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  1. I'll believe ButtBiscuit has changed when I turn on Show and it's not JT's dead-eyed mug staring back. Till then, no change of any lasting substance. I thought the same thing. I'm loving MM as Amanda right now, too.
  2. I've been watching Show this past week, more or less but not commenting much. The storylines generally have had a stuck-in-traffic feel and besides, what's been going on in the world kept my focus ...... elsewhere? Does that work? Besides, it seems that if the screen isn't been eaten by Phyllis it's been swallowed whole by ButtBiscuit. But today had some IMO good stuff and by that I mean Amanda's scenes with her mother. I'm impressed that Show didn't got the conventional route, have the mother and/or child be overjoyed at the reunion or having the conception of the child be something horrible. Instead, as it played out (at least so far) it was a far more commonplace storyline and the aftermath of the reunion having more complicated emotions and reactions. Show stayed out of Movie of the Week and I appreciate it. I thought MM and the woman playing her birth mother both did a good job. I'm no fan of Kyle these days but his actions aren't remotely comparable to ButtBiscuit's bad behavior on that plane or anywhere else. ButtBiscuit pushed his way onto a private jet he has no right to use and then spent the trip insulting the guy who could have had his flat ass dragged off the plane. Lily says he's "changed" and today Dummer said he's "changed". How exactly? As far as I can see he's still an utterly self-involved, noxious, selfish prick of a person. Dummer doesn't want to talk about what they did but he does so under the guise of doing the right thing he forces the conversation. He tells Lily the truth after she asks and then tells her he wanted to tell her. Really? Then why did it take until she overheard he and Dummer for him to do it? He thinks he has the "right" to needle Kyle - why, again? Show dishes ButtBiscuit out in huge helpings like Lutefisk at a midwest Lutheran Christmas casserole dinner and he smells even worse and is just as unwelcome. He reminds me of a case of canned green beans we had to eat when I was a kid. We were a big family, money was tight more often than not and there was a period where my mother had to do her shopping at the dented can store. Once she came home with a whole case of canned green beans - 48 cans to a case - and we had them every day until they were gone. ButtBiscuit is as welcome on my screen as canned green beans would be on my dinner plate at this point. Too bad, though that we didn't have ButtBiscuit at our house. With the size of that proboscis he would have made a great walk-in pantry. Dad could have thrown up some shelves for storage, maybe a window to the back yard and we could even have kept the litter box for the cat in there. Which is the only use this character could ever serve. He's the equivalent of a mess of dented cans.....dented cans that smell like a lutefisk casserole. What a catch, great life choice there Lily!
  3. I tuned in for about 5 minutes and saw a bit of Tripp with Ava - all the tears in the world isn't going to make that one mother of the year - but then I saw Philip's face....every time I do it shocks me into jumping back. Does his second job involve living in a sewer and abducting children? He needs a new skin care routine in the worst way. But even moreso, Who on EARTH goes to Brady for help, unless the "help" requested involves what dipilatory he uses that gives him that warm ham glow?
  4. Maybe he's waiting for Sharon to offer? And she will because she's a SAINT! He better not ask Chloe or he'll be getting them back as a casserole.
  5. I did it! I set them free in the Dimera tunnels.
  6. Can I catch a ride with you? While you smack ButtBiscuit with the salami I'll stuff his nostrils with cheese in a can. He was so obnoxious he did the impossible and made me momentarily sympathetic to that other entitled ass, Kyle. I'm fast losing my interest in the new and improved Lily, at least when she's with ButtBiscuit. So "he's changed", has he? Lily was with Cane long enough to know that the clearest picture you'll ever get of how someone will eventually treat you is how he treats others. I hope the next long term plot is Lily joining forces with Victoria on where to bury his remains. I'm with Kyle, too. I'd like to see ButtBiscuit tossed from the plane. I wonder if he'd land on his nose and cushion the blow? I don't dislike Sally - the presence of ButtBiscuit, Phyllis, Nick and Adam leaves me more tolerant of just run-of-the-mill annoying, But pretty much every scene of Sally's seems to be the acting equivalent of Elaine's dancing. Dance Elaine, dance! Emote, Sally, emote! I don't know the actor but whoever she is, she lit a fire as Amanda's sister in their shared scenes. I sorta liked Amanda's fury, too. They not only looked like they could be related, they acted like it too.
  7. Chelsea isn't better off at home but says yet another non-medical person who thinks they know everything. I did a speed through of the last two days and there's not much to really bother with IMO except for the possibility of Amanda's search for past. Otherwise IMO it's just yet one more rehash of the same old crap. ButtBiscuit hates Adam and Adam thinks everyone done him wrong. I wish they'd take their fight to the street in front of Rexx Rugs and wait till Nikki falls off the wagon and gets behind the wheel again. Or, maybe Noah can come back for just one episode where all he does is park on their heads. Maybe Chelsea is faking a stroke just to get away from Adam. Lily should consider doing the same. I'm hoping that Sally Spectra gives Dummer a super wedgie and introduces her to a high octane swirly. And I'm with you, Joimiaroxeu Somebody needs to squash Kyle's bouffant in the worst way. Now if only we could use that spray on ALL of Kyle.
