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  1. Well, cupid, looks like you listed Bobby Marchan recently... Major PearliteLite fave--I can't count the times I've listened to "There's Something on Your Mind," while courting liver failure on YouTube night: "You just walk out that door..." Great talk-over.
  2. Umm, yeah. This is the reward I get for not FFing? In the Genoa City milieu, does Italian/Mediterranean spell dubious/lower-class, perhaps mobby? Have they checked out Gianni Agnielli? Oh why do I ask? You know, I accept the enduring block-headedness of show--it's Anglos Ahoy and Aspirational as hell--or are they just levelling the assumed-identity levels for "foreigners", what with Victor being originally German and all. And I accept and acknowledge that DOOL with DiMeras [Italian] and Kyriakoi [Greek--remembering that plural made my head hurt] and GH with Cassidines [Greek] wo
  3. All online all the time, @Snaporaz! Colleges and most universities in southern Ontario are 90%+ online [only things like labs and editing suites have restricted live classes]--case loads are climbing again at least in TO, and the Delta thing is working its way in. Public and high schools are live, but that's probably more a matter of the provincial premier [an asshole] currying favour. I've worked online for over 20 years intermittently so it doesn't faze me. Set-ups and monitoring are time-eaters, but I keep learning new tricks and am I ever saving on gas, parking at the university,
  4. Uh, that's because nobody has drunk champagne out of smoked-glass chimney-style coupe champagne glasses since November 1972. I know I'm subsisting on morsels of props and costumes where show is concerned, but unless LA has fallen prey to a particularly ugly period of glassware design, I don't understand [and I was in that business]. And the show's prop people spent money on the entire suite of ugly-ass glasses--tumblers, wine glasses, and all.
  5. We wonder whom MTS pissed off in Wardrobe, where that Menopause Blue [tm mother of pearlite] item is concerned. Why do they stuff her into dresses that have no drape, or even breathing room to them? Foundations are another thing--a one-piece garment and two sizes larger, and she might be able to work that dress. And while I'm on wardrobe notes...a sure sign of boredom for me...gingham, boes? I have learned from both DOOL and GH that gingham is making a comeback amongst the young folx. And finally, Sharon in gold lamé wraparound for daytime coffee shop maintenance? Well I never. Glori
  6. Ah, my silver-haired cherub! When he had a short, but memorable stint on Y & R, I tagged him that, and yes it's great to see him again.
  7. Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear this! I hope it gets no worse than what you're putting up with right now, and eases off quickly. Toronto is just wilfully ignoring the possibility of the Delta Variant--public schools opening in September, and so on, with standard cases on the rise again. Such stupidity where people's lives are concerned.
  8. "Not able to like anything?" That is so accurate where I'm concerned at this point. Yes, Mr Burgi brings it in every scene, and seems to have chemistry with any scene partner, along with bringing the silver-fox element. Now, can I think of anything else I don't FF through? Gimme a minute here...I don't actually fall into a light coma when Phyllis is on--and for me, that's a first. Now, let's not put SC and acting in the same sentence--oil and water. At best, she's one-note and one vague-eyed note at that. And for a real professional or whatever, and presumably a mother, she's just ki
  9. Me, I really can barely watch the show at this point--and something's clearly off when I'm enjoying Phyllis, evidently. Why has poor Jack been sent back to Aunt Jack territory? Mr Burgi is really the only actor I like. That said, and having moved back to DOOL a while ago [currently on hiatus with Olympics], I have done the unthinkable and picked back up on GH. It's not too bad, as things go--at least it does deliver more than people talking about other people talking. And yes, I still read everyone's takes here, just in case something actually happens.
  10. Time to catch up, CS: that was months ago. The flesh is now willing, as always, ready to take an AA meeting.
  11. Not as many times as I'd threaten him, actually. Dream lover/psycho/untreated narcissist--too hot for words, apparently. The heart/nethers may want what they want, but let them do so in a parallel universe that isn't available on my internet provider. And the Sacred Shadam is so lukewarm at this point that it's just FBs + fantasy shots.
  12. Oh lawd, what a bunch of crappy plots! Already noted: I'm rooting for Phyllis these days--the apocalypse is right around the corner--when did my Thetan become a truth-teller in this mire of crap? Too bad the Tara actress is stuck in that wet paper bag she can't act her way out of. Running neck and neck with Atonal Adam for the "I'm trying as hard as I can..." award. Stans bedamned, and if you're an SC fan, read no further. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and the wee donkey [tm. Line of Duty] are the writers baiting me? Fresh subcutaneous bloat does not excuse her bitching at Te
  13. With any other male character, you might think so. But the gravitational pull of the Golden Cooter and of thousand of stans panting in anticipation says, "Well, if I have to wait until next week...oooookay..."
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