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  1. They'll just have to make a decision: Are they committed to their personal well-being or Alabama Football? Roll Tide!
  2. Yeah, a May with zero fucks...that can't be good. She could end up doing more damage than the Chronocoms.
  3. I've said the only difference between Bomani and the late Ralph Wiley is a bit of age. He's really been making strides during this quarantine.
  4. I see what you did there. I love that the fact that Icicle killed Starman, a full-grown adult male that had been at it a while, doesn't make Courtney, a fifteen year old girl who's been at it five minutes, pause in the slightest.
  5. So I've been out of work since March 13th, but thanks to my seniority (32yrs!) and being in a union, I've been on paid leave, so I haven't missed a paycheck. Anyway, that ran out Friday, and it looks like my company won't start recalling employees until Labor Day. So I had to file for unemployment. Here's where the story gets wonky: I'm answering the questions and I'm on the page to set up my login and I'm choosing a security question and the question I've chosen has answer that starts with W. So I go to hit Shift+W and instead hit Ctrl+W which closes the tab. Cue a moderate amount of profanity. So I go to start the questionnaire again and it doesn't let me in because it thinks I've already filed. Cue a higher amount of profanity. I can't log in as an existing account, because I haven't registered my password yet. So I make the dreaded call on the hotline, prepared to wait. I didn't have to wait long, because I was told no one was available to take my call, and then they hung up on me. Did I mention this is Friday and I'm in the Twin Cities and the reason no one is available to take my call is they told everyone to stay home because of the protests? Cue a possible police-call amount of profanity. Am I going to be shut out of unemployment due to a stray key stroke? Fear not, the story has a happy ending. The unemployment week goes from Sunday-Saturday, so after a heartburn-filled 48 hours, I tried again this morning and was able to complete my application. Apparently they purged my partial application for the new week. God, I love the government.
  6. I like that Mac understood he had to take a bunch of crap for the mission, but he's human and by the time that waiter stepped to him, he'd had enough. "Lazy what? C'mon, finish that sentence!"
  7. Yeah, fortunately I have a workaround because I subscribe to YouTube TV. But I think I'll probably hold off for a while.
  8. Any reports on HBO Max would be appreciated.
  9. It's sad, but the fact he made it to 84 is kind of a miracle and should be celebrated.
  10. My vote for best two roles for Harrison Ford are Witness and Mosquito Coast.
  11. Jimmy Cobb, last surviving member of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album sessions, dies at 91. That's the thing about great musicians, they tend to surround themselves with great musicians. R.I.P.
  12. But we'll learn so much! Like did you know he wasn't drafted 'til the 6th Round?!?
  13. AimingforYoko

    The NBA

    R.I.P. Jerry Sloan. I always thought the fact that his best Jazz teams were denied the title by MJ's Bulls was ironic, considering that's who he played for.
  14. Well, Warner's is ramping up the marketing. It sure seems like July 17th is still the goal.
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