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  1. What a shitstorm today's show mostly was. Maggie sounded like an idiot defending Ben by bringing up Bo. Riding a motorcycle and strangling people as a hobby aren't comparable. If she'd been mad at Victor for strangling Ben in her living room and maybe ruining another rug with a dead body like Will and Sonny did, that I'd understand. Saying that Ben had "changed", like he'd passed an anger management class or was taking yoga sure as hell isn't reassuring when his past exploits include BEING A SERIAL KILLER. Show is determined to make Ben happen. I like RSW but Ben Weston, that won't be happening. I dislike Ciara far more than Ben, though. She's a mean, entitled ass. Going off on Jordan when she's DATING A SERIAL KILLER is pretty rich. It was sweet that Jordan chose that moment to appear. While the writing for Ciara is really crappy. I think the actor, Victoria Konefal is also a big part of the reason Ciara comes off as so unpleasant. She delivers her lines as if she's always sneering at everyone who disagrees with her about pretty much anything, just comes off nasty most of the time, at least to me. Hey Julie, don't mind Doug, go on, get out of bed! Look out the window, THERE'S a heart, just laying in the middle of the road, you run right down there now and go into traffic and get it. Go on, you can do it! Yell at the cars while you're at it, too, and whatever you do, DON'T pay any attention to traffic lights. Go on, Julie, Nick's there, waiting for you! Have Lani go with you but blindfold her first! I hope that instead of a heart, they transplant a Jack in the Box into her big mouth.
  2. Dreams, folks, dreams, they DO come true! A(nother) whole episode devoted to Der ButtBiscuit and we are lucky enough to be alive to see it. I never expected to be moved the way I was moved today. Yeah, it felt like a boil on my behind but it did move me, frequently. The pathos and the bathos, the sturm and the drang, the upsies, the downsies, the innies and the outties, we got 'em all today. But before delving into the intricacies, just a few procedural questions.... Isn't it usual for tv DID's to have different names for each personalities? I know in "The Three Faces of Eve", there was Eve, Miss Boom Boom and Lulabelle, and in "Sybil", there was Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Andy of Green Gables and Dirk Bigelow, Male Gigolo, but here, we only had Double Patty with Cheese Billy and Gumball Billy. I was really expecting a big reveal when he was talking to Victoria, that when he suddenly started chewing his cud and she called him 'Billy', he would turn to her and said, It would have explained so much.... It seemed like there was a loss of dramatic tension there. Plus, I think the boathouse could definitely have used some hay, and maybe a feedbag for poor ButtBiscuit. Maybe he could have even started counting by stomping his hooves..... Perhaps I'm over thinking it, though.... Too bad Show felt the need for Jack's interaction with ButtBiscuit to be a dream sequence. I was hoping, hallucination or not, the scene might have ended with Jack stuffing ButtBiscuit in a crate and shipping him back to Hong Kong. Same with Jill. She told her darling boy a few home truths, all good, but why she didn't mock him for the jeans he was wearing was a missed moment, in my opinion. And WHERE are his White Tennis Shoes of Destraction? I fail to understand why every single annoying thing about him wasn't brought out and stuffed up those gaping blowholes when the chance was had. Pretty terrifying stuff for anyone, though, including ButtBiscuit, to have a hallucination where Phyllis is leering at him in a green visor, whisperbarking at him while that toothsome grin of hers expanded to PennyWise proportions. Though it defies understanding that his mental break didn't happen the second he started the affair with Phyllis. That way lies madness for any normal life form. OOOO, fight between ButtBiscuit and Adam! Manly mans being all menly is just so much more manhappiness than I can handle, though. All that testosterone made me want to find my bottle of "Odor Away!" After a week of ButtBiscuit being locked up in the same pair of underoos, that boathouse is going to need to be cleaned up like a crime scene. That ending, though, where ButtBiscuit beat himself up, now THAT was really good. I'd always wished he'd spent more time punching himself, since it seemed nobody else was going to do it. The ending, though, when the Bravery of the ButtBiscuit won out over all was a moment I'll treasure forever. It tugged at my heart, made my nose sniffle and dag nabbit, but I do swear I saw an Emmy reel submission in their future, because, as ButtBiscuit said to Victoria, Victoria looks pretty good in this clip, I think. And that's it, ButtBiscuit be cured. He will never lash out, never be selfish, never buy another Jaboat, never treat Jack or Ashley or Traci or Kyle or Jill or Victoria or Johnnie or Katie or Kevin or Chloe or Adam or, or, or......(my fingers hurt, can I stop?) like crap again. Until next week. I guess this must be the last we'll see of the Ye Olde Boathouse set, they'll be packing it away in one of his nostrils pretty soon, and a Brand New Day will dawn in Genoa City. And there goes our last chance to ditch this walking, talking Slurpee and get Billy Miller back. Drat!
