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  1. I was thinking, somewhere in the midst of yesterday's CDN, just what a lousy episode that was: And I'm not one of those who says, "I'm through with this show," and all. I'm not hard to amuse. If Adam and Nick pissing on each other, redux, is supposed to be something fresh...no... Even if we multiply that tired trope by the quantity of dramatic so to speak irony of Adam's actually dosing up dad, it's still a drag. And oh my heavens [fanning of self] Sharon and Jack spa'ing out at the same place? Quel coinidink! And even PB couldn't save what was basically a pile of dull exposition. Speaking of dinks, who's left for Sharon? Isn't it all retreads now?
  2. Didn't work for long on Port Charles though.
  3. Mmm, Pearlite Lite and I have a Hong Kong-style fantasy movie called Faith and the Five Chinese Uncles. It covers episodes in Faith's career after she tanks at one too many Euro casinos. She falls upon hard times, goes East, and hits the FanTan and MahJong tables. Here she meets the five uncles, several with cigarettes permanently lodged between front teeth. They claim to want to help her... Comedy ensues.
  4. What I'm wondering is to what degree Bri's get-up was dictated by production?
  5. Yup, and I kept thinking she'd suddenly be sporting the Thunderbird jump suit and sideburns.
  6. AngelKitty, I'll pray for comfort, health, and peace for you.
  7. AngelKitty, I'm so glad to hear you're doing well! And prayers and wishes for a continued and complete recovery!
  8. Another first-time poster--I think addressing Mr Rice may have been the first time I found Dorian sort of appealing. However, her dish looked like nothing much and I admit to being repulsed by the idea of vanilla in a chicken dish, peaches or not. Ah, Bri, as someone upthread said, you're kind of a construct and you don't really cook yet, do you? You learned a coupla tricks--using a chinois for your endless purées, but your combinations? Salmon with some kind of corn purée? Okay, but ditch the bacon. And how did you season the salmon to connect it to the corn thing? Then carrots and corn--a really odd combo with little relationship to salmon as protein. Maybe just a small watercress side salad? I'm not finished, Bri: just 'cause you saw the whole specialty carrots online/in magazines [used as a kind of little raft for the protein], doesn't make them a good choice here. Plus, really important, have you ever cooked whole carrots? They take some time.
  9. Umm, Sharon favours the pillar to post approach to dilemmas. And I do mean both objects as longer than they are wide. On the bright side, MCE isn't bad with humour.
  10. Funny, where the Sharon Rota is concerned, you'd think Adam might have learned to read the Odds Board. Mind you, Adrian, Adam? They both start with A, so some confusion is understandable. Meanwhile, Faith's tour of Monaco, Deauville,and the major European casinos is going well, I hear. It's just that Nick can't read her postcards.
  11. Start hissing and frothing, jewel. Google eyes googling, eyelashes batting, Sharon's ready to roll. If you catch my drift. And sadly, as you see in the Reel to Reel, Sharon Case is propping it on Twitter. [I thought we'd had enough of that with DG and the previous regime.]
  12. Yeah, and I seem to recall someone likening Noah's advances onto Marissa on the couch to an aged tabby's climbing style.
  13. Uh, AA, just a note or two... One, if Phyllis calls you out on being a soulless shit, maybe just give it a thought; Two, IMPULSE CONTROL! You're not twelve! No proposing in the park 'cause nobody's being nice to you! [And just because Sharon's not exactly supercharged in the impulse-control department doesn't make her a good choice/] Oh, and Zoe, or whatever--did the VACANT sign fall off your forehead?
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