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  1. When I first read the caption on the picture, I thought it said love OF my life. I was going to say.....now she admits it. Then I realized I read it wrong.
  2. Not even her last name. I believe her legal last name was Jordan.
  3. Why do we think Jana was sweet on Chad? Was there anything specific leading to this speculation?
  4. This is the third (?) fourth (?) Rod kid with a birthday in July. I wonder if any more of them have July birthdays?
  5. She's not their 10th granddaughter. She's the tenth in a row of granddaughters.
  6. Amish kids also get the chance to sow their wild oats. The Rodrigues children will never even get that.
  7. I asked if they did it randomly because she makes it sound like they just showed up to work. Like the Rodriguii are so important that the Amish just HAD to help them out.
  8. If so, I hope he got a tiny bit of pleasure before best mama ever saw and nipped it in the bud. I knew the Amish did barn raisings within their own community. Do they just randomly help anyone else needing it too?
  9. I read it quickly, so missed the random punctuation. I feel sorry for Tim. If he'd been able to stay at school, he MIGHT have had a chance, but now he's stuck.
  10. When I first read this I thought it was a joke because it doesn't "read" like Jill wrote it. Especially since there is no RANDOM capitalization!
  11. I wasn't thrilled when they named Ivy, I think I was the only one who didn't like the name, but I absolutely loathe Fern. (And yes, I read Charlotte's Web and loved it, still hate the name).
  12. I hope, boy or girl, they name the baby Runk. That was Henry's suggestion. Lol
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