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  1. Facebook went down because someone fat fingered a configuration update and it removed the DNS entries for the whole host of FB entities. It is the equivalent of your GPS somehow forgetting how to translate street addresses into grid coordinates. The destination is still there, it just doesn't know how to tell you to get there from here. While it is possible that the malformed update was to aid in bringing online some sort of filtering bot to shut down the Jill Rs of the world, it is very unlikely. There are much better ways of doing that than to mess with DNS. It is more likely that t
  2. My understanding is that there are insufficient studies about mixing the vaccines (I know of no formal studies actually). So they don't know if it offers better or worse protection, nor do they know if it may have health side effects. FDA and CDC are looking into the Moderna booster. They dropped it from the last meeting because Moderna did not have as much study information on booster efficacy and safety as Pfizer did. Partly because the Israeli study was mostly(or all?) Pfizer and partly because Moderna was granted EUA later so there isn't as much data about waning immunity in the g
  3. If they are talking the kind of kidney stone surgery my sister had, where they end up inserting a tube for a few weeks to help drain the stones, make sure she has plenty of support lined up for her not just for the kids. Sister ended up being barely able to walk for the first week due to the pain unless she took enough of her pain meds that she was high as a kite or unconscious. Standing even long enough for a shower was a no go, so we had to get her a shower chair and someone had to be with her while she was in there. The surgery did help in the long run, but that first week was way roug
  4. They claim their swimwear is rated UPF 50+ which is good. It's the highest rating clothing can have, and equivalent to a high SPF rating in sunscreen in that it blocks 98% of UV.
  5. Looks like that Courage.b lawsuit has amended their complaint, alleging that over 50 businesses have been defrauded by The Profit. They are even making RICO claims. https://www.forbes.com/sites/willyakowicz/2021/08/21/false-prophet-lawsuit-claims-the-profits-marcus-lemonis-preyed-on-and-destroyed-50-small-businesses/?sh=517802cf79d7
  6. I was wearing a mask indoors in public 99.9% of the time anyway. The only exception I can think of is earlier in the summer, at the spa, in the room alone with my also vaccinated therapist I would take it off (but wear it the rest of the time during the visit). I won't even do that now. My workplace has also done an about face on the return to the office. Over the last few weeks it went from: We will re-open the offices to everyone after labor day, unvaccinated people must wear masks at all times, to We will re-open the offices to everyone after labor day, everyone who comes
  7. We ended up getting a hybrid lock, it can be opened with a code, with proximity of an approved phone running the app, a fingerprint, or a physical key. A little more pricy but it covered everyone's preferred method of entry.
  8. So for those of you following the saga of the idiot with the escaped snake in NC, he had his day in court today. Ended up pleading guilty to not informing the authorities of the escape but having the other charges dismissed as part of the plea. He has to pay a small amount of restitution and forfeit all his snakes, and can't own any for a year. I wish they'd been able to get more in fines and restitution, but at least the year ban gives the city time to finalize their announced plans to ban the ownership of venomous snakes within the city limits. He and his parents would have to move
  9. Ugh, that stinks. Maybe try their ship to store program? At least that way they'd have to grab all your items together before you drive out there and might be able to do inter-store transfers of what they don't have locally.
  10. Photography does something to black. When I was working with a musical group that wears a mostly black formal outfit for their performances, this really stood out. They all looked the same in person but in photos or video, the black dresses on some of the women were all different sorts of shades of violet due to the fabric being different ages and being washed in different detergents. Before recording their performance to sell on DVD, they actually had to do multiple screen tests and get new outfits for some people to make everything look good. I'm also not a fan of all black in weddin
  11. Reminds me of the basketball player from Duke, Jason Williams. When he went to the NBA he asked to be called Jay Williams to avoid confusion with two other players of the same sounding name (one named Jason and one named Jayson). Supposedly he was especially concerned with differentiating himself from Jayson who was involved with a shooting death shortly before the draft in which Jay entered the NBA. If poor proto-vet has been heads down trying to complete a degree in the middle of a pandemic, he may not even realize that his name has some serious bad connotations for some people.
  12. If there is anyone else out there like me who goes through notebooks like crazy, just wanted to let you know that Staples is having their back to school supplies sale at the moment. Single subject spiral bound notebooks can be had in store for 25 cents (or you can order online for 50 cents each). Since I'm mostly using them for notes that only need to stick around for a few days I don't need all the fancy vinyl covers and stuff, so these are perfect for me.
  13. File these last two weeks under "If I don't laugh I'm gonna start crying" Possible trigger warning: not all wild animals in this story survive. We begin with peppersis's very active beagle suddenly whimpering in pain and not wanting to move. It was near the end of the work day so the normal vet understandably couldn't fit her in. No worries we'll call the local specialty/emergency 24 hour vet. Only they tell us they are not taking new patients (um then what good are they as an emergency vet?!?) We finally find another emergency vet on the other side of the county that is taking emerg
  14. Someone seems to have parked Noah's Demented Ark in central NC and opened the doors. I don't even want to speculate on what is next!
  15. Ah yes the scam facebook ad. I only got caught once, when I ordered an item and they shipped the wrong thing, and then it was months of back and forth about them claiming the right item would be sent "soon" and then missing the promised date. Once they refused in writing to issue a refund for the item they failed to ship, I was able to supply that to Amex and get the refund that way. Some of my less tech savvy friends still tag me in different ads thinking I would like the product. But I've gotten very good at figuring out which ones are scams now that I can recognize the most likely t
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