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  1. Ashley is one of those women who act like they're the first to ever give birth and she needs constant affirmation that she's special.
  2. Once again I have to wonder why Hoda has been so successful.
  3. The point of this party completely escapes me. And, I really don't want to know about Karen's vibrating pillow. OK, here we go...
  4. Everything's going along very well so you know the shit's about to hit the fan.
  5. Sara's got her Amish look going on today.
  6. Today's opening with Jenna singing was horrific.
  7. Where was the baby/toddler? Did I miss him?
  8. When Brownstone asked Emily if they could talk because she "wasn't going to be around for long", I thought she meant she was dying.
  9. Since you're doing a retropective of Blake Shelton and Hoda, can we finally know where you dumped your dog, Hoda? It's also kinda dumb to discuss how touching This Is Us was last night when no one bothered to watch it.
  10. I don't think I'm ever going to like Wendy nor do I watch this show to attend a political seminar.
  11. Just when I was sitting here waiting for something to happen, the show ended. Yawn.
  12. I drove through Sandy Springs today and they didn’t appear to have left any damage behind, so, there’s that. I’m still not over Wendy choosing such a random location for her event.
  13. Jesus, Andy. Why do you look so dirty?
  14. That may be the most action Sandy Springs has ever seen. It’s always been known basically as a Quaker settlement and for the Friends School and the Quaker/ Friend Retirement Village. Nice quiet little town.
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