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  1. Would I love to have the self esteem that Lisa has. I don’t think a Green Card can make up for having to put up with that screaming harridan.I actually think that he’s been pretty decent to her throughout this and yet she continues to expect him to give up everything for her. What about their visit has been enjoyable for Usman. Ed must have read too many “ bodice rippers” but honestly he sounded pervy to me. And as others have mentioned, why doesn’t HE bathe?
  2. Why doesn’t Comedy Central give their newer shows enough time to gain an audience, instead of cancelling within a few months? Do they really think their audiences are happy to be watching hours of “Southpark” and “The Office”?
  3. Destiney is soooo thirsty. Really, a sexy nurse costume? And the phony concern she has for GG. I will say, GG was very honest about feeling this was karma for her multiple abortions. Meanwhile, Reza makes it all about himself when two of his female friends are close to death and one loses her ability to get pregnant naturally & he’s crying because he didn’t get enough sympathy for his cheating spouse getting called out publicly. Take a seat, Reza. I don’t like MJ that much either and watching her use her hands to make that charcuterie without once washing them ( when we are now obsessed with germs) was uncomfortable at best.
  4. I vaguely remember the Hawaii trip and the bargain basement accommodations, but hell, when you take 23 or so people along, that’s what you get. I remember Kody being in the vilest of moods and thinking that they wasted the Hawaiian Isles on them.
  5. So, I was watching an old “Catfish” episode ( season 7 episode 34) Nev and Tallulah meet Taylor ( who looks absolutely like Taylor on MAFS) and she’s looking for a boyfriend who new her in high school. It turns out it was a scam and they called her out on it leaving her on the sidewalk with no ride. Could this have been our Taylor’s first foray into reality TV? I’m not the detective some on these forums are, but I just thought it was interesting.
  6. What in God’s name does Robyn want in a house. This latest “ rental/ purchase” that she is trying to fraud these people out of, looks gorgeous and more than any one family really needs. She is one spoiled woman. And is this all because Dayton decided to go to community college in Flagstaff. Unbelievable!
  7. Though I don’t agree with the passive way that Cheyenne parents Ryder, Corie can take a seat with his acting like he’s the authority on raising children. I’m pretty sure he only shows up to be a father to her when the cameras are there. He’s been on multiple “ Challenges” where he’s away for months and spends a lot of time on social media. Yes, they should be united in their parenting rules, but Cheyenne is doing the majority of it so he can shut it.
  8. I’m thinking that if Zak was looking at this show as a career booster, I think he made a big mistake. I would never hire him as an actor because he couldn’t even pretend to be into someone for 8 weeks and every negative emotion and lie was evident. I wouldn’t trust him as a trainer and he doesn’t really seem to be in great shape anyway; and as a social media influencer can’t say I would follow him.
  9. The only reason I can see that these “ influencers” would work with them is the TLC connection; actually same with Ryan.He seems embarrassed to be seen with her and her friends. Though I can see that she has lost weight since the parking garage she is NOT in good shape. At least this isn’t as insane as Hawaii where her 79;year old father at more stamina. By the way Simell is hot but honestly, they went all the way to Paris for us to watch her huff and puff up the Eiffel Tower - why would I pay for that?
  10. This about as entertaining as watching your parents fight. Robyn is a very stubborn woman and wasn’t it her idea to leave Vegas in the first place? Stop crying and talking about something that isn’t possible. I can sort of see what happened with her and her former husband. When do you think Kody will move in with sweet Christine who is now slender and happy?
  11. Well, I’ve said this before but I do think I’m out. The producers of reality shows should learn that 10 years with a franchise is long enough. Unless one of the kids wins a Nobel Peace prize, I’d say that after the birth of the babies and maybe a look back five and ten years later would have been enough. They just aren’t interesting and the only moral to this story is that if you give money to trailer trash, they will not improve their lives at all. They will develop addictions, have more children, buy fancy cars and houses and take great vacations. They will learn that they have “ mental health issues” that excuses all their bad behavior. So, I’m done.
  12. Is this “ partnership” with Ryan for real & are there actual people who think that watching a fat woman scream & ride a bike. & two “ bro’s” riding a tandem bike is in anyway going to help them with their exercise routine.? Plus i saw it for free on TLC and I don’t feel one bit thinner from the experience. Also, poor Simon. I thought Whit was going to drag him all the way to the vineyard screaming, “don’t let go”! Also, the way she just insisted on being the driver, so she’d get more foot room was so Whitney. I think Chase is having second thoughts about more than having children; I think he’s thinking he should have negotiated for more money.
  13. What does Whitney even add to those videos - she pretty much just stands there?Why out of all the fitness people in the world anyone would subscribe to their videos. There was nothing in those videos ( except for the Seine) that was original or even very challenging. Do “ followers” have to pay for content or do they get advertisers? Also, Chase’s hair looks like shit.
  14. I’m confused. I thought they pulled up stakes, moved 12 kids and 5 adults to a place they apparently had not researched very much ( they didn’t know that there. was a shortage of rentals), left town without securing the sale of their four homes and bought a plot of land out in the middle of nowhere with a crazy dream of living there, all because Dayton wanted to go to college there? Wouldn’t it have been simpler for everyone if he had chosen a school in Vegas? I mean, it’s not like he’s going to Harvard.
  15. I could have watched a whole show with Rachel Bitecofer - well informed and quite amusing. Why, oh why, did Bill let Brian Cox ( who I actually like) go on and on. I’m sure what he said may have been interesting had we not had so many other MORE interesting to discuss. And Chris Matthews needed only a few minutes worth off discussion not a whole segment.
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