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  1. I read these 2 posts as one being a reply to the other. I laughed way too hard thinking Toodles could smell Kody's pubic hair. I needed the laugh. 😄
  2. I think not much in the long run. But so many people want that FAME. No thanks.
  3. Yeah, the show and all the moving and general craziness must truly truely 😄 be stressful. I get the feeling they don't like each other any more either. Looking back to the beginning, Meri used to light up around Kody. I do really think it's sad how things have ended up for the wives and Kody. No one looks happy.
  4. Super duper late and just catching up on episodes. By any chance, Did Meri buy a house in Parowan Utah, by herself? Because, it wasn't mentioned 4357 times or anything. That is a place I had never heard of before. But heard about it 4357 times in 1 hour. Goodness!! These people have not aged well. Cody had such a baby face when they started the show! Wow. I honestly think this show ruined what they had. Anyway, I do like the B and B. It's cute, especially the exterior. I hope I'm in the right epi thread, they all kind of blend together.
  5. These people are such bed hoppers. It kinda grosses me out. Devin and Shannon?! Wow. She was just in love with Anthony! Wtf!!! Aubrey should never have messed with her face. She was cute with her natural face. Coffee is gorgeous!
  6. I didn't think I would agree with Aubrey on much, but she is right about how Anthony treats women. It's toxic. He plays with Shannon's emotions so much. And Geles is beautiful. I wish she would quit throwing herself at just anyone. Tevin is not my type of guy, but man, he is beautiful!! The twins aren't as bad as I thought they would be. And in what world is calling people corny an insult? Marie looked dumb when she was yelling at the twins.
  7. Jordan looks dirty in that purple shirt. Glad to see John go! Bye!!! Yeah, Josh is the worst. Such a baby.
  8. I think Wes is the type to know he is seen as a villain at times, and he plays it up. Like he is in on the joke. But really, he isn't a bad guy. That is how I see it. Now Johnny is just an ass. I was sad to see Wes go so soon. I always choose him over Bananas 🍌 I'm just carching up on these shows, so I'm a bit late to comment. But anyway, Dee and her nipples can shut up and go away. 😄
  9. Didn't watch the finale, but feel I need to, to see what was called out on Jackson!! Glad Nicole got AFP!! She was my fave!!
  10. That is insanely expensive. Seems like paying out of pocket would be cheaper, if no serious medical issues. Holy cow. Go Nicole!
  11. Yuck at seeing Baylee and Swag. He is such a mush mouth when he talks. Yuck.
  12. True! And that is the cool thing about the show. People like Jackson who you would never expect to like Nicole,, actually get to know people and see that they are really cool. She seems way more fun than Holly and Bella. And when she was in her sports bra, I was like dang, she is fit.
  13. I agree. I think Jackson likes Nicole.
  14. Oh too funny, I thought it was a Union number he was shouting! 😄
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