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  1. Madison #1 went from being most popular cast member to the biggest bitch in one season ( she took the crown away from Katherine & then from Shep). I actually think this must have been a plan.After all, the villain always get the most screen time & asserting herself into every altercation will do that for you. If there’s a next season it will be a competition between the two of them for most screen time and most fights. Hope Austen stays away from her.
  2. I think someone must have reminded Whit that there might be some legal issues regarding saying that Ryan could be easily replaced when it’s clear to everyone that the only one who cares OR works on this business is Ryan. If they are actually “business partners” then there must be paperwork and you can’t just blithely say “I’m leaving and taking the business with me” without consequences ( which I believe the only voice of reason in her life,Glenn, was trying to tell her.).
  3. If there’s an Emmy for best intro music for each segment of a reality show tonight’s episode does it - from Brandon & Julia’s sexy rom com music to Yara’s sadly bluesy riff - tonight was perfect!
  4. The only person I can stand on this show any more is Craig ( and in second tier characters, Michael). But Craig isn’t reall interesting enough to carry the show so I hope for a gentle exit for this show.
  5. I think Highlandwarriorgirl might be on to something. Maybe this isn’t even the real Twit but just her playing a part. I’m sure it may have started out as an inspiring show about a heavy girl who was still active and loving life but as we got to know her and dislike her production has decided to push the envelope & make her as lazy & self centered as possible. I can only hope she’s in on the joke.
  6. Ashley’s daughter is so cute. I doubt I could be Whit’s friend because it would be hard for me not to say “ fuck you, girl you didn’t care a bit about us when you thought you were in the cool crowd but now you got dumped by your BF & Ryan actually wants you to earn your keep you are all about your besties in Greensboro. Forget it!” Is Whitney trying to get TLC to pay for another trip to Paris by being on a dating site there? Will the gang all have to fly over to meet the new guy in her life? Fortunately for Ryan he got as much out of this show as he needed. If he stays with her too much longer he will not be considered a legitimate trainer. I loved that he sees through her bull shit - she is so transparent! Masks & Covid indeed. No Dr.ever told her to lie in bed for hours at a time as a cure for panic attacks; Her tenant doesn’t need a new fence; Mom & Dad looked perfectly fine. You thought that Ryan’s crew were going to be your new crew so you didn’t bother trying to make new friends and now your bummed.
  7. Is there a thread for Galley Talk.
  8. It’s been nearly a year since these women started doing this show virtually and they STILL haven’t figured out how not to talk over one another - no one ever completes a thought without being interrupted.
  9. He’s lost a lot of weight since that video was shot.
  10. This was a very awkward party in every imaginable way. Have to ask how a hairdresser in Charleston is able to afford an event planner and a private island. So on a hot July day you go to a beach with no shade but so windy that your hair and fancy dresses are all blowing; you can’t throw a football. You wear a white dress that is sure to have a brown hem by the end of the day. All the bitchy ladies stand around gossiping about one person ( yeah, I know Katherine) and Madison collects compliments and is as bitchy as hell to Austen. Austen pouts like a preteen but why go to a party to which you were uninvited?Did he think he was going to win her back by being a dick?
  11. Whitney is an asshole but Buddy really sucks. Thank heavens Heather is out of the picture because she deserves so much better. I don’t know what horrible thing that Brittney did other than commenting that it was strange that he was waiting on Whitney hand & foot, but to make her sound like a nagging crone that he couldn’t wait to dump was very unfair. How this filthy dirty, lazy,unemployed, substance abuser gets so many women is beyond me. But he’s right, at 37 he should be more mature about dating & not hop into a relationship ( bed) with everyone he meets. Meanwhile, Whitney you dumped all your friends AND Buddy &left town so you could be with the “Bros” so get off your high horse.
  12. I have to say, all these franchises are feeling stale and generic. I think I must be over the Housewives because this is the third one that I have no interest in whatsoever. And though I never actually liked a lot of them, without the OG’s most of these show feel particularly lifeless.
  13. When these couples are “ courting” be it by internet or on an extended vacation,are they so busy with the sweet nothings that they never inquire about what their loved one looks for as a place to live; what kind of activities ( besides sex & eating out) do they enjoy, what kind of work they do, even though it may be crass, how much money they actually make, do they live alone or with others, do they live in a city or a rural area. They always seem so shocked and disappointed with their new circumstances. Why would you leave your country family, friends without asking even those basic questions?
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