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  1. I am a fellow tin hatter. No shame in questioning what we are fed. Anyhow, I think that is exactly what the challenge is for. On to Mariah's pic, she was adorable with blonde hair! She should definitely try that again.
  2. Uh...the penis hashtag was so unnecessary! Why not keep that shit private. How embarrasing for Axel. Good heavens. Sad about dog though.
  3. Wow! When did Maddie say all that and what happened?!
  4. Janelle could walk with Leslie Sansone videos, rain, snow, heat or shine! I love Leslie. Any of you walked with her? That gravy looked nasty. Was it cold?!
  5. I think they all look pretty good there. Kody's hair is much better this way. Not so Einstein-ish.
  6. Cherry Cola


    Is the Christmas outfit she has on pajamas? Because, as pajamas, cute. Out in the world clothing, nah.
  7. Cherry Cola


    Oh that made me laugh!!! 😄
  8. I too am curious, and don't know where to find the info! I was surprised Grant is back on GH and also surprised Jason left it.
  9. Ok, in the most recent episode, with Yari, did anyone else think the shadow was really just her? It had the same hair cut.
  10. Goodness, Dan Levy is beautiful!!!!! They all look great!
  11. I agree. The cat plot was boring. David and Antonio were good. I loved the end when David whined that he didn't want to touch anything after he found out Alexis had sex there. 😄 I would be the same way. David is the best character. My fave.
  12. I agree. The women do seem miserable on all the plyg shows. How sad. I guess sharing a peen isn't all that great! 😄 I personally think it's greedy of a man to do have multiple wives. He can't emotionally be there for all of them. Sexually, yeah, but the emotions count too. And we have seen Kody bitch about that.
  13. Perhaps if it were just the shirt, it would be ok. Other than the outfit, she does look good.
  14. The proposal was sweet. I didn't see it coming. How bitter is Cara that she had to make nasty comments. Let the game for a second and be happy. Good grief! What a pussy chicken! 😄 Sad to see Theo go. I did crack up at Rogan saying he might propose to Joss in that moment. 😄
  15. Cherry Cola


    Well, I am happy for them. They are doing better than her parents!
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