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  1. I enjoyed this ep, mainly I liked the story more than previous eps- not the quadrangle stuff though that doesn't really bother me as much as it does some people. But everyone is convinced they slept together? I'm wondering if the show will pull the rug and say they just passed out. Although they had more chemistry than Dex and the singer. I'm enjoying the show but mainly for the actors, I like them all. This plot was better than some of the others. ETA I thought it was really nasty of Sue Lynn to give Dex chips if she really has a gambling problem.
  2. So I jumped ahead to 1987 bc I wanted to see when Harley first came. Except I dont think I can find her early scenes. But Alexandra and HB in a relationship? That seems really really unnatural. Nice to see Alan again and Josh. Especially Josh lol.
  3. I'm still watching old clips as a first time viewer. I'm on the ice princess, just at the art auction. The story with Luke and Laura is entertaining, and Luke on his own is a likeable entertaining character, but I continue to find him an asshole in terms of how he treats Laura. Man Robert is so much better Also I dont know if this is a UO but even though I find the ice princess stuff interesting, I'm much more into the Monica and Alan storylinea and their enmity and if I were to rewatch a second tine I would like choose the stuff with Monica/Alan/Tracey and Rick over LL. Also I guess Rick is popular but I thought he was a sleaze for cheating on Lesley, dumping her, and then squirming back after finding out the baby wasnt his.
  4. I always felt like Rob was putting it on a bit for the cameras in his season. Now he was still kind of acting like an asshole with some of his comments, but it always seemed like a bit or a persona to me. I don't listen to his podcast but going purely on his show appearance I would not be surprised if he is different bc his show appearance never seemed genuine to me.
  5. cleo

    S01.E08: Two Fathers

    I think Leland is now really controlling Grandma a lot, not that she wasn't awful before but at this point she is likely half possessed. I am shocked the dad actually showed up. I really thought the plot was going to be he bailed on her and she didn't tell anyone. I still wonder if it will turn out that they are only together for the kids, thus he is gone half the time bc he and Kristen can't stand each other. My dream is the dad takes the kids and leaves lol. I really really hate the Grandma and Leland story. This is the first time I saw chemistry with Kristen and David. I am very glad the scene in the field wasn't worse. I was picture sex with the devil, or childbirth and then sacrifice, all kinds of gross things. I guess it's still a network show thankfully. The not!Kalinda woman is still irritating me. It's not her fault she's not Kalinda so I'm trying to get over it lol but she clearly looks like her and is styled- clothes hair- very similar to me. This was the first ep where from start to finish it seemed like craziness for the sake of it with virtually no point. But it's entertaining so I'm in.
  6. My cat Griffen is 13. Seemed to be having trouble jumping on my couch. Finally I put a kitchen chair there and he can jump on the chair to the couch. And then my lap lol. I'm not sure why he can do the chair but not the couch bc they're almost the same size. I think there ia something about the chair being firmer to land on than the couch that makes it easier. ETA his sister is also 13 and not having any issues yet.
  7. @ItCouldBeWorse I never watched the Office, I actually hate it. I mean I've seen a few eps but probably like half a dozen. I don't really think of that as his, like he didn't create it did he? Either way, I guess that is the one show he was involved in I didn't like.
  8. cleo

    MLB Thread

    Yes I put it on my list...I just find there is so much to watch! I've slowly been making my way through the Rocky movies. So this is next.
  9. cleo

    MLB Thread

    I'm not gonna lie I don't think I've ever seen this movie.
  10. Yeah the gf is weird. This was the first ep I didn't like. Also yes, Smulders in this ep came off like the PI was trying to be this grunge, blue collar detective but really wasn't. I agree the triangle is boring and Ealy is guven less than Jake. I also am surprised they're planning on (apparently) burning through it so quickly. I give new shows I like a lot of leeway, but I'm really hoping the writing improves. The cases are so predictable.
  11. I dont like the tape in the car so I'm glad it's gone. This show is mostly predictable but I still really enjoy it. Every show I've ever seen about a stalker- it was the manager. I was surprised Dex slept with Fiona mainly bc I thought Dex just wasn't that into it until suddenly she was. I borrowed the graphic novel from my library but haven't opened it yet. I burned through all the eps on my dvr in like 2 weeks now I have to wait real time for the next one. Sucks, I'm not a binger usually but I could binge this show. I always liked Cobie Smulders
  12. cleo

    S01.E07: Vatican III

    I'm from Toronto as well, and the van attack was deeply upsetting. I fast forwarded all the scenes with the rejected guy. Sadly if I want to see something like that it will be on the news again soon enough. I just can't watch it as entertainment. Yeah what about the woman's mental health? This show is terribly written yet I keep watching. Huge plus- no kids and no mom. More like that please.
  13. I forgot about Ponderosa. I can't believe this guy hasn't been booted by production. I'm out. I skipped the debacle last season. Who could have guessed this was going to be worse?
  14. cleo


    Glad you liked the second half better. I loved Illyria, but I never was a big Fred fan so maybe that's why. I thought she was a vast improvement over Fred lol. I was disappointed there wasn't more time with her character. Yeah the whole Jasmine thing sucked. That was my least favourite season.
  15. cleo


    Which ep are you at? It's ok, kind of a blah season. But the finale for me is iconic but I remember my first watch through was disappointed. It doesnt really make sense why they're at WH. I also liked one new character alot towards the last half of the season but not sure you're there yet. It is blah but also on rewatching the last season is so much better ( to me) than that whole grossness with Cordelia and Connor. I wont watch the eps about that story again, can't remember what season it was.
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