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  1. Totally agree. I think it’s like when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. He didn’t mean better than Jesus just that the band was so huge around the world that they were probably more popular than Jesus (especially amongst teen girls).
  2. I hope they hire an Asian woman to replace Abby...the panel loves to talk about minorities and “people of color” but somehow never seem to address anything to do with the Asian community.
  3. I’ve seen many Many celebs with puffed out faces but sagging necks. I think that area is harder to “fix”? I’m surprised she doesn’t wear more scarves. But then again maybe she’s trying to encourage aging and not trying to pretend to be 30?
  4. Whatever she does, at least she’s not as annoying as Marie osmond and her nutrasystem!
  5. Thoughts on Jill Martin cohosting the 3rd hour? She sometimes comes off as a know-it-all in a Maria shriver oh-so-wise kind of way. I’d still take her a thousand times over Hoda.
  6. I find Kate’s Nancy Pelosi a bit Marilyn Monroe with the breathy speech. Also don’t think Colin is great as Mayor Pete.
  7. It’s never watched the show, but yes something is off about Helen hunt. She looks a bit skeletal... maybe it’s just aging and w are used to seeing faces with fillers on tv? I don’t know but she does have a bit of RBF. I couldn’t help but notice how the vibe Hoda created when interviewing JHud was so different (perhaps professional?) when compare with how she is with JLO.
  8. With the kids of celebs (fill-in-the-blank with any former model/actor/singer/sex tape star) the future of pop culture will ALL be based on nepotism...because all their offspring are so “special”
  9. So who is worse, MM screeching about not having kids all the time or Whoppi who dangles limply in her chair And rolls her eyes whenever a topic comes up that she finds vapid? Do they not understand that the premise of the show is to have them all be engaged in a certain topic regardless If they agree or disagree? Temper tantrums are unbecoming in adults!
  10. I agree. I am NOT a MM fan in any way, but I did find that last remark from joy to be mean. The topic was already dropped and she had to bring it up and get the last word in...especially cruel since MM had a miscarriage.
  11. Wait what? There a list called “how great am I”? Do people WANT to be loathed?
  12. That’s gross. Guess feminism hasn’t reached her consciousness yet. I get the dancers want to be famous and show off their talents but that move was just all sorts of unnecessary nasty. Says a lot about DaBaby (whose name I thought said it all.)
  13. 3 maybe? And each time I’m sure was the love of her life!
  14. Well that was just a reminder to us all that JLO is so pretty and never ages. We get it! I’d be more impressed if she did a skit sans makeup and then we can do the whole ageless wonder angle. This show has had tons of beautiful actresses on, I don’t recall anyone getting this many references to her outward appearance. Dababy wins for stupidest name.
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