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  1. Plus, if there is a tuition fee for the course, she needs to pay for that, too. These people are wack-a-doos. If she thinks anybody is going to learn the software inside and out in a one-hour zoom course, she's delusional.
  2. Hausenpfeffer! When you read a picture book to a small child, aren't you supposed to, you know, show them the pictures? Mariah and Tessa's big story is a page ripped out if The Handmaid's Tale, with Nina guest-starring as Aunt Lydia. It is kind of hard to care about anything that's happening right now. I'm more emotionally invested in the new season of Meerkat Manor. Not kidding.
  3. Best wishes, jewel! Late, but sincere. Fingers crossed for good news for Steve!
  4. It was the traveling DNA tester who knocked on the Abbott's door. She swabbed Harrison's cheek, but nobody else was in the room except Tara. Hmmmmm....were there shenanananagins? She also got Kyle's cheek-spit sample, and gave him a Frequent Shopper Coupon worth 25% off his next DNA test. The only significant thing you missed was Sally trying to form some kind of alliance with Ashland after those two bobbleheads Summer and Kyle blamed her for all of their woes and threatened to go to Lauren and have her fired. I hope Sally goes scorched earth on Frick and Frack, who become more insufferab
  5. They'll probably hire Steve Burton to play Chance. I swear Dylan and Chance are the same character.
  6. The Rotterdam Ahoy Arena (which was being used as a Covid field hospital this time last year) did look completely full, but it was actually only at 20% of capacity. There were also very strict Covid measures in place. The fans were allowed to remove their masks and forego social distancing once at their seats, but they went through a lot of screening before they got to that point. I thought they breezed through the voting in record time this year, because they only awarded the 12 points live. In years past, every country awarded all of their points live (e.g., Spain's 3 points go to
  7. I wonder how much of Lily's interest in Billy is based on a desire to stick it to Cane, or is she just plain stupid and genuinely into him? Years ago, the recap thread on this site was entitled "Explain it to me like I'm Lily", and that was with good reason.
  8. That's great news, pearlite! From what I hear, Pfizer is the vaccine of choice for hot people. No, I'm not kidding! Alas, dweeby me gets my second dose of Moderna on Wednesday. I probably will continue to mask up even after I'm fully vaccinated, no matter what the guidelines are. The same wackos who are anti-maskers are also anti-vaxxers, so who can trust them with the honor system?
  9. On the show, Lola is doing some guest chef thing at restaurants all over Florida. It supposed to be some big honor and will be good for Society when she returns, too.
  10. Oh my gods, jewel...the next call you need to make is to this guy's psychiatrist, because he seriously needs his meds adjusted! @pearlite, have you had any luck on the vaccine front?
  11. Jack, I love ya like crazy, but you get yet another "classy" demerit. Your first one was for neglecting to give Theo a piece of the Gaudy Gemstone of Love. Now you get one for throwing Dum and Dummer's engagement party at the venue where Kyle's ex-wife works. I hope Abby had the good sense not to expect Lola to make the canapés for this shindig. Lola did say her new job is temporary, so it sounds like she's coming back? She'll probably look a little different, though... Phyllis is so full of shit. Trashing Sally to Jack had absolutely nothing to do with "protecting" Jack and everyth
  12. I'm sorry you're going through this difficult time, jewel. As hard as it may be, try not to stress too much about Steve, only because animals can pick up on our anxieties. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with him. If he does need some treatment that ends up being expensive, we all know you'll do whatever you can to help him. Take care of yourself, too. It sounds like you're overwhelmed. Is there a friend you can spend some time with who isn't as negative as some of your family members? You need to be around people who make you feel good about yourself, even for a little while.
  13. For a Six Degrees of Y&R relationship, Tawny Kitaen was also in one of my favorite cheesy 80s horror movies, Witchboard, which also starred the guy who played Tucker McCall.
  14. ^The name Don has been making me shudder for a few years now. Not sure why...
  15. I won't say I like one more than the other. We saw old (younger) Faith grow up on this show, so I have a soft spot for her. But this new girl was a real find. I usually need an adjustment period when there's a re-cast, especially when the character hasn't been off of the canvas for a while, and doubly especially when the character is SORASed. But this transition was seamless. She was Faith right away.
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