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  1. Try not to worry about a month and a half from now. Take it day by day. And don't feel bad about leaving the physio place. It isn't full-time, right? And you need FT. If one dental job doesn't work out, you'll eventually find one that will. And you'll probably be as fond of the clients in a new office as you are of the clients in the physio place, because you're a warm and friendly person. I understand your misgivings. I'm a worryer, too, and I like stability and familiarity, and sometimes I freak myself out over change. But I've learned it does no good to worry about things that may not come to pass. So take it as it comes, and try to view the change as a positive one. Learning new skills is never bad, and even if you find you don't like where you end up, it may lead you to the place you're supposed to be. I guess what I'm trying to say is...Perk up, little teapot!
  2. Doesn't Phyllis get exhausted from being so...what's the word? Phylisstic? Phyllistine? Anyway, it's exhausting watching her. Has it ever once crossed her warped noggin that maybe if she weren't always such a thundering asshole, everyone might not be so averse to work with her? Abby should just sell her the shares at a hefty mark-up, then make Theo useful and enlist his rolodex of influencers to tear that stupid hotel down one Yelp review at a time. Bedbugs! Mold in the bathrooms! Owner is a deranged psycho! So now the story is that Chance's life was not in danger, but this mystery guy was going to expose his cover and Adam accidentally killed him. This is right up there with Kyle and Theo's big secret being some lame underage drinking scandal. This writer likes to follow his big teases with big let-downs. The light show's whole purpose was to create the mistaken identity scenario, because it didn't make sense with the rest of the art installation. It would have been nice to know Amanda's ex a little better to understand what led him to that kind of violence. JT's abuse was a gradual build-up. This just came out of nowhere, because the guy was only on for a day and a half. I can't even remember his name.
  3. For a minute, I thought they'd brought GT back as Phyllis. Turned out to be Ashley, but she looked so much like GT from a distance. It seemed a tad inappropriate to announce to the room that Victor had been her lover, especially with so many of his ex-wives present, and his current wife is the one who was cheated on when they were lovers. You can say that again. So this was the original Matt, and that guy who played him recently (when Jack thought he might be a Newman) was just some random re-cast. Gods, can you imagine being a guest at that party and not being a Newman? I would have been snoring before Victoria finished giving the FIRST of the three dozen speeches. I wish they would have shown the clip of Jack stepping over Victor's not-quite-dead-enough body. That one never gets old.
  4. I just learned something and wanted to share with you all, especially @jewel21 and all bird lovers. Avocados are toxic for birds and can lead to all sorts of problems and even death. The toxin can be found in the fruit, skin, seed, bark, and leaves and can change depending on the variety of avocado and the species of bird. Symptoms can be subtle and death can occur 24-48 hours after ingestion. Sorry if you already knew...it surprised me, so I thought I'd put it out there just in case. (Yeah, avocado seems like a strange thing to feed birds and it wouldn't even occur to me, but you never know!)
  5. I can't imagine anyone on "Team Sharon" would tell Victor, so how in the world did he find out? Does he have private detectives following all of his children's exes? Is he paying for Sharon's insurance and getting the medical bills? Is her Sleepytime Tea Bear's cottage bugged? How could he know? Or are we just chalking it up to Victor's 40th anniversary omniscience? So MTS and PB had anniversary episodes. But Doug Davidson is the longest-running vet, and he didn't get one. I know he hasn't been on the front-burner (or even on the stove at all) for a while, but still... I still don't quite understand what happened in Las Vegas. If Chance's life was in danger from the guy who was killed, couldn't they just claim self-defense? Chance was law enforcement, so he could have gotten Adam off easily. Why the cover-up? Adam told Chelsea that nobody besides he and Chance (and now Phyllis) know. What was Risa's role in this? She seemed to know as well. And how did Phyllis know exactly which of the gazillion bars in Las Vegas she needed to hire a waitress to plant the bug? The plot holes have plot holes. Julia! Nice to see she has no hard feelings about that time Victor locked the guy he thought was her lover in the basement and fed him rats. Bygones. Was that a different Matt? Didn't he and Ashley have a fling for a while? I hope Leanna Love shows up, too. Noah looks good! I hope he's sticking around. Will he be livin' the vida Lola?
  6. My condolences, @PatsyandEddie. May your aunt and Sophie be at peace together. Thank you for giving Sophie a home and so much love in her golden years.
  7. I love how you make me laugh everyday. I love all the things you teach me. I love how we know each other even though we haven't "met". I appreciate and love all of you crazy animals! Happy Valentine's Day! 💗💘💞
  8. I'm not sure how you feel about herbal remedies (being extremely wary of Big Pharma, I'm all about them), but ashwagandha has really helped me with anxiety, and it's also helped me sleep pretty deeply. And there shouldn't be any issues with having a drink. Of course, disclaimer...if you take any prescription meds, please check with your doctor for possible interactions! Thanks for sending me back to my misspent youth, Cupid! My college bf loved The Stone Roses, and I still have the cassette tape he gave me of The Complete Stone Roses. Now if only I could find my Walkman!
  9. You have a beautiful feline family, @jpagan05. I particularly love that photo of Puka giving us a raspberry!
  10. What an especially boring waste of time the show was today. The scenes on the ledge were beyond stupid. Yes, Billy Munster, we get it. You are so edgy. Rebel Without a Personality. I was on Victoria's side until she revealed herself yesterday to be a vulture capitalist. I was waiting for her to say "Corporations are people, my friend." Now they both can go pound sand. So nice and classy of Kummer to play footsie over lattes as Crimson Lights, with Lola right upstairs. They should go to Las Vegas with Phyllis, get a quickie divorce, followed by a drive-thru wedding, and a honeymoon in Wuhan. Amanda's big dramatic moment of taking back her power landed with a thud. Her ex didn't seem even a little bit worried. Sharon called Noah the same day she told the rest of the family about the cancer, and she did tell him he didn't need to come home.
  11. Oh Johnny, you're still young, but you'll soon learn. I was sick of this version of your dad the minute he did his coma tour of GC. That kid looks more and more like Billy Miller all the time. Has Nick forgotten the time Dummer broke Kyle's heart when she dumped him for Prince Whats-his-nuts? Onion rings, chicken nuggets, and fried cheese...Society appears to have the same menu as TGIFridays. They do look like liquor bottles, but they're flavorings for sodas. Most non-Starbucks coffee houses have them.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. @jewel21 hasn't given us a Steve update. Also, we don't know if @Petunia13 got the job at the swanky landmark restaurant, or how your wrist is feeling, peaches. How is your sister doing, Cupid?
  13. I thought exactly the same thing (down to the word "repulsed")! Kyle was DONE with Summer when he met Lola. He wasn't using Lola to try to make Summer jealous. He was indifferent to Summer. That was when I first started to like him. There was never once any indication that Kyle was even remotely carrying a torch for Summer. This just came out of nowhere, like a lot of things that have been happening lately. Count me in as one who hates disease storylines, but I'm surprised by how interested I am in this one. Maybe it's because they seem to be focusing on the mundane aspects of getting sucked into the labyrinth of The Medical Industrial Complex, like what to pack to bring to the treatment sessions. I remember my former boss telling me she wasn't allowed to eat raw fruits or vegetables or have fresh flowers in her house while she was getting chemotherapy, so I thought maybe Sharon shouldn't have that apple. I'm also liking Rey for the first time since this started.
  14. The Black T-shirt of Virility is so virile that it can support that watermelon Victor tucks underneath it.
  15. Aww, he was one of my first crushes...
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