  3. Currently, yes, JJ and Jenn have supported each other, but it's been clear, IMO, that when Abigail is around, JJ runs a distant second in Jennifer's eyes. His adulation of his mother seems like overkill to me, though his loathing of Eve makes perfect sense.
  4. All the over-the-top "Jennifer is love" crap made me feel like we were back in the days of Dr. Dan and that's NOT a place Show ever needs to go again. I like Jack, but he was practically foaming-at-the-mouth about what a saint she is, and this is before he regains his memory. J J was pretty bad, too. Luckily, Jennifer Rose herself was pretty appropriate through it all but dial it back a notch or 10, Jack. Way to be a buzzkill, Nicole. I assume Eric has changed the sheets since he last sinned there with Sarah. I was so hoping she'd tell Eric that she was saving herself for marriage - I would have loved seeing what poor Eyeore would have done with that. How did Xander get through the entire episode fully clothed?
  5. Nope, it would be against the law for Nikki or Victoria, or indeed anyone to involve a dumpster in their sexcapades, no matter the partner. Phyllis owns the rights to any and all dumpster-related affairs. It's the law.
  6. As Cupid Stunt said, it's Billy Abbott. You'll also see him referred to as Nostrildumbass, ImpossiBilly and Beely. Sharon and? is a forever question. Most of all, Jay Vlazhay, welcome to the board!!
  7. Maybe all the other reindeer laughed and called him names? Then, one foggy Christmas Eve.....
  8. I agree, it has to be. If anything will bring Kate back from the brink, it's the mere idea of any part of her being given to Julie. Ain't gonna happen, as Victor Newman would say.
  9. Wiki says she was married to a guy named Sandy Corzine in 2007 and divorced in 2009.
  10. They were aunt and niece, emotionally mother and daughter, sometimes antagonistic but always close.
  11. So Theo doesn't believe in labels? Well, I do. Let's see, Theo, how about "oleaginous" for you, that seems to work. Unctuous, obsequious, slick, trickster, cheater, phoney, vicious, bogus, fetid, malodorous, fly-blown, scummy, or sordid, any of those work for you? I'd toss in fraudulent, deceitful and pretentious but I'm pretty sure you'd see that as praise. Tessa should have sprayed him with Febreze and then gone for a delousing. Mariah, famous last words about you being able to handle him. Something wicked this way comes. Joimiaroxeu, you are kinder than I, because I've yet to see ButtBiscuit have an actual personality. All I've seen since his introductory coma walk has been a character defined by being a walking, talking human personification of a bad case of the stomach flu. Regular Billy and Gumball Billy seem pretty much the same. The only question I find myself asking is why he's not using that nose of his as a gumball dispenser. He could quit Jabot, install a slot for nickels where his chin is supposed to be and hire himself out for kiddie birthday parties. The kids would line up to see those gumballs shooting out like twin cannonballs. He could CLEAN UP and finally make Victoria proud. For a moment there I thought I had turned on the National Geographic channel. I was expecting to see a bears emerging from hibernation, or icebergs calving. Then I saw he was in the competent hands of Chloe, Genoa City's version of Dr. Phil. How could that go wrong? Oh yeah, Victor collapsed while in the bosom of his family. Gee, I sure hope he's going to be okay......
