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  1. AimingforYoko

    The NBA

    Staying on the Warriors: TIL Steph Curry's actual first name is "Wardell".
  2. It looks like the future is assured in the Steel City!
  3. Best description I've heard about Ben McAdoo (or anyone, really), "He's a pair of sweatpants away from looking like a P.E. teacher at a New England prep school."
  4. Air-fryer chicken thighs, brushed with olive oil and coated in a nice BBQ rub, potato salad and California blend veggies. If you like a crispy chicken, air fryer works really well.
  5. I think both Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers said the movie set was basically a giant dick-measuring contest.
  6. If I was ranking I'd say: Amanda Gorman Lady Gaga Chris GainesGarth Brooks J-Lo
  7. Not sure about that outfit, Lady Gaga, but the pipes are legit.
  8. Pro Tip: Run the cursor over the the written text holding down the left mouse button, then click on the link icon and paste the link in the form given. Always enjoyed him on the Braves broadcasts. R.I.P.
  9. AimingforYoko

    The NBA

    Here's my favorite:
  10. Jon Lester signs with the Nationals. Looks like the Cubs are going back to being the Cubs. Enjoy that 2016 WS title Chicago!
  11. AimingforYoko

    The NBA

    I don't know who coined it but it's pretty easy to parse, he's death to teams and he's skinny. I guess Durant doesn't like the second part being pointed out.
  12. Your video's been taken down.
  13. This Vikings fan cannot go that far. I have to live with these people and if Rodgers gets another one they're gonna be unbearably smug.
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