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  1. I really wish the Governor of Maryland and the DC Mayor would vary the time of their press conferences. I never thought I'd miss The View so much, but, it hasn't been on here all week and a break from the pandemic would be welcome. I don't mean to minimize what's going on, or, be disrespectful to anyone, but, a little normalcy would go a long way.
  2. Newt Gingrich? Aren't we already suffering enough? Sara is certainly being a team player. Take note - ABC and Big Meg.
  3. Meghan - "I can't tell who's yelling at me." It was me, Meghan. I didn't know you could hear me.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I think she should probably be self quarantined. I did notice, though, that she and Sunny were keeping a distance between them.
  5. If the show wanted to have a comforting mental health expert on, Dr. Phil ain't the one.
  6. There'll be no coming back from that, Reza. Low blow.
  7. The whole world could explode and Oprah would make sure her crypt keeper crawled through the debris to try to make a few dollars off some overpriced crap.
  8. Is Whoopie bald? What's with the hats?
  9. They can't. We don't have any test kits.
  10. I wish the others hadn't told Whoopie repeatedly that they liked that stupid hat. Now she'll probably wear it for the next six months.
  11. Elizabeth is more polite than Meghan, as is pretty much everyone else in the world, but, she still makes me wanna puke. This seems to be Hasselbeck hour. Why is she getting so much air time? I hope they're not bringing her back.
  12. Everyone take a drink every time Elizabeth says "God". See everyone tomorrow after you sleep it off. Jesus. Big Meg interrupted Sunny mid sentence to say "Can I talk." No bitch. Shut up.
  13. I was so happy to read in the updates at the end that Walt was still alive and being spoiled rotten. He broke my heart. The dog door training brought back memories of my first dog. It took awhile because whenever I'd get him through it, he'd be startled like he thought he had just fallen out of the side of the house. He eventually got it, though.
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