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  1. Damn that's a perfect "tag line" for Wendy. Sums her up perfectly in a few, precise words!
  2. I posted on Beth's Instagram (bethostern) asking Beth to confirm or deny the WW cat adoption b.s. And I posted that it would be very damaging to Beth's reputation as an animal welfare activist, to adopt any living being to WW. But as we all know, one post on IG gets buried in seconds by thousands of other posts. I think Beth Stern is affiliated with The North Shore Animal League (Rescue group) in NY. I can't find a phone number for them. Just a website with basic info. I'll keep posting on Beth's IG. Maybe someone will notice before it's too late.
  3. ZillaBreeze..that is so f' n funny! 😄 I'm hoping my brain can remember the "nekkid goat pictures" because I can't wait to apply it to the appropriate (or INappropriate) situation or person. Lol!
  4. Perfect description of B's mom! However, if this is your first season as a HoWife, it's not a good thing to include your mommy or daddy on the show. That doesn't usually happen until years down the HoWives road. Like we didn't see Tamrat's mom or Vicki's mom the first season of the OC. They eventually slowly, injected them into each (later on) season. But I don't find Braun interesting and she's not an attractive looking human. Her mouth and big teeth are just ugly. And I don't want to see her litter of kids either.
  5. Is there something bad about that? Should we be more concerned about Wendy? No disrespect meant regarding your comment/opinion. But HELL YES, I care more about ANY innocent pet that WW will adopt (and then dump it on somebody else) than I care about Wendy.
  6. NOBODY. But Wendy apparently hasn't gotten the memo yet.
  7. LOL! THAT should be in the Urban "Dick"tionary"! I might feel like trying that some evening. Taking my snatch out to look for a chinless wallet!
  8. I get your point but somehow, I just can't picture Lauri knowing who the current president of the USA is or, what day it is.
  9. Is laying on your back considered a "dance move"? Lol!
  10. And many of us former TWOP posters (and now PT posters) like to consume alcohol when we're posting!😀 So maybe that's where Lauri gets her beauty from when seen in person. Blame it on the alcohol
  11. And stop with the gigantic bows on the kids head. We get it... it's a girl.
  12. And what exactly did WW say was the cause of HER shoulder injury earlier this year? Yeah....she never told us. Just said how much it hurt. Phuck off Wendy.
  13. Are you new to the WW show? No disrespect intended but Wendy NEVER gets the facts straight. Hell, she can't even pronounce simple common names. And must always have Norman correcting her on everything. And this egotistical biatch thinks she's got it goin' on. She's cool, hipped and hopped and hangin' with the top dogs of celebs. I say she's seriously mentally ill.
  14. Yes! It's very close in rhyme and rhythm to Shakira "the Hips Don't Lie"! Hey Wendy.... Maybe Cardi B can hook you up with a rap song and video: The Wig don't Lie/The Thighs Don't Lie/The Hands Don't Lie/The Neck Don't Lie. But Wendy Lies!!Web Weaving Wendy!
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