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    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Just watching an episode from 7/18 featuring 2 of my absolute favorite critters: the cat "Sasquatch" and the tortoise (forgot the name). I'm a dog lover too but nice to see more cats, tortoises,ferrets etc And the episode from last week with the baby ducks, baby birds, baby squirrel! Cuteness overload!
  2. chenoa333

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Wow...how compassionate and unselfish of Jes to want to be "the one" to be there for his dog. Read the following at your own discretion: Many, many years ago while I was working as a vet tech, a pet was rushed in that had been hit by a car. He was crashing and his blood pressure was almost non existent. The owner made the wise decision to euthanize. But since the pets blood pressure was so low I was having a hard time finding a vein. Then the head vet tech comes up to me and says "let me do it. The needle just goes directly in the heart and it's over." And I said: "GO AWAY. If I can't hit a leg vein on the next try, I'll call you back here." And I did find a vein and the sweet little pet died with me by his side getting love, compassion and kindness. So many people work in vet medicine that have no heart. So thank the powers that be, for "Jesus Jeff"! And for the many other compassionate warriors that dedicate their time and lives to animal rescue/welfare. ETA: I hope this wasn't a double post. My apologies if it is.
  3. That was funny! The only part missing after the "Ding Ding Ding" was Dong Dong Dong 😁
  4. I don't recall that (I don't keep up on Meghan) but I definitely would have believed it if I read it at that time. Professional sports player always have beautiful women wanting to be with them. Not because they think the guys are good looking. But they want to get into the guys wallet. Jim is stupid. He'll get in serious trouble someday when he knocks up some "fan". Great way to plan for a solid financial future Jimbo!😁
  5. Am I the only woman who would NOT EVER want dick pics sent to me by ANY man? I do not want to see their junk. Maybe I'm just weird😁
  6. I'm guessing he's doing ok. Otherwise Tamra would be all over SM with her "poor poor me, my husband is sick" b.s.
  7. His penis was up. Somewhere where it shouldn't have been.
  8. Sorry you had to go through that with a roommate. But it's good that you went to a therapist. It can be very helpful. I just choose NOT to have people in my life who are disruptive, narcissistic, unkind or needy. However, I have no family so that makes it so much easier to be selective of who I have in my life. But I still dislike Bethany straight into the Red Zone!😁
  9. What was the "product" Ramona was selling?
  10. I understand your point. However, what's wrong, or different, from Lu's haughtiness for being a Cabaret performer and Beth's haughtiness for Skinny Girl? I just see it as being proud or pleased with what you are doing or have achieved in your life. Nobody ever tells Bitchany that they're sick of hearing about SG products. B knows these women are all scared $hitless of taking her on. And I agree with the previous poster who said B is much crazier than Bensimone from "Scary Island" episode.
  11. Who would want to be friends with her? She should just get a tatoo on her forehead of a skull and crossbones.😁
  12. Good point. Lots of women think they're going to be the one to change a man. Don't waste your time ladies!😁
  13. I feel bad for Meghan P.I. What a f'n dick she's married to. And now 3 more kids have him for a father. Sad.
  14. Yes. It's an overdose of envy sprinkled with insanity.
  15. I think Bethenny qualifies as an alcoholic. I don't know what the technical/psychological standard is to be qualified as an alcoholic but Bethany sure qualifies.
  16. Yes! This ^^^ is exactly what solidifys that Beth is what I call (and I'm going to quote Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer: ) Bethanny is in the RED zone always. She starts out in the Red Zone. Never leaves it. Beth needs to spend 6 months at Cesars dog Psychology center to reprogram her brain. And Gem10, I'm happy for you for being able to overcome your childhood issues. Hanging on to that $hit (like Bethenny) serves no purpose. Except to hope for sympathy and attention.But that's who B is. Attention whore, jealousy/envy issues. It never ends with her.
  17. But it's a good ploy to ratchet up the sympathy and try to be the victim of endless tragedies in her life. Poor, poor Bethenny. When will the horrors in her life ever end.
  18. Yeah. At least the pompous rich (RHOBH) people in Southern California get a reality check ocassionally in a really horrible way. But not everyone who lost everything in those tragic wild fires are as wealthy as Camille. Try being a woman (not me) attempting to evacuate your home (as instructed by Fire Marshalls) and you can't see your way down the road because the smoke is so thick. Your car is beginning to overheat from the inferno outside your car. It stalls. You get out to hopefully find another person but can't see through the smoke. You can't find/see anyone and when you attempt to get back in your car, the door handles are melted. These entitled bitches (yes YOU Betheny) think you had such a tough time in life. Fuck off. And helping the Haitians doesn't give you a free forever pass to feel good about yourself. You suck Frankel.
  19. I try to watch this HoWives franchise as much as possible so maybe what I have ascertained isn't the popular opinion but I see a group of women who appear to be afraid to stand up to Bethenny/disagree with her/challenge her to the right to have a difference of opinion, they're not self confident enough to disagree with her and tell her so. Just my observation.
  20. Damn that's good! I'd love to see Lu or Ramona show up in a T Shirt with that logo on it.
  21. PERFECT description of Beth! ETA: I'm really getting tired of Beth constantly bringing up her "f'd up childhood". Just about everybody I know claims they had a bad/sad/traumatic childhood (including myself) but once that "cat is out of the bag" we don't feel it necessary to regurgitate the past on a regular basis.
  22. I've always wondered the same thing. I would definitely get up and leave no matter which HoWife franchise was there. None of them are "celebrity" worthy to me. Jill Zarin amped to a thousand. Betheny makes JZ look like a calm, rational, zen master.
  23. chenoa333

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Good point. These young guys she's bangin' and buying $hit for are most definitely going to sell their stories to the tabloids for a few bucks.
  24. I couldn't understand what Tinsley was saying either. Why these bitches all hating on Luanne? I don't think she's the worst shrew in this pack.
  25. I believe you. We live in a litigious society. But what were her "damages"?