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  1. https://www.celebuzz.com/g/angela-deem-4-26-21/2/?utm_source=relic&utm_content=inf&ipp=1&t1 True?
  2. That's a good one. I was thinking George is sick. Mary is off to bible study group. Georgie and Missy were going out and let Brenda in as she brought soup over for George. Brenda goes the the bedroom and is all nice and neighbourly and concerned for George but we know what's up. She closes the door, starting making the moves on George. Sheldon comes in from reading week. Hears some noise (something gets knocked over). Knocks - walks in - sees Brenda kissing George with her blouse off (she took it off earlier to entice George). Sheldon leaves. George throws out Brenda. And it's never discu
  3. Sorry maybe I should have clarified. I was thinking that yes George Sr. was tempted but then had second thoughts about it.
  4. But in every situation there's his version, her version and the truth somewhere in between. They could salvage George Sr.'s character by saying Sheldon remembered this wrong. Sheldon was 13. He said he saw his father having relations with another woman. Now that could mean anything to someone as naive as Sheldon even at 13 (last night's comments of the shack "You've seen Scooby-Doo"). Say woman was coming onto George Sr. (i.e. kissing him and trying to take off his shirt) and Sheldon walked in before George turned her down? So he saw enough to presume they were having relations but
  5. What concerns me is the fact that the one guy (who I previously thought was BJ Steven) saying to turn her in. Does he not know Gilead? I agree with @mamadrama about planting her at another boarder point. Interesting that they didn't travel by land but through the Great Lakes. I still don't buy they were able to get there at record time given the route they have to take. Even if their starting point was Thunder Bay instead of Toronto. At best I would think St. Joseph's Island.
  6. Well the ending was meh. I was happy for Jill's happy ending. Bonnie and Adam was a surprise but I guess they needed to show Bonnie's growth. Just wish they gave Wendy something.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CO1KWJ8DK9Y/?hl=en Well that's not going to turn out like I thought it would....
  8. I agree about Detroit. Going to Chicago from Toronto is 837 kms crossing via Sarnia. Going via Windsor is 898 kms. I doubt they would have flown to Chicago with all that heavy fighting. It would have been some on land envoy. Timing wise it looked like they gave the ok for the cease fire and it happened later that day. Even Nick complained that he wouldn't have enough time to pull back troops to do the bombing before the cease fire. I still stand by my comments last weekend in regards to who is benefiting from Gilead. Seriously no one. Not even those in charge. Because if they were bene
  9. Slow paced episode. Just finished it in Ontario. I don't get what Lawrence's deal is. First he seems that he wants things back they way they were. Then he wants to bomb Chicago before the cease fire. Nick as well I can't get my head around. He likes the power but he still loves June (whatever love means in his weird twisted way). Aunt Lydia of course is just evil and I don't believe she can ever change. She likes the power as much as Lawrence and Nick. Even if Gilead fell tomorrow the States is gone.
  10. Took a look at Madeline Brewer's IMDB and
  11. A topic on 90 day podcasts. Which ones are your favourites? Which ones would you pass on? Which ones require you to join pateron to obtain more tea? For those who don't listen to podcasts you can listen for free on spotify or itunes. A few podcasts are: Reality Gays 90 Day Fiance: A Rainy Day Podcast 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray 90 Day Fiance Trash Talk The Fraudcast: A 90 Day Fiance 90 Day Fiance: The Podcast 90 Day The Melanated Way Pink Shade Did I miss any good ones? Let's chat about the podcasts and podcasters!!
  12. Especially with streaming services now. Alot of famous movie actors are doing Netflix, Prime and Hulu projects. This is the a dumb idea show. Why is it Kevin always regresses back to Sophie? I know she was his first love but seriously show, let Kevin move on. I don't see Kevin as much as a people pleaser as Zoe made him out to be. There were times he said what he wanted. And I didn't realize giving into an activity from time to time is considered a people pleaser activity. I hope this is a fakeout by show and she's just calling to congratulate him on the wedding. Hasn't Sophie her
  13. Forgot to mention the ending scene where the doctors are telling Angela to wake up and so "panicked" that she isn't is just a rehash of the same scene when Larissa got her plastic surgery. Not buying it.
  14. Knowing what we know about Angela and knowing what we know about TLC production I would side that Angela didn't follow the rules.
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