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  1. Just going off of trailers (both from Netflix), I'd say it looks like the black blues singers vs the hillbillies.
  2. Wendell Pierce to play blues great B.B. King in biopic. That is perfect casting.
  3. Your first place Dallas Cowboys, everybody!
  4. That was going to be my other question: Does he have a history? If he does, there goes benefit of the doubt.
  5. He says it was a mistake, but I have a question: What in the world would you be doing on a Zoom call that you would stop video to undress?
  6. There's a good chance of that, it's not the first time we've heard that name in the series.
  7. Dodgers' Cody Bellinger dislocated his shoulder on go-ahead HR celebration. Sounds like he'll be OK.
  8. Pistol-whipped a pregnant woman, killed her husband. Definitely disappointed that Doctor Senator got killed, Glynn Thurman nailed his role.
  9. All that and it ended up the #1 seeds in both leagues made it to the WS. This is totally the year you expected something fluky and it ended up chalk.
  10. Holy Crap, they benched Rodgers. In other news, Good Lord, are the Jets horrible. How the hell does Gase still have a job?
  11. Whatever you're doing, stop it. I haven't seen Rodgers play this badly in a while.
  12. We can officially mark down Cleveland as "pretenders". 4-0 against Cinn., Wash., Dal. and Indy. 0-2 against Baltimore and Pittsburgh and were outscored in those two games 76-13.
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