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  1. There's a reason a lot of people were picking Dallas as the team most likely to be upset. The sheer amount of stupidity this game is staggering.
  2. Boy was that game necessary.
  3. 7 offensive possessions for Buffalo, 7 TDs. I believe they call that efficient. The only reason it's not perfect is two missed XPs.
  4. That was about as good a first half as Buffalo could hope for. Josh Allen is in complete control right now.
  5. Somewhere in America, Marvin Lewis sheds a tear. The streak of futility is over in Cincinnati.
  6. Netflix raising subscription prices in U.S. and Canada.
  7. Tiffany Haddish arrested for DUI after falling asleep in car. I will continue my crusade: Yes, they exploit their workers. Yes, the CEO is scummy. But...Uber, people! ETA: Fixed Link
  8. Rodgers was picked ahead of Brady for the All-Pro team, bodes well for him being MVP.
  9. Starting with his owner being a McNair. It takes a lot to be the worst NFL owner in Texas.
  10. Jordan's face at Clark saying the word "intimate" was everything. Followed closely by Jonathan mouthing "Mom" to the who was Clark's first question. Gen. Lane's replacement seems like a real treat. He's either completely evil or they're going to give him "layers".
  11. Much like Andy Dalton is revered in Buffalo, Daniel Carlson is Pittsburgh's newest hero.
  12. Jimmy G gets a lot of crap, but he stepped up on that tying drive. The NFC is set. And unless there's shenanigans, the Sunday Night game is exactly as NBC hoped, a play-in game for the last spot in the AFC.
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