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  1. The show is fun to watch, but there is a tinge of sadness to hear how during the pandemic, the rich just get even richer. I wonder how the construction workers, roofers, and painters who actually do the work of building those houses feel about that.
  2. I'm also curious. Wasn't there a comment two season ago where the contractor said, "The excavation alone cost a million dollars."
  3. I agree! And people on this board who are parents actually predicted that Altman having kids would change him for the better.
  4. Thank you for letting us know about Tony Dow, @peacheslatour When you watch interviews with him or the other cast members, it shows how normal and happy they seem to be as adults. It's good to see.
  5. Thank you for posting that, @VCRTracking Richard Kline seems exactly like Larry. A person you would want to hang out with.
  6. Another few minutes that are enjoyable to watch if you are a Mel Cooley fan: The episode "The Life and Love of Joe Coogan" opens with Rob, Buddy, Mel, and Joe in the clubhouse after a round of golf. Mel is relaxed and very charming. He is exactly the kind of person you would want to attend your barbecue. I really enjoy moments where we see Richard Deacon's true personality shine through.
  7. Here's a fun one to watch for, especially if you enjoy behind-the-scenes tidbits. Some posters on here mentioned that while Buddy and Mel always traded insults, Morey Amsterdam and Richard Deacon were actually friends. They would get together between takes to work out some of the insult jokes. If you watch the episode The Vigilante Ripped My Sportscoat, you'll notice a neat little moment between the actors. The opening scene is a complex gag that needs perfect timing. It involves Mel, Buddy, Sally, and a cup of yogurt. The scene goes off with perfect timing! Watch for a
  8. In a tiny way I'm almost jealous of Gomer. He knows his place in the world and he is happy with it. That's something many people never find.
  9. I love it when you catch those tiny moments where Robert Reed helps out when the kids forget a line. One scene when you can really see this is when Greg goes out for the football team. Greg and Mike have a quick chat and Greg is supposed to say, "Thanks, Dad" and step out of the way so the scene can continue. Instead Barry Williams says "Thanks, Dad" but just stands there. Without missing a beat, Robert Reed puts his hand on Barry's back and gives him a gentle nudge, reminding him to step off his mark. A small moment, but one that shows the good relationship between the actor
  10. To add to @GHScorpiosRule's good observation: I believe that this scene could not have been as powerful if not for the trust and friendship built up between Ron Howard and Andy Griffith. This also leads to a great conversation between Andy and Barney when Andy announces that he believes Opie. Andy Taylor: I told him I believed him. Barney Fife: You told him you beli... But Andy, what he told you's impossible! Andy Taylor: Well, a whole lotta times I've asked him to believe things that, to his mind, musta seemed just as impossible. Barney Fife: Oh, but, Andy... this si
  11. What's great is every story you hear is how well Don Knotts and Andy Griffith bonded with Ronnie Howard. Andy and Don were being interviewed about the time that Ron Howard started becoming a famous director. Andy Griffith: It's great to see Ronnie doing so well. He's a superstar now. Great to see good things for Ronnie. Don Knotts: Well, we call him "Mr. Howard" now. And they both chuckle, because of course he will always be Ronnie to both of them.
  12. Thank you for telling us about that! It's nice when child stars grow up to be successful outside of the business.
  13. Those of you who are in the theater know the reason for Tyler Hoechlin to always have a five o'clock shadow. Once they filmed a few scenes with him that way, they have to shoot EVERY scene that way. This is because some scenes will need to be re-shot and Tyler needs to look the same in the re-shot. If you want to have some fun, watch some of the shows that were created before the internet, TiVo, and forums like this one. They didn't have to be quite as careful and you can see the difference. For example, if you watch a Dukes of Hazzard rerun, it's fun to notice: "Hey! Cooter had
  14. Ian Armitage did a great job with his reaction. Startled, hurt, yet immediately grasping the situation.
  15. Did anybody else's heart break when you saw the look on Sheldon's face?
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