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  1. Tom is such an annoying douche. How he talks and his whole act just seems like he’s trying so hard. Pretty sure I saw pics of him at the wedding tho. Jax and his whole it’s my day omg worship me stuff is ridiculous. Calm down guy it’s a wedding. FF thru all the new ppl stuff. Lame and do not care. Randall asks to go to the bathroom and then he goes with Jax? I doubt he ate much of that chicken lol. Skiing the slopes for sure lol. Im kind of liking Schwartz this season.
  2. I don’t like Adam or Jenna and their flirting is annoying to watch. Adam seems so arrogant. Jenna thinks way too high of herself. Paget seems like a dud to me. Ciara should move on from her teenage bf because from what I see so far she could do better lol.
  3. Who even wants to read a book about Mike Hill? Is he someone to care about? He seems so shady too like he really couldn’t answer Cynthia’s questions then seemed to be trying to turn it around on her. The more I see of him the more I’m not a fan of his.
  4. I follow him on Instagram idk why really lol but I’ve always thought his before and after pics never look like the same house. He also claims he completely renovated a warehouse I think into an apartment building but I don’t believe it. He constantly posts these stupid so called inspiration things too and it’s the corniest shit. He hashtags everything #growithgorga. He’s just a fake sleaze.
  5. The song was still the one by Shania Twain because one of them said I love Shania.
  6. I’m ready for Jax and Brittanys weeding to be over. They were freaking out so much about Sandoval and his question which made them seem too defensive. Just answer the question normally you are on a reality show guys. It seems like Ariana and Tom have like no furniture in their house. Their bed was on the floor. The exchange about Jaxs wedding song made me laugh. Brittany cries too much about her wedding. Calm the fuck down. Also this pastor is a family friend apparently so I’m sure he’s always had those kind of views and Brittany has always know about them.
  7. I don’t like Adam or Jenna they are assholes. Their flirting is annoying and pretty rude she ran to Adam after talking to Georgia. Then Madison is trying to talk to her and she laughs like a bitch to Adam after saying she wasn’t listening. They can both fuck off. If I was going on a luxury vacation I would not go on a sailing boat. Greece is beautiful but sailing is stupid and seems cramped to me lol.
  8. I would watch her on rhoc again lol. She’s mega drama and that’s why I watch the show.
  9. Kail probably is an obnoxious fuck at restaurants. Also that person can’t even spell quiet lol. If you can’t spell fine but google it or something first lol.
  10. I wonder how much money she’s wasted on this cult so far. What a bunch of morons.
  11. I used to think he’s attractive but his whole vibe and attitude is just a huge turnoff to me now. I’m not saying he’s ugly he’s obviously not but he’s just not attractive to me.
  12. She’s such an idiot. Enough with the kids fuck. I do kind of wonder what idiotic name the baby will have tho. If Chris is still around at the birth time she will def let him pick the name.
  13. I don’t know if it was for the show but I thought it was weird Cynthia didn’t have a key to Mikes place. They are engaged. After this episode Im not so sure about Mike. Kenya is a miserable bitch. She has a million dollar business? lol sure.
  14. Lol I just don’t see Kail attracting some rich doctor or lawyer. If she got with someone older it would probably be some sleazy older guy who owns some store that has questionable business practices and in order to keep Ksil happy he over extends his credit or whatever. Or maybe a lawyer like Saul Goodman lol. Yes ppl are stupid but what reason would a well educated good guy have to get with Kail.
  15. Boo to the new ppl. They still suck. I FF their dumb scenes. Max comes off as a huge sleaze. He seemed to be smirking when talking to Dayna at her place. Douche. Katie just seems so miserable. Seems like she’s gets more miserable with each episode. At least Stassi was trying to talk to Kristen. Lol Sandoval has more excuses. Over him.
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