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  1. Maybe they were waiting for room service for the food, or it was in the fridge. Or the menu was just alcohol.
  2. Yeah, Usman, your bill is due. Either return the gifts to Superfan Kimbaaaaly, apologize for leading her on and having zero interest in her being your girlfriend, or put out. Lesson for Kimbaaaky, unless you have millions and a $3000 or so is chump change, hold off on giving undeserved expensive gifts to international superstars who can afford their own laptops and gaming systems. Women of my generation were brought up to know that most gifts came with price tags. Things like flowers are romantic gestures in the initial courtship. Expensive stuff comes with expectations. Wonder if Za
  3. Thank you for the discussion thread! So Jasmine goes to a party sans Gino. Her *divorce* party, complete with a male stripper. At least she has decent footwear. The party also got her drunk and trash talking Gino a bit. He will eventually see the footage and the male stripper's naked butt. Well, the show covered it for the viewer. It did go on a little too long for my liking. Kimbaaaaly is running out of time to see if Usman is boyfriend and/or husband material. He is not too keen on moving in to her hotel room. He likes his own space. Don't blame him. They did go to a nice historica
  4. Hello Craig! Long time no see. Still looking good. Please, Nancy, get a better wig. I liked seeing Xander and Brady together. Maybe one of them can also find a few Salem Brain cells. Xander got dumped... again. I liked Gabi slapping JDevil. Eventually he is going to run out of women. Chanel does not cry well. I can see her being angry and upset, but she only knew the guy for a couple of months. A whirlwind relationship. Yeah, a few tears but just anger. I also thought that Italy was more progressive in terms of someone making a comment that Johnny was with a black woman. Maybe s
  5. When Ava was helping Gwen with the mask, she touched some sort of voice modulator at the back of the wig or something. It would still be a challenge to get some of Sarah's idioms correct, but this is a soap.
  6. Gwen as Sarah slipped when she said that Maggie told her that Xander fell in love with Gwen. Don't think Maggie said that. Someone is in possession of the Salem Brain. Kate's telling Abs about her kidnapping, Kristen's mask use, the large suitcase = A+B=C. And now she can confront 'Sarah', who conveniently only came to visit for a couple of hours. Chad, tell EJ what happened when you walked in on him and Abs kissing. EJ was actually in the courtroom talking to his lawyer. And then maybe you can start putting together that Johnny is not acting like himself. JDevil was a bit creep
  7. Some nuns may wear a wedding ring - usually on the right hand.
  8. https://screenrant.com/90-day-fiance-juliana-accused-cheating-michael-sarah/ The mess continues to unfold.
  9. Kayla is not a very good nun. I couldn't come up with any on the spot quotations of Bible passages. I would be suspicious of a bunch of Americans coming to the convent. None seeming to be real nuns or priests. Steve made a bunch of PI mistakes. Of course Kristen is not going to let him walk away. He can find her! And so can the ISA! The Brady story does check out. Too bad Kristen can't find some answers on what happened to Philip. The mask business is stupid. Hopefully the voice modulator will break off and Gwen will start talking like herself. It was despicable to pretend to be Sara
  10. It could just be Michael making some sort of cash grab. It's just a strange story.
  11. Messy, if any truth to this. https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/pregnant-90-day-fiance-star-julianas-cheating-paternity-scandal/
  12. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-johnny-dimera-raises-hell/ https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-craig-wesley-comes-out-of-closet/ Johnny spoiler speculation about either a Chanel baby or Gabi baby. Craig spoiler about Leo possibly outing him.
  13. Nicole, go buy a chainsaw, learn to use it, get some goggles and then cut the table. Or maybe just buy some placemats or a tablecloth. The Enormous Duke was hilarious. At least Ava can claim she ate something that brought on the nightmare. Too bad Steve couldn't have found a helper who was not Kayla who could slip inside the convent to trap Kristen. Kristen is certainly on to Father Nichols and suspects that Sister Mary Elizabeth is Kayla. And shows up at Steve's hotel room with a gun - nice use of a holey Bible. The good book with a good gun. Gwen, if Xander does find Sarah and
  14. Screenrant has an article that claimed Memphis is 4 feet, 9.5 inches tall. She is petite.
  15. https://screenrant.com/90-day-fiance-mahogany-roca-reveals-real-age/
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