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  1. I thought it looked like an exorcism, too! As for JT's Emmy reel, I can't tell the difference between his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, especially since Chloe took away his pack of Juicy Fruit. And I'm not sure I was supposed to LOL when he fell on the floor. They have to wrap this up soon, because I'm getting tired of seeing 20,000 leagues up his nose. If you gaze long enough into the nostrils, the nostrils also gaze into you. Is that why they were the only ones who were like, "All this grieving is making me peckish."? I just read that the CW is developing a new Dark Shadows called Dark Shadows: Reincarnation. The guy in charge says he was a big fan of the original and plans to keep the same feel.
  2. I'm glad you found it! St. Anthony always comes through!
  3. Did you take it off and set it down somewhere, or did it fall off of your finger without you realizing?
  4. Congratulations, @Petunia13! You and George need to celebrate! Have a safe trip home, @Cupid Stunt! Melvin will be so happy to see you! Feel better soon, @boes! I was hoping you were on vacation instead of sick..😞 Happy Harvest Moon Weekend, everyone!
  5. @Petunia13, I know nobody wants to think about this, but Christmas is right around the corner. If you don't mind retail work, loads of places will be starting to hire holiday help around now. That would give you a few months to find something more permanent. How did the preliminary hearing go? @AngelKitty, how is Louie?!! Of course he's adorable, but is he an handful?
  6. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow, @Petunia13! Do yourself a favor and try not to think about work crap or stupid people's hang-ups or the hearing or anything unpleasant. That can all wait for another time. Treat yourself to a nice trinket, do things that make you happy, spend time with George and others you love, eat some great food, and celebrate even harder for every year over 30! Enjoy your day. You deserve it!
  7. Maybe flapping your arms and caw-caw-cawing like a maniac on TV is some ritual to increase your Thetan levels? Tom Cruise did the same thing on Oprah's couch. Did the Home Depot have a sale on those stupid fake fireplaces? Nick has one in his frat house, Society has one, and now The Grand Scottsdale. How many overpriced watering holes does Genoa City need, anyway? The Influencers have the Club, Society, and now this place, but where do The Influenced go to get their great unwashed Coors Lite? Bring back Jimmy's! Happy Labor Day, US Preverts! Happy Labour Day, Canadian Preverts!
  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Stunt, @Cupid Stunt! May your honeymoon never end! According to Hallmark, art is the traditional gift for 26 years. Any good galleries where you are? And congratulations on your furry bundle of joy, @AngelKitty! I'm sure Nelson is smiling down on you, happy that all that love will be showered on someone else. And thank you for adopting! You just saved two lives, the kitty you adopted AND the one the shelter now can take in to take his place!
  9. What a handsome cat . When we all go to The Kingdom, Nelson will show us all of the good places to hide. Be at peace, sweet boy. For 18 years and 11 days! It still is never enough... I'm so sorry, @AngelKitty. Amen to that.
  10. Yet he blacks out while driving across town to peel off the wallpaper in Kay's living room, write something on the wall, re-paper the wall, etch something in the furniture, retrieve a doll from the attic, drive back home, put the doll on his bed, etc. I really hope this is supposed to be funny, because I cracked up when Chloe jumped in front of the car.
  11. Didn't Paul go to the ranch the next day to look at her car, after which he determined she was cleared?
  12. Seriously. He just kept getting hotter with age. (Sorry, I'm shallow.)
  13. Oh boes, I'm starting a petition to name a 1,000 mile stretch of the Information Superhighway after you! So what are we calling the menacing version of ImpossiBilly? Bubbletrocious? Tyler Turden? Chewdorka? It's pretty hilarious that JT is such a shitty talentless hack that the gum is the only way to distinguish between the two personalities. I heard him call her Claire, too! Maybe Chloe also has DID and "Claire" is the one who tried to kill Adam three times!
  14. Glad you're back home, @AngelKitty. Sending you healing vibes for a speedy recovery!😻
  15. Oh my gods, I have no idea what hallucinogenic substance this writer is under the influencer of, but enough already with that fucking word. The only influencer who could be of any help here is Marie Kondo, and she would look at this show and say there's nothing she can do with this mess. It doesn't spark joy, only yawns. As for Nick, the judge may not have held him in contempt, but I sure do. I can't believe Judge Hard-ass fell for that sappy crap. Hmmm...I might have enjoyed seeing Noah act as a character witness for The Bestest Dad Who Ever Dadded. Honest testimony would not have been so flattering to Banana Brains.
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