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  1. I watched the 20 minute preview this evening. Kalani, you could have told Kolini that you are not sharing a bed with your husband somewhere private, like your car. Not in the furniture shop. Where both of you are being rude and uncouth and ill mannered by helping yourself to the furniture set-ups. No, you have no business flopping on one of the beds. It does not belong to you. And it is a bit dumb to do little more than window shop for furniture. You have not bought a house yet, you have no idea what size of house you will buy, and you have no idea what furniture will work with it. Once
  2. Sami, it is none of your business if Nicole did anything with Xander. She could have booked a hotel room for herself for the night or she could have stayed in his room and he slept on the couch. Worry about your own infidelity. Lucas is right that Nicole is not the same person any more. Nicole did lie a bit to Rafe but her story did check out, especially when she told him that she and Eric had a fight and that he postponed coming home for another 3 months. He just can't leave. Seriously? Someone can take his place for a couple of weeks. Just seems like a good excuse to not have to deal wi
  3. If his amnesiac wife ran off to another country and continent with another man and is beginning divorce proceedings, her soon to be ex is free to move on. Claire may not be the best option right now.
  4. https://soapdirt.com/ben-claires-forbidden-kiss-days-of-our-lives-week-ahead-spoilers/
  5. Maybe small swindles - like getting a random dude at the bar to buy shooters.
  6. John and Marlena should be very suspicious of 'Susan' as she has been off the rails for a while and is a houseguest who has way overstayed her welcome. Marlena should be concerned about her weird behaviour and her strange obsession for Brady Black. Being a friend is one thing - she goes out of her way to hover over him. So many red flags. Good for John for telling her to go away and not be there when he gets back as she is not 'family'. Sami should be focusing on her own problems instead of that 'tramp' Nicole. It bothers me when women call each other tramps, sluts, and whores. Got that a
  7. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-early-weekly-spoilers-sami-lucas-hot-heavy-hostages-nicole-comes-clean/
  8. Sami, who cares what Nicole is doing going in to Xander's room? She is an adult. You should be thankful that she has been very kind to your daughter and baby Henry. Maybe she was taking drunk Xander back to his room before he hurts himself or someone else. None of your nevermind. I don't blame Nicole for hitting up Xander. Her husband has abandoned her, thinks she is willing to wait it out for years til he behooves himself to come back. It might have been better if it was Rafe. Chloe didn't recognize the nurse's eyes as belonging to Kristen. And then Kristen is not Kristen - yeah, th
  9. I would prefer Eric being missing and presumed dead instead of the him calling Nicole and backing out on spending any time with her. Being independent is fine but these sort of antics are disrespectful to both him and her. Why marry her when he would prefer to be a savior? File for an annulment or whatever. It is not fair to Nicole to be strung along hoping that her husband actually care about her.
  10. Ava's dress was a little much for a first date. And why didn't Rafe give her the comfortable padded chair and he sits in the regular chair? Not like Julie's place is a fancy place. Well, compared to the pub, it is. Jake and Gabi do have chemistry but they still need some better writing. Her boots looked pretty cheap as she was sliding out of them. Thought they'd be a bit better in quality. How could the business folks in China use the metric system for measurement instead of Gabichic's US measurement system. Surely a prototype would be made and they would realize that they made doll cloth
  11. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-escaped-kate-finds-jake-gabi-in-the-sack/
  12. This is also a reality show with manufactured drama. Gwen may have been told to come across as a bit overbearing. And there is the notorious editing. She may be perfectly cool and helpful when needed. Found it odd that no one stocked up on a few packages of diapers and other baby needs. Surely Jovi and Yara went to Target or Walmart or wherever to get stuff for the baby before she was born. Enough for at least a couple of weeks. Don’t recall Yara having a baby shower where she’d get some onesies, diapers, baby powder, shampoo, diaper cream, etc.
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