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  1. You jerk! 😆 I laughed as soon as I saw it.
  2. She has Barbie feet. 😄 At first glance, I thought it was Cody and Jess.
  3. Is a season really going to happen? Please, No Jackson. I don't wanna hear him and his annoying quotes again. Dang, Boogie is scary!!
  4. And Cheyenne. Who said she wanted to kill all white people. Why is she getting a free pass? Cancel them all or none.
  5. MTV needs to get rid of Cheyenne too, she is pretty racist about white people.
  6. Dee is fired for being Anti BLM?! I am against the organization, but not black people or any other race. So I don't care if she doesn't support that. But what is she implying with her comment? She lost her virginity to a black man or what? I'm confused by it. Now I respectfully disagree with you here. I don't support the group BLM, but that in no way means I don't care about treatment of black people at all!!
  7. I hope we get a confirmation of something soon!
  8. Kaycee is awesome! I really liked her on BB and she is a rare one that I don't mind seeing here. Josh can go away anytime.
  9. A thought on Cate and Vaeda's nutrition. Perhaps she does care, because she doesn't want her kids to make the same mistakes as her or be fat?
  10. I noticed that too. I wonder why she said that so forcefully! It didn't fit what we were seeing. I also agree the talk with Bintley should have been off screen. But I do think they are good parents, and should move on from this show and just enjoy life. Maci and Taylor have a beautiful family. Did Ryan break a tooth? He used to be so handsome. That quickly changed. Cate= Boring.
  11. I love Jenna, but I hate her relationship with Zach. He is awful to her. Is this because she went without him, so he has to start some drama? Jenna. Run! Don't marry him. There are good guys out there. Why are they focusing so much on Kailah and Bear? People cheat on this show ALL THE TIME. It's nothing new. Jay, I'll miss you!
  12. Is Ryder's preschool Abbey Miller's old dance studio, from Dance moms? That's what it made me think of. Dimitri seems decent, but why is he dating Amber???
  13. I take it you like the hair? Or think Jay's ugly? I can't decide. 😄
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