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  1. I guess Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are going to be receiving a Cease and Desist missive from Victoria sooner rather than later, informing them that she has proprietary control of the word "Newman". So goodbye to There will be no Festivus for the rest of us, thanks to Victoria, ever again.......
  2. Peanut6711, you are on FIRE today!!
  3. Only if landed safely but squashed ButtBiscuit. Needless to say, Neigh on the horse being hurt, but ButtBiscuit Be Gone!
  4. And such a hypocritcal bastard. He's got Ava living with him, they're sharing a bed and presumably having sex, and all the while he's suspecting her of setting him up. How convenient that his suspicions don't get in the way of eating her meals and sleeping with her. Then, he tongue dives into Nicole in the kitchen while waiting for Ava to come home and COOK FOR THEM. Anything Ava does to him is less than he deserves. Nicole, too, for that matter, if she's desperate enough to go after the Elmer Fudd of Salem.
  5. I can't wait to see him again! He was terrific as Derek Frye.
  6. I hope the little hamburgler detests jazz and starts a banjo and jug band as soon as possible and makes Devon regret getting even one day a week custody. And they practice - and practice, and practice at the penthouse. Snivel and bully your way out of THAT. I'm not faulting Abby one little bit for making the nanny take Dominic to his music appreciation class. How many times can she listen to "The Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round", especially since the wheels of her bus have fallen off. Besides, her other baby boy seems so energized that he's ready for a playda
  7. The Bag of Hair aka Chance said to Abby, in an attempt to make her stop being sad in front of him that she loved Brad and Victor and the little hamburgler would love the Bag of Hair and the Q-Ball the same way. Abby lied and pretended to agree.
  8. "What have you done to his ears?" "He has his Father's ears"....... If only, Rosemary, if only.....
  9. I think Ashley poached him - when she and Jack were at odds - to go work at her company in Paris.
  10. I almost forgot that touching scene today where Doddy Devon decided to change Dominic's name! That was so sweet. I was sure he was going to insist the hamburgler be addressed as the Sultan of Swing so imagine my surprise when he insisted the baby have yet one more last name - Winters - to honor the memory of the man Devon uses to justify every shitty thing he does. I swear I almost wept at the beauty of it all. It inspired me to come up with a new name for Devon. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but I WILL tell you it rhymes with Flucking Masshole. It's a family name.
  11. Another day, another tone deaf storyline. So Vampire Diary cosplayer Noah is taking a job his Dad created at a non-profit supposedly devoted to creating housing for the poor because he's at loose ends?? Money is being diverted from badly needed housing so this mopey moop has something to do all day? And, he announced that he's only doing it if he has time for his art? To make it the absolute dream job, he'll be doing it while emotionally stalking his sister's fiancee. Nah, I don't see any problem with this, do you? I still think he escaped from a London sanitarium where he was being
  12. It is jarring. Yesterday, Devon was bemoaning how " the lawyers" will make everything worse because they don't care about anyone. That's Amanda he's talking about, or did he forget?? Unless the writers are even more clueless, which is certainly possible, this could be a prelude to trouble in Devon land. I'll enjoy every minute of it.
  13. There's a documentary out there called "Nuclear Family" that deals with a surrogacy case where the mothers knew the donors, had a decent relationship with them until one of them sued for paternity and visitation rights. The mothers are Robin Young and Sandy Russo and the donor who sued them was Tom Steel. The case is from the early 90's, one I remember because it was extensively covered in the SF Bay area. It's a very good documentary that shows the toll this took on all involved.
  14. I really enjoyed today's episode. Yeah, there were a couple of things I wasn't too crazy about but it was fine and funny and touching and dramatic when it needed to be. All in all, a fine day in Salem town. I can't think of anyone who deserves Gabi more than the Devil.
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