  8. I saw bits and pieces of today's show - Charlie - I know he's bad but he's a good kind of bad the little I've seen. He at least is an entertaining character. Allie was, is, and remains such a drudge of a character. I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic because of the rape but she's too much like Lani for me to even pretend I care. Did Nicole accidentally get herself a dress made from Alice Horton's old slip covers? She looked like a sofa. Plus, she saw more of Eric when he was a celibate priest than she does now. Maybe he'd return if she had herself re-upholstered? Grampa John and Patches threatening the aging mobster was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
  9. I love her too. She's been the main reason I've watched a bit more lately. Mansi was FF for me.
  10. It's pretty ludicrous to have to listen to Jack or Lauren, or Ashley or any of the Newman kids wax on about the virtues of hard work. Almost as hard to listen to is Phyllis moaning on about how she has to do everything HERSELF, had to work so hard etc. when we know she grew up the privileged daughter of an investment banker and then spent the rest of her life hosing down everyone and anyone for what she could get from them. But currently the most obnoxious of all that group would be Kyle and Dummer. Kyle's so full of condescension and unwarranted self-regard I'm suprised he doesn't float away like a circus balloon and apparently Dummer's vision is restricted to looking down her nose at eveyone who isn't herself or Kyle. The only character who really did make it on his own - Victor - bloviates about it so much that I forget it's actually true. Hey, did you all catch the groaner yesterday when Nicki said something about Victor and his "unconditional love" for his children?? If she's not been replaced by a body snatcher then she better be back on the booze because.....really?? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from Victor??
  11. Deirdra, I think you may have a new origin story for the love that is Adam and Chelz..... A young man, shortly after his murder down on ye old farme, having a celebratory shot of milk sees on tv the woman of his dreams..... lactose intolerance be damned....
  12. Snaporaz, this post is a thing of beauty. What exactly did she say or think about Dummer that's not true? She does only have her job due to neopotism. If she relied on her skill level, she'd be a beginner speed bump in front of Rexx Rugs. In the spirit of ChanceCom now devoting their next issue to the Life and Times of Billy ButtBiscuit I hope, when they turn it into a movie they call it "Booger Nights". I'd feel sorrier for Adam if he wasn't such an arrogant putz. Yelling at hospital staff, even over the phone like he was doing today is such a dick move. It's the sort of thing ButtBiscuit would do and indeed has done. There's not a nickel's difference between those two. Is Show really trying to sell us on the idea that there is a public out there who just can't wait to bathe in the fetid waters of ButtBiscuit's life story? Is their next story going to be about how Lauren worked herself up the ladder from being the daughter of the owner of Fenmores to owner of Fenmores? Maybe a two parter on how Victor's parents dropped him off a no-kill shelter and all he had to eat where last year's fashions, or maybe a story on Nick's decades long struggle to learn how to use a zipper or the heartbreak of Phyllis's affliction of smelling to high heaven of mendacity? Where can I subscribe??
  13. Maybe they have a table with stirrups in the prison visitors room? Perhaps Kristen is in charge of prison decor.
  14. My brother is out of the hospital for the third time now and this time it looks like it's going to stick. He was released once and then collapsed at home due to plunging blood pressure but that seems to be under control. Covid has made his breathing an ungoing issue at least for now and his energy level has been pretty low. We are very grateful for the excellent care given him by an incredible medical team and I'm also grateful that now he understands how bad this can be. Thanks for asking, Snaporaz. Oh God Peacheslatour I'm so sorry. The ache of not being able to be with him must be unbearable. I wish there was something we could do. I hope you can take comfort in the excellent care you've given him but that must feel like pretty cold comfort when you can't be at his side. Love to you.
  15. What the hell was wrong with Sharon? She was so off in her reactions to pretty much everybody to such an extent I thought maybe she'd gotten a big box of marijuana gummy bears and eaten a whole lot more than the recommended dose. It's a sad day when Phyllis isn't the weirdest person on display. Not to take away from Phyllis's weird behavior because she was definitely edging towards the arm flapping "Caw Caw" territory. I can FLY! She's still repeating herself SHE'S STILL REPEATING HERSELF except now she says the same line once in a normal (for her anyway) speaking voice and the repeat in her mouse voice. How much you wanna bet she's paying Nick off by drugging her guests and harvesting their organs? Oh I jest but......this IS Phyllis. Stranger things have happened. Speaking of harvesting organs, I suspect bad things to befall Connor's boarding school once he finds out what's happened to Mommy.
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