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  1. Phyllis was sashaying around like she was the Undead Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke. I'd love to see Abby burn her to the ground, but the smell of all that melting plastic would be a health hazard. Can someone pour a gallon of Clearasil on Theo and dissolve him like the Wicked Witch of the West?
  2. Congratulations on your new kitten! You rescued her from a state park?? That's pretty great of you, lucky kitten.I I agree, Will and Kate were absolutely wonderful, very moving, and as usual, I completely believe how deeply Kate loves Will. Well done, Show! And then there was Abigail.....sigh.....does Rolf have a cure for her, maybe? Please??
  3. Trouble is, I can't unknow what I 've seen, and I saw more that, for me, is ......
  4. I think I like him a lot less, what flip, unpleasant posts those are. Show could only find an Asshat to hire? Match him with Phyllis, he deserves it.
  5. That's a little harsh, IMO. Mileage varies, I know, but I don't find his delivery any less compelling than Will's - take that comparison as you may - and reasons why people love and/or are attracted to each other vary from person to person. That question could be asked of almost all Salem couples, so singling Sonny and Mr. Manny seems arbitrary.
  6. I agree, Sonny is fine, in both meanings. Will can be a bit dull and while Sonny has had his moments, he generally isn't, IMO. Remember Sonny when he first appeared? Mighty fine.
  7. No, Rolf revived Kate a while ago. Last I remember, she was telling at Victor and looking fine while doing so.
  8. Happy 6 Month Birthday to your Mackenzie!
  9. Maybe the kid is really ugly, like Chuckie levels of ugly, and Rafe keeping him covered up is a public service? I'd enjoy the show much more, myself, if somebody would toss a blanket over Ben, too.....
  10. It's not about making sense per se - besides, "logic and Salem rarely inhabit the same dimension - it's me explaining that I find Eric utterly insufferable. I didn't say Xander was better, just that he annoys me a lot less.
  11. Sarah keeping that child away from Eric ..... How can something so wrong feel so right? Xander is a psycho, no argument there, and no amount of charm should be enough to cloud Sarah's judgement - just like Brady with Kristen. But Eric is such a monumentally self-absorbed, narcissistic, sanctimonious pain in the ass, rude as hell whenever he doesn't get his way and always expecting everyone to kiss his ass just like Marlena always does. He's far too big of a baby to be in charge of any child.
  12. I didn't see the whole show, but I did see enough to appreciate how much NuChance despises Cane. How can I not love this guy???
  13. I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe he's assumed a super hero name, such as The Skidmark Kid, PocketPooler, or wants to be known simply by his talent as the Poop Tosser King?
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