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  1. Dang, those vows were longer than Lawrence of Arabia. And did we really need three scenes of Victor looking longingly into Victoria's eyes telling her he adores her? Creepy! I'd laugh if Angelina Marchetti sees Sally's dress and hires her while demoting/firing Summer. No, forget that... I don't want to lose Sally and I never want to see Summer again as long as I live. Unless she's one of the dead bodies in the Palazzo Murder Mystery. My money is on Leslie Brooks as the killer. Is anybody wearing palazzo pants at this party? I don't remember what those are, but everyone was maki
  2. Billy said he used his own personal money. But it is Billy, so take that for what it's worth.
  3. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP, SUMMER! How many lines of coke did she do before she got to the party? Her delivery has been so manic the last two days. When this dumb wedding is over, can this please be the last we see of her? And I mean The.Last.Time. For real. What's-His-Nuts is going to wind up murdered, isn't he? The Palazzo is a perfect set for a murder mystery. Colonel Mustard in the biblioteca with the candlestick. Of course, this being Y&R, we already know whodunnit. It's been a couple of years since Nikki has offed anyone, so she must be getting the itch. (*I still count
  4. Oh my gods, I really did not believe Summer could get any more obnoxious than she already was. Yet another failure of my imagination. When did she and Noah ever have a sibling rivalry? Willing to give new Noah a chance. I loved the "no fucking way in hell" look he gave Summer when she suggested he move to *Mulan* so they could, like, hang out all the time! I know this is the original Leslie Brooks, but I always think of the pretty, dark-haired Leslie who was a part of the whole Leslie-Lance-Lori-Lucas merry-go-round. That Leslie was more believable as a concert pianist. This one lo
  5. I'm watching that new Chucky show that old (younger) Faith is in now. I don't think I'll finish...it's just not my kind of thing. So far, she's a bratty rich girl, and she may be bullying the kid who's the main character. I think...I'm not really paying attention.
  6. Thank you for finally clearing that up! My grocery store has this backwards. On the display, the sign above the sweet potato says "yams". Then when I do self-checkout, I select yams, and I end up getting charged $4.99/lb instead of the .99/lb that the sign said. And I make the same mistake every time! So now I know, because I've never had that thing in the picture on the left-hand side. Anyway, I cut the sweet potato into french fries, toss with olive oil, salt & pepper, and Cajun seasoning, and roast them.
  7. Oh, Deacon is awesome and I'm so glad he's back. I just can't with Sheila, though. She's a cartoon character at this point, like those un-killable horror movie villains. Why doesn't she look like Y&R's Phyllis anymore? Did she go back to the plastic surgeon and say, "okay, undo everything you did the first time you changed my face."?
  8. As Summer would say in her impeccable Eye-talyin, Uno momento, por favoray...3/4 of the residents of GC live in the same tiny hotel room at The Ground Phleabag, yet every single guest at this dumb wedding has their own spacious room. Even Billy! How is that possible? Are they staying in Tuscany for the next three years or something? Because it looks like they've blown the scenery budget for at least that long. This palazzo is bigger than the Newman Raunch, the Abbott house, and the Chancellor mansion combined. I guess Ashland really is sick? Why doesn't Victor want Billy to know t
  9. Oh crap, they inserted KB's giant bloated pumpkin head into the opening montage. I guess that means she'll be around for a while...Trust your first reaction, Deacon. Don't get mixed up in Sheila's craycray.
  10. I hope you're having a fun time in Catalina, Cupid! Just be careful if you go to the hospital there...a certain doctor on staff likes to steal babies and sell them to fashion house heiresses to pay his gambling debts. 😉
  11. When she first arrived at B&B, the idea was to have a next-generation version of the Original Sally Spectra and resurrect her rivalry with the next-generation Stephanie (Steffy) Forrester. The Original Sally Spectra was, well, a brassy, over-the-top scenery-chewer driven by her desire to be accepted by the patrician Forresters. I think that's why this Sally seems to be more popular with people who also watch B&B...her mannerisms make sense to us in that context. (If you've been watching Y&R for a long time, original Sally also played Rose, the woman who ran a black-market baby r
  12. Unless I missed something, I'm pretty sure Victoria doesn't know about Summer and Billy. I think Kyle, Phyllis, and Lily are the only ones who know. It reminded me of the Il Giardino set from B&B. Do the two shows share props? Did the lighting seem strange in Billy's condo? At one point, Jesse looked like some ghostly apparition, and Billy's face was even more grotesque than usual with all of the weird shadows. It looked like it was supposed to be sunlight, but isn't it night time in GC if it's morning in Tuscany?
  13. Paris has so much "grace and class", the same adjectives Stephanie used to throw around ad nauseum when describing Taylor! I actually liked Paris when she first came on. She wasn't the typical soap character, she seemed like a genuinely good person, and she's quirky and super cute. The endless breathless praise has killed all of that pretty quickly. Why does this show do that all the time? So excited Deacon's back, though! I was pleasantly surprised as I had not seen any spoilers about his return. Sheila's a predictable bore, but Deacon is a wild card. Maybe he can kill her off onc
  14. Okay, Ashland is now officially dead to me. Because, 1.) His whole origin story is less plausible than fan fiction written by drunk teenagers, and b.) HE STOLE MONEY FROM A CAT SANCTUARY! What a sack of crap, or as the Palazzo staff would say, che coglione. And he had the nerve to call Tara shady for skimming profits from her shoe company. Now what am I supposed to do? Root for Billy Munster? Not an option in any universe. Can the two of them just kill each other already, or as boes suggested, run off to Switzerland together and get married (now legal there, yay!). I just have one thin
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