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  1. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-week-ahead-spoilers-xander-and-gwen-star-crossed-lovers/
  2. https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-big-ed-gets-over-liz-has-new-girlfriend/
  3. The family likes the attention. They may be trying to get their own show.
  4. Someone on Reddit posted a screenshot of Trish’s Thanksgiving dinner. The seemingly pale or undercooked turkey, the bowl of mashed potatoes, and what looked like a huge bowl of coleslaw or iceberg lettuce salad. No stuffing, no veggies, no ham or other meat or a fish dish for Natalie. No pickles or any other side offering. Canadian Thanksgiving is not the huge US feast. Ours is Christmas. The parsnips could have been roasted or otherwise prepared. And where was dessert?
  5. Nikki, you don't save a draft unless no one else will access your computer. And even then, you are better off saving the file to a USB stick or locking it wih a password that will take a while to hack. Even deleting it still leaves a record. Instead of being blackmailed by the lovely Dr. Snyder, Gwen should suck it up and come clean to her dad and family and tell the truth. She has lied a number of times and maybe this can be the last lie. Jack is being made in to an idiot - yes, sure, have a casual relationship with your long lost daughter. Not some insta-bonding. Xandy was cute wit
  6. He is good with the fans, cheerleads the show, and is rather entertaining.
  7. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-eric-and-ej-returns-trigger-splits-couples-swap-ahead/
  8. https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-emily-sasha-larin-expecting-baby-2-husband-leaks-it-before-she-planned/
  9. Good for her. An Audi is not cheap.
  10. I have paper towels on a paper towel holder on my kitchen counter. I also have dish towels hanging from the stove. And various potholders. They probably don't cook much.
  11. Eli, you have a houseguest/roommate. Whether you like it or not, you can't waltz around naked in your home while the guest is there. Put some clothes on or walk around nekkid when you know you are alone or have locked your room. If I was a guest, I'd be covered up and if I had a guest, I wouldn't walk around nekkid in my home. Your babies don't care if you are naked. Wonder what Chanel will discover in the proposed plans for Horton Square. At least Ava's old apartment isn't going to waste. Maybe there will be room for Chanel to live there. Dr. Snyder, your students are allowed t
  12. No idea if it is true. https://www.reddit.com/r/90DayFiance/comments/nv422f/deavan_is_pregnant_again/
  13. Well..... https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-angela-deem-pre-op-binge-breaks-all-the-rules/
  14. https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-chad-takes-sides-in-dimera-coup-which-brother-does-he-back/
  15. After no mention of anyone having access to a TV in ages, I was struck by the fact that folks do have one in their bedroom.
  16. Most likely he knows that his friends are users. If it was a dude he just met and he just got the wrong coat from the coat rack or bed or wherever they are stored, it is a possibility. But the reality is that Ronald is not that sort of person. There is a chance that I could grab a similar coat to mine and not realize it's the wrong coat til I can't find my keys. The odds are very low. This is all hypothetical and it is likely that Ronald is not innocent.
  17. For some reason, the show did not record and I got only about the last half hour. How would Sami Brady get any sort of hotel record that Nicole stayed at the Inn, in her own room? She is not a police officer, no crime was committed, no hotel rooms were any crime scenes, or anything. What Nicole did was her business. If a staff member could be bribed, well, that person would eventually be fired. I laughed when Nicole coughed up a receipt from her handbag. Sami maybe should spend a little time with her daughter and grandson. I can see Allie confused by the attraction she may feel towar
  18. She gets what she wants and no one tells her no.
  19. It's not impossible but it isn't very likely. He and his friend could have each bought a similar coat and there was a mix-up. It can happen but the chance of it happening are very very very low.
  20. Mike did seem to connect to his hair stylist a bit more and they seem more compatible than he and Natalie. I wouldn't be surprised if the two are doing this for TLC $. I don't eat as much meat as I did. Some is I've lost the taste for meat, and it's really expensive. A 12 oz steak will last me two days now. I do eat an occasional meat-free meal and I also am happy to attend parties/dinners/bbqs where alcohol is not served. I enjoy a summer vodka cooler, or glass of wine, or some brandy. Wouldn't think of harrassing someone for having a drink or having different food preferences. The neigh
  21. Brandon and Julia: So you did get something in the mail that allows you to now work in the US. The family may not be happy to now have to pay you to feed the animals. You and Brandon can now consider moving to Las Vegas or any other city in the US, where you can maybe get to experience more nightlife than the farm has to offer. Good luck in the wedding planner job. You will probably need to start as an assistant planner until you learn more about the business, develop contacts, start planning your own functions and then slowly move up. The town nearby probably isn't that big and you may have a
  22. Celery does keep in the fridge crisper. Natalie could have mentioned she needed some and Trish could have bought a stalk early since it is Thanksgiving time and the store may run out.
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