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  1. Graciousness keeps acting job doors open. Seems like many younger actors just see a soap as a mere stepping stone to a film or TV series career. Good for both of them. Kassie has probably seen a lot in her career.
  2. My newish DVR doesn't have the same personality as the old one - that liked to skip recording the show some days. Steve, do you expect Kayla to simply sell her nice condo and move to a new place? Maybe invest in a few cans of paint, hire some painters and change the look, get some new furniture. At least he looks cleaner these days. The beautiful waters at Lake Louise were good for his soul. Bonnie, surely your lawyer negotiated a deal for you with your book, including any and all riders. The publisher would not send you out on a book tour unless you are expected to make some money. You are not a Michelle Obama or anyone who would bring in a lot of buyers. Now you are making Justin feel sorry for you? Go back to visit Mimi. Hopefully Hope will arrange for forensics to check out the warehouse for any fingerprints, etc. I'd expect that Eve's and Vincent's cleaning crew wiped it clean. Someone should also check out who this Vincent guy is. Ciara recognized a generic necktie as the one Ben wore to his wedding? Seriously? Instead of the grand plan, couldn't Eve just switch out Ben's meds for a while and that would work, maybe. All that effort to brainwash him to kill someone else? He could probably do it on his own. And where is any backup? Was anyone's phone working to call 911 for an ambulance? Sonny, you're mad at Will because the two of you put the cart before the horse. Nothing is legal til the papers are signed. Did not like Will's strange smirk. Sami will be Sami. Maybe her mother needs to sit her down and talk with her and tell her to lay off the crap. She's over the age of 40 and maybe she could be a bit calmer. It is her adult daughter's decision to make about what happens to the baby. If the girl does not want it, no amount of convincing and pressure will work. And Allie, shut up. Make your decision, stop the waffling. Rafe is doing everyone a favour by turning down the kid - he will have a lifetime of grief. Your brother was also a bit slick and entitled. The magic wand brings him and Sonny a baby. Not how it work in reality unless they get really lucky, or hire a surrogate. And wait. Why do they need another kid right now?
  3. The machine here dispenses $20s and occasionally $50s. Not coins. Certainly not a toonie ($2 coin) and a couple of quarters.
  4. She looks like a different person. Her face must have cost a lot of money. Maybe she does have money - she may also live with her parents and have minimal expenses. She also chose to marry a man she barely knew. If he had already shown signs of not stepping up and having no money to raise his kid, was something supposed to fall from the sky and land on him to get him to do so?
  5. Looking after the dog is important. I admired the Manifesto - dealing with global warming, free healthcare. LOL. At least everyone in the family is now involved and has a role to play. No one noticed the robot flying through the sky? Not even nearby Air Traffic Control? I can see Cindy jumping ships because she hates Brainwave. Looking forward to part 2.
  6. I also felt bad for Eve's missing Paige and the pain within that will never heal. The brainwashing went on a little too long. Maybe imply it. Perhaps it was fun for the actors. Sonny really jumped the gun on the adoption and now has to save face and lick his wounds. For most people looking to adopt, a kid just doesn't fall in to their laps. Too easy. Allie, although acting like a child herself, has the right to make her own choices as to who will adopt her child. She may even change her mind. Or the baby daddy will come to town and throw a wrench in to any adoption plans. I don't even get Sami's point any more. All she has done is scream at people since she got to town. Did like Chloe's exposition about the many faces of Eve and this Vincent person. Dr. Rolf has a new and younger protege who can keep brainwashing Salem for years to come! She was really out of place with the younger set.
  7. I don't know what was worse - the torture scenes or what I felt was Sami screeching. I suppose Ben was in his underwear so the electro shocks or whatever they were would not set his clothing on fire. The torture scenes were very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Gratuitous and done for shock value or cheap ratings. Surely Eve can find a better way to get revenge than this. She eventually will be held responsible if this brainwashing thing actually works. Who got the soot and blood out of Ciara's dress so fast? The cleaners? Doing so would cost a fortune. Maybe the girls were in NYC so they decided to dress like city girls. Yikes. Jeans, t-shirt, walking shorts, or a nice blouse. Not the lingerie look. At least Belle talked to Sami in a reasonable manner. No, Sami does not have control over her seemingly adult daughter's life and she should not have been going behind everyone's back trying to run her life and not want her to give up the baby. Funny how no one has gotten any information from the father and if he signed his rights away. Not like Allie went to some remote community. Will and Sonny shouldn't be too excited about bringing the baby home.
  8. Ariela and Bini: Well, the raw meat was interesting. Doesn't happen here much in North America. Ariela's mother is sure looking for reasons to haul her daughter back to the US. The club seemed small and unfortunately, Bini didn't look all that great as a dancer. Maybe he is better. Ari better get used to be alone with the baby if Bini is out making a buck doing his dance stuff. Maybe she should have thought of things before hooking up with him and what life in Ethiopia is really like. Can see her heading on a plane to the US within 3-6 months. Tim and Melyza: She can do better than him, unless he is some up and coming CEO. It is tough to get past infidelity. but with counselling and work, you may find a way to make things work. No guarantee that either he or she will not cheat at some point. Probably easier to just break up and share custody of the cat. No excuse for her mom to call him fat. He is a guest, and whether you like him or not, not cool. Melyza is attractive enough to easily find a well off up and coming business guy. Jenny and Sumit: Go home, Jenny. Sumit's parents will probably never like you. Find a way for you and Sumit can move to some other country and settle there. Working on the brother is not going to help much. The culture and family is very important. Deaven and Jihoon: Having a kid out of a one night stand or week long fling does not mean you have to marry that person. Jihoon is unlikely to grow up for a long time and has no real incentive other than losing 'Deaven' and access to his kid to change. No idea what kind of limit you have at an ATM - you'd think that people would lurk around them looking for a big withdrawal. So much easier to get a cheque from the bank or do an e-transfer. Maybe $500 in cash and the rest in another form. He will have one excuse after the next. Deaven, set some boundaries, go home with the kids, insist on support payments and maybe when Jihoon can act like a responsible adult, bring him back to your life.
  9. Maybe $1-10,0000. That was cute to have Molly and Cynthia and Tim and Veronica chat together.
  10. It will take a lifetime for Melyza's mother to forgive Tim. Maybe until Melyza has an affair.
  11. Could not imagine having 14 kids. Maybe if you had a big farm. Who pays for all of them?
  12. You probably don't have to deal with immature, flighty Jihoon.
  13. Not sure I'd want a joint account. Except to put part of my income. I would have my own account. Deaven, Jihoon can easily clean you out.
  14. There is the show's Deaven and the one that shows up on articles - one who has done a lot to her face.
  15. Darcey and Stacey should look for higher hanging fruit.
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