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  1. I’ve seen similar ads here in the US(a general description of the condition, followed by “talk to your doctor/visit this website to learn about a prescription treatment option”), but not recently.
  2. There was also “Mom, do you douche?” ”I sure do.”
  3. Unfortunately, Oxygen isn’t on my DirecTV package(and my bill is high enough as it is).
  4. For several years, I worked with Rosemary Corbett, Michael Wallace’s sister(she appeared on several shows about the Castor case). She said that authorities eventually decided against trying Stacey for Michael’s murder(although I believe she was indicted)in order to spare Ashley from another trial.
  5. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    The Gardy Party continues!
  6. As much as I try to keep my mind from going there, I can’t help but wonder what Pat may(or may not)have on under those bubbles. (I try to reassure myself that “he’s probably wearing a bathing suit,” but...it doesn’t work.
  7. Kind of reminds me of the old “I hate your commercials, but I love your product!” ads for HeadOn(apply directly to the forehead).
  8. It reminds me of the GoodRx commercial where the customer hands the paper scrip to the pharmacist. Is that even done anywhere now(I know NY has gone all electronic).
  9. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    Yankees reportedly sign Jay Bruce to a minor-league deal. (Which is interesting because I traded for him on my last two MLB The Show seasons. The same thing happened with Adeiny Hechavarria a couple of years ago.)
  10. “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” Billy Joel: WRONG: AIDS, crack, burning jets RIGHT: AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz
  11. NBC once messed up by accidentally running Part 3 of the miniseries “Loose Change” instead of Part 2(and didn’t realize it for 17 minutes).
  12. Forensic Files marathon on HLN over here.
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