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  1. Intelligent, articulate, charming, delightful woman. Not.
  2. Watched the half hour preview. Geoffrey, there is no guarantee that you and Varya will click in-person as you seem to do so online. Who cares if she was talking to another American? You don't own her. Don't care that your feelings were hurt. No guarantee at all that meeting the love of your life that you only talked to online will transfer in to a real relationship. Lisa, shut up regarding Usman. His music people are guiding his career. All you seem to want is to be with a 'celebrity' to validate you. You don't have much to offer him except for a Green Card. Doubt you'd like being stuck on a tour bus with him for months and months. Being on the road is not an easy life. Heck, he probably would have a tour van and that is no fun. You want the comforts that he really isn't giving to you. Ed, any fool can regret yesterday. You may have meant well, but you offended Rose. Does the show get a discount at the NYC The Time Hotel? Seems that a lot of folks stay there. And Tom, you should know better than to put your bag on the bed. Not hard to go to the closet to find the suitcase holder. Darcey, why are you bothering? We don't want to see you cry any more.
  3. Only the first 32 minutes recorded. Guess I will catch the other half tomorrow.
  4. Bye, Hattie. Maybe you can find a better life than hoping that Roman will want you and fall in love with you. Kristen should go down to the tunnels - rats down there? Probably not. Who is going to find Kate and Gabi? Maybe the smell of the booze will lure someone downstairs. No one has reported Kate or Gabi missing? Not my taste of wedding dress. How nice that the room has a double size bed, and a full length mirror. Have no idea if Marlena is actually also brainwashed - Chad seems to be in the rinse cycle - or just playing Stevano. And gathering La Famiglia for a wedding? Seriously?
  5. The most eligible bachelor in Nigeria? It has the eau de scam smell. He probably has a lot in common with a lot of women, er, possible visas.
  6. Xander can't exactly do an electronic funds transfer without being caught. So cash it is. However, he should do it in a place where there aren't security cameras. Easy to find some underpaid staff member who is morally able to accept some extra cash. I did like Nicole talking to Abe rather than going on some half baked scheme on her own. At least he can try to get past her stubbornness and that she probably won't do the best thinking. When this whole thing blows up and the secret she may have comes out (as it always does), at least she talked to someone reasonable about it. Her suspicions are just that and she really should bide her time for now instead of going to find the doctor, who I would expect to become deceased at some point (no spoiler, just the obvious). She can't really go running to Eric about this because nothing will happen except him getting suspicious or him telling her she is nuts. Unlikely that anyone will get a court order to exhume Rachel to see if that baby has a birthmark. Ben Weston has quite the abs. I appreciated the view. Nice to have a large shower and full size bottles of product instead of the usual hotel sample size or in some hotels now, the pumps. Hattie, do leave town. Surely you can find a Roman lookalike in some other city who will actually want you and not be mumblemouth.
  7. Why did Nicole part her hair in the centre? Not the best look. Yes, she is being shady with Eric. However, suspicions are suspicions and not facts. So what if Mackenzie also has a birthmark? However, she should know that Xander has money and that he is shadier than her, and can easily buy a fake test result. I was surprised that a not even year old baby can graduate to a bed like that. Uh, not for a while. Maybe it can be a place to store the dolls or cars or trucks or whatever she wishes to play with. Maggie is going to prison? For how long? A day or two? Awww, Ciara is reunited with Ben. How nice that she suggests moving in to the mansion. Um, nope. Victor hates enough people living there. It is the new Salem Inn. Ciara, you are working and can probably afford a 1 bedroom apartment. No idea if we will continue to get the Ben Weston redemption tour or what. Too bad Hope seems to be Hope right now. All that trouble in that year. Few friends to invite for tea and invisible biscuits. Is she still the police commissioner?
  8. The DiMeras should install an elevator behind the secret door. Much easier to transport the knocked out folks.
  9. It might be tough technically. People would need the right set up, a microphone and camera, and steps would need to be taken to avoid microphone feedback, noise from the locations, etc. Enabling more than one speaker at a time can be problematic. I used to troubleshoot Adobe Connect sessions where I worked.
  10. The Soapdirt article on Pillow Talk set-up: https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-pillow-talk-secret-behind-the-scenes-details-with-annie-suwan-and-david-toborowsky/
  11. The Stefano/Marlena scenes needed a real ballroom, and black tie outfits and gorgeous ballgowns. Not.... that. I laughed and was a bit embarrassed. The cactus could have been a centrepiece on a huge table. Or not. Did Chad send Abs to check on the rats while he huffed and puffed and lugged the two ladies down to the wine cellar? Lani and Eli looked pretty obvious lurking in the town square. Maybe they could have hid behind a potted plant or two. David has sure grown since we last saw him. At least he was reunited with Rafe.
  12. Soap dirt has an article about Pillow Talk and how most of it is done. The folks are only shown certain scenes to react to.
  13. Big Ed could have gotten an STD test a month before his trip. Left it in the doctor’s envelope. And also used protection until he was serious with Rose. He may have meant well, but there is a maturity, language, and age barrier. He came across as an entitled jerk. No guarantee that any of the participants are talking exclusively to each other online. Varya is well within her rights to talk to any men online that she wishes to do so. She may have 2 or 3 others that she likes and may want to meet. She owns herself.
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