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  1. Yeah but you have to admit, Arnold was pretty fucking charming.
  2. I want them to make a movie about Charlotte Corday, CG would be perfect in the title role.
  3. And Victor. And in a just world, Noah. Then Billy Boy might really get his empty noggin crushed.
  4. Well, I did say she wanted to write about sex really badly, I guess I was right!
  5. Who knows about Buttbiscuit's Dumberboink? I think, there's Phyllis. Buttbiscuit, Dumber, Kyle and who else? Who could spill to Ashland? Because that's what needs to happen. Ashland tells Victoria and Victoria tells Nick and then it's Buttbiscuit goes BOOM.
  6. Oh jeez, I only made it about ten seconds in. Yikes.
  7. As I mentioned, I am reading Belle Ruin by Martha Grimes. I've often heard that when writers can't write about sex for whatever reason, they generally write about food. Well, Miss Grimes must want to write about sex really badly because the descriptions of food in this book have made me gain about five pounds, I swear.
  8. They were a pretty obscure group. I only knew because my husband has it on his phone. Also, not enough funk for Stevie.
  9. It's a game my parents and I used to play around the dinner table. We also used to recast famous movies, I wish I could remember who we came up with for Gone With The Wind.
  10. Book pet peeve, it's a small thing but it bugs me. I'm reading Belle Ruin right now. No spoilers but it's about a kidnapped baby at a hotel in Maryland. The cover shows a generic looking antebellum building that could be a house with nothing to indicate anything else about the story. Why can't book illustrators read at least a few pages of the books when they're being paid to create a picture for the cover with at least a passing nod to the story?
  11. No, now you're thinking of Eddie Money. He had some hit songs in the eighties.
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