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  1. Or the mother and daughter on the boat. ”Mom, do you douche?” ”I sure do. But only with vinegar and water.”
  2. I had Louie Anderson’s book “Dear Dad,” both in print and audiobook formats(which he read himself). It’s in turns funny and heartbreaking; he barely holds it together when he talks about seeing his dad at the funeral. I got a kick out of his response to his dad snarling “You kids want to walk home from here?” ”Sure, Dad. We’re in the driveway.” RIP, Louie.
  3. I’ve read that Maine Coons can take up to five years to reach their full size.
  4. Whenever one of those commercials came on, I was always thinking “Well, then, wash yer dirty ne-eck!”
  5. Everything I’ve read suggests that he’ll be in medium security.
  6. Not to mention that the reason they decide on seafood is that he crashes into a seafood truck.
  7. I totally used to tape TV shows via audio recorder(never the BB, sadly).
  8. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    It looks like Coney is staying with YES, albeit with a reduced workload. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33012522/former-mlb-pitcher-david-cone-serve-sunday-night-baseball-analyst-alex-rodriguez-lead-simulcast-version
  9. Also in NY, and even on Reddit, every other ad is “Hey NY, sports betting is legal now!”(DraftKings, I think).
  10. That happened to me a few years ago at my last apartment with China, my previous cat. I had a lady come help me clean every other week as I’m disabled, and when she took the garbage out, she left the front door open just a crack. After she left, I realized that I hadn’t seen China in a while, and I walked through the apartment calling her name, and I couldn’t find her. In a panic, I called Mom saying “I can’t find China!” As soon as I said that, guess who came strolling out from the dining room like “You looking for me?”
  11. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    Has it been confirmed that he’s leaving? Al Leiter worked for YES and MLB Network concurrently for several years.
  12. Yep, “Frozen Assets.” I wish I could watch “Buried In The Backyard,” but Oxygen isn’t included in my satellite package(and my bill is high enough as it is).
  13. And of course, she kicked major ass on game shows!
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