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  1. ***I didn't mean this Chance looks like a teenager when I said he looks like Jake Ryan. I only meant that he looks like what I imagine Jake Ryan would have looked like a few years after Sixteen Candles! Chance should be about 10 years or so older than Abby, but age is so fluid on soaps. They look great together, which makes total sense now that I know they're really married. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, boes! It's going to be a strange one, for sure. Even if you can't be where you'd like to be or with the ones you'd like to be with, I hope you all enjoy the holiday.
  2. SecondChance (actually, I guess he's the third one playing adult Philip III) looks like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles! The other guy reminds me of Mr. Bill with his weird Play-Doh face.
  3. How are you feeling, @OhioSongbird? How are your treatments going, @MollyB? Best wishes to you both. 🌼
  4. I'm so glad Nick made up with Phyllis. Now she won't have to go the the roller disco by herself. Chloe has a young daughter and a newborn baby. Why doesn't she focus her energies on them and let Chelsea live her own life and make her own mistakes? Chloe doesn't exactly have a good track record advising Chelsea, going back to the terrible idea of conning Dylan into thinking he was Conor's father. I did not recognize Nina at all. I almost thought it was Katie Logan. Did she change her hair or lose weight or something? Or was it just the Zoom lighting? If the wedding is next week, it's weird that Nina and Jill just couldn't show up now and hang out for a bit.
  5. Does Esther really own half of the house? I thought Katherine left her half of the house to Jill (who already owned the other half), with the stipulation that Jill allow Esther to keep her job and live in the house.
  6. Patented Preverted Healing Vibes headed for Dayton, OhioSongbird. Feel better soon. 💓
  7. Chance will be fine, boes. My guess is the bullet hit his swimmer factory and his plans for making Abby his brood mare will go up in flames. But that doesn't mean they still can't plan a boffo wedding reception at Newman Total Landscaping.
  8. Hmmm...could Faith be the shooter? We all assumed Jordan had booze in her bag, but what if she had a gun? And Phyllis said something about how great it was that Faith went after Adam "with both barrels". I doubt Show would go there, but it would be a nice soapy twist. Original Sally called everyone Bucko (and sometimes Bucky), but I think this Sally reserved that term for Thomas.
  9. Nina and "Little Philip" (as Chance used to be called) moved to Los Angeles when he was young, so he didn't grow up in GC. Ashley and Abby were also living in London (or Paris? Or both?) when Abby was a kid. There was a time while Ashley was working at Forrester Creations when Abby and Chance were both living in L.A. at the same time, but I don't think Ashley and Nina ever really ran in the same circles. So I can see Abby and Chance not knowing each other very well. Side note...several years back, Rick and Caroline Forrester came to GC for some fashion thing and Abby introduced herself to Rick. How could she not know him? He dated her mom!
  10. I have a feeling Jill would have a few issues with Sally. Game recognizing game, and all... Theo's inheritance was a surprise to me. I thought they were telegraphing that Dina was going to leave him (via his father) everything, hence giving Kyle a healthy portion of crow to dine on. Why would Stuart have even given her a pen? Kind of a strange gift for an old fling.
  11. Chance never dated Sharon, but he did lose his cherry to Chloe. I wonder if Nina is going to be Jack's new Teardrop of Love-interest they keep teasing us with?
  12. I like it, too. Everybody seems to go for that over-processed bone-straight Ivanka hair.
  13. The original Sally owned Spectra Fashions, which sold cheap knock-offs of Forrester Creations' designs (often before Forrester even had their runway shows.) Sally#1 was kind of a Mae West-type bawd who was constantly trying to get respect from the Forresters, despite being a thorn in their side for decades. When the actress passed away, they sent the character on an extended (and ongoing) vacation complete with exotic locations and cabana boys. Unlike her great-aunt, this Sally is an actual fashion designer who went to L.A. to revive Spectra Fashions, but make it legit. Of course, financial pressures led her to follow in Sally 1.0's footsteps and steal Forrester's designs. You'll like her...she's a fun character and the actress had off-the-charts crazy chemistry with both of the guys she was paired with. They really ruined her at the end, so I'm glad they're giving her a fresh start. I have no idea who they would pair her with. She would eat Kyle alive, so my guess is Theo. I wish they'd bring Daniel back, just to have more options.
  14. Best wishes to Junior LaTour and his new wife for a long happy life together! (And good on them for choosing not to have a superspreader event. Hopefully you can all celebrate in person soon!)
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