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  1. I know right??? Greece too. It get's worse when you go up north. I went into a university and the bathrooms had squat toilets. I just can't anymore with these people. Either they are so fucking clueless that they need assistance to tie their shoes or just absolutely stupid beyond hell. We have access to birth control (therefore no reasons for an oops as in Ari and Devan's cases. I mean whatever happened to no glove, no love campaign? What happened to being careful about AIDS?), access to goggle (in Jenny's, Ari and Devan's cases) so that they can look up the information such as living conditions, neighbourhoods, reviews on Air B&Bs, translators on information if not in English and Indian divorce laws. They cannot be THAT STUPID. And if they are, TLC is just saying "Hey Americans are really stupid." I am waiting for TLC to shit on my favourite couple of Ken and Armando. Just waiting for that shoe to drop.
  2. Why is it that Jihoon wants her to stay but neither have two dimes to rub together. Then he sits and bitches and smokes and proclaims his life is a shit hole.
  3. I've stayed in worse Ari. Shut up. It's not a first world country
  4. He proclaimed proudly that this was his nickname.
  5. I think Jenny gets some perverse pleasure of being the 'other woman'.
  6. Stupid question. Why does he need headphones in the car? And isn't that dangerous?
  7. I noticed Binim has a large cross. So there will be some religion issues.
  8. Now he's crying and saying what a fuck up he is? What happened to 2 weeks ago when he was hanging out with his buddies?!?!? hahaha
  9. Mom is a Karen but she has a point. Jihoon needs to step up and be a man.
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