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  1. Further proof that these shows rot our brains.😊 just to clarify, I am responding to the whole post, doing it from my tablet is a bit squirrelly.
  2. That was the one I did not remember😀
  3. Since I am not collecting any shows any more, I hadn't noticed MeTV doing this, the shows I referenced above were all recorded from MeTV and recorded and edited digitally, so I guess this is just another formerly reliable provider sadly giving in to greed (and sloppiness).
  4. You're right, most if not all of the prime time shows are heavy on commercials in addition to the blatant padding such as repeating the last 2 or 3 minutes of the show before a commercial break right after the break as if we can't remember what happened three minutes ago. Interesting enough, a few years ago I collected complete sets of two classic TV shows from the early sixties ("12 O'clock High" and "Combat!". I edited out the commercials (but left in any filler such as before and after bumpers around the commercial breaks as well as complete credits). It was striking that the 30 minute show
  5. I can get used to Ramsey's unusual pronunciations (but Pas-Tah instead of the usual Pah-Sta still grates) but when he was getting ready to call Suu down for her dish, he really complimented her for"esculating" her dish (yep, I reran it three times, listening carefully). I have only heard this before on court shows from sub literate litigants trying to sound erudite. Then again, on one of the cooking shows with three judges/chefs (maybe it was MC?), throughout the show one chef always said "espresso" correctly, one always called it "expresso", and the third one flip-flopped back and forth. Yes,
  6. My favorite moment was when Joe told Anne that she should have left off some of the ingredients (after Gordon and Nancy Silverton praised her dish unreservedly), Silverton leaned over to Gordon and whispered "he should stick to wine making". Probably scripted but still amused me.
  7. I agree, even though I have only watched it occasionally. Today's show (with 14 year old Janelle) is probably the end of my watching. While I am sure that some of these kids have serious neurological and/or psychological problems, most of the slew of violent and tantrum throwing teenagers that the show keeps finding come across as terribly spoiled brats who keep throwing tantrums because it gets them attention, drama and in the end, they get their way. Many of the kids on the show have the whole tantrum script down pat and launch into it whenever they feel the need for attention or drama. Also
  8. My guess is a Cheetos and mountain dew addiction.
  9. I just watched both and laughed out loud. However, it is sad that for many of the litigants we have seen, this is barely parody.
  10. Today's pavers case was interesting. I was glad with the verdict, I couldn't stand the plaintiff. He is a pompous, entitled, narcissist who showed a complete lack of basic respect towards the defendant. Anybody who, regarding a modest landscaping job, repeatedly referred to "the totality of the experience" is a jerk. Even after the case was decided against him, he uses the hallterview to lecture the defendant about how he should behave, and that this was all about principle, and that he hoped the defendant has learned his lessons from the case. The person who didn't learn a damned thing from t
  11. They could use the venom to plump up their lips before putting them on their eye lids, killing two birds with one stone.
  12. Oh my, today’s first case showed me one of the most grotesque women I have seen on TV (outside of late night low budget horror movies). My only comment about the defendant’s eye lashes is a reference to my rule that your eye lashes should not weigh more than your eyeballs. Add in to that, she was wearing a black bra under a semi-transparent blouse which was barely controlling her monstrous boobs. Don’t forget her snake creature length fingernails, her silicone swelled lips, and her use of “agreeance” where anyone less illiterate would say “agreement”. I somehow suspect that she is a “famous”
  13. Situations like this make me non-optimistic about our civilization.
  14. What I noticed was the timing: JM showed him the filter and said it was dirty, defendant started out with "no it's not really very dirty", then we saw the back of it and it was caked with dirt, then defendant changed his defense to "that isn't our filter, he took a picture of someone else's filter" (quoted as best I remember). I believe that the plaintiff provided new filters every six months, and the defendant threw them in the trash because he was too lazy to change the filters, consistent with his overall slovenly approach to the property.
  15. Same here, it is jarring to go from a new case (covid safe set up) to an old show (the normal set up) in one commercial break.
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