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  1. I saw Alison doing a talk at a small club in Manhattan about 20 years ago. She was very gracious and hysterical.
  2. He said there no need to gain 50 pounds because you’re pregnant and that a baby only weighs 7. Either way, I have known people who have gained 50ish pounds when pregnant, I prob gained about 35. I just thought it was super insensitive while she is on her feet all day in a hot kitchen.
  3. I’m watching that one right now too. They really have a Hang-up on Nellie/mrs Olson and weight! Getting on nellies case for gaining weight while pregnant is so messed up.
  4. I think that’s Sunny’s annoyed lawyer face she makes whenever she’s waiting her turn on legal subjects.
  5. I don’t like the first few episodes. Too many characters, too much canned laughter.
  6. Season 1 carrie was so different. She was less angry and seemed to appreciate doug’s humor. She was also nice to all his friends. It’s actually kinda weird to see her smile so much in season 1.
  7. If they truly believe the world is ending next month then none of this should really be bothering them because there’s only a few weeks left anyway!
  8. They will prob say she was “saving” the kids by killing them as per her Messages from God (or is she a god? I lost track.) So she will try to be portrayed as a delusional, mentally ill woman who thought she was just saving her kids. And chad fell under her spell. Either way, I hope they throw them in a hole somewhere to suffer until the end
  9. Absolutely they will plead insanity.
  10. Hoda has stunted maturity. I think she grew up in a strict household and is now trying to relive her lost youth. She is just unaware of how foolish it looks to those who know she’s not 25.
  11. That interview with Zach and Donald was a mess. Cutting in and out and no control over the conversation. It prob would’ve been much much better as an in person interview. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I loved scrubs but this was hard to follow.
  12. I don’t know about you but I am so excited to hear about thrice divorced JLO tell us all about her upcoming wedding. This one is for realsies! True love this time! 🙄
  13. I don’t like the idea of someone’s hands all over the cake. Yuck. It’s gross to see someone handling fondant and then putting it on something you’re eating. I think of the fingerprints they have to smooth out. 🤢
  14. Yes I’m happy for Murr and his young fiancée but it’s clearly a new relationship. I can’t imagine joe being that mushy with his wife. I think behind him was a painting of his fiancée as a queen?
  15. OMG the third hour is ridiculous. It’s just watching 4 people FaceTiming each other desperately trying to find something of substance to discuss. C’mon this isn’t a local cable access show, they can do better than this!
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