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  1. Table is ready...party of two please.. Boes, I love them as a couple too & really hope they don’t break up because I think she’s very good for him and the two idiots in the background especially Dummer are just annoying gnats and should be treated as such...
  2. What took me out of the whole thing was that these idiot Logan sisters never even thought of Flo as a donor.... They were having every relative tested and it seems like she never crossed their mind since they were so shocked to see her... she should have been an obvious choice but her name was never mentioned once by them
  3. OK why am I staring at Jane’s crotch/camel toe ? I don’t mind her dress from the top up but I thought it was a dress with a train over it but it turns out to be tight pants and that part is hideous..... ugh....
  4. Victoria is such a moron... As soon as Victor went to stand by the chair and started saying how she was her father’s daughter and blah blah blah I knew he was going to agree to her terms but she has to say to him Dad you didn’t answer my question...I mean she thinks she knows him so well you would think that she would know which way he was heading....😱😱😱
  5. Critique of the female wedding guests (Including the bride)... I thought Lulu’s dress was hideous whether it was red or hot pink and it wasn’t so much the color but short sleeve three-quarter hem and all lace...sHe had that giant clip in her hair and she looked awful... Maxi looked as frumpy as I have ever seen her starting with her hair and working downward and those horrible booties she was wearing...ugh... Sasha looked pretty but she was inappropriate for the wedding since she was sort of part of the bridal party and should have been wearing the same color as Liesel and Charlotte who I thought looked cute... I didn’t mind Nina in the dress and veil because I am in my 50s and have never been married and if I’m ever lucky enough to get married I will probably want the same kind of veil but that’s neither here nor there..😂...also, her necklace was too big and out of place Liesel looked as beautiful as I have ever seen her and that dress was stunning and her hair and make up looked divine and I would give her best dressed for the day...👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  6. I have totally ranted about this before but I just cannot stomach that Erin Mosley and she is ruining the Diamonique two hour show for me....She is such a bore and adds absolutely nothing to the presentation....today she has her hair half up and the top has some silly little bun on top of it and she looks ridiculous....I have seen this hairdo on her before and it is so unbecoming.... Why the hell is she there ???? Oh, right....she is the Diamonique “expert”.....She actually annoys me more than her husband which is quite a statement in itself 😱😱😱😱
  7. I really wanted to watch a couple of hours of Creede silver but every damn time I put it on, there was that horrible Jeff Mosley...a real tool....& so drab... I can’t watch him for one minute so I barely saw the today’s special... ...also while I was watching last night, there was his awful wife....as big of a phony as he is...and just as dull
  8. I luuuurve Traci but my eyes almost rolled out of their sockets when she uttered that line....
  9. Yikes ! Today’s Temptations special value hosted by the cloying Alberti and of course, the always bitchy Tara.. These two are a match made in......somewhere..... 😱😱😱😱
  10. This is the second Dooney show that Kondabi has ruined for me.... the other one was about a month ago when she absolutely refused to take the today’s special value off her arm and she couldn’t show any other bags and it was so damn distracting... She is cloying and annoying and another one that calls the purses “she”.. And yes her hair is ridiculous... There is no reason that after all these years Sue Clifton cannot do the Dooney shows solo....
  11. Yay, boes, glad you’re better ! Yeah, the show is more awful than ever..can you imagine running into someone and they do a “caw, caw, caw” right in your face ? You’d run away from them as tho they were an escaped mental patient....which she most certainly is 🤐
  12. hummingbird, I do agree with you on those points, but today she didn’t look as put together as she usually does.. ...IMO, she looked rather sloppy with her hair half down and half in a topknot and it was pretty ratty looking.... Sandra totally did not need her today
  13. Someone please tell me the point of Erin Moseley ? This self-appointed “authority” on Diamonique adds nothing to these presentations.....the hosts can certainly show & describe this jewelry without her....talk about useless & unnecessary.....she doesn’t seem to have any interest in the product and to me, always sound so patronizing...
  14. That minion that brought the pills to Adam was Kelly Coffield from In living Color and she was on Seinfeld... Took me a while because it was hard to see her face which was the exact same color as her hair 😱😱 I love how Adam has all of these people to do his bidding....whatever he wants is at his disposal...
  15. What a miserable bee-yotch she is... Gary must curse the Q every time he has to work with this troll...
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