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  1. IMO Kelly has always been a very pretty woman no matter her size. She's here to sing and she is more than stellar at that. If she was my SO, I would make her sing everything to me....what's for breakfast, what's on the grocery list, what's the weather like today 😊
  2. It SHOULDN'T be. So many (NOT ALL) people in this country are approved for SSI and SSDI and are perfectly capable of sitting on a chair/answering calls doing customer service. Maybe Tammy doing something called a real job might give her some self worth and a legitimate income. Customer service call centers are a great way to meet people and learn alot about life. Lots of nice folks call in, and some a-holes but Tammy seems like a very calm person. She might do well as a CSR. I'm actually liking Tammy more than Amy. Tammy has a longer road ahead but at least she's making legitimate mistakes (still over eating) as opposed to Amy who has already used the free weight loss surgery to get pregnant. Now Amy has crossed the line by bringing in an innocent child who will be raised by a bunch of dysfunctional selfish morons.
  3. Good point. However, these 2 women know how to make money doing YouTube videos.
  4. And don't forget, Wendy said Big Kelvin "smelled really good". Lol! Why did Wendy need someone to "take her away from the situation"? She's got a mind of her own and two 42 inch legs- just walk away you dumbass. She wanted and loved the attention from Kelvin.
  5. Is there any confirmed cause of death for Wendy's mom? Or is it just natural causes due to old age?
  6. This IS the WW thread so where else would we be walking but the gutter? I have no sympathy for Wendy. Everyone here can dislike me/disagree with me for my strong opinions about WW but she's trashy and fake. Just wondering if anyone here who watches WW regularly, can put together a realistic timeline of when Wendy's mom died and the recent funeral. According to Wendy's announcement in December that her mother died "many many many weeks ago" (which would put us back to NOVEMBER) and the funeral just happened in January? Was her mom in a morgue or at the funeral home since November? Seems like a really long time to hold a dead body (2+ months?) of someone who (assumedly) died from natural causes.
  7. I totally believe WW would take Kelvin back. And why are we missing the real point of Hot Topics? I don't give a rat's ass about Wendy and her mom's funeral. STOP CRYING WENDY. People in their 80's die from old age. It's never welcomed but it is expected. It's ok to cry. Just do it on your own time. I can't take this bitch and her crocodile tears. But good advertising for her upcoming Lifetime b.s.
  8. LOL! I've done 4 Mikes in 20 years and it exhausted me so much I had to quit for good.
  9. Add to that, your fatty sister is getting much more attention because she's pregnant. Tammy needs to see this as her time to be the star of the weight loss journey.
  10. Is this weeks episode the final for the season? I thought this new season just started in January?
  11. If she's such a famous celebrity, who needs Big Kelvin to take pics of her at the funeral? Paparazzi always show up at celeb funerals even if only to get pics of people walking in and out. Wendy is full of crap. Lying, narcissistic bitch. And her cats are GONE. She got rid of them a long time ago so why should she care about some crazy "stigma" associated with owning cats? She probably paid Boof to let those cats loose in a back alley. She always talked about the cats being cost free cause they are alley cats. Wendy is gross.
  12. Does this guy have a job? I don't watch this show regularly but iirc, it was mentioned that he did have a job. I don't understand how he can have time to drive Amy and Tammy everywhere...the doctor in Georgia, grocery shopping, pedicures etc. And who cleans the houses these 2 sisters live in? We know they aren't physically capable. And this dumbass husband of Amy's needs to care more about what his wife is eating because this is HIS child too. This baby deserves to be born healthy and fed healthy food. Sadly I don't believe these sisters will ever change.
  13. Nutrafol. The hair growth products for women with thinning hair. The woman in the commercial has a thick, wild,wavy head of hair. She's allegedly a "doctor" with expertise in hair growth. HahaHa and Lol. I call BS on this product.
  14. How low will she go? Give her a couple years and she'll be the spokeswoman for Depends and "Poise in her pants".
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