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  1. This was one of my all-time favorites, and one of the few times I thought having troupe members in the background was absolutely appropriate for the (non-freestyle) routine. I was reminded again how much I enjoy watching Derek dance, and I loved his nod to Fred Astaire’s hat rack dance from Royal Wedding. I also hope he returns as a judge next season- he gave very specific, constructive critiques. Not terribly surprised Kaitlyn won, but she was my least favorite of the four finalists. I did like her freestyle. Nev was robbed!
  2. I would rather have had Johnny in the finals over Kaitlyn. She's a good dancer, but something about her just leaves me cold. I can't explain it. I loved Johnny and Britt's partnership and I just enjoy Johnny in general. I would be fine with any of the other 3 winning. (I didn't pick any of them to win or even get to the finals when the cast was announced - go figure!) I didn't realize Nev would be as good as he is, and he's been consistently so. Nelly has visibly improved during the season, he works hard and he's taking it seriously, not just coasting along knowing the size of his fan base. And Justina is just a joy to watch. The change I really hope they keep for future seasons is not having the troupe involved in every single dance. I get that it was made by circumstances and not necessarily by choice, but it's been refreshing to have the focus on the star and partner, not all sorts of backup dancers.
  3. I agree that Popcorn is Taylor Dayne. The hair crimper clinched it for me.
  4. I’m wondering if the stylists hate Tyra. She’s a beautiful woman with an amazing body, but that dress was just super unflattering. (And if that dress is so unflattering on her, who the heck would it flatter? Yikes.) I would think that Tyra would have final approval on her wardrobe, though.
  5. I was getting an Alfonso Ribeiro vibe from Baby Alien. Some of the clues seem to fit: he starred in The Tap Dance Kid on Broadway and performed with the rest of the cast at the 1984 Tony Awards. (Alfonso comes in about halfway through the number) Second gear could refer to playing sidekick roles: think Alfonso on Silver Spoons and Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Pursuing other passions: he’s done lots of other things. Plus he can sing and I feel like he’s the type of person who would do the show.
  6. The fake audience noise was way too loud. I was watching with my mom, and we could barely hear Tyra and some of the music over it. I’m glad they ditched the band, though. And I miss Tom and Erin! I thought AJ and Johnny were underscored. Nev was really good - I was not expecting that. I think Charles and Carole will be the first two out.
  7. That sucks. Tom was one of the best things about the show! I like Erin too.
  8. I would be SO UP FOR THIS. There are several people who’ve told him they’re interested whom I would love to see again: Ruthie! Dan from RR: Northern Trail! Eric Nies! Teck! Jamie from the first RW: New Orleans! All these people whom I haven’t see on my TV in forever.
  9. MTV is going to show a mini-marathon of this season tomorrow, from 11am-2:30pm. They’re airing episodes 1-4 and 11-13, and the entire season is available to watch on the MTV website.
  10. Tami was on the second episode of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race, along with Vanessa Williams and Loni Love. She actually did a great job and had fun with it.
  11. I read an article (I think on Buzzfeed) that was a list of “things you didn’t know about The Masked Singer,” and one of those facts was that between the time the singer to be unmasked is announced and the reveal, that singer goes backstage to get hair and makeup done for the unmasking- that’s why they don’t all look completely disheveled once they’re unmasked on stage. So he might have just had it on for the reveal...I would think it would be too hot to wear it under the banana head for an extended amount of time. Who knows, though.
  12. Dan is now a nurse, and is currently in NYC helping out with coronavirus patients. Rachel Maddow featured some of his recent Instagram videos documenting his experiences on her show a few days ago.
  13. The Kangaroo’s clue package made me think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, though the singing did not.
  14. Doug, the husband on today’s show, really gave me the creeps. I can’t imagine wanting to spend five minutes with him, much less living with him AFTER divorcing him. I feel sorry for the children. Amy needs to take them and run far, far away from him.
  15. I could take or leave Hannah when she was announced, but I liked her much more after reading this interview with her from Marie Claire last month.
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