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  1. I can't even stay up on Friday's for the 10 pm Fraudedbytlc live.
  2. Why is Erica dressed as a safari tour guide?
  3. I would have loved the release of the video WITH the model.
  4. I wonder what her excuse will be this time?? Maybe her cat died?
  5. I really wonder if Lana will message David at like 10:01.
  6. Damn it Ed. Couldn't you have showered and shaved for god's sake?
  7. Tom needs to release his birth cert. No way he's 39.
  8. Is Usuman that desperate? I thought Angela was vile... but Lisa man, she's a whole other level.
  9. EXACTLY. Right from Joe, Carole, Doc, etc they are all really shitty. These animals deserve a reserve where they can run free, not caged up and certainly not shot when they out live their "cutness". Private zoos should be banned. Owning exotic animals should be banned.
  10. Plus, what happened to those 400 thread count sheets? And the fact he was ok to go to chop shop for a mani/pedi but grossed out at the fact of taking a STD test at the hospital. Right Ed. Right. You're not a germaphobe, you're a control freak. #controlfreak
  11. The timeline is a bit confusing. The point when we see Rebecca on her "death bed" is approximately 10 years in the future as Kevin's kid's seem around 10 years old. But that would make Jack 2.0 and Hailey (sister of Jack 2.0) around 12-13. Plus Kevin looked alot older aged than 10 yrs. I would say more like 20 years. The Jack 2.0 timeline looks to be around 20-25 years into the future which would make sense with how Tess looked when Randall picked her up and how Randall and Kevin have aged. I wonder if Madison will miscarriage at some point after the Big 3's 40th birthday and Kevin moves on and has twins with Sophie or another woman? We need a decent timeline thread.
  12. Didn't he say at the 40th birthday party that his fiancee was ill and lying down?
  13. I don't think it was the location of the trial but the fact that a) it's 9 months and b) it's a long shot. I have to agree to disagree with you on this one with Kevin vs Randall. Kevin did say something nasty but hell... what Randall spewed out FIRST was way bad. Kevin didn't deserve it after Randall guilt tripped Rebecca into entering the trial.
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