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  1. It was definitely a gut. Kim knows all about Spanx and liposuction so she was very well aware when she walked out in that tight mini dress that her gut was protruding.
  2. Wow. I had no idea Rick Ocasek died. But he wasn't exactly young And WW will be talking less and less about her cats because she's getting sick of them. We've seen it before with "Shaq". And if I'm wrong, I will take all the $hit for being wrong. But we shall see. The cats are on their way out of W's life. Thank God they're microchipped.
  3. True. She's just following in Tamra's footsteps. It's a paycheck for these women and for most, a damn good paycheck. So they will perform like circus clowns to get the money from Bravo.
  4. I just saw her on WWHL the big "BravoCon" episode. Kim looked VERY pregnant but denied it when Andy asked her. She was wearing a very tight mini dress and had a prominent belly. I believe she IS pregnant but she's just playing everyone for fools by denying it. If that large hump on her stomach isn't a baby, then she needs to get x-rayed for a large tumor.
  5. WTF? The Tamra and Shannon info is boring enough. But Braunwyn and weaning? Or ending the weaning? Will she be doing a "weaning" roast? This franchise could not be any dumber. (Yeah I know, it could be and it will be). Let's just get it over with..the trip to Miami where Tamra (hold on..this is a shocker) dances in a club flashing her hooha. And the reunion. Bring on the Shahs or RHOBH. Or a new RHOC cast where everyone is new. NO LEFTOVERS!
  6. Awful dresses. With the exception of Kelly who chose an animal print dress. But that style/look is getting old and over used. Kelly should be wearing cougar print.
  7. I'm a little bit jealous. Mostly because you're in NYC.
  8. It's as likely as Kelly Dodd getting married. But anything is possible in the fake reality of Bravo.
  9. You aren't in the extreme minority of people who enjoy Tamra (and what's left of her family.) I used to like Tamra too the first couple of seasons. So no shame in liking any of these fame whores. I have a couple of housewives (long gone) whom I really liked but most folks didn't. So don't feel like you are in the minority of Tamra "likers". There's many more and always will be. 😄
  10. Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking. The marriage ISN'T going to happen for Dodd and her fiance with the gigantic nose (forgot his name.. Rick Nosenthal?)
  11. 😄 That's funny! Kathy Bates likes Wendy's pantyhose...If it was Beyonce giving the compliment I wouldn't be laughing.
  12. NOTHING. Here's my recap of Tamrat"s storylines: married trophy wife to Simon and the "hottest" OC housewife. Haha and lol! She decides she wants a divorce from controlling husband Simon and becomes the cougar version of Girls Gone Wild She starts drinking heavily and behaving like a Supertramp all the while knowing she's the mother of (fuck, I can't recall) many children. Then she meets Eddie who is enticed by Tamra's looks, breasts and Bravo paycheck. And her love of anal sex. Then we get the boring OTT wedding of anal Eddie and T balls. next Tamra starts showing us her tits every chance she gets. The wet t shirt baptism. It's Saddleback church. Oh wait no it's not. It's some Mission Viejo Christian Church that she never attends. then it's a fitness competition showing her assets to everyone. then it's mommy Tamra renting a home for Piggy wiggy nose Ryan and his gf with 8 kids. Then it's Tamra getting naked numerous times. Like who da phuck wants to see what we've already seen a hundred times before. I could go on with my list of T-Balls desperate attempts to keep her orange but she's not drawing in the viewers/fans anymore.
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