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  1. Yes! I forgot about that. Another failed attempt at trying to make "Wendy" a brand. Suzanne must get paid really well in order to put up with the degradation Wendy imposes on her.
  2. Lol! I call them her "invisible cats." Because they are GONE. She can mention them once every 7 or 8 months, like they still exist in her life but I'm not buying her b.s.
  3. Where do I go to read "the strippers posts?" Do tell! Are strippers posting on Amy's Instagram?
  4. It might be Chris's favorite pose also!
  5. Is Nick's "Talk Show" going to be aired in the morning along side WW? She has no competition in her time slot. At least not on the west coast.
  6. I'll buy her a selfie stick that's 10 feet long. That's what she needs.
  7. Yes! There's nothing Kelly can't sing. She blows me away every single time.
  8. Nobody knows. BOOF used to bring W food to her apartment at all hours of the night. Many of us on this thread were wondering if BOOF was really bringing her "other" things. Like drugs. Wendy can get food delivered to her via the usual food delivery services and they can leave her food at the front desk of her "posh" apartment for the valet service to bring to her. No need for her to worry about "the killer". So, BOOF dropping off food at weird hours is suspicious. Wendy is too fugly to worry about having a stalker/killer. She could probably scare a bulldog off a meat wagon when she
  9. Thanks for the compliment🐾 I just "say it like I mean it!" And I DO mean everything I say about WW.
  10. If I was a neighbor of Amy's and she offered me her home made food, I would just fake having my jaw wired shut due to a serious car accident. I wish I knew how many calories are in those strawberry cream scones. Probably 2000 per bite.
  11. Is Ellen Degeneres hiding out in Oregon near Amy?
  12. She looks like she's constipated. And what is going on with her droopy eyelids?
  13. Is that a new gang? The Rhubar "Crips" (and the Orange "Bloods"?) Without Matt she wouldn't be where she's at in life. He's no prize but he did a good job of providing for this mixed bag of nuts. IMO
  14. And wig sweat and yeast infections. I quit watching a long time ago. I come here to this WW thread for info and if someone posts something that might be worth watching, I go to You Tube where I can FF thru as much as I wish. Wendy is best served on Fast Forward.
  15. Wendy is so low class. Nobody finds her attractive (physically or mentally.) That's why she can't get a date with a decent guy. She thinks she is so gorgeous and desired by all men. Nobody knows what she REALLY looks like without the wigs, pantyhose, fake lashes, penciled brows, lipliner, face spackling, veneers, old breast implants. It's no wonder she won't allow "fans" to take cell phone pics when they run into her at a grocery store. They probably only know it's her because she's taller than average, wears fishnet pantyhose with everything, and wearing some janky looking wig
  16. Thigh gap and thin does not look good on a mean old crusty bitch.
  17. Your entire post is spot on. I can't stand Zack. Never liked him. He's a bitter, entitled arrogant little $hit. He takes after his mom. I don't understand what Tori sees in him. But I think both her and Zack are definitely opportunists. And what is it Zack does for a living?
  18. All guys have a nice smile when they're getting laid. IMO
  19. This next episode on Sunday is the autopsy of Sonny Bono. Apparently some folks think Sonny's ski accident wasn't an accident. How does someone set up a murder of a person by having them ski into a tree? I'm sure it's just fodder to get folks to watch. The coroner will find no evidence to indicate Sonny's death was a murder. But it still sounds interesting. I missed the Larry Hagman episode. I'm sure they'll repeat it. I was reading his bio on Wikipedia. It shows he was an adamant non-smoker but died from throat cancer. Not that there aren't other causes of throat cancer besides s
  20. I haven't seen any of the new episodes. I know they will be aired ad nauseum in the very near future. I live about 15 minutes from the bar Jarrod has part ownership in. I was there once (pre Jarrod ownership) on New Years Eve. Nothing special. Maybe I'll take one for the team and go back there someday. I just hope they know how to make a good martini! Looking at the pics of the bar on their website, it appears to me to be decorated like a manchild did the decor. Where's Bar Rescue/John Taffer? Lol.
  21. I just don't get the attractiveness of Gary to these women. Maybe he's got a 14 inch personality?
  22. That is like a similar description of Chris. 😀
  23. He's too short to get up there. Otherwise he would be.
  24. Yes. AND thirsty for money and D list celebrity status.
  25. I was completely grossed out with her "twice baked potatoes." I hope people who watch her videos aren't stupid enough to make these unhealthy foods. #MO BUTTER MO SALT #HEARTATTACK
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