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  1. I've tuned in a little but off and on since xmas. I typically don't watch current GH, not since 2003 ish though I've seen scenes here and there. But I started when Jane Elliott was back, a couple months ago then I got pulled in a bit with the Nelle story. Think I'm out again. I basically hate custody storylines or anything related to fighting over babies parentage. I also skipped all of this when it was Michael who was the kid.
  2. Thanks, I didn't know that. I only saw him on GL and SB.
  3. I think that Rob's issue is not the pace of the game. I think his rep and stature are likely just too hard to overcome. At some point they will boot him.
  4. Yeah only one tribal with Sandra, still it counts...being on the winning tribe helps. But yeah red can go next time.
  5. I thought they were switching to Ben after his tribal performance but no luck. I thinknDanni commenting on being left out again sealed her fate. Both Rob and Parvati reacted when ahe started again.
  6. But she should have went to them alone, not in front of Ben. I think that was the death knell. I'm impressed every week Rob, Parvati, and Sandra stay in. Newbies I want out- Ben, Adam. Make it so!
  7. Danni dug her own grave. Man I dislike Adam. Jeremy is one to watch. Ben...just what?
  8. I just like the old schoolers better than the new schoolers. The new schoolers I like: Tony, Cops R us. Sophie I think that's it.
  9. I got accidentally spoiled and came here tonsee if it was true. Random person online said Tyson wins. Disappointing if true. Ah well. There was no way the season could live up to all the possibilities.
  10. cleo

    MLB Thread

    That's why I said they do nothing to help themselves. There's a reason the anger is so strong, they've earned it and they contonue to earn it with their responses, which have been almost uniformly terrible.
  11. cleo

    MLB Thread

    Well cue the lawsuits. Their own fans are suing them. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2020-02-18/houston-astros-lawsuit-fan-adam-wallach-season-tickets-mike-bolsinger And apparently someone at their spring training facility was banging a garbage can or something while they were practicing. I guess I'm a softy bc I'm starting to feel a little sorry for them. I hope they have good support systems, I can't imagine the emotional toll of months of this. But at the same time they do nothing to help themselves.
  12. Really enjoyed this ep. I workout a ton and the sore feelings do go away but every once in a while I really push and it's hard to walk for 3 days. So I empathize with Bob and Lynda.
  13. cleo

    MLB Thread

    Personally I think the stigma they will carry for a long time, as well as the comments from their peers, is enough and a more difficult response for them to manage than getting hit with a ball. On the other hand, would not judge it.
  14. Um yeah not feeling this ep. I don't care about Hoffman's family drama but his parents are awful imo. His father basically lied to the press and smeared his own son albeit not using his own name. It's a little problematic the show presents this at the end as acceptable. By the sound of it Hoffman actually got evidence about his father's actions, which was just ignored. I could go on but I disliked the whole thing, really turned me off the show. Aside from that the Hoffman stuff is boring.
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