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  1. Can I post this here?? Liam is moving back to Canada. Where in Canada - I dunno. And pitbulls are not banned in Canada but a full band in Ontario and then banned and/or restricted in certain provinces. Liam needs to clarify that next time. https://www.banpitbulls.org/where/where-are-pit-bulls-banned-in-canada/
  2. greekmom

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    The whole idea of "bearing witness" to Lawrence & company performing the ceremony does not make sense. How many Handmaids did the Waterfords have before June? Surely, more than the one prior to June who committed suicide. None of them got pregnant because we know Fred is shooting blanks (even though they won't acknowledge it's the man's fault) so in theory the same could be said for Lawrence. Really, they are at the point where the Fonz is jumping the shark.
  3. I think she's changing in the bathroom to be all sexy like after the long plane ride.
  4. greekmom

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    You have not Scott Baio's "winner" movie - Zapped. I won't be checking out the sequel to Top Gun as I cannot stand Cruise and the whole Scientology thing.
  5. It's just my bad attempt at a screen shot doing this at 7:30 am before work. LOL. Sorry if you thought it was a video.
  6. greekmom

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    Sooooo much on my wish list. Keller forces Fred (ie. it's the wall with trump up charge or me!) and Serena catches them.
  7. greekmom

    Rebecca & Zied:

    You mean denial?
  8. greekmom

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    It looks like the Waterfords and Commander from D.C. are going to pressure Lawrence and his wife to go through the ceremony. In front of them?!?!?! Looks like the wife will have a breakdown over the mention of the ceremony. I mean they could just lie and say she went through the ceremony. Why would they want actual proof Lawrence is doing it??? Ugh.... I hate the misdirection of previews.
  9. greekmom

    Caesar & Maria:

    This season's Ricky?
  10. I second that one! Awesome title Drogo!
  11. greekmom

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Until Mummy and Daddy Somemeat show up to proclaim their disapproval, I 'm wondering if it's TLC exaggerated bull crap. I don't think she can sponsor him on a K1 since she herself isn't a US citizen but most likely a resident or green card holder. As per the K1 website: "U.S. green card holders (permanent residents) are not eligible to sponsor a fiancé for a K1 visa." So, unless she is thinking to come back to Canada (gawd forbid!) and bring Aladin here too (I'm dreading even typing this), I really wonder what the long con is for this love rat. Unless he doesn't realize she's NOT a citizen and cannot bring him over. Oh and a screen shot of Laura giving her passport at the booth. It's not a great shot but you can tell it's a Canadian passport.
  12. For anyone wondering why Laura has not applied for the K1 to bring Aladin to the States. I'm just wondering on why she insists on living in Florida... Nevermind... you can have her.
  13. Really, they are going to call it black magic?!?!?! hahahaha. TLC you are pulling weeds.
  14. Idiot Jenny Magoo....no one is judging you. They were probably pointing at the camera and the fact there is a white woman with those Indian guys.
  15. What was she expecting?? A 2500 sq ft home!?!? Idiot.