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  1. Some stuff on Laura Horton from SoapDirt. There is a glaring typo. At least get the show name right. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-laura-horton-cheated-gwen-rizczech-jack-stunned/
  2. Maggie's hair looked nice today. Sarah seemed awfully dressed up to go to work. Surely she would have trousers or scrubs on and not a fancy dress. She was only seeing Julie. Doug looked handsome. Xander was smooth. Very smooth. Loved his dig at Eli and Lani. Hopefully Dr. Raynor shows up for some 'help'. Gabi is back in town so maybe Julie will think her pacemaker or whatever is caused by Gabi's mischief. Wouldn't put it past her. Chloe looks good first thing in the AM. I look like a scarecrow with guck on my face and hair out of place. Brady, it is not a good idea to be in Chloe's room. Wonder if he got shot at the end or the gunshot sound was just that. Lani and Kristen. They should get together.
  3. My old suitcase with the two working wheels was falling apart, so I got new spinner type ones. I got a soft side pair one year at TJ Maxx and a small hard side set at the Bay on clearance the other year. I wanted the built in lock. I would use my loveseat. I would put a towel over it to pack the bag. The hard side was new so I just took a rag and hot soapy water and wiped it down, then packed. I use the hotel luggage rack.
  4. Comings and goings. And the return of Susan Banks. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-comings-and-goings-laura-horton-vivian-alamain-mama-drama-in-salem/
  5. An expensive watch should come in a nice case and box. I think even my old Swatch one did.
  6. Stephanie and Ryan: How old is he, again? Why are you putting your dirty suitcase on the table? Why are you taking so many watches? And especially a $3000 one? Customs can and will search you and it is easy for any baggage handler to break in to the suitcase and help him/herself. Why so many gifts for him? Plus expensive ones. You see him and you search his phone? You have no idea why he loses or misplaces, er, sells your stuff? Ryan is not all that hot and you can do a whole lot better with a more business type dude in the US. He's only along for the ride as long as you are buying. Did he take a pic of you or the lobster at dinner? There are so many red flags that I felt I was watching an F1 race. Brandon and Julia: Yeah, you hate being on the farm. You don't like being around the animals. Brandon, you come home in your uniform and really have nothing to offer your fiance. You know she isn't happy. You know farm life isn't what she wants. Stand up to your parents, find some way to afford an apartment and leave the farm. You have no idea if or when you will ever move out. Looking after the animals for 6 weeks is one thing. Hire someone who actually likes that kind of job. Jovi and Yara: That was fast - having a baby on the way. Not the best timing either. Thought you'd have problems having another baby. And of course, no birth control. You may wish to consider your options if Jovi keeps drinking all day and you may find yourself dealing with an alcoholic. Do you want that life? Natalie and Mike: She certainly runs hot and cold. Sweet one minute, a raging nasty controlling bitch the next. I don't think she impressed Mike's mom and her mullet except for admitting that she threw the ring back and that was a mistake. And who is going to pay for Mama Natalie's visitor visa and plane ticket and accommodation? Nats? It's a 90 day visa to plan the wedding and have the ceremony and not a 90 day assessment if I'd like another 180 day visa to see if I really want to marry you. Nats and Mike are very different and it is baffling that they are together. Butter being good for your brain? Okaaaaay. Amira and Andrew: Listen to your dad, Amira. Andrew is showing you exactly who he is. Believe it the first time. Sure, he may miss you and is upset that you didn't get in to Mexico and then the US, but he sure isn't crying in to his beer. Sightseeing, eating for the both of you, having a nice vacation. Stay in France and listen to the Universe as it was blocking you from being with him. Run!
  7. Julia may indeed be hard to please in some ways. However, Brandon misrepresented himself and the life he could offer her. She should have been asked if she liked farm life, liked animals, and be told exactly what her life would be living with Brandon. If it is short term and for maybe a month or so, perhaps. Otherwise, she could walk away. I see Brandon wanting her because she is attractive and exotic. Why she wants a farm boy is about her. She wants the big city life with shopping and culture.
  8. If there are enough goats, Julia can learn about making goatmilk soap and other products!
  9. Winter finally arrived here. Was -17C with a -26C windchill most of the day. Our balmy January came to a crashing end on Friday. And then we had the snowsquall (rare for Western Canada) Tuesday night and my power went out. It is dark.
  10. Maybe Jovi makes good money. Those would be $2000 and up each. Emphasis on the up.
  11. Where was he flying from? He could have been on a 12 hour flight.
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