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  1. I agree and I thought she looked really good... Clothes fit well and were very appropriate and her hair looked nice ... I haven’t seen It looking that good since a few years ago when she was sporting that curly bob above her shoulders...
  2. When Jordan kept wondering aloud why Taggart would want to work with Sonny, all I kept thinking to myself was “moron, have you never heard the expression the enemy of my enemy is my friend“ ? I know that Franco is not generally liked but I felt bad that he gave Elizabeth an anniversary gift and she had nothing for him...also, I was a little stunned that somebody would not know what a chapeau is (you don’t need to speak French to know what that is)...
  3. Of course I loathe Carolyn, but honestly speaking she looks so horrible in that wig and she is not a good advertisement... ..right now, I’m going thru something that is making my hair thin..(Dermatologist is trying to grow back what I lost but bless her heart I don’t think that’s going to happen but I go along with it because I remain hopeful but that’s getting off the topic )... anyway.... Toni Bratton looked beautiful in all the wigs last night and today she looks beautiful in all of the wigs as well ...and so do the QVC models as well as the regular people that TonI is showing and I even thought that Mary Beth looked very cute this morning but oh my god Carolyn looks like she has a giant dark mushroom on her head but she is grinning from ear to ear and thinks she looks so cute ...when in fact I have never seen anybody look that bad and believe me I have spent the last few months trying on wigs until I found some I liked and I truly don’t think they look like wigs so I can’t believe she thinks that looks good on her and I am actually embarrassed for her .... Seeking out the perfect wig and the perfect color and knowing how important that all is just makes me shake my head at Carolyn because I almost feel like she’s making a mockery out of the whole thing....
  4. The special of the day are potstickers which actually don’t look too bad but the OAP has the ugliest manicure I have seen in a while...A nasty navy blue that has no shine and she looks like she needs a fill in and I could’ve sworn I saw a few chips.. You know that you have a today’s special and you’re going to be on camera all day... why would you not get a beautiful new manicure and a decent color, not that garish blue...😱 PS...Leah who usually has beautiful nails....hers weren’t looking so great either and I guess she must be in between manicures but at least the color is still decent..
  5. I caught Toni Bratton selling wigs with JRT... I have to say that Toni looked beautiful in every wig she put on and in every color she chose ..... Jane looked horrendous in the short wig she had on yet she was preening all over the place.. Kept trying to work things back in her direction but Toni was having none of it and wanted to show off her wigs .... ....she just kept talking right over Jane and I loved it !
  6. This is something I have never seen mentioned but it bugs the crap out of me.. When Katherine calls Theo “T”, I cringe every time...Yes I know it’s a nickname but she does it every single time and it’s as though it’s his name now... although this past week in therapy she did call him Theo one time and I can’t tell you how happy that made me... It’s silly but it irks me so much... Also, that food fight was disgusting and all I could think about was I would die before I would let all that food all over my kitchen or dining room !!!
  7. Oh my god that was one of the worst hours I have seen in a long long time... We had to be subjected to simpering Chloe and that idiot Kevin and I have never liked Esther...I like Michael and I don’t even mind Lauren but today her hair looked like a horses mane with the horse looking better... I don’t even know what to say about Billy and his brand new shiny race car that he promptly hit into a tree....the less said about him the better.... Jack and Victor would have been fine but they just say the same things again and again and Jack is always left at the end of the scene with that silly clueless expression on his face... Finally...I don’t know what Ashley has done to her hair color but it is vile in my opinion...I have never seen her in such an unflattering color... The entire episode for me was charmless, boring and a complete waste of time...
  8. Oh my God, I did the same thing ! She looked better than she ever has on the show and I loved it !
  9. I was very excited to start the first hour of Gem day and right off the bat I’m disappointed because Jane T is starting things off... and to make matters worse, that awful Jeff Moseley is on with her from the very first item and unfortunately since it’s only gems, he will be all over the screen tomorrow....he comes running onto the set with his lack of personality and charisma and makes Jane almost bearable (almost...but not quite) And to top it off, these geniuses start the show with a $1291 ring...😱 Going to be a long 25 hours !!
  10. I know we’ve been talking about this for years but it still bugs me... I can’t stand the way Amy keeps repeating and repeating this is cawed black, this is cawed red...all night long this went on ugh...get some goddamn speech or elocution lessons.... ok, I feel a little better..😂...thanks !
  11. I read an article over the weekend with nu chance.... I cannot believe how he was singing MS’s praises and kissing her ass in print... He even mentioned how “cool” it is when she does her “in your face” thing... He thinks it’s neat-o ! 😱 I know I’ve been in the minority with my interest in him (& I didn’t mind), but he has gone way down in my book after reading this article.... What a shame...
  12. I’m late to the party but I wanted to thank you Booney for making me laugh... P.S. I really really loathe Carolyn so this was the greatest poll ! thx !!!!
  13. Just saw it !!! Thanks so much for that, boes ! 😀
  14. Fellow preverts... Not that I’m even sure why I want to catch up on this awful tripe, but where on earth can I find the episodes from this week that aired partially for a few days ? There is nothing “on demand“ and I don’t know where else to go.. thx !!!!!!
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