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  1. If Lindbergh was willing to accede to Japan absorbing the British and Dutch possessions in east Asia, I don’t think they’d be bothered much about the Philippines or a couple of small island chains.
  2. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Nobody is ever error-free (especially in pairs), but Alexa and Brandon were both the more consistent jumpers in their pairings. Brandon can certainly do the lifts and throws and a solid twist.
  3. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    That seems unduly pessimistic, especially since the biggest weakness for both was their other partner’s jumping problems (and, in the case of Alexa, Chris’ general depression).
  4. His VP is Burton K. Wheeler, a real-life US senator from Montana of the period who was a progressive Democrat and leader of the anti-interventionist wing of the Democratic Party before Pearl Harbor.
  5. SeanC

    Contagion (2011)

    Natural genetic immunity is not unusual -- for instance, 9 in 10 people are naturally immune to leprosy (despite its reputation as one of the great plagues of ancient times).
  6. As a minor "real history" thing, Herman's friend remarks that there aren't enough Democrats in Congress to oppose Lindbergh's foreign policy is emblematic of a trend in the show's writing to essentially transport the 2020 party system back to 1940. Neither the Dems nor the GOP were anywhere near as ideologically homogeneous as they are now, nobody in 1940 talking about Congress would assume that all Democrats were pro-Britain/anti-fascist or that the GOP were the opposite. Both parties had strong, vocal isolationist and internationalist wings at this time. I liked the way the episode captured the experience of paranoia when you aren't really sure who to trust, with some people (like Taylor or the first cop they meet) being totally innocuous while others aren't.
  7. Rough game for everyone. Final I went with Eisenhower, but I figured it could also have been Truman (if adopted early) or Kennedy (if late-adopted).
  8. Yes, if we're strictly talking about historical accuracy, Lindbergh's election is quite improbable (as depicted by Roth) for several reasons -- one of the chief ones being that to get Lindy to an electoral majority Roth has him breach the Solid South, which was not going to happen. There was plenty of anti-Semitism in the South, to be sure (indeed, in a lot of ways the Jim Crow South was the part of America that most resembled a fascist regime already), but the South was dominated by whites of English descent whose sentiments tended to be Anglophile. There's a reason that, as he steered the US into closer ties with Britain, FDR relied heavily on conservative Southern Democrats in Congress to back him in this course of action. Lindy's base of support was German-Americans and other central European immigrant groups in the midwest. While the camps existed in various forms already (geared more toward political prisoners at this point), the Final Solution hadn't really started until late 1940. Systematized killing really began with Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of the Soviet Union), involving mobile SS units; from there it ramped up through 1941 until the Wannsee Conference in January of 1942 formalized the plan for the death camps. But as others noted, the general public wasn't aware of the Holocaust until the war was over and the advancing armies liberated the camps. There were rumours about this, but one of the problems that people trying to spread the word about the Holocaust encountered was that people were inclined to disbelief because of widespread propaganda about German atrocities during the First World War that had turned out not to be true.
  9. Canada officially says our athletes won’t go unless it’s postponed.
  10. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    I was rewatching the Vancouver original dance today, since we've got nothing but time to kill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlQdbpZnxGY - Two cycles into the IJS, still so many teams with poor-quality twizzles that wouldn't be fit for a JGP podium today. - So many American country programs, only one of them from an American team. The Kerrs win, among those. - Domnina/Shabalin's program remains terrible in every sense. - Seeing Tessa & Scott kill it on home ice is still so powerful, after all these years. - I think there are only three people from this event who are still around (Allison Reed, Paul Poirier, Evan Bates), all with different partners (and in Allison's case, different countries) now.
  11. All this stuff with the prince and his fiancee is kind of funny since the writers obviously had no idea about all the recent Harry & Meghan drama when they wrote these episodes.
  12. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    I imagine they'll just push the existing quotas forward; countries earned them in Saitama and haven't gotten to use them yet, there's nothing else that would be as simple and fair.
  13. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    This is the free program skated to perfection when she won gold at JGP Croatia earlier in the season. Kind of devastated that she couldn't do that here. Alison Schumacher improbably saved Canada's second Junior ladies spot (that she earned last season), with an assist from the Japanese ladies both having total meltdowns.
  14. Actually the reverse, it would have been better to hold it in the fall, it's extremely hot in Japan in the summer and the only reason it was initially scheduled the way it was was because of NBC. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics were held in October, for comparison.
  15. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    I would say Joannie deserved to be well ahead of Mirai on components, so I don't agree there. Mirai did win the TES versus Joannie in the free skate, but even if you kept the components closer, Joannie's short program versus Mirai's was more than enough to keep her in third overall.
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