  12. EM did a good job today, showing his inexplicable attraction to Kristen coupled with his revulsion at the same time. I'm in the minority, I think, of never having bought into their relationship when the role was being played by Eileen Davidson - Kristen has just been so vile and so nuts for so long - but I sure believed today that Brady both felt the attraction and equally, felt awful about being attracted to such a monstrous person. Show has been giving Brady some nuance these past few weeks, I hope that keeps up. Long ago and far, far away, I remember liking Eric and Nicole but I don't have an iota of that feeling left. I think I've overdosed on Nicole these past few months as her fake persona and now that the "real" one is back, and coupled with Sadly the Cross-eyed Bear, they're both like two damp, musty sponges stinking up the place. Maybe, with time, I'll enjoy Nicole again but Eric is so dead to me that Vivian can bury him, dig him back up and bury him again on a weekly basis and I'll treat her to lunch each time. He ruins everything. Sarah, tongue-tied and weepy and stuttering and stammering as she tried to tell Eyeore that he scored a home run during one of their sexy times was embarrassing to watch. She's an adult, a lot of the time, a character I like a lot of the time but she descends into pablum whenever she's around him. And he's not worth it. He's not just a wet blanket, he's a whole wet duvet set with dust ruffle and extra pillows. Also, I wish somebody would just goose the hell out of him and make him stop all that damned whispering. Eric was a lot livelier when he was a priest. But what do I know, apparently he drives the women of Salem wild. He simply drives me insane. Jack and Jen were fun today. It's really nice to see Show finally letting the two of them start to do what they do best. And while I loved the hell out of Dorian and Blair today, I hope Show has gotten that out of it's system. Tune in next week to see what makes Eric cry next.
  13. From what little I remember, Abby started out trying to talk Phyllis, when Phyllis had this as her pet project at Dark Horse under Adam, into letting her lease space to open a lounge at the Grand Phoenix. Then, Phyllis sold all of Dark Horse, with the exception of the Grand Phoenix to Victoria, so she could be thanked by Nick for returning his company to him. Then she thought she'd bought the Grand Phoenix from Adam, but it turned out he'd fooled her and instead of the Genoa City Grand Phoenix, he'd sold her a tear down hotel of the same name in Detroit. THEN, as George Seinfeld's girlfriend once said, yadda yadda yadda and Abby beat her to the punch and bought the Grand Phoenix directly from Adam herself. I remember him bringing her the paperwork at Society, and Phyllis was out. Phyllis begged to get back in and Abby told her she needed to have some skin in the game, 20% or something, which Phyllis was unable to raise. She even tried to get Chelsea to invest with her and Chelsea turned her down. That gave Chelsea the idea to approach Abby about investing and the Pink Pool Table was born. Phyllis, as usual, vowed revenge on everyone and their little dog, when she was cut out and here we are....... Did I miss any knuckleheaded move, or get the sequence wrong? Must be the sangria...... So I guess that means that Abby's only investor is Chelsea.
  14. I was sidelined for the last week or more with a vaccine reaction - first time ever - so I've done very little posting, but...........damn, show is just dreadful. I thought that maybe it seemed so awful because I felt so awful but I'm better and it most certainly is NOT. Abby blathered on and on, daily, about opening this stupid hotel like she just cured polio and then when the party went bad, she practically rent her garments and sat in ashes because she might "lose everything". Really, Abby, you blew the half a billion bucks you got from your dad on that pink pool table and all those Ikea accessories? I guess they call Dummer the "future of the family" because you're even a BIGGER idiot? Chelsea been gasping to a disco beat for the past few days, hysterical that her road to redemption might be compromised. Chelz, hate to break it to you, but people would rather see you on the road to Rexx Ruggs than the road to redemption. Nobody's gonna mistake you for a saint, especially with your lips pressed to that baboon butt of a Nick you're scamming, I mean, involved with. Then it turns out that the criminal mastermind behind dosing everyone's drinks with metamucil was Zoe, an underage Teletubby. And Phyllis, again again, was made front and center in yet one more storyline, this time it being her who brought the criminal to justice. She did that, of course, by being even more criminal which somehow seems not to bother Tightpockets or Rey Rey at all. She's everywhere. In everything. She leers, she whispers, she stutterbarks, she gives that creepy big-eyed stare, she pouts out those icky wet lips of hers that resemble the tentacle ends of an octopus, swings those elongated limbs while her head swivels around like one of those swing arm desk lamps come to some sort of unholy life. Watching her, every day, in every storyline, that painful, talentless overacting, those repetitive tics - it's really pretty creepy. There's other stuff going on, I know but there's such a complete overlay of Phyllis that it's hard to see through that sticky grime to anything else. What on earth is going to happen when ButtBiscuit returns from having the new bowling lanes and lap pool installed in his nostrils and they're BOTH on screen at the same time? When Worlds Collide.......
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