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  1. Always enjoy this show and all the small moments already mentioned make it such fun to watch. Also, can never go wrong adding a little Olyphant into the mix.
  2. I found her acting over the top as well. Very distracting and out of place. Her performance up to this point hasn’t bothered me. Not sure what she was going for there.
  3. Yes. This. I love how nothing drags on. Not much to say other than I love this show. I do not watch many comedies, but I look forward to this one. So many great lines and laughs packed into each episode.
  4. That was a tough watch - relentless.
  5. This appears to be just rumor at this time. I’m only catching up on S1 and, while there are parts that I don’t think are working, I still enjoy watching. I know some changes were made for S2 so I hope it improves. I’ll continue watching these three.
  6. I am behind several eps but just saw David Byrne’s performance - perfect and a lot of fun.
  7. You're not alone! A similar thought flashed through my mind.
  8. I was so concerned for Thursday - very tense. First with almost being shot and then the grenade - they really strung that out. I'm not convinced Endeavour's "journey" is over. Was the shepard's death the one she was referring to? I don't think so - not meaningful enough. I'm afraid Thursday's death will be at the end of this series and will play into Endeavour's character becoming the Morse we know. And didnt Endeavour kiss Joan on the forehead in the hospital? I didn't think that was an issue. If not, I'll have to rewatch. I didn't get the pub scene. Who invited Endeavour? If that's when his flat was ransacked, maybe there's a clue there as to who was involved. I have nothing to back it up but I thought he knew she was pregnant. I think you could tell by looking at her and she made a comment as to how terribly she messed things up. I didn't think he gave her the money for an abortion but just so she could stay somewhere other than her apartment Although sad at times, compared to Wallander, this is a comedy. I really enjoyed this last ep and liked where everything left off. I am a fan of Inspector Morse and watched/own that series. I was initially reluctant to give this series a try but am glad I did.
  9. Reading that post again, I think you're right, graybrown bird.
  10. ...and I missed both of these but it seems like the first was cut. Was the quiz in the pub also cut? If next week is the finale, that's much too short. I missed the first ep because the dvr didn't record it. I'll have to rewatch this season. I'm enjoying the series. I too am worried about the relationship between Endeavour and Thursday.
  11. Olyphant is the only reason I'll be checking this out.
  12. It had some flaws but I really enjoyed it. Some of the actors did a great job. I'll be back for season 2.
  13. Westworld was enjoyable, buffyjunkie. Worth finishing.
  14. Very sorry, Boliver. I understand how difficult this is.
  15. Well I managed to be sick for most of my vacation but still was able to enjoy some time with family over the holidays. I'm glad you're ok, Trudi. Also glad you have more time with Super Kitty, Boliver I think it's been a difficult year for a lot of us. Some things have started to settle down for me and I'm hoping that trend continues. Happy and and healthy new year to all!
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