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  1. OK so I really was paying attention very closely but how does that blackmailer Jessie fit in ? Was he or his father the witness that saw somebody running away from the scene ?
  2. Anybody else think of the DeFranco family from the 70s ? 🎵Heartbeat.... it’s a love beat🎵 oh god
  3. He’s fabulous! I was hanging on to every word of that story ! And the fact that Richard is extremely handsome is icing on the cake
  4. I was just coming to post the same thing about Ali.....Completely obnoxious and won’t let Val get a word in edgewise
  5. Right now, there’s a triple threat on my screen: - Hunny - Leslie Hermanson from Mr. Christmas in bat ears (and all those teeth of hers) - Jane /SiouxB runs away screaming/
  6. I cannot stand Jeannine Graff ...She is an automatic click for me because she is in love with herself and her home.... I always get the vibe from her “see my fabulous house and my pool...aren’t you jealous ?” Also she is way way way too dressed up for all of her presentations and she just comes off to me as one big phony but that’s only my opinion...some people may actually like her, but I cannot abide her
  7. Oh, Boes ! Not only are you fabulous for bringing up Arnold Ziffel, you made me miss seeing him ....so I turned on Green Acres tonight and there he was ....& a big part of the plot.... oh my God !!!!! Thank you for the laugh you gave me when I saw his picture ...and I am still laughing 2 hours later while watching him on TV !! ❤️
  8. Since I have had many, many grievances about a lot of hosts (and I still do LOL), I thought I would take time to give a shout out to my new favorite host... Vanessa... I caught her last night and I caught her again this afternoon doing a wig show and she was wonderful....she looks nice, speaks plainly with no bull and she is very pleasant to listen to and she looked great in all of the wigs that she tried on.... Every time I catch her, I enjoy her no matter what she’s selling.... she puts a lot of these long term hosts to shame with their stupidity, sloppiness and smugness...... I c
  9. What the heck was that shmatta that Carly was wearing ? Horrible color and it was too long and too big and she looked so dowdy in it.... Bobbie was cringeworthy in her propping of Jason and his “lurve” for Carly I love Ava Spinelli, shut up, you tool.....you make Joe Novack seem like a lovely fellow...I’d have a drink with him if you and he were my only choices Bottom’s up !
  10. Pat is, and always has been, my favorite host but it has been hard to watch her this morning paired with Dan... I realize they are usually paired together but I don’t usually watch them as a team but since I’m stuck in this morning I decided to check it out because as I said I love Pat...:but she has such a different personality with him and I almost felt like she was his sidekick and was dithering too much for my liking...And sometimes he would not let her get a word in edgewise When she is by herself and doing clothing shows or even by herself with Valerie, she’s amazing and keeps
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