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  1. Jen is the worst. I think she’s a fake too. This show sucks I’m not sure why I’m even still watching lol.
  2. Why is Andy going so easy on Braunwyn. She abuses her spouse is horrible to everyone and now tries to hook up a 14 yr old with a drug connection. Why would anyone be like that with a kid. It’s gross. She prob thought she was being so cool. Oh and apparently she’s never been attracted to men. She sucks. Her and her weird husband are famewhores. Kelly is an idiot lots of the time but I like her on the show. We don’t share the same views but at least someone is calling Braunwyn out. Still liking Gina too.
  3. Kenya is such a miserable bitch. I say it every time but she’s just always got some bitchy comment. Drew is so unnecessary on this show. Maybe she isn’t the worst but Ralph is just not someone I care to ever watch. Falynn and Marlo should have peaches. Cynthias dad seems like a douche. I agree with Noelle about the whole situation.
  4. Wow if that’s true Barb is a pos.
  5. Whitney maybe shouldn’t have brought up the stuff at the bday party but no one made Jen go completely psycho like that. She’s a nutcase. Your husband is embarrassed of your behaviour bitch lol. Also calm down Jen you threw a bday party at some arcade/golf place catered with basic food and dips lol. It didn’t take months and months of planning lol. Heather and Whitney bowing down to Jen is gross. Lisa’s Yurt dinner. Boring boring boring. Do not care. I feel like Coach Shah isn’t that embarrassed tho if he just lets his private convos with his wife be filmed lol. I FF most of Meredith and Seths scenes. Just so much ugh for them. At least no Brooks sightings!
  6. Boring. Braunwyn constantly has a scowl on her face. Can she be off the show now please. She blames everything on everyone else too. Has been blaming Sean all season. She’s so gross. She better get ripped into at the reunion. Emily is usually on point about Braunwyn.
  7. I thought I would like Tiffany but I don’t. Her voice is annoying and I hate show offs. Kary is really annoying too. I’ve never liked her on the show. I don’t care about her daughter either. Jeremy seemed to be laying it on too thick when talking to D’andra by the pool. It was lame lol. Something looks really different about him too but I’m not sure what.
  8. Hated this episode. I don’t give a fuck about Laurels story like I have no investment in this character. Or her love story with another random. Of course the show bends over backwards to make it not wrong she just never looked for Randall. Another saint parent for Randall. Why was Randall crying. He never even knew her. Randall is always just crying it’s getting old. We get it he’s a good actor. Can any of the Pearson’s have normal calls lately. Kevin just hung up on Randall abruptly like Randall did to him last week.
  9. The money was for her so that’s pretty pathetic. Asking random ppl on ig for money when your mom is a millionaire is gross and not normal.
  10. I’m only still watching to see the end and hoping somehow Fiona pops in one last time in the last season. Lip is a stupid prick and he’s annoyed me for a while but I really started disliking him when he treated Fiona like shit when she was having her problems in her last season. Also the fact that he’s so hell bent on being poor is stupid. Of course there’s nothing wrong with blue collar jobs but Lip has made it his mission to do nothing with his life. What is even his job? Seems like he’s a part time motorcycle mechanic lol. Also him and Tammy together is such a lame pairing. There’s no chemistry and she’s annoying. Who cares if she has daddy issues. This is what we spend the last season on. I hate Terry Milkohich he’s a disgusting rapist. I don’t enjoy his gross scenes on the show. Ian and Mickey were not bad this episode but give me a break on the job they got. Lol Veronica getting into politics? Sure makes so much sense not like she has thousands of hours of porn of herself online. This show needs to just end. Also just had to say again Lip is an asshole and him pouring money into a house he is renting is idiotic.
  11. I don’t like Riley because on her bday she asked ppl on ig for money. It was gross. She also thinks she’s funny but she’s not.
  12. Jeffree star is the worst. There’s another guy on tiktok saying he got with Kanye at some hotel but all his so called proof proves nothing. It’s all so weird and lame. Seems like a stunt.
  13. I’m pretty sure Kenya is using the whole lesbian attraction thing with Latoya as a storyline. It just seems so forced and fake. Kenya is so miserable. Pretty bad she can’t throw the party herself because lots of ppl wouldn’t come. Lol Cynthia was disappointed she wasn’t meeting Biden. I can’t believe some of them were so late. Kenya should’ve told them a way earlier time so they weren’t late. The party seemed like a disaster. Seemed like too big of a room and Kenya and her speech and then weird singing thing she was doing was embarrassing lol. Chill needs to be retired forever lol. It’s a lame hashtag. I laughed at Todd watching basketball lol. Him and Mike seemed like they wanted to get out of there. Poor little Ace. He’s so cute. His little bow tie. Meh to Riley. That seems mean but shes a jerky brat in my eyes. I do feel for Kandi tho. No Ralph and Drew? Awesome. Overall kind of boring.
  14. I’m starting to dislike Randall. He had to be a douche and blow Kevin off like that. He acts like he did nothing wrong. And now I have to watch him go discover a bunch of shit about his birth mom. Bleh. Looks like there is gonna be a bunch of flashbacks too. Good thing tho saint Williams sainthood was kept intact tho. The whole thing is going to make no sense. Kate tracking down Marc was embarrassing. I used to love this show so much but not lately. Also Madison is such a Debbie downer.
  15. Elizabeth sucks. Her and James are boring and lame together. Their banter and discussion is so juvenile and pathetic. If Elizabeth doesn’t get the job at this point then that’s on her. Izzy sucks. She’s annoying. The whole cast and season is a fail for me. I’m hate watching lol.
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