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  1. Totally agree with all of the above. I have zero sympathy for someone who insists on having cosmetic surgery ( during a pandemic, for God’s sake) & then makes all of her friends and family run around a city they aren’t familiar with looking to find her drugs. Then she spends her time moaning, demanding people wait on her, watch her child and refuse to allow the cameras in. Don’t know Jade or her story but she’s very unlikeable as are all of her family members. Please put this franchise out of its misery!
  2. I was disappointed the Jon Stewart just kept going off about the Wuhan virus theory. It could be but there are a lot of other topics that he could have used his considerable wit & wisdom on. That said, John Baptiste is such an extraordinary talent and we are fortunate that Stephen has given him this platform. His enthusiasm and good will kept me going through Covid.
  3. Caseysgirl

    S10.E24: MIA

    Changing the subject a bit, I have been very impressed by Leah, her parenting, and her “ girlses” are turning into very pleasant, young ladies. Good for her! It may only be for the cameras but she at least knows what’s appropriate for the cameras and doesn’t appear to be using.
  4. I’ve been an avid viewer of the franchise since the early episodes but by the time the couples are being viewed for the third or fourth seasons, there is nothing that makes them interesting except their dysfunction and even that is boring when it is repeaated ad nauseum. I’m about to bail until there are some new couples.
  5. I cannot understand why JL allowed himself to be filmed discussing to himself and then to Dani his red, itchy member. No wonder he hasn’t been seen on WWHL. It was humiliating for him and Dani & it seems there must be a place where you can quietly ( take your mike off) discuss this very private occurrence. I didn’t need to know this in order to enjoy his show.
  6. Ok, so this was my first season and so I don’t know about anyone’s history other than the backstory I’ve heard. First impression that Hannah was planning on making the show all about her romance with Luke & when he showed up with Ciera that plan was foiled. She reconnected with Des when she saw her storyline disappear and then tried to be the shit stirrer in the house - friendships be damned! Luke did himself no favors by “ breaking the fourth wall” which pissed off Andy and made him less sympathetic. I would have hated Kyle & Amanda but Hannah’s actions made me hate her more &
  7. I agree with everyone that these women are the antithesis of class and between their outfits and the “ dungeon stories” I am bored to tears not titillated. I don’t know whether I’ve just outgrown this genre of television or if the pandemic has really made us all more aware that all these excesses are not fun to watch anymore, but I just don’t enjoy reality television as much.
  8. All and all,it’s time for MTV to pull the plug on these two shows (Teen Mom 1&2). There are actual Teen aged Moms having babies and if their demographic is the under 30 year olds then try having someone under 30 on the shows. It’s getting uncomfortable for the viewers to watch all these prepubescents who have more brains than their parents being put through this. As far as Tyler and Caitlin,I think it’s been established that the only time the subject of not seeing Carly comes up is when they’re filming. They barely spend any time with the two they have & they’re home all day. Also, I
  9. God, what the hell is wrong with Drew (I refuse to call him “Dr.”)? Is he a therapist, because he was useless in that confrontation between Larry & Taylor. MTV should have been able to show Larry all the clips of Ryan and his wife saying horrible things about Maci; showing Ryan belittling and making fun of Bentley and all the scenes of Ryan nodding off or looking like a homeless person? But know, they just let the confrontation get out of the control and totally let Larry and Jen off the hook. I’m glad they both got fired but no one learned anything from this.
  10. Fran Leibovitz is what Bill aspires to be. I’ve read and seen her when she was quite witty and arch, but that wasn’t happening in this interview and I found myself thinking- ,why am I watching these two cranky people who don’t appear to have much joy in their rich, protected lives. I AM one of those old people Bill was talking about and I see the humor in making a joke about my own aging process. It’s natural to slow down mentally & physically as we age, but let’s try not to be so sensitive,Bill. As the old saying goes “ it’s better than the alternative”.
  11. I’m joining the people who aren’t sure what happened to Bill Maher that has turned him into this unfunny, critical misanthropic man, other than he became old and rich.There was a time when if I didn’t agree with most of what he said at least was reasonable or funny but he seems to be neither now. I agree, they need to find another host for this show or I need to stop watching it.
  12. This is my first ( and likely my last) season with this show so I have to ask, is the costume party indigenous to this group or is something that 30+ people are all doing? Also, why is Hannah such a skank? And apparently the breakout star of this show? Just asking.
  13. I have been so disappointed by this show. First of all, Dan has become an annoying curmudgeon. The fact that he has multiple very marketable skills ( mechanic, carpenter, handyman and contractor are some that come to mind, why has he never been able to make a decent living? They’ve been in that house over 30 years and he still had a mortgage that he can’t even pay off? Why until this time have neither of these relatively intelligent, and one college educated girls been able to find decent employment? Why isn’t DJ helping out - his wife is in the Service and it seems as if he has a good job
  14. Caitlin is handling this miscarriage very well compared to other times. Maybe all that therapy is helping her. Maybe they should take a step back on wanting to add to the family. With her post partum depression and two miscarriages so close together, her body might just need a rest. She’s not even 30 and has has at least 5 pregnancies.
  15. Where is Logan & is he Janelle’s.
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