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  1. Here's the first 8 minutes of season 2 while we wait for it to be Monday already!
  2. "Number 1 draft pick" Devin
  3. American Idol 7 Alum Syesha Mercado’s Son Taken Away by Florida CPS
  4. I think it was this dress. I agree she looked just lovely today!
  5. MM: "I love sex and I love men!" Also MM: *clutches her pearls hearing "g-spot" on the show*
  6. Andy Cohen is taking questions for Missy's appearance on his show next week, so right now her mentions are being flooded with people calling out her hypocrisy and bad behavior, lol. Here's one from former MTV reality star, Trishelle, which Andy replied made the cut.
  7. Imagine going through life this miserable...LOL
  8. This might be MeAgain's brattiest day yet -- so immature grumbling under her breath while Joy was speaking.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/videos/media/2021/01/06/joy-behar-vs-meghan-mccain-the-view-moos-vpx.cnn Wait for the end for the slow-mo replay of Nutmeg's crestfallen face. 😁
  10. Me when Joy told Nutmeg she missed her "ZERO!" to really drive the point home:
  11. I was sure that everyone just made the whole story up to get on TV, and there's no way she's actually romantically interested in him. But then they did spend Christmas together, so good for Cowboy, I guess?
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