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  1. Hi, I get it here in Saskatchewan. We watch it on Slice and have just started getting them a few weeks ago.
  2. Glad I have another "straight-up bitch" to share my ride to hell with lol I laughed my goddam head off when he quit. What a giant baby he was. He could have stayed home and someone who really wanted to play the game.
  3. I wondered about Dennis' bowed legs. I couldn't take my eyes off them when he was out and running around that park. I wonder what happened, was it broken and didn't heal properly? I also kind of liked him at the end, he seemed quite genuine.
  4. I couldn't even finish this last episode. Boring, boring, boring. It came off my PVR. I'm out!
  5. I can't believe nobody is watching this show! This is honestly one of my favorites! I think that maybe last season did people in, it was an awful season. I am so glad Shanisse is gone, it was her time, she would be exhausting to sit and talk to. I understand her problem but Jesus woman, not every sentence needs to be about your food. The fact that she said she was going to tell everyone that Ashley and the other weirdo are 60 days in people would have been enough for me. Ashley did the right thing by actually convincing her to tap out. Ashley being called out as a cop is alarming for us and would be so scary for her and the other weirdo (I just can't remember that chick's name, the religious one) and so so dangerous. How will they get Ashley out without them all going "we knew it". They will have to take the other weirdo out with her to protect her too. The men's pod is also a very scary place. That stabbing was surreal. I don't see Dennis doing anything but trying to out-do the last guy that came in. (Why can't I remember anyone's name this week?) At least that guy gets shanks and gives it to the producer as evidence Next week is going to be interesting. Who will they take out and who will stay in.
  6. 100% agree. Why, I don't know but it really seemed like that. Why would he want to organize all the pieces first, that made no damn sense. I was also surprised that they put him in the puzzle portion since he is a strong workhorse. I guess I will have to wait and see what becomes of it.
  7. I'm 19 minutes into this week's episode and I really cannot stand Lala. She has become "that bitch" that I want to throat punch. She really must think she is better than everyone else.. Her little quip "that's the most I have ever helped" made me want to vomit. The ego is out of control. The Princesses? Grow the fuck up Brittany. Like a 5 year old's birthday party.
  8. Me too Rescuemom, me too. I didn't remember who everyone was, like I swear I have never seen Michelle or Denise before in my life!
  9. I tried too and it said that the Domain is not Claimed and to click on the bottom to claim it. You would think they would have this stuff all figured out by now, that show was taped last summer I think.
  10. So far so good, with the exception of Adam...gahhh, not my favorite chef for sure. I agree that Madison is another Rocky. I see some problems for Ciara being professional with her boyfriend on board with her and in the same department. Ciara comes off like she is better than everyone else on board. Just my take. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and hope it doesn't get boring with the same old same old drama. Here's to hoping!
  11. I read all the comments, very insightful and mature comments. I am here to be judgy and immature. The make up and hair choices i saw in Rachel's family's hotel room were.....interesting to say the least. I mean, blue eye shadow to the brows...too much, too much! That red/black hair at the bowling alley, horrid. Does anyone in her family have a mirror? Ok, done being a judgy bitch. I have to commend Ashley, good on her for completing that course and doing well at it. Kayla seems to be settling down and is being a good parent but..she needs to get rid of those goddam nails and those silly extensions before the baby comes. How do you clean a baby with those nails? (Ok, I'm old and I really sound it!) The girl from Portland is really growing on me. She seems like one of the girls with their heads screwed on the best. The new girl I ff through. Too much screaming into phones and crying. When she grows up and matures she is going to see this and be embarrassed. Anyway...back to my corner.
  12. And apparently that didn't go unnoticed by her next door neighbour. I think Ashley is out next, which is too bad, I think she could have done something in there for people.
  13. Why is Lala acting like she is better than everyone? Jameson? Gimme a break Lala. She just rubs me the wrong way so far this year and I was a total Lala stan last year. It's over, she can leave any moment now and move on to RHOBH She would be much better there.
  14. So it looks like they all quit? The jail is huge and scarier then ever before.
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