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  1. I just saw it again, and his shirt is untucked, so I can’t tell if his pants are zipped or not.
  2. I’ve never had those(not an almond fan), but it reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s routine about the ice-cream man.
  3. Sometimes twice in the same commercial break. I thought he pulled on pants as he went to the door.
  4. “The Early Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis,” with the weirdly-drawn feet, ooks me out.
  5. I like the way he says “Aspirin? And Sucrets?” like it’s the first time he’s heard of either.
  6. I find it odd that the Linzess ad keeps referring to “belly pain” rather than “abdominal pain,” as if they were addressing a child.
  7. My mom would occasionally make her famous “sponge cake” for the office(actual sponges covered in frosting).
  8. Congratulations to John Oliver on becoming a US citizen!
  9. I loved those commercials. ”Come on...I dare ya.”
  10. I liked him as a panelist on Match Game.
  11. smittykins

    MLB Thread

    And it’s starting already. 🙁 James Paxton out 3-4 months following spinal surgery
  12. “Don And The Giant Imspeech.” 😂😂😂
  13. On one of the older episodes during yesterday’s marathon, set at the county fair, a boy was clearly upset over selling his 4H goat at auction, so Dr. Pol bought it and gave it back to him. I thought that was sweet.
  14. Remember “Elsie Stix”(ice cream bars with plastic sticks that interlocked and you could make things with)? My mom’s name is Elsie, so when I asked for one as a snack in kindergarten, my teacher would say “You want a ‘Mommy Stix’?”
  15. Thanks, @Lantern7. I believe they now show it at 10 am. I don’t remember seeing a puppy shown on a later episode grown up and a mother herself, but I know one of Truly Elegant the Persian’s daughters(Gizmo?)was. And I never get tired of the Siberian litter who look suspiciously like the handsome tom next door...oops.
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