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  1. I don't know but it did seem like something could be done. I loved Goren's emotional "Mr. Carver!" He could act circles around most actors.
  2. Well yeah, they were damaging his precious floors.
  3. My parents used to call their answering machine "George". If someone called while we were having dinner, for example, they'd say "Let George answer it."
  4. I did love it when he told Phylthy "youhaveanicedaynow".
  5. Speaking of Season 4, Magnificat is on right now. I can't even watch most of it because I hate the dad so fucking much.
  6. This. You have a phone for your convenience. Not everybody else's
  7. Yep. Hey are any Chris Noth fans looking forward to the new Equalizer show? Queen Latifah takes no shit.
  8. "You give a decorator a free hand....."
  9. We had that when they were building new houses across the street from us. It really is the worst.
  10. Yeah, I heard Ol' Uncle MIlty was packing some serious heat. IYKWIMAITYD
  11. I had a similar experience when I was a vet tech. Lizzie was a the sweetest little Westie you ever saw. She developed a condition that she would need daily medication for. Her owners had her put to sleep. I wasn't there that day or I would have taken her. I quit the next day.
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