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  1. I love it when Whoopi isn’t there. She adds nothing to the show except flubbing her lines and saying “right, right” every 5 secs while people are talking. It’s gotten to the point where I’m preoccupied by her “right”s and sometimes miss what the other person it trying to say. It’s got to be annoying for the other hosts.
  2. They really need to stop trying to convince us that Maggie is so quirky and cute. They finally stopped making Theo so precious, it’s time to do the same with Maggie
  3. I’m just surprised it wasn’t named “cal and the clouds” or something incorporating her kids names. Let’s hope the wasted 5 min of cooking with cal is enough.
  4. He reminded me of Jim Jones of Jonestown. Not attractive in the least.
  5. Hoda laughs at everything. I think it’s like a nervous twitch with her at this point.
  6. My European white mother married my Asian father in 1969. My European grandmother flipped out because she was concerned us grandkids would look different. Luckily after the marriage (still going strong!) my grandmother grew to adore my father. Our family stayed intact. I think my dad knew he was marrying into with my mother being from Germany. I guess love won!
  7. The sleepwalking episode: Connie Chung rubbed me the wrong way when she asked victim’s (and suspect’s) son if he understood that his dad may get the death penalty and how he feels about it. This kid was no older than maybe 14 at the time of the interview. What a terrible question to ask a kid who was already dealing with too much.
  8. Ha! they always put Kelly in shoulder cutout shirts. It’s like her signature.
  9. Sunny hostin on the view is the worst with the over the top lashes, hair and makeup.I agree that the today show folks seem more natural, or at least, less vain.
  10. Let’s hope they don’t make today’s show all about JLO (cmon, you know it’s possible once Hoda starts on a tangent)
  11. I was cracking up with Sarah waxing poetic about what the inauguration means to her, all while Whoopi did her signature “right, right” every 2 seconds trying to get Sarah to wrap it up. But she couldn’t, because Sarah had clearly rehearsed her response so you can’t stop that moving train. So finally after at least 5 Whoopi “right”s, Sarah finishes her forever long speech and all whoopi says is “cool”. And then moves on to Meghan.
  12. Saint William wouldn’t lie! He’s always just a victim of circumstance.
  13. I’m no MM fan at all, but I think Joy was rude. It was awkward for everyone.
  14. What is the point of “cooking with cal”? They can barely handle having a real chef on the show without rushing it along and cutting them off prematurely. But for some reason they have a regular feature where we watch a toddler have a conversation with his mom as they chop vegetables?
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