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  1. Tami was on the second episode of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, along with Vanessa Williams and Loni Love. She actually did a great job and had fun with it.
  2. I read an article (I think on Buzzfeed) that was a list of “things you didn’t know about The Masked Singer,” and one of those facts was that between the time the singer to be unmasked is announced and the reveal, that singer goes backstage to get hair and makeup done for the unmasking- that’s why they don’t all look completely disheveled once they’re unmasked on stage. So he might have just had it on for the reveal...I would think it would be too hot to wear it under the banana head for an extended amount of time. Who knows, though.
  3. Dan is now a nurse, and is currently in NYC helping out with coronavirus patients. Rachel Maddow featured some of his recent Instagram videos documenting his experiences on her show a few days ago.
  4. The Kangaroo’s clue package made me think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, though the singing did not.
  5. Doug, the husband on today’s show, really gave me the creeps. I can’t imagine wanting to spend five minutes with him, much less living with him AFTER divorcing him. I feel sorry for the children. Amy needs to take them and run far, far away from him.
  6. I could take or leave Hannah when she was announced, but I liked her much more after reading this interview with her from Marie Claire last month.
  7. I was also shocked to see James eliminated. He was my pick for the win! So sad for him and his family...I can’t even imagine. At least there’s nobody truly terrible in the finals. Pulling for Kel and Ally, but a Hannah win wouldn’t surprise me. Lauren is the weakest of the four left but I think she has a lot of viewer love, she’s likable, and it wouldn’t be a Bobby Bones travesty for her to win.
  8. Pedro Zamora died 25 years ago yesterday. Hard to believe it’s been that long.
  9. Technically, Jerry Springer would count - but he’s the only one. I’ve read that both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been invited to do the show, but both turned it down.
  10. I agree. I miss the solos for each couple. And they can do that and still have all sorts of production. See the Halloween group dances in Season 17 (The Spooky Bom Bom dance is one of my all-time favorites!) or Season 19 or Season 25. The table beginning of Team Trick’s dance reminded me of the opening of Team Nightmare’s dance a few seasons back. Man, Spicer really is going to Bristol Palin his way into the finals, isn’t he?
  11. Poor Sailor. There were others who should have gone before her. (And I'm going to guess this was a "not necessarily the bottom two" because between her scores and the Fifth Harmony fan base, there's no way Ally was actually in the bottom two. Do I need my tinfoil hat here?)
  12. I’m surprised they haven’t done Most Memorable Year (Sob Story) night yet. Don’t they usually like to do that one early in the season, when there are still plenty of couples left?
  13. Plus there was a photo of a peach in Black Widow's clue package tonight, which made me think of Georgia. Sure enough, Raven Symone was born in Atlanta.
  14. Unfortunately, I can see that happening.
  15. So if they disbanded the troupe and only have 2 unpaired pros plus Brandon, where the heck did all the extra dancers tonight come from?
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