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  1. I also think it's going to come crashing down, but in a different way. Everybody is way too starry-eyed right now, even Nina. Amanda's advice to Devon about making his rights clear provided a clue where this is headed. Abby can say they're all going to be one big family all she wants, but one day Devon and/or Mariah are going to disagree with some choice Abby makes for the child, and Abby won't want to hear it from them. I wish Abby and Chance weren't involved in this. This forced sense of urgency with them is mystifying, especially with Chance not around. Maybe if Rey wanted a child but Sharon couldn't carry one because of her age and Mariah agreed to be their surrogate, or if Devon were a donor for Mariah and Tessa, it would be more interesting. I'm sure Abby's condition with the scarring is a very serious thing in the real world. In Soap World, not so much. Steffi had exactly the same problem on B&B and was told she'd never be able to carry a child. Then she had some cutting-edge procedure or chugged Lourdes water or something, and now she's churning out kids like a Pez dispenser.
  2. The look on Phyllis' face when Jack and Sally left Le Grand Putain was priceless! You could see all of her poor life choices, including her idiot man-child boyfriend, flash across her eyes. What makes me angry is that Phyllis can't stand to see Jack happy with anybody. I hope that, one day, Fun Uncle Devon tells Baby Chabby the story of when Mommy channeled Crazy Aunt Phyllis and hit Grampa Tucker with her car. Rey, let me make this simple for you. Sharon sees Adam the way I see those cinnamon rolls that come in a can. I know I shouldn't, I know they're bad for me, I know I'll regret it, but damn, sometimes I just can't resist them!
  3. I wonder if Abby is considering that there's a history of addiction on both sides of Devon's family. If Baby Chancellor Newman Abbott Hamilton Winters comes back from boarding school in five years as a raging teenage alcoholic, how funny would it be if Abby blames Devon? Last week, Bill Spencer said he was the "king of all media". Now Ashhole Locke dusted off his copy of Edith Hamilton and named his company after the king of Media. Is someone trying to get a rise out of Baba Booey?
  4. I got my parental units their first dose last Thursday, with the second dose scheduled for March 11! It was like winning the lottery! It couldn't have gone any more smoothly. My sister has already had her second dose (she works at the university dental school, and all of the health sciences faculty were considered to be in group 1A). She had no problems with the first dose, but she could barely lift her arm after the second. And a lot of her colleagues were so sick the day after they got dose 2 that they had to call off work. She got the Maderna vaccine, while my parents got Pfizer. I've heard that younger people have stronger reactions than older people.
  5. I wonder how Amanda will react to Devon's decision, because it doesn't appear that he discussed it with her at all. Yes, they're at the very beginning of a relationship, but still... Mariah asked for Tessa's input and would have said no if she had any objections. Devon didn't give Amanda that courtesy. I don't get why Abby and Chance are rushing this, either. They've been married three months, and his condition may be temporary. Why not wait a bit? Also, can you really order sperm online? Do you have to be a member of Amazon Prime or something?
  6. If Abby had asked Devon to be the donor, that would be fine. But having him offer is just plain strange. And presumptuous! He's just assuming she'll say yes. How awkward would it be if she'd said, "Well, I was hoping for someone taller." This does get Katherine's DNA into the mix, but it also gets Tucker's, and Abby pretty much hated Tucker. This whole story is a hot mess. I was thinking at the time that it was pretty careless of Adam and Sharon to be making out at the workplace of Sharon's sister-in-law, but I don't think Lola would be sharing pictures with Faith's bullies. But there are never more than three people in that restaurant at any given time, so who could have taken that picture without being noticed?
  7. Why would anyone even want to be the only two people in a restaurant? Why not just stay home if you want to be alone? Half the fun of going out to a restaurant is the "going out" part, which usually involves other people being there. At least, that's what I vaguely remember about restaurants and going out in general..😕 Or Amanda and Elena are both pro-pregatory, but one baby will die and the other will be switched. Or Elena will have twins, with Devon as the father of Twin1 and Nate the father of Twin2.
  8. I have never understood the notion that vanilla is a synonym for boring and bland. Vanilla is a rich, evocative, complex flavor (vanilla in general, not just ice cream). There's a reason it's so freaking expensive. Neapolitan is amazing...best of all worlds. Mint is good in toothpaste, and not much else. How many times did Victor recruit Sharon to be Adam's therapist? He even asked her to have Adam committed! Now he questions her experience? I'm not sure why Sharon thought Rey crossed a line by reminding her that all three of her kids wanted her to stay away from Adam, too. So all of those tattoos are real? I've seen the lion before, but I thought the others were make-up. Why did Devon have some Y&R related story for all of those, but not the lion? There even is a Y&R story that could be tied to the lion! (When he fell in the lion's den at the zoo and Malcolm hypnotized the lion and pulled him out.)
  9. Did I miss something, or did Kyle neglect to tell Summer about the baby? And Phyllis told Nick that Sally was trying to seduce Kyle, which I also don't remember ever happening. Everybody seems to be showing their hand very quickly lately. Biscuits, Amanda? Really? You haven't eaten a carb since the Bush-41 Administration. The only Biscuit you've been near is the one of the Butt variety, when you were primal-screaming on a rooftop with Billy.
  10. I always flip back and forth between Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl. Don't let Cameron Mathison put you off! And even though Beth Stern isn't the most dynamic TV personality, she does a lot for animal causes, from donating bucket loads of money to fostering. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are hilarious together. They used to have a cooking show with both of them clad in pajamas and whipping up snacks to satisfy Snoop's case of munchies.
  11. Quoting myself to say, just for the record, I was not suggesting that Abby choose Victor or Jack as a donor. But at Genital City Memorial Savings and Loan, some underpaid lab rat will see "Newman Sample" or "Abbott Sample" and think it belongs in Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor's petrie dish. Hijinks ensue...
  12. Maybe Nina can convince Ronan to be the donor. He's not only a half brother, he has Chance's liver. I'm bad with fractions, but 1/2 + 1/liver = more DNA than some random stranger. Plus, Victor and Jack may still have some sperm banked. What if Abby accimadentally got one of those samples? It can happen! On soaps, anyway... Taylor was getting IVF on B&B, and the lab used Brooke's egg by mistake. Ooops! Wrong Mrs. Forrester!
  13. It's headed our way! Snow is supposed to start early in the morning, with 6 - 10 inches predicted by Tuesday. Not the 8 feet that others are getting, but still a pretty big storm. Have any of you Preverts been able to get a vaccine yet? I'm 53 years old with no health problems, so I'm in the very last grouping and don't expect to get it before the summer. But I've been trying to get it for my parents. It's kind of like a radio contest right now...**Be the 8th caller when you hear Stairway to Heaven and win a Covid vaccine appointment!** My older siblings are driving me crazy because I haven't taken care of this yet. They started giving me crap saying that I'm not taking it seriously. So they took over the project and learned pretty quickly that it isn't so easy. I'm just trying to be impatiently patient...yes, I'd like to get them vaccinated ASAP, but I'm willing to wait until it isn't so chaotic. Competent people have been running this for about a week and a half now, so give them a minute to get things organized.
  14. I think it's supposed to be JCV, but I can't for the life of me think of what the "V" stands for. Jabot Collective...Vhat? Vhat does it mean? Are they taking the "V" from "Collective"?
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