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  1. The Ansonia is located at 72nd Street and Broadway, kind of the heart of the neighborhood of the “Upper West Side.” It is two long blocks from Central Park (and the Dakota where John Lennon lived and was killed) and two short blocks from the start of Riverside Park and the adjacent Hudson River. It’s also about six short blocks north of Lincoln Center and five blocks south of the American Museum of Natural History. Although most who buy there will probably send their kids to private school, the local public elementary school is so good that celebrities and the wealthy also send their kids. Bei
  2. I don’t know which line made me laugh more: Mike demanding Paulina tell Destiny he wasn’t controlling, or- Destiny shouting about Mike’s Vegas whores, then proudly stating as he left “he’s lucky I didn’t say a word.”
  3. I think Vishal and Richa are comfortable with letting each be true to themselves around each other. However, I think Richa is more driven than Vishal, and his passivity is driving her a bit crazy. If they truly want to get married, they should set a schedule like “pick a date by July, find a venue by August, etc.” I also think Vishal is very comfortable around decision-making women and it works for him. I am much more the planner in my long-term marriage (25 years) and that’s the way it works best for us.
  4. I grew up and lived for 48 years just blocks from both the Ansonia and Tyler’s property. They are actually very close together and I found it interesting that wasn’t even mentioned on an episode that featured both the properties. When Tyler was driving around, and talking to his assistant and then the client, it was fascinating because he was basically going in circles. It was also highly edited because he’d say one sentence, and then for the next sentence he’d be several blocks away, impossible in traffic. In the very early years, the Ansonia had a farm on the roof, to supply fresh
  5. Reza has such a strong instinct to lash out when he’s hurt. MJ totally has his number as to why he told Destiny Vida’s comment—to drive a wedge between MJ and Destiny. Golnessa has really shown growth over the years. She still quite flawed, but she has changed for the better.
  6. The first negative interaction between Crystal and Sutton occurred when Crystal started telling Kyle about how she and her friends experienced discrimination as Chinese Americans. Sutton interrupted Crystal with “no, no, no” and insisted Crystal not speak on the topic, then Sutton went on to elaborate on the discrimination she has experienced as a southern white woman. That’s when Crystal (obviously irked at being told not to speak, then having a false equivalency presented for racism) asked “are you one of those people who don’t see color?” The next day, Sutton corners Crystal to speak a
  7. I thought Reshma felt ambushed by Lopa being at the Patel’s house, with no warning from her good friend. Then the conversation is all focused on how Vishal had dared to threaten Dillon, with only Amrit’s mother sticking up for Vishal. I think the producers read all the positive comments about how everyone loved the older generation the first season and now there will be scenes focused on the social lives of the parents.
  8. My understanding of the moment was that Jamie was volunteering to go instead of Maria. Everyone there understood that. However, when the judges forced Jamie to say “I’m quitting” Jamie backed down from the offer, with Maria telling her that she wanted to leave with grace. Jamie had seen her offer as sacrificing herself for Maria, the judges reframed it to quitting and that made Jamie see the light. It was a lovely moment.
  9. MJ wants the Bravo paycheck and exposure to earn social media payouts. I’m positive that MJ and the gang were given the choice to make up and have a show, or fight and end the show.
  10. NYC has supermarkets, but they have much narrower aisles than suburban folk are used to. Some neighborhoods like the financial district and midtown have far fewer (if any) actual grocery stores. What we had ,even before the pandemic, is home delivery of groceries. Place your order online, and the groceries come directly to your building. I really, really wish NYC would tax the foreign luxury buyers. They tried to do so a few years ago, but the luxury developers killed the bill within days!
  11. One Boerum Place, the new development in Brooklyn, occupies space that my law school used to use as an adjunct building. There’s a weird thing about that block, it’s one of the windiest spots I’ve ever encountered in 54 years of living/working in three different boroughs of NYC. Those balconies are going to have interesting experiences.
  12. The thing that’s particularly galling about Gary’s “broken heart” and “rejection” was that Alli specifically told him that she does have feelings for him. Alli just wants to wait one week and then get together off the boat. The fact that Gary takes this as utter denial and a justification to revenge screw Sydney is outrageous.
  13. I think they were separate people who got together for the charter, and the more time they spent with Bianca, the less they liked her.
  14. I actually did not know that Natalie and April were leaving and thought we had a no spoilers policy here.
  15. Literally no one asked Sutton to grovel, apologize or even comment. As Crystal was relating her own experiences Sutton jumped in to shut her up.
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