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  1. Ok. I feel dumb. I know BME stands for Best Mama Ever and that GWE is for David, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what GWE stands for. And everything I manage to come up with, fits HER rather than HIM.
  2. I think deep down she has an inkling, but her denial goes deeper.
  3. They're proud of him saying it or she wouldn't have put it out on social media.
  4. Stupid question. If no electronic or recording devices are allowed, does that mean the trial cannot be viewed remotely?
  5. If he did get say 5 to 8 years, or whatever, could he get out early for good behavior? Or would this be one of those situations where he served every day of his sentence?
  6. I don't know who those girls are, but a few of their dresses appear to be just like Lauren's. I don't know if she's pregnant or not, but I guess I'm blind, because I really can't tell just from the dress/pose.
  7. I saw one picture with Lauren and I couldn't tell one way or the other. Not sure which picture you guys are looking at.
  8. I do, too, but for some reason that thought popped into my head that maybe, because of the deep denial that she appears to be in, didn't know or didn't want details.
  9. Re: the baby's name. Is it possible that Anna never knew about the website? Or that maybe she knew, but didn't want the details, helping her perpetual state of denial? If she didn't know the name of the website, it's possible she didn't name Madyson after it.
  10. Anna probably forgot about the Ashley Madison scandal the second Josh got back from Bible jail.
  11. And EvangeLINE was how they themselves were pronouncing it. So if they're now saying it LEEN they need to make up their minds or that child will have issues with her name.
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