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  1. There's not much for me to add to the glory that was today's shew except to remark, as so many have, that there isn't a scene Phyllis apparently can't be shoehorned into, and there's not a scene that Michelle Stafford doesn't make worse. Phyllis is pox on everything and everyone around her but the way Stafford plays her makes her presence seem like a punishment to both cast and viewers. Is it possible for an actor to go into Tic overload and dissolve into nothing but a quivering pile of tweaks? She's becoming a dangling ganglion with all the acting abilities of Little Edie. You know she'll be doing this next, be it the hospital waiting room, the lobby of the Ghoulish Pesthole, or in her suite at Happy Dale. Dance, Phyllis, Dance, for Nick!
  2. You hit the highlights! I've got nothing to add except that I thought Nicole looked great today. And, could Victor's pants have been any higher? They were practically up to his armpits. Ohsosexy, lucky Maggie. She might enjoy some time away from him, even in prison.
  3. I'm good with Gabi shooting that psycho rapist Nick in the back or anywhere else, for that matter. Leave it to Julie to canonize a relative who tortured her other relatives.....she's such a dear.
  4. And what about that gold spray painted car Vic and Nick gave to Chocula? Was that the actual car he started Newman with by selling used condoms out of the trunk and is Show telling us he started life out as an actual tiny gremlin? When did he grow to full size? Was there a magic bean involved? So many questions....
  5. Ben and Ciara's lub is so deep and so special that I hope the police recognize that and send Ciara to jail with Ben, they deserve to be together. Maybe they can get a Last Meal for Two? A final Happy Meal, and supersize it! I do like how Ciara carefully chose her words when she said, "I'm not going to let you be executed for a murder YOU DIDN'T DO". Unlike the three and attempted fourth he did do, huh? Fast Forward is a wonderful invention. How thrilling it must be for Theresa to hear that Brady is back together with the woman who stole her fetus and tried to raise it as her own? Have they decided exactly what Tate should call her? Auntie Incubator? Psycho Granny? Krazy Kristen? I think it's going to be a little tougher to blend this family together than most. After the truth comes out, I hope Brady dumps Victor out of his wheelchair and lets him flail around like a turtle on it's back.
  6. I'm surprised at the menu for the Victor's big Embalming and Penile Implant celebration. I'd have expected some haute cuisine - you know, like those Cherries JubiLEE! he always used to order at the GCAC - but instead, all we got was a lot of warmed over, double-baked bullshit. Oh, and Puddin' Pops for dessert! That's what Noah should have named his installation. Nick, who has managed, somehow, to move into the negative I.Q. numbers, is back to letting Phyllis do a tonsil check, apparently forgetting the crap she's currently pulling on his sister and all the crap she's pulled on everyone else. You can always tell when Little Nick is doing the talking, though I'm suspecting Little Nick has shrunk much like whatever was left of his cranium. I bet if you shook Nick, you could hear his brain rattling around in there. I know it's unlikely, but I really do want to see Abby crush Phyllis. She can always go the Wiley E. Coyote route and drop an anvil or a piano on her from the top of the Grunting Piglet. Oh, Phyllis, someday, god willing, someday..... I hope that boulder is big enough for two, because something, someone, ANYONE, needs to do the same with ButtBiscuit. He was ranting about how Victor was being celebrated for going his own way so why were they being so HARD on HIM, HUH? WHY? So I guess, going by that, then what ButtBiscuit wants and has always wanted, is to be like Victor? Hate to break it to him but he and and Victor have always been similar. Both of them count on their family to allow themselves to be abused and controlled for their own amusement, and then they're expected to thank them for it. Congratulations, Billy, you achieved your goal of being like Victor a long time ago. I'm wondering how long Victoria's stabbing will be all about ButtBiscuit and Victor? By the end of tomorrow's episode, is that too soon? Hey Sharon, having cancer isn't a free pass to be a bonehead. Not cool to chide Rey for not applauding Dummer and Vyle for "being in love" when it's his sister who got dumped - and dumped like yesterday. That was kind of shitty as well as air-headed. Maybe you might want to re-examine your current life choices if you've got Phyllis agreeing with you. Amanda dresses like that just to hang out at the bar? Does she have an alternate personality called Norma Desmond? After helping a con artist fleece Devon, and now being the reason Victoria got stabbed might make you want to rethink settling down in Genoa City. Oh what am I saying? How could the town bear to lose such an excellent attorney?
  7. And that's exactly what people said to me about my mullet in the 80's.....
  8. I didn't say he's not coming back. He and Abigail and Jenn and Jack were going to Cape Town for Bill Horton's funeral.
  9. The next time, the VERY next time, Steveno pompously pulls back that eye patch and says, I am Stefano DiMera!, this has to happen Good GRIEF this is boring. Gosh oh golly GEE, Lani, Eli didn't miss you as much as you thought he did. He was looking at you with more of a "who let one rip" expression than one of love. And her telling him that she'd wait for him forever sounded more like a threat than an expression of love.
  10. Well, it was nice to see Dorothy Maguire again, that was nice. I always liked her no matter what she did. I still think Victor's mother ditched that little shit the first chance she got and who could blame her? He was the Connor of the 19th century. Besides, it must have freaked her out to have a kid that, inexplicably, spoke with a German accent. I ff'd through all of the tribute tongue baths, though I did stop to glance a few of the clips. I think Show missed the mark, though, by not having EVERY bit of Victor's life that's been documented on display - they should have been projecting film of all his colonoscopies, too. Like the rest of his life, I'm sure they were spectacular. Victor's self love is the kind the priests told us would make us grow hair on our palms and make us go blind.
  11. littlefingers116, that's an excellent and informative post, thank you!! He's off to Africa with the family for Bill's funeral.
  12. Oh, no, I didn't think it was nitpicking at all. I appreciate you mentioning it!
  13. Ooops, I should have stuck with Doug, sorry about that, I'm going to go change it back to his character's name
  14. Gabi could have avoided all of this if she'd just gone with her first instinct and never given Julie the heart to begin with. So, okay, the app doesn't work, but I bet she could run Julie down with a car, poison her Depends, slip some arsenic in her Dentu-cream. Gabi, USE YOUR IMAGINATION. Hey Julie, you might want to go check those Horton Christmas ornaments, Gabi has had one since Arianna was born. She's been "part of the family" ever since she gave birth to her and Will's child. Funny how you always forget and discount that your precious Nick was torturing Will and keeping him from his child, but then I guess Nick was more of a Horton than Will is. Julie is exhausting. She sure was having a good time today. After getting all that attention at the Square, she even managed to push JJ aside when Jenn was telling him and Abigail about Bill's death. She's such a special person I think she should be cast in bronze, like a set of baby shoes. No need to wait till she's dead, either. The Doug, Jenn and Jack scenes were really nice IMO, as were the following family scenes later on. Poor Doug didn't know how his life was going to change. He came to Salem to fleece a rich woman and ended up married to a rabid parrot. Can't win 'em all, Doug. JJ was terrific today, just terrific.
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