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  1. AimingforYoko

    S03.E05: Chapter 24

    Damn, David off the chain is scary. Syd and Farouk both had good plans, but somehow they underestimated David, which seems impossible.
  2. AimingforYoko

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019)

    Don't trust him, Fred! He's a commie!
  3. AimingforYoko

    Movie Adaptations You Would Like to See

    Emma Thompson wrote Last Christmas based on the Wham! song.
  4. AimingforYoko

    Box Office

    Yeah, I'd say Disney had a pretty good weekend, overall.
  5. AimingforYoko

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    That is some awesome autocorrect.
  6. I liked your post, not so much because I agreed with it, just because you correctly used jibe instead of jive.
  7. AimingforYoko

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    He was very good, but I did not see all this in his future back when he was on The 4400.
  8. AimingforYoko

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Speaking of money: Welcome to the cash cow, Mahershala. Just make sure you pay your taxes.
  9. AimingforYoko

    Westworld In The Media

    Comic-con trailer:
  10. AimingforYoko

    Watchmen Anticipation

    Comic-con trailer:
  11. AimingforYoko

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    And George fires Uncle Billy.
  12. AimingforYoko

    S06.E10 Leap

    I knew when Piper and Davis were moved up, one of 'em wasn't going to last the season. Shoulda stayed in the background, son. R.I.P. Deke is so needy, if he isn't macking on Daisy, he's wondering if 'Gramps' really likes him.
  13. AimingforYoko

    Cats (2019)

    She's the principal ballerina for the Royal Ballet.
  14. AimingforYoko

    Cats (2019)

    Can't argue with that! I dip cautious toes in the musical theater world, so this is definitely a litter box too far for me. Call me when In The Heights comes out.