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  1. Yeah. I guess I don't even know why I care. I don't like Nicole, Dani or Memphis anyway. 😄
  2. We have different opinions on this, and that is ok. The video of Nicole and Dani alone, yes, they are speaking quietly. But, I guess if you are a social media Influencer, like Nicole, maybe she should be more careful.
  3. I disagree. The girls were talking quietly about thr rocking after Memphis left. But if they left the room anytime Ian came in the room, they would be criticized for that as well. Have they said more about him that I am unaware of?
  4. I would be stressed by Ian's constant rocking as well. I get that it soothes him. But it's unfair that they can't express that they don't like it, without people automatically calling them bullies.
  5. Well. Where I am coming from is, I see them as a person. If they are an asshole, then they are. I don't care what color they are. I feel like the girls, Day and Bay bring it up and make it an issue when it isn't. Not saying they are assholes, just an example. So it turns into this, we were nommed. Racist.
  6. But...they are the ones who make race an issue. Why?!
  7. Yes, yes it is. Now, I may have missed out on some stuff on live feeds, but from what they showed, Day and Bay make it all about race every single time something happens. It's old.
  8. Yes! That had me laughing too! She literally doesn't know what literally means. 😄 I hate when people misuse that word. Was the editing weird to anyone else, when they had the prize reveals? It focused on hands and crotches. We were like, WTF?!
  9. Was Christmas crying just an act? I wish she had nommed Dani. She seems so vile. Nicole losing her pants was the best part of the episode.
  10. She said that stuff?! I don't think it is bad she nommed them both, but saying she will get forked and stabbed looks bad. Wow.
  11. Right!! I look at him, then Tyler. Kaysar and his style is much more appealing than Tyler and his skinny pants and ugly hair. Just some random observations. 😄
  12. I loved Kaysar outing the alliances. Cody and Nicole looked pissed. It was amazing, even of it didn't work. Nicole looked like a nerd in her outfit.
  13. Yes! And slightly creepy. I thought the Meow Meow was all about big moves. I could tell by all the big move talk, he was going to go the easy route. How disappointing.
  14. Breona Taylor's death wasn't race related. It's absolutely horrible that it happened, but not sure why people keep adding it to a list as if she were specifically targeted due to her skin color. A drug bust at the wrong address. Dispicable. Anyway, Dani's hair is ugly and I don't like how smug she is.
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