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  1. Right now I’m in the hospital with COVID. I spent ten days in the ICU and now I’m back on the regular COVID ward (yay me!). One of my ICU nurses was a traveling nurse and said that in other parts of the country (I’m in NYC) as people were dying, they still proclaimed they didn’t have COVID, it HAD to be something else. Once you are committed to an agenda that isn’t fact based, you can deny everything. Bronwyn is such an energy suck. She reminds me of Leanne from Texas who made very single situation about her miserable childhood.
  2. Whitney’s dad never actually talks about working per se, he talks a great deal about owning a salon. It seems like he has absolutely no interest in having a chair in someone else’s salon, then saving money to open his own. He also seems like he fully intended to have his family house him because he’s too precious to have a roommate, and “he made that clear.”
  3. I don’t. I provided anecdotal evidence because so many people deny racism actually exists that limits the options for Black professionals. Since I saw this explicitly take place by white decision makers, my evidence refutes that. No one interprets “work twice as hard” literally. The concept is that Black people will have to work hard to prove themselves competent, while white men will be assumed to be competent.
  4. Gizelle’s daughters, as daughters of two college graduates, will be expected to go to college and have some kind of white color job. It is the reality for them that they will have disadvantages in hiring and advancement in today’s America because they are Black. I have been a white lawyer in NYC and have heard explicit conversations about not hiring people of color because clients wouldn’t “be comfortable” around “them,” and much worse comments that I won’t post. The white lawyers talking to me assumed I would agree with their racism simply because I’m white. As Legalbeagle421 pointed out above, white privilege simply means that no matter where you are in society, one ”burden” you do not have is how society will treat you if you are that and Black as well. Gizelle leads a relatively privileged life, that does not mean she and her daughters face no discrimination.
  5. I think we are seeing BLM protests on the RH shows because that’s what happened this past year when they were filming. Just like we are seeing how COVID affected everyone. Bronwyn going to the protest is one of the only decent things she’s done. I don’t see George Floyd’s murder as having another side. I went to a very large (3,400) specialized high school in NYC in the 1980s. Gay kids were very “out” and I lived in that bubble so don’t realize how unusual it was at the time. My 1980s high school experience was more tolerant than my son’s much smaller private school in NJ in the past four years. My guess is Jacob’s school is extremely accepting. That said, my son watches with me and said “I am so glad my high school years weren’t on tv.” I think Brauwyn could use some inpatient psychiatric care to get stabilized. When did Gina and Emily become the most likable? When did Emily and Shane become the most stable couple?
  6. I loved this episode. I thought it walked a very tough line between thoughtful and poignant humor.
  7. Once I noticed that Meredith had a Drew Barrymore lopsided way of talking, I can now tell them apart. I’ve thought that Jen has been putting on a massive show for the cameras, but during the fight, when I saw her eyes become surrounded by red, I realized she may genuinely be bat shit crazy.
  8. I’m glad you are well, with no lasting impact known at this time. I know three people who have died from it. I also know others like you, and one with ongoing issues. The vast majority of people would survive Russian Roulette, but most folks wisely don’t play. I hate it when people announce “this is why I don’t hang out with women” or something along those lines of what Elizabeth said. She also said her boyfriend told her she talked about the divorce too much and wanted to leave her, yet no pronouncements about not wanting to hang out with men. I do hope she’ll get a second year because I’m not sure we are seeing her at her best, and quite possibly at her worst.
  9. I am a believer that any wealth accumulated during a marriage belongs to both spouses. It isn’t “his” money, nor is she groveling. He asked her to be his life’s partner and give up the chance to have children, she agreed. He then cheated on her and fathered a child with the mistress. She should get as much as possible of the accumulated wealth, she earned it by complying with the terms they agreed to.
  10. Yes, these yacht goers weren’t “evil” but like some of the very wealthy kids I got to know, very much the suns around which all others orbit (in their minds). I loved my time at VC as well, we must have overlapped given the actress you mentioned.
  11. NYCFree

    S04.E08: 48:1

    Corruption involves the use of power for private gain. If Thatcher was dead set against economic sanctions because her favorite son’s business interests would suffer, that absolutely is corruption. Government leaders are supposed to make decisions based on the needs of their country as a whole, not the financial impact on their offspring. Imagine a governor saying “we can’t give up the coal industry” because their child owned a coal mine.
  12. Baby Yoda is a baby/toddler. He has no concept of eggs as future children. For all he knows, they don’t want him to eat those yummy nutritious orbs because they are treats belonging to the Frog Lady. We get exasperated when a small child sneaks into cupboards to access cookies, but don’t feel they are “evil”, just no impulse control and needing constant supervision.
  13. If you want to get that technical about it, incest only refers to the crime of sexual activity between people close enough in family that they are prohibited by law from marrying. By definition, if you can marry, it’s not incest. I also said that Mary’s relationship was incest adjacent, because they weren’t related by blood it was legal. Morally he acted as her grandfather since early childhood and then a subsequent marriage and sexual relationship repulses me. If Mary’s relationship doesn’t cause you to have the same gut feeling, so be it. Clearly their church folks think it’s fine and dandy.
  14. I lived (and worked) in the same neighborhood as Mia Farrow and her kids. Soon-Yi and her brother Andre Previn did the grocery shopping for the family as teens (I was a cashier in the local supermarket). Soon-Yi was in Hannah and Her Sisters, but as an uncredited party guest. Her sister Daisy was Mia’s child in the film. Still yuck.
  15. The places that actually have widespread mask use have a much lower rate of transmission than those that don’t. In the states where it is county by county, the non mask mandatory counties have twice the rate of transmission. I am sure the 2,000 Americans dying daily would be surprised to find that it can be so effectively treated. The ones who survived with organ damage may be surprised as well. Edited to add: frankly I think the CDC would be surprised by your opinion because it contradicts the advice from their epidemiologists.
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