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  1. Lmao when the boat pulled up I cracked up. Like someone said they were acting and dressed like they were going on some yacht but that thing looked like a working fishing boat or something lol. Just more evidence James is a joke who thinks too high of himself lol.
  2. It seemed like adult Jacks house was on a cliff. Would a blind guy buy a place like that? I understand he knows how to get around as he grew up blind but it seems dangerous. I also don’t think I like future Jack or whoever that woman he’s with is. I’m not sure why either. Seemed like he was cooking those steaks too long too lol. Kates coworker the British guy sucks. There’s no way I will ever buy them ending up together. The show just wanted shock value in the season finale last season and now they are forcing it to happen. It’s stupid and ruining a show that was pretty great the fir
  3. Really? Toby and Kate break up cause a smoker accident? God I hate this show now. What the fuck happened.
  4. I don’t know why but this show is boring me. Adriana is so annoying I’m over her. Julia and her flirting is too far I think I feel bad for Martina. Meh to Larsa and Meh to Nicole.
  5. Pete Davidson? Lmao what a joke. Pete is somehow tricking the whole world that he’s hilarious and hot shit. He would be the worst. The Oscars suck usually but Pete being the host would make it even worse somehow.
  6. What kind of engagement party is this. It’s so over the top and basically a wedding. Stupid. Brock and Scheana are such idiots. They obv think they come across well but they come across so desperate. James is such an embarrassment. Such a spazzy baby. Brock and Scheana suck but James is a joke. He thinks he’s such hot shit. Good thing he’s not getting a wedding because he would be the biggest diva groomzilla.
  7. Lol also how convenient that Paige has a new friend that broke off her engagement 6 months ago.
  8. Well and Liz is Hosea Williams daughter and he has other grandchildren so what makes Porsha so special that she deserves everyone’s respect instantly. Simon is a moron. Porsha is mean girl trash. Wait wouldn’t Londie be Hosea Williams granddaughter as well?
  9. Ciara said her and Austin have undeniable chemistry? Lmao what a good joke. So far I like Andrea more in this one then in Winter House. He seems cute. Hopefully he doesn’t get sucked back into Paige’s web lol. Still not a huge Paige and Ciara fan but they seem not as annoying as when they were on Winter House but it’s only episode 1 lol. Damn with the Lindsay situation. I feel bad for her. I tend to believe her because I feel like at her age she would’ve had the baby whether she was going to be a single mom or not. Jason seemed like a good guy on Winter house tho. Glad Danielle
  10. I never watch intros to shows I always FF so I don’t care that much but I have accidentally caught the sausage part a couple times and yes it’s very gross.
  11. Yea the snotty rich stuff was ridiculous. Diane is in high school what is she supposed to be doing dating a doctor? Junior apparently works at the ad place where Dre works or at least that’s what I last remember. Which I still think is total bs. I liked the hippie ad guy. Dre freaking out I’d a bit ridiculous tho. He’s just allowed to have temper tantrums whenever he wants I guess.
  12. I don’t like Meredith because she’s obsessed with Mary but I do kind of like her for actually giving it back to Jen. If someone got in my face like Jen does to ppl I don’t know if I could handle it I’d wanna smash her so bad lol.
  13. I feel bad for Lala and Randall’s baby. I’m sure LaLa will continue to trash him as Ocean grows up. As someone who went thru that growing up it fucks you up and I didn’t go thru it in the public lol.
  14. I wish Jen would shut the fuck up. The screaming is so annoying and I didn’t even know what they were fighting about anymore. Someone who just got arrested should not be trying to fight someone lol. If she thinks she was only arrested because Meredith and Mary she is delusional. There is evidence. Jen just because you keep screaming that there’s nothing on you doesn’t make it true lol. Somehow I felt bad for Lisa on the bus. Jen and Mary should be let go. They only bring the show down.
  15. Porsha is a total bitch to Londie. I felt bad for Londie. Porsha is complete trash. I didn’t think she was this bad on RHOA after all her crazy shit. Now I’m side eyeing how I viewed some scenes and storylines that involved Porsha on RHOA. I can’t believe how much I liked Dennis on this show. He obviously is not a perfect guy but he seems to at least be trying. Aunt Liz seems awesome. Simon and Porsha deserve each other they are both garbage. Lol them talking about raising their family in their new house. If they even get married I give it max 2 years lol. Hosea helps sound
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