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  1. When my son was toddler he was terrified of that thing. If those commercials came on he would run shrieking into his room.
  2. I'm so sorry. Never feel embarrassed by something beyond your control. I'm sure the plumber has seen much worse. Call them.
  3. Probably not. I was in high school in the seventies so I knew who all the rockers were.
  4. Oh, how I wish Rey had just decked Buttbiscuit. Shut the fuck up, asshole. Jeez, can you tell how much I hate him and his smarmy face?
  5. Since it was the seventies I would have said Frehley. Even though I hated Kiss. No big money for me.
  6. As I stated previously, I was assigned Giovannis Room by James Baldwin and I read The Count of Monte Cristo on my own but I think that's it for high school.
  7. Hilary faked her own death to escape from Darvon! Her child is alive and well and already an influencer on Tik Tok.
  8. I just love how Goren takes the judge apart, piece by piece.
  9. I love the snowman commercial! I love the way the kid falls over in a dead faint. I bought Greenies cat treats because of that ad.
  10. I had a tortie like that. Anything bread related - croissants, pancakes, pizza crust. She once try to take a bite of pancake right out of my mouth with her teeth. I theorized that since her mother was feral, she had been born under a dumpster behind a McDonalds and ate old hamburger buns when she was a baby.
  11. This is probably a UO but instead of being some kind of tragic, romantic heroine, I thought she was kind of an idiot. YMMV.
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