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  1. Unfortunately, the death penalty is very rarely carried out in California. Chase will most likely die in prison. He's an old man already so living in prison til he dies is as bad of a punishment that he will endure. He deserves so much worse.
  2. Exactly. Except NOW, we have to see the repulsive visual(and not just her voice) spewing sexism, racism, homophobia/hypocritical behavior and just general hatred. I'm all for snark, wit and criticizing celebs for their clothes, their hair, their choice in mates or their behavior but WW is not talented or smart enough to come up with anything other than inappropriate comments. And most of those asshats in the audience just clap and laugh at everything she does and says. And then there's her ugly platicized face including botox, veneers, cheek implants, lip injections, fake lashes, penciled brows, WIGS. Then we've got nose picking with q-tips, slurping noises, drooling, farting, smacking noises, burping, wearing Catholic school girl style skirts over her waffle-hose. Just the other day she was talking about her polka dot dress that had a slip underneath it. She said it's see through but "I'm going to remove the slip when we go on break. It will look so much better" (or something along those lines). Fuck no Wendy. Please! You are disgusting. She's gross on so many levels. I'm sure her son must be so proud of her. ETA: Does anyone know why Wendy has only nostrils on her face without any visible bridge for a nose? More bad plastic surgery? That's my guess. She probably had her nose made thinner just to look less African American. There was a rumor going around last year (and I'm not 100% certain but it might have been YouTube vlogger UnWineWithTasha?) Anyway, the story was this: allegedly, WW likes to wear BLONDE wigs when going to business meetings because she thinks she gets a better chance if she appears more like a "white woman". I'm sure it can be Googled but my point is....she certainly doesn't behave like a woman who is proud to be black. Just MOO!
  3. Just about every young, buff, fit male in L.A. is a "personal trainer". asston probably got a job as a fitness trainer at Curves.😄
  4. I think it's time Wendy gets checked into "A Place For Mom." She's lost any brain cells she may have had left.
  5. No surprise, but I didn't watch. Could you elaborate on what Wendy did/said to Jerry? I wish Andy would've brought up Wendy's farting incident when Jerry was on WWHL!
  6. That is f'n hilarious! It does sound like a wet fart too. Probably all that "finger lickin good" greasy food she eats all day every day.
  7. Yeah it seems like Pit Bulls and Parolees and Tanked are weekend fillers for every hour and every minute of Animal planet on weekends.I usually end up missing Dr. Jeff whether it's new episodes or repeats.
  8. Yeah. That would be Asston. I'm still blown away by his physically violent, aggressive outburst on Kate. There is something very wrong with Asston and it goes deeper than excessive alcohol consumption. He should not be in a supervisory position on a yacht or ANY job. Not even a supervisor at Subway Sandwich. He needs therapy STAT! 5150 ALERT! Is Asston the guy who got his foot tangled up in the anchor line a few seasons ago? Or was that Jaoa?
  9. There it is. THAT is the issue. And I've had enough of the Bra/Bro/Bru "Bros before Ho's" mentality from Asshat and the rest of his juvenile male deck crew.
  10. Tonight's new episode "Saved From The Fight". Always glad for Tia rescuing these dogs from such horrific abuse but my blood just boils that animal cruelty laws are still so lax and basically worthless. Nothing seems to change😪
  11. HELLOOOOO! Am I the last and only "beloved" standing? 😄 Just watched "Pride vs. Prejudice" two part series from 2019. It was good that Iyanla addressed mixed cultural families.
  12. If Jen "I'm a Cheerleader" is a chief stew, I'd love to see Bravo film just one episode of her managing her staff. That would be intriguing, and heart warming to see all of the charter guests leave the yacht alive
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