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  1. Ya know, maybe if the Coffee Mate idiots gave better clues than "it happens at the end of the year" or "it has to do with nature" they'd get better responses. How about "it's white and falls from the sky?" "it's cold and sometimes school is called off because of it?"
  2. No, nothing. I'm getting a little concerned. Cupid, so glad Thing 2 is ok. I worked with a guy who got acute appendicitis in his thirties, it was scary but he was fine. Good job on his friend for getting him to the hospital.
  3. I was on the volleyball team in high school. It's a volleyball thing. You shake hands across the net and say "Good game!"
  4. Eew. tiny, greasy Theo bits all over the yard. Worse than great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts. Do you want rats? Because that's how you get rats.
  5. OMG, that was great! And from the Canadian Wildlife Service? They have a great sense of humour. Loved the pot spider. The only thing missing was a tiny bag of Doritios.
  6. They just kept hanging the ornaments higher. I finally moved out and took her with me. She went on to make my husband's life a living hell.
  7. I'm so sorry, that is horrible. I'm still getting stuff for my mom like that. It kills me. AnegelKitty, how are you? I was thinking about you last night but it was too late to come in here.
  8. I saw the first promo today! It looks freaking hilarious!
  9. What's driving me crazy is AA is going all over town whining about why nobody is showering him with sympathy or coddling his feelz about his dead father. Even with Phyllis, who knows what he fucking did with the old man's meds. He should be rubbing his hands together with glee like a good villain instead of crying about his "loss" and demanding to glop his gooeyness all over poor Conner.
  10. Other than an excuse to bring back MM, what does she expect to happen at Devon's? She brought zero documentation, zero proof of any thing at all. Is Devon just supposed to go "Oh snap, well here is all the money. I guess there was a mistake. Kthksbye"
  11. Just what I always wanted to see, Banana Boy in a wife beater. Not.
  12. My parents house has a river rock entrance hall. The cat used to knock only the glass balls off the tree and bat them out to the entry and SMASH! She always looked so damn proud of herself.
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