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  1. Oh!! Duh. That makes sense now! I thought she was being sarcastic since I thought she was R P. πŸ˜„
  2. I thought the name was R.P. Arpi is weird. Don't like the charachter. Did Kyla Kennedy get work done already? I was just watching Speechless, then switched to this. The change was jarring. I know she has grown, etc...but her lips looked weird and something was off. She doesn't need work! She is a beautiful girl as is. Hollywood sucks. I don't like the Mayor's 2 helpers at all.
  3. Very sad to hear this news. Alex seemed like a cool guy. He is greatly missed. β™₯
  4. What?! Did the casting director sleep with a cast mate? Spill it!
  5. Yo, the other players are doing Enzo's job for him. Or so he thinks. πŸ˜„ Too many commercials! Ick I didn't really care who left. I liked the jury segment.
  6. I was like, did Cody really just say counting to 6 is hard?! Wow. That's embarrasing. Boring episode. I'm losing interest.
  7. Did you know there really is a whole weird world where people will pay big money for foot pics? It's true. And...weird. Enzo is all talk and no action. I'm bored of him. I have no one to root for anymore! πŸ˜₯ I couldn't relax to use bathroom if there was no lock. Yuck.
  8. Oh boy. Did this make me cry. I want to be friends with all those great people. πŸ˜₯
  9. I just finished this season. I will miss this sweet show. I loved the Jazzagals singing at the wedding. It was perfect. I liked how they did the end. It was sweet. Seemed like real I love yous the whole episode. And very real sad tears. I'm looking forward to whatever Dan Levy does next.
  10. I was surprises by it, but I liked it! Refreshing to me. Nooo! Not Tyler!!! There is no one left to root for!
  11. Hello fellow michigander!! I live on the other side of state than you. So hello from over here!
  12. I didn't think Memphis looked bad at all. A little larger than the others, but not bad. He has nice hair and is handsome. The personality is another story. πŸ˜„ Tyler looked cool in the yoga outfit. It suited him. Has anyone told Cody his smacking while chewing is gross? It is.
  13. I thought he had a brown napkin over his clothes, because of the pizza. πŸ˜„
  14. I got bored with all the damn commercials!!! Not sad to see any of them go. I was glad Dani went. She seems so cold and mean. What an epic fail for production with the triple eviction scrolling behind Julie as she went live to houseguests! Wow.
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