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  1. Oh, today we got the second worst Billy out of all the Billys who ever Billyed, and he was still better than NotBilly Buttbuscuit. That isn't saying much, since a Pez dispenser would be better than Nostrildumbass. I think this nondescript Billy was followed by Val Kilmer Billy. Abbott Week has been really good so far, probably the best of all of the theme weeks. Tomorrow sounds like a disappointment, though. There had to have been a better episode than Kyle and Lola's first and last Christmas.
  2. How is MIL Stunt doing, Cupid? Any improvement?
  3. Aww, George has a fan club besides us! πŸΆπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ•
  4. My DVR said this episode originally aired on September 10, 2001. I just kept thinking of that through the whole show.
  5. Petunia, you are amazing! It's just your nature to go the extra mile, but it must mean the world to the residents to know that somebody cares. I wish somebody would make me some "nice cream"! The So Delicious snickerdoodle coconut milk ice cream I'm addicted to is so $$$, so I save it for special occasions. 🍦
  6. Well, like you said, you don't technically have to quit your other jobs right now. Maybe you should just accept the job and see how it goes. If your other jobs don't call you back once your CERB runs out, you wouldn't have any income. It does seem unfair that they can't make any promises beyond September. They should have mentioned that it was potentially a temporary position before you even went for the interview. But...there is a possibility, no...a probability that they will love you as much as we do! They may decide to keep you on no matter what happens with the person you are replacing.
  7. Jill was channeling both Brenda Dickson and Fran Drescher. That was hilarious when the little balls on her hat poked John in the eye! I'm not sure if that was intentional. Dina and Kay were totally believable as life-long friends. Instead of the painfully depressing Alzheimer's story, they should have brought Dina back to fill the void Katherine left. Don't forget Dummer and Kyle dipping their toes in the almost-incest pool. The Sarah Smythe story was even dumber than I remember. Rider was the only good thing to come from that. They should have gone with the episode when Brad's nut-case ex Lisa locked him in a cage. Sarah having plastic surgery to look like Lauren reminded me that Sheila had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. But when she re-surfaced in L.A. a few years ago on B&B, she looked like Sheila again. Did she ask the plastic surgeon, "Un-Doppelgang me, Doc"?
  8. Some things to consider: 1. Are you comfortable with the measures they have in place to ensure your (and everybody's) safety? 2. Is the pay more than you are receiving from your unemployment benefits? 3. What is your gut telling you? Don't laugh at #3! My gut is very rarely wrong. When I ignore my gut and listen to my stupid brain, I usually regret it.
  9. Happy Birdday, @jewel21! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ¦ I hope you had a fun, stress-free weekend!
  10. ((((boes)))), You. Are. Wonderful! πŸ’› Yes, the money can be transferred to a bank account. And yes, my dad has bank accounts. When he's buying something in a store, he's cash only. My dad does not do credit at all. Even if he buys a car, he pays it off in full (with a check). But I have to write the checks! My parents are Italian immigrants with no formal education. They can read English, but they can't write. So I have to take care of bills and forms that need to be filled out and anything lIke that. They are both also having some age-related comprehension issues lately, and I'd been telling them all this time their checks would be direct-deposited. 😞 My mom has her own checking account, and she wants her share! So I'll have half deposited in her account and half in my dad's. Thank you all for letting me know your experience. The debit card seriously looks like junk mail. If I received that, I probably would have thrown it out without opening it thinking it was some credit card offer. When I called to activate the card, I had to enter the last six digits of my dad's SS#, and that made me a little nervous that I was falling for some scam. So I was relieved to hear your stories.
  11. Both the scroll at the bottom of the screen and my DVR said this episode aired in 1993. That can't be right, can it? 2003 sounds more like it. All this jumbling around and basically not having any sense of what day it is may be starting to make me a bit time-confuzzed. I could have sworn Heather Tom was gone by the time Damon Porter was on. I remember them chem-testing him with just about every woman on the show, and I thought AH was one of them. I hope they show the episode when Phyllis disguised herself as a man and got herself arrested so she could share a jail cell with the guy who killed Damon's wife and/or child. How she got past the strip search is still an unsolved mystery. As much as I like Bobby Marsino, I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing stupid Brittany again. I'd forgotten that Lauren kind of unwittingly ratted out Michael to Nick for the commercial bribery. But the memory of Brad's unfortunate haircut came rushing back to me. I know Victor was somehow involved with Ashley losing Robert. She wasn't supposed to be driving, but she drove to go see Victor for some reason, and there was an accident. Or something? Does anyone remember the details? Did Cassie say that kid with her was Adam? Adam Adam or some other Adam? If it was Adam Newman, then just a few years later he would be a Harvard grad and banging Sharon. Ohhhh, too many time warps...
  12. My other sister and her husband got theirs by direct deposit. I thought I'd read that if you received your tax refund or social security by direct deposit, that would be how you received this payment. If the IRS did not have your banking information, then you received a check. The debit card was a complete surprise to me. At first, I wasn't even sure it was legitimate.
  13. David's scars were also supposed to be a sort of poetic justice. Cricket was always suspicious of his intentions toward Nina (and little Philip), and she made no secret about it. At one point, he threatened to cut up her face if she didn't back off.
  14. Congratulations, peaches! That's great news! Well, maybe a little bittersweet, but it must be a huge weight off of your mind. I hope your dad is doing well. I hope this isn't too personal of a question for you all, but have any of you received your stimulus payment in the form of a debit card? My parents received theirs today, and that's what they got. One card for the both of them, much to my mom's consternation. They owed taxes in 2018 and 2019, so they did not get a refund those years, but they both get their social security by direct deposit. My brother, sister, and I each got a check in the mail, even though we all get our tax refunds by direct deposit. I'm just curious about the debit card, because I thought the only options were direct deposit or a check. My dad is a cash only kind of guy. He has no credit cards or debit cards, nor does he have any clue how to use them. You can't even give him a gift card. So of course this is how he gets his stimulus money.
  15. The mid 2000's were a pretty good era. I liked both Thursday's and Friday's shows, and they both had Kay Alden as a writer. Is she still around? I'd forgotten that Jill and William Bardwell were seeing each other. Since she has a thing for con men, you'd think Jeffrey was more her speed. This random episode thing is getting tiresome, though. Soaps are all about "tune in tomorrow...", and I find myself wanting to see how things play out. I'm excited for the David Kimball episode, but Sarah Smythe is a pretty lame choice for Psycho Villain Week. Victor should be getting her spot in that line-up.
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