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  1. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    LOL!😁 #WW FOS
  2. chenoa333

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Yeah, my cold, black heart just melted in that moment. 😁 I can't stand Kyle. She's as despicable as her f'd up sister. I wish LVP would've showed up so she could hand those shoes Kyle brought right back to Kyle. Like LVP needs more shoes. Kyle probably brought them from her "boutique/resale" store. I can barely watch this franchise anymore. It's now just hate watching and even then, I just can't get through any episodes from beginning to end.
  3. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Yes! Mindthinkr, Patty1h and TVbitch....thanks to all of you for your excellent recaps. You 3 can just replace the Big Jugs/Lymphedema Cankles/Graves Diseased/Drug Addicted/Alcoholic/Washed Up Old Bag" aka Wendy. I'd start watching again!😁
  4. chenoa333

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    A baboon's WRINKLED ass. Rinna's upper lip is just gross.
  5. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Mindthinkr...that recap was beyond excellent! Sarcasm, wit, honesty, and you saved me from wasting an hour of my life! ❤
  6. chenoa333

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Denise looked so pretty. Kyle looks like she got hair extensions. And Rinna and Kyle wearing the exact same color dresses was funny! Don't these women who are allegedly "friends", ever consult each other before the reunion to find out what the others are wearing? The neon yellow/lime green is blinding me!😁
  7. chenoa333

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I'm sure this has probably been brought up here (but I'm always late to the party!) Anyway, I find it interesting that Meryl Streep's character is named Mary Louise. That is Meryl Streep's real name...Mary Louise Streep. (Everyone probably already knows that!)
  8. You'll recognize Tamra when she undoubtedly will get buck naked in one or several episodes. Making her kids and Eddie real proud. She's one classy mom!😁
  9. chenoa333

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    And I hope Bravo doesn't bring Camilleon on this franchise full time now that LVP is gone. Can't stand her fake ass. Send her down south to be on the Real HoWives of Orange County...with Tamra and Kelly.
  10. chenoa333

    Unpopular Opinions

    And we can add "bipolar" to that list. I've noticed that most people who like to use these psychology related terms have no education or training in psychology. Like every HoWife on every franchise.
  11. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    3 minutes into today's show and I'm going back to watching Bar Rescue. I don't fucking care about your LYMPHEDEMA Wendy. I'll come back here later for a recap!😁
  12. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Of course "they" did. "They" being the other recovering addicts she claims she met and befriended. I don't believe for one nanosecond that W was in a "sober living/recovery facility". All of the lies she's been telling for so long will catch up with her and bite her in her flat, pancake ass someday soon. And Wendy doesn't have Shaq the dog anymore. If she did, she'd be talking about him. She knows people are asking. She just hasn't been directly confronted AND she's still thinking up a lie to tell everyone. She's just a low life scumbag.
  13. I would love for Phlub to ask the elderly pharmaceutical rep about THAT medication. I've seen those class actiin lawsuits for the gangrene genitalia thing.
  14. chenoa333

    Watch What Happens Live

    I wonder if Kanye got drunk and was placed in a room with Lil Kim and his wife Kim....could he tell the difference? And damn...Kate Chastain is looking good. She found an excellent plastic surgeon/botox/magic man!
  15. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    There's way too much of the usual Wendy bullshit for me to pick and choose specific quotes from your excellent recap! But I must comment on W talking (for the 3000th time) about her 40" legs. Are these the same 40 inch legs with the loose,saggy, crepey thigh skin hanging from them? Kind of like the skin on that raw whole chicken you buy at the grocery store? Damn Wendy! You are smokin' hot! I'm so jealous. Nothing like crepey chicken skin thighs and a pancake ass. I'll bet the guys are drooling!😁 I wish TMZ would ask her: 1: Where's your dog, Shaq???? 2: Where is your defunct Hunter Foundation referring all of the drug addicts to for support and hope with their addictions?