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  1. Love Alex. For a frat bro looking guy, he has turned out to be a real sweet guy. Hope I’m not mistaken because I felt that way about Ash and he really disappointed me.
  2. Asuelo is playing for the camera - I think this is producer induced. I don’t think he’s the brightest tool in the shed but it seems as though he’s dropped several IQ points since moving to this country.
  3. Agree with everyone that this franchise is definitely hurting with Bethany gone. First of all, there is no voice of reason. Certainly not Ramona; definitely not Dorinda. And Leah and Sonja can’t get through an episode without being totally out of their minds drunk.”? Elyse is getting pushed to the back of the bus in every episode, but I can’t help but like her. No one to root for; cringing watching them all. 60 year old women looking for guys and drinking like college freshmen is not entertaining.
  4. TLC if you’re reading this, this show is just as bad as the horrible quarantined show. You should really appreciate your production people because it’s clear making a “ reality show” is not a job for amateurs!
  5. Glad to see Andrew Sullivan went to Provincetown. After his last appearance, when he was apparently alone and depressed in his apartment in NY, I was worried that he might harm himself. Of course, now he’s back to his feisty self and I can get exasperated with him again.
  6. Watching WWHL now with Malia & Captain Sandy & I guess it seems my impression of him was incorrect.He was described as the worst in almost every category by both Sandy & Malia. Guess I’m not a good judge of character at all.
  7. I didn’t care for Lara at all, but Hannah was totally unprofessional gossiping about her with all of the others within easy earshot. I think Lara realized this was going to be an uphill battle & she blew her ace card by being sarcastic in front of Sandy. I’m a bit ambivalent about Pete - he seems to be a sensitive guy and I honestly think the “sweetie” is just a bad habit from an old school guy who doesn’t “get it”. Of course, I’m an older woman who came from a time when you just bit your tongue and eye rolled when someone said that - it wasn’t worth the confrontation. I kind of hope I’m not wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  8. I’m sorry, I’m a huge 90DF fan but I have absolutely no interest in Coltee with another feisty Brazilian ( do they call “ CentralCasting” for these people?) ; Angela fighting yet again with Mykull ( he should get his Green Card just for all the work he’s done to get it); Libby & Andre shaking down her father for money & Aseulo & Kalani struggling with life in general. They really should start replacing some of these couple and some of the storylines, because now I’m getting bored.
  9. I’d be interested in seeing Bill’s weekly menus. What is he eating that is making him healthier than the rest of us?Does he have a special chef preparing these foods? Has he ever mentioned that he recommends a certain type of diet (ie gluten free;vegan etc)? I‘m honestly curious about this.
  10. I’m on the Kenneth and Armando train with everyone else - PLEASE producers don’t bring a lot of unnecessary drama to their story. Let us enjoy a real love story for a change!
  11. This is going to be another hard season to watch. Once again, Sandy micromanaging in the galley. I love Kiko but I guess she’s going to be on his ass all season; I’m just glad that she ended up telling him his steak was ok. Lara and Hannah are both bitches! It should be interesting to see who loses this battle. I like Malia a lot and I think she holds her own but I hope she doesn’t get a lot of disrespect from the deckhands - after last season I couldn’t go through that again.
  12. I think this was one of the better “Tell All’s”. Though she missed a few cues, I think Shaun is getting the hang of this now. Loved her surprising Stephanie with the stripper story. I guess Tom must have watched the RHOA reunion & took the Nene way out.
  13. I’m think Avery is as crazy as Ash. Either she can’t explain herself well or she is just looking for reasons not to be with him.
  14. Did I understand “Killer Mike” correctly, does he suggest that all Americans arm themselves?
  15. I, too, think that there’s trouble in Kyle’s marriage, whether they have acknowledged it to each other or not. I don’t have any insider knowledge but being an observer of humans it’s becoming clearer. It’s not like they will end their marriage - like Lisa & Harry and Erika & Tom - these have become marriages of convenience. I doubt that Kyle would ever want to lose Mo.
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