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  1. Good choice using Otis Redding's version of "A Change Is Gonna Come" over the closing montage. I always preferred his to Sam Cooke's. Indeed, crappy day all around.
  2. Man, are Ca-, uh, people of a particular denomination good at self-flagellation. And Yolanda's parents are really no help.
  3. Good Lord Jennifer, you raised some dumb, shitty kids. Yorick's oblivious and Hero's a complete narcissist. OK, she helped the kid, but she's still the worst.
  4. Ewan MacGregor? I like him, but that Halston biopic was ehh....
  5. As I said when the noms came out, this category was B-A-N-A-N-A-S. However, not surprised Kate took it.
  6. Another mild upset, Queen's Gambit was in the pole position until Mare came out. This whole category is ridiculous.
  7. Sudeikis was a lock. He's made a pretty good run off a bit that was just supposed to promo NBC's EPL coverage.
  8. After a bunch of goofball speeches, this was refreshing. Looks like Hacks is a contender for Best Comedy.
  9. I'm kinda interested to see if the kid has any chops and to see how close they get the younger versions of the crew.
  10. Upset, I think Ted Lasso was hurt by having two different eps nominated.
  11. Well-deserved. The amount of research they put into Oliver's show is insane.
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