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    S01.E03: Lamentis

    Loki's powers are fairly vague, which was my only quibble with this episode, because it often feels arbitrary what he can or can't do (for instance, he can fake that man's voice based only on having seen a picture of him, but he cannot fake a ticket for some reason).
  2. And we officially have our first figure skating program using the soundtrack:
  3. Canada has a real wunderkid, from the looks of it. https://swimswam.com/summer-mcintosh-hits-fastest-14-under-200-free-in-history-156-19/
  4. SeanC

    Luca (2021)

    Endearingly modest, I thought. A pretty low-stakes story overall, and nothing obviously designed to sell toys, just likeable characters and a warm atmosphere.
  5. SeanC

    Emma (2020)

    Taylor-Joy and O'Connor were paired up for one of Variety's annual actor videos, and they talk a fair bit about Emma. (as well as their other projects). https://variety.com/2021/film/news/anya-taylor-joy-furious-mad-max-1234996532/
  6. I'll be interested to see what they do with the overarching narrative of this if they're envisioning having multiple seasons, since the actresses will be aging in real time.
  7. A lot of misses for easy clues tonight, I thought. Savannah was off to a good start.
  8. What exactly are the ages of the characters here? Because Nina is supposed to be finishing her first year of undergrad, but she apparently has a romantic history with Benny, who seems to be much older (same with Usnavi and Vanessa). I liked it a lot, even if the narrative is rickety in places (partly as a result of the source material, and partly as a result of changes to the source material).
  9. Narratively this episode is mostly devoted to giving Loki-2 a crash course in the deceased Loki Prime's character development that he missed out on, but it's done reasonably effectively. This is the strongest start to one of the Marvel shows so far, in my opinion.
  10. More casting information: The Duffers are apparently big Anne of Green Gables fans and specifically wanted McNulty on the show:
  11. Two straight Final questions about the 17th century.
  12. Cardinal Richelieu can take heart that all three knew him, even if all three misspelled his name.
  13. Uh, are they really going to raise DJ as a brother alongside the person who killed his mother? I mean, Ryan is so young that he's not an irredeemable criminal by any means, but that's still setting DJ up for a pretty rough time once he gets old enough to process the details of this case, which is obviously going to happen at some point.
  14. Krasinski is really proving himself to be one of the better modern purveyors of tension in cinema. He's got a great handle on setting up and paying off these types of sequences.
  15. SeanC

    Cruella (2021)

    A lot of the Twitter commentary about this reminds me of a lot of what I think is misguided discussions about Riverdale. Yes, Cruella's mom getting killed by being knocked over a cliff by Dalmatians is silly -- intentionally so. This is camp. Now, camp may or may not be your thing, but it is what it is. Artistically this isn't a movie with any particularly compelling reason to exist, but if you get past that, it's entertaining enough. Stone is a blast as Cruella, as you'd expect, and all that Disney $$$ paid for a lot of fun production and costume design and a nothing-but-hits soundtr
  16. When Veronica won yesterday I was glad there’d be a woman in the final round, and we ended up with 2/3.
  17. I have a long term project of reading books by every Nobel Laureate, so had I been playing this particular game I’d have bet big going into final. I’ve read Intruder in the Dust, so that was a pretty easy one.
  18. Wright's movies haven't historically been known for memorable female roles (other than Scott Pilgrim, which was an adaptation), so it's refreshing for him to do an outright woman-centric movie. The pandemic delay has probably also played to the movie's advantage since ATJ became way more famous in the intervening time.
  19. Just for future reference, Jess, when being pursued by menacing guys through what appears to be a residential area, screaming at the top of your lungs is probably the best course of action.
  20. Cecily Strong’s “My Way” absolutely felt like an exit moment. For all the other castmembers being rumoured to leave, especially Kenan, this would qualify as an extremely low-key sendoff were that to be the case. ATJ blended into the cast quite naturally.
  21. Any affair between Erin and the guy she was staying with needn't have been limited to the time she was living with him.
  22. The series does its best Silence of the Lambs riff, one of the better ones (especially the use of Judas Priest).
  23. Well, that was a hell of a thing. In the grand balance, it's good that Whedon is gone after this, but it's also hard not to feel a bit sad that he drops this fascinating material that finally makes the series feel more distinctive on his way out the door.
  24. It perhaps says something about the source material that that screen representation of Big Anthony's death is way toned down from the books and it's still, well, that.
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