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  1. Sad that Clare is gone. Did Tiff demand that people say happy birthday to her son? I think I am done. I know no one cares when people express this. But I'm over this season. It's so dull. And I despise the cookouts racist strategy. This season fizzled out.
  2. I'm reading the book now, and just found out it will be a show. How cool! I'm excited.
  3. I'm sorry If I made you feel that way!!!
  4. I've never seen that in my life! Not saying it's not true. Just haven't. Weird.
  5. When I see forms there is always Hispanic and White listed, separately.
  6. I thought Tiffany was terrible by kind of comforting Hannah when she hit her head, but blaming Bid D the whole time. Shut up woman! Just comfort. Blame never helps in those situations. While Hannah was in,pain. I doubt she cared how or why it happened, until she relaxed a bit. Tiffany also blaming D for running away, but she was the first to stand and run! Yeah, we see you, Tiffany!!
  7. Oh 😆 I thought it was some random nickname. Thanks!
  8. Why do they call Hannah, chaddah? This season is so dull.
  9. But if white people literally said they were going after poc, would you still be ok with it, because they were "honest?"
  10. They have stated they want the white people out. It's about race. Not power.
  11. I am one who is against the cookout, since it is a race thing. But I agree. This group is not bad. Kind of dull actually. But it is nice to not have people yelling and screaming. They act like...adults!
  12. Yes. This is what bothers me. This cookout is racist!! Lots of people like to think black people can't be racist. Sorry, but that just isn't true!!!
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