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  1. Clinton Portis, Joe Horn and ten additional ex-NFLers charged with defrauding NFL healthcare program.
  2. It was used as intended, Hughes commissioned her to write it for the scene.
  3. Stephen Strasburg got paaaaaaaaaaaid. The Nats totally had to do this. But how is this contract going to look in years 5-7?
  4. Members Only jacket? Check. Fanny Pack? Check. Casio Digital Watch? Check. I don't know about the Ray-Ban Aviatiors, I might've gone for the Wayfarers, they seemed a lot more prevalent then. Then again, what was his profession?
  5. According to a BTS, prosthetic. And the male half of the audience breathes a small sigh of relief.
  6. Isn't the ep title "God Walks into Abar"? Time shenanigans always make for mindfuck eps. I can see where Angela would lose her shit. Nice (and convenient) that Veidt had a solution ready to go. I wonder why Jon never made the leap with Laurie? So are Will and Lady Trieu going to save the day? Is Veidt? A combination?
  7. Yeah, what happened to Houston today? They totally got smoked by Denver.
  8. I literally did not see a single ad for this. Disney is the first studio to gross $10b worldwide (in a single year), and there's still Star Wars to go.
  9. Well, they actually show him fighting people and firing weapons...so I don't think so? Oh she'll show him the ropes all right. I'll see myself out.
  10. That Niners-Saints game was nuts. The over/under was 45. Both teams surpassed that individually.
  11. I appreciate them using one of the best bass lines of all time. So what, she wishes Steve into existence?
  12. "From the studio that brought you Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King......Twice."
  13. See, I've always referred to his run of films starting with Fatal Attraction then Wall Street, Black Rain, War of the Roses, Basic Instinct, Falling Down and Disclosure as his "asshole" period. Not all villains, but definitely all assholes. The American President broke the string.
  14. So it looks like the playoffs will be LSU, OSU, Clemson and Oklahoma. I don't think Oklahoma is in LSU's weight class, but OSU-Clemson should be the game of the year.
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