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  1. Well...legend has it that contact with Victor in the [excuse me here] below the belt region gives rise to repeated amnesia attacks, where his crappy behavious is concerned. Ask Ashley or Nikki.
  2. Sentimentally, I snorfled when I saw Jeanne Cooper, and as always for me, when I saw Jerry Douglas.
  3. Well, to try to say something positive... I liked the blue and gold/yellow colour scheme--for me, it's an appealing colour harmony, and I enjoyed seeing the Top of the Victor set again. At least it looks like a Y & R set. The stupid black drinking glasses, however, are a miss for me. Opaque glassware? Murgh. Was someone going for a late 70s vibe there? And speaking of the most apt of decor descriptions, Sleepytime Tea Bear's cottage! Snap, that one's so good, it's going to stick! And Ashley/Eileen, my sweetheart, the drabber isn't doing it for me. Get some streaks in there at least, dearest. We know that show's inducing something like a coma in me when I look forward to a very special Victor episode...because all the storylines are boring my butt off. But, sniff, sniff, I try to keep posting because it's too depressing not to.
  4. I think that was Friday's CDN? So, speaking of balls, did I wake up when Devon actually called out tried to call out AA for being a self-centred, adolescent daddy-blaming hairball? I think I just woke up because everybody's mouthing all this "Adam's so dangerous" crap, and Devon actually exposed him for the inflatable shit-balloon of teenage angst that he is. For a moment.
  5. The gospel truth, cupid! I can barely pay attention as well, when watch it recorded. So many reasons, in no particular order: Can't act for shit newb/replacements--Atonal A and NotaChance. Put them together, and whaddya got? Bibbidy Bobbidy Boredom. Does anyone care whateverthehell went on in Las Vegas? Did AA shoot a man and kill him, just to watch him die? NotaChance/Rodenty Guy tossed amid the sheets with Abby? Cripes on a cracker. I don't even mind the Abby actress but FF is calling. Don't get me started on the Sharon PSA because I don't want to offend people. Billy? Had I but world enough and time... One of the writers' worst storyline turns, and as you say, an arc so tired even Geritol won't pick it up. Worse, it makes no damn sense. Overindulged underachieved shell of a character, played by a third-rate actor, written with absolutely no motivation points, doing stupid shit and mouthing lines that even a soap should be ashamed of. NotHilary and the Stalker? Natey Nate Nate [thanks, boes] filling out the triangle of monotony? Why? Two Newbs and a Pseudo-Reprise? Why? Fragmentary Fisher-Baldwins? Why are the writers doing this to somewhat core characters? All this "bad boy" crap that pops up in daily convos. Is this to excuse/start the conversion process on AA and Theo? Imagine my interest. Kyle and Summer, a love for the ages. Yanked into place in five minutes. Agnes Nixon is on a rotisserie somewhere. And you fuckers, you mess up my Eileen Davidson! Sure, destroy one of my few remaining occasional pleasures. Phyllis the low-rent Greek chorus? Or something? Strange days indeed, when the only scenes I pay attention to involve Victor. Yes, even Jack is getting dragged down into the mire these days. I'm finding the show hell to watch these days. As you may have guessed from the above. I don't even think Dr Rolf could save it at the moment.
  6. Well, Jack certainly didn't buy the "I've got to be me" aria from Billy. Thank heavens--because nothing the character says makes any sense. The payoff from this load of crap will have to be pretty significant... And now, I'll say something positive about the Theo character: he spars well with Summer. Although, to give Hunter King credit [something I thought I'd never type], her acting may be sparking something. Anything else? Beats me.
  7. I guess it's pointless to describe any given episode as dull/boring, so let's not and say we did. One strange character-twist--I sort of looked up--Phyllis getting snoopy at the coffee house, seeing bandage on Sharon's chest--suddenly after squeezing Nick for details--becomes all humanly upset, empathetic and whatever. And then loses interest in reeling in NotaChance. I know it's likely part of the continuing beatification and ultimate sanctification of Sharon, but what? At least as part of the fallout from St Sharon's story we got a few minutes with Paulie. Propping Rey and the storyline, but beggars can't be choosers. I also looked up and tried to figure out who the [Tessa counter-interest] new bartender with Mariah was. I assume those were references to her having worked at the gals-only bar. But it was pretty much a case of the Exposition Fairy flapping by. I guess at least there was no Billy, so that's something. BTW, in case anyone cares, that image of new funereal Crimson Lights drove me to drop the jpeg into Illustrator to see if I could render something better. So far I've eyedroppered some of the colours and done some fill-ins but who knows?
  8. Let's try to wear on with my rant: ...like the can of Chock Full o Nuts coffee [does it still exist?] near the espresso machine, the display rack of crumpled-looking Bigelow tea boxes, the presumably forever-fresh cakey-things in the giant cup, and migawd, those horrible table covers with FRINGE... Didn't like the colour of the wood, and there was just too damn much of it. Mind you, I suspect from a production design viewpoint, that it was supposed to be linked to Sharon's house [don't get me started on how much I loathe the decor] as part of her environment. I know, I know, these are sacred-cow sets, but Ole Grumpy Pants here just never liked them--I'm really anti-nostalgic. And we can tell how show's boring me by the fact that I'm thinking about the props and nasty wood panelling. Just gimme some nice English chintz slipcovers and Big Blue Plate of sacred memory. And oh boes, CS's tchochke fest also has the weird Mr Roboto/Tin Man thing, too.
  9. Okay, this will be a UO, I can see. I'll be glad to see the remodel--I could never stand the Crimson Lights set. I didn't mind the strange indoor/outdoor patio space, but the ratty details of the set ... Be back when strike-out stops striking me out. Apparently it liked the old Crimson Lights too.
  10. Could develop into a theme-costume thing? After all things are getting a bit desperate. Phyllis could dress up as a Roomba. Or as a chambermaid''s cart? I'd suggest a laundry company's canvas bag of dirty linens...oh, wait, Phyllis would see that as erotic. I guess it beats writing characterization.
  11. Depends on how you define "worth my while." No spoilers will follow. There was some sparkling, fresh dialogue in the Dive Bar with No Name: Billy: No one understands. I've got to be me. NotHilary: [Digs nail file out of handbaq] Billy: I don't need help. I just want to be me. Is that too much to ask? NotHilary: Depends on... [Spots a hangnail, stops filing to bite off hangnail] Billy: Therapists don't understand me. They won't let me be me. NotHilary: You... [Winces as she completes hangnail removal] Billy: I'm not sure what I'm going to find, but it will be me... NotHilary: [Back into handbag, fishes for her phone] Billy: Sure, I've done stuff I'm not proud of. But at least I was me. [Editorial interruption--"I was me," you may ask? Have you checked Billy's/JT's command of English grammar? Man couldn't find an adverb if his life depended on it. Or even basic sentence structure. Now, unlike on US networks, we return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.] NotHilary: [Checks hopefully for incoming texts on her phone] Well, some of us may not be ourselves... Billy: [Interrupts NH in mid-sentence] How would you know? You're not me. NotHilary: [Pretends to read text on her phone] Oops, gotta go. Laters. Billy: But I...
  12. Or just off my screen. I'm above acolyte status with my loathing of NotBilly, but perhaps not up there in the sublime aether that boes and snaporaz inhabit. Not for want of trying. I barely care what the character does; he irritates the hell out of me whenever he's on screen. JG's and MalWhatever's version of this as rendered [as in bacon fat] by an actor I can't stand has no value on the show's canvas. First the inept Englishman decides JT's romcomcom gold. Iron pyrites more likely. We suffer through a wooden actor trying to play The Midnight Gambler and/or The Oscillator. No sale. Then JG decides we should all take a Journey to the Centre of the Billy. 'Cause it will be so engrossing to watch a presumably adult male play a self-righteous adolescent in a series of dull conversations with the less-than-effervescent NotHilary. But who wants a ticket to that journey? The centre of JT's Billy is half a centimetre from his exterior. Not worth the detour. And the actor can't carry it. Ah, Billy Miller we hardly knew ya...
  13. Yup, with show, we were okay until yesterday. So there I sits, after a disturbing day, watches Days, anticipates some luck with show. And...the Neil Winters Memorial Show again. I think Global just airs whatever CBS sends, but we've been lucky a lot of the time. So I catches up with my studio flix on TCM--Warner Bros 1942 wasn't a bad year.
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