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  1. I guess it’s for the husbands to decide, but, the traveling make out/groping session between Tamra and Brownstone kind of seems like cheating. Tamra was on WWHL last night and said Eddie hadn’t seen it yet.
  2. At least you had the dog to talk to if the date went south.
  3. Vicki is close to 60, so, when she screams something about “cute boys” she’s sounding a little like a pervert. And, Gina, I don’t know how many blind dates you’ve been on, but, I’ve had a few, and, if they had been canceled, I would have had a better time.
  4. Tamra was on WWHL with LeeAnn Locken and apparently she flashed the audience. They also told some weird story about being related, and, they found out after their tongues touched. I wasn’t paying enough attention to get the whole story but sounded like they have a kissing history, too. Meemaw T making the granddaughter proud tonight.
  5. Meghan’s presence was completely insignificant. What was the point?
  6. The whole time Whoopie was yelling about being hangry, all I could think of was the amount of times she has said she never eats. The show is only an hour long, no one needs to be eating on air!
  7. Yes. I felt horrible for her. It began with her surprise guests being her husband and son who she had just left at home and got increasingly worse as the show went on. It was obvious that Jeda had gotten fired and everyone was pissed off the entire show. Then, at the end of View Your Deal poor Sarah was alone on the stage; everyone else was gone. Of course, they may have known Megs was Jeda’s replacement which would be enough to piss anyone off.
  8. Not only that, but, Jeda announced her departure, everyone was pissed, and, they all walked off stage after View Your Deal, leaving Sarah alone to close the show.
  9. I hope EMTs are standing by. Megs is having a case of the vapors.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trey_Gowdy It’s Trey Gowdy.
  11. Quick!!! Someone stick Meghan in a foxhole with Trey Gowdy! She said she wouldn't mind!
  12. Here I was, minding my own business, peacefully watching tv, when Big Meg started screeching, shattering every window in my house. Damn. This day just took a turn.
  13. It was amazing that Shane was not a complete prick to Gina. I guess she didn’t appear to be drunken.
  14. Archie, you'd never be in my way. Come live with me. I'll leave the light on.
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