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  1. Back in the days of video stores, I often rented certain Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy tapes. They each did a bit where they borrowed a camera from an audience member, took a picture of their crotch, and handed the camera back saying “Try explaining that one to the folks at Fotomat.”
  2. My vote would be Ken McElroy. I’m surprised(and, frankly, impressed)that the town never gave up his killer.
  3. When we were kids(because we were jerks), we used to sing “If you think it’s butter, but it’s snot, it’s Chiffon.”
  4. Does anyone know if they’re still showing the Elizabeth Taylor perfume ad?
  5. I don’t think I ever saw her, but I do remember Catheter Cowboy.
  6. I just caught the tail end of it!
  7. I actually don’t recall if she expressed it verbally, although she may well have. I’m sure she wasn’t happy that their promises of “financial independence! Be your own boss!” were a bunch of BS.
  8. I also hated it because the whole time Mom was involved with them, we never went anywhere(except shopping for groceries/necessities; we lived in a no-horse town where even that usually meant a 20-minute drive)or did anything fun. I also occasionally got roped into minding the store for a few minutes so Mom could take a bathroom break. And you’re right, how would anyone “make their dreams come true” selling chintzy knick-knacks and cheap electronics?
  9. SMC? My mom fell for that in the 80s, long before Tom Bosley shilled for them. She even had her then-husband turn their attached garage into a shop, which she ran evenings and weekends while still working full time. It lasted less than two years and she never made a profit. She supplied me with a shitload of cheap Walkman-style headphones that always died within a couple of months.
  10. I’m so sorry, @EighteenTwelve.
  11. The “Fuck You 2020” segment is finally up on YouTube!
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