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  1. Thank you @MrBuhBye for setting up the chat forum. I have been busy binging on the Americans and forgot the day. Seriously never saw the show when it originally aired and OMG. I am already on season 5. Onto this dumpster fire. Don't care about Gino/Jasmine. Hazma is probably regretting Memphis coming over. She's a bossy little see you next tuesday - huh? Usman - sorry man, but a thank you and kissing the macbook pro isn't enough. The bill is due and you gotta pay the piper. So lie down and think of BGL and pay up sucker. One thing I have noticed is that producti
  2. Wonder if CN has a hand in that character and will make her explore her sexuality. I am soooo done with the actress and the character. I was done 9 episodes ago. (yeah I know this is ep 8)
  3. Carrie can just start to vape. You know that the writers could have written the whole Miranda explores her sexuality and breaks up with Steve 10 different ways that would have been more satisfying for the audience to swallow it. It's just lazy writing.
  4. Watched it. The only thing I can say was that I appreciated Steve's remarks about how Miranda yo-yo's him all these years till they finally got to a comfortable place. I just don't understand why their sex went down the toilet. My prediction is that Miranda will show up in Cleveland and find Che in bed with another woman. They will tell Miranda "Hey I told you I am not a traditional type person." Miranda will get hurt which at this point, I am glad about it cause she is a shit character. (My biggest hope which they won't do is have her run back to Steve who will reject her. *sigh* A gi
  5. I'm wondering about the woman in last night's episode Four Fathers. I'm thinking that Jack Dameon made it big. Bought a big fancy place, flashy gf and then got a set back, sold everything/moved to a more modest place and then met and married the woman from the diner.
  6. Was the blond in the future the same girl Jack Damon met at the restaurant? She didn't look the same. Maybe it was the hat and shades. I was so sure that it would have been Sophie on the other end of Kevin's call. Great episode overall. Looks like next week's is a filler.
  7. I was hoping she turns out to be The Williams or at least a Maria. But as they say the night is young and there have not been any photos or clips from the show showing that he actually meets her. Personally I think this guy is full of shit and glad his ex wife is free from him. Plus since he's attracted a catfish, that means his info goes on a list which is sold to other people catfishing. I agree with the posters above. His kids hate him and his ex wife as well. If push came to shove and he needed something, his kids would laugh their ass off.
  8. First. Plot contrivance on Bob spilling the beans. If Abishola said it was a secret, Bob wouldn't have said anything to Chewy. If Tunde and Olu were ok with their niece being a lesbian, why did they participate in the above 'pray the gay away'??? I love the bus driver and Douglas. I sure hope they end up together. Now they have to find someone for Christina.
  9. Has the show been cancelled? No mention of season 2 episode 10
  10. guys I am hoping the big storm that's suppose to come is a big lie. Night and sweet dreams.
  11. that would make a good topic heading, I wish there was a mod who can do this topics for the couples.
  12. the lead lady in that is hot looking. Kim is not.
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