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  1. Hey, I made it through Endgame. You can't tell me nuthin'.
  2. Best description of Fury, "Mickey from Snatch, if Mickey were 6' 9" and weighed 270 lbs."
  3. I mean, he totally looks like the fratboy douche bad guy in every '80s comedy, but I like this kid.
  4. How did they know something was weird about the Terry Maitland case? Because somebody posted a video online, proving he was elsewhere. Failing that, Maitland's on death row, and nobody's talking about El Cuco. That phenomenon of people filming everything is only a decade old. And people still had a hard time with it.
  5. Yeah, but it won't matter. It's going to be over too soon for the transformation.
  6. Well, Ralph's finally there. It literally had to stare him in the face. I don't blame the man, he's lived by logic his whole life. It's not his fault he doesn't know he's in a Stephen King story.
  7. Who knew CGI dogs were so expensive?
  8. I love this Hotels.com Captain Obvious ad, it didn't go where I was expecting it to:
  9. Abraham and Sons Plumbing got the job done.
  10. My guess is that his BIL Arno was just a civilian who loaned Howard money and grew frustrated when Howard kept stiffing him so he went to some wiseguys to collect, probably with a promise of a chunk of the money.
  11. One of the YouTube comments was, "It's like an anthology show with all the same characters."
  12. Official Trailer, starts March 16th, the day after the season premiere of Westworld:
  13. Not surprised about Downhill, it was pretty much the opposite of a mass appeal movie. I am surprised they didn't go with a more arthouse approach. The ski porn was awesome, though.
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