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    Is it me or did anyone get the vibe that the piss ant son desired Caroline as well as wanting to destroy her? I bet if Caroline offered to sleep with him he would just do it to get revenge sex. And why didn't they even show the reading of the will but just assumed that the guy has the majority share? I mean to me it sounded like he was lying to get even with her for a) marrying his father and b) outing her from the firm. The ex husband said to Caroline that she was taken care of. She would have at least made sure that his claim of the majority was legit.
  2. Agreed. The first episode's intro to the new characters was confusing. I miss Sinead. She was a hard ass but she really cared for the nurses. The new one just seems like a real hard bitch. At least the new administrator seems to give a crap (telling Woofe they are changing the insurance benefits). I hope Woofe gets out of this drug thing with little repercussions. It was nice to see Mrs. Kim from Kim's Convenience as the restaurant owner.
  3. Rebecca looked alot better in that picture than now.
  4. One thing really bothered me is that TLC is keeping Angela. She needs to go along with Rose's ex. The way she spoke to Michael was down right abusive. We all suffered second hand embarrassment for the tech guy. Despite if Micheal is or is not a scammer as far as we know he's never treated Angela as bad as she has treated him. Forgot to add that I remember participating in a Friday Night frauded that the podcaster Frauded by TLC had back when she was able to provide some insight. Robert from Robert and Anny came on and I threw the question out there: "What is Angela really like?" Rob
  5. Damn. Did anyone else hop that Charlie and Andrei's fight went into the pool ala Dynasty?
  6. Sadly, he invested alot of time in Grangela. He still wants the green card and doesnt want to start over.
  7. Michael should really call her bluff. Tell her ok, send the divorce papers BITCH.
  8. Charlie was the only smart one who flew to the destination.
  9. Producers to Tech guy:"Hey want to make a bit of extra cash and promo your business? We will have one of reality stars come in to add a tracker to her husband's phone." Tech guy: "Sure why not" Angela: "Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!" Tech guy thinking "Holy shit. What the fuck did i sign up for?"
  10. Seriously. Jovi's mom has been the star of all moms on 90 days. Shit... imagine if Yara had to deal with someone like Trish.
  11. I liked the other show that featured several people. They were like hoarders but on the other end of the spectrum.
  12. Speaking of hookers, I wonder if Natalie will ever go on OF.
  13. 10 to 1 they are saving 'HOOKERGATE' for the tell all.
  14. yeah you didn't miss much so far. Missed last call at the LCBO?
  15. Damn. this is going to be a 5 beer show and I only have 3
  16. Skyla don'tcha lie. Mama didn't spend a whole bunch of money on her makeover. TLC did.
  17. Right?? She's been smoking since she was 13. What was her excuse then?
  18. Actually Angela you should add some ice cream and chocolate syrup to the smoothie.
  19. Peacock in the States. Showcase in Canada.
  20. I have 2 friends who have rats as pets. Yeah i rather have a pet snake before I have a rat. I agree with you they need an actual therapist (not a TLC one) if they want to work out their issues. I agree with the poster above that Tom is such a poser. He lives with his mom. He (along with Jesse) should be kissing Darcey's ass for the exposure they received in 90 days. But like Darcey, Tom has a type. I bet if he did have money, Larissa would be on him like hooker chasing a dollar. I just wish that 90 day would just cut ties with him along with a few others.
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