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  1. There's something really "off" about that kid. He appears as though he's reading off a script. Like someone is grooming him for the next future season of VPR. That kid is weird. Im not a child hater but he just seems so fake. Perfect for VPR.
  2. I don't know why those 3 words are making me laugh! What kind of magic happens and where does one rub the oil?
  3. I forgot Kelly has been much "bigger" at various times in her career. But I do understand what your saying.
  4. I must have vision problems because I don't think Kelly is a big person. Not even a "bigger person". Just IMO. Not disrespecting your viewpoint.
  5. I agree it's a lovely photo. Her dad looks fantastic for 92! Amy is fortunate to have such beautiful, loving parents.
  6. That was the "short list". But thanks for posting it. And Wendy never apologizes for ANYTHING she says (that is racist/disrespectful or hateful) unless or until she gets called out for it. I hope her failing career is almost over. She's one of the biggest pieces of unprofessional trash on TV.
  7. I'll pass. ETA: No spelling or grammar errors in that post. Just too many f'n emogees.
  8. You nailed it LS! However, I'm sure your parents' dog was also KIND. Something these D bags know nothing about.
  9. So no more episodes of Disappeared? That's one of my favorite shows 😪
  10. they could save 30 minutes of that entire show by just leaving boring Destiny out of it. But I'll watch it. Thanks for the info.
  11. There really is no emogee to express the vileness of that guys post.
  12. Katie's left eyebrow is not in sync with her right eyebrow. But other than that, she looks good. Beau keeps scratching his head. Lice? Confusion? I'm so very happy Max (and the guy whose hair looks like a Schnoodle) are fired.
  13. Those purple/lavender pants Lara wore (when she did her boring "walk of shame" ) did nothing to compliment her ass.
  14. They should have to pay a huge annual fine just for existing. A "nuisance fee" perhaps.
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