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  1. cleo

    The NBA

    NBA projecting August to start seems silly to me. They might as well just wait for the new season to start. If they're that desperate for revenue, just scrap this season and start the 2020 season a month earlier, in September.
  2. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    1986- fall- Santana was better and less whiny once her marriage with Cruz broke up. There were some scenes with Brick...I think they played around with the idea of pairing them. I think it would have been ok. Once Lily stopped with the bullshit she was an interesting character. Too bad she left so soon. All I can think when I watch Tori is how much hate mail that poor woman must have got.
  3. cleo


    Sam and Diane was good for a while, but they really beat a dead horse with it. By the time her last season came I felt like it was way past time for her to be gone. It was too much of the same beats over and over and over again. ETA however I will always enjoy seeing Frasier's bitterness about her lol. I don't know why but it cracks me up.
  4. cleo


    I was never sure how good he was. I figured he was a lot of relievers- hot and then not.
  5. cleo


    Lol. All I can say is I'm sure in the world of Cheers Woody was not the worst option out there. The last ep- very nice except for the Sam and Diane stuff as I said. I especially liked the last convo with Norm and Sam in the bar about love.
  6. cleo


    I'm just watching the final eps, I have one to go. Doctor Atomic you may want to skip if you dont want spoilers. I like the final season in general, I like that they didn't try too many drastic changes with people's lives. The thing with Don was super fast but he was a funny character. Rebecca played it almost too over the top in the penultimate episode but I liked when she started crying about marrying a plumber. I would really have liked Lilith to make another appearance. Sam and Diane - meh. I wish they had done something different with this. I would have liked to have seen more scenes with Rebecca and Diane, after all I'm sure Rebecca would have heard stories about her. It would have been funny for Rebecca to have been like- so you're Diane? Meh. Or there are a lot of ways they could have played it. Add Lilith and it could have been really good. I like Woody as a councilman and I buy it. One more ep to go. I dont really remember it well. This was a great show and I'm so glad I started a rewatch.
  7. cleo

    Cougar Town

    Yeah I think there is supposed to be an age difference between her and Trav. I liked Lori with the army guy. I don't know what the writers were thinking. I did finish that rewatch, there were still some good eps, just not as good as before.
  8. cleo

    Season 4

    Nope I cannot see Rory doing any of those things lol. The best part of Rory in college is Paris. Just finished Die Jerk. Love Paris' response to the message board and striking back fast. Festival of Living Art. Enjoyed this ep, liked Kirk taking the whole thing too far. The show really is a neat idea. There are some things about season 4 I liked that I forgot- love Gil and the band. Also Doyle and Paris. Nick Offerman cameo was unexpected. I haven't watched this in about 10 yrs so I've forgotten a lot of the smaller details. Still find Jason awful, I don't know how Lorelai resists the urge to smack the smug look off his face.
  9. Late viewer. Season 1 I found a lot of scenes were repulsive, in the eps, and season 2 was better. This season I just find again has a lot of repulsive scenes, I end up not watching or muting it. Like the animals going into the chipper was one. I don't understand why the Boyds wouldn't want to help get rid of Jesse. I can't imagine they want the competition to start up. Tulip just should have said that. Overall not enjoying as much as last season so far.
  10. cleo

    Season 4

    So in my slow rewatch I'm on season 4. I don't really like Season 4 for a number of reasons: -Rory is my least favourite character but in the early seasons I found her stories interesting enough to stay with it. Now I fast forward unless it's a scene with Lane or Paris. I'm not into Marty, her college friends, whatever. -I like Emily and Richard but this is the season where they split right? Not a storyline I enjoy. -Digger. Um, do I need to say anything else? I just watched An Affair to Remember and Digger is just skeezy right at the outset. I just can't believe Lorelai would actually go out with him unless she is going through a phase where she hates herself and wants to degrade herself. Like Buffy and Spike heh but without the chemistry. -As always I do like the townspeople, Kirk on his first date with Lulu was great, it was nice of Luke to give him some advice. -Rory go to a fucking library. WTF is wrong with you? I was alone and dead broke when i went to uni. I could only take a couple classes at a time to start because I couldn't get a loan and I was working part-time minimum wage job. I studied in a 400 ft square apt with very little heat in the winter. I took baths sometimes just to get warm. I had no computer so I had to walk to the school (was not on campus) in sub zero temps and spend my Saturdays and Sundays in the open computer labs in the basement of some of the school buildings. Took me 6 yrs to get a four yr degree, but I did and finished debt free and with a full scholarship for my masters bc of my grades. Lol. Can you tell why I don't like Rory?
  11. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    I have never managed to watch New Stailand. It just seems awful. Man NLG has been stuck in some terrible stories lol. Agree Brick and Amy are down to earth, they were great characters. I also disliked Nick and Kelly in the ghost town and found parts of it kind of squeamish. I also really liked Kelly and Joe so I never wqrmed up to her and Nick. Kelly always ended up in stories apart from the rest of the family and usually with a man. This is why I dont like her character until the later years. Cruz and Eden- I enjoy them a lot so I really liked their storylines from 84 through to 86. It gets more spotty after that. I thought the fallout from the Channing investigation was very realistic and in character for them. Yeah pretty much everyone was terrible with Brandon and passing him around repeatedly would have done a ton of damage.
  12. cleo

    MLB Thread

    They're saying possibly July. 70 to 80 games. Seems awfully short. I guess better than nothing.
  13. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    I think with GL the world was there, the foundation was there and so they could build on it successfully. I think starting from scratch was obviously hard. And yeah they did need some input or help they didn't get. My understanding is a lot of fhe bad casting/revolving door was all them at least until the lockout.
  14. cleo


    Almost finished season 3. I enjoyed at a lot more than s.2 even though part if the plot seemed similar to s.1 but less good. Was really drawn in to the whole Tobin family and their lawyer. Enjoyed Patti and Ellen's relationship. The bad- Patti's dreams add nothing. It just seems like filler. The stuff with Jill- I simply do not believe Patti would write a cheque for this woman and be duped like that. Stuff with Ellen's family- meh. But for a while I thought they were hinting that her sister was sexually abused. Glad that was not the case. Just the finale to go. Don't really want to see Tom's demise, he has really grown on me. I do want to see someone tell Joe he killed his daughter. Martin Short did a fantastic job.
  15. cleo

    Santa Barbara

    yeah Santana is always whiny and awful. I think I liked Margaret Michaels the best- she seemed less whiny and over the top. Of course she lasted the shortest. Nick- I don't remember that storyline very well when he first started. I don't like Kelly and I don't rewatch her stories. I liked Kelly's storylines better in the later years -1990, 1991. Of course by then she was almost a different character. I don't know about the storytelling style. In general I think the Dobsons were very limited. They could do certain things very very well- the Capwells and the occasional secondary character. But they couldn't seem to build many sustainable long term characters outside of the Capwells. So they did not have the same breadth of a world that other soaps did. They also seemed to struggle with casting, as has been discussed. However what they did well, was excellent and it's my favourite soap. @Steph J would love to hear your thoughts as you go through. Stuff with Channing was so good. I rewatch alot but I'm on 1986 and sometimes 1989. Spoilers below: While I'm here- rewatching 1986 and the storyline with Amy. Fuck Hailey and Ted, some of the storylines on SB drove me nuts. I guess I'm cold bc she should have faced some consequences. At one point Brick is grief stricken and says to Ted- I'm your brother! And I'm like yeah Ted. He's your fucking brother.
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