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  1. The reason why the Young Smurf actress was hired is her famous dad and famous husband. If they had a better actress I probably wouldn’t mind the flashbacks as much. I mean they would still be stupid but at least it would make more sense.
  2. Another shitty episode. I guess I was supposed to be all shocked when the one cop got shot but I didn’t even care. There’s barely anything going on anymore. What SL am I supposed to be invested in? The flashbacks are stupid Young Smurf is doing a horrible job. The actress isn’t good and I don’t buy her turning into the Smurf we saw at the beginning of the show. At least the one guy seems to be doing a good impression of Denis Leary lol. Craig is annoying as fuck. I FF the lame motorcycle chase. I am hate watching but haven’t reached my breaking point of quitting watching but it’s get
  3. I thought this episode was so boring. I went on my phone for most of it. Ashley is trash. I don’t care about her or her creepy husband and 2 child support cheques. Why does Karen pronounce Surrey like that lol. Is that how it’s supposed to be pronounced?
  4. Erika just proves more and more that she is exactly the type of horrible human being that would steal from widows and orphans.
  5. Lmao I think the same thing like every episode. Like why are all these serious criminals and maybe gang members afraid of this dumb bitch. I could see maybe later on when she had her sons as muscle and crazy ass Pope, but when she’s young it’s just her with some skinny small guy and a bad gambler who fucks up. Ooh scary. Better watch out.
  6. Nothing is happening still. Like what is even the point of this season? What was the point of Pam? To bring the lawyer granddaughter in? I feel like Deran will end up hooking up with the other bar owner guy. Why am I still watching lol. Kind of just wanna see how it ends but it’s not fun at all to watch anymore. Was that Adrians sister? I don’t remember seeing her before. Seeing Baz made me miss him and miss when the show was actually good. Craig just keeps annoying me more and more every episode.
  7. I almost felt bad for Mias mom but still pretty fucked up that whole situation. I am not one for body shaming or whatever not exactly a fitness model here lol but Candiace was cracking me up when she was insulting Ashley. Ashley and Michael are gross ppl anyways so I don’t care about them being insulted. Michael saying Ashley doesn’t look overweight so he’s still attracted to her was pretty gross. Like what a gem that loser is. She just had a fucking baby. She chooses to keep having children with that predator tho so I don’t really feel bad for her. I do feel bad for the innocent kid
  8. The new season sounds shitty. I bet it’s gonna focus on James and Raquel a lot. And that’s blech. Just isn’t the same show I used to enjoy. The four with the kids act like they are the first ppl ever to have babies lol. I mean I will check it out obv but I don’t have high hopes for the next season.
  9. I mean this show has always been fake but somehow it’s even more fake now. I don’t know about how I feel about it. Does Tracy’s new sugar baby run his biz out of her home gym? Lol. Also why is she calling herself a single mom. Did their dad peace out? She’s rich as fuck so idc lol. Need more Flagg and Bobby pls. Why did the deal have to be so secretive? Did I miss something? Altman seems to get better every season. I used to be so annoyed by him but I enjoyed him this episode. Fredrik did not just show up in LA tho. So that whole ending thing was kind of stupid.
  10. Wait am I missing something? Why is Craig so desperate? He lives with no bills really in a mortgage free home and has made killer money in the past. They just got all the stuff back from Pam too. Pope and the kid shit. What a joke. How will that not catch up to him. Deran and Craig are both total morons. I don’t understand why Craig is so amped up and mad. I guess I missed something again how Pam and Smurf started being besties and doing crimes together again. This show is still making no sense and not really telling any sort of a story.
  11. Disagree. I don’t find it cute when people act like not having money is some experience. Riding a bus is not something the kid needed to experience. Just some rich losers trying to do some weird poor ppl fantasy. If they needed to do it then do it privately. So gross.
  12. Wendy is just making me think more and more Eddie did cheat or at least was close to. Gizelle is a shady bitch but please Wendy is acting ridiculous. Michael is such a creepy fuck. Especially when he’s trying not to be lol. Robyn is mad at Wendy cause she attacked her for no reason. Robyn’s relationship is constantly questioned and insulted and she never acts as ridiculous as Wendy. A third child seems kind of dumb tho. Ppl trying to say Robyn is just being a sidekick to Gizelle. In this instance I really disagree. Still liking Candiace this season. Karen’s swearing in cere
  13. Marley

    The NBA

    I think Dell is trying to do damage control now. He doesn’t want to have to be on the hook for alimony so he’s grasping at straws. I have no facts for any of this just my opinion and vibe on the situation.
  14. Apparently they bought Stormi a school bus so she could experience it. These ppl are such gross losers. Everything for a photo op. They also are so delusional they think this is cute or something. Losers. https://www.scarymommy.com/kylie-jenner-travis-scott-school-bus-stormi/?amp=1
  15. I tried watching the newest episode and I watched a bit then just deleted it. I just can’t handle watching these rich douchebags haggle over 100-200 grand. The real estate porn isn’t enough to keep me anymore lol.
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