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  1. In olden times, when a big fight would be on PPV, a bunch of us would go to someone's house (usually the person with the best TV) and chip in for the cost. Basically, what I'm saying is: viewing parties.
  2. Obviously, Sousa never read comic books as a kid, if he thinks 'Quake' is funny. So, I do wonder how long Fitz and Simmons had before they jumped back to the temple, because "Blood work" could mean several things.
  3. Considering Courtney's background, nice metaphor. Ah, Principal Bowin. Is taunting psychopaths ever a good idea?
  4. Just theaters in countries that don't have their shit together.
  5. It'll be interesting to see how that pans out. I imagine Disney will take a bit of a bath, but how much?
  6. So, new entry for interrogations in the FBI handbook: Do not give an amnesiac with god-like powers LSD and high-voltage. Good to know.
  7. The last time Colm Feore played someone as unlikable as Hargreeves, it was when he played Linoge in Storm of the Century.
  8. I gotta give Allison hers, girl's got some discipline. If it were me, I'd have been spreading rumors all over the place.
  9. Oh yeah, this is gonna go well.
  10. That's gold, Jerry! Gold! Bernie Taupin is seething with rage he never came up with lyrics as good. So a nice story about an Air Force veteran named Trinton Reeves: Air Force veteran going home after almost 4 months in the VA hospital. So, the reason I'm bringing it up here is Lester Holt just closed the NBC Nightly News with the story. He ended it by wishing Mr. Reeves a speedy recovery. That horse has left the barn, I'm afraid.
  11. Manfred warns: If virus is not managed better, the season could end as early as Monday.
  12. FloridaManBoy behind Twitter hack on Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, et al.
  13. Ryan Reynolds, living up to the Canadian stereotype of niceness.
  14. Tenet may save the world, but WW84 may save America.
  15. Last episode is actually 12 & 13 back-to-back.
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