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  1. Jeremiah and Carmella, what a couple of jackasses. They want to start a family? What about the families both of them have left behind? Jer has 3 for sure, not sure about Carmella, These two need to get off tv and get back to their families. as for the English makeovers, I loved them both. Rosanna looked incredible. So understated. Loved the dress. Maureen’s hair and make up was great, she is beautiful but I would have done a different dress. But both girls are gorgeous Yeah Jethro, great idea to marry Sabrina on a muddy farm, kind of symbolic of your relationship. Their kids are ado
  2. I'm just doing a rewatch of Season 6 and Teresa just told the girls she had a desert line coming out...but she can't figure out what "dot butter" means. She looks much better in season 6 then currently.
  3. OMG Sonja saying she doesn't live in the past...ummmm that's the only time frame that Miss Sonja has ever lived in. This woman needs to get off tv and go directly to a therapist.
  4. I got HAYU in Canada. It's an amazing app. You get eveything and WWHL! You will love it.
  5. I haven't had a chance to read through all the posts but SONJA! She is not making money because of buying sewing machines and luxury fabrics. Doesn't she buy crap and put her tag on it? I truly don't think there was any luxury fabrics or sewing machines bought. I know Sonja is a fan favorite but I could never stand her, she's just fake and a flake.
  6. Why did Josh think giving Mac a beautiful bunch of flowers when they get to the beach would be a good idea? I see wilted, dead flowers in the 3-4 or more hours they will sit in a hot car. Not a whole lot of thought went into that "birthday surprise". As long as Mac keeps her expectations low, her relationship will survive. Amber is gross. I was so happy to see that Leah gave her the "don't call me, I'll call you" line.
  7. 100% agree. Anila's mom was so extra, i had second hand embarrassment for her. She was trying WAY to o hard.
  8. When they got in the car with the ultra sound pictures she said something like "we have pics of Miss Rodeo". (Did I get the Cheyenne name wrong? She's the pregnant one isn't she?)
  9. I had to rewind to hear the name of Chyanne's child. Rodeo. RO-DAY-OH. smdh
  10. That was the best part of the show. I laughed my non-inflated, totally natural, ass off.
  11. I totally agree! Her storyline should be going to Rehab and coming back clean and sober. I think her husband is an enabler, he seemed to like her drunk and in threesomes. If she goes to rehab, she might outgrow him, maybe that's his thinking. All in all, I totally believe she shouldn't be putting herself through detoxing without medical help. Get help BrownWind and go back into obscurity.
  12. That one got me too! So did "keep me kn your heart for a while" by Warren Zevon, I'm still not over either one's death
  13. 100% agree. I keep going back to Leah`s sister Victoria giving birth a couple of weeks ago on Teen Mom 2. She got an epidural and seemingly had no pain and the baby just came out, and it was all over, no screaming, no sweating, nothing. I was shocked! I have never had a baby so I always thought it would be like this chick`s labor LOL
  14. 100% agree with you on Devoin. I really am hoping he gets it together. Devoin's family seemed nice. I think Breanna has to just suck up the fact that his mom is a busy woman who works and sounds like she still has kids around to raise. Breanna just needs to lay off her and quit expecting her to drop everything and attend everything Breanna's wants (?) her to. Let me finish by saying, I have no kids, maybe I am way off base here. . I missed this in the episode, what happened?
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