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  1. I moved into my current, accessible apartment with walk-in shower two years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made.
  2. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    MLB ponders playoff bubble format Talk about shutting the door after the horse has already left the barn...
  3. Several years ago, Pedigree dog food had a series of ads showing dogs in shelters(“Why am I here? I know I’m a good dog”), then updates showing them with their new families.
  4. Welcome, @CouchTater! Beautiful kitties!
  5. This afternoon, I placed a $60 order from Chewy for a certain(totally not spoiled)House Panther as a combined second “Gotcha Day”(on the 8th)and third birthday(the 30th)present—a “goody box” of tots and treats, a box of wet food, and a package of pads for her Breeze litterbox; I decided to splurge on the name-brand ones. Did I mention she’s not spoiled?
  6. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    I wonder if Mattingly will be gone by the end of the season.(Not entirely his fault, but he’s the likely scapegoat.)
  7. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    Welcome to the world, Beckham Aaron Trout!
  8. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    She was a theater actress/singer in a previous life.
  9. I’ve recently been watching early episodes on YouTube, back when it was The *New* Price Is Right. The earth tones! The Pintos! The Vegas! Bob Barker having to explain the rules of games, and reminding contestants to give their bids in dollars!
  10. For me, it’s the “final expenses” insurance ads.
  11. I admit I liked the ad with the Road Runner a few years back. ”Meep meep?”
  12. Elton John, “The Bitch Is Back”: Wrong: I entertain my fricking brain Right: I entertain by picking brains
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