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  1. Suzanne nods in agreement to EVERYTHING Wendy says. Lol! Did Suzanne and her husband live in California before moving to New York to work for WW? If you work at the Ellen show which is filmed in Burbank, you would have to live somewhere in southern california. If Suzanne got the info from "someone in the industry" why not just "spill the tea" without mentioning the source? If WW had reliable info about the Ellen rumors, she would be blabbing it to us. With the disclaimer "allegedly....." So either W doesn't know $hit (as usual) or she's afraid of getting sued by Ellen. Ellen's
  2. 😀 well stated! MTV must be desperate for new (old) content. 😀
  3. Looks like Amy washed her hair for the birthday bash. Jackson is a very cute kid.
  4. Not as much fun as going to Benihana's when you're 4 years old. I wonder what Jackson's fave restaurant will be when he's 10....maybe the Ritz Carlton on the ocean in Laguna Niguel CA?
  5. Did anyone see last weeks episode of WWHL with Brielle? Holy cow balls! She is a mess. I NEVER would have known who she was if Andy hadn't said her name. I would've guessed Joe Namath with a wig! If any of my fellow posters have a screen shot of her please post it here. It's good for shock and awe and laughter!
  6. I like Ellen and I'm not here to defend her. But Wendy probably has no idea if the Ellen rumors are true. Maybe Norman might have researched that info.Wendy probably has never watched one episode of Ellen. I just wish W would address the rumors that are going around about HER own b.s.
  7. Yes! That's the place i meant! Now the Netherlands can breathe a sigh of relief that they are not associated with Wendy! Sorry residents of Netherland for my geography mistake 😀
  8. Same MO as when she told Andy Cohen she was no longer interested in being on the reboot of Real Housewives of Miami. She initially told Andy she would love to be "a friend of" RHOM. Andy never took the bait so she did a 180 and said she had no time to be a part of any RH franchise. She said she is way to busy when she comes to visit family in Florida. She is so fake. She really believes we don't see right thru her facades
  9. Today Wendy tells us how "childish" Mike is for posting public comments about their relationship being over. Wendy says they never had a relationship. I've got a ball buster for Wendy: the only thing more childish than posting "breakup" comments on social media, is doing a lame ass fake "win a date with Wendy". Wendy is a bitch. And her dress today makes her look like a Jurassic Park butterfly.
  10. Good point! We don't hear much about Kelvin and Sharina. I guess you're right..if K & S aren't married then Sharina could never technically be Lil Kev's anything. Even if he likes her. It's all about "the title."
  11. I think she said he was with her. But he also has a stepmother who, for all we know, he might like too.
  12. The general public is too classy for Wendy.
  13. Is anyone surprised? NO! Wendy is not interested in a relationship. This whole "Date Wendy" was such obvious b.s. right from the start. Now we know we can take Mike off the "missing" list. Lol. More importantly, I want Wendy to come clean and tell us where she dumped her cats. That will never happen because Wendy is a liar and a fake. We'll never know what she did to those cats. And I don't care if people get tired of me talking about the cats. Wendy is a low life pretending to be a big shot. I'll bet her son spent Mothers Day with his dad, his stepmother and his half sister.
  14. Is VPR coming back again this year? Lala was on WWHL tonight and although I wasn't paying close attention, I thought Andy mentioned it is coming back.
  15. The only stink in Wendy's apartment is from her.
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