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  1. Airs on June 16, 2020 Preview clip for the animated episode:
  2. A July 3rd release date was just announced for the Netflix BSC series:
  3. Rachel released this song that was cut from episode 405:
  4. First season two trailer, along with an introduction to the couples has been released: https://www.thewrap.com/temptation-island-season-2-trailer-proves-usa-reality-show-is-still-a-horrible-idea-for-couples-video/
  5. That Stassen guy isn't widely known, so Nutmeg decided to call out Mindy Kaling to garner more publicity for her audiobook. Especially rich coming from a woman who claims she shouldn't be held responsible for anything her own husband has to say:
  6. For those wondering what kind of lemonade it was, I went back to the "Lemonade-Gate" scene and took a screenshot: Did a search from that pic, and I'm pretty sure it’s this brand: According to the pricing on the web, it costs less than $2. Good grief! You would've thought it was a bottle of liquid gold from the way Iris was acting.
  7. atomic

    Fargo In The Media

    I'm actually not familiar with any of those actors' work, but if past seasons are any indication, I'm sure the casting won't disappoint. I'm just excited that production is about to be underway! Sounds like a promising storyline from the synopsis provided by FX:
  8. Reality Steve has said that Kaitlyn did sleep with Ben in the fantasy suite, and Jared backed that up on some podcast he did. Kaitlyn wasn't even the first three-for-three Bachelorette, though; Jillian's been candid about the fact that she slept with all her final three guys. The test drives obviously didn't have much impact on her final decision since she still picked the only guy she alluded to having "performance issues" but as far as the first triple crown goes, that ship has definitely sailed, lol.
  9. I love how much the Veronica role still means to Kristen:
  10. Ana will still get her book segment next week:
  11. Pam and Judd were interviewed for Real World: San Francisco's 25th anniversary:
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