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  1. She even received the digital censorship of her foul mouth. Can’t remember when I last saw that. Having the knowledge to job the system doesn’t qualify one as you smart, it just qualifies you as a hustler. She tossed out invitations to her pity party in hallterview but by everybody was done with her. She’s trash just like the crap furniture she left behind.
  2. I’m not sure a JJ epp ever brought tears to my eyes before today. I felt so bad for that girl I lost sight of the fact that the little dog was killed. This one will bother me for a while. Shame on that awful woman.
  3. To say I despised that woman would be the understatement of the year. She became pregnant at 15-16, gave the girl up for adoption and evidently hasn’t learned a f’n thing since. Argumentative, evasive, self absorbed, shallow waste of space. One of her dogs kills the other dog and she sues the 18 year old, not to bring the dog back to life, but for money. Absolutely vile woman has now thrown that girl away twice. I’d like to see bio mom thrown under a bus next. Props to the boyfriend who came off well. Someone needs to throw their arms around that kid.
  4. Precisely. The end game here is to raise kids to be happy, productive, kind, respectful, responsible, etc. In the final analysis will suing your son over a dog mainly to prove a point yet likely fracture the father/son relationship improve the chances of that happening or harm them? I know which way I’d bet.
  5. Not to read too much into things but it might be telling that he was identified as a software engineer; a profession that's about precision, control and power...none of which are often present in life, particularly parenting.
  6. In fact, there is no wife Number 2. He’s only separated from his wife; a separation that’s lasted 5 years. (What’s that about?) In the meantime he’s met another woman (who referred to in court as a “girl”) treats her kids as his own and then made a new baby with the girlfriend. The BITW Respect-O-Meter started pretty high in this guy and steadily dropped the more he talked. He presents himself as traditional dad with all the strict rules and expectations then revealed that he’s started a new family while still legally entwined with his wife. I wonder what HIS dad would say about all that. (May
  7. This. And as much as I did like the father, and the mother as well (if only for remaining silent and not joining the fight) it was telling to me the number of times he used the word “rules.” I’m all for boundaries and expectations that build character and a sense of responsibility, but in my experience both as a child and a parent those fathers who leaned hard on their rules often fell over and landed on their asses when the kids hit high school and you could no longer control them like you could see they were 12. And frankly, I’d rather see my son work as an attendant in a movie theatre
  8. Oh Nancie, just when the plaintiff’s case was about to be dismissed you sabotage your victory with your own text message evidence. We’ve seen this case 100 times. Dud guy loans much more attractive woman money and expects a romantic bond as a result. She plays the damsel in distress well, with full knowledge of what’s going to happen next and is willing to trade a bunch of unwanted advances for four grand cash. It doesn’t change whether or not it was a loan, but probably not a loan he’d make to an ugly woman. Agreed, she’s a predator. However, I award her 5 style points for calling out JJ for
  9. Ha! I see what you did there! Well played sister.
  10. When she told him (he off camera) “stop it!” I’m saying to anyone listening “wait for it, wait for it!” 💥 😥😥😥
  11. She pretended to be incredulous when the very believable plaintiff described the daisy dukes and halter top she was wearing on the day of the incident. As if anyone seeing all the skin she displayed in court thought the plaintiff was lying.
  12. Not that I was leaning in her direction, but the “I’m a victim” remark sealed the deal for this curmudgeon.
  13. I’m not proud to share this but I just about hate this kid. Aside from the blatant lies he told, it’s probably due to what I fear is a very, very dangerous temperament (there honey, that’s the correct use of that word). His rage coupled with the crying jag tells he that this is one very unstable dude capable of scary violence. Sooner or later Jacob is going to seriously hurt somebody. If that little woman/child was half as smart as she pretended to be she’d run like hell from Jacob and never, ever look back. “No one go on Tinder! Ever!” Probably excellent advice. Thank you Miss.
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