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  1. Everyone I know in that age range - and I know a lot since I'm in that range myself - uses streaming services - at least one and usually more. And they're all older than sixty and on fixed incomes.
  2. Uh oh! Anna in a romantic tug of war with Claire over Tony....
  3. Maybe Ben will finally realize the right woman has been there, in plain sight, all along......Marlena.. They'd be adorable in matching pantsuits.
  4. Maybe she'll send him a card. Puppies? Kittens? Sociopaths? I'm sure Victoria can find one for Adam, hopefully on sale.
  5. Well......Friday's episode was almost too rich for me. It was just overflowing with gooey bullshit at every turn. I'm sorta surprised Faith's head didn't start spinning while she spewed green vomit when Nick and Sharon subjected her to that looooooooooooooooong warning about the do's and don'ts of court appearances. A lecture from those two about the tsk tsk of illegal behavior, delivered in their sternest of parental voices should have been accompanied by a chorus singing "Do as I say not as I do". If Faith's parents really wanted to play to their respective strengths then Nick
  6. The nuns would have had them both in detention so fast their heads would spin. Though Moses giving that twerp a beat down would have been satisfying. The other kid was beefier but Moses was taller.
  7. But I thought she only remembered things up to the date where she crashed her motorcycle. That was a lot earlier than last November, wasn't it? She seems not to remember anything about Ben at all. When Marlena hypnotized her she did get the memory back of Claire burning the cabin but that seemed to be it. Right? Or have I ff'd more than I thought? ETA - Ciara crashed her motorcyle and was rescued by Ben air date June 5 2018.
  8. By this time, considering how long Victor has been around and how long he's been behaving like an overbearing, mumbling psychopath, when he knocks on someone's door - especially someone who doesn't know he's coming - the proper greeting should be, not "Come in" but instead, a swift kick directly to his nether regions. Afterwards, a "Hello" would be appropriate. But not before. Adam is leaving town and going to the farm? Does he think Kansas is over the rainbow and he can't be sent back to Wisconsin? Is he going to be transported there by flying monkeys? NOW I understand why he's alwa
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Also, Caroline.....was she dead before Ciara took off on the bike or was the character in California with Kim?
  10. Chloe should just make herself a Kristen mask. Hell, the whole town should start wearing Kristen masks. I'd love to see Ben and Ciara carrying on with their craziness in matching Kristen masks, Abe and Paulina and Julie, Justin losing another case in a Kristen mask, Xander in a kilt in a Kristen mask, even the blanket babies in matching teeny, tiny Kristen masks - even Kristen in a Kristen mask. It sure wouldn't make things any loonier than they are now.
  11. After what he did to Will? No way, not even with Will being Ben's patsy-I -mean -friend and Ben being Marlena's new boy toy. No way. Bad writing. And enough with moron Jake and his bro Ben cheerleading too.
  12. I had no idea they were were leased! That explains why all the good furniture from the Ranch and the Chancellor set have been replaced with the dumpster dive bits and pieces they have now. The Gaping Pustule set looks like somebody cribbed it from Barbie's Dream Crack House..
  13. Well, she's 77 and has diverticulitis and myesthenia gravis, which can just sap the energy right out of you and even make it almost impossible to walk or even lift things at times. And, she's got her mother who was living with her who has dementia. She has a lot on her plate.
  14. I laughed when the article said the viewers were on "the edge of their seats" for the big reveal. I admit I'm often on the edge of my seat, but that's just because I want to smack the screen.
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