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  1. I don’t mind the at home broadcasting though I can see it getting stale after a while. I like the airiness of the studio. I just hope special appearances by kids don’t become a regular thing. Imagine when Hoda broadcasts from home if her “babysitter” isn’t there!
  2. Sandra and the DNA test was stupid. It was like she was bored and had to find a way to insert herself into the situation. Her assumption was based on nothing.
  3. I took a break from this show and just watched this episode. The acting has gotten worse (Taylor does her best “peak from behind a doorway” ala the Disney school of acting) while still talking way too loud. She’s got to be one of the luckiest actors in Hollywood bc I Bet there are probably better actors within my own town. Again Anna Kat and Greg are the only ones who can actually act. I know this is a sitcom, but no one seems to know what subtle is. Why did Katie and Greg even agree to date much less get married? The only thing they have in common is that they live in the same house.
  4. I think of a golden retriever when i hear the name Goldie.
  5. Yep. I’ve heard stories of horrible things being said/done to American Asians because of this. I’m only half Asian so I’m not outwardly perceived as being non-white but my father is all Asian and I worry about him in his town where he is one of the only Asians. Asians are one of the minorities where it still seems to be ok to scapegoat and stereotype. I wonder if trump said it was the “elderly virus” if MM would’ve started screaming AGEISM since that seems to be the one group she is so protective of for some reason.
  6. I agree. There has got to better makeup artists out there. I find this show is more “miss” than “hit” with makeup.
  7. They never seemed to get her makeup right. The heavy black eyeliner is not flattering on her at all...and that’s all I’ve ever seen on her. Surely there’s got to be a makeup artist with a better idea for her eyes. Same with Sunny, except she goes overboard with the fake lashes and hair.
  8. I love mayor Pete so I really liked the show. It would have been much better with an audience, but still he seems like a natural in front of the camera. I kept waiting for him to mess up and accidentally shake someone’s hand. Pete for VP 2020!
  9. I have all sorts of issues with Theo. First, couldn’t they find a child actor who looked more half Asian (I’m half Asian as is most of my extended family and we all have at least some Caucasian features). They also make him too cutesy and precious and it’s annoying. Just stop already. If they wanted a wee little toddler they should’ve started with the character as a 3 year old. Soon enough baby Charlie will be acting more mature than Theo.
  10. Wow I thought she was older than that. I just remember thinking she was nuts for having another set of kids in her 50s, but on this show 55 is the new 25.
  11. Hoda....please, I implore you, stop trying to be young and hip. I simply can’t take the second hand embarrassment of watching you dance (and sing).
  12. She used to annoy me with her screeching and daily need to tell us she had THREE kids! Like it was a record amount of children. Let’s see how many times she’ll remind us because no one else has ever had that totally insane amount of kids. 🙄
  13. It was so refreshing to have a show today that wasn’t ALL politics. I especially liked how Sunny seems to light up when Dan Abrams is on. She clearly sees him as an intellectual peer and has respect for him. I like their vibe.
  14. Carrie Underwood is such a pretty woman but she better be careful. Her forehead was frozen. I hope she doesn’t go down the Priscilla Presley road who was also such a natural beauty then went too far too young with messing with her face. (And yes I know Carrie had an accident to her face a few years back)
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