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  1. Google "I want to speak with your manager" haircut.
  2. The first American president to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. Gee, that sounds mighty specific. Are you married?
  4. Yes, because there are constantly people in my bedroom trying to blow my heating pad off with leaf blowers.
  5. As in "wow, he was an excellent lay?"
  6. I read Danny Horn's Dark Shadows Every Day, where he recaps every episode. This is what he said about her first time travel: "Vicki is confused. That’s not a particularly startling development, because she generally goes around in a state of ongoing bafflement, but this time she has a good reason."
  7. Lol, I know what it's like to be a grammar and spelling Nazi. I just keep scrolling but it's hard sometimes. There have been times when I just couldn't let it go. Saying "less" instead of "fewer: is enough to set my hair on fire. Oh and I just thought of another one. Getting "infer" and "imply" mixed up. Gah.
  8. You couldn't pay me to live in a neighborhood with an HOA.
  9. She was in a constant state of bafflement. And then no sooner does she get hanged for witchcraft, instead of a nice afterlife she wakes up in the house with another vampire. Poor planning there Vic.
  10. If Victoria Newman married Neil Winters she's be Victoria Winters. Then she could go back in time at a seance to 1795 and be tried as a witch and hanged. Even though the last person hanged for witchcraft in the US was in 1692 in Salem Mass. not Collinsport Maine.
  11. Bobby has this hilarious habit of touching things that drives both criminals and law enforcement crazy. I forget the name of the episode, they were investigating a sad vampire club and they were in a collectibles store. Goren picks up a toy gun with seven different functions. He had a blast firing off every one of the things it does while the store owner was practically in tears.
  12. I don't know either but I'm pretty sure he doesn't slit her throat. Poor Mrs. Stone.
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