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  1. Glad show didn't make Shaun "cured" of his aversion to hand holding but that he and Carly found a compromise. For gawd's sake show, give Claire a break! Please don't let her go down the path of her mother.
  2. Tell All part 1 was an absolute snooze. Gawd we need another host! Corey and Evilyn - I don't know what's worse. Evilyn for screwing Corey, Corey for being so gullible or TLC for springing Raul on him. Damn TLC you are cold as ice. Laura and Aladin - There are alot of unanswered questions here. a) her pension. b) how SHARP entertainment paid her if she doesn't have a legal visa to work in the States. c) the reason Aladin is so pissed off. I'm wondering if it's the fact that she spilled the tea on the show about the bad jiggy jiggy and that her money has dried up is the reason that it's over. I wish Aladin would just spill the whole tea and be done with it. Jenny & Somebitch - Unless you bring me rock solid proof and not just drippy ugly Jenny's words that she didn't know about the marriage, I still wouldn't believe it. She knew. I hope Ms. Summit gets a hold of Jenny and beats the crap out of her after she beats Somebitch. Tiffany & Ronald - I really don't care. Tiffany you made your bed. Now lie in it. Paul & Karine - I am still under the impression Karine will make a surprise appearance in the second part. 2 minutes before it ends. Devon & Jihoon - except for some of the TLC drama, they actually seem to be half ok. Hopefully they make it. Devon needs to go back to her golth black hair and burn that dress. Did I miss anyone?
  3. $1500 - after the show Evelyn texted Corey she needed a grand.
  4. Betcha she's hiding for part II as a special surprise.
  5. I hope droopy sad dog Jenny is completely devastated. Ditto.
  6. Everyone ready for the Tell nothing part uno?
  7. AWWWWW Bikini and drippy Ben are wearing matching outfits! Snore.😅
  8. You know Jennifer can do one of two things. Either she just cuts her losses. Or puts up with the sexless relationship, even stroking his ego a bit to get the K1, have a side piece kick and then divorce him once the green card is in. Her choice on how she wants to play it.
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