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  1. I have to agree with you. While Mursel isn't the best fish in the sea he does do work outdoors (the gardening) and assists with the bees. She has to sleep with him, not you and I, so whatever floats her boat. At least she has a legit business as you pointed out and didn't/doesn't rely on the TLC gravy train and the off shoots (cameo, only fans) to supplement her income.
  2. Looks like Angela wants to fight Tammy from the previews
  3. Eric screams that he plays for the other team. There is no way that man is even bisexual let alone straight. I thought they just rent vehicles and leave them in the designated airport rental area and return the keys at the rental company at the airport. I don't think Eric forked over the money. I think it was sponsored by the doctor for free advertising and/or Sharp paying. I am glad this is over as they have recycled these ppl enough but it sucks there will not be any new blood for the original.
  4. What does Angela's 3-8-11 tat means? Ang. Trump doesn't give a shit about you and your boy toy. Speaking of drinks - I love me a martini: dry martini, gin martini, dirty martini, burnt martini...
  5. Angela sure has her priorities. Put's a small child in charge of other smaller children so she can call her boo.
  6. List be damned, it's action that matters. They can make any list of who does what but unless it's followed through it's worthless as the paper it's written on.
  7. Things TLC will not give me: 1. Charlie being beating to a pulp by Andrei and his crew. 2. Michael throwing a cake in Grangela's face before getting the BJ from someone younger. 3. Debbie placing her hand on Colt and them confirming what we all know. 4. Kalani beating the shit out of Tammy. Or throwing her in the lake and/or ocean. 5. Syngin leaving Tania.
  8. I'm confused about the timeline... were they not wearing winter jackets like two episodes ago?
  9. I think they did it 2xs on the whole trip. Once when she got there and then the wedding night.
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