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  1. In that case, Devon should be thanking his lucky stars that Abby didn't decide to play "Rock, paper, scissors" with his offering. Ouch!
  2. Judging by what we see onscreen, neither is the woman who portrays her.
  3. Other than almost 30 years of being employed, usually (especially lately) in high paying jobs and nobody ever complaining that he was mooching off them. Yeah, he must be a bum on his last dime. Just like Kate before she got that job as the cleaning lady at Dimera. One step away from hand outs at the City Mission.
  4. No. You've read my post incorrectly. I think Reilly was so bad that no writer, including Ron C. could make it worse. Hence, saying Ron C. is a "rank amateur".---------------------------------------- As in , no one can be worse than Reilly. That doesn't automatically translate into "Ron C. is a better writer". It means Reilly's horridness is on a plane all it's own. If I have to explain it any further I'm going to pretend to be Doug possessed by the annoyed devil.
  5. No. NOnononono. As horrid as Ron C. can be, he's a rank amateur when compared to Reilly.
  6. Even the Lord of Darkness hates Julie. He can't be all bad.
  7. If only that was ButtBiscuit in the bath, though there's no evidence he ever takes one.
  8. That orange dress......does Sharon have a third job now? Is she stepping in as a traffic cone in front of Rexx Ruggs after a day of slinging bullshit and coffee? Is there a do-it-yourself collagen cart in Chancellor Park because Sharon and ButtBiscuit's lips look like flesh-colored gummy worms these days. It's pretty rich of Dickolas getting all huffy about someone keeping secrets when he almost drove Victoria and his mother crazy all those weeks he stalked them in his JT mask. Him wearing his jockstrap on the outside of his pants should have given him away, I admit, but still, t
  9. Mac did have issues after the twins were born. She felt that she was too involved, having trouble separating from the babies, so she distanced herself. It was really just a blip of a storyline.
  10. I totally agree. Julie annoys the hell out of me, SSH does not. They are both legends and for good reason. Those other two.....
  11. I spent most of today's episode imagining the many different ways ButtBiscuit could be folded into intricate, artistic origami shapes. You know, make him the centerpiece for Victoria's wedding? Bend, fold, staple, mutilate, really make this wedding a celebration! I know there's always the chance his exoskeleton would crack and he ooze all over the table, but art would be worth the sacrifice. He's gotten even worse. ButtBiscuit should be greeted with a swift knee to the groin the second he comes in range. I have no idea what Nikki was thinking, inviting him to the house. She'll never
  12. And the final nail in the Irony coffin was pounded in when Forrest Gump won Best Picture in 1995.
  13. Well said. I really only enjoyed Anna and Shane. The look of the show was better than the network's - lighting, et al. It had it's moments. But, as you say, He grated on me from beginning to end. Calling him a stereotype is kind IMO. The crap he pulled would have justly been called harrassment if it's been men/women but that over the line stuff is okay because it's gay men? Not to me, not anymore. Ron C. needs to take a look at the 21st century.
  14. Watching that embarrassing performance made ME feel high or drunk. I hope hope hope hope HOPE that's her Emmy reel. It was that bad. Who says I'm petty??
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