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  1. I'm just hate watching at this point. I hate Phyllis, Nostrils, Nick, Adam and Chelzzz. I can't stand Connor's whiny, creepy manipulating, mentally ill fucking mewling.
  2. I thought maybe he was hoping to gain some of their wisdom. "Deep thoughts with someone smarter that you are."
  3. I know I would have chucked her out of my house.
  4. That is odd. No wonder I didn't recognize him. At first I thought he might be Woody Harrelson.
  5. Speaking of the Colonel Sanders/Mrs. Butterworth commercial. Who is playing Colonel Sanders.
  6. It's been raining here all day. On days like this I used to snuggle down with with a cup of tea and a good mystery with my Peaches. Oh, god I just got a huge lump in my throat. 😪
  7. I feel the same way about the "bend at the waist" Ensure? commercial.
  8. They really need to tell his cunning plan is not going to work instead of caving every time he bunches up his face and pushes out his lower lip.
  9. Second trimester? Yup, I was a total nympho during that time.
  10. Why doesn't Phyllis just leave town? Nobody has any use for her.
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