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  1. Caseysgirl

    Are You The One?

    “Sugar baker design “ in answer to your question, they usually seem to wait until the very last light viewing and then miraculously everyone picks the correct match. It’s usually so rushed and hard to believe that people who often had little to do with each other are suddenly matched, and I never feel that their is enough explanation of how they are actually a match.
  2. Caseysgirl

    Watch What Happens Live

    Andy falling all over himself to be the “ cool guy” with Craig and Austen. Why are two grown men funneling beers on television? Promoting alcoholism is Andy’s brand, I guess.
  3. Caseysgirl

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    Each and every one of the men on this franchise make me feel bad for the females living in Charleston. They are all lazy, entitled and growing less attractive with each passing year. Craig, get some help, and don’t lie to your therapist this time.
  4. Caseysgirl

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    It’s amazing that none of the hamsters are able to see the ridiculous irony of being so insulted about being called bullies when one of them stands there smacking his fist into his hand with a wide adversarial stance; the other one not allowing a word in edgewise and a THERAPIST would be so horrible to a woman who has little power in the house. Actually spoke the truth about Bella and they all know it but it’s much easier to just mark the weaker players. I’m now on theNicole train but I don’t hold out any hope for her.
  5. Caseysgirl

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    This can’t be the first time in Catfish history that they have been scammed. This is the first time they’ve admitted it or made it part of the narrative.
  6. Caseysgirl

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    Well,I’ll dive in. It was hard enough watching Mark and Elena on Big Brother, but this iteration is going to be painful. She looks like a man eater and he looks positively wussy. Aubrey is on yet another reality show trying to make Aubrey O’Day happen. Unless I see Donald Trump Jr. rising out of those waves, I doubt there’s anything to see here. All of the “Are You the One” people mean nothing to anyone because so few people can remember one season from another. Are the twins going to share one man every week? Can’t see that as being very interesting as they have no sex appeal whatsoever. And poor pansexual “Billy”, nobody want a crybaby. That said, Im in!
  7. Caseysgirl

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    Kaden seems a bit naive ( stupid) or Adriana/Alicia needed to be a bit blunter in her texts to him. I would say that once he no longer had access to her phone number he should have gotten the hint and I suspect that he wanted a trip to Hawaii and some TV time.
  8. Caseysgirl

    Are You The One?

    I feel for Basit but I guess we can’t help who we are attracted to and it’s pretty obvious he isn’t Jonathan’s type. I don’t particularly like Jonathan & feel that picky no Brandon was pretty much out of left field but oh, well...... Kai & Jenna - please stop giving them camera time. That’s what they came for. There are at least. 5 people I have never seen if I’m going to be invested in this I have to know them. I thought Remy was going to be the villain in this show but I rather listen me him (at this juncture). Noir went from Indian princess to thug in one episode.
  9. Caseysgirl

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    MTV , if you provide this woman any more money and support you are complicit with domestic abuse and possible future child amuse. Please, I beg you, she already told us a million times that this show has and is ruining her life so let her go. I agree with all those who say, there will be no redemption arc for Amber. She is what she is and has no interest in changing that. I’m sick of watching it.
  10. Caseysgirl

    S08.E06: Momcation

    These girls can just stop complaining about getting anxiety when everyone is looking at them. You’ve got a freaking camera crew with you and for three of you, you gave birth in front of America and then had cameras around for 10 years. If you didn’t enjoy it, then you should have quit 9 years ago.
  11. Caseysgirl

    90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

    I get sick every time I see all the food these people bring in to their beds. And when Annie starts cooking in bed I really lose it.
  12. I can’t figure out why they gave Chantal and Pedro a spin off. They have no charisma, are horrible actors and are not even enjoyable to watch. Their entire relationship has been fighting and if I have to listen to Chantel’s affectless voice discussing the situation for the millionth time I will scream. Won’t even be giving their show a peek.
  13. Caseysgirl

    S06.E08: New Craig, Who Dis?

    I agree that besides Shep, Cameron is showing herself to be a snob and a bit full of herself. Ok, you don’t like being a mother but for the sake of women everywhere who long for a family and are unable to get pregnant, please stop bitching about it. It’s clear you spend very little quality time with your child and thank goodness you know enough not to do it again. Enjoy your job, your television career, your wonderful, understanding physician husband, your lovely mother who seems to be available to take care of your” horrid spawn” whenever you need her and spend all your time complaining about your terrible life. Boo hoo, get over yourself.
  14. Caseysgirl

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    I’m here to thank all you “Live Feeders” for your service. I read everything that you write and it always give me the real perspective on the House. That said, god bless you, because I tried watching BBAD and I couldn’t get through 10 minutes. You people are truly the heroes of this franchise for me. Besides your bravery for sitting through this the witty comments and side topics entertain me endlessly.
  15. Caseysgirl

    S07.E32: Angel & Remy

    This show has been on well past its expiration date. When Dr. Phil is using the term “ catfish” and everyone now understands the term, it must be hard to find people who are truly being catfished and are not aware of it. Most of these scenarios seem contrived.