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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw Brittany wearing a dress exactly like that in her talking head, on an earlier season. I liked it on Brittany but she has the boobs to make the chain thing look better. Yes, I have tacky taste...so what.
  2. Andy can afford 24/7 nursing care. There are still dedicated health professionals who are working to save people's lives. i hope Andy recovers soon
  3. Reza needs to donate some of his hair care products to Destiney's mother.
  4. Wendy probably pays someone to monitor the comment section so any negative remarks don't get included.
  5. I haven't watched her ugly mug on YouTube but for anyONE who has, does she have the comments section open below her video? I'm going to bet she doesn't because she can't handle the negative responses. Wouldn't this be the perfect time for her to film her with her cats? Pretty easy..but so far no cats in her YouTube videos? Just asking
  6. Thanks for the info Rainsmom. But I'm still confused. However, being confused is a normal state of mind for me. Lol!
  7. I'm learning so many new things about flushable toilet items! It's pretty much NOTHING can be flushed except real toilet paper (and tampons?)
  8. Can you imagine what "things" will now be flushed down a toilet? Wash cloths, paper towels (Bounty Extra strength) bath towels cut up in squares. Now is the time to invest in all things plumbing!
  9. So is this show ""live" or does Kelly Clarkson have two different bodies? One for The Voice and one for her talk show?
  10. I didn't know you could flush socks down the toilet. This is great news! Especially for plumbers!
  11. I thought the same thing. Maybe YOU should be the next Progressive ad woman? (Minus the goofy acting, red lipstick b.s.)
  12. I despise her AND Flo. However, I did learn something about Flo (that most everyone probably already knows) but she had a recurring role on Madmen in the early years. She was one of the switchboard operators. She looks ok (,on Madmen) without make up. I'm also wondering if Progressive is letting the Flo go and replacing her with another goofy idiot woman. I Googled Flo's net worth (which we know is not 100 percent accurate)...it is one million. I would pay her a little something to go away forever......like a dollar. So her net worth would be one million and one dollars.
  13. Lol! That's ALL we talk about here! Oops...forgot to say "Y'ALL". Check out Kelly's wardrobe and make up when she's a judge on The Voice: 2 completely different women. She looks gorgeous and sexy. Then you see her on her talk show and it's like she's the granny version of Kelly. It's a rare phenomenon, an anomaly, an unexplained occurrence. Like a UFO. 😄
  14. I'm in Southern California and her show comes on at 2pm. Maybe it's a network thing as well as a time zone?
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