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  1. Kinda figured this was the other shoe when Peters got traded. This doesn't help their offense, though.
  2. Any chance he stays in Houston?
  3. How money is Gerrit Cole right now? I'd say he had a 'B' game and he held the Yankees scoreless in Yankee Stadium.
  4. AimingforYoko

    The NBA

    To be fair, what LeBron was talking about was that if China pulls out of its partnership with the NBA, revenues will shrink, the cap will be cut and players are going to get squeezed. It's definitely not a good look for LeBron, but his point was, think how many people will be affected before you tweet.
  5. I never thought that Joker would have even an outside chance at a billion WW. No superheroics, no real SFX to speak of, no real humor to lighten the mood. Warner's has been a punching bag (for good reason), this is a nice win for them. Meanwhile, the Disney machine starts up again next week.
  6. I haven't said this much this season, but Cousins earned his money today. Even the pick wasn't his fault. He was helped mightily by the Eagles' bold strategy of not covering Diggs. We'll see if it continues.
  7. Skyfall introduced the current Moneypenny, 'M' and 'Q'.
  8. AimingforYoko

    Joker (2019)

    It wasn't that he was a flop, it was that he appeared to be having a mental breakdown while he was flopping. If you don't understand that it's a neurological condition, the laugh just comes off as crazy.
  9. I know we were all very worried about Robert Downey, Jr. and what he would do now that his run is over in the MCU. Well, have no fear! I always thought Doolittle was spelled with two O's.
  10. You know what else would look good on St. Louis? Offense. They've managed two hits off of Sanchez and Scherzer. Good thing for them that they only have to face (checks notes) Strasburg.
  11. Sir, this is an Arby'sthe Baseball topic.
  12. Yeah, who had Anibal Sanchez almost no-hitting the Cards? *crickets* That's what I thought.
  13. AimingforYoko

    Disney Films

    What, you thought all Disney had was comic-books and live-action remakes of beloved animation classics to make money off of? To that, Disney says, "HA! We also have theme park attractions."
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