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  1. Mat is an interesting personality.He strikes me as a person whose parents treated him like a special snowflake and praised him incessantly and never allowed any criticism of him. He’s so sensitive and falls apart at the slightest disparaging comment and yet he is often cruel in his own right. Alcohol doesn’t help him but he has serious self esteem issues.
  2. Amber always seems like such a bright, put together woman but she has the WORST taste in partners.
  3. How did Daonte’s Mother birth that dummy? She’s way too savvy & sharp - did he not get any of her DNA?
  4. Sandy has more sides than an octagon. She was hands off the drama all season as opposed to micromanaging every other season. Now she’s screaming about someone got a bruise. It’s hard to know what she wants.
  5. I honestly don’t know what Myrla was thinking when she decided to apply for this show. She does not seem interested at all in meeting Gil halfway. Either she is getting a terrible edit or she is kind of an unpleasant human being. She’s barely trying.
  6. I was happy to see that the women they chose to include in this retreat were attractive, stylish, accomplished and well spoken. In fact, the only non adult was the oldest person in the room. As a 73 year old woman, I resent Whitney treating her parents as if they are doddering old fools. If we’re going to be counting falls, I would think that Whitney has probably exceeded them in that area. And Glenn is the only member of the Thor family who has a job, so there’s that.
  7. Darcy, no one, and I mean no one, would want to put up with whining, the interrogations, and your unappealing personality. Big boobs, veneers and hair extensions do not make you attractive. Besides accusing your men of mischief before they even do anything, try having an actual conversation. Try asking a few questions about them rather than fishing for compliments. It’s so exhausting to watch these women putting so much in to their appearance without doing anything about the inner self. Sad, really.
  8. I could not believe that Whitney would actually presume that her friend would just be at her beck and call to be her surrogate? That is 9 months and considerable emotional and physical discomfort . And who would like to turn over the child that you carried to Whitney!
  9. I hope the next time ( and we know there will be) America decides to go to war and send the sons of the lower class, everyone will remember all these words of wisdom from the right and the left, about how it’s not a patriotic expression of American exceptionalism but an opportunity for the military industrial complex to thrive. It seems very time we’ve done a deep dive into these wars, we find out that we were having the wool pulled over our eyes for years.
  10. Why was Buddy responsible for bringing the meat? That’s rather expensive. Why was no one else tasked with bringing food? Whitney treated Buddy like shit when she & Chase were together and before that when she was falling all over Ryan, but now that Buddy has a serious relationship she’s all on her high horse. On another topic, that “ tutor did not sound French to me. She’s right about one thing, they sounded like sixth graders at a pajama party!
  11. Why doesn’t Stacy take care of the children she already gave birth to, rather than trying to have another child that will have to raise themselves? Florian knows that he doesn’t want to be tied to her & the responsibility of another human being. When this show is over ( hopefully soon) Florian will be gone, as will Georgi and any other “ boyfriend” Darcy finds.
  12. I am sorry but April is the worst! She cheated on her ex, marries her neighbor and wants his ex to be her bestie and expects her own ex to just grin and bear it. Then at Her wedding, which Roy agrees to show up to in spite of his own feelings, she decides she’ll use this opportunity to make him look like the bad guy on National television.
  13. Bill,it’s not just the glasses that make you seem old! You are every curmudgeon that yells “ get off of my lawn” and worse. Chronologically and health wise you may not be “ elderly” but you think like an old man. And every week you seem to grow older.
  14. I wanted to scream at DerekX. You are HOH, don’t try to get a consensus on who you’re going to blindside. Face it, once they are gone for the most part it’s every man for themselves. Very weak play for someone I thought was a contender.
  15. Ok, the first installment with Jesse - kind of interesting, kind of fun. It was new & watching an older woman who thinks she’s hot as hell totally sabotage a relationship was curiously entertaining with the schadenfreude. Installment 2, Tom was pretty arrogant, unlikeable and egotistical that it was interesting watching him keep her enough on the hook to keep his face on television. But installment 3, with Stacey and her vampirish husband tagging along and Georgi who is clearly not into her but she has thrown her self at him and he’s along for the ride, is just boring with the whole wash,
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