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  1. We've thought about doing something like that quite a bit. Certainly worth thinking about.
  2. If I want to delete something I have always done it before anyone responds. I just hit edit and erase what I typed and put "nm".
  3. I'm guessing it wasn't good. I'm sorry about that.
  4. I know. Half the stuff you get from Amazon are sold by disparate retailers and in many cases just some guy out of his house. My big complaint about Amazon packaging is the pads I wear at night come in not just one but two big boxes. I mean they're cotton pads, they'r not going to break or be damaged in any way. They could send them in those puffy envelopes and they'd be fine.
  5. We've had a lot of cats. Most of them have been allowed to go in and out. The last three were all adopted as tiny kittens and we decided they'd be strictly indoor. We've had cats killed by cars, coyotes and in one case, I ran over one myself. She used to run to greet my car every time I went anywhere, I would stop in the driveway and my son would hop out and drop her over the fence so I could pull all the way in. One day I was pulling out and I guess she went behind my car. My nine year old son was in the car. It was horrible and traumatic and it was the end of outdoor cats.
  6. We just don't let our cats out. Ever. But we have taken in strays in the past that were used to going out and there was no way they were going to be indoor cats.
  7. Well, he could have just killed her. I don't think anyone would have been the wiser. She got a rotten deal too, being insane wasn't her fault.
  8. Yeah, I've only seen the newer one once. Maybe they got the message that we prefer the original.
  9. Plastic wrap is made from very complex chemical compounds. It is next to impossible to break it down organically.
  10. Why? Why would you do that? She has cracked up, lost her marbles and gone insane.
  11. We had a tabby named Daisy. She was a mighty hunter. One time I was sitting in the living room with the front door open on a hot day (we were stupid back then and let the cats go outside) Daisy came prancing in with a live garter snake in her mouth and dropped it on the floor. I shrieked "Daisy! Take that thing outside!" Damned if she didn't pick it up and take it out. SMDH.
  12. Well, I overcooked the shit out of my turkey. Anyone else have any TG drama?
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