along with this, even via one of the free trials.
  4. They aren't yet according to the selective service website. They lifted the gender restrictions on most roles in the military but didn't add them to the draft: https://www.sss.gov/Registration/Women-And-Draft There was a provision in one of the Senate budget bills in the middle of last year that would have changed the law to require women to register which got a lot of press, but that version of the bill never made it all the way through Congress because the House didn't include it and it never made it to the President. I would be quite amused if it turned out the Duggar sons didn't register and they actually got busted, but I suspect they are registered. I doubt they'd care that they wouldn't be eligible for govt jobs or federal student loans, but a $250,000 fine per son (which is the fine if the govt wants to throw the book at them) would certainly get JB's attention.
  5. Looks like the whole fundraiser is gone now. All that is left is: This fundraiser was removed because of violations of our Terms of Use for Registered User Conduct. We have removed the fundraiser and have informed the nonprofit of this decision.
  6. According to Charity Navigator, they only file an IRS 990-N which means that they reported that they took in less than $50k a year. Falling under that limit pretty much exempts you from most detailed reporting requirements (though you can still look up their 990-N directly on the IRS site). The only thing I found interesting in the filing that is that it was Jill and not her headship that was listed as the principal officer of the now defunct charity.
  7. The case was dismissed, but recently (May 2017) re-instated on appeal. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/north-carolina/articles/2017-05-05/court-revives-black-tv-networks-discrimination-lawsuit
  8. I don't remember if they outright said it, but they kept talking about her "last wish" and referring to her in the past tense, so I certainly came away with the impression that she was already dead.
  9. Best guess: they probably used the role of Mistress of the Robes as shorthand for "all the various ladies in waiting"
  10. Apparently they took turns so they were only "waiting" about 2-3 months out of the year and not all in one stint. This site has some good info: http://www.avictorian.com/victoria_ladies.html
  11. The best explanation I could find is: "There are also two Extra Ladies of the Bedchamber. One of them, The Marchioness of Abergavenny, explains: 'I'm there if I'm wanted, if someone is ill for instance, or if Her Majesty wants me. Recently I was called in to help answer thousands of letters people sent in after the fire at Windsor.'"
  12. I think it's supposed to just be some sort of bad pun/play on similar sounding words. Some of their other ones are something like an invested investor of vests who invests in (while wearing) vests or a retired man who is re-tiring retired tires.
  13. I'm gonna go with joined at the hip. They said (on The Bait I think) that Josh and Casey are looking to do what they do on the Time Bandit. Both "captains" are on board, but one is in charge for one trip and the other in charge for the other trip.
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