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  1. Nor do the viewers of The View miss her and her former cohosts don’t seem to be grieving either.
  2. I’d love to see Whoopi outside her mansion changing the oil in her car. Also, Whoopi? If you’d really like to know what the Constitution says, it’s real easy to find out.
  3. Nothing against today’s guest, Andrew Garfield, I think his name is, but, who on earth is going to go to a movie about Jim and Tammy Faye Baker? I’m not even sure anyone under 55 has ever heard of them.
  4. What??? Peanuts come in shells??? I need to go lay down.
  5. A few years ago Whoopi and Joy were interviewed on Entertainment Tonight, or, one of those shows, and they were asked about Rosie being a guest. At the time, Whoopi said Rosie would not be returning to the show, which kind of shocked Joy. So, I don’t know if that still applies, but, I wouldn’t expect to see Rosie.
  6. Great show! See how much you can pack into an hour if no one completely monopolizes the show? And, I’m not positive, but, I don’t think any of the hosts mentioned their fathers.
  7. Bye Mia! I didn’t mind you too much but I don’t mind you leaving either.
  8. Getting a little glimpse of Mia Love’s inner Meghan today.
  9. This is like an entirely different show, I wonder what the difference is from the last four seasons. Hmmm.
  10. They all seem to be really enjoying themselves. Nice change.
  11. Just someone who was once horribly miscast as a cohost. But, no worries. She’s gone now.
  12. Yes! Hopefully today’s repeat is the last time we have to see the miserable Meghan McCain on The View.
  13. Michael is such a butt ugly creeper that it’s laughable for him to say anything about anyone else’s looks. Ashley, I hope dealing with him is worth it. It wouldn’t be for me.
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