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  1. Oh yes, Petunia13, yesyesyesYES. EJ was a turd, but Abigail was that plus a duplicitous obnoxious ass. It's her go-to look.
  2. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I think Stafford has found an 8th use for bread dough....2 loaves worth....
  3. Lovely, beautiful, perfect and concise of that slap-happy harpy, DisneyBoy!
  4. Don't stop, I love this! I have some antimacassars, along with some linens, crotchet items, embroidery, a couple of quilts going back to several of my great-grandmothers and later generations, beautiful stuff. After my mom died, we laid it out and let anyone in the family who wanted any take what they liked and thankfully, not much was left. I kept a small amount and have been doling them out to family as they express a wish to have it. Luckily, it may not be in fashion but most of the younger generation want at least a bit of it. I guess the Newmans are all going to have to fight over who has to get stuck with Victor's portrait, his collection of tequila bottles and his limited edition of Old Spite for Men.
  5. That's probably not the only "short" about it, either. That would explain what he's constantly searching his pockets for. "Now where did I leave it THIS time"?
  6. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    That's pretty much what I made! I used gruyere and it make it even better (or worse for the arteries), topped it off with some grated romano cheese. I didn't use any cracker crumbs and less milk but pretty much that was it.
  7. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I bake a lot, cakes too, but that's beyond my ability. For something like that I'm calling in the big guns, Alpine Bakery! That sounds pretty awful all around, thank God you're okay!!!
  8. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I never precook the zucchini. I made a sort of scalloped zucchini dish last week, sliced like potatoes but not as thin and they were more than fully cooked by the end of it.
  9. How do I love thee, post? Lemme count the ways! You done killed me ####DEAD ####, NinjaPenguins!
  10. boes

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Thanks for this recipe! We are overrun with zucchini - in a good way - but I'm running out of ways to cook it. And these sound DEEELICIOUS!!
  11. Right? I think the kid is doomed either way, but Nick sure had no problem taking Christian away from "the only father he's ever known" aka Dylan, so his outrage now is pretty rich. But that's classic Nick - if he wants something then there's no reason he shouldn't get what he wants and everyone else can go to hell. I'm just waiting to find out how he manages to blame Sharon for everything, it just wouldn't be a Nick story otherwise. I felt the same way during Phyllis' drooling stutterbarking slimeathon with Christine. This is one of those times there really should have been a cream pie handy for Chris to pick up and hand deliver to Phyllis. I think it would come in extremely handy in pretty much every encounter by anyone with Phyllis. That, or a stun gun. It was great to see the Chancellor Mansion again, wasn't it? I'm hoping this is a prelude to seeing a revitalized Chancellor family if Chance returns. Otherwise, like you say, today was too much of the same thing, especially Nick and Chelsea. Mama Rosales and her 10k run back and forth from the GCAC to Lola's apartment, Kyle's boomerang from there to the pool house, Victor with the sadz and ButtBiscuit in his white tennies. Oh yeah, and angry Adam. Who cares?
  12. "Over my dead body"!, squawks FogHorn Leghorn's older and more annoying sister. I live for the day somebody takes Julie up on that offer. Besides, all of her "My Stars and Garters" horror at what she walked in on is pretty rich considering what she and Doug and their ukelele have done in that same room. Isn't there a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle she needs to be on, ASAP? Freddie Smith is looking better and better! I'm starting to see the guy who Will first fell for. Nice to see them both in happy circumstances for once. You're kinder than I, because I never saw anything interesting about Abby other than her complete inability to see anyone's viewpoint other than her own. I didn't mean that Haley is a physical clone of Abby, just that when it comes to self-absorption and entitlement, those two are pretty identical.
  13. A better story would be if he tripped over Delia's doll and broke his nose. Seeing that honker in a cast with ButtBiscuit in therapy, having to learn all over again how to sneeze and pick that thing, that's a storyline I could really get behind.
  14. Me too, I cannot stand her. She's so full of herself. I guess she's marrying into the right family, though I suspect she and Abby might have some problems because they can't both be perfection, can they? Will either of them be able to stand it? Poor JJ, and he's one of my favorite characters. It appears that he's in love with a clone of his sister.
  15. Maybe it's in color because this is the day their love becomes gloriously real, or some such bullshit.