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  1. It was nice to see Christian LeBlanc acting again--his interchange with Kevin was actually fun and quite watchable. One question though, is CLeB rocking a new piece? Because that is some legitimately thick hair all over. The Devon/Elena stuff is strictly FF for me. Other than that, there was just a lot more AA playing the same old song and pinballing his venom and illogic off any character within range.
  2. All right, you've hit on something here--solid men, who probably don't smell like depilatory, and are a bit dicey: I give you Deacon and Bobby Marsino. Poor Nikki, I grieve for her choices.
  3. Well, I believe bananna commented on Faith's welcome-banner craftiness. I think the wee gal might consider "Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." or an appropriately revised version thereof. And Sharon's blithe rejoinder re Adam 2.0's baby-borrowing: "I told you, I forgave him." Whaaaaaat? Does dick affect memory and maternal instinct? I wouldn't forgive somebody who took one of my cats for a year, much less my daughter. Sharon often sounds very weak in the head. But so be it. And please tell me what's appetizing about the mutual parasitism involved between a complete sociopath and a woman who's not remotely in the same payband, where manipulation's concerned? Why is this hot? On a more pleasant note, cornocious as it was, I liked Paulie and Cricket's picnic--it was another example of the sweetly corny [i.e, Kyle & Lola] traditional soapy relief, as boes noted. With the moral abyss of Cheekbones McNulty [AA] and the prospect of MS [in orange, fagawd's sake] returning, I could use some of that sweetness. And leaving aside Cane, I'm enjoying most elements of Tracy's story-scenes--they're fun now that more characters are part of the plot, and I get to see Dina.
  4. Well, boes, that may be AA's theme song, but I'd say this is Sharon's: Except, it doesn't quite work for GC's dewey-eyed eternal virgin...lacking something.
  5. I was [sad to say] just thinking of something. Since Sharon's warming up the engines for the WeGetEachOther Revival Tour, but has yet to just spend a few sentences reviewing Adam 2.0's baby-snatchin, we're forced to ask this: When Faith meets AA, will there be side eye like nobody's business? Will a stiletto emerge from her backpack? Or will our l'il gal just mutter, as she turns away, "I thought I recognized you. What happened to your voice, shitbird?"
  6. And with Phyllis, it's just an update of The Ransom of Red Chief. Or maybe a paraphrase of Henny Youngman, "Take my ex, please."
  7. Jeez, I've never watched either version of Poldark, but we didn't need to see the out-takes from Sharon's brain to know who was featured as lead. Wow, Sharon, "oh, Faith hasn't cleaned up after herself, no one's done the laundry, I've got errands to run...and a huge case of the hots..." [Hope the stans are loving it] Who's up for a bit of beardy Rey? He's coming on the market soon, folks. I didn't mind the hefty contrast with the Dina/Abbotts scenes vs. the Nasty Newmans.
  8. Letters of fire and bronze, Cupid! While the show is overall better than under the previous regime, there's some seriously illogical and repetitive scripting going on here--mainly in the Atonal Adam and Sharon vortices of suck. With Victor, unless there's some hitherto-to-be-revealed seriously soapy cure that only scrapings from Adam's epidermis can cure, dear ole Vic's strategy of defending and pitting the spoiled puss that's just returned against his other offspring and continued mouthing of fambly values is kinda odd, to say the least. Speaking of fambly, yup, AA's whinging about CAN is a load of portapotty--to mix metaphors, that kid's had more handlers than Beyoncé. No wonder he doesn't talk. And the deeply beautiful fan-diddling of AA and Sharon? Rey's counter is running backward toward zero at a helluva rate as I type. And Sharon, GC's GC, the endlessly renewable virgin is sliding into home-base with the practised ease that only a true professional in the arts of vacancy and coquetterie can bring. Black scanties at the ready. For both parties. As for the Vlad Putin level of oiling over the truth that Sharon's putting out... Well, the heart and the cooter know when it's time to join Dolly Parton singing, "Here I go again," or words to that effect. "Adam is just misunderstood," Yup, To the tune of a Harvard grad degree, executive employment, and a grudge that burns like a sore pile on a hot afternoon. But behold ye the bug eyes of self-brainwashed credulity--thy name is Sharon.
  9. I'm in complete agreement! Aside from MEK's obvious talent and charm, the show could really use a slightly eccentric and dry-witted character. Not to mention giving Beth M a worthwhile partner. He'd also be a great counterbalance to All-Darkness-All-the-Time Adam, whose main talent seems to be claiming he's not out for revenge while laundry-listing every skinned knee and bug bite he's ever endured/.
  10. Oh, Gingerella, you're playing my song! You've hit both my key points about the character Adam: (1) those in charge think he's a lightning-rod for viewer response, so it's All-Adam All-the-Time, or as you put it a daily dish of shit projected from our screens; and (2) the character to me was always superfluous and doesn't add much to the canvas in any version, so why should I care now? And the current Atonal All-Evil-All-the-Time Adam is one-note and nothing more than a charmless malignant force--this, as you say, is all too much available in reality, and not needed. But, again, we're sitting at a very small table here.
  11. Not just reservations, Gam2, I've put down a sizeable down payment, with a two-credit card guarantee. Acting, not so much. Looks, um no. Vocal control really lacking. But I'm the main author of The Minority Report here.
  12. He's probably oozing sulfur, I'd say. And waiting for his real dad to reclaim him.
  13. pearlite

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Juno Beach was an integral part of Operation Overlord: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/d-day-what-happened-to-the-various-canadian-regiments
  14. Mmmm. boes, as Jerry Lee used to say, you know what I like! And did you check out those crotchless half-leg white harem pants at around 1:00? What the hell was that dancing? Is that what a radioactive half-life on social media does to the young folx? And Theo looks like a grossed-up version of a young Michael Damian--is that nostalgia casting or something? Okay Mothra and Godzilla beats my Despicable Us. Although Toho Studios may feel insulted by likening their beloved monsters to Phyllis the Waning Acid Queen and I'll Develop Some Tonal Variation Adam. For me, FourAdam's voice is also too tenor to find him remotely threatening. Peeved, maybe. [Minority Report: I also find him curiously genderless.] The two of them are more like that skin-scurf and hair residue that lingers in a dirty bathtub drain. And, hey, script writers--you actually gave Lola great lines with the emotional vampire stuff. Summer on the half-shell. In the afternoon sun.
  15. pearlite

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    Ah, Cupid, Naomi Wolf... A highly qualified huckster, but not much of a scholar. Her errors/omissions are actually significant here, in publication terms. Normally, I could care less, but for PLL and I, it's our business, and as I'm watching PLL cleaning up a piece for publication [on Queer Astrology & political theory--and believe me, that's an area where you're going to be going down some arcane avenues], and watching her go through the same endless checking and re-checking of sources as I've done repeatedly, I find Wolf's brazen sloppiness annoying. Okay, finished now. On a lighter note, I decided to try making a rock garden under a very old [75 yrs] pine tree out front--evergreens mess up soil, and I read that I should mix perlite with the basic soil. I thoroughly enjoyed going to the hardware store to buy those little white balls of piffle.