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  1. Finished it. So pissed they didn't clear up the Dele in Nigeria storyline. And I cannot believe Abishola is willing to leave him there. Has anyone ASKED Dele what he truly wants? I think he would say go back to the States with his mom. Sure he was having a nice time with his sisters and sure Tayo can get him in the best schools but he and his mom have a good connection. Plus I don't like it when shows push out the kids. They did it with the show Mom.
  2. I hope Somemeat's parents call Jenny an oldie at least once. Night folks!!
  3. Can't they marry first and then she becomes a Mormon?
  4. Interesting how they are showcasing artists before the segment. Guess they need filler??
  5. fire jumping thing could have been a re-created storyline? They tend to do that.
  6. Great tea Frozendiva. Why am i not shocked though.
  7. Wasn't Evil-lyn sleeping with her ex boyfriend while they were married??
  8. Sadly still closed for Canadians to cross but open to Americans to come up.
  9. I'm partial to "sexy time" Damn... Toronto - so close yet so far! I wish we can organize a meet up in Toronto for all of us here who are in Ontario or can get to Toronto.
  10. I want to go to Turkey sooooo bad and visit a Hamam.
  11. Saw you there too but i have not had a chance to really get into the responses. That was one crazy ride huh? Those ppl are freaking crazy. Damn Mormons (sorry to any Mormons).
  12. Darcy and Stacey look so gross. They just need to stop with the surgeries.
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