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  1. Sonja is so fucking annoying when she is drunk. I think she thinks she’s so much fun but I would find it unbearable to be around her.
  2. David has called Janes Jim forever it’s nothing new. Obviously they are exactly what Tracy says because they are protesting too much. They annoy me. The guy is obviously playing his music hoping his dumb band gets discovered lol. I am actually not minding Josh Altman this season and I feel like him and his bro were doing a good job.
  3. Sandy is so annoying. She made Kiko talk to the primary guest and it looked like the primary was good with whatever. Sandy is always hovering trying to pounce on something. She annoys me so much.
  4. It seems weird to change mid season like tag lines aren’t that important lol. Altho Luannes does crack me up a bit.
  5. Yea it was pretty lame. When he was saying she was talking trash I thought it was gonna be some major insult. All she said was he didn’t show up for a listing appointment from what they were saying and it honestly seemed true.
  6. Pete is such a dbag I'm over him. Poor Scout. He should be allowed on the yacht. Probably better behaved then most of these guests lol. The one charter guest is such a dbag. Get over your fucking oysters. Jessica is kind of an idiot. Rob saying she is intelligent or whatever is an excuse for him to try to bang her. I thought I liked Rob but not anymore. Seems like he thinks he’s a super deep guy but he probably isn’t.
  7. Marley

    The Chi

    Yea I was pretty bored this episode. I was looking at my phone a few times. It just seems like there’s no point to anything anymore. Jakes brother is out of nowhere and I don’t get what they are going for with that SL. He came in all shooty and now is making boring speeches. Emmet and the new chef lady was weird. Like she’s instantly ready to work for him right away? Like why? She has her own thing going but she just must work with some guy she just met. The whole cooking scene seemed weird and she sure made his food fast lol. Also whoever is playing her seems like a bad actress. Kiesha being kidnapped or whatever is kind of boring too. Kevin just doesn’t care about a gun in his face either? I don’t think so. How old is Kevin supposed to be? 15? He doesn’t know what birth control pills are? Pretty dumb. Ill keep watching tho cause there’s nothing else on and maybe it’ll get good again.
  8. It seemed like in the previews she was going after Ramona.
  9. I didn’t like this season as much as previous ones. Too much time spent on the boss at the airport who was fat then skinny with all that skin. I can’t remember his name right now. Anyways I hate his character.
  10. I think Chrishell’s whole nice girl act is completely fake.
  11. I doubt she would ever sue. I’m sure she wants to get another reality show job and suing your former reality show employer wouldn’t help with that lol. Not sure what else she would do for a job.
  12. Ramona was doing exactly what Leah said tho and she isn’t quarantining. She fled Nyc to Florida then went back to NYC then the Hamptons. Ramona somehow always gets away with everything tho she’s just as bad as Kelly Dodd maybe just more quiet about it lol.
  13. Plus Tarek has money and buys her things lol.
  14. Malia didn’t run to Sandy she was talking to Sandy and mentioned it. Sandy then wanted more camera time and made them all come up to talk. Anyways Pete is a a douche loser. His response was he’s a good ol country boy from Virginia like that’s some excuse for his shit behaviour.
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