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  1. I wonder if when Megs called Whoopie, Whoopie said, "Don't call me! Don't message me! I don't care."
  2. Hey! I'm in Maryland! Don't you be sending her here! We have enough problems!
  3. Really boring show today.
  4. Meghan is so apoplectic about not being able to bleach her hair- are pregnant women supposed to color their hair anyway?
  5. Thanks! That's kind of an underwhelming reason for everyone to be apoplectic, but, ok.
  6. I don't understand what everyone is implying about Kyle and Teddi's relationship.
  7. Quarantine or not, I doubt Meghan ever goes to the gym.
  8. I don't want to see her at all.
  9. May Day! May Day! NayNay down! HAHAHAHA! I smell a new t-shirt coming!
  10. I don't understand why NeNe is still on this show. She adds nothing and is belligerent as hell.
  11. I just finished the book. It's a fast read. I'm surprised Rosie would want any input on a miniseries. I would think that she'd want the whole thing to just go away. What I remember about Michele Collins was that she just could not read the room. They'd be discussing some horrific, dreadful event and she'd crack a joke. Her timing was terrible. And then there was Raven. Dumb as a box of rocks.
  12. Love Yvette Nicole Brown and although I'm glad her career is going so well, I wish she was a cohost. Nick Cannon not so much.
  13. The cell she was in in Florida was probably smaller, too.
  14. I think part of Dorinda's problem is that John broke up with her and since she always thought he was beneath her, she's freaking out that even he didn't want to be with her. Just a guess.
  15. I remember a season when Sonja didn't seem to have enough money for food and when the gang went somewhere, she'd eat everything in sight. At one place, she ate shrimp because she said she was a vegetarian. I'm sure she was doing plenty of dick diving then.
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