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  1. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    When it comes to Gordeeva's affections, only Olympic gold medalists need apply.
  2. SeanC

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    Netflix formally announces the sequel plans.
  3. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Stars on Ice Canada is doing a fall tour, the casting including Meagan now skating with Dylan Moscovitch. Alissa Czisny is there as the token foreigner (for now, there will be more cost announcements).
  4. Kirigan is easily the most compelling character on this show.
  5. Not illegal, but very socially disapproved. While obviously the creator is part of the reason I'm always comparing this to Buffy, but this feels a bit like if you look a 22-episode season of that show and then stripped out everything but the core plot points, in the process losing a lot of the character detail, etc. that would really make the project rich. I was already thinking about this in episode 4, but 5 even moreso, there's just too many minor characters here we haven't had any time to know, and a group dynamic that hadn't even formed before the plot starts pitting them against each
  6. The episode where the studio note arrived saying this is HBO so the lead actresses have to go topless at some point.
  7. So based on the general rules of TV mystery writing, the priest didn’t do it. Mare’s son’s partner really should be suing both Mare and the police department for a whole lot of money now.
  8. Some real criminal geniuses in this town: - the boyfriend lying his ass off about the incident in the woods when there are several witnesses, including the daughter of the officer he’s speaking to; - Brianna’s father stalking a cop and then vandalizing her house with a product that can be easily traced to him because he bought it right in front of her.
  9. I knew at least one contestant would misinterpret the question in Final Jeopardy.
  10. The overhead shot of the two gangs' shadows intermingling is superb. Spielberg remains a master at visual storytelling. Really interested to see what he brings to this, now that he's finally gotten the chance to make one of his childhood dream projects. I don't really see the point of having the new film look like the old film. The actress playing Anita looks fantastic in her new colours, for instance, and it immediately establishes the new version as distinctive.
  11. I'm delighted for Emerald. That was one of the frontrunner wins I was really rooting for. Sad for Carey.
  12. Quite a late surge for the film, overcoming the early frontrunners in both categories. Hopkins now has the third-longest gap between acting wins at the Oscars, after Helen Hayes (1931 to 1970) and Katharine Hepburn (1933 to 1967).
  13. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Piper & Paul are doing Elton John for the RD next season, apparently, which should be fun.
  14. SeanC

    Figure Skating

    Eric was interviewed by the CBC and said that for him it was a “why not?” situation. I guess he must have missed it — there has nothing like competitive skating, in the end. They posted some training clips: www.twitter.com/CBCOlympics/status/1384874647670468610
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