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  1. You are. But he's better now. So says Marlena. Though, in Marlena-speak, what she really means is .....
  2. I blocked this Beely completely from my mind - something I know I'll never be able to do with JT's version. Every time I blow my nose, or see a hipster doofus in the distance, I scream inside. I know what you mean about them showing Kyle and Lola's Christmas episode - "don't care" seems too positive a thing to say about it. I was hoping they'd show the episode where Colleen and JT came to the Abbott home for Christmas, surprising Traci and Jack and everyone and bringing along their kids, Mamie, Brad and little Jackie. Oh yeah, there ISN'T an episode like that because Show just couldn't get enough of killing off the Abbott's. Could up believe that little turd? I was hoping Jack or somebody would have scooped him up and deposited him in the freezer next to a packet of frozen lutefisk. It's pretty much impossible for me to see the current version of Kevin, all bumbling and nerdy and tiresomely "funny" and in love with his psychotic Topo Gigio and not remember the fire-starting, infectious little homicidal creep that was. This has been a nice week of shows, all told, especially the glimpses of a younger Jack and Traci and the several versions of Ashley. Any glimpse of Colleen is always appreciated and always makes me wish somebody would repossess her heart from that frozen wasteland it was implanted into. One thing, though.....I can't help but wince a bit every time this week that John would call Ashley "My Beauty", remembering how not that long ago, Traci broke down and confessed to how hurtful that was to her over the years. I wish Show hadn't killed John, but at least we were spared seeing one of the hack head writers Show has been saddled with deciding a good storyline would be having him marry Phyllis.
  3. Because when she officiates at a wedding, nobody ever has to ask her to speak up.
  4. Claire, Claire, Claire, you've gotten rusty. Trying to convince Marlena that you're ready to be released because you've worked really hard on your issues was the wrong tactic. You should have told Grannie how hard you've been working on your abs. After all, that's what worked for Ben. You have your priorities, Marlena has hers. I'm ready for one last Marlena kidnapping, as long as THIS time, nobody finds her again. Show is back to only half an hour long here - at least that's about as long as it is when you ff through all things Ciara and Ben. I do hope, though, when Ben is choosing his formal wear that he goes with a bow tie. Less chance of strangling someone, though of course it COULD be a choking hazard.
  5. Peacheslatour, you've just made everything clear to me! Victor must have come through the Time Portal from Collinsport and THAT'S how we ended up with Count Chocula. Forget that orphanage bullshit! Poor Victoria Winters......if I had a nickel for everytime she said "I don't understand". No dear, you certainly did not.
  6. What I wouldn't give to see Phyllis matched up with Frank Costanza - and ButtBiscuit with Estelle.
  7. The Universe refused to allow that to stand. One Phyllis is stretching it, two is taking the time continuum to its breaking point.
  8. Other than waiting for that day, in the distant future, when Kayla will be allowed to actually smile and be happy about anything, anything at all, there's virtually nothing on tap that I give a rats ass about. But PLEASE, Show, PLEASE, can we have at least one scene, no matter how brief, where Kayla is actually happy, has a look on her face that isn't clouded with sadness or worry? I barely remember what that looks like anymore. Won't Lani be just the bestest mommy evah? Won't she? I mean, going by how she tortured the hell out of Eli the entire episode, when she knew all along she was going to have this baby, she's going to be SUCH a stable influence in her child's life. That was all such b.s. As usual with her, her major focus is her own unhappiness and making sure she gets to spread it around. Eli is doomed. Between her and his grandmother, he should be a blithering idiot by Christmas. I appreciate Abe's long history with Show and this is most likely an UO, but MAN, he is one boring, pompous man. I know he doesn't mean to be pompous or boring but he sure comes off that way. He and Kate are an odd coupling, even if just stays professional. Unless he starts wearing those 500 dollar shoes she was talking about on his head, he's about as interesting as watching paint dry. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention - perfectly possible - but why exactly does Zoey want David if she doesn't even have custody of her own kid? And if she doesn't have custody of her magic invisible child, why would a judge give her a do-over with David? More to the point, do we care? Will Steve and Kayle reunite? Ohthesuspense...... Nothing says "edge of your seat" storytelling" like a storyline whose ending is already pre-ordained. Two people who apparently don't care AT ALL abou the outcome are their kids, Stephanie and Joey. Steve and Kayla might as well have had a set of gerbils for all the mention their offspring get. Even the other one, whatshisname, never gets mentioned. Maybe after Kayla and Steve reunite they can have Dr. Rolf mix them up a handy dandy potion and Kayla can become a mother just as she gets her AARP card and she and Kristen can share mothering tips and arthritis cures.
  9. Happy Birthday, Jewel21! I hope you can do something nice for just yourself today.
  10. Yesterday was mostly a waste of time for me. I didn't like Jack's frothing at the mouth to Gabi about Abigail and it sure didn't help that he burst through the door like As Peachmangosteen says, Jack looked sorta pathetic. I do think Mansi did a decent job with the kids but I just don't care for or about Abigail - or Chad anymore, so the Long Goodbye did nothing for me. Instead of all the schmaltz, I wish they'd just have had Mayflower Movers come in, pick 'em both up and toss them in the back of a truck. I do like Thomas, though. Emancipate that kid already and let HIM run DiMera. That's nice that Ciara stood up for Gabi and told Lani she's a crackpot, but like a broken clock, apparently even Ciara can be right twice a day. "Save the Date" cards for a wedding to serial killer? Really? The last "Save the Date" announcements these recepients got were the ones Hope sent out about his execution and THAT didn't happen. Talk about a reason for a party..... I'm hoping Julie isn't around to marry them because Elon Musk decides to launch her into space sans rocket. Then there's the romance between Lani and Eli. I'm more invested in whether or not Cartman on South Park finds true love.
  11. Snaporaz, you're a good son. Your folks are blessed to have you.
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