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  1. Their lives aren't glamorous, but he seems to be good to her. No signs of any sort of abuse. His kids are nice to her and accept her. No shilling cameos or tummy teas or anything of that sort. She could do far worse. Things do change and maybe they will have a nicer home one of these days.
  2. It doesn't say much about Sarah if she can't be honest with herself and the actual baby daddy of any babies she has. Doing it once is one thing, doing it a second time, no thanks.
  3. A dull ep for a Friday Justin, you may get a sign, but not an instant one. Doesn't work that way. You are a grown man and can make your own choices. Yes, it's nice that one of your adult sons supports your choice and wants you to be happy. Nicole calling Sami and Sami being pleasant? LOL. Nice to propose to Kayla when Steve is in the shadows. Brady and Sarah do look good together, but really? So fast? Anyone can see that it's fake and just a way to get back at Xander. You would think Jake could provide his driver's license, birth certificate, etc., pictures of his family to prove his identity. Or that he would insist on a DNA test to prove that he is he.
  4. The thugs need to take a remedial Thug 101 class. Um, stupid dudes, you get a car and sit in it til you see Jake. Ciara should have just mentioned that she is related to Victor Kiriakis and that Ben has ties to the DiMeras. Seems like Gabi has decided to take possession of the Salem Brain to see who could have set her up. The brain may be a bit dusty because of underuse. Not everyone is happy to have a baby. Maybe Lani doesn't really want kids. Who knows. Surely there are other doctors beside Kayla at the hospital. The woman never gets a break. Yes, Justin, go to Adrienne's grave to talk to her. You can do it on your own in a room, really. Ask for her permission to marry Kayla. Steve had a chuckle with Marlena and John being beloved citizens. Why would he and Hope get a key to the city? Why would they want one? Jake, maybe take a look at your chest or back area to see if there is any sort of scar. Probably not, since the organ harvesting and repair stitching is top-notch in Salem. At least Brady and Jennifer can verify that for you. Maybe you have never been dead, but half the town has. Your turn is coming.
  5. Ciara spent money on those save the date cards? She hasn't heard of email or social media - granted, maybe most of her friends and family have her on ignore. Jack, you used to be a reporter. Who sought facts. Not just lamely screamed at Gabi because of circumstantial evidence. Except for disliking prewciouss Abigail, she has no motive to make her hallucinogenic - except for giggles. The only 'evidence' is the stupid serum she got from Dr. Rolf, and she got conned by him. Bye, Abigail. Maybe you will like Florida and stay there. Eli's proposal was boring. How convenient that Lani has to look at her datebook to figure out she was 'late'. Um, really? She does not know her own body and can't keep track of things? Julie's face looked really tight today. Fillers, facelift, etc. When she smiled, she looked like she might crack. What Salem wedding ever really runs smoothly? Am enjoying the character of Jake, but I do wonder how his business stays afloat when there only seems to be one vehicle.
  6. I liked John and Marlena being kind and accepting of Eric and Nicole's engagement. And that Eric informed them that Holly called him 'dad' for the first time. It probably won't last, but it's a nice moment for all of them. Even Hope seemed happy about it. Granted, Nicole has been a bad girl and has had made some bad choices, but she seemed happier for Nicole than her own daughter. How convenient that the bomb under the couch wasn't securely attached to the couch. Surely no one thought of just opening the balcony door and tossing it down to the concrete? Orpheus is too cool, too calm. No, Justin does not have the killer in him unless he has to. Too bad, it was some dialogue and acting. Poor Rafe. Shot in the badge and Orpheus' daughter is to blame. Sounds like a bad Bon Jovi song in the making. At least Will and Sonny had a nice evening all alone in the mansion.
  7. I have a Nissan Altima. It is a good, solid, reliable car. I would expect the Silva twins to have Infiniti or Audi or Range Rovers.
  8. I am tired from live-snarking 3 hours of 90DayFiance. Nicole, some red or other colour lipstick would have been fabulous, Congrats to you and Eric. A match made in something. Hope you will be happy and on the backburner for a while before Eric returns to his smug, holier than thou self. You do deserve someone better. Neat trick with the souped up phone, Steve. Liked the let's get this over with Doc and John reunion. How old is Zoey's son? Abe and Kate are an odd pairing. At least they probably will be professional coworkers. Who put the bomb under the couch. John and Doc will think there will be fireworks tonight, and oh, yes, they will be literal ones. I too feel that the whole babyswitch thing still isn't resolved.
  9. Where do these folks get the money to hire private investigators?
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