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  1. After Civil War, before Infinity War.
  2. He was the top TE in my fantasy league when it started.....in 2004.
  3. Youngest singer of a Bond theme ever?
  4. CW orders the Jared Padalecki reboot to series. The biggest question going in: Is Padalecki going to sing the theme song?
  5. Boy, this thing metastasized quickly. MLB has put a gag order on the other teams, supposedly because some folks on the Astros said they know of eight other teams did the same thing. (Boston being one of them, probably.) So if the other clubs keep quiet, Houston will quietly serve as an example to not do this anymore.
  6. I liked the Spider-Man poster with "Murderer" graffitied over it. Apparently The Bugle has some reach.
  7. Subtle is the textbook definition of "shade". It's not a direct shot, but it gets the point across without addressing it head on. And it gives the "shader" plausible deniability.
  8. So, "You" is Dolores, right? And what the hell was the Pres-Elect doing in Buenos Aires during the transition? The world-building this season should be insane.
  9. Very, very, very hard to prove. (The 'they won because of cheating', not the actual cheating which apparently, was rather easy to prove.) This was a textbook case of being made an example of. If there's anything MLB is terrified of, it's fans losing belief in integrity of the game.
  10. The two real "huh?"s for me are Scarlett's nom in Supporting for Jojo Rabbit and Jojo for Best Picture.
  11. If he was, it's a push, because the Pack got hosed on that fumble call early. And I say this as a Vikings fan.
  12. My dad made a lot of money thanks to him. Chrysler was on the mat when he took over and my dad bought Chrysler stock when it was dirt cheap. My dad said, "There is no way the gov't is going to let a Big 3 car company go under."
  13. It is the platonic ideal of a January movie.
  14. It was 24-0 Texans, then Pat Mahomes remembered, "Oh yeah, I'm Pat Mahomes."
  15. Well, that and Henry's 195 yds rushing. (and one passing TD)
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