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  1. In that article, Meghan sounds like she would have been disappointed if she didn’t get it.
  2. This week just isn’t working for me. Yesterday was terrible and today has been really boring.
  3. Lousy show from beginning to end.
  4. This show blows. Whoopi, shut up and get this mess under control.
  5. This is off to a bad start with all the cross talking.
  6. I knew it! It’s almost like they’re the same person!
  7. I think Lisa might see that as going backwards.
  8. I’m sorry, but, who is this Meghan person of which you speak?
  9. The segment I truly hate is when Jenna and Hoda come out in robes because someone else (the viewers?) decided what they are going to wear. And, it’s a big surprise! WT??? Who cares what they wear and who has that kind of time?
  10. I don’t think Clay knows he and Meghan are besties.
  11. Especially if he asked you to make him a sandwich when you came into the house after shoveling.
  12. I know it’s not their fault that they have to do the show remotely, but, so far the shows this week have been dreadful.
  13. No surprise that responsibilities in Sunny’s house are delegated by sex.
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