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  1. What is all that black discoloration on the upper edges of her teeth? Does she not have dental insurance? And please Amy, go on You Tube and learn some tips on how to apply eyeliner. If you're going to be posting daily close ups of your face, try to appear more appealing. She puts no effort into anything that she presents to the public. Or her "fans".
  2. I can't recall where I read it but yes, TLC was originally going to put these 2 sisters on some new TLC show about weight loss but decided they (Amy & Tammy) should have their own show.
  3. Did I miss that in a previous post? Sounds gross but I think I can handle it for laughs. As long as Zach is fully clothed.
  4. I wish one of the other women would just stand up to Heather. When she gets in their face scolding and demeaning them I want one of them to channel Chef Rachel (from Below Deck) and tell Heather "Eat my cooter!"
  5. I agree. And I refuse to ever feel guilty for watching this TLC exploitation of Tammy when she dies. Tammy is fully aware of what is happening to her and by her.
  6. I'll give you 3 zings! 😊 but we're good. That "quoting" thing screws up sometimes.
  7. He probably cherishes every moment he can get where he doesn't have to fake smile for a selfie or "family" photo. Or eat some of her gross food. I hope he was smart enough to get two large flat screens so he can watch what he wants.
  8. At least she gave Michigan advanced warning. I wonder if she's taking "my man" with her?
  9. I agree on that. Is there an actual medical term for her condition? I only watched the first episode and don't recall if it was mentioned.
  10. My local tv listing shows a new episode today with hosts Kym Whitley and Finesse Mitchell. I have no idea who they are.Maybe they can do a decent job hosting?
  11. If anyone here hasn't googled her ex husband, please do. He is a small, dorky looking "man". Beware ladies if you are marrying for money and a preconceived idea that life will be easy. Nothing in life is free. You have to pay for it in some way, shape or form. I present to you Exhibit A: Noella
  12. So do we have 2 more episodes? One tonight and one next Monday? Or is there not a new episode tonight and we won't see it til next Monday?
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