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  1. I didn’t hear Prajje say he couldn’t stand the idea of white men wearing his clothes. Not a single word. Prajje, in fact did for Kenneth what some say they wished happened for Meg. He defended Kenneth against a bully. Meg was the bully to Kenneth. She yelled at him, told him to “shut up.” After Prajje took Meg to task, Meg then went and yelled at Kenneth some more.
  2. Meg was annoying on so many fronts. Last week’s loud sniffling through others mediation, then this week’s debacle. She was absolutely tone deaf at breakfast, practically lecturing POC on cultural appropriation (Meg, please, they already know this). Apparently Meg inserted herself into Prajje’s wanting the Black model (it wasn’t shown but referenced in the later argument). Meg supported Prajje getting the Black model. Later, she was asked to do the very same thing she supported before-allow a person of color to have a model that reflected the designer. This time, it is SHE who mu
  3. Lisa not only didn’t deny she told Angie to deny her cousin relationship with Whitney, Lisa angrily asked Angie “How could you betray my confidence?” That catering company is going to be screwed by Lisa anyway, for letting Angie know it was Lisa’s assistant who called them. I loved Heather’s and Whitney’s peanut gallery on ice! Lisa is such an amazing hypocrite for not seeing the comparison between her friendship with Jen, and Merideth’s feelings about that, with Angie’s friendship with Whitney. When it comes down to her and Jen it’s “nobody tells me who I can be friends with.”
  4. The interaction between Mary and her son makes me think that Mary doesn’t spend much time with him at all. Now that Robert Sr. is “trapped” in Florida, she’s roped in Junior to be her conversational foil. The saying grace over lunch was entirely performative. If this was a regular activity in their house, he would know the three to four sentence grace without being cued. Merideth’s entrance unto the ice killed me. It was supposed to be this dramatic reveal “ooh, Merideth is here after all!” But because the party was so far off shore, they just awkwardly watched her walk across the snow fo
  5. I love Suzanne Somers’ house! I grew up in homes that were over a hundred years old and eclectic as hell, so I guess the craziness doesn’t bother me like it does other people. I love the funicular! The outdoor bathtub with the Mountain View! The scripted tweens and Altman story line is the type of nonsense that has made me stop watching other “reality” shows.
  6. I think he combined enemy and nemesis.
  7. When PK is the center of your moral compass, you know it’s going to be a weird trip.
  8. It makes me so mad when Erika repeatedly asks “where would I go?” when questioned about why she stayed with Tom if he was cheating or awful. She claims she wouldn’t have anything to live on because he would use legal shenanigans to tie up the assets. She has, at the very least, a million dollars worth of jewelry. She probably has between two and five million in jewelry but I’m making a very conservative estimate. A million dollars, invested conservatively, would give $60,000 income a year. Enough for most Americans to live on. No glam squad, no designer wear, but living independently.
  9. Hey Leah, I’ve hung out at the Tunnel, Pyramid, Area, etc (no Limelight though) and I still managed to graduate from a fancy pants college. Specifically, Aviva’s alma mater (see, I can use Latin like that). Who can say that? Literally the thousands and thousands of us who grew up in NYC in the 80s.
  10. I love the Real Housewives editors! Eboni talks about how Sonja feels she needs to sing for her supper, then the next shot is Sonja, literally singing for her caviar.
  11. Mia strikes me as someone who is playing at “executive” and is basing her actions on what she has seen on tv. There is lots of talk of meetings, but no substance at all.
  12. I did like how Crystal and Kathy helped out Kyle, kind of surprising to me that no one else did. Along those lines, I caught the camera shot of Erika watching Kathy struggle, trying to hump her suitcase up the stairs, and turning her back. Then Dorit seeing the same thing from the top of the stairs and immediately going to help Kathy.
  13. I think it was a party that Aviva held, and hired Sonja’s “party planner” business to organize. I still crack up at that memory.
  14. Did Sonja just hand Ramona a glass of wine, then tilt the wine into her own mouth and drink it THROUGH HER MASK? Then Ramona tried to take a drink and looked at her mysteriously empty glass like “what the fuck just happened to the wine.”
  15. The NY Times is reporting that rentals are no longer offering any “pandemic discount” and, I believe, that property prices are back to pre-pandemic levels. That said, there was a glut of luxury housing pre-pandemic. In between when we sold one property and then bought another we lived in a rental in Spanish Harlem for a year. It was designed to be condos, like the Boerum Hill property, but came to market just after the 2008 housing collapse. It had high end fixtures and floor to ceiling Windows. It had insane views-when there were fireworks in NJ for the super bowl in 2014, we could see t
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