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  1. beckie

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I hope this isn't offensive to anyone because I'm genuinely curious. Is it possible that she lost this pregnancy because she wasn't healed enough inside from her pregnancy with Gideon? I've never been pregnant, do not sure if that's possible or not, but I've been wondering since they said they miscarried.
  2. Could be, but doubtful. Look at the cluster fuck that are Anna's siblings. She proudly listed all of them. She probably thinks Nurie marrying into the family will help it change for the better somehow. JMO.
  3. To me that dress makes Nurie look pregnant. Boy would Jill's head explode if she was. Nathan Keller? Sounds like he'll fit in the Rodriguii clan just fine.
  4. if Timothy is in a courtship, that'll crash and burn. He couldn't even survive one semester of college. And any girl would be in direct competition with his mama for his affections. It won't be Kaylee unless it's Nurie , too. (The Biblical Leah and Rachel thing). So that just leaves preggo with number 14 and I really hope that's not it, cuz the Rodriguii already over populate the world. I hope it's none of them, but it's probably all of them.
  5. Thanks. That worked. Some of the people reached out to his parents directly and haven't gotten a response. I'll bet Jill is foaming at the mouth that someone dare call her out on her lies.
  6. That's the link I saw originally. For some reason all I see is the post and the drivel Jill wrote. At the bottom where the comments should be, it just gives the share option, but doesn't give the comments one. Maybe it's my phone.
  7. I guess they've deleted or turned off the comments. I didn't see anything just the post with Jill's drivel asking them to respond. Anybody know what they were?
  8. I didn't see the naming video cuz I can't get my phone to cooperate, but did they explain why they chose Ivy? I'm more curious about that, than Jane.
  9. If Timothy felt persecuted at Moody, what's he going to feel at a secular college? If he manages to pass without getting in over his head, I'd be surprised. But it sounds like they found a group (or think they found) that will baby Tim and drag him through, while he grifts for money to buy gifts for his mama. As for the KJV thing, alot believe it's the most accurate translation, truest to the original text of the Bible. I'm sure the Rodriguii think they're more holy and perfect because they read that version.
  10. Bin doesn't look too happy in that picture Jessa posted. Wonder if he is and they just didn't post the picture, or he wanted another boy so badly he is unhappy? I thought he said at one time that he wanted a sports team of sons. All sons.
  11. I think poison ivy. That's why I don't like ivy as a name.
  12. She was due June 6th wasn't she? (Thought I read that somewhere on here, but I could be mistaken.) If that's right, the baby is less than two weeks early. Maybe they miscalculated her due date. Guess I'm the only one who doesn't like the name.
  13. The girls don't get to do college, do they? At least not more than the few Bible classes we've seen them take. Her next move will probably be the marriage auction block.