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  1. Re the possible con--I sincerely hope so because Burgi is just about the only performance I'm interested in at this point I like the duo of him and Victoria--I'm an unabashed fan of the actress and the scripts have been a bit better for her lately I HATE disease storylines, fireofathousandsuns hate them. I mostly FF show at the moment but did enjoy PLL's reaction to Ashland's revelation, "Oh, ED I guess fella..." [Not as in Eileen Davidson, whom BTW I miss.
  2. Okay, this is beyond what I know as satire... Does an NYC copy pull over with a sympathetic look just before ticketing you?
  3. Hi SNAPORAZ! Yes, in fact--just over a week ago, the day I stopped teaching for a few days. Convoluted story about how I hit a provincial/city link just in time--because at this point, people registering have to wait til July for first shot. Still a mess here but there's more Pfizer available all the time, so that's good. Had a day or so's reaction to it, but that's all. Second jab at the end of August.
  4. Ah, you've been reading what's left of my mind! Deft. artful, romantic, moody? Nah, just trying too damn hard to sell Queen Sharon and Prince Douchenozzle P. Delusional, who apparently rises from morbidity more often than Lazarus on a good day. i am, however, in terms of soap tropes, wanting to hear the loud clock-ticking sound effect every time QS lies [again] to Rey, or checks her phone whenever someone/anyone talks to her in any scene. Or maybe the Chambers Brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIqwzQ7g-Cc
  5. Oh you got there first, peaches! I'd just grabbed the image...but GM/Atonal Adam is no Max von Sydow [RIP]. An episode in which one metaphor is chewed right down to spit...and if I never again see Sharon in a badly constructed white strapless dress, it'll be too soon.
  6. During the fugue state in which I watch show, I've developed a theory about the Adam character--hold on, now: Every time the character is recast, all his previous sins and misdemeanors recede behind the shite that is his continuing personality. That's all the sense I can make of the Newton's Balls that is Adam and Sharon.
  7. JNAVARRO, the diesel fumes are already overwhelming. The Adam Revival Tour Bus is doing 60mph in the fast lane. This iteration of an already exhausted trope, as it tries to sell the unwary on the Glowing St Sharon, Patron Saint of Constant Infidelity is indefensible fan-pandering. Aren't we all waiting for the big reveal here? That Adam only took Faith from Temporarily Crazy Sharon in order to protect the child? Already on the rowboat out to the barge. I'm the one with the white-and-blue tattersall mask.
  8. Ah, OG Victor! Maybe he coulda offered Ashland a rat to go with the bourbon, just out of traditional Newman hospitality... I'm down to watching scenes with Victor and scenes with Jack at this point.
  9. Ah, snap, I'm glad for you! We share the untimely snow. We do not share [in southern Ontario] your enviable vaccination rates. It's a mess here and systems for enrolling [?] are totally screwed up inside the city--to top that off, cases here are the highest they've been since the start of this thing; hospitals have hit capacity, and no level of government bought enough of any of the vaccines. I return to my grousing in solitude.
  10. Exactly! The revival tour to end all revival tours! Free amnesia-inducing pills at the door! What a guy! Regrettably, Rey and everyone else in town will have been converted by the moment it's time to roll up for the tedious mystery tour. This is a wholesale, mass media project. Adam will take over the show/town. Me, I just FF between moments of Chad Locke and his company carry-ons...Psoriasis, Sciatica, or whatever...
  11. Don't think I didn't notice that... I wonder [no I don't] what icon/emoji Sharon's phone has for Adam. Boy oh boy, Sharon's great stalwart 5 nanoseconds of fidelity and/or motherliness are really something. What I don't know. I thought the other day when the vacuum caused by Rey's departure from home hadn't even dissipated before Our Heroine Blank-Eyed Sharon cooed into Adam's ear--I thought maybe she was nearing the limit. But no. While scriptwriters pander to social-media "Shadam is Eternal" fans nicely warmed up by his apparent saving of Faith, Sharon picks up the phone, check
  12. Well, I do wonder about Adam-Empathy--always have, to be honest. Not so much a question of culpability [yes, you did do all that stuff, you self-serving eternal adolescent], as a matter of what appears to be interludes of transient amnesia mixed with dogged, dumbass denial [3D?]. His set response to any opponent or difficulty might just as well be a pre-recorded clip chosen from his whiny playlist: (1) "everybody's always against me [insert "Wah", (2) "what am I supposed to have done now?" [implied "but haven't"], (3) "you can't blame me for this" [watch my sideways move, sucker]. I
  13. Ah yes, that got me back from >>>> land, where show's concerned, and thanks boes! Taking into account I've never fathomed any aspect of the Sharon character, I don't understand how the writers are selling/positioning her at this point. Role model for the truth-compromised? Real Questionable Housewife of Genoa City? Runner-up in the Heart What it Wants sweepstakes? Frankly this storyline is only increasing my fondness for VoiceOverChelsea.
  14. Others have beat me to the applause-o-meter, sweepea59, but I have to ask if we have a psychic connection... As I sit FFing my way through show [Shut up Sharon and who sold you those heejus dresses?], I am drawn to pause when I hear all the dainty current terminology involved in this conception free-for-all. "Donor"? Am I the only one who just thinks, "okay, spooge, ladies" "rub one out for eternity" and various other charming locutions?
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