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  1. Off the stage Sunny has a brace thing on. Do any of y'all remember if this is the hand that got smashed by a car door a few years ago?
  2. Sara's birthday segments, this year's and last year make me smile so much.
  3. Monday, Sept. 20 – Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina guest co-hosts; Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (“BMF”) Tuesday, Sept. 21 – Carly Fiorina guest co-hosts; Cynthia Erivo (Author, “Remember to Dream, Ebere”) Wednesday, Sept. 22 – Dulé Hill (“The Wonder Years”) Thursday, Sept. 23 – ABC News Correspondent and “Good Morning America” Co-anchor Eva Pilgrim (Author, “Walter Does His Best”) Friday, Sept. 24 – To Be Announced
  4. Sunny and Lisa view working less is laziness.
  5. Not wanting to work 12 hours everyday isn't laziness. I cannot even at Sunny bringing up Chinese factory workers.
  6. 🗣️📢 Whoopi, I'd like to let you know that you make millions on The View. I guess she must also not know that some people do want more/ higher tax brackets... like AOC. Poor Sara having to ring the bell so she can speak.
  7. They probably don't have a guest yet. I get the schedule here. https://abcnews.go.com/amp/theview/weekly-schedule-abcs-view/story?id=52315414
  8. They only put her in the intro for day she is on, like today.
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