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  1. I would imagine that Lola and Robin would have already found a nanny given their jobs. Why isn't she there? And agree with poster above that for someone on mat leave they are bothering her WAY too much. Good use of Anne Heche show. I have not seen her on tv in years. I didn't like the whole pow wow circle safe space thing. I don't understand where Luke is going with this except to switch sides as a defender instead of a prosecutor. Glad the bad cop storyline is out of the way. I was surprised that the backpack gal was still alive. I thought maybe she died.
  2. I thought that was a Wheeler move. I mean he is a nice guy but he is his mother's son. I am not sure how much luck Tayo would have had in court. First, he name dropped some lawyer. Sure we can all name drop but does Tayo have the funds to afford the guy? I mean I can say my lawyer is Amal Clooney but put your money where your mouth is. I know Tayo has some money but I don't think it's Bob level money. Second what else bothers me is the fact that Tayo does have a second wife and family. While I know that polygamy is practiced in Nigeria (thanks 90 day fiancé!) it is a frowned upon practice in the States which would work in Bob's favour IMHO.
  3. Go Auntie Oluwa! She is absolutely right about Abishola's husband.
  4. Brandon is an ass. Most people would not like this.
  5. I don't think you are allowed to take drinks off the plane. He would have been stopped in customs.
  6. I really have to wonder to those of you here who came over on a K1. Did you get that upset about missing your family? I mean i know you missed them.... but to the point of hysterical tears?!?!
  7. Right?!?! She would be lucky if she sees that ring again. He loses it.
  8. Stephanie looks like she's had major sun damage. Too many tanning beds in the 80s and 90s?
  9. I wonder if TLC stipulates in their contract that they have to say the guy's age when they are speaking about them.
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