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  1. Brady, pawing at Nicole in the office was unprofessional. Yeah, you want to push Kristen's buttons, but there are other ways. And not use Nicole. Eric, do you seriously expect that Nicole will be compassionate toward you in your time of need while berating her just a few weeks ago? Nicole, set some boundaries with everyone. Yes, you can support Eric and give A and B. Until he can be an adult and not a child throwing a tantrum at you because you betray his sense of piousness or whatever or entitlement, he does not get C. You will continue to get emotional whiplash. And he will continue to treat you like garbage on his whim. Good for Ciara to tell Will the truth. I liked Sarah and Xander's reunion too. Wonder if Sonny and Will will get back together now that he is apparently innocent of killing Sonny's mother. Wouldn't the Salem hospital have a real oncologist who can talk to Sarah and Eric about Mickey?
  2. Thanks for the information! Canadian rules are similar. Because I spent time in the UK during those years, I am ineligible to donate.
  3. I'm not rooting for either Lani or Gabi. Lani could have come clean to Eli before the wedding day. She has zero proof that Gabi has any sort of App that could kill Julie. JJ should not be messing with the phone or any Apps. It was interesting that the Pacemaker's battery life is poor. Maybe Kayla can just switch to another one and problem solved. The App goes nowhere, Lani has no case, and everyone is back to square one. So John, no spidey sense that your old pardner Steve just shows up in town with Hope and now you are off to Europe to hunt for Stefano? No red flags with his out of nowhere appearance, his behaving a bit oddly? At least Rafe has a few Salem Brain cells working and is suspicious of both Hope and Steve Johnson. What is HoGina going to do with Stevano gone? Kristen, there was no need to drag Gabi to Basic Black or Gabi Chic or wherever you went to make her sign some papers.
  4. The aig is probably shriveling at the thought.
  5. I was thinking the Having My Baby sludge from Paul Anka.
  6. She needed an outfit made from the house's drapes.
  7. Of course, Kayla's test on Julie's pacemaker may indicate some sort of tech upgrade to it. Or not. Hope's office wouldn't have stunk up the rest of the floor? I don't get the plan to kill both John and Marlena. Just find a lookalike, and ask Dr. Rolf to create a mask so you both get who you want and no one suffers. At least Rafe has the Salem Nose today. Nice of Lani to lie to her father about where she was for a year. And that she is back in Salem using JJ. Please just pack a bag and maybe go to London for a year, JJ. Get rid of your ties to Salem. Gabi's ring was okay - simple.
  8. Juliana's story is inconsistent. I have not been able to get a real read on her. She knows that the model shelf life declines past 25 years old. Marrying an older wealthy man is fine til he trades her in for someone else. Does she want to work outside of being a model? Will her husband support her in getting say, a business diploma, or something like it? Did she expect to marry Michael and live as a fictional real housewife who has glamorous clothing, gets to shop, and do nothing? She probably will outgrow her husband, and not like earning any dime she gets. Hope she either smartens up and works on a possible exit plan, or gets used to being a cheap babysitter.
  9. Wouldn't Abigail have a slightly better relationship with Uncle Steve? Why just drop in at Kristen's hotel room? No one calls to for a visit? Jack, you did a smart thing by editing Jennifer's 'story'. No, you do not have proof that the person who pushed her off was Dr. Rolf. She could still be a target. Lani, you are a cop. Surely you could investigate the company that made Julie's pacemaker to see if there is a real App that can actually do anything. It really could be like a garage door opener that has found a frequency that is identical to the programmed one. Up goes someone's door. Why ask JJ, who has his own problems? Surely you can do this on your own or ask your dad for help. JJ, you should be a bit selfish and just pay attention to yourself and your recovery right now. Not help the helpless not nun. Gabs, nice outfit but it is more for summer. You'd get frostbite on your midriff if you lived where I am living. Eli, you should not let your grandma pressure you in to marriage.
  10. Very soft lamb skin at a really good price. The place for leather and rugs.
  11. I bought a leather coat in Turkey.
  12. Stefano had an awful lot of children - ones he never knew he had. NewSteffy is old enough to be his daughter's boyfriend/spouse. The parent/child dynamic is a tough sell. Both actors were trying but I also shared Kristen's disbelief. What is Hattie's purpose? Stay for a few weeks, save some money and then go to Chicago or something? Since when is Abigail an intrepid reporter - looking for facts and such? At least Vic and Xander owned up to what they did. Hopefully Ciara will work to get Will free. And Ben, you probably shouldn't be listening to your dad's escape plans.
  13. Maybe she hopes for a home shopping gig, like the Beekman soap I see on the Canadian shopping channel.
  14. Women still face significant issues at gigs/concerts. Being groped, assaulted, shoved, thrown down, drugged, thrown up on, etc. I would be off to the side or at the back.
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