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  1. Monday, Jan. 24 – Nicole Byer (“Wipeout”) Tuesday, Jan. 25 – Lisa Ling guest co-hosts; Rachel Lindsay (author, “Miss Me with That”) Wednesday, Jan. 26 – Lisa Ling guest co-hosts; Amber Ruffin (“The Amber Ruffin Show”) Thursday, Jan. 27 – Lisa Ling guest co-hosts; “The View” honors International Holocaust Remembrance Day with Dov Forman and Lily Ebert (authors, “Lily’s Promise”) Friday, Jan. 28 – Lisa Ling guest co-hosts; Carl Bernstein (author, “Chasing History”)
  2. Monday, Jan. 17 – “The View” honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock (D-GA); Jennifer Hudson (“Respect”) Tuesday, Jan. 18 – Valerie Bertinelli (author, “Enough Already”) Wednesday, Jan. 19 – David Muir (anchor, ABC News’ “World News Tonight”); Bill Murray joined by cellist Jan Vogler Thursday, Jan. 20 – Ricky Gervais (“After Life”); Sharon Gless (author, “Apparently There Were Complaints”) Friday, Jan. 21 – Day of Hot Topics
  3. I caught the last few minutes of the newest episode of the chase, Sara was wearing this outfit.
  4. Pluto TV is playing Rivals right now. I'm always amused when Sarah loses the puzzle elimination. Something that really bugs me about watching the Pluto rerun is that I have this very clear memory of Jen and Cara Maria continue their fighting at the house from the club. Pluto doesn't play it so I always question if that was shown in The Shit They Should Have Shown or if they cut down the episode(s) and this the only episode I notice it in.
  5. From what I can remember Camila wasn't banned because of her racism. It was because of her behavior while filming the Pros vs stars challenge.
  6. Monday, Dec. 13 – Political columnist and commentator Amanda Carpenter guest co-hosts; Ralph Fiennes (“The King’s Man”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices; “12 Days of Holidays” continues with surprises for our audience and a chance to win for viewers at home Tuesday, Dec. 14 – Political columnist and commentator Amanda Carpenter guest co-hosts; The Political View with New York Attorney General Letitia James in her first interview since suspending her campaign for governor; “12 Days of Holidays” Wednesday, Dec. 15 – Maggie Gyllenhaal (“The Lost Daughter”); Amy
  7. Monday, Dec. 6 – Former Utah congresswoman Mia Love guest co-hosts; Jordan Fisher (“Dear Evan Hansen”) Tuesday, Dec. 7 – Former Utah congresswoman Mia Love guest co-hosts; Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Sarah Ransome (“Silenced No More”) Wednesday, Dec. 8 – The Political View with California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) (author, “Ben and Emma’s Big Hit”); Penn & Teller (“Penn & Teller: Fool Us”) Thursday, Dec. 9 – Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams and Dana Canedy (“A Journal for Jordan”) Friday, Dec. 10 – Guest co-host Laverne Cox; Cynthia Nixon (“And Just Like That”)
  8. Will always be funny when the bell needs to rung or the moderator has to interject that Sara wants a chance to speak.
  9. So I've been trying to find the clip and the closest is the Barron clip. So she uses 'sick' for something else but she does say democrats always bringing up the kids in cages. But I swear in some segment she says she was tired of hearing about it. Here is a Twitter comment about her saying it.
  10. Since they had Abby back I couldn't help remembering the time she said she was sick of hearing about the kids at the border and then like 2 days later a teen dies while in detention facility.
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