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  1. Goodness wtf has happened to this show? How did it go from being interesting and must see tv to must turn this shit off. I was once a huge Quinn fan and enjoyed her for the most part harmless antics, but this latest nonsense with Liam is horrible and vile. I don't even like Liam and find him underwhelming, but what Quinn is doing to a man that has brain damage is not entertaining. The retread of Bill/Katie/Brooke....yawn. Is there nothing else they can write for KKL? How many times do we have to watch Brooke cross boundaries she has no business crossing and then sayin ooops I'm sorry as the left tear falls. We've seen this same trope over and over. If she didn't meant to hurt Katie then why keep crossing the lines? How about keep your yap shut about how you feel? Then keep your legs snapped shut too. This bitch is trifling and too old to be acting this way. Where is Ridge? Why aren't we enjoying the romance of Caroline/Ridge and building to the fall out as the truth of the baby is revealed? At least Sasha and her Dad manage to be interesting, but even that boring insipid Nicole and Zende manage to ruin that. This show has sunk to the bottom. Sad when you think about where it was a year ago.
  2. Yup, my feelings when I see Steffy's dragged looking ass on my screen & when I watch YR as someone else posted. Bell soaps are now officially in a handbag to hell. I think it's fairly obvious that Julius knocked up the neighbor and Sasha is his little secret daughter he didn't want anyone to know about. This exact same thing happened to my aunt and uncle. He was boning the next door neighbor and got her and my aunt pregnant at the same time. Both babies were born merely days apart and no kidding..the daughters/sisters look exactly alike. My uncle was busted of course, but my aunt stayed with him, in spite of the nasty ordeal, but kicked him out of her bed. My uncle made a good living, and he and my aunt had five other kids together, so divorce was not an option. I presume my uncle kept banging the neighbor, because she never moved and from what I remember had no husband. Life can be so strange.
  3. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone is doing well this season! I haven't seen the show in a few weeks so admittedly I'm a bit out of the loop w/what happened. Still that doesn't stop me from agreeing with all of this: Geez wtf happened to this show? Last time I felt good watching this show, Ridge/Caroline were getting their freak on with paint and Maya and Rick were being self absorbed asses (they still are) but at least it was interesting back then. Now we have to endure all this baby/pregnancy crap and boring Nicole and Zende. Then there's Steffy. WTF is this annoying character on my screen? I hate Steffy w/the intensity of a thousand suns. I don't want to look at her or hear her. Bitch is always up in someone's business. She has Lame, wtf does she care what Ivy does now or with whom? I can't stand that damn drag bitch. Grrrrr!!!!!
  4. Oh yes! Jane Fonda, looks stunning. It's not just her physical appearance (she's admittedly had lots of work done) but her approach to life and the way she dresses and carries herself is ageless. There's nothing wrong with having work imo, especially if your appearance is your bread and butter.
  5. Well Eileen is 56, MTS is 59 and Jensen is 53. ED has admitted to fillers/botox, MTS it appears has had nothing done. So perhaps JB hasn't had work done and we are seeing a woman who is just what 53 looks like? Honestly it's hard for me to know anymore. Susan Lucci broke the mold for what any "age" should look like on soaps. Her work was started in her 30's and it just kept going. Always very tasteful. Then you have Jess Walton who is another with natural looking work. Tracy always looked pretty good, but now her face can't move. Either way, we agree. I'm interested to see what JB brings to the show.
  6. If I'm going to have to tolerate yet another one of JFP's besties on this show, I can handle it being an adversary for that aging pole hugger with the stick up her ass. I hate Nikki Newman and have wished her ass off this show for years (nothing against MTS, I just hate Nikki) As is normally the case I never get my wishes. Elise Moxley cracking Nikki's face made me smile. I hope Elise makes Nikki's life a daily hell. Bitch deserves every bit of it for how she has looked down her nose and treated Sharon. This bitch has heralded Victor as some great man and how he was a poor victim of big bad ol Sharon. Nikki never wants to hold Victor accountable for his contemptuous behavior against women. The man is a vile abuser who uses and abuses women to suit his purposes and has a long history of it going all the way back to his first wife Julia. On another note, I personally think JB looks fabulous. If she's had work done, it's tasteful and she looks beautiful!
  7. Interestingly for this fan, this is the first time Phyllis has actually been enjoyable and tolerable for me. I don't loathe her or find myself cringing when she's on camera. Oh please....it's CBS SID. Who buys that rag anymore?
  8. The idea of yet another Newman spawn out there from Victor's infested loins makes me ill. Yet Sharon can't get a damn sibling or even have her mother roll in to a five second scene on her wheelchair. A long time beloved veteran actress and Sharon Collins, a character that was handpicked and created by Bill Bell gets treated like the ugly step child of the show. Meanwhile characters with no history and actors w/only half the talent of even little Faith, get siblings, long lost parents and whole families created for them. I am seriously smdh at this incredible mess...but ratings are supposedly up. How? why? I am not understanding this. I literally hang on for any Sharon sighting or sign that her character is going to catch a break. My beloved Jack...I have already l laid him to rest, because I just can't with him..the nonsense that comes out of him...the constant being fucked over by Victor and the constant favoritism to Victor/EB is nauseating. The only thing that has me somewhat hopeful is that Adam and Chelsea are going to breakup, that the holy baby was really his. I have no desire to see Sage with anyone, but I'm hoping that Adam is freed from Chelsea. The idea that Sharon will be given Adam's baby sort of makes me happy. It's twisted yes...but I get pleasure out of it. I don't want her having Dylan's spawn. I don't want her with Nick. I don't want her having any more damn kids, but I like her raising Adam's stolen kid.
  9. Oh my gosh this show! Why do they keep trying to make fetch happen with sage. I just want to punch her in her face and then her worthless ovaries. I don't care about that holy spawn of hers. Why does the show insist on shovng that actress down our throat, she can't act! It was embarrassing and cringeworthy watching her and then JM try to sell grief over a baby noone gives a shit about.
  10. I truly believe this baby is Adam's and if that is the case, great. In my dreams...Sage dies, Adam and Chelsea implode big time and Adam and Sharon can get back together and raise a family. Yeah..yeah I know some think Shadam were horrible and that Adam ruined her but for me, it was the opposite. This fan loved them and in my soap world.....Sharon is the love of Adam's life. Dylan is sucking the life out of her and if anything she's become more of an idiot with him and don't get me started on how Nick has treated and discarded her. Adam is no worse and at least Shadam were exiting and watchable. I think JH and SC could revive the couple beautifully. I also think it would revive JM/Nick. Lord knows he needs saving from Sage. One of the storylines I loved most was when Adam and Nick were feuding over her. IDGAF about Nick and Dylan and their brotherly love..it's all contrived BS. Mileage varies but Adam throwing shade at Nick was always the best and watching Nick's head explode at Sharon and Adam together was must see tv. Chelsea/Adam = zzzzzz Nick/Sage= zzzzz Dylan/Sharon = zzzzzz Nick/Sharon/Adam = Yowza!
  11. I'm not on twitter, but maybe someone who is can tell me...is there any backlash? Are the masses not responding to the tptb about this shit? Social media is supposed to be this amazing tool that allows people to give immediate feedback on things. So what is the response? Are either Pratt or Phelps on twitter? I know one of the writers Brent is on there and then that idiot female exec for daytime Angelica McDaniel...she feeds fans the same crap. I simply can't believe that ratings for this show are up? How the hell can that be? This is the absolute worst dreck I have ever seen. I know MAB was bad...but this is awful.
  12. Pratt is turning this show into GH....that's exactly how I feel watching this shit now. Kelly Sullivans over the top histrionics are reminiscent of her time on GH...and believe it can and WILL get worse the longer she stays on this show. That's the GH acting style...over the top camp and this story line is the beginning of campy over the top writing that will continue. Phelps and Pratt thrive on this kind of BOOM in your face writing, which allows their faves to be over the top, the writing to be full of plot holes. Pratt has no idea how to write tender romances, beautiful nuanced family scenes or characters that are layered. He will turn Victor into Sonny Corinthos...and believe you me, EB has probably already bent Pratt's ear on why Victor needs to remain powerful and virile and better than GOD. Dylan is Jason Morgan...we saw that today. And as for Baby Christian's supposed death oh please....we could only pray to be so lucky that Sage's holy child would die. Sharon's doctor is probably working for Ian Ward. He's probably pissed that his precious Mariah left him and so to get back at Sharon and Nick he concocted this whole thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Patty knows Ian from somewhere. Patty is supposedly doing better and Ian's new age therapy might have something to do with it. I'm not sure what the end game will be with this babynapping but surely the loser in all of this is Sharon....AGAIN! She won't have her baby, she won't have Dylan and everyone in town will hate her. Sharon the town whipping post. The writers keep her consistent.
  13. This show is a horrible....simply horrible. This fire has been going on for how many hours and all those people are still alive and able to breath and talk and yell at each other annnnnnd suck face *I'm looking at you Assley and Stench* I had it up to here with both MCE and KS. Both actresses are Pratt and JFP's gals...I get it....I GET IT!!! That said, if you're going to shove these two down my throat, get MCE some eyebrows and tell her to stop gasping and just get KS some acting lessons. Both actresses are not strong enough to have entire sl's written around them. Furthermore IDGAF about either of them or their insta histories and attachment to the Newman men. They are shit to me. I never thought I would long for the Sharon/Phyllis rivalry again, but only GT and SC can save this shit for me. Both are fabulous actress and their character's actually have long standing history on this show. Why do the writers never know what to do with Adam? He is Victor Newman's son, Hope son. He is a smart educated businessman. He was in love with Sharon, the real love of his life. He hates Nick, Victoria is threatened by him and Nikki was jealous of his mother...the other great love of Victor's life. That alone should be used to move Adam along. He should be in a business suit, making his siblings squirm with his knowledge and power. Instead he is attached to a dead kid I never ever gave two shits about. He might be the father of a not so dead baby with a woman that I don't care about...and who has no ties to this show's history. He is also the father of a kid I don't care about because his mother was a grifter con artist and I never ever believed he loved her and I still don't see their epic romance. JH has done a great job as the recast and with the writing they have give him, but until they free Adam from Sage/Chelsea/Delia he is a lost cause. Why can't both Victor and Nikki die in this fire? Both actors are long in the tooth and I don't need to be bored by their dysfunction anymore. EB's become a huge bore like his character. How many times can Nikki keep going back to this abuser? I don't care anymore. Oh and before I forget... FREE Sharon...free her from SB's curse.
  14. Once again! *Slow clap* You just keep running those posts to the end zone. I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy it all.
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