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  1. greekmom

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    Plot contrivance maybe? I can't see any other reason for it except for a way for Serena to go see Luke and Luke get the tape. In regards to Holly - I am hoping Canada takes on a Switzerland role. They already strayed so far from the original book that it is plausible. In regards to the cargo, even the States who has had an embargo with Cuba still does some trading. It's very restrictive but it's still there. I'm thinking that maybe there could be the same thing with Canada and Gilead.
  2. greekmom

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    The TLC bull crap that Jenny is shoveling about Summit not meeting her up at the airport – I’m not buying, and neither should you guys. Another one of these “WE have an audience”. Hon, you have a camera crew following you, of course you have an audience. I like the apartment, and did he say it was only $350 a month? Wow! And culture clashes when they go shopping for saris. Hopefully Sumit doesn’t call her fat. LOL. Tiffany is another one (like Nicole) who insists that the new dude in the picture is the kid’s dad. I feel so sorry for these kids on these TLC programs. If the old Ronald put you through “hell”, why would you go back with your kid in tow to check out the “new” Ronald? I would have given Roland the heave ho. Personally, I think Tiffany wants an adventure and some romance, which is cool, but she has a kid. She cannot have this the way she wants it. Sorry. Ludwig is talking for all of us. We all cannot believe that Angela 2.0 married Aladdin after 7 days. Another love rat from Tunisia. Pol and Karine. I don’t give two figs about. Just make them go away TLC. And sterilize them.
  3. Did these two get thrown out of the storage facility? It was commented on last night's episode of Pillow Talk to that effect. So they are couch surfing at this point?
  4. greekmom

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    This episode confused me. I had issues/questions on the following: 1. As people mentioned before, the fact that the Commanders and wives seemed horrified at Janine’s beating. Comeon, they cannot be that naïve. 2. Who do the Aunts report to? I mean I get they are above the Marthas and possibly in a way above the wives because they can read and write. But do they answer to a specific Commander? And if so, who? 3. Where was Sylvia living? I thought it was Montreal but Emily got off the Dufferin St. exit on the subway which is Toronto. Emily commented she was going back to the hotel. Which is odd because she was in Toronto with Luke and Moira. Wouldn’t she go back to the apartment? 4. I understand that it’s a transgression in Gilead for Luke to divorce his wife to marry June but the fact that they are harping that June let her daughter go to school ill. We all saw the scene. It wasn’t like she was callous and did it on purpose. Hannah wasn’t even all that ill at that point but they made it all sound that June sent Hannah off to school with some fatal disease that would have killed the girl. 5. It was commented by Hannah that wife Mackenzie beat her last season. Now it’s a 160 that wife Mackenize is a great mom to Hannah? Show needs to stick to one path and not change it. Plus if Wife Mackenzie was such a great humanitarian, she would have adopted an orphan when she was helping the orphans thus not needing to steal Hannah. (to me, she outright stole the child or Gilead stole the child for her). 6. The line about how she feels about Waterford, I put that down as Stockhome syndrome. One hope that I have is that Canada’s role isn’t like in the book (complacent to Gilead) but more like Switzerland. They have done so many changes from book to show that my hope is a strong possibility. I also hope that Emily tells Sylvia of the horrors she endured to heal. June is really playing both the Waterfords and I like it. I hope it doesn’t backfire on her. I knew that she would never forgive Serena for her part in the rapes and Hannah.
  5. greekmom

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    If idiot Dolt didn't change the password, there is still the wifi.
  6. Is Pedro's sister going out to sell her wares ???
  7. Reminds me of the psycho bad dude from Jessica Jones. (this season's)
  8. God forbid!! Debbie went on a vacation by herself!?!? What about the money that she spent? Don't lie Colt. You called the cops.
  9. There is something just really off about Coltee's figure. It's too womanly looking
  10. Pao is asking for alot. This isn't the birth of the messiah. It's your kid. Go to the freaking hospital.
  11. so how much is her stylist???
  12. I don't like the fact that they moved it to Sundays at 11. That's WAY too much TLC on Sundays for me. They should have left it on Mondays before or after 90 Day the Other Way .
  13. I saw online that Karine, Pole and Pierre are now in the States. So either a) Mother coughed up sponsorship b) Father coughed up sponsorship or c) this season's storyline is production driven. Man. TLC has given me a complex.
  14. greekmom

    Jenny & Sumit: Slumdog Thousandaire

    @Drogo I love the title!!! Excellent job! What I find funny is that Summit wants to keep this from his parents. Well mummy and daddy will find out somehow now that the show has aired. I personally think it's a bunch of TLC bullcrap. As pointed out by TwirlyGirly, these two have been at it for 7 years. I just still don't get the attraction. I mean they have nothing in common.