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  1. 😂😂😂 Yeah, her face does look like it's melting. I was thinking this girl needs to start standing on her head a few minutes every day so her face shifts upward.
  2. The Captain Sandy Show (formerly known as Below Deck Med). What a crock of shit. And the scolding of Malia by CS was so fake. It was almost like it was planned so both of those shrews (Malia and CS) could get some redemption from all of the fallout last season. Lexi will be coming back someday. Just for the usual Bravo drama.
  3. There are believers and skeptics and there really is no way to prove or disprove if psychics are genuine or fake. Much like religious beliefs, there is no way to prove the stories are real. JMO. I agree with everyone about all of the new services that require us to pay to watch what usually (for me) amounts to 3 or 4 shows that I like. Not worth it. I might be the minority here but I like LIM. Wish they spent more time on her doing readings and less about the kids. But that's what most reality shows give us.
  4. The lentil soup sausage video showed it was post on IG 19 hours ago. 19 hours ago IS recent to me. But I don't follow Amy on IG so maybe 19 hours ago in Amy's Little world is really 19 months ago 😊 Or she is running out of recipes So both Chris and Caryn have "moved on up" in their lives. Good for them.
  5. I get what you're saying, however being cheated on (allegedly Amy) by your husband is quite different than Chris being cheated on by a girlfriend. Maybe he should have made a marriage commitment to whomever cheated on him. I think a person in their 50's using "I was cheated on by past girlfriends" is a really immature, sorry ass reason for why one has never been married. There's so much we don't know about Chris. He's really not a very interesting person to be on a reality show. He is like a piece of furniture....it's there. It's quiet, it's boring. But it serves a purpose like a lamp or
  6. No matter how much Wendy hates it, that little girl (Kelvin & Sharina's) is and always will be little Kev's sister. Hopefully he likes her and has a loving relationship with her. Despite what Wendy feels.
  7. Maybe the "similar products" are cardboard cut outs of Chris?
  8. She has an orb on her throat! And a fool next to her. What type of alcohol is in that drink container Amy? Looks like Chris moved his arm out of the pic (or the pic is cropped) so who knows what he's drinking. Maybe he's got an IV drip with straight booze in it. Or he just remembered he's not wearing his wedding ring. Amy might want to get her throat chakra checked out. Chris is looking thrilled (and pale as always) 😒
  9. MOO... but Wendy's "poor health" is drugs/alcohol. It's not predominantly Grave's disease or lymphedema. She can afford the best doctors whom she probably has. and if she was told her GD and Lymphedema made it imperative that she retired, why hasn't she done it? Because it's NOT related to anything but drugs and alcohol. She's a mother to a young adult but apparently she doesn't give a crap about staying healthy and mentally strong for him. It's all about Wendy and her D-list celebrity status. As several of us posters have noted, Wendy had it made when Kelvin was her manager. All sh
  10. This is her PR's standard operating procedure for excuses whenever Wendy can't make it back to work. Never the truth just "ongoing health issues." And these "ongoing health issues" always seem to arise when Wendy has lots of time off. She just needs to tell the truth about her addictions (and a myriad of other unanswered questions) She might get a lot more respect and empathy than always LYING. And the article mentions how poor Wendy has gone thru SO much....her divorce, the death of her 84 year old mother, her Graves disease etc. PUHLEEZ! It's called LIFE Wendy. I feel sorry
  11. I understand your point. But this has been going on for years (the unscheduled absences) and she still comes back when she's ready. And she still gets paid by the advertisers. It doesn't make sense but it's true.
  12. Absolutely! Amy can't stop him from being friends with Matt or Caryn or strippers. Amy spends so much time with her besties doing road trips, spa dates, wine tasting, hiking, filming "lives" for IG, cooking slop food videos. Chris has lots of spare time.
  13. And he sure as hell doesn't look happy in most (if not all) videos and photos that have been taken of him by Amy. Or anyone else. Maybe he needs to get another cardboard cutout of himself. Smiling like he's happy to be spending the rest of his life with The Boss.
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