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  1. I wonder if Stench is holding Secret Agent Chancellor prisoner as well as Mariah. Hasn't Chance been sending Abby nothing but texts since that kerfuffle she heard on the last phone call? Maybe he's hiding them both in plain sight, in two vacant adjoining rooms at The Gag Reflex. Lord knows the proprietor would never notice, as she's too busy sleuthing the case of how her idiot daughter got a job she was in no way qualified for. As an aside, every time I hear the name Chance, I think of Peter Sellar's character from Being There. Simple-minded Chance the Gardener who became celebrated p
  2. We need to get Phyllis and Amanda to watch the Zapruder film so we can finally learn who was on The Grassy Knoll. Has Amanda ever been in the same room with Tara? How does she have any insight into this situation at all? I can't wait for GC's mayor to present Tara and Sally with the key to the city for the public service they provided. The ceremony can be in the Gulag Phoshizzle's ballroom. Did Phyllis carry on this way when Victor sent Summer to Dubai? What's the difference here? So Phyllis knows somebody who works for Marchetti, but she's only thinking to get in touch with her now?
  3. I can't express how much it irks me that Jack will more than likely slink back over to The Glutius Pharynx with his tail between his legs to apologize to that spaz Phyllis. Why why why?!? You owe her nothing, Instagramps. Ugghh...so annoying. Especially since yesterday we started to see glimpses of the relaxed easygoing Sally I grew to love on B&B. So telling Hasselhoff that Father feels yucky is enough to prepare him for Ashland's demise? I guess I over-think things, because I was expecting a very different conversation, possibly involving a Muppet and a piñata. Ashland is the
  4. That sucks, @jewel21. If you have another episode, would you be able to go to the ER? Maybe they could give you a referral there? At any rate, I'm glad you got your shot! I hope you didn't have any bad side effects. Mine were minor, and everyone I know has said pretty much the same thing. Now, enjoy your vacation! You've earned it! I was thinking the same thing!
  5. I have a feeling Tara will end up being murdered. There hasn't been a whodunit since the Scooby-Doo Death Cabin, so we're due for one. The list of possible suspects would be long, but of course the killer would be a nobody. Probably the brother Tara doesn't get along with. They've mentioned him too many times for it not to mean something. Then maybe Kyle and Dummer take Horsefeathers to Milano and never return. I really hate The Gorgon Phlebotomist. How does it stay in business when the psycho owner airs her dirty laundry in the lobby on a daily basis, while never using her indoo
  6. ...and some chin scritches from Uncle Snap! 💞🐈
  7. Serendipity! I love stories like this!
  8. Congratulations on your new furry manic bundle of joy, @peacheslatour! I'm sure she'll have you trained in no time!
  9. If Dr. Neville is there taking care of her, I'm OK with it!
  10. Summer is like Covid...we were relieved when we thought it was over, but...😩 So, Nick is now visiting Noah, which means the Newman jet had to be sent back to Genital City empty just to pick up Nikki and Victor, turn around and go right back. I hope it gets grounded in NYC from all of the wildfire smoke clouds. I though Phyllis evicted Sally from the Groan Phonics? Why is she always there? And why is Tara going there for coffee instead of going to, oh I don't know, a coffee house? I don't understand why these people always patronize establishments owned by people they can't stand. I
  11. Am I the only person with absolutely zero interest in going into space? Nothing at all about it looks appealing to me.
  12. This might be faint praise, but I thought he was the best of the Kyles.
  13. Dylan ran off with baby Conor during a PTSD episode. I think it was right after he learned that he wasn't Conor's father, and he was having flashbacks to when some girl was killed in the war. I don't think we've ever heard that Stitch has PTSD, but that doesn't mean anything. Maybe Stitch is in Ian Ward's cult and is delivering Mariah and Child back to him.
  14. I once saw Martha Stewart make something called Atlantic Beach Pie. It was just a lemon pie, but it had a crust made of saltine crackers, and it was topped with lightly salted whipped cream instead of meringue. I was intrigued, so I made it for the 4th. Dang, it was good! Apparently, it's a classic in North Carolina, but I'd never heard of it before.
  15. We still have one, and it's just a few miles from my home! The Dependable Drive-In only showed porn (no joke) when I was growing up, but now it has four screens and is family friendly.
  16. That filmstrip made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'd totally forgotten about filmstrips, and now I'm making a list of other long-gone things from my childhood, like pay phones and penny candy and car windows that you have to roll down...
  17. Mother/daughter AND sister/sister...he was also involved with Victoria and was almost Katie's father, but Billy Ray Sinus won that WTD lottery. What's his end game here, though? Does he need cash? Or is the whole family as nuts as Krazy Kelly and Mad Max?
  18. (Oh, boesy...there needs to be a warning label on your posts. WARNING: Do not consume beverages while reading the following. Primetimer, Inc. is not responsible for damage to devices caused by snort laughing.) I like Jally, too. In his romantic pairings, Jack is usually so soapily sappy, and he moves at lightning speed with the grand gestures and declarations of love. I don't think he's been with anyone since that Carrie woman, and she was just playing him. He seems different with Sally. Maybe the whole ordeal with Dina's illness and death, along with his disastrous relationship hi
  19. My memory isn't what it used to be thanks to all the brain cells I killed in my misspent youth, but I think classy Eric was disappointed that Donna got fat. (The actress was pregnant IRL.) Does anybody else remember this, or did I imagine it?
  20. I had a mild headache after both shots, but I'm not sure the vaccine caused the headaches. It could have been the super-annoying people who crossed my path those days. My arm was sore after shot #2. Congratulations, pearlite! You'll feel even better once you're officially fully vaxxed in two weeks. Do we need to come there and have an intervention for PLL? Happy Canada Day, neighbors! 🍁 I hope you enjoyed the holiday!
  21. Sutton is so full of crap. "Back in those days", people didn't talk about depression? Really? It seems to me that "those days" we're talking about are the early 1990s, the height of the Oprahfication of the universe and the dawning of the Age of Too Much Information. Talking openly about your depression or your teen pregnancy or your chronic fatigue syndrome was all the rage "back in those days". Amanda needs to walk away and pretend she never even met these awful people. If she's desperate for some familial relationship, maybe she should get Private Eye Telma to find her paternal line.
  22. Not trying to change your opinion about her, but just chiming in to say that the bolded sentence is not really true. Brooke saved FC with her BeLieF formula and was the CEO for a while, so she's actually successful in her own right and not just a serial trophy wife.
  23. She probably thinks she's going to be working on a live-action version of Mulan. You forgot to mention that time when they thought they were brother and sister. What's more romantic than that?!? How many times has Nick disavowed all things Newman Enterprises? Yet he takes the jet anytime he pleases. The planet is on fire. Fly commercial, asshole!
  24. I hope all of you Left Coast Preverts are doing ok. It's "only" a muggy 93° here, and my lunch was a small watermelon and four popsicles. Heat makes me a cranky, so I can't even imagine what you're dealing with.
  25. This writer clearly thinks that Summer is The Heroine of the show and expects us to root for her, but I just can't bring myself to do it. She's as smart as it gets, yet she could be out-witted by a Roomba. I'm sitting at a table by myself, because I kinda like Tara. I like the change from the meek, submissive, terrified wife of a powerful control freak to this woman taking charge of her new reality. Whether this is all a con, or whether she's securing another gravy train for herself, I like it. I don't even mind her using little Haricot-vert as a weapon. If only getting rid of Summer